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3288-45 20002 IF THEY WERE SUPERHEROES (Alex: All of the correct responses will end in the letters "M-A-N"; example: Superman.

) This 1940s Chicago Bears quarterback would have won games with incredible good fortune (Sid) Luckman 1600 $600 3264-50 20003 THE MEDIA ON TV This title character was the crusty and tough city editor of the Los Angeles Tribune Lou Grant 1800 $800 3032-28 20004 CYBER LIFE Mojo Nixon and the Rev.Horton Heat provided music for this CD-ROM game set in an Arkansas trailer park Redneck Rampage 500 $500 3329-2 20005 THERE GOES THE EMPIRE This nation colonized part of Somalia in the 19th century and invaded Ethiopia in the 20th Italy 100 $100 3279-3 20006 300 YEARS AGO In 1698, this comet discoverer took a ship called the Paramour Pink on the first purely scientific sea voyage Edmund Halley 100 $100 3109-31 20007 FILM BIOGRAPHIES In a 1992 film Jack Nicholson portrayed this labor leader Jimmy Hoffa 1200 $200 4973-40 20008 BEASTLY LIT 1930:Bird is the word for Dashiell Hammett in this mystery The Maltese Falcon 1400 $800 3635-44 20009 AT TIFFANY'S The original store was called Tiffany and Young, and it wasn't on 5th Avenue but on this theatrical street Broadway 1600 $600 3314-22 20010 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Free room and board are perks of being a dorm's R Title: NWH-6-11-2013, Author: Shaw Media, Name: NWH-6-11-2013, Length: 32 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2013-06-11.   But a study on back pain in the British Medical Journal proved this myth false, showing that 75% of back pain sufferers who   We limit letters to 250 words and one published letter every 30 days..Horton Heat provided music for this CD-ROM game set in an Arkansas trailer park Redneck Rampage 500 $500 3329-2 20005 THERE GOES THE EMPIRE This nation colonized part of Somalia in the 19th century and invaded Ethiopia in the 20th Italy 100 $100 3279-3 20006 300 YEARS AGO In 1698, this comet discoverer took a ship called the Paramour Pink on the first purely scientific sea voyage Edmund Halley 100 $100 3109-31 20007 FILM BIOGRAPHIES In a 1992 film Jack Nicholson portrayed this labor leader Jimmy Hoffa 1200 $200 4973-40 20008 BEASTLY LIT 1930:Bird is the word for Dashiell Hammett in this mystery The Maltese Falcon 1400 $800 3635-44 20009 AT TIFFANY'S The original store was called Tiffany and Young, and it wasn't on 5th Avenue but on this theatrical street Broadway 1600 $600 3314-22 20010 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Free room and board are perks of being a dorm's R.

, which stands for this Resident assistant/advisor 400 $400 4227-47 20011 LANGUAGE QUESTIONS If you see a cool t-shirt in a store in Poland, "Kosztuje?" is how you ask this "How much does this cost?" 1600 $1200 2909-10 20012 TRAVEL CANADA The Bat Cave in this capital of Ontario displays 3,000 life-like vinyl and wax bats in a walk-through tunnel Toronto 200 $200 4969-36 20013 THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS (Jon of the Clue Crew shows the periodic table on a monitor.) The columns on the periodic table are of atoms with the same configuration of these as they fill the atom's shell electrons 1400 $800 3340-37 20014 POP IN '98 The album "In My Life" has famous people like Jim Carrey and Sean Connery covering this band's songs The Beatles 1400 $400 2904-38 20015 ASTRONOMY Hubble studies indicate that these star systems, like the Milky Way, may total 50 billion Galaxies 1400 $400 4979-4 20016 YOU DO KNOW JACK This popular radio and TV comedian began in vaudeville at the age of 17 as a violinist Jack Benny 100 $200 3276-24 20017 THE THEATER Leiber and Stoller, composers of "On Broadway", made it to Broadway with this 1995 showcase of their music Smokey Joe's Cafe 500 $500 2896-12 20018 ON-LINE LINGO FAQs are these Frequently Asked Questions 300 $300 3144-46 20019 CELEBRITY EXES Everything didn't come up roses for Ernest Borgnine and this entertainer; they separated after a month Ethel Merman 1600 $600 3286-44 20020 EVERYTHING! For weaponry, everything is lock, stock and barrel; for fishing, everything is this Hook, line and sinker 1600 $600 3100-43 20021 OUT TO SEA If you row the entire length of the Po, eventually you'll flow into this sea Adriatic Sea 1600 $600 3020-11 20022 OXYMORONS The word "oxymoron" comes from 2 Greek words meaning "sharp" and this Dull 200 $200 3177-16 20023 DIRECT TO VIDEO This company offers a motivational tape for experienced users of its exercise ski machines NordicTrack 300 $300 3030-12 20024 FICTIONAL GHOSTS In the Wagnerian version, this ghost puts into port every 7 years to seek true love The Flying Dutchman 300 $300 3280-45 20025 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNIE Few know that this revolutionary's real first name is Ernesto Ernesto "Che" Guevara 1600 $600 2894-56 20026 SCIENCE and NATURE Van Maanen's Star, one of these small stars, is only about the size of Earth White dwarf 2000 $1000 2910-24 20027 1990s FASHION These sexy yet "infantile" dresses have been worn over bicycle shorts Baby dolls 500 $500 3669-13 20028 WHO'S WHO IN SPORTS Born in 1956, this Swedish tennis player won 6 French Opens and 5 straight Wimbledons Bjorn Borg 300 $300 3287-0 20029 HAPPY HANUKKAH It's the multi-branched candelabrum used in celebration of Hanukkah Menorah 100 $100 3040-44 20030 HISTORIC HEARTTHROBS Musical instrument in common to the heartthrobs seen here: Harry Connick, Jr.

and Franz Liszt piano 1600 DD: $1,700 5064-22 20031 MAUGHAM In this "edgy" Maugham book, the hero travels to India in search of meaning Yes 3626-18 20484 EUROPEAN HISTORY In 1905 journalist Arthur Griffith founded this political party, urging the Irish to not pay taxes to the British Sinn Fein 400 $400   3310-5 30009 WORDS WITHIN WORDS (Alex: To help you, the correct response will be a word that is found within one of the words in the clue) State of a  .and Franz Liszt piano 1600 DD: $1,700 5064-22 20031 MAUGHAM In this "edgy" Maugham book, the hero travels to India in search of meaning Yes.The Razor's Edge 400 $800 2902-39 20032 MUSIC APPRECIATION The highest range of the female voice, or an obsolete clef that had middle C on the bottom Soprano 1400 $400 3291-18 20033 WY WYOMING? This large prairie animal is featured in white silhouette on the state flag Buffalo 400 DD: $500 4092-45 20034 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women where to get a abortion essay double spaced 25 pages / 6875 words Rewriting.The Razor's Edge 400 $800 2902-39 20032 MUSIC APPRECIATION The highest range of the female voice, or an obsolete clef that had middle C on the bottom Soprano 1400 $400 3291-18 20033 WY WYOMING? This large prairie animal is featured in white silhouette on the state flag Buffalo 400 DD: $500 4092-45 20034 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women.) NOW's first presidential endorsement was of this Democratic nominee; makes sense? Correct respoonse: who is * , who had Geraldine Ferraro with him on the ticket.

Walter Mondale 1600 $1200 2901-31 20035 STATE CAPITALS In the 19th century it had co-capitals: Newport and Providence Rhode Island 1200 $200 2893-30 20036 LINGUISTICS Linguists have debunked the common belief that Eskimos have dozens of words for this substance Snow 1200 $200 4976-41 20037 MILITARY RHYME TIME A larger firing lever on a gun a bigger trigger 1400 $800 2906-6 20038 ANCIENT GREECE In 399 B.

this philosopher was convicted by a jury of 500 men on a vote of 280 to 220 Socrates 200 $200 3028-9 20039 BROKEN ENGLISH Regarding marriage, Jesus said, "What therefore God hath joined together, let no man" do this put asunder 200 $200 5044-46 20040 WORLD LEADERS Seen here, he was his country's chancellor from 1998 to 2005 Gerhard Schr der 1600 $1200 3180-18 20041 PRESIDENTIAL BURIAL PLACES (Alex: Oh boy, there's a light subject!) Plymouth Notch, Vermont Calvin Coolidge 400 $400 4340-15 20042 IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY The reverse of this state's quarter released in 2000 depicts the Minuteman statue and an outline of the state Massachusetts 300 $600 3952-32 20043 PUDDING "Joy Of Cooking" calls the pudding made from this grain "The All-Time Favorite" Rice pudding 1200 $200 3061-24 20044 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES The Lown School of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies is part of this school named for a Supreme Court justice Brandeis 500 $500 100008-12 20045 1989 On Sept.20, 1989 he was sworn in as the new President of South Africa de Klerk 300 600 4198-32 20046 INTO THE WOODS A toadstool is an inedible kind of this fungus a mushroom 1200 $400 3304-23 20047 BEFORE and AFTER "X" filmmaker who saved Chrysler from becoming an ex-company Spike Lee Iacocca 400 $400 4969-47 20048 15-LETTER WORDS The removal from land or a person of unwanted chemical or radioactive impurities decontamination 1600 $1200 2893-18 20049 BIBLICAL FATHERS and SONS His son Ham was the father of the Canaanites Noah 400 $400 3036-50 20050 THE REDCOATS ARE COMING! The Battle of Long Island was fought in what is now this New York City borough Brooklyn 1800 $800 5089-42 20051 LITERARY CHARACTERS After marrying Scarlett O'Hara, this first husband "spent his wedding night in an armchair in the corner" Charles Hamilton 1600 $1200 3334-52 20052 YO, POPE ADRIAN! Adrian III died on his way to the Diet of this, not from a diet of these Worms 1800 $800 3068-20 20053 TELEVISION NBC refused to let this CBS talk show host use its clips on his 1997 prime-time special David Letterman 400 $400 3015-9 20054 SATIRE This pair's 1881 comic opera "Patience" parodies aesthetes like Oscar Wilde Gilbert and Sullivan 200 $200 3025-17 20055 WORDS OF THE '60s In '60s slang a wahine was a young woman who participated in this sport Surfing 300 $300 3280-18 20056 WHAT'S MY LINE? The "barb" in barber is from the Latin for this Beard 400 $400 3036-8 20057 THE CIRCUS It's the familiar term for a circus' largest tent, where the main show appears the big top 200 $200 3020-20 20058 LOUISIANIANS This sportscaster and former QB from Shreveport led the Steelers to Super Bowl titles in '75, '76, '79 and '80 Terry Bradshaw 400 $400 3625-6 20059 EARLS By the time he died in 1992, his "Any Car, Any Color" offer had risen from $29.95 Earl Scheib 200 $200 3069-46 20060 FIVE GOLDEN "RING"s At first baby can only gum this rubber toy but he'll be biting it soon enough a teething ring 1600 $600 3102-20 20061 THE LAW Failure to pay a building contractor may result in his leaning on you with this type of lien Mechanic's lien 400 $400 3119-32 20062 GREAT FEETS OF THE BIBLE (Alex: Notice the spelling) This Jericho conqueror had his captains put their feet on the necks of 5 captured kings Joshua 1200 $200 4969-25 20063 THE DEANS LIST This author's thrillers turned into films include "Phantoms" and "Demon Seed" Dean Koontz 500 $1000 3703-38 20064 IT BORDERS BOTH (Alex: You have to name the country that does) Norway and Russia Finland 1400 $400 5022-26 20065 COLORFUL PHRASES (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads from St.

Petersburg, Russia in June--the time when a lack of total darkness gives evenings this name white nights 500 $1000 2895-40 20066 CIVIL WAR GENERALS This president said that if Gen.McClellan didn't want to use the army, he would like to borrow it Abraham Lincoln 1400 $400 620-9 20067 '60s BRITISH ROCK Other category on this board which could be a group in this one ANIMALS 200 $200 5084-18 20068 NOTED EUROPEANS Giuseppina Streppoini, a prima donna in "Nabucco", married this famous Guiseppi in 1859 (Guiseppi) Verdi 400 $800 4199-53 20069 15-LETTER WORDS Before she was a TV star, Candice Bergen was this, meaning she took poignant pictures that told a story a photojournalist 1800 $1600 3630-32 20070 GHASTLY OPERATIC DEMISES "Dialogues Des Carmelites" ends in 1790s Paris, so it's no surprise when much of the cast is killed with this device Guillotine 1200 $200 5007-2 20071 NOTABLE NAMES An airport in Queens is named for this son of an Italian bandmaster in the U.Army LaGuardia 100 $200 4992-51 20072 HODGEPODGE A quarrel that began with the fencing judging at the 1924 Olympics was settled by an actual one of these a duel 1800 $1600 5017-46 20073 ARCHITECTURE This type of arched ceiling can be barrel, groined or ribbed a vault ceiling 1600 $1200 5032-47 20074 FIVE THE "ARD" WAY Tired-looking and thin in the face haggard 1600 $1200 3151-33 20075 SNEEZING For the voice of Sneezy in this 1937 classic, Disney "achoo"sed Billy Gilbert Snow White (and the Seven Dwarfs) 1200 $200 2908-7 20076 POP-ROCK "Bohemian Rhapsody", one of this group's early hits, returned to the Top 10 in 1992 Queen 200 $200 2756-37 20077 FAMOUS AMERICANS At age 19 this "Leaves of Grass" author became editor of The Long Islander, a weekly newspaper Whitman 1400 $400 5051-42 20078 AMERICAN HISTORY Victor Marie du Pont served as a captain of this state's volunteers in the War of 1812 Delaware 1600 $1200 5088-25 20079 ALBUMS This Police album that included "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" got its title from the work of Arthur Koestler "Ghost in the Machine" 500 $1000 3294-40 20080 CAPITAL TOWNS New Castle, Pa.is king of these, producing shows for the 1986 Statue of Liberty fete and every July 4 fireworks 1400 $400 2909-51 20081 NONFICTION Jacob Bronowski punned on a Darwin title in this book and TV series about the history of science The Ascent Of Man 1800 $800 3285-20 20082 DESTINATION: MOON Of 30, 60 or 90 pounds, it's the lunar weight of an astronaut who weighs 180 pounds on Earth 30 400 $400 3016-12 20083 U.CITIES This Florida city was named for the general who led the fight to take Florida from the Spanish Jacksonville 300 $300 3020-15 20084 CORN FED Although some modern renditions are baked, traditional johnny cakes are cooked on these flat surfaces Griddles 300 $300 3315-25 20085 FRENCH HISTORY Armand du Plessis, chosen to be first minister of France in 1624, is better known as this Cardinal Richelieu 500 $500 3627-46 20086 LITERARY HODGEPODGE Sick of this title doctor, Hugh Lofting sent him to the moon in 1928, and grudgingly brought him back in 1933 Dr.Dolittle 1600 $600 3035-28 20087 "PICK" ME! On the third day at Gettysburg, over 3,000 Confederate men lost their lives in this single assault Pickett's Charge 500 $500 314-27 20088 BIOLOGY Found even in dinosaurs, this world's oldest known disease is still considered incurable arthritis 500 $500 3120-49 20089 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS This title Defoe heroine has many misfortunes, including marrying her own brother by mistake Moll Flanders 1800 $800 4967-22 20090 LET'S VISIT SPRINGFIELD Springfield in this state is where the common spring clothespin was invented and a Green Mountain guide is published Vermont 400 $800 5086-44 20091 NATIONAL SCENIC BYWAYS The byway called "Top of" these is at over 9,000 feet, which is considered the lowlands there the Rockies 1600 $1200 3009-54 20092 NOVELIST-PLAYWRIGHTS A "Giant" among American women novelists, she wrote the play "Stage Door" with George S.

Kaufman Edna Ferber 2000 $1000 3272-53 20093 POETS' RHYME TIME Hughes'sneakers Ted's Keds 1800 $800 3119-18 20094 DUNCAN This No.1 NBA draft pick signed with the San Antonio Spurs July 24, 1997 Tim Duncan 400 $400 5086-58 20095 HISTORICAL MEN and WOMEN He told the rump parliament, "You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing lately, depart, I say" Oliver Cromwell 2000 $2000 4297-25 20096 RECENT FILMS A magazine article called "Surf Girls of Maui" inspired this 2002 film Blue Crush 500 $1000 621-6 20097 TRANSPORTATION While in office, he became 1st president to ride in a car and submerge in a submarine Theodore Roosevelt 200 $200 5070-52 20098 TALES OF E.HOFFMANN In "The Golden Pot", Anselmus in Dresden is lured to this mythical land some believe was under the sea Atlantis 1800 $1600 3321-10 20099 SAINT PAUL As Saul, Saint Paul heard the voice of Jesus while on the road to this city Damascus 200 $200 3297-45 20100 SONNETS He was a romantic poet, a lake poet, a poet laureate and the poet who penned the "Ecclesiastical Sonnets" William Wordsworth 1600 $600 3832-20 20101 REALLY BUSY AIRPORTS (Alex: You have to identify the city served by those airports) Place for endive and sprouts: BRU Brussels 400 $400 3322-38 20102 OPERAS and OPERETTAS Swiss composer Ernest Bloch's only completed opera is based on this play; the role of Banquo is sung by a tenor Macbeth 1400 $400 3118-17 20103 GO TO "H" Half the Earth, or half the cerebrum or cerebellum Hemisphere 300 $300 5037-38 20104 GEISHA GLOSSARY Konnichiwa means this; The Doors might have sung, "Konnichiwa, I love you, won't you tell me your name?" hello 1400 $800 5043-25 20105 HERE'S LOOKING AT "U", KID Lucknow is the capital city of this most populous state of India Uttar Pradesh 500 $1000 5078-43 20106 BOGIE and BACALL SPEAK! Upon meeting this actor in "The Shootist", Bacall observes, "You seem like a man accustomed to giving orders" John Wayne 1600 $1200 100005-20 20107 PLANTS Carrots are root vegetables while potatoes are examples of these underground stems Tubers 400 800 3309-28 20108 U2 (Alex: Whoops, we got it backwards!) The success of this 1987 album helped earn the band a Time magazine cover The Joshua Tree 500 $500 3667-25 20109 "TRAN"SITION It's the fictional device whose use often followed the classic line heard here: Beep "Scotty, beam me up!" transporter (from Star Trek) 500 $500 3265-48 20110 PAUL REVERE On his famous ride, Revere and this man met up with Samuel Prescott before attempting to reach Concord William Dawes 1800 $800 3302-18 20111 U.

CITIES The Society of Friends founded this California city in 1887 and named it after an American poet Whittier 400 $400 3668-54 20112 O CANADA The Isthmus of Chignecto connects this province to New Brunswick Connected to the mainland Nova Scotia 2000 $1000 5055-5 20113 TAKE YOUR "MED"s Almost a million square miles, it's bordered by 3 continents the Mediterranean Sea 100 $200 3674-20 20114 EXPERIMENTS NASA's passive seismic experiment detected thousands of lunar seismic events, called these Moonquakes 400 DD: $600 3285-30 20115 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS Agatha Christie's mysteries solved by this detective were often chronicled by his sidekick Arthur Hastings Hercule Poirot 1200 $200 4979-11 20116 "FIT"NESS This is the surplus left to an employer after deducing wages, rent and cost of raw materials profit 200 $400 3340-55 20117 POP IN '98 Les Claypool "nose" that "Rhinoplasty" was a 1998 release from this group (He's its lead singer) Primus 2000 $1000 3020-55 20118 POP MUSIC During his long career, he had only 2 No.1 hits: "Travelin' Man" and "Poor Little Fool" Ricky Nelson 2000 $1000 3290-7 20119 CAR PETS As a Ford exec., Lee Iacocca sired this sporty car introduced in April 1964 Mustang 200 $200 2756-38 20120 ACTORS and ACTRESSES She's played 2 Stephen King characters on film: Annie Wilkes in "Misery" and "Dolores Claiborne" (Kathy) Bates 1400 $400 3626-10 20121 YOU-PHEMISMS "You" is defined as the pronoun of this "person", singular or plural Second person 200 $200 3015-56 20122 BOOKS ABOUT TV SHOWS Colin Dexter and Dick Francis contributed to a book about this PBS anthology series Pick another clue.(buzzer sounds Mystery 2000 DD: $900 3046-41 20123 STATE ANAGRAMS On my wig Wyoming 1400 $400 5076-19 20124 THE OSCARS 3 actors got 1982 nominations for acting in drag: Dustin Hoffman, Julie Andrews and this film's John Lithgow The World According To Garp 400 $800 3673-46 20125 IN EXILE Exiled for manslaughter, Eric the Red was forced to leave this country around 981 He left Iceland, went to Greenland Iceland 1600 $600 3319-42 20126 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Although British Columbia is Canada's only province on the Pacific, this territory is farther west Yukon 1600 $600 3674-10 20127 KILLERS The Aum Shinrikyo cult was behind a March 1995 nerve gas attack on this city's subway Tokyo 200 $200 5061-19 20128 PUNCH LINES This heavyweight champ was referring to Billy Conn and their 1946 bout when he said, "He can run, but he can't hide" Joe Louis 400 $800 4595-16 20129 NOW YOU'RE TALKING MY LANGUAGE The official language of Niger, it's a remnant of its colonial times * , Niger.

