Hi, I am currently doing my English Dissertation. I'm researching/writing on the topic of dystopian fiction - of which the main question is 'to what extent do totalitarian regimes successfully control and terrorise their populations, and how is this represented in dystopian fiction?'.

Texts that I am looking at include George Orwell's Animal Farm and We, and Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

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The main problem is struggling in finding a way to narrow this down, and structuring it - dystopian fiction seems like a broad topic 10 Nov 2017 - The MA dissertation requires students to undertake and complete a sustained research project of 16,000 words on a topic of special interest. How to write an abstract for an english literature dissertation of the requirements. 2 How to write Essays, Dissertations and Theses in See also the Grade Descriptors .

does anyone have any ideas on how to narrow this topic down possibly? Also, more generally for anyone who has done an english dissertation: can anyone tell me about their experiences (this could include any literature topic ) e. how did you find the process of doing it? Did you do a literature review? how did you go about narrowing your topic? how did u structure the dissertation? how many primary texts did you use? and how many secondary works? I would be grateful if you could please provide examples also - this would help me a lot.

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Depending on the length of your dissertation, I figure it's always better to rather pick few primary texts and analyse them thoroughly and in much detail, than having lots and analysing them broadly English Graduate Program My dissertation addresses the question of how meaning is made when texts and images are united in multimodal arguments. From this perspective, the project demonstrates how extensively the period's literature is entangled in the economic: in financial devastation, in the boundaries of .

How long is yours going to be? Three should be fine, though. If you want to look at one less obvious example, T.

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There is one chapter where King Arthur is transformed into an ant and goes to work in the ant society, which is like a perfect allegory on Nazi Germany. As for secondary texts, too many is better than too few.

For relatively short dissertations, one rule of thump is using one secondary text for each page of your dissertation, however this wouldn't make sense in long dissertations Below is an excellent article that explains how to format your English PhD paper in a proper way. Be sure to read this article that can help you out..

As for narrowing the topic down, I think your topic is OK like that already.

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You could start the main part of your dissertation with a general theoretical part on Totalitarianism, i.

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I know you could write books on that topic, but if you summarize it well, this can work perfectly. Plus, there are many good texts on the nature of totalitarianism. You can either start off with the analysis of one book, then continue with the second, finish off with the third and in the end compare them. Or, which I think makes more sense, you structure this by the main aspects or results of your analysis, i. you make short chapters on the different aspects and in each chapter, compare how the given aspect is portrayed in the individual books, for example 1. The disadvantage of this approach is that you might lose some of the features that are only described in one of the novels and not in the others.

With the first approach, however, you are in danger of repeating yourself and might struggle to find a representative result.