Essay on Website Design 1245 Words 5 Pages Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, Google, and Twitter are all websites that people use every day, but how did they get there and how were they created? Website design is a process of assorting and linking codes and graphics into a text editor such as notepad and then displaying it onto a web browser.

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Ranging from HTML, CSS, and XHTML codes to scripting languages like Java Script. Website design has a vast history considering it is a fairly young profession. Website design uses complex codes to create web pages in addition with programs aiding in the creation; when you join the two components together it is a long complicated process that ends in purchasing a domain name for a Websites did not need to be big, elaborate, and flashy.

They just needed to get the point across, and that is exactly the purpose they served. In 1994 the World Wide Web Consortim or W3C was established to oversee the development of web technology standards. The W3C designated HTML as the primary code language for the future of website design to be based on.

Of course they have made advancements in the base design code such as HTML versions one, two, three, four, and XHTML. The very first and current director of W3C is Tim Berners-Lee. Tim actually invented the World Wide Web in 1991 and created the world’s first website.

He put the first website online on August 6, 1991.

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The W3C is still in charge of code techniques and development guidelines that website development follows. Technology has advanced over the years in web design. The first generation of web design was very simple. It was basically just text, this was because early modems were very slow and plain basic webpages would load much faster this way.

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The third generation of web design is when website designers could add vibrant colors and animated images to their webpage.