French 300 $600 3107-51 20130 AT RANDOM This method of solving problems with a random number generator is named after the casino city of Monaco Monte Carlo 1800 $800 3111-8 20131 NATIONAL FORESTS This South Dakota national forest surrounds Jewel Cave National Monument and Mount Rushmore Black Hills National Forest 200 $200 3623-19 20132 HAIL, HAIL ROCK 'N' ROLL Hoyt Axton wrote 2 of this group's Top 5 hits: "Joy To The World" and "Never Been To Spain" Three Dog Night 400 $400 3304-21 20133 WHAT'S THAT ON YOUR HEAD? It's a hood for a monk or Batman Cowl 400 $400 4296-18 20134 THE PLANETS Astrologers say that when this "Planet of Communication" goes retrograde, stuff on Earth falls apart Mercury 400 $800 3070-35 20135 "B"s ON BOTH ENDS Title of Newhart's third sitcom Bob 1200 $200 3148-13 20136 4 EASY LIT QUESTIONS.(Alex: In this category, we have four easy lit questions, and one doozy, one tough one.) This graduate of the University of New Hampshire published "The Hotel New Hampshire" in 1981 John Irving 300 $300 2735-37 20137 POETS and POETRY This Longfellow poem was suggested by a smithy under a chestnut tree in Cambridge, Massachusetts "The Village Blacksmith" 1400 $400 3039-52 20138 LET'S CELEBRATE! Tahiti's Heiva Festival centers on this French holiday and is celebrated with canoe races and dance contests Bastille Day 1800 $800 5085-55 20139 "B" ACTORS This Dublin-born actor who's featured in "The Usual Suspects" and "Stigmata" was formerly married to Ellen Barkin (Gabriel) Byrne 2000 $2000 3666-33 20140 FILMS OF THE '90s In 1999 Julia Roberts and this pretty man reunited for "Runaway Bride" Darn it, we're out of clues and you're at -$100.Boo! Hiss! That means you won't be around for Final Jeopardy! Richard Gere 1200 $200 4124-24 20141 ALCATRAZ-A-MATAZZ (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports.) The name Alcatraz is derived from the Spanish for "island of" these birds, that come in brown and white varities pelicans 500 $1000 4137-45 20142 STAR TRACK This actor born in London in 1972 was named for a Beatles song and an "Obscure" literary character Jude Law 1600 DD: $1,600 3667-35 20143 BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS There are now 3 bridges over this river that link Brownsville with Matamoros, Mexico Rio Grande 1200 $200 3030-20 20144 BONES Osteoblasts, osteocytes and osteoclasts are types of these base units that make up bones Cells 400 $400 3060-52 20145 KNIGHTS Women given the rank corresponding to knighthood are called this Dames 1800 $800 3025-38 20146 FOLKLORE The wise people of England's mythical town of Gotham pretended to be these people honored on April 1 Fools 1400 $400 5107-2 20147 STONEHENGE The ancient monument known as Stonehenge is found in this country England 100 $200 4992-52 20148 INSPIRED TITLES Maugham wanted his novel to be titled "Beauty and Ashes" but that was already used, so he chose this Spinoza phrase Of Human Bondage 1800 $1600 3278-28 20149 SPACE FLIGHT The 1960s rocket that shared its name with this planet only went as far as Earth's moon Saturn 500 $500 3259-18 20150 1997 39 members of this doomsday cult in California committed suicide in March Heaven's Gate 400 $400 3068-4 20151 GODS and GODDESSES Jove, by jove, is another name for this Roman god Jupiter 100 $100 3333-21 20152 STATUES Character depicted in Eatonton, Georgia, the hometown of author Joel Chandler Harris Brer Rabbit 400 $400 3148-58 20153 FUN and GAMES Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor made this party game a hit when they tried it on TV Twister 2000 $1000 3120-47 20154 CHICKEN? Synonym for "chicken" exhibited by the woodpecker seen here: Yellow-bellied (sapsucker) 1600 DD: $1,800 3675-32 20155 HAIL TO THE CHIEF His presidential election opponents were Hoover, Landon, Wilkie and Dewey Franklin D.

Roosevelt 1200 $200 5027-0 20156 ANCIENT TIMES Called ros caelestis, or "heavenly dew", it was the chief sweetener of ancient times honey 100 $200 4968-41 20157 BRAND-O (Alex: Each correct response will end in the letter "O.") George Blaisdell invented this lighter in 1932 Zippo 1400 $800 3292-17 20158 "O" Animal seen here, very much "alive" an opossum 300 $300 3071-38 20159 HISTORICAL MARKER AHEAD The "White House of the Confederacy" in Richmond was home to this leader Jefferson Davis 1400 $400 2910-31 20160 MEDICINE The juvenile rheumatoid type of this disorder is also known as Still's Disease Arthritis 1200 $200 5088-6 20161 FAMOUS TREATIES It ended the French and Indian War(1763) the Treaty of Paris 200 $400 2900-45 20162 FAMOUS PAIRS Born of Chinese parents in 1811, they died in 1874, having literally lived their whole lives together Chang and Eng Bunker (Siamese twins) 1600 $600 5077-51 20163 WHAT THE "H"? It's not Heck-etica, it's the typeface seen here Helvetica 1800 $1600 3298-24 20164 PROVINCES (Alex: We'll give you the provinces, you name the country) Tyrol and Salzburg Austria 500 $500 4317-9 20165 FASHION DESIGNERS A 2000 production of "Rigoletto", set in present-day Hollywood, had costumes by this Italian fashion designer (Georgio) Armani 200 $400 3286-13 20166 MADE OF CLAY It's the avian name for the target used in skeet shooting Clay pigeon 300 $300 5094-34 20167 THE RECORD SHOWS I TOOK THE BLOWS Before becoming a world leader, this frenchman was wounded 3 times in WWI and was captured at Verdun in 1916 (Charles) de Gaulle 1200 $400 3008-11 20168 CHILDREN'S LIT "If You Give A Moose A Muffin" is the tasty sequel to "If You Give A Mouse" this A cookie 200 $200 3106-52 20169 COMMUNISTS This 1970s prime minister who made parts of Cambodia killing fields made more grim headlines in 1997 Pol Pot 1800 $800 3282-34 20170 WHICH CAME FIRST? (Alex: Chronologically) U.Constitution, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Magna Carta, Gettysburg Address Magna Carta 1200 $200 3630-8 20171 ANATOMY When your ears "pop", it's actually this tube opening, allowing air to escape from or to the middle ear Eustachian tube 200 $200 3903-6 20172 HISTORY Using photos he had taken the month before, Clyde Tombaugh discovered this planet February 18, 1930 Pluto 200 $200 5076-12 20173 SPACE EXPLORATION On July 20, 1969 this lunar module separated from the Apollo 11 spacecraft and landed on the moon the Eagle 300 $600 5015-58 20174 ISN'T IT ICONIC? This "Hero With a Thousand Faces" author co-wrote 1974's "The Mythic Image", which explored iconography Joseph Campbell 2000 $2000 100013-31 20175 BOOKS and AUTHORS John Bunyan's dreamlike allegory of Christian's journey to the celestial city Pilgrim's Progress 1200 500 5026-31 20176 MOVIES THAT ARE ALL WET Steven Spielberg named the mechanical shark in this 1975 classic "Bruce" after his lawyer Jaws 1200 $400 4595-27 20177 MYTHELLANEOUS Riding this winged horse made it possible for Bellerophon to approach and kill the chimera Pegasus 500 $1000 3320-55 20178 "D"SERT If you want more of this curranty Scottish pudding, get off yours and take it Duff 2000 $1000 3266-3 20179 THE BRAT PACK TODAY He plays Jack, who runs things at the Gate magazine, on "Suddenly Susan" Judd Nelson 100 $100 5072-0 20180 IN THE NEWS This German-born man seen here made big news in April of 2005 Pope Benedict XVI 100 $200 4124-28 20181 GEORGE M.COHAN In 1942 Cagney played Cohan on film and in 1968 this man played him on Broadway The musical was George M! and * played George M.

Joel Grey 500 $1000 3118-9 20182 FIGURE IT OUT She played a lovely model named Zsa Zsa in the movie musical "Lovely to Look At" Zsa Zsa Gabor 200 $200 3276-42 20183 LITERARY FIRST LINES "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again" Deborah, this just wasn't your day; you couldn't get on track at all, you won't be around for Final Jeopardy!, however, you are a 2-day winner and congratulations on that score! Rebecca 1600 $600 3326-15 20184 BRAIN STRAIN A group of things of the same kind, or scenery constructed for a theatrical performance Set 300 $300 4595-46 20185 DEAR JUNTA This former priest was ousted in Feb.-brokered deal in 1994 with the Haitian junta kept him in power Aristide 1600 $1200 3313-2 20186 1957 Chances are, you know that this singer's "Chances Are" was a No.1 hit in 1957 Johnny Mathis 100 $100 3633-51 20187 VIDEO POTPOURRI A great view of Earth is achieved during this activity seen here: Spacewalk/Extra-Vehicular Activity 1800 $800 5099-38 20188 SPORTS On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain scored this unbelievable record point total in an NBA basketball game 100 1400 $800 3035-31 20189 BLACK AMERICANS This agricultural scientist treated polio victims with peanut oil and massages George Washington Carver 1200 $200 3017-14 20190 HORSE SENSE This British department store's green delivery van is drawn by a team of Friesians Harrods 300 $300 2896-42 20191 IRISH HISTORY (Alex: How appropriate!) In 1937 the Irish Free State, a British dominion, changed its name to this Gaelic one Eire 1600 $600 3069-41 20192 THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY The sign "Careful.

Nervous Mother Driving" was on this type of vehicle a school bus 1400 $400 5074-31 20193 LIGHTS, CAMERA, KIDS Britney's younger sister, she was "All That" before she became "Zoey 101" Jamie Lynn (Spears) 1200 $400 4595-8 20194 TRANSPORTATION There are no knife or spoon varieties of these vehicles used in warehouses to raise and carry merchandise forklifts 200 $400 3299-4 20195 HOLD EVERYTHING! From a Dutch term, it's a leather case where you keep your six shooter, pardner a holster 100 $100 5015-49 20196 BOXING BIOPICS (Alex: We want you to name the main subject of each one of these films.) "Gentleman Jim"(1942) Jim Corbett 1800 $1600 3305-27 20197 COLOR MY WORLD You'll find this arm of the Pacific between the Chinese mainland and the Korean peninsula Yellow Sea 500 $500 3110-40 20198 MOVIE DEBUTS "A Little Sex" with Tim Matheson marked the film debut of this actress, now Mrs.Steven Spielberg Kate Capshaw 1400 $400 5019-59 20199 MARK ANTONYMS As "mark" can mean "to make conspicuous", one antonym could be this synonym of "skin" hide 2000 $2000 4968-6 20200 LITERATURE He published the first 4 of his fairy tales in an 1835 pamphlet; "The Tinder Box" was among them And that was * .Hans Christian Andersen 200 $400 5013-21 20201 LIQUIDS The rounded area of a ship's hull, dividing bottom from sides, or the yucky water that collects there bilge 400 $800 3281-48 20202 AFRICAN-AMERICAN WRITERS Octavia Butler writes novels like "Clay's Ark" and "Patternmaster" in this genre Science fiction 1800 $800 5027-56 20203 DURING THE FILLMORE PRESIDENCY In 1852 this hero of Verzcruz in the Mexican War was nominated by the Whig party as its presidential candidate Winfield Scott 2000 $2000 3277-40 20204 INSTITUTIONS John D.Rockefeller III organized it in the late '50s to give the Met and NY Philharmonic a home Lincoln Center 1400 $400 3149-37 20205 WORLD LEADERS Sir Muda Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzadin Waddaulah is the sultan of this country Brunei 1400 $400 5003-17 20206 TECHWORD MASH-UP It was named because it's a resistor that can "amplify electrical signals.

transferred through it" And, hence, we come up with * .transistor 300 $600 4200-50 20207 BRITISH SPEECHES In 1984 this royal called a proposed Trafalgar Square structure "a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a.friend" Prince Charles 1800 DD: $4,000 3286-8 20208 20th CENTURY AMERICA In March 1976 a Bay Area jury convicted this kidnapped heiress of bank robbery Patricia Hearst 200 $200 3703-15 20209 MAY This institution was formally dedicated May 1, 1847 in Washington, D.Smithsonian Institution 300 $300 3703-54 20210 CLASSICAL MUSIC Joseph Haydn based this 1798 oratorio on the Bible and Milton's "Paradise Lost" The Creation 2000 $1000 5103-37 20211 THE SOPRANOS "The Hills Are Alive" with the sound of this Oscar-winning soprano's voice, whether she's Victor or Victoria Ah, but you took too much time.

Julie Andrews 1400 $800 4227-58 20212 HISTORY OLDER THAN YOU Around 336 B., this "great" king of Macedonia began building an empire from Africa to India Alexander 2000 $2000 5020-31 20213 FROM BOOK TO FILM (Alex: We'll name a book, you ID the movie based on it.) "Shoeless Joe" Field of Dreams 1200 $400 3873-51 20214 STOCK INDICES (Alex: You have to name each index's country.) The FTSE 100 England 1800 $800 3308-38 20215 U.

CITIES The name of this Minnesota city comes from an Indian word for "water" and the Greek word for "city" Minneapolis 1400 $400 4992-1 20216 PSEUDO MOVIE RATINGS (Alex: Each correct response will include an MPAA movie rating.) In 1954 Elijah Muhammad appointed him chief minister of Harlem's main temple Malcolm X 100 $200 3011-30 20217 SHAKESPEARE DARK Legend says this play is cursed, so if you mention it in a dressing room, you may not get off Scot-free Macbeth 1200 $200 3870-16 20218 WHALE OF FORTUNE (Alex: Vanna hasn't gained that much weight, has she?) Experts can identify whales by the height and shape of this, the cloud produced when a whale exhales Spout 300 $300 5044-24 20219 THE BARD WRITES "A jest's prosperity lies in the ear of him that hears it, never in" this part "of him that makes it" the tongue 500 $1000 3273-55 20220 CELTICS Celtic languages are still spoken in parts of Ireland and this "New" Canadian province that includes Cape Breton Sound Nova Scotia ("New Scotland") 2000 $1000 2903-5 20221 CRADLES To use this common household device, remove the handset from the cradle Telephone 100 $100 3026-7 20222 AMERICAN FOOD One of Elvis Presley's favorite dishes was a sandwich filled with mashed bananas and this spread peanut butter 200 $200 5012-51 20223 SHERMANS One of the 2 important "Acts" written by U.Senator John Sherman in 1890 the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (or the Sherman Silver Purchase Act) 1800 DD: $5,000 2905-4 20224 CRAZY PHRASES Bird name that completes the simile "Crazy as a .

" Loon 100 $100 5069-14 20225 INITIALLY YOURS Eccentric punctuator and typographer Edward Estlin E.Cummings 300 $600 3181-17 20226 "C" OF LOVE From an old word for "cape", it's an older person who, for propriety's sake, accompanies young unmarrieds a chaperone 300 $300 3633-7 20227 CONTAINERS The genie Aladdin found was in a lamp; the ones Sinbad and Tony Nelson found were in these Bottles 200 $200 5014-10 20228 SHIP SHAPE For many years prior to leaving for America in 1620, this ship had served in the wine trade between England and France the Mayflower 200 $400 3328-18 20229 INDONESIA Good news -- you're elected to a 5-year term in the main assembly; bad news -- it only has to meet this often Every 5 years 400 $400 5099-39 20230 NOVELS Edith Wharton's hero Ethan Frome is crippled by a suicidal run on this winter Olympic vehicle All right, we'll give you that one, it's a sled.a bobsled 1400 $800 3179-36 20231 LOOK WHO'S TALKING, TOO Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus I, Claudius 1400 $400 618-41 20232 HOMOPHONIC PAIRS Game show host Rayburn's Levis Gene's jeans 1400 $400 5048-48 20233 RENAISSANCE PAINTERS The elder of these German painters did mostly altarpieces; "the Younger" painted mostly portraits Hans Holbein 1800 $1600 3876-37 20234 SEEMS LIKE ANCIENT TIMES The legendary Mucius saved Rome by putting this in a fire, earning the name "Left-Handed" Right hand 1400 $400 3006-11 20235 THE "ROCKY"s He "checked into his room, only to find Gideon's Bible" Rocky Raccoon 200 $200 3030-35 20236 10-LETTER WORDS Ice cream flavor seen here in an astronaut version: And look at this ice cream (banging the square Neopolitan 1200 $200 3670-33 20237 INVENTORS and INVENTIONS In 1893 he built the Black Maria, the first building designed to make commercial motion pictures Thomas Edison 1200 $200 3873-16 20238 LAS VEGAS HISTORY Annette Bening wore the gown seen here in the 1991 film named for this man who built the original Flamingo Hotel Bugsy Siegel 300 $300 5055-6 20239 U.

LAKES and RIVERS This large Louisiana lake is named for Louis XIV's marine minister Lake Pontchartrain 200 $400 3291-28 20240 DECK THE "HALL"s This secretary denied ever smuggling Iran-Contra documents in her underwear Fawn Hall 500 $500 3903-55 20241 CLIMBING Also meaning to stop an action, in climbing it means to secure another person with a rope to belay 2000 $1000 3009-28 20242 TV STARS ON FILM She already had her own talk show when she played Kathleen Turner's daughter in "Serial Mom" Ricki Lake 500 $500 3629-34 20243 NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARKS This explorer's January 20, 1778 landing site in Hawaii is an historic landmark Captain James Cook 1200 $200 3873-3 20244 CLASSIC LOGOS Metro's bird lost out to this animal to be the symbol of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Leo the Lion 100 $100 4992-59 20245 WHAT THE "H"? This Tasmanian capital was once a major center for Antarctic whalers Hobart 2000 $2000 5028-42 20246 CURRENT POLITICOS In 2002 this Republican became the first sitting senator ever to host "Saturday Night Live" Senator John McCain 1600 $1200 3326-36 20247 OUTDATED MAPS (Alex: That's always fun!) In 1902 Panama was still part of this country Colombia 1400 $400 3311-50 20248 LITERARY BEFORE and AFTER Play based on the Scopes Monkey Trial that inspires Bette Midler to "fly higher than an eagle" "Inherit The Wind Beneath My Wings" 1800 $800 4992-12 20249 GOVERNORS Garrison Keillor took this governor to the satiric mat with "Me, By Jimmy (Big Boy) Valente" Jesse Ventura 300 $600 3061-29 20250 GETTING POSSESSIVE (Alex: We'll give you a clue and the correct response will be a possessive) Sydenham's Chorea, a condition in which the body jerks involuntarily, once had this name St.Vitus' Dance 500 $500 3121-52 20251 THE DEVIL YOU SAY In an early version of his "Mysterious Stranger", a young Satan goes by the name Philip Traum Mark Twain 1800 $800 3296-35 20252 ALFRED HITCHCOCK In Hitchcock's third movie, "The Lodger", a landlady suspects that her tenant is this London killer Jack the Ripper 1200 $200 5103-50 20253 NEW YORK IN THE MOVIES This writer/director's New York-set films include "Manhattan" and "Manhattan Murder Mystery" Woody Allen 1800 $1600 3019-17 20254 THE BEASTS The 2-toed type of this edentate averages 21-29 inches in length and has no tail Sloth 300 $300 5028-46 20255 PAINTERS The title of his 1885 work "Halibut Fishing" was changed to the more familiar title "Fog Warning" years later Winslow Homer 1600 $1200 3279-51 20256 TRAVEL EUROPE You'll find Seville and Granada in this region of southern Spain Andalusia 1800 $800 3627-2 20257 CHARACTERS IN MUSICALS Arthur gets trapped in Morgan Le Fey's enchanted forest in this legendary musical Camelot 100 $100 5006-54 20258 LAFAYETTE YOU ARE HERE Lafayette may have needed a couple of drinks after being wounded in Penn.'s Battle of this September 11, 1777 Brandywine 2000 $2000 5034-34 20259 YO, ADRIATIC This nation has the longest coastline on the Adriatic Sea Italy 1200 $400 3870-48 20260 TOUGH ISLANDS At 16,500 feet Puncak Jaya on this "new" island is the world's higest island peak New Guinea 1800 $800 5031-11 20261 HUMPHREY BOGART (Alex: And the common link.) As a young man, Bogie originally planned on studying for a medical degree at this Connecticut college Yale 200 $400 4296-21 20262 WHAT COULD SHE BE DOING IN THERE? Using a pumice stone to do this to her skin, from the Latin for "to strip leaves" exfoliating 400 DD: $3,000 5086-51 20263 FOOD-O This fruit related to the grapefruit is also called a shaddock pomelo 1800 $1600 3335-33 20264 CLOWN CINEMA Jimmy Stewart played Buttons, the clown with a mysterious past, in this 1952 De Mille drama The Greatest Show On Earth 1200 $200 3015-28 20265 BIOLOGY Architectural term for the minimal stimulus that starts a nerve impulse, like pain Threshold 500 $500 3292-43 20266 '70s TV Anne Meara was Kate McShane and this Kate was Kate Columbo Kate Mulgrew 1600 $600 3335-41 20267 AUTHOR'S DICTIONARY When this is used objects or abstractions are endowed with human traits, as in "The clouds wept" Or personification Anthropomorphism 1400 $400 1871-35 20268 OLD MOVIES She was in her teens when she made her first film with Montgomery Clift, "A Place in the Sun" Elizabeth Taylor 1200 $200 3323-32 20269 EMMY HISTORY This company's first Emmy came in 1958 for Art Direction in its "Hall Of Fame" production of "Twelfth Night" Hallmark 1200 $200 3630-54 20270 GEORGIA Seen here, he was president when Georgia became independent, but was then deposed I didn't know him either, folks! You were going to say that, Jeremy? Well, you should have rung in - you could have been a contender! Zviad Gamsakhurdia 2000 $1000 3143-20 20271 PEOPLE and PLACES Bigger swingers than most South Americans, the people of this city are Caraquenos Caracas 400 $400 5023-43 20272 '80s MOVIES William Hurt and Marlee Matlin had a real-life romance when they co-starred in this drama Children of a Lesser God 1600 $1200 5028-39 20273 WHERE AM I? (Jimmy of the Clue Crew walks through a city park.

) I'm on Tahrir or Liberation Square in this vast and ancient capital city Cairo 1400 $800 5053-31 20274 THE GRAMMYS 2006 She deserves a little respect, picking up her 17th Grammy for her rendition of "A House Is Not A Home" Aretha Franklin 1200 $400 3120-57 20275 VIRGINIA DARE Despite Virginia Dare's first name, Roanoke Island, her birthplace, is now part of this state North Carolina 2000 $1000 3181-26 20276 IMPORTS Guiliana and Luciano's United Colors Company Benetton 500 $500 617-8 20277 LESSER-KNOWN NAMES (Alex: famous people, of course.) Malcolm Little Malcolm X 200 $200 3031-8 20278 GRANDMA'S SECRET DIARY May 15, 1942:Dad got a coupon book for this rationing; we only get 3 gal.a week! Subway, here I come! Gasoline 200 $200 5089-1 20279 HIDDEN DVD TREATS A "Master Of Your Domain" episode aired, but a script too hot even for this '90s sitcom is hidden on the DVD Seinfeld 100 $200 5091-42 20280 WELCOME TO OMAHA (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from in front of an Omaha museum.) In 1865 the first spike of this railroad was driven in Omaha; in 1869 it became part of the transcontinental systems the Union Pacific 1600 $1200 619-52 20281 STARS WITH "C" In the 1st line of her radio show theme, Little Orphan Annie was described as 1 of these a chatterbox 1800 $800 100008-19 20282 RELIGION Surprisingly, this Jewish holiday falls on the 1st of Tishri, which the Bible calls the 7th mo.the Jewish New Year (or Rosh Hashanah) 400 800 5028-32 20283 NONFICTION BEST SELLER OF THE YEAR (Alex: This is from Publisher's Weekly.

) 1990: This TV journalist's "A Life on the Road" Charles Kuralt 1200 $400 5067-31 20284 TRANSPORTATION IN SONG In "Dead Man's Curve" the driver of a Jaguar XK-E challenged the driver of this Chevy sports car to a drag race a (Stingray) Corvette 1200 $400 3102-1 20285 DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB He played outfield for the Birmingham Barons before returning to the Bulls Michael Jordan 100 $100 5032-52 20286 SUPREME COURT BEFORE and AFTER FDR appointee who married Mary Pickford Ryan? William O.Douglas Fairbanks 1800 DD: $2,500 5079-28 20287 WHAT'S THAT SOUND? Antarctica's McMurdo Sound was discovered in 1841 by this Brit who has a nearby sea and ice shelf named for him (Sir James Clark) Ross 500 $1000 3273-16 20288 THE SOLAR SYSTEM The name of this light display in the Earth's atmosphere is from the Latin for "northern dawn" Aurora Borealis 300 $300 4967-32 20289 THE BBC's 100 GREATEST BRITONS (Alex: voted on by the public.1:A former war correspondent, in 1940 he succeeded Neville Chamberlain Winston Churchill 1200 $400 3318-17 20290 GIVE ME A "C" It's the part of a car that includes the frame and the wheels Chassis 300 $300 5107-11 20291 KING OF THE "HILL" "Here lies Lester Moore/Four slugs from a .44/No Les, no more" is a marker at this cemetery in Tombstone, AZ Boot Hill 200 $400 5097-0 20292 IRAQ Iraq's old name, Mesopotamia, was derived from its location between these 2 rivers Tigris and Euphrates 100 $200 619-48 20293 AMERICAN RIVERS North America's deepest chasm, Hells Canyon, is formed by this twisting river the Snake River 1800 $800 3258-2 20294 THE MORMONS The highest-level church meetings take place in this city founded by Mormons on July 24, 1847 Salt Lake City 100 $100 5071-54 20295 OUR FOUNDING FATHERS Before he was on the $10 bill, this first Treasury Secretary was one of the 39 signers of the Constitution Alexander Hamilton 2000 $2000 5011-12 20296 ANIMALS The bulls of this tusked aquatic mammal also known as the morse may weigh over 3,000 pounds the walrus 300 $600 5014-42 20297 THERE WAS A FARMER Farmer/congressman Dudley Hughes sponsored the law that led to this organization, the FFA the Future Farmers of America 1600 $1200 5076-42 20298 SYMBOLS IN ART (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from a Flemish oil painting.

) In "Adoration of the Shepherds" by Rubens, the baby Jesus lies on wheat stalks, which are a reference to this sacrament the eucharist 1600 $1200 4973-55 20299 THE SUMMER OLYMPICS (Jon of the Clue Crew kayaks down a river.) The two Olympic kayaking disciplines are called slalom and this type of water flat water 2000 $2000 5003-52 20300 THE EARLY EARTH Lasting from about 2,011,000 to 11,000 B., this epoch featured glaciation cycles and a farewell to the mammoth the Pleistocene 1800 $1600 3662-3 20301 HISTORICAL NOVELS Fans of chariot races may know that Lew Wallace wrote this novel way back in 1880 Ben Hur 100 $100 3315-56 20302 BASEBALL HALL OF FAMERS (Alex: You have to name the team) Brooks Robinson Ohhh no.I was hoping you'd come up with a correct response, and if you had, you'd have been back on the plus side and able to compete in Final Jeopardy - it just wasn't your day today, Earl, so you'll wind up with our 3rd place prize Baltimore Orioles 2000 $1000 3007-51 20303 ISLANDS Napoleon's wife Josephine spent her first 15 years on this island whose capital is Fort-De-France Martinique 1800 $800 3180-16 20304 BRAIN MAUL! He was Liz Taylor's first husband Nicky Hilton 300 $300 3333-37 20305 TECHNOLOGY Far less powerful than today's PC, this 1950s machine was the U.

's first commercial computer UNIVAC 1400 $400 2895-12 20306 AUTHORS This Czech president's play "The Garden Party" was long banned in his homeland Vaclav Havel 300 $300 5071-24 20307 KID LIT This 3-letter Kipling lad goes on a Himalayan journey with a Tibetan lama We went even more classical with that one.Kim 500 $1000 3046-12 20308 TRINIDAD This form of folk music popularized by Belafonte originated in Trinidad Calypso 300 $300 3007-55 20309 NOVELS' FIRST LINES "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen." 1984 2000 $1000 3275-46 20310 OEDIPUS To evade their fate, Oedipus' parents gave little Oeddie to one of these rural workers for disposal Shepherd 1600 $600 3060-45 20311 DAYS In the U.the Jewish festivals of Hanukkah and Passover each last this many days 8 1600 $600 3278-41 20312 BROTHERS (Alex: Alright!) This "Cats" creator wrote a set of cello variations for his brother Julian to play Andrew Lloyd Webber 1400 $400 3832-18 20313 CONVENTION-AL WISDOM This 1988 nominee honored his immigrant father's "Abiding faith in the promise of America" Michael Dukakis 400 $400 3068-22 20314 GODS and GODDESSES This Greek goddess of the hunt was also a goddess of virginity and oddly, childbirth Artemis 400 $400 4595-49 20315 THE STING The WNBA team belonging to this southern city is known as The Sting Charlotte 1800 $1600 3629-46 20316 NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARKS You'll find this plant wizard's house and garden in Santa Rosa, California on the list Luther Burbank 1600 $600 3174-5 20317 REPORTERS' QUESTIONS Seuss' Horton hears one of these A Who 100 $100 5060-10 20318 FASHION This waist-length, sleeveless women's jacket was inspired by a Spanish bullfighter's emroidered jacket a bolero 200 $400 4296-22 20319 QUOTES FROM 2002 Prodded about possible insider trading, she remarked on national TV, "I want to focus on my salads" Martha Stewart 400 $800 3067-29 20320 THE "BUCK" STOPS HERE It's plain to "see", it's also known as a horse chestnut a buckeye 500 $500 3262-20 20321 SHE'S MY FIRST LADY! (Alex: You have to identify the president) Lucy Rutherford B.Hayes 400 $400 3100-23 20322 3-LETTER WORDS It describes a bomb that falls down and doesn't go boom Dud 400 $400 5043-35 20323 10-LETTER WORDS A child who shares his date of birth with 4 of his siblings a quintuplet 1200 $400 3327-57 20324 TOWERS The White Tower, a remnant of Ottoman rule, is a highlight of this second-largest Greek city Thessalonika 2000 $1000 2899-15 20325 INTERNATIONAL CUISINE American hog maw is similar to this Scottish dish Haggis 300 $300 4092-50 20326 ARE THE STARS OUT TONIGHT? King Richard could tell you Regulus is the star that marks the heart of this constellation Leo (the lion) 1800 $1600 3171-44 20327 CHECK THE MAP This 36-mile-long river provides part of the border between New York and Ontario Niagara River 1600 DD: $1,500 3025-9 20328 MUSIC CLASS Musical instruments such as marimbas and maracas are classified as this type Percussion 200 $200 3018-11 20329 NOTED PUSSYCATS In the 1970 hit comedy "The Owl and the Pussycat", she was the title feline to George Segal's owl Barbra Streisand 200 $200 3622-36 20330 AUSTRALIAN STATES Port Phillip got a sex change and became her Victoria 1400 $400 5097-24 20331 IRAQ In 1961, this country was granted independence, and Iraq argued it had been separated illegitimately Look at that-- you have the most money.

Kuwait 500 DD: $3,400 3667-34 20332 CROSSWORD CLUES "S" Ice cream portion, or breaking news story (5) Scoop 1200 $200 4124-18 20333 ALCATRAZ-A-MATAZZ After this man's release from Alcatraz in 1939, he was unable to regain control of the Chicago mob and retired to Florida Capone 400 $800 3327-22 20334 NOTABLE WOMEN She wrote the purr-fectly titled memoir "I'm Still Here: Confessions Of A Sex Kitten" Eartha Kitt 400 $400 4297-2 20335 TAKES 2 TO TONGA It's the continent that's closest to Tonga Australia 100 $200 4967-50 20336 THE BBC's 100 GREATEST BRITONS (Alex: voted on by the public.25:This best-selling author and scientist seen here Stephen Hawking 1800 $1600 3009-29 20337 THAT'S A WRAP! These "clothes" wrap up an infant so he can't move Swaddling clothes 500 $500 4975-48 20338 HOTEL CALIFORNIA John Belushi could have checked out of this Hollywood Hotel any time he liked, but he died there in 1982 (Chateau) Marmont 1800 $1600 3872-25 20339 AMAZON These water boas of the Amazon region can grow to over 200 pounds and over 20 feet Anacondas 500 $500 3048-47 20340 9-LETTER WORDS It's another name for the femur Thighbone 1600 $600 3037-15 20341 THE DREADED SPELLING CATEGORY (Alex: And yes, you must spell the correct response) It's the capital of Arizona P-H-O-E-N-I-X 300 DD: $500 5076-1 20342 THE OSCARS Almost one year after receiving her Oscar for Best Actress, she became a real-life princess Grace Kelly 100 $200 5043-26 20343 YOU TOLKIEN TO ME? The title "The Lord of the Rings" refers to this dark lord Sauron 500 $1000 3331-8 20344 THE NEW TESTAMENT In a letter to Corinth, Paul ranked this quality over faith and hope Charity 200 $200 3275-23 20345 THE PREZ SEZ (Alex: We'll tell you what the prez sez, you have to identify the president) "I have never been a quitter." Richard Nixon 400 $400 3266-28 20346 COLLEGE MEMORIES Of magna cum laude, summa cum laude, or cum laude, it's the one that's the highest honor Summa cum laude 500 $500 5030-17 20347 THE "IZE" HAVE IT From the Greek word for "praise", it's to speak highly of someone at his funeral eulogize 300 $600 3271-33 20348 MANY LOVES Bibliophilism Love of books 1200 $200 5022-43 20349 M.

TV The surgeon seen here is as primitive as can be on this ABC show Lost 1600 $1200 5067-11 20350 "SS" THE SITUATION Did you know I could bench-press 250 lbs.? But I do this, a 7-letter term meaning to deviate from the main topic digress 200 $400 3010-42 20351 "DOUBLE" JEOPARDY In this form of jumping rope, 2 people twirl 2 jump ropes in the opposite direction simultaneously Double Dutch 1600 $600 2893-1 20352 ORGANIZATIONS Members of the DAR are descended from men and women who participated in this event The Revolutionary War 100 $100 3010-31 20353 MUSEUM HOPPING "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to keep music fans from visiting this record co.'s Detroit museum Motown 1200 $200 3326-8 20354 THE USA TODAY Over 70% of teens know Al Gore is vice president; 90% know this man starred in "Titanic" Leonardo DiCaprio 200 $200 3661-32 20355 TITLE REFERENCES The tale of these 2 cities is told in "A Tale Of Two Cities" London and Paris 1200 $200 5084-2 20356 THE HIGHEST-SCORING SCRABBLE WORD Hell, heaven or limbo heaven 100 $200 5064-40 20357 ROCK Idiomatically, make a fresh start of things by wiping this rock, which splits into thin layers, clean slate 1400 $800 3265-4 20358 STORMY WEATHER With a funnel more than a mile wide, one of the largest of these occured March 18, 1925 and killed 695 people Tornado 100 $100 5031-29 20359 HUMPHREY BOGART (Alex: And the common link.) Bogie's breakthrough film was this 1936 feature that shares its name with a national park The Petrified Forest 500 $1000 5074-11 20360 COMPOUND WORDS This aromatic herb of the genus Nepeta will drive your feline crazy catnip 200 $400 2736-52 20361 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION In 1776 he wrote in "The Crisis", "Tyranny, like Hell, s not easily conquered" Thomas Paine 1800 $800 2621-43 20362 ZOOLOGY These tallest mammals can gallop at a speed of 30 miles per hour giraffe 1600 $600 2737-55 20363 FESTIVALS and CELEBRATIONS A fire ant mating call contest is part of the Fire Ant Festival in Marshall in this southwest state Texas 2000 $1000 5077-30 20364 PHYSICAL SCIENCE Combustion is an example of an exothermic reaction, one in which this is released heat 1200 $400 3046-43 20365 AROUND THE HORN Named for the "March King", this horn is basically a helicon with a detachable bell Sousaphone 1600 $600 3299-28 20366 HOLD EVERYTHING! In Psalm 23 it's more than full Yeah, we'll accept that."My cup runneth over" 500 DD: $400 3107-9 20367 TV CAST CHANGES NBC revamped this series in 1997 by replacing Ron Eldard and Justine Bateman Men Behaving Badly 200 $200 4967-39 20368 ONE NATION The one nation in Europe with a female head of government Oh, no.

Angela Merkel, who was elected the head of government in * just this year.Germany 1400 DD: $2,400 5044-18 20369 THE BARD WRITES This, which Shylock demands, "is dearly bought, 'tis mine, and I will have it" a pound of flesh 400 $800 4970-16 20370 NV Lincoln saw Nevada's statehood as additional support for this amendment that outlawed slavery You guys were close.What is the * ? the 13th Amendment 300 $600 314-3 20371 BIOLOGY In genetics, it's what passing of characteristics from Mom and Dad to Junior is called heredity 100 $100 3308-50 20372 U.CITIES It's home to the University of Kentucky and to horseracing's Toyota Blue Grass Stakes Lexington 1800 $800 3177-37 20373 SCIENTIFIC NAMES Equus caballus Horse 1400 $400 5089-28 20374 IT'S "TEA" TIME One of the 2 plays with "tea" in their title that earned Tony Awards for their actors in 1954 Teahouse of the August Moon and Tea and Sympathy 500 $1000 3674-12 20375 HAM Its little red devil logo is still the oldest existing trademark in the United States Underwood Deviled Ham 300 $300 3005-22 20376 MIDDLE NAMES It was the middle name of author Ralph Ellison and essayist Ralph Emerson, for whom he was named Waldo 400 $400 5070-7 20377 SPOKES-CHARACTERS This great spokes-critter seen here debuted in 1952 Tony the Tiger (Tony Tiger accepted) 200 $400 3100-41 20378 ENDS IN "FF" He guards the jurors and maintains order in a courtroom Bailiff 1400 $400 5012-48 20379 MYTH ADVENTURES Rhea stopped Cronus from swallowing him, her sixth consecutive child, by replacing him with a rock Zeus 1800 $1600 3697-11 20380 ODDS and ENDS This constellation is also called The Twins Gemini 200 $200 3037-42 20381 TV THAT'S NOT AS GOOD FOR YOU When these heroes need help, they summon robot vehicles called Zords Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1600 $600 3632-32 20382 LICENSE PLATE MOTTOS "Aloha State" Hawaii 1200 $200 3099-12 20383 THE ART OF WAR The B-29s that dropped atomic bombs on Japan were made by this Seattle-based company Boeing 300 $300 3284-47 20384 ANAGRAMMED THEORETICAL PHYSICISTS (Alex: We want the last name only) Fire'm! (Enrico) Fermi 1600 $600 3273-7 20385 THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES Holmes goes to see a man about a dog in this 1902 novel about a deadly legend The Hound of the Baskervilles 200 $200 3875-54 20386 KEMAL ATATURK During WWI, Ataturk played a crucial military role in repelling the Allied invasion of this Turkish peninsula Jason, don't be so laid back - show a little emotion! Gallipoli 2000 DD: $3,300 5034-41 20387 "ITE"s NOT IN THE BIBLE A 1980s law sayeth, verily, wines containing these shall be so labeled sulfites 1400 $800 3308-41 20388 ODD WORDS To decaudate is to do this, like an old farmer's wife did to a trio of blind mice Chop off their tails 1400 $400 2736-31 20389 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES This university has a medical branch in Galveston University of Texas 1200 $200 3272-48 20390 PLUTARCH'S LIVES Antony liked to wear his tunic low on his hips as he fancied himself looking like and related to this strong demi-god Hercules 1800 $800 5092-43 20391 COMPOSERS ON FILM Allan Corunder in "Topsy-Turvy" (Hint: Jim Broadbent played his partner W.) (Sir Arthur) Sullivan 1600 $1200 3009-32 20392 MEDIEVAL WOMEN A treatise on this feminine area of medicine from around the year 1000 is attributed to Trotula Gynecology 1200 $200 100005-53 20393 KINGS NAMED ED At his death he named Harold his successor though he allegedly promised the crown to William of Normandy A gutsy move that paid off, Mark -- well done! Edward the Confessor (Edward III) 1800 DD: 8,500 3109-10 20394 PICKIN' Golpe is a fingernail-tapping stroke found in this Spanish guitar style Flamenco 200 $200 3283-6 20395 WESTWARD HO! This river you cross going west from Arizona to California bears the name of another state Colorado River 200 $200 3023-51 20396 BY THE "BOOK" In 1962 he led the MG's to a Top 10 hit with "Green Onions" Booker T 1800 $800 3674-29 20397 3-LETTER WORDS A gullible person, or the juice in a tree Sap 500 $500 3271-3 20398 BUSINESS TERMS Sensible consumers clip these to get cents off Coupons 100 $100 3280-8 20399 WHO'S LAUGHING NOW? He's the brother heard here: "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!" Curly (of The 3 Stooges) 200 $200 3324-2 20400 GORILLA MY DREAMS The first gorilla born in captivity was Colo, who debuted in 1956 in this Ohio capital Columbus 100 $100 3661-57 20401 LET GEORGES DO IT Encarta credits Georges Auguste Escoffier with the creation of 10,000 of these Recipes 2000 $1000 4141-35 20402 FRENCH DERIVATIONS The word for this blue jean material comes from a fabric that was manufactured in Nimes, France denim 1200 $400 3067-34 20403 NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKLORE From the Ojibwa word "ototeman", it's the animal or plant a family group associates with its ancestry Totem 1200 $200 3260-41 20404 4-LETTER WORDS Simply stated these are the facts, this is what a bald man lacks hair 1400 $400 3661-52 20405 FRUITS and VEGETABLES Montmorency and Morello are 2 sour varieties of this fruit Cherries 1800 $800 5094-6 20406 BEFORE THEY WERE FIRST LADIES (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads.) This woman used this camera back when she was an aspiring photographer for a Washington D.newspaper (Jacqueline) Kennedy 200 $400 3862-42 20407 THE "GOOD" BOOK It's James Hilton's sentimental 1934 novel about an English schoolmaster Goodbye, Mr.Chips 1600 $600 4979-20 20408 AN OCCUPATION, OR.An enlisted man, or a specialized ant with powerful jaws to defend the colony from invaders soldier 400 $800 5079-14 20409 UNFORESEEN FINDS To spite a customer who complained the tubers were too thick, chef George Crum created what became this treat potato chips 300 $600 3180-14 20410 SCHOOL DAZE As their name indicates, these schools were established to "attract" students from across the city Magnet schools 300 $300 3329-20 20411 THERE GOES THE EMPIRE Now France's only mainland New World possession, for years it was a penal colony that included Devil's Island French Guiana 400 $400 5003-14 20412 ART and ARTISTS A restaurant on New York's Greenwich Avenue inspired this 1942 Edward Hopper painting The Nighthawks 300 $600 4123-20 20413 CAR CHAT A throttle regulates the flow of fuel; this synonym for "throttle" regulates the flow of air the choke 400 $800 3009-22 20414 TV STARS ON FILM We hope his "Friends' co-stars rushed out to see him in 1997's "Fools Rush In" Matthew Perry 400 $400 3110-34 20415 MOVIE DEBUTS This "City Slicker"'s film career was born with "Rabbit Test", in which he played a pregnant man Billy Crystal 1200 $200 315-55 20416 RELIGIOUS HISTORY Julius Caesar devoted 3 chapters of his "Commentaries" to this religion of the "Ancient Briton" Druidism 2000 $1000 3020-48 20417 COUNTIES BY STATE Saluda, Spartanburg, Sumter South Carolina 1800 $800 5028-23 20418 COLORFUL IDIOMS Blood or streak blue 400 $800 5021-47 20419 11-LETTER WORDS A shameful or immoral act is said to be one of these before God abomination 1600 DD: $2,000 5013-47 20420 EMBRACE THE "ORB" Scurvy is caused by a lack of this "acid" found in citrus ascorbic acid 1600 $1200 100008-55 20421 U.GOVERNMENT In 1983 this agency's 1st head, Wm.

Ruckelshaus, again assumed its reins, succeeding Anne Burford the Environmental Protection Agency 2000 2500 5006-22 20422 MOVIE TERMS (Jon of the Clue Crew shows some computer-rendered stills of movie action on a monitor.) Computer programs have their own version of this traditional series of sketches that illustrates the narrative the storyboard 400 $800 5006-11 20423 and A basic play in various team sports, it's passing to a teammate and then moving to take a return pass give and go 200 $400 5049-44 20424 MARVEL Some critics decided mourning became Jennifer Garner when she played this title character in 2005 Elektra 1600 $1200 5048-32 20425 WHAT A PIG! British children first read about him in a book called "The Sheep-Pig" Babe 1200 $400 3625-24 20426 EARLS "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" wasn't recorded by Flatt and Sharp but by Flatt and him Earl Scruggs 500 $500 5058-43 20427 TV DRAMAS BY EPISODE "Three Brides for Hoss" Bonanza 1600 $1200 3330-7 20428 COUPLES In 1998, this "Yentl" and this AAMCO spokesman were married exactly 2 years after their first date Barbra Streisand and James Brolin 200 $200 5059-23 20429 NO TIME TO TALK In the 1930 Hays Code, "pointed profanity.however used" was forbidden in this medium film 400 $800 619-5 20430 THE MAIN INGREDIENT It tops the other 7 juices in V-8 tomato juice 100 $100 619-40 20431 STARS WITH "C" Property accepted as security on a loan, it also can mean running side by side collateral 1400 $400 5076-17 20432 COMPUTER SPEAK When a device can be attached to your computer and install itself, it's PnP, short for this Plug 'n' Play 300 $600 3675-10 20433 WHATEVER Name shared by famous cemeteries in Idaho City and Dodge City Boot Hill 200 $200 4984-19 20434 HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE This singer didn't keep shipping magnate Arne Naess hanging on; she met him in May 1985 and married him in October Diana Ross 400 $800 3281-0 20435 U.PRESIDENTS In a letter to Horace Greeley he wrote, "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union" Abraham Lincoln 100 $100 5085-24 20436 FAMOUS CANADIANS This Manitoba-born woman's biggest success as a writer and an actress has been "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Nia Vardalos 500 $1000 3178-46 20437 MOVIE LOVE THEMES Carly Simon:"Nobody Does It Better" The Spy Who Loved Me 1600 $600 3276-1 20438 BASEBALL On September 27, 1998, in his final at-bat, this Cardinal hit his record 70th home run of the season Mark McGwire 100 $100 3291-30 20439 20TH CENTURY OPERA First performed on Helsinki Radio in 1958, Merikanto's "Juha" is one of this country's finest operas Finland 1200 $200 3175-21 20440 THE CHAIN GANG In 1996 they averaged about 54,000 quick oil changes a day Jiffy Lube 400 $400 3108-58 20441 EDNA ST.

"We were very tired, we were very merry -- we had gone back and forth all night in" this conveyance Ferry 2000 $1000 5033-6 20442 ON ITS EASTERN BORDER (Alex: We'll name a country.) Cambodia Vietnam 200 $400 3306-27 20443 THE LIST LIST Topping his first worst-dressed list in 1960 was Anna Magnani, who dressed like she was "wearing tramp clothes" Mr.Blackwell 500 $500 2910-53 20444 SONGS FROM MUSICALS (Alex: We'll give you the song, you give us the show) "With One Look", "The Greatest Star of All", "As If We Never Said Goodbye" Sunset Boulevard 1800 $800 5017-33 20445 BIBLICAL PERSON, PLACE OR THING Cana No.

place 1200 $400 2904-46 20446 SCREENWRITERS William Faulkner was one of the adapters who struggled with the plot of this novelist's "The Big Sleep" Raymond Chandler 1600 $600 3327-20 20447 AUTHORS and THEIR WORKS "The Cinnamon Peeler" is a book of poems by this Ceylon-born author of "The English Patient" Michael Ondaatje 400 $400 3873-17 20448 "D" DAY Despite what the newspaper said, in 1948 Truman defeated this man for president by 114 electoral votes Thomas Dewey 300 $300 3148-19 20449 4 EASY LIT QUESTIONS.(Alex: In this category, we have four easy lit questions, and one doozy, one tough one.) This Norman Mailer novel is considered one of the finest by an American about WWII Those were pretty easy.The Naked and the Dead 400 $400 3296-22 20450 ETYMOLOGY Jeremy Bentham coined the terms maximize and minimize as well as this 13-letter word meaning "of many countries" International 400 $400 2908-51 20451 ATLANTA The Scenic Skylift offers cable-car service to the top of this nearby mountain Stone Mountain 1800 $800 5008-37 20452 THE JEOPARDY! MOVIE "CLUB" 1978:Small town band makes it big, all to the music of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1400 $800 5077-45 20453 WHAT THE "H"? A representative work from this late 19th century American master is seen here (Winslow) Homer 1600 $1200 5041-46 20454 THE 2005 FORTUNE 500 (Alex: We're dealing with companies, here.

) Ken Jennings should be well aware this accounting firm founded by 2 brothers landed at 467 HandR Block 1600 $1200 3110-44 20455 HECUBA and HER KIDS After the war Hecuba was taken to sea, a slave to this famous wandering sailor Odysseus 1600 $600 619-32 20456 THE BODY HUMAN An ECG is used to detect arrhythmias in this organ the heart 1200 $200 5096-4 20457 THE U.SENATE: AFTER HOURS In 2005, Judd Gregg, a millionaire Senator from this "Granite State", won $853,492 in the Powerball lottery New Hampshire 100 $200 3697-0 20458 GEOGRAPH"Y" (Alex: Each correct response will end with the letter "Y".) There's an active volcano on Sicily, an island that's part of this country Italy 100 $100 3102-59 20459 POETS' RHYME TIME Sir Philip's renal organs Sidney's kidneys 2000 $1000 5003-59 20460 ENDS IN "TH" This fish was thought to be extinct millions of years ago until one was found off South Africa in 1938 coelacanth 2000 $2000 3148-28 20461 TV SHOWS ON TV SHOWS The TV producer he plays on "The Tom Show" was dumped by Shannon Tweed, not Roseanne Tom Arnold 500 $500 3174-35 20462 WE HAVE BETTER GRAMMAR This type of word often ends with -ly, but not in phrases like "often ends" Adverb 1200 $200 5070-49 20463 WAR MOVIE LOCATIONS (Alex: You have to identify the country where the fighting mainly takes place.) Pork Chop Hill starring Gregory Peck Korea 1800 $1600 3034-32 20464 FROM A TO Y (Alex: Each correct response will begin with "A" and end with "Y".

) Morning meeting of all the students assembly 1200 $200 5089-35 20465 VOCABULARY "Get thee to" the letter "N" and you'll find this former term for a convent nunnery 1200 $400 3019-19 20466 MARTIAL ARTISTS He's also known as Chen Gang Shen and Chan Kwong Sang Jackie Chan 400 $400 3065-32 20467 THEY'RE ALL GEMS Janis Joplin's nickname "Pearl" 1200 $200 4969-14 20468 THINGS FARMERS KNOW A round type of this structure, with the silo inside it, was popular in the early 1900s; it's rare now a barn 300 $600 2905-20 20469 BREAKFAST FOODS Having less fat, Neufchatel is a healthier substitute for this bagel spread Cream cheese 400 $400 3862-48 20470 THE "GOOD" BOOK This Joseph Heller novel treats Jewish family life and the Washington political scene Good As Gold 1800 $800 5028-24 20471 1491 The siege of this kingdom, the last Moorish stronghold in Spain, began in late 1491 Granada 500 $1000 3007-22 20472 INSIDE THE BELTWAY The Bill Of Rights says, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of" this Religion 400 $400 2895-2 20473 FAMOUS NAMES In 1950 this world leader received a law degree from the University of Havana Fidel Castro 100 $100 4976-46 20474 LITERARY TERMS It's the 5-syllable adjective for a novel, such as "Clarissa", that's written in the form of letters epistolary 1600 $1200 4227-12 20475 ENGLISH CLASS (Alex: Uh-oh, it's like going back to school, isn't it?) Capt.Kirk's mission was "to boldly go" where no man had gone before, but he split one of these along the way an infinitive 300 $600 3028-53 20476 "HY" THERE Greek for the upper abdomen, supposed seat of melancholy, gave us this word for anxiety about health hypochondria 1800 $800 3259-30 20477 LITERARY QUOTES He "Appeared on the sidewalk with a bucket of whitewash and a long-handled brush" Tom Sawyer 1200 $200 3061-16 20478 HUMOR It's defined as a tumble in which one lands on the buttocks Pratfall 300 $300 3271-9 20479 BUSINESS TERMS It's the boating term used when the government comes to the aid of a "sinking" business, like Chrysler in 1979 Bailout 200 $200 5036-34 20480 THE U.CENSUS This city has the largest Hispanic, Asian and African-American populations in the U.New York 1200 $400 3171-55 20481 NAMES IN THE NUDE A 1997 episode of "The Drew Carey Show" was inspired by this British film about hapless male strippers The Full Monty 2000 $1000 2900-18 20482 OPTICS Segments for reading, intermediate and distance make up this type of eyeglass lens Trifocals 400 $400 3675-14 20483 JADED When a big shot in this Central American civilization died in Tikal, he was buried with a piece of jade Mayan 300 $300 3626-18 20484 EUROPEAN HISTORY In 1905 journalist Arthur Griffith founded this political party, urging the Irish to not pay taxes to the British Sinn Fein 400 $400 3006-56 20485 ARTISTS He became wealthy by selling engravings of his works such as "A Rake's Progress" William Hogarth 2000 $1000 5008-33 20486 OCCUPATIONAL WORDS A shot and a beer a boilermaker 1200 $400 3267-33 20487 WOOD WORDS An item in a political platform, or a bad way off a pirate ship Plank 1200 $200 5020-24 20488 JOLIET In 1671 Joliet was a signatory of a declaration increasing this king's realm in the New World Louis XIV 500 $1000 3662-32 20489 AROUND ASIA In area, it's the largest country that's entirely in Asia China 1200 $200 4991-5 20490 B MINUS Take the letter B off an organ of thought and you get this type of weather rain 100 $200 5032-8 20491 LIFE OF THE PARTY In 2000 its 97,000 Florida votes left at a Nader of popularity with Al Gore fans the Green Party 200 $400 3626-12 20492 EUROPEAN HISTORY In 1996 Emil Constantinescu defeated Ion Iliescu in a runoff election for president of this country Romania 300 $300 3309-17 20493 UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN These 2 characters were reunited in a 1998 TV movie (played by Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada) Ponch and Jon 300 $300 3325-40 20494 FACTS and FIGURES A survey for Hebrew National found that at 68%, this is the top hot dog topping Mustard 1400 $400 3061-19 20495 FORMULAS The 3 witches in "Macbeth" brewed up a charm from such items as tooth of wolf and eye of this amphibian Newt 400 $400 3048-32 20496 ACTORS and ROLE Mom role shared by Barbara Billingsley and Janine Turner June Cleaver 1200 $200 3662-31 20497 HORSE SENSE This alliterative plaything is a horse's head on a stick Hobby horse 1200 $200 2905-23 20498 CELEBRITY SPOUSES Rita Wilson Tom Hanks 400 $400 3663-31 20499 20TH CENTURY AMERICA In 1976 this former president was disbarred in New York State Richard Nixon 1200 $200 5080-47 20500 WOLF Wolf, bear and webelos are rank of this Cub Scout 1600 $1200 3625-32 30001 THE LAW In colonial America, this crime of being married to 2 persons at the same time was punishable by death Polygamy/bigamy 1200 $200 3175-37 30002 HISTORIC NAMES In 1979 this vice premier became the first top Communist leader from China to visit the U.Deng Hsiao-Ping 1400 $400 2906-55 30003 TREES Forests of this tree supported by stiltlike, above-ground roots grow in Florida's coastal areas Mangrove 2000 $1000 5091-43 30004 BEST SCREENPLAY OSCARS 1996:Joel and Ethan Coen for this tale of Midwestern murder and mayhem Fargo 1600 $1200 5028-15 30005 IT'S ALL A PLANT In Dutch, these tuber vegetables are known as aardappelen potatoes 300 $600 3066-44 30006 FILMS OF THE 80s Tom Cruise, Timothy Hutton and Sean Penn played military cadets in this 1981 film Taps 1600 $600 3317-5 30007 BEFORE and AFTER The "Jerry Maguire" star who automatically maintains your vehicle's speed Tom Cruise control 100 $100 3668-1 30008 COOKIES "Sesame Street" character whose catchphrase is "Me want cookies" Cookie Monster 100 $100 3310-5 30009 WORDS WITHIN WORDS (Alex: To help you, the correct response will be a word that is found within one of the words in the clue) State of a rubber raft before it's inflated Flat (inFLATed) 100 $100 5034-45 30010 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Perfected by Johann Denner, this woodwind now comes in many pitches, including the B-flat soprano the clarinet 1600 $1200 5047-58 30011 ASHES TO ASHES The Boston Public Library houses the ashes and death masks of this anarchist pair executed in 1927 Sacco and Vanzetti 2000 $2000 5024-26 30012 PAC-MAN Joan Blades and Wes Boyd started this liberal PAC due to disgust with Clinton's impeachment 500 $1000 3037-36 30013 TV THAT'S NOT AS GOOD FOR YOU In 1990 Bob Saget began amusing and embarrassing folks with "America's Funniest" these Home Videos 1400 $400 3329-36 30014 A PASSAGE TO INDIA Born in Allahabad in 1889, he's the Indian leader seen here Jawaharlal Nehru 1400 $400 3287-57 30015 HAS "MY" You have to "gimme five" to get to this book of the Old Testament Deuteronomy 2000 $1000 5079-15 30016 THE TITANIC This happened between the third and fourth funnel, a fact no one knew until the Titanic was found in 1985 it broke in half 300 $600 3631-21 30017 ASIAN-AMERICAN ACHIEVERS In 1989 he became the first American man in 34 years to win tennis' French Open singles Michael Chang 400 $400 2910-44 30018 WORD ORIGINS The name of this vulture found in the Andes is derived from the Quechua language Condor 1600 DD: $1,000 3332-2 30019 INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL PARKS Bataan The Philippines 100 $100 5016-19 30020 BLOCKBUSTER BLUSTER As Leo Getz, he annoyed Riggs and Murtaugh in 1998's "Lethal Weapon 4", his latest film as of early 2006 Joe Pesci 400 $800 4984-14 30021 BILL (Hi, I'm Ari Fleischer.) This TV journalist, commentator and frequent PBS host was Lyndon Johnson's press secretary from 1965 to 1967 Bill Moyers 300 $600 3302-53 30022 CATCHPHRASES The answer is yes if a dish of foie hache asks, "What am I," this? Chopped liver 1800 $800 5059-20 30023 IT BORDERS ONLY ONE OTHER COUNTRY This nation borders only the United Kingdom Ireland 400 $800 3118-23 30024 GO TO "H" It's the term for an animal that feeds mainly on grass and other plants Herbivore 400 $400 5107-5 30025 KING OF THE "HILL" This type of screw head has two partial slots crossed at right angles phillips head 100 $200 4984-30 30026 POETS and POETRY You might howl at this beat poet's "TV Baby Poems" Allan Ginsberg 1200 $400 3279-58 30027 "N" THE DICTIONARY Hunt for a synonym for "hunter" and you'll find this hunter mentioned in Genesis 10 Nimrod 2000 $1000 3319-0 30028 YESTERDAY An April 1971 visit by a team of players of this game was part of a thaw in U.

-China relations Ping-pong (table tennis) 100 $100 5078-25 30029 WOMEN SINGERS Do cry out loud the name of this woman heard here Melissa Manchester 500 $1000 5064-31 30030 QUOTHE THE FILM This 1978 comedy's Dean Wormer:"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son" Animal House 1200 $400 3031-44 30031 FUN WITH OPERA Numerous operas, including "The Little Match Girl", have been based on this Dane's fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen 1600 $600 2905-52 30032 WINDMILLS As a boy he built a model windmill; his calculus foe Gottfried Leibniz designed them as an adult Sir Isaac Newton 1800 $800 2894-29 30033 REVERSE-A-WORD (Alex: This is a new category for us; it's a little bit like anagrams; the correct response will be the reverse of one of the words in the clue) This kind of poll could determine how many Americans believe you get warts by touching a frog Straw (warts) 500 $500 3262-30 30034 NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE (Alex: There's a tribute to this part of the country) One of Hawthorne's last works, "Chiefly About War Matters", was chiefly about this war Civil War 1200 $200 3021-15 30035 THE ACADEMY AWARDS Academy listings have "The Seven Samurai" nominated under this name, what it was first titled for the U.The Magnificent Seven 300 $300 5069-49 30036 ALBUMS In 1995 Alanis Morisette became one of the youngest to win a Grammy when this was named album of the year Jagged Little Pill 1800 $1600 3291-12 30037 WY WYOMING? Pioneer trails through South Pass included the California, Mormon and this one to the Northwest Oregon Trail 300 $300 3862-57 30038 BIG APPLE SAUCE A statue of this Italian national hero of the 19th century is in NYC's Washington Square Park Giuseppe Garibaldi 2000 DD: $2,500 2904-39 30039 U.PLACE NAMES This Washington peak was named for a British minister to Spain, not for a saint Mount Saint Helens 1400 $400 3271-11 30040 GIMME AN "F" Eliza Doolittle, or a precious little petal scatterer Flower girl 200 $200 5047-28 30041 ADVERTISING Clairol's "Does she.

or doesn't she" ads read, "Only her mother knows for sure" but were soon changed to this hairdresser 500 $1000 3334-53 30042 SPELL THE LAST NAME Florentine author of "The Prince" Niccolo.(before Final Jeopardy M-A-C-H-I-A-V-E-L-L-I 1800 $800 2737-7 30043 WORLD CITIES This city's main shopping street is the Mercerie, between the Rialto Bridge and St.Mark's Square Venice 200 $200 3292-12 30044 HOLIDAYS National UNICEF Day coincides with this other holiday Halloween 300 $300 3630-1 30045 NEW GAME SHOWS? On this revival Tom Bergeron explains that you have to get 3 stars in a row, across, up and down or diagonally The Hollywood Squares 100 $100 2735-45 30046 MIXED DRINKS A teaspoon of creme de cassis is added to this to make a Kir It's added to * ; if you want a Kir Royale you add it to champagne.white wine 1600 $600 3010-55 30047 MUSEUM HOPPING The Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia houses his original manuscript of "Ulysses" James Joyce 2000 $1000 3661-49 30048 DOCUMENTARIES This strategist, the "Ragin' Cajun", is one of the stars of "The War Room", about the 1992 Clinton campaign James Carville 1800 DD: $1,100 4296-4 30049 QUOTES FROM 2002 After an all-night negotiation led to a settlement, Tom Glavine revealed, "There is no strike" in this sport baseball 100 $200 5023-21 30050 ON THE "SPIT" British World War II stalwarts seen here Spitfires 400 $800 4595-17 30051 BIRD HUNTING (Alex: In each clue, there will be a bird.You have to find the word that indicates the bird.

) At NYU, Martin Scorsese taught future filmmakers Spike Lee and Oliver Stone a martin 300 $600 3120-42 30052 THE 20th CENTURY The first successful Mars probe; it passed the planet in 1965 but orbited the sun until it became "ancient" Mariner 1600 DD: $1,000 3703-58 30053 AFRICAN-AMERICAN LIT "Linden Hills" was Gloria Naylor's second novel; her first was "The Women Of" this "Place" Brewster Place 2000 $1000 3181-33 30054 PROVERBS It "Catches the worm" The early bird 1200 $200 2910-42 30055 EUROPEOPLE Born in Barcelona in 1946, he's the youngest of the "Three Tenors" Jose Carreras 1600 $600 618-37 30056 MAMMALS Of cat, cow or dog milk, the one highest in protein Yes, it has twice the protein of cow's milk--and dog's milk doesn't even figure in there.cat milk 1400 $400 4201-21 30057 SCARY BOOKS The 1980s book "When the Wind Blows" depicts the effect of this type of war on an ordinary couple a nuclear war 400 $800 5103-34 30058 NON-COSMETIC SURGERY These masses of tissue in the throat, below the adenoids, fight infection but have to go if they become infected tonsils 1200 $400 4123-27 30059 THE 4th The 4th most populous country in the world, it follows China, India and the U.TV It was Rob Petrie and Chachi as crime-solving sawbones on this long-running CBS hit Diagnosis Murder 2000 $2000 100005-43 30061 COMMUNICATIONS U Thant spoke to the U.general assembly in English, although this was his native tongue My only wish is that our scoreboards were as right as your responses; you contestants are going so quickly we're having trouble keeping up with you: let's put in the correct scores right now.Mark, you have 19,500 points, Paul has 8,300 points, Cathy, you have 4,100.That is correct; Keith, I know you'd love to have 66,600 because we threw in an extra 50,000 there.

Burmese 1600 1500 4982-48 30062 PLAYWRIGHTS During most of WWII, this German playwright resided in the U.; he left in 1947 and formed the Berliner Ensemble in 1949 Bertolt Brecht 1800 $1600 5048-43 30063 NICOLAS CAGE MOVIES (Alex: You ID the film, we'll tell you about it.) Master car thief Randall "Memphis" Raines Gone in 60 Seconds 1600 $1200 100008-5 30064 "X", "Y", "Z" In computer terms it means to erase, in science fiction terms, to hit someone with a ray gun zap 100 200 4992-23 30065 SOMEDAY MY PRINTS WILL COME One of this artist's many famous prints is seen here Warhol 400 $800 5026-4 30066 START ME "UP" You've really put your foot in it if you're mounting your house a stirrup 100 $200 3303-1 30067 CNN Named for its Brooklyn-born host, this "live" interview show debuted on CNN in June 1985 "Larry King Live" 100 $100 3675-1 30068 DONE THAT This Model T maker bought out his stockholders, calling them parasites Henry Ford 100 $100 3631-50 30069 ANTHOLOGIES Stella could groove on "Breaking Ice", an anthology of fiction by black writers edited by this author Terry McMillan 1800 DD: $1,200 3067-22 30070 ASTRONOMY Most of these minor planets revolve around the sun in a "belt" between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter asteroids 400 $400 4973-15 30071 GOOD GOLLY MALAWI! In 1971 Pres.

Banda of Malawi became "president for" this--didn't work, because he was voted out of office in 1994 life 300 $600 3048-9 30072 THINK FAST Floor it, or "put the pedal to" this The metal 200 $200 4966-25 30073 THE HEISMAN TROPHY Originally, the Heisman Trophy was named for this NYC club where the award was annually presented It was called the DAC Trophy for * .Downtown Athletic Club 500 $1000 3319-18 30074 YESTERDAY Zulu Prince Shaka conquered much of southern Africa when he adapted this throwing weapon for stabbing Spear 400 $400 3179-55 30075 YANKEE INGENUITY The company credited with inventing Teflon DuPont 2000 $1000 5105-1 30076 RADIO CITY WWNO and WNOE were 2 sources of important info in this city following the disaster brought on by Katrina New Orleans 100 $200 5099-51 30077 NOVELS In this Jack London novel, a dog named Buck is stolen from the Miller family and reduced to mush dog in Alaska The Call of the Wild 1800 $1600 5069-33 30078 EDIBLE RHYME TIME A cashew shack a nut hut 1200 $400 4340-28 30079 KEEP THE FAITH The prophet of this religion, Mirza Husayn Ali, is known as Baha'u'llah or "Glory of God" to the faithful Bahai Faith 500 $1000 4975-46 30080 I CAN'T TELL YOU "Y" In 1966 this company became the world's largest piano maker Yamaha 1600 DD: $3,000 5072-12 30081 IN THE NEWS A notorious head butt helped France lose the 2006 final of this sporting event the World Cup 300 $600 3071-5 30082 CELEBRITY RHYME TIME Ringo's Renaults and Rolls-Royces Starr's cars 100 $100 5073-1 30083 PLAY THIS This "avian" skateboarding legend has produced several high-flying video games for Activision Tony Hawk 100 $200 4093-8 30084 "D"OUBLE TALK In a nursery rhyme about "My Son John", it precedes "dumpling" diddle diddle 200 $400 3301-52 30085 THE PEACE OF WESTPHALIA All the states in this empire were recognized as independent, making its emperor powerless Holy Roman Empire 1800 $800 5085-6 30086 FAMOUS CANADIANS Aye, captain; he was born in Vancouver and played Scotty on "Star Trek" James Doohan 200 $400 5091-27 30087 ROYALLY LAST Deposed in 1893, she was the last royal ruler of Hawaii Lili'uokalani 500 $1000 3873-41 30088 3-LETTER WORDS 3-letter word used in the opening line to describe "The Girl From Ipanema" tan 1400 $400 3307-17 30089 THE "6"th SENSE Ah, yes, I remember it well, this year of the original "Woodstock Music and Art Fair" 1969 300 $300 5099-50 30090 SPORTS If you serve in tennis and win the first point, you traditionally call out the score as 15- this love 1800 $1600 5085-25 30091 10-LETTER WORDS A type of rafting in the rapids, or a real estate scandal involving the Clintons whitewater 500 $1000 3102-50 30092 FETAL ATTRACTION From the Greek for "flat cake", this uterine wall organ connects to the fetus via the umbilical cord Placenta 1800 $800 3313-23 30093 A WOODLAND "P"ARADISE It's not the larch, it's this widely-liked tree Poplar 400 $400 3024-46 30094 GONE TO THE DOGS Though barkless, this African dog does make a sound resembling a yodel Basenji 1600 $600 3292-41 30095 Q ME Q is being communicated here in this code (two flags) Semaphore 1400 $400 3269-14 30096 BAND IN BOSTON The younger brother of New Kid Donnie, he had "Good Vibrations" with the Funky Bunch Marky Mark 300 $300 3016-39 30097 FRUITS and VEGETABLES This fuzzy-skinned fruit associated with New Zealand actually originated in China Kiwi 1400 $400 5052-28 30098 TURN ME LEWIS He died on Oct.11, 1809 of a gunshot wound in Tennessee; murder or suicide has never been proven either way Meriwether Lewis 500 DD: $400 3287-28 30099 THE BODY HUMAN While the elbows are hinge joints, the shoulders and hips are this type Ball and socket 500 $500 3071-19 30100 THE MOVIES An animatronic dolphin and 3 real dolphins named McGuyver, Jake and Fatman shared this title role in a 1996 film Flipper 400 $400 5060-19 30101 DISNEY MOVIE TAGLINES "Pure no strings attached" Pinocchio 400 $800 3018-15 30102 CARROTS Carrots are one of the octet of vegetables in this Campbell's drink introduced nationwide in 1948 V-8 300 $300 2736-30 30103 SPANISH CTIES Over 2,100 feet above sea level, this city is one of Europe's highest capitals Madrid 1200 $200 4992-27 30104 SNOW Firn is the term for snow that has fallen on one of these large masses and has not yet turned to ice glacier (iceberg accepted) 500 $1000 3334-6 30105 "N" THE ATLAS This French region takes its name from invading Norsemen of the mid-9th century Normandy 200 $200 100005-36 30106 CIVIL WAR In contrast to the "Stars and Stripes", the 1861 Confederate flag was nicknamed this "Stars and Bars" 1400 1000 4970-22 30107 NV This current leader in the Senate became the youngest lt.governor in Nevada history at the age of 30 Who is Democratic senator * ? Harry Reid 400 DD: $1,000 2735-42 30108 MEDICAL MILESTONES Dutch physician Willem Kolff developed the 1st of these kidney machines that cleanse the blood a dialysis machine 1600 $600 3008-36 30109 CLASSICAL MUSICIANS A New York City-based conductorless chamber orchestra is named for this mythic musician, Eurydice's mate Orpheus 1400 $400 5088-56 30110 EPONYMOUS SCIENCE (Alex: I hope you know what that word means.) (Jimmy of the Clue Crew indicates the symbol on a monitor.

) Named for a Swedish physicist and symbolized here, this tiny unit of measure is one ten-billionth of a meter--that's 254 million per inch an angstrom 2000 $2000 3174-30 30111 19th CENTURY AMERICA On July 24, 1858 he issued a formal challenge to debate U.Douglas Abraham Lincoln 1200 $200 3329-21 30112 SLOGANEERING No longer content to "Just Do It", this shoe company now implores its customers to believe "I Can" Nike 400 $400 3011-51 30113 MEDICINE This medical specialty is also known as chiropody Podiatry 1800 $800 3297-36 30114 ISLANDS The Tasman Glacier is a popular ski area on this country's South Island New Zealand 1400 $400 5037-10 30115 ODD JOBS On the 1970 film "Woodstock" Martin Scorsese was an "A.", which stands for this an assistant director 200 $400 3311-8 30116 AMERICA SINCE 1900 On Oct.filed a petition accusing this high-tech company of anticompetitive acts Microsoft 200 $200 3010-49 30117 MUSEUM HOPPING Before going "Out Of Africa", you might visit the museum devoted to this author near Nairobi Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) 1800 $800 3276-11 30118 THAT'S REVOLTING This gladiator's slave revolt was crushed in 71 B.when he died in battle against Marcus Licinius Crassus Spartacus 200 $200 3637-8 30119 THE ANIMAL KINGDOM The black panther is actually this cat with a black coat through which traces of spots can still be seen Leopard 200 $200 3287-10 30120 THE BODY HUMAN After childbirth, a hormone called prolactin stimulates the production of this Milk 200 $200 5049-40 30121 TED'S HUES Ted was accused of being this type of journalist after writing sensational headlines No.

yellow 1400 $800 2910-59 30122 SONGS FROM MUSICALS (Alex: We'll give you the song, you give us the show) "Easy to be Hard", "Good Morning, Starshine", "Let the Sunshine In" Hair 2000 $1000 5037-49 30123 QUOTES FROM THE GODFATHER MOVIES "Michael, we're bigger than" this corporation U.Steel 1800 $1600 5052-35 30124 "C" PLUS This 2-word women's wear item from the Middle Ages led to more low-key Saturday nights--wink wink, say no more a chastity belt 1200 $400 4297-56 30125 STATES' SOUTHWEST CORNERS Major Ohio city closest to the state's southwest corner Cincinnati 2000 $2000 5067-16 30126 GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT Cirrhosis is a liver disease; the name of this chronic skin disorder is from the Greek for "to have the itch" psoriasis 300 $600 3289-42 30127 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION On September 11, 1777, the Americans retreated from Brandywine Creek allowing the British to occupy this city Philadelphia 1600 DD: $5,000 3070-36 30128 BRITISH ROYAL RESIDENCES This fortress was built by William the Conqueror; Henry VIII was the last king to use it as a chief residence Tower of London 1400 $400 3019-34 30129 THE NAME'S THE SAME It wasn't Led Zeppelin's bass player but this Naval officer who said, "I have not yet begun to fight" John Paul Jones 1200 $200 3278-57 30130 CROSSWORD CLUES "M" To murmur indistinctly, or a mongrel's mama (6) Mutter 2000 $1000 4296-48 30131 WHERE AM I? (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from on location.) I'm at a 1902 estate built by railroad mogul Henry Flagler in this state Florida 1800 $1600 3283-54 30132 AUTHORS 1996 bestsellers by this author include "Vampire Breath" and "Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns" R.Stine 2000 $1000 4317-11 30133 "E" TICKET A proverb warns to "trust not a new friend or an old" one of these an enemy 200 $400 4975-10 30134 CLOSE BUT NO SITAR "Tailgate" was once a popular style of New Orleans jazz featuring this slide instrument trombone 200 $400 5091-28 30135 FAST FOOD NATION The founders of this chain named their famous subs after comparing them to a picture in the dictionary No.Blimpies 500 $1000 2902-31 30136 HOLLYWOOD FAMILIES This director's daughter Patricia played one of Janet Leigh's co-workers in his classic film "Psycho" Alfred Hitchcock 1200 $200 3031-25 30137 FAVORITE SINGERS Jill Cunniff sang "Naked Eye" with this band named for a '70s NBA star called Lucious Luscious Jackson 500 $500 5055-10 30138 DON'T GO TO PIECES "I'm in tatters", Mick Jagger sang in this tune from "Some Girls" "Shattered" 200 $400 5051-6 30139 ROYAL DYNASTIES Mary, Queen of Scots(1542-1567) Stuart 200 $400 5030-15 30140 COWBOYS and INDIANS A white mark on a horse's forehead, or the ax mark made on a tree to mark a trail a blaze 300 $600 3175-28 30141 HOT SPOTS OF THE '80s This newly independent country's first prime minister, Marxist Robert Mugabe, took office in 1980 Got 'em all, Louis! - go again.

Zimbabwe 500 $500 3665-47 30142 "Y"s GUYS In 1986 this former test pilot was named to the committee investigating the Challenger disaster Chuck Yeager 1600 $600 4967-4 30143 LET'S VISIT SPRINGFIELD International Harvester was historically a major employer in Springfield, near Dayton in this state Ohio 100 $200 3038-27 30144 ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY In 1955 Arlington House was dedicated as a memorial to this Confederate general, who once lived there Robert E.

Lee 500 $500 3039-34 30145 LET'S CELEBRATE! The second Monday in October, it's also called Discoverers' Day Columbus Day 1200 $200 3111-18 30146 BUSINESS NEWS 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado opened a Subway sandwich shop in her hometown in this South American country Venezuela 400 $400 5012-43 30147 THE MALE IS IN THE CZECH Known for his short stories, this writer got a law degree from Charles University in 1906 Franz Kafka 1600 $1200 3665-45 30148 CHAMPIONS OF TOURNAMENTS This motorless vehicle tournament crowns its champion each year in Akron, Ohio Soap Box Derby 1600 $600 4985-7 30149 SPORTS EVOLUTION (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Utah Olympic Park, with Cheryl and Jimmy pushing her in a bobsled.) Begun in the 1800s, the first bobsleds didn't have these--a garden rake was used instead brakes 200 $400 5056-10 30150 and BRANDS The logo of this brand is seen here Arm and Hammer 200 $400 5020-6 30151 JOLIET Joliet and Co.found that the Mississippi emptied into this body of water and not the Pacific as they hoped Gulf of Mexico 200 $400 2899-44 30152 EXPLORERS IN SCIENCE Correctly, John Dalton said all matter was made of these; incorrectly, he claimed they were indivisible Atoms 1600 $600 3290-4 30153 EIGHT The 8 in this collegiate group include Yale, Brown and Harvard The Ivy League 100 $100 3010-15 30154 FLOPS With teams including the Florida Blazers, this football league lasted for 1 1/2 seasons in '74-'75 WFL (World Football League) 300 $300 5075-47 30155 WORD UP! It's one of the bones of the forearm, or a line from the center of a circle to the circumference the radius 1600 $1200 3264-31 30156 PATRIOTS Size mattered to this Declaration signer John Hancock 1200 $200 3151-5 30157 WE THE "PEOPLE" According to lyricist Bob Merrill, "People who need people are" this the luckiest people in the world 100 $100 100005-10 30158 DESIGN Juniper trees are sometimes used to build chests known by the name of this other wood Cedar 200 400 4969-8 30159 THINGS FARMERS KNOW The USDA's Risk Management Agency provides this, protecting against loss due to drought, hail and falling prices (crop) insurance 200 $400 3178-23 30160 TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE WE GO Grandma still has the diaries she wrote at this Poughkeepsie school before it went co-ed Vassar 400 $400 3179-33 30161 HALLS OF FAME This "Little Women" author was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1996 Louisa May Alcott 1200 $200 3874-12 30162 THE FIRST PERSON Bob Dole became known for the quirk of using these 2 words instead of saying "I" Bob Dole 300 $300 3661-11 30163 THE UNDIE WORLD (Alex: Not the under) It's worn around the waist and clipped to the tops of stockings to keep them in place Garter belt 200 $200 3062-49 30164 AROUND THE BODY In the duodenum, your stomach contents mix with juices from the liver, gallbladder and this organ Pancreas 1800 $800 3862-22 30165 FRANCO, MY DEAR Franco wanted a piece of the rock when he demanded the return of this U.territory to Spain in the '60s Gibraltar 400 $400 3876-4 30166 Y TO K (Alex: Each response will begin with the letter "Y" and end with "K") Synonym for "tug" or "jerk" that was a nickname for a Northerner Yank 100 $100 5030-22 30167 THE VOTES ARE IN This man won a record 1-election total of 525 electoral college votes for president No, no.

Ronald Reagan 400 DD: $1,800 3299-45 30168 IN THE DICTIONARY From the French for "discomfited", to be "left in" this is to be left in trouble without help In the lurch 1600 $600 3621-49 30169 CELEBRITY ANCESTORS Anna, of "Anna And The King Of Siam", was the great aunt of this legendary horror star, on his "mummy's" side Boris Karloff 1800 DD: $1,000 3661-1 30170 TV BOY GENIUSES Played by Neil Patrick Harris, this genius graduated from med school at age 14 Doogie Howser, M.100 $100 5074-53 30171 7-LETTER WORDS A place of seclusion, or an army's forced withdrawal before an enemy Answer: The other Daily Double! retreat 1800 DD: $3,000 4199-17 30172 SAFARI SO GOOD Originally from Arabic, safari is this African Language's word for "journey" Swahili 300 $600 5060-49 30173 GREEN DAY A southern U.journalism award is named for this traditional forehead accoutrement of editors Green Visor or * , yes.

Green Eyeshade 1800 $1600 2737-37 30174 FESTIVALS and CELEBRATIONS This state has a rose festival in Jackson and a lilac festival on Mackinac Island Michigan 1400 $400 2899-54 30175 ASIAN AMERICANS In March 1988 this David Henry Hwang play debuted on Broadway M.Butterfly 2000 $1000 3287-30 30176 LITERATURE In this Dante work, the poet is given a tour through hell, purgatory and paradise The Divine Comedy 1200 $200 3874-7 30177 DECODE THE POSTAL CODES (Alex: We're going to give you a word comprised of 2 postal abbreviations, you have to identify the states) Vain Virginia and Indiana 200 $200 4137-13 30178 POP STARS A.Thankful "Country Boy" Henry John Deutschendorf John Denver 300 $600 3144-16 30179 HELLO, DALAI The Dalai Lama is the spiritual reincarnation of this Enlightened One, formerly known as Gautama the Buddha 300 $300 3333-54 30180 THEY USED TO BE IN CHARGE (Alex: You have to identify the country) Morarji Desai India 2000 $1000 3319-44 30181 FROM HERE TO MATERNITY If a baby's feet or buttocks present first and its head last, it is in this type of abnormal presentation Breech birth 1600 $600 3071-16 30182 SACRED MOUNTAINS In 1987 thousands participated in the harmonic convergence on this dormant double-peaked Calif.

volcano Mount Shasta 300 $300 3273-38 30183 THOMAS PAINE In this pamphlet, he wrote, "The birthday of a new world is at hand" Now's the time for it, right! Common Sense 1400 $400 3309-37 30184 NO PLAIN JANE Jane Wiedlin was the guitarist for the Misfits; later the band took this name and had a hit with "We Got The Beat" The Go-Go's 1400 $400 3060-17 30185 4-LETTER WORDS It's the edge of a hat, or the topmost edge of a cup or bowl Brim 300 $300 5078-19 30186 WOMEN SINGERS Ladonna Gaines is the real name of this '70s disco queen Donna Summer 400 $800 3334-40 30187 YO, POPE ADRIAN! Adrian VI in 1522 was the last non-Italian Pope until this man John Paul II 1400 $400 3281-2 30188 REALLY BIG MOUNTAINS In 1859 gold seekers vowed to reach this peak "or bust" Pike's Peak 100 $100 5085-23 30189 FOOD STUFF This "Beantown" dessert is 2 layers of sponge cake with a custard filling and chocolate glaze Boston cream pie 400 $800 5027-41 30190 SUPERHERO BEFORE and AFTER 1991 Madonna pic highlighting her "Blond Ambition" tour in which she fights crime as a blind Marvel acrobat Truth or Daredevil 1400 $800 3017-35 30191 WATSON (Alex: You detect a theme there?) In 1971 Tom Watson graduated Stanford with a psych degree and began playing this sport professionally Golf 1200 $200 3035-32 30192 SHAKESPEARE Title teenager who says, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet" Juliet 1200 $200 3673-10 30193 1994 FILMS As mad bomber Howard Payne in this film, Dennis Hopper planted a bomb on an L.area transit bus Speed 200 $200 5097-38 30194 2-LETTER WORDS You'd write this in capital letters to express great surprise, or to send a letter to Youngstown OH 1400 $800 4973-1 30195 MOVIE TEENAGERS Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting really were teenagers when they played this Shakespearean duo in 1968 Romeo and Juliet 100 $200 3110-24 30196 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY This cruise line was launched in 1972 with just one ship, the Mardi Gras Carnival Cruise Lines 500 DD: $700 3323-4 30197 SWEDEN The coast near Varberg has been called the "Swedish" this, a term associated more with Cannes, Nice and Rapallo Riviera 100 $100 2905-14 30198 BREAKFAST FOODS The Belgian style of this honeycombed treat is often heaped with whipped cream and strawberries Waffles 300 $300 3020-16 30199 ART SUPPLIES You may execute your oil painting on a wooden panel or on one of these, a primed, heavy fabric Canvas 300 $300 3327-41 30200 FUN WITH ROMAN NUMERALS (Alex: Each correct response will be a number represented by Roman numerals.) The initials of the type of medical equipment being set up here gave us this number 4 (IV) 1400 $400 3148-49 30201 HOUSE OF PAIN He said "There are no gains without pains" in his 1952 acceptance speech at the Democratic convention Adlai Stevenson 1800 $800 3118-47 30202 6 DEGREES OF KEVIN BACON Boris Karloff did "The Raven" with Jack Nicholson, who was in this Navy courtroom drama with Kevin A Few Good Men 1600 $600 3102-47 30203 POETS' RHYME TIME Alexander's expectations Pope's hopes 1600 $600 5070-19 30204 SPOKES-CHARACTERS Chester Cheetah is the cool cat behind these snacks from Frito Lay Cheetos 400 $800 3279-34 30205 "N" THE DICTIONARY It's a female goat, whether or not she takes care of your children Nanny 1200 $200 3149-39 30206 1960s MUSIC In 1963 Jimmy Gilmer hit No.1 with "Sugar Shack"; in 1969 this group hit No.

1 with "Sugar Sugar" The Archies 1400 $400 3665-16 30207 IT BORDERS BOTH (Alex: You have to name the country) Norway and China Russia 300 DD: $500 5077-43 30208 SONG NAMES Dexys Midnight Runners: "Come On " Eileen 1600 $1200 315-46 30209 STARTS WITH "U" 1 of 8 Popes who might be up for renewal Urban 1600 $600 3016-26 30210 THINK "INK" This type of fence is made with steel wire mesh Chain link 500 $500 3010-37 30211 MUSEUM HOPPING MoMA Mia! It houses such masterpieces as "Starry Night" and Cezanne's "Bather" Museum of Modern Art 1400 $400 3107-56 30212 AFRICAN HISTORY Leaders in this movement to unite the continent included Kwame Nkrumah and W.Du Bois Pan-Africanism 2000 $1000 4976-1 30213 KICK THE CANNES Forest Whitaker and Clint Eastwood both won awards in 1988 for bringing this "flighty" jazzman to life Charlie "Bird" Parker 100 $200 4995-8 30214 BY THE NUMBERS Of the 101 medals the U.won at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, 44 were of this kind gold 200 $400 4092-39 30215 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women.) NOW's policy on this 1991 scandal says, "Whereas" Navy aviators cornered women and "passed them down a gauntlet?" the Tailhook Scandal 1400 $800 5048-16 30216 YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR 7-year-old Charlie McGee exhibits rather explosive psychic powers in this 1980 Stephen King book Firestarter 300 $600 3333-20 30217 AMERICAN POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS (Alex: You have to identify the place, of course) VI U.Virgin Islands 400 $400 3030-47 30218 10-LETTER WORDS Derived from Greek, it's another term for pharmacist Apothecary 1600 $600 3148-47 30219 HOW DULL! An old proverb says that something can be as dull as this bluish-gray element, symbol Pb lead 1600 $600 3284-51 30220 BLACK PROFILES IN COURAGE (Alex: This was inspired by a book of the same title by one of our favorite celebrity participants, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) During the revolution, James Armistead spied on this general, revealing his camp at Yorktown Lord Cornwallis 1800 $800 4975-23 30221 CROSSWORD CLUES "L" A cradle song(7) lullaby 400 $800 3023-29 30222 AUTHORS' RHYME TIME Ian's Scandinavian rodents Fleming's lemmings 500 $500 4966-47 30223 FOUR NOW There are 4 white fleurs-de-lis depicted on this Canadian province's flag Quebec 1600 $1200 5028-7 30224 THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WHO.(Alex: You have to identify the actress.

) ed a little too much affection on Terrell Owens on "Monday Night Football" Nicollette Sheridan 200 $400 3030-22 30225 FOR APPLES If everything is just so or perfect, it's in this kind of order Apple-pie order 400 $400 3668-30 30226 O CANADA This city's 1st stampede opened in 1912 Calgary 1200 $200 5032-42 30227 JAPAN-U.military has 37 sole-use facilities on this island in the Ryukyus Okinawa 1600 $1200 3009-33 30228 BRITISH TRAVEL and TOURISM The 1,000-ton Silver Sturgeon is the largest riverboat operating on this major river Thames 1200 $200 617-45 30229 TV COMMERCIALS Said to be 1 of TV's sexiest minutes, the 1982 "Man in Bed" ad pushed this men's cologne Paco Rabanne 1600 $600 5096-48 30230 THE "GENERAL" With products like the Virginia class nuclear sub, this company is one of the USA's biggest defense contractors General Dynamics 1800 $1600 5059-24 30231 COMPUTER HISTORY In 1993 Intel introduced this new chip, which had 3.

1 million transistors Pentium 500 $1000 3873-29 30232 "D" DAY Late summer is when you'll find these colorful flowers, seen here: Dahlias 500 $500 3011-35 30233 B.WOMEN Wife of Akhenaton and mother of 6, she wasn't just another pretty bust Nefertiti 1200 $200 3302-50 30234 THEATRE "Last Night of Ballyhoo" is Alfred Uhry's first new play since this one about a woman and her chauffeur Driving Miss Daisy 1800 $800 5037-18 30235 POETS and POETRY He wondered, "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" Shelley 400 $800 3633-37 30236 CAPITOL RECORDS This Beatle's rockin' new Capitol release is titled "Run Devil Run" Paul McCartney 1400 $400 3292-16 30237 THE U.We "beg" you to give us this name for the areas where you'd find Tallahassee, Florida and Amarillo, Texas the Panhandle 300 $300 4124-4 30238 GEORGE M.

COHAN "She's a grand old rag", a line from a Civil War vet who was the color-bearer at Pickett's Charge, inspired this Cohan Tune "You're A Grand Old Flag" 100 $200 3033-28 30239 BALL GAMES Game seen here: skee ball 500 DD: $700 3020-43 30240 POP MUSIC "Have I Told You Lately", a 1993 Top 10 hit for this singer, was written by Van Morrison Rod Stewart 1600 $600 3871-9 30241 THAT'S MISTER TO YOU Seen here, he makes bathtime fun: Mr.Bubble 200 $200 3312-9 30242 WHEN IN SCOTLAND.by an invading people called the Hyksos Chariot 300 $300 5099-0 30260 STARRING ROLLS What we call this doughy breakfast roll, sometimes lathered with gravy, refers to a cookie in the U.

biscuit 100 $200 2901-21 30261 MAY DAY The Croats opened fire again May 1, 1995 after the ceasefire negotiated by this ex-U.president expired Jimmy Carter 400 $400 3263-44 30262 LET'S GET TOGETHER From middle English for a pack of animals, it's a disorganized mob that may have a "rouser" Rabble 1600 $600 5080-2 30263 WHAT'S FALLING? as Charles Lindbergh rode down Broadway June 13, 1927 ticker tape (confetti accepted) 100 $200 2903-15 30264 SCIENCE An archipelago is a group of islands and this is a ring of coral islands like Bikini in the Pacific Atoll 300 $300 5026-6 30265 BEAST OF BURDEN Seen here is a group of these animals cavorting in Finnmark, Norway reindeer 200 $400 3665-51 30266 CHAMPIONS OF TOURNAMENTS After being crowned a champ at the Golden Gloves tournament, this "Hit Man" turned pro in 1977 Thomas Hearns 1800 $800 3625-29 30267 ATALANTA This Greek goddess of the hunt took an interest in Atalanta, who grew up to be a great hunter Artemis 500 $500 5007-49 30268 FAMILY FEUD (Alex: That's a classic.

) This 1857 Flaubert title character has an unfortunate affair to remember, leading to suicide Madame Bovary 1800 $1600 3674-21 30269 "U" WHO This Norwegian star of such movies as "Autumn Sonata" was actually born in Japan Liv Ullman 400 $400 3903-3 30270 KANSAS CITIES The Menninger Clinic founded in this capital owns a collection of Sigmund Freud's papers Topeka 100 $100 5026-51 30271 WALLY WORLD He was an Angel, Royal, Padre, Brave and Angel again before he called it quits in 2001 Wally Joyner 1800 $1600 4296-25 30272 ACTOR-PLAYWRIGHTS This British actress seen here based the heroine of her play "The Mandrake Root" on her mother, Rachel Kempson Lynn Redgrave 500 $1000 5080-18 30273 1945 Still on NBC-TV today, it began as a radio show hosted by Lawrence Spivak in 1945 Meet the Press 400 $800 3635-34 30274 THE NUN'S STORY John Pielmeier's play about this woman "Of God" is the shocking story of a troubled young nun Agnes Of God 1200 $200 3102-43 30275 WE'RE MALAYSIA-BOUND Of proton, electron or neutron, with "Saga", it's Malaysia's national car Proton 1600 $600 3299-39 30276 IN THE DICTIONARY Meaning to vacillate between 2 choices, this phrase was originally "shall I, shall I" Shilly-Shally 1400 $400 3110-31 30277 G.

SHAW PLAYS Shaw compared "Heartbreak House" to plays by this Russian, including "The Cherry Orchard" Anton Chekhov 1200 $200 5041-59 30278 "TAB" HUNTERS A 2-word Latin term for the human mind at birth, it literally means "clean slate" tabula rasa 2000 $2000 3297-40 30279 BOOKS BY CELEBRITIES In collaboration with Weight Watchers, she shares some low cal fare in "Dining With the Duchess" Sarah Ferguson 1400 $400 3277-28 30280 FRANK SINATRA Frank is associated with this late-night tune that begins, "It's quarter to three." One For My Baby, and One More For The Road 500 $500 5067-56 30281 NAMES YOU SHOULD KNOW Let's "Z" about this German-born publisher of the N.Weekly Journal, acquitted of libel in 1735 (John Peter) Zenger 2000 DD: $1,000 4970-59 30282 A LITTER OF ALLITERATION The Pleiades are also known as these due to their number and relation the Seven Sisters 2000 $2000 5087-23 30283 BRIT SPEAK Since the word means bathroom in Britain, the song "Skip To My" this takes on a whole new meaning loo 400 $800 2900-1 30284 AMERICAN MUSEUMS Scitrek is the science and technology museum of this Georgia capital Atlanta 100 $100 3029-0 30285 HALLS OF FAME In 1997 their career was "Stayin' Alive" with a new CD and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the Bee Gees 100 $100 3100-21 30286 TRAVEL and TOURISM Watch your head when entering the Blue Grotto on this Italian island; the opening is about 3 feet high Capri 400 $400 3871-54 30287 THE COUNTRY OF HIS FATHER (Alex: We'll give you the name of a famous American, you tell me where his father was from.

) Politician Ralph Nader Lebanon 2000 $1000 2895-52 30288 CIVIL WAR GENERALS This Union general was disgusted that the name "Fighting Joe" stuck for the rest of his life Joseph Hooker 1800 $800 5031-31 30289 MUSICAL NUMBERS Tony Orlando and Dawn:"Knock Times" Three 1200 $400 3298-1 30290 1930s AVIATION In the 1930s he moved the Wright Bros.' home and bicycle workshop to Dearborn, Michigan Henry Ford 100 $100 3875-11 30291 "WILL" OF THE PEOPLE Swiss archer who broke a few child welfare laws around 1307 William Tell 200 $200 2899-2 30292 17th CENTURY AMERICA Within 7 months of this colony's founding in 1607, 73 colonists had died of disease and starvation; 32 survived Jamestown 100 $100 5022-50 30293 OLD WEST DESPERADOES After robbing stagecoaches, this "dark", dapper outlaw left poems he'd written signed "The PO8" Black Bart 1800 $1600 3066-4 30294 CHRISTMAS CUISINE (Alex: How appropriate!) During the holidays, Winter White Chocolate is one of the most popular of this chain's "31 Flavors" Baskin-Robbins 100 $100 4987-48 30295 THE ROMANOV DYNASTY All 3 of the Romanov czars named Alexander reigned during this century the 19th century 1800 $1600 3666-25 30296 BATMAN'S WORLD Selina Kyle is the secret identity of this troublesome, yet enticing female Catwoman 500 $500 3673-51 30297 ANGELS Group whose feast day is October 2, or a group founded in 1979 by Curtis Sliwa Guardian Angels 1800 $800 3151-30 30298 SCIENCE and NATURE Found in Eastern Australia and Tasmania, this mammal's scientific name means "bird-snout" a platypus 1200 $200 3067-57 30299 PHARMACOLOGY Claude Bernard pioneered the field with his 19th C.study of this poison used by Amazon natives Curare 2000 $1000 3175-36 30300 A LITTLE BITTY COUNTRY If you need this in Luxembourg, it's called "benzine" and sold by the liter Gasoline 1400 $400 2756-11 30301 WORLD HISTORY The Chinese plan called the Great Leap Forward was initiated by this leader in 1958 Mao Tse-tung 200 $200 3261-25 30302 SONGS BY THE NUMBER In September 1996 "The Drew Carey Show" began using a dance routine to this Vogues hit as its opening theme "Five O' Clock World" 500 $500 3017-50 30303 A STUDY IN SCARLET The biretta worn by these Catholic dignitaries is not a gun but a scarlet cap Cardinals 1800 $800 100004-15 30304 WORLD HISTORY After discovering the Philippines in March of 1521, he stayed there for about a month and was killed Ferdinand Magellan 300 600 3675-35 30305 QUOTATIONS In this Shaw play, Eliza Doolittle says of her aunt, "Gin was mother's milk to her" Pygmalion 1200 $200 5084-1 30306 AT THE MOVIES 1980: Jake LaMotta battles his way to the Middleweight Title Raging Bull 100 $200 5075-16 30307 EAT WELL If you want to go nuts, eat this nut native to Brazil and taken to Asia by Portuguese missionaries the cashew 300 $600 2903-56 30308 YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS Named for a Knight Templar, this club for young men is sponsored by the Masons DeMolay 2000 $1000 5024-44 30309 STATES' FORMER GOVERNORS (Alex: You identify the state, of course.) George Ariyoshi andBen Cayetano Hawaii 1600 $1200 3631-56 30310 ANTHOLOGIES "Cthulhu 2000" is a 1999 anthology of short stories based on this author's works H.Lovecraft 2000 $1000 5014-32 30311 BINGO It's believed bingo originated in this country around 1530 as the game "lo giuoco del lotto" Italy 1200 $400 3321-4 30312 SAINT PAUL Born to Jewish parents in Tarsus, Saint Paul is called "The Apostle To" these non-Jews Gentiles 100 $100 3282-18 30313 HISTORIC FLORIDA On July 16, 1969 a Saturn 5 rocket launched this mission into the skies and into history Apollo 11 400 $400 4979-49 30314 WE "LOVE" TELEVISION What can you say about a '50s game show with the same name (sob) as this Erich Segal novel Love Story 1800 $1600 5015-47 30315 DON'T YOU THINK? In 1637 this French "father of modern philosophy" was seeking "truth in the sciences" (Ren ) Descartes 1600 DD: $1,800 3267-38 30316 WHAT'S THE CURRENCY? This is equal to 100 pfennigs Deutsch mark 1400 $400 4317-23 30317 "E" TICKET From the name of a Greek philosopher, it's a synonym for gastronome an epicurean (epicure) 400 DD: $500 3308-29 30318 BEASTLY EXPRESSIONS When I do something well, it leaves me feeling "as proud as" this fowl A peacock 500 $500 3060-32 30319 FOLKIES The times they were a-changin' when this folk icon went electric at the 1965 Newport Festival Bob Dylan 1200 $200 3668-58 30320 LEE In this May 1863 battle, Lee won his greatest victory but lost Stonewall Jackson Chancellorsville 2000 $1000 3289-10 30321 ANAGRAMMED ANIMAL SOUNDS A rock Croak 200 $200 3298-26 30322 OSCAR! He was designing for Elizabeth Arden before operating under his own label Oscar de la Renta 500 $500 5056-15 30323 STATE INSECTS It wasn't until 1983 that Utah finally made this its state insect The bee? Be more specific.the honeybee 300 $600 5088-49 30324 A STOCKPILE Cialis is a hit for this company, LLY (Eli) Lilly 1800 $1600 2904-7 30325 '90s MUSIC (Alex: 1990s, not 1890s) At her death in 1995, her song "Fotos Y Recuerdos" was No.4 on Billboard's Latin chart Selena 200 $200 3288-33 30326 IF THEY WERE SUPERHEROES (Alex: All of the correct responses will end in the letters "M-A-N"; example: Superman.) Her song "Give Me One Reason" would make her enemies' lips turn rough and crack (Tracy) Chapman 1200 $200 5079-42 30327 CAESAR Aka the Flavian Amphitheatre, this ancient structure was begun by the Roman emperor Vespasian around 72 A.the Colosseum 1600 DD: $4,000 5015-51 30328 "SOLE" TRAIN A short garment worn under a sheer bodice to conceal what's underneath a camisole 1800 $1600 4989-53 30329 DOUBLE TALK Chichi and this other term from the French both refer to elaborate, showy decoration Say it again.froufrou 1800 $1600 3066-35 30330 TIME PHRASES The late-afternoon period when bars feature cheap drinks and free snacks Happy hour 1200 $200 3066-6 30331 BOOKS ON SPORTS This tennis star's memoir "Days of Grace" was published shortly after his death in February 1993 Arthur Ashe 200 $200 4200-33 30332 "MAN"LY MOVIES 1995: Starring Sean Penn Dead Man Walking 1200 $400 3703-23 30333 "B" WITH "U" Typographical device on the page seen here: Bullets 400 $400 3313-22 30334 ON THE GO There are over 300 million of these vehicles on the road in China Bicycles 400 $400 3321-6 30335 BLACK HISTORY (Alex: In honor of Black History Month) The black population of these U.areas, the destination of "white flight", doubled in the '70s and '80s Suburbs 200 $200 5076-21 30336 COUNTRIES' HIGHEST POINTS Mount Apo on Mindanao the Philippines 400 $800 3277-0 30337 DIETING Revolutionary indeed, Robert Atkins' "New Diet Revolution" includes lots of this, including the saturated kind Fat 100 $100 5013-54 30338 PHYSICAL SCIENCE (Sarah of the Clue Crew swirls water in a bottle.) I'm creating a small version of this, a mass of fluid in a swirling motion; whirlpools, tornadoes and sunspots are bigger versions a vortex 2000 $2000 100004-51 30339 ARCHITECTURE Pseudonym of Swiss architect and city planner Charles-Edouard Jeanneret Yes, and we have a minute to go.

Le Corbusier 1800 2000 4973-42 30340 OLD HISTORY This Babylonian connected his palace with a temple by building a tunnel under the Euphrates River Nebuchadnezzar 1600 $1200 3264-8 30341 1820s AMERICA On July 4, 1826 this former president died at age 83 after asking, "Is it the fourth?" Thomas Jefferson 200 $200 3010-18 30342 EXPLORERS Louis Antoine de Bougainville arrived at this island in 1768 and natives gave him fowls, fruit and naked women They don't do the same now when you go to Tahiti, by the way! Tahiti 400 DD: $800 3009-0 30343 HISTORY'S MYSTERIES In 1961 a phenomena investigation bureau was set up to find proof of this Scottish lake's "monster" Loch Ness 100 $100 3021-5 30344 ABBREV.In case you were wondering, FYI stands for this for your information 100 $100 3323-37 30345 ART and ARTISTS Parisian who painted the distinctly non-Parisian work seen here Paul Gauguin 1400 $400 2904-43 30346 DECORATIVE ARTS Nymph motifs and whiplash curves are characteristic of this "new art" style popular around 1900 Art Nouveau 1600 $600 3179-34 30347 5 GUYS NAMED MOE Last name of Moe of the Three Stooges Howard (real name Moses Horvitz) 1200 $200 5006-50 30348 SCIENCE GLOSSARY 2 of these sexual reproductive cells, from the Greek for "marriage", join to create a zygote gametes 1800 $1600 3011-11 30349 "SET" 'EM UP 3-part command that begins a footrace "On Your Mark!, Get Set!, Go!" 200 $200 3295-2 30350 WORLD OF CHRISTMAS For 9 days before Christmas, Latin American children try to break open these colorful paper figures containing candy Pinatas 100 $100 5084-36 30351 SHIPS In 1717 this pirate captured La Concorde and renamed it Queen Anne's Revenge; a year later it ran aground off N.Blackbeard (Edward Teach) 1400 $800 4317-3 30352 FASHION DESIGNERS A 1994 biography of him was called "Obsession" Calvin Klein 100 $200 4141-44 30353 UNREAL ESTATE is a website for fans of this author, because Pemberley was the name of Mr.Darcy's estate From Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen 1600 $1200 5059-38 30354 BEASTLY LINES In William Collins' "Ode to Evening", this "weak-eyed" creature "flits by on leathern wing" a bat 1400 DD: $3,000 3875-27 30355 THE WOMEN OF BAYWATCH (Alex: That's a lot more fun, I think!) Seen here, she played Caroline and has since appeared on "Nash Bridges" Yasmine Bleeth 500 $500 5036-17 30356 "SMALL" TIME In a hymn by Cecil "Fanny" Alexander this line follows "All things bright and beautiful" "All creatures great and small" 300 $600 3633-10 30357 TAKE THE KIDS! At Nepal's Royal Chitwan National Park, watch out for the marsh-mugger type of this gator relative Crocodile 200 $200 2901-46 30358 RELIGION It's the more common name for the religious Society of Friends Quakers 1600 $600 5088-38 30359 EPONYMOUS SCIENCE (Alex: I hope you know what that word means.) On this Swedish astronomer's scale, zero represents the ice point and 100 is the steam point Celsius 1400 $800 3178-33 30360 CHARLES V In 1541 Charles led a doomed naval campaign to take Algiers from this Turkish empire Ottoman Empire 1200 $200 3292-20 30361 CITY FOOD (Richard Simmons reads the clue.) Bananas Foster and Oysters Rockefeller are 2 yummy dishes created in this Southern city, my birthplace New Orleans 400 DD: $500 3060-34 30362 KNIGHTS Code of behavior for a knight to remember Chivalry 1200 $200 3622-55 30363 WRITERS ON FILM In the TV movie "RKO 281", John Malkovich was this man who co-wrote "Citizen Kane" with Orson Welles Herman Mankiewicz 2000 $1000 5096-36 30364 THE "GENERAL" This food industry giant produces products like Cheerios and Hamburger Helper General Mills 1400 $800 5070-56 30365 YOGA (Jimmy of the Clue Crew enlightens us from the yoga studio once again.) Anjali mudra is the hand position associated with this word of greeting and gratitude namaste 2000 $2000 5023-50 30366 ROYAL LITERATURE 1920: By Eugene O'Neill The Emperor Jones 1800 $1600 5044-54 30367 WORLD RELIGION The 71 members of this Jewish religious council that ruled in Roman times were mostly Pharises the Sanhedrin 2000 $2000 3291-37 30368 AFFAIRS OF STATE (Alex: Be careful with that one!) It's out of the closet that he was in the closet with Nan Britton, a young flapper Warren G.Harding 1400 $400 315-49 30369 RELIGIOUS HISTORY Pupil of John Calvin, this John united protestants in Scotland John Knox 1800 $800 3262-6 30370 YANKEE INGENUITY Eli Whitney saw little profit from this invention as unauthorized copies sprouted up everywhere Cotton gin 200 $200 5064-16 30371 MAUGHAM The hero of "The Moon and Sixpence" moves to the Pacific to pursue this activity painting 300 $600 4977-30 30372 ROCKET MAN "First Man" is a 2005 biography of this quiet Ohioan Neil Armstrong 1200 $400 2910-32 30373 WORD ORIGINS This food that tastes similar to a sweet potato derives its name from the Portuguese word inhame Yam 1200 $200 3318-46 30374 SPORTS COMEBACKS This golfer famous for his comebacks lost to a Billy Casper charge on the last day of the 1966 U.

Open Arnold Palmer 1600 $600 5020-49 30375 FROM BOOK TO FILM (Alex: We'll name a book, you ID the movie based on it.) "I, Tina: My Life Story" What's Love Got to Do with It 1800 DD: $3,000 3295-12 30376 FIRST LADIES His ailing wife Anna sent her daughter-in-law Jane with him to Washington, but he only served a month William Henry Harrison 300 $300 3273-3 30377 TV CRIMEFIGHTERS Uh, just one more thing; he played Columbo Peter Falk 100 $100 3110-50 30378 HECUBA and HER KIDS This son of Hecuba is the title character of a Shakespeare play Troilus 1800 $800 3036-51 30379 "HIGH" SCHOOL The HD in the new digital format HDTV stands for this And we have one minute to go.high definition 1800 $800 5049-33 30380 POPE In 1978 he became the first pope under the age of 60 to be elected in more than 130 years John Paul II 1200 $400 3258-49 30381 BROADWAY MUSICALS (Hi, I'm Jason Alexander.) In 1984 I played several roles in "The Rink", which starred Liza Minnelli and this Broadway "spider woman" Chita Rivera 1800 DD: $800 3120-54 30382 THE 20th CENTURY From Latin for "to sit apart", this word was applied to outspoken Eastern Europeans like Vaclav Havel Dissidents 2000 $1000 3303-36 30383 THE USA The discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1859 attracted miners and prospectors to this state Nevada 1400 $400 3952-13 30384 MYTHMASH Rejected by Narcissus, she faded away until all that was left was a voice, a voice Echo 300 $300 4991-19 30385 TV PERFORMERS BY ROLE (Alex: We'll give you the roles.

Steve Austin Yes, Six Million Dollar Man."ED" (Alex: Each correct response will begin with the letters "ED".) In "The Sound of Music", this is "small and white, clean and bright" Edelweiss 300 $600 3262-45 30387 APRIL 2 American car models, or the 2 signs of the Zodiac that cover parts of April Aries and Taurus 1600 $600 3622-52 30388 BEFORE and AFTER Dickens character who asks for more gruel and sings "Shake It Up Baby" Oliver Twist And Shout 1800 $800 3623-42 30389 PEOPLE IN SPACE FILMS Douglas Rain, who performed this role in "2001: A Space Odyssey", never visited the set HAL (voice of the computer) 1600 $600 100008-2 30390 POTPOURRI Organization which sponsors "The Great American Smokeout" the American Cancer Society 100 200 3118-26 30391 AROUND THE DOGHOUSE WITH SPOT The Post-Dispatch can be found in Spot's doghouse because he lives in this Midwestern city St.

Louis 500 $500 3871-23 30392 YOU COULD PUT OUT AN "I" The inward collapse of a building that is being demolished Implosion 400 $400 5095-51 30393 MOSESES In 1821 he got an OK from Mexico to bring U.settlers into the Texas area; his son Stephen carried on his work (Moses) Austin 1800 $1600 4141-53 30394 FRENCH DERIVATIONS First developed in France, the name of this sport comes from the word meaning "take this", as in try to hit it tennis 1800 $1600 3332-22 30395 "A" and "E" (Alex: Just to clarify, each response will begin with an "A" or an "E"; we titled the category as a link to BIOGRAPHY.) Ocean in which you'd find Ellesmere Island Arctic Ocean 400 $400 2904-0 30396 LITERATURE Alex Haley's first major work was "The Autobiography Of" this black militant leader Malcolm X 100 $100 3294-8 30397 DISNEY MOVIES Timothy Mouse, the Stork, and Mrs.Jumbo are all characters in this Disney classic Dumbo 200 $200 3033-16 30398 BALL GAMES The object of this game is to completely coil a cord around a post Tetherball 300 $300 2903-52 30399 BRITISH MONARCHS George IV first visited this seaside resort in 1783 and later built his royal pavilion there Brighton 1800 $800 5035-52 30400 MOSCOW KNOW-HOW Due to Ivan the Terrible's purges, Tatars from this Ukraine peninsula easily sacked a depopulated Moscow in 1571 the Crimea 1800 $1600 3020-33 30401 INSURANCE Unanticipated claims led to losses of more than 5 billion pounds for this British company from 1988 to 1990 Lloyd's of London 1200 $200 4992-54 30402 CONTINENTAL GEOGRAPHY Tanjung Piai, Asia's southernmost mainland point, is on this peninsula the Malay Peninsula 2000 $2000 3021-37 30403 WHAT'S THE QUESTION? Alfred E.

Neuman's standard rhetorical query "What, me worry?" 1400 $400 5100-50 30404 SLAW and ORDER (Alex: That's food from delicatessens.) It sounds like a "Taxi" character but it's really a potato pancake a latke 1800 $1600 3017-23 30405 "BELL"s and "WHISTLE"s They're employees who go public with stories of their employers' wrongdoing Whistleblowers 400 $400 5016-38 30406 POSSESSIVE LIT 1726:A doctor meets strange new races in a satirical 4-part travelogue Gulliver's Travels 1400 $800 5074-15 30407 PHYS ED (Sarah of the Clue Crew uses a wooden cup and ball toy.) The ancient pastime I'm practicing was said to improve coordination between these two body parts After seeing Sarah's successful catch Oh boy.hand and eye 300 $600 3663-38 30408 TITLE FILM FOLK (Alex: Who played 'em?) "Erin Brockovich"(2000) Julia Roberts 1400 $400 5014-49 30409 HAD A DOG In Tibetan tradition these dogs, like the one seen here, were regarded as reincarnated lamas a Lhasa Apso 1800 $1600 3626-51 30410 STATE MOTTOES (Alex: We'll give you the motto, you name the state) "Crossroads of America" Indiana 1800 $800 3106-59 30411 7-LETTER WORDS From the French for chest of drawers, it's all the clothes, bedding and accessories that a newborn needs Layette 2000 $1000 3110-58 30412 MOVIE DEBUTS Robert Redford and this "Picket Fences" star both debuted as soldiers in the 1962 drama "War Hunt" Tom Skerritt 2000 $1000 5053-7 30413 I'VE ZINE THE MOVIE The LIFE article that became this film described the bisexual bank robber as having the "good looks of an Al Pacino" Al Pacino wound up playing the role on film in * .

Dog Day Afternoon 200 DD: $1,000 3307-20 30414 THE 3 TENORS On their 1994 and 1998 albums, Luciano performs "Nessun Dorma" from this composer's "Turandot" Giacomo Puccini 400 $400 3071-11 30415 CELEBRITY RHYME TIME Hirsch's beers Judd's suds/Buds 200 $200 3148-22 30416 TV SHOWS ON TV SHOWS He plays talk show host Larry Sanders on HBO's "The Larry Sanders Show" Garry Shandling 400 $400 3330-34 30417 VALUES 13 loaves or buns Baker's dozen 1200 $200 3268-52 30418 ENDURANCE (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm astronaut Wendy Lawrence aboard the space shuttle Discovery.

Many space shuttle missions have taken U.astronauts to the orbiting Russian space station Mir.) This woman who spent six months on Mir in 1996 holds the U.astronaut record for consecutive days in space" Want to take a shot at it? Dr.Shannon Lucid 1800 DD: $5,000 3177-42 30419 CANADIAN STUFF, EH? It's been called "Britain's Oldest Colony", but it's Canada's "new"est province Newfoundland 1600 $600 3262-58 30420 SHOWERS A squirting shower head may be clogged with this -- the calcium compound, not the fruit Lime 2000 $1000 5066-34 30421 AN AMERICAN IN PARIS In 1984 this Yank received the French Legion of Honor award for his work with muscular dystrophy Jerry Lewis 1200 $400 3311-6 30422 MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.King is seen here at his March, 1964 meeting with this civil rights leader Malcolm X 200 $200 3263-45 30423 ART and ARTISTS His 1911 oil painting "I And The Village" depicted scenes of life in his native Vitebsk, Russia Marc Chagall 1600 $600 3171-59 30424 SHAKESPEAREAN ANAGRAMS She's "one girl" King Lear should have been leery of Goneril (one girl) 2000 $1000 5006-51 30425 SIBLING REVELRY The United Business Company, begun by brothers Henry and Richard in 1946, is now filing under this name HandR Block 1800 $1600 3177-0 30426 LITERARY HODGEPODGE This 1939 Steinbeck novel about a family of migrant workers won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction The Grapes Of Wrath 100 $100 4973-8 30427 COMPOUND WORDS St.Louis' old one of these, seen here, was the setting for the first trial in the Dred Scott case a courthouse 200 $400 4199-11 30428 SAFARI SO GOOD The biography "Dark Safari" tells the story of this man who sought Livingstone (Henry) Stanley 200 $400 5061-2 30429 THE KING JAMES BIBLE TELLS ME SO James 5:"Ye have heard of the patience of" this man Job 100 $200 3282-8 30430 THE BODY HUMAN This pancreatic hormone is produced in specialized cells in the Islets of Langerhans Insulin 200 $200 5075-46 30431 COUNTRIES BY NEWSPAPER Avanti, Il Messaggero Italy 1600 $1200 4982-50 30432 THE NEAREST NATIONAL CAPITAL TO.Rabat 1800 $1600 2901-17 30433 "OVER" and "OUT" (Alex: Sounds like a theme there in all those categories) One in business may be hostile a takeover 300 $300 5034-23 30434 IT'S IN THE BIBLE Several proverbs mock the slothful man who won't leave his house for fear of being eaten by this animal the lion 400 $800 3862-38 30435 GETTING SCIENTIFIC From words meaning "against life", this class of drugs often derived from fungi is used against bacteria Antibiotics 1400 $400 2897-4 30436 HODGEPODGE "Currency" used to pay for the delivery of "letters" in the kids' game of Post Office Kisses 100 $100 3669-25 30437 WHO'S WHO IN SPORTS Nicknamed "The Admiral", this center helped lead the San Antonio Spurs to their first NBA title in 1999 David Robinson 500 $500 3335-45 30438 CLOWN CINEMA This 1991 Bobcat Goldthwait film was hailed as "The 'Citizen Kane' Of Alcoholic Movies" Shakes The Clown 1600 $600 100004-19 30439 SAINTS and SINNERS The king who had St.

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Thomas More put to death Henry VIII 400 800 3267-40 30440 BERNSTEINS In the '50s Walter Bernstein joined other Hollywood writers on this most unwanted list Blacklist 1400 $400 2908-46 30441 THE EMMYS He's won Best Actor Emmys for the comedy "Father Knows Best" and the drama "Marcus Welby, M." Robert Young 1600 $600 5037-23 30442 13-LETTER WORDS From the Latin for "mask", it's a single act of mimicking the voice or manners of another impersonation 400 $800 5088-17 30443 "OCK"-TOBER Household insect pest of the order dictyoptera a cockroach 300 $600 3144-5 30444 NOW THAT'S COMEDY In "Take the Money and Run", this comedian bungles a bank robbery because no one can read his note Woody Allen 100 $100 2904-55 30445 DECORATIVE ARTS Gustav Stickley was known for designing mission style furniture, which was usually made of this hardwood Oak 2000 $1000 5075-15 30446 INVENTORS and INVENTIONS In 1798 this cotton gin inventor began using a system of interchangeable parts to make muskets for the U.government Eli Whitney 300 $600 3036-48 30447 THE OBLIGATORY POETRY CATEGORY In a poem titled for the date when Germany invaded Poland, W For more information on membership, see http://digitalhumanities.org/centernet/join/ If you are interested, please send your 1 page proposal detailing your technical and managerial capacity to centerNet's International Secretary, Jean Bauer ([email protected]), by June 30, 2014. Bauer can read proposals in English,  .government Eli Whitney 300 $600 3036-48 30447 THE OBLIGATORY POETRY CATEGORY In a poem titled for the date when Germany invaded Poland, W.

Auden called this "A low dishonest decade" 1930s 1800 $800 3316-12 30448 STATE FACTS Although this state is only 48 miles long and 37 miles wide, it has 384 miles of shoreline Rhode Island 300 $300 3005-18 30449 NAME THAT BODY PART Phagocytes, Alveoli, Bronchioles Lungs 400 $400 3265-37 30450 THE VISDOM OF WITTGENSTEIN Ludwig saw words not as labels but as these, like hammers or screwdrivers Tools 1400 $400 3313-49 30451 ARTISTIC WOMEN Motherhood was a favorite subject of this France-based artist who was born in 1845 in Pittsburgh Mary Cassatt 1800 DD: $800 3071-12 30452 AMERICAN CUISINE This ingredient that comes from ruminants' stomachs gives Philadelphia Pepper Pot its distinctive flavor Tripe 300 $300 3876-19 30453 ANIMAL YOUNG 'UNS The squirrel Babies/infants 400 $400 3010-46 30454 BEFORE THEY WERE POPES This pope who called the Second Vatican Council was a quiet church conformist until his 1958 election Pope John XXIII 1600 $600 3067-5 30455 THE "BUCK" STOPS HERE A 10-dollar bill a sawbuck 100 $100 3323-38 30456 EMMY HISTORY In his 1983 acceptance speech Judd Hirsch tried to persuade NBC to renew this show -- didn't work Taxi 1400 $400 3296-48 30457 NORTH BY NORTHWEST Mafikeng, formerly Mafeking, is the capital of this country's province of North-West South Africa 1800 $800 3302-31 30458 ALL THAT GLITTERS.The song "You And I" was a pop hit and a country hit as a duet by Eddie Rabbitt and this woman Crystal Gayle 1200 $200 3121-20 30459 BRAND NAMES It advertises its product as "The Pfabulous Pfaucet with the Pfunny Name" Price Pfister 400 $400 5027-49 30460 SEASONAL ACTING Lee Majors made a name for himself after "The 6 Million Dollar Man" playing Colt Seavers on this action series The Fall Guy 1800 $1600 3661-2 30461 WORLD OF ISLAM Of 570, 1170 or 1570, the traditional year of the prophet Muhammad's birth 570 100 $100 3703-18 30462 MISS AMERICA Seen here as Miss America 1959, she's now seen in mattress infomercials with husband Gary Collins Mary Ann Mobley 400 $400 3019-48 30463 STRAIT TALK Traffic in this strait has increased because many supertankers are too large to use the Panama Canal the Strait of Magellan 1800 DD: $1,000 5032-55 30464 CHRIS ROCKS Chris Martin, husband of Gwyneth Paltrow, fronts this British band Coldplay 2000 $2000 3340-32 30465 PUT 'EM IN ORDER Oscar Winners "The English Patient", "Unforgiven", "Braveheart" Unforgiven, Braveheart, The English Patient 1200 $200 5007-34 30466 SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP This retail chain is famous for its Craftsman tools Sears 1200 $400 621-47 30467 TOUGH TV TRIVIA The 2 network TV series on in Sept.1986 that had "Hammer" in their titles Richard? Mike Hammer and Sledge Hammer! 1600 DD: $800 3292-59 30468 Q ME Umm Said and Dukhan are cities in this country, the only one in the world that begins with the letter Q Qatar 2000 $1000 3307-19 30469 WWII (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):Seen here, he commanded the British 8th Army from 1942 to 1944 Gen When Writing Advertisers, Kindly Mention The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal May, 1916 THE TEA AND COFFEE TRADE JOURNAL 41 1 THE TEA AND COFFEE   The European war, which closed the German market and greatly hampered the British and French markets, has forced Costa Rica to look for new coffee  .

1986 that had "Hammer" in their titles Richard? Mike Hammer and Sledge Hammer! 1600 DD: $800 3292-59 30468 Q ME Umm Said and Dukhan are cities in this country, the only one in the world that begins with the letter Q Qatar 2000 $1000 3307-19 30469 WWII (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):Seen here, he commanded the British 8th Army from 1942 to 1944 Gen.

Bernard Montgomery (of El-Alamein) 400 DD: $500 5019-52 30470 EMISSARY TO AMERICA Carlos de Icaza, ambassador from this country, attended the 2005 inauguration of the new mayor of Los Angeles Mexico 1800 DD: $800 3325-50 30471 QUEEN ELIZABETH II On June 2, 1953 Elizabeth was crowned in this religious building We have a change in scoring and it affects Stephen - our judges have reviewed your response of "Souffle" earlier and have determined that your response is acceptable, so you add $2,000 to your score Westminster Abbey 1800 DD: $1,000 3324-23 30472 FIX THE PROVERB The pan is meatier than the sarge That's what Nathan was trying to say! The pen is mightier than the sword 400 $400 4297-39 30473 BEVERAGE BRANDS This bottled beverage brand claims its products are "Made from the best stuff on earth" Snapple 1400 $800 5043-14 30474 YOU TOLKIEN TO ME? Tolkien lectured on this king of the Geats, the title character of an Old English epic poem Beowulf 300 $600 3181-54 30475 GENESIS His 12-volume "A Study Of History" probed the genesis, growth and decline of the world's great civilizations Arnold Toynbee 2000 $1000 2908-1 30476 POP-ROCK In 1996 the founding members of this group including Gene Simmons reunited for a world tour KISS 100 $100 100013-40 30477 SPANISH CITIES Catalan is the language of this second largest city in Spain Barcelona 1400 1000 3876-38 30478 CLUBS and ORGANIZATIONS If you're a little eccentric, you probably know the I.is the Independent Order of these Odd Fellows 1400 $400 5016-6 30479 LOST ART (Jon of the Clue Crew displays the words "Daily Double" on the monitor in an archaic script.

) One skill that's losing ground in the computer age is this type of writing, where the letters run together, from the Latin for "run" cursive 200 $400 3277-59 30480 STARTS and ENDS WITH "A" A condemnation, akin to excommunication, it's come to mean anything one despises Anathema 2000 $1000 4966-48 30481 PRESIDENTS and FIRST LADIES In 1848 this former president from New York ran for office again, this time on the Free-Soil ticket Martin Van Buren 1800 DD: $2,000 4979-21 30482 ANAGRAMMED CANADIAN CITIES My hometown:BUS RUDY Obviously you three are really into the host of Jeopardy! * .Sudbury 400 $800 3032-5 30483 DIRTY 4-LETTER WORDS It's a polluted haze found over a city smog 100 $100 3016-22 30484 NATURE As opposed to the bald type, the booted types of this bird of prey are named for feathers on their legs Eagles 400 $400 3151-18 30485 MEN OF LETTERS (Alex: All of them are authors--I will give you the first names; you come up with the author's last name.) Wystan Hugh Auden 400 $400 3036-10 30486 CELEB STUFF (Hi, I'm Bob Eubanks.) Tea Leoni ran into this "X-Files" star at the Golden Globes and soon they were newlyweds David Duchovny 200 DD: $1,500 3334-30 30487 ILLUSTRATORS In the early 1820s, before publishing his bird drawings, he worked as a taxidermist John J.Audubon 1200 $200 5015-34 30488 ISN'T IT ICONIC? In 1873 he got a patent for using metal rivets to strengthen the pockets on his product Levi Strauss 1200 $400 3668-59 30489 "STRIP"s Popular with mathematicians, it's the strip seen here Mobius strip 2000 $1000 5020-52 30490 SHOW SOME PRIDE (Jon of the Clue Crew holds a short stick.

) The name of this stick, originally carried by military officers to counteract putting their hands in their pockets, is also a prideful walk a swagger 1800 $1600 3622-38 30491 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES It has campuses in Provo, Utah and on Oahu Brigham Young University 1400 $400 4093-24 30492 MONUMENTS This French sculptor called his monument to Balzac "the sum of my whole life" Rodin 500 $1000 5084-9 30493 AMERICAN COUNTIES Ogemaw, Saginaw and Washtenaw are all counties in this state Michigan 200 $400 4201-41 30494 4-LETTER WORDS For a phrase that means "spotless", it pairs with "spick" span 1400 $800 4976-10 30495 LET'S PLAY "TAG" The principal character in opposition to a novel's hero an antagonist 200 $400 3068-59 30496 RAISE YOUR GLASSES The book "Toasts" advises that this 2-word one is inappropriate at a boat race "Bottom's Up!" 2000 $1000 4988-55 30497 "H." TV Seen here, he was Jack Paar's sidekick on "The Jack Paar Show" Hugh Downs 2000 $2000 4093-30 30498 THE CIVIL WAR Used by both sides in the war, a Napoleon was one of these booming pieces of artillery a cannon 1200 $400 3119-10 30499 SHOOT THE MOON (Alex: Now, Mr.Yo-Yo Man, what's your most requested trick?) This term used for an Apollo mission's return to Earth tells you it landed in water Splashdown 200 $200 2898-2 30500 THE THIRD Charles Conrad, Jr.was the third man to walk here The Moon 100 $100 3284-6 30501 CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS It rivals the turkey as the preferred bird at English Christmas feasts Goose 200 $200 5058-27 30502 A HORSE IS A HORSE As an adjective, the name of this breed of horse can mean pure or genuine Thoroughbred 500 $1000 2895-32 30503 ART and ARTISTS This pop artist's 1962 painting "Green Coca-Cola Bottles" is in the Whitney Museum Andy Warhol 1200 $200 100008-21 30504 TV SITCOMS "Blood on the Badge" was a novel written by Detective Ron Harris on this sitcom Barney Miller 400 800 3103-19 30505 NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES Tina brown was editor-in-chief of this magazine from 1984 to 1992 Vanity Fair 400 $400 3109-55 30506 FILM BIOGRAPHIES Candice Bergen must have had the time of her "Life" playing this famous photographer in "Gandhi" Margaret Bourke-White 2000 $1000 5067-58 30507 PLAY BOY (Alex: We're going for the author here.

) "Major Barbara"and"Arms and the Man" (George Bernard) Shaw 2000 $2000 3832-3 30508 ON THE FLY On the housefly, these are large, compound and composed of up to 4,000 individual lenses Eyes 100 $100 4296-8 30509 BUSINESS ABBREV.A first sale of stock on the open market:IPO an initial public offering 200 $400 3317-55 30510 EERIE TV ANTHOLOGIES A 1959-1961 series based on true incidents took you this far "beyond" One step 2000 $1000 5055-35 30511 JOHN GRISHAM (Alex: And the common link.) Tulane law student Darby Shaw uncovers a conspiracy for the birds in this Grisham thriller The Pelican Brief 1200 $400 3903-9 30512 KANSAS CITIES In the 1960s this largest Kansas city became the world's largest producer of general aviation aircraft Wichita 200 $200 3266-29 30513 WORDS FOR THE WISE In 1998 this software chain closed its stores and went strictly online Egghead 500 $500 2735-14 30514 TELEPHONE HISTORY On Oct.30, 1938 phone traffic peaked in cities all over America as people discussed this broadcast the "War of the Worlds" 300 $300 4595-18 30515 THE BIG BANGLADESH After India was partitioned in 1947, what would later become Bangladesh was the "East" part of this country Pakistan 400 $800 4200-5 30516 I GET NO KICK FROM CAMPAIGN He ran for the Senate in 1858 and lost; 2 years later he was elected president Lincoln 100 $200 5043-28 30517 I COULDA BEEN A BARTENDER Add a splash of creme de cassis to white wine to make this aperitif; use champagne to make it "royale" a kir 500 $1000 3287-42 30518 LITERATURE This Flaubert title character commits suicide because of mounting debt and lies told to her husband Charles Madame Bovary 1600 $600 3025-56 30519 FOLKLORE Artificial creature of Jewish lore seen here: video clue Golem 2000 DD: $1,000 3303-33 30520 THE ICU A myocardial infarction, better known as this, is a common reason for ICU admission Heart attack 1200 $200 5037-34 30521 AMERICAN RIVERS In an 1883 book, Mark Twain described this river as "rolling its mile-wide tide along, shining in the sun" the Mississippi 1200 $400 3144-26 30522 1980s FADS Greed was good: Trump taught "The Art of the Deal", and she said, "Only the little people pay taxes" (Leona) Helmsley 500 $500 3317-17 30523 BEFORE and AFTER Ointment for an arthritic but festive "City Of Light" Ben-Gay Paris 300 $300 3061-7 30524 FORMULAS Edison said, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99%" this Perspiration 200 $200 5078-0 30525 RELIGION IN ART Famous for his "Peaceable Kingdom" series, Edward Hicks depicted this Biblical event in the early 19th century Noah's Ark 100 $200 3268-42 30526 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD Carlos Roberto Flores is the current president of this Central American nation Honduras 1600 $600 5033-4 30527 50-50 It's the only letter of the alphabet not used in the names of the 50 states Q 100 $200 3107-32 30528 AFRICAN HISTORY In 1899 Sudan came under a condominium, not an apartment but joint rule by this neighbor and Britain Egypt 1200 $200 3174-26 30529 PIG-OUT The Walrus said it was time "To talk of many things", about "why the sea is boiling hot and whether" this Pigs have wings 500 $500 4975-8 30530 SHIPS The Andrea Doria was replaced with a ship named for this artist, followed by the Michelangelo and the Raffaello And the artist was * .Leonardo da Vinci 200 $400 3035-17 30531 DON'T PICK ME! It's the crust of fibrin and serum that forms on a wound and then dries a scab 300 $300 4199-45 30532 EUROPE In 1924 it became the first country to host the Summer and Winter Olympics in the same year Nope.

Had to pick the neighbor, * , Paris and Chamonix.France 1600 DD: $1,000 2900-25 30533 AMERICAN MUSEUMS If you're crazy about quilts, you'll enjoy the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell in this state Massachusetts 500 $500 3630-22 30534 VOCABULARY Congratulations if you know this word derived from Greek means praise or credit (It's also a granola bar) Kudos 400 $400 4296-9 30535 WHAT COULD SHE BE DOING IN THERE? Soothing her tired eyes with slices of this veggie that's popular in British tea sandwiches cucumbers 200 $400 3675-56 30536 HAIL TO THE CHIEF This president was born at the home of his paternal grandfather, who also served as president Benjamin Harrison 2000 $1000 3066-50 30537 FILMS OF THE 80s This film's superb cast included Glenn Close, William Hurt and Kevin Kline The Big Chill 1800 $800 4970-30 30538 APRIL FOOL'S DAY BABIES Born April 1, 1938, this model and actress is best known for her starring role in "Love Story" Ali McGraw 1200 $400 5017-8 30539 CITY OF THE DAY: RALEIGH Since Raleigh is "The City of Oaks", a huge one of these descends as the seconds are counted down on New Year's Eve an acorn 200 $400 5067-24 30540 GOSPEL TRUTH In Mark 1 Jesus "healed many that were sick.and cast out many devils; and suffered not the devils to" do this Suffered not the devils to * ; kept them silent.speak 500 $1000 3271-58 30541 ADOBE These Mideastern nomads whose name means "desert dwellers" often build adobe homes when they settle down Bedouins 2000 $1000 3313-52 30542 UNESCO Keep it under your hat, the Medina section of this Moroccan city is protected by UNESCO's World Heritage Committee Fez 1800 $800 2895-15 30543 HISTORY In 1855 this victor at the Alamo was deposed as Mexican dictator and fled to the Caribbean Santa Anna 300 $300 2902-19 30544 WELL-KNOWN NAMES He was head of the FBI when FDR was in office J.Edgar Hoover 400 $400 3180-3 30545 INDY 500 FLAGS It means one lap left, not truce White flag 100 $100 3326-34 30546 4-LETTER WORDS We're not going out on one to say daredevils risk "life and" this Limb 1200 $200 3274-12 30547 LET'S TALK TURKEY (Alex: How appropriate for today!) Of wiggin, snood or hackle, the one that's the fleshy growth hanging down over a male turkey's beak They all sound pretty strange, don't they! Snood 300 $300 3143-19 30548 SPRING CLEANING The "white" type of this salad dressing ingredient will make your glass shower doors sparkle Vinegar 400 $400 5047-13 30549 BROADWAY GEOGRAPHY (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reads from the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in New York.

) "Beauty and the Beast" takes place in and around a quiet provincial village in this country France 300 $600 5035-14 30550 HERBS and SPICES This type of garlic grown mainly in California has huge cloves, averaging 1 ounce elephant garlic 300 $600 5036-20 30551 A MIGHTY WIND It has a low-pressure center and circular wind motion; the Coney Island ride opened June 26, 1927 is much more fun a cyclone 400 $800 3331-52 30552 YOUNG WOMEN OF TODAY Born in Monaco in 1965, she's 7 and 8 years younger than her siblings Caroline and Albert Princess Stephanie 1800 $800 3010-4 30553 "PU" It's the time of life when a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts Puberty 100 $100 3294-20 30554 DISNEY MOVIES According to the book "Disney A to Z", he's the youngest of the 7 Dwarfs Dopey 400 $400 4966-13 30555 THE HEISMAN TROPHY 8 Heisman winners are Pro Football Hall of Famers, including this Dallas QB who won in 1963 when he was playing for Navy (Roger) Staubach 300 $600 5069-0 30556 THE WAR OF 1812 On Sept.13-14, 1814, a British bombardment failed to capture this fort; "our flag was still there" Fort McHenry 100 $200 3628-19 30557 GEORGIA SONGS A boy named Johnny wins an important fiddlin' contest in this 1979 story song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" 400 $400 4198-10 30558 WE INVENTED STUFF In 1814 Robert Fulton developed "Fulton the First", the first warship powered by this force steam 200 $400 3103-20 30559 PRAISE THE "LORD" As Steve McGarrett, he often finished off wrongdoers with the words "Book 'Em, Dano" Jack Lord 400 $400 5049-6 30560 1806 In 1806 this man published his first American English dictionary (Noah) Webster 200 $400 3862-15 30561 "TILE" IT A non-Mormon or a non-Jew Gentile 300 $300 3293-40 30562 AT HOME IN EUROPE While living in Davos, Switzerland, far from an ocean, he wrapped up "Treasure Island" Robert Louis Stevenson 1400 $400 3023-13 30563 INTERNATIONAL CUISINE Goatwater stew, made with goat and vegetables, is a specialty of Montserrat, an island in this sea Caribbean Sea 300 $300 3060-21 30564 TRUE LIVES Despite its title, "The Autobiography of Alice B.Toklas" is a book by and about this woman Gertrude Stein 400 $400 4201-45 30565 PLAYING PRESIDENT 2000:Bruce Greenwood in "Thirteen Days" JFK 1600 $1200 3010-54 30566 "DOUBLE" JEOPARDY Line preceding "Fire burn and cauldron bubble" "Double double, toil and trouble" (from "Macbeth") 2000 $1000 3622-12 30567 U.RIVERS It begins as a creek near an old mining town called Lulu City in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado River 300 $300 2737-51 30568 BRITISH HISTORY 1982 In operation since 1977, this low-fare airline declared bankruptcy Laker 1800 $800 4123-4 30569 THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM The smell of and even the thought of food can start the glands in your mouth producing this saliva 100 $200 4137-10 30570 BEAUTY TIPS Doing this 100 times before going to bed (like Marcia Brady did) can cause damage brushing your hair 200 $400 5024-28 30571 DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION The czardas is a national dance of this Central European country You're getting closer.

if you had gone on to * you would have been there.Hungary 500 $1000 5047-17 30572 "K" MART These tiny shrimp-like crustaceans are the primary food of baleen whales krill 300 $600 3027-22 30573 BATS Chiroptera, the order to which bats belong, means "with" these "on their hands" Wings 400 $400 3295-7 30574 10-DIFFERENT-LETTER WORDS (Alex: Each word will have 10 different letters) It's any word that's spelled the same forwards and backwards Palindrome 200 $200 3016-30 30575 A WALK UP FIFTH AVENUE Fifth Avenue starts at this square in Greenwich Village Washington Square 1200 $200 3297-5 30576 JINGLES ALL THE WAY "Double your pleasure, double your fun" with this gum Doublemint gum 100 $100 3632-55 30577 TELEVISION "Gilligan's Island" creator Sherwood Schwartz said he wrote this role with his friend Jim Backus in mind Thurston Howell III 2000 $1000 3121-50 30578 COLORS It's the "I" in the mnemonic "ROY G.BIV" Indigo 1800 $800 5094-7 30579 PRIMETIME TV REUNIONS (Alex: We want you to name the original series for us.) 2000:"Mary and Rhoda" The Mary Tyler Moore Show 200 $400 3633-25 30580 CONTAINERS It was once the cask containing the drinking water on a ship; today it means gossip or rumors Scuttlebutt 500 DD: $900 3667-14 30581 WAY BACK IN 1999 As part of a 10-year research project, the Atlanta Zoo got Lun-Lun and Yang-Yang, a pair of these pandas 300 $300 2735-2 30582 TELEPHONE HISTORY In 1991 this telephone company launched its Friends and Family promotion MCI 100 $100 3027-55 30583 NORTHERN WATERS A series of canals links the Volga River to this sea via the Gulf of Finland Baltic Sea 2000 $1000 3026-25 30584 AMERICAN FOOD In Cincinnati the "Five-Way" type of this dish includes spaghetti, cheese, onions and beans chili 500 $500 3267-57 30585 WOOD WORDS A long, squared-off piece of wood used in construction, or to smile ear-to-ear Beam 2000 $1000 3262-46 30586 SHOWERS The name of this thin mortar that seals tiles can also refer to meal or malt Grout 1600 $600 3873-54 30587 PEN NAMES (Alex: This one's gonna be different.) Pen name of Aurore Dupin, whose "Un Hiver A Majerque" tells of nursing Chopin George Sand 2000 DD: $500 2897-24 30588 LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Both naturally and mythically, this flower symbolizes egotism or self-love Narcissus 500 $500 3322-43 30589 CALL ME BILLY This title literary character is hanged for the murder of a sadistic master-at-arms named Claggart Billy Budd 1600 $600 4201-14 30590 EAT YOUR VEGGIES! Whether its smooth-leaf or savoy, make sure you wash the sand off the leaves of this vegetable before eating spinach 300 $600 3876-43 30591 SEEMS LIKE ANCIENT TIMES Egyptian ruler Snefru had to have a second one of these built after architects messed up the first Pyramid 1600 $600 3110-4 30592 THE DATING GAME (Alex: I will give you a clue, we wil show you a clip and you have to identify the person who at that time was not so famous, but appeared as one of the contestants on that show) Bachelor No.

1, why don't you say hello to Linda: "Hello, Linda, I hope you'll be my new potential best friend" Bob Saget 100 $100 3308-51 30593 1997 Alexis Herman was sworn into this Clinton cabinet post in May Secretary of Labor 1800 $800 5058-45 30594 ADJECTIVE INSPIRERS The name of this late Italian moviemaker plus -esque has come to mean grotesque or surreal Fellini 1600 $1200 5047-25 30595 BROADWAY GEOGRAPHY Come and sit for a spell at "The 25th Annual" spelling bee in this title county Putnam 500 $1000 3289-25 30596 GARDENING The African variety of this annual, seen here, has an appropriate color in its name Marigold 500 $500 3286-20 30597 20th CENTURY AMERICA On March 8, 1996 this 93-year-old broke the record, becoming the oldest person ever to serve in the U.Senate Strom Thurmond 400 DD: $600 5085-34 30598 DOGS Contrary to popular legend, this breed never carried a cask hanging from its collar on rescue missions a Saint Bernard 1200 $400 4227-13 30599 I KNOW THAT SONG This Nickelodeon animated series features the song heard here As Told by Ginger 300 $600 3312-48 30600 THE THEATRE "Swimming To Cambodia" monologist who starred in the aptly-titled one-man show "Gray's Anatomy" Spalding Gray 1800 $800 4975-53 30601 THE EAGLES This name of a '90s Eagles tour and album was a reference to the likelihood of an Eagles reunion Hell Freezes Over 1800 $1600 5092-20 30602 OLD MAN RIVER This name appears on a list of the full names of Canada's prime ministers; it's also Canada's longest river Mackenzie 400 $800 5082-3 30603 YOU'VE GOT TO FIGHT There was a prescription for war in 1839 when Britain and China went toe-to-toe over this drug's trade opium 100 $200 3320-52 30604 CLASSICAL MUSIC This funereal work is one of Mozart's last Requiem 1800 $800 5049-10 30605 CONVERSION In 426 A.the Parthenon was converted into a Christian church; around 1460 it was converted into one of these a mosque 200 $400 3061-37 30606 SCRIBES Early Chinese scribes usually wrote on wood, bamboo or this fabric Silk 1400 $400 3062-8 30607 '80s ROCK They had 2 No.

1 hits in 1980: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "Another One Bites The Dust" Queen 200 $200 3329-19 30608 THE CINEMA (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Cheech Marin) In 1987 I directed and starred in this film whose title was a parody of a Bruce Springsteen hit (ya' know)" Born In East L.400 DD: $800 3107-48 30609 THE CHINESE THEATER Bertolt Brecht adapted the Yuan dynasty play "The Chalk Circle" and gave it this longer title The Caucasian Chalk Circle 1800 $800 3016-56 30610 "NEW" MUSIC This "Green, Green" group once had Kenny Rogers in it New Christy Minstrels 2000 $1000 3324-49 30611 DIRECTORS He directed his good friend John Wayne in many films; the last was "Donovan's Reef", in 1963 John Ford 1800 $800 3179-13 30612 LITTLE BIRDIES A wise parrot named Polynesia taught him how to talk to the animals Dr.Dolittle 300 $300 3697-31 30613 HISTORY IN MOVIES "The Quest for Camelot" featured Pierce Brosnan as the voice of this Valiant Ruler King Arthur 1200 $200 2735-39 30614 MIXED DRINKS This pomegranate syrup turns a Pink Lady pink grenadine 1400 $400 3633-49 30615 CAPITOL RECORDS This singer's album "The Ego Has Landed" is conquering the U.and USA with hits like "Angels" and "Millennium" Robbie Williams 1800 $800 5079-27 30616 THE TITANIC Gates prevented 700 of these passengers from getting up to the main deck, though they didn't stop Leo in the movie third class 500 $1000 3019-31 30617 "COLOR" MOVIES Quincy Jones co-produced this 1985 Steven Spielberg film and provided its musical score The Color Purple 1200 $200 3873-50 30618 MAMMALS Shrews, moles and hedgehogs belong to an order named for their diet of these insects (Insectivora) 1800 $800 5085-54 30619 HAIL TO THE CHIEF In 1931 Herbert Hoover, who had been this Pres.'s Secretary of Commerce, helped dedicate his tomb in Marion, Ohio Harding 2000 $2000 5060-17 30620 SILENT K Literally German for "crack sausage", it's like a shorter, thicker frankfurter knackwurst 300 $600 4124-49 30621 JUNG AT HEART Jung's theory of archetypes came from studying the symbols in these of uneducated patients dreams 1800 $1600 100005-34 30622 WORLD GEOGRAPHY This country's deserts include the Gibson, Great Sandy and Great Victoria Australia 1200 500 3269-28 30623 MARRIAGE and KIDS Samuel Johnson described this type of event as "The triumph of hope over experience" A second marriage 500 $500 3874-58 30624 IT'S ALL POLITICS In 1852 this Southern senator and orator became the first American to lie in state in the U.capitol Henry Clay 2000 $1000 5089-48 30625 LITERARY CHARACTERS This "Vanity Fair" character is the daughter of an artist and a French opera girl Becky Sharp 1800 $1600 3319-12 30626 YESTERDAY This British naval hero lost an eye during the capture of Corsica in 1794 Lord Nelson 300 $300 314-34 30627 TRAVEL AND TOURISM To visit the largest lake in all of Britain, you have to go to this lake's "bonnie, bonnie banks" Loch Lomond 1200 $200 5030-0 30628 JEPOETRY (Alex: Now, in this category, in each clue, the word "Jeopardy!" will come up.You have to tell us what word should be there.

) Alexander Pope:"A little Jeopardy! is a dangerous thing" It's a common mistake, but it's "A little * ," not a little knowledge, "is a dangerous thing."learningChrisTriple Stumper' learning 100 $200 3307-34 30629 RICH FELLAS The villainous broadcast tycoon in "Tomorrow Never Dies" reminded some of this Australian-born mogul Rupert Murdoch 1200 $200 3876-27 30630 COMING TO A CLOTHES It's the nautical name of this hat popular with 19th century men: Boater 500 $500 3703-53 30631 HOW TO SAY YES! Barbie could tell you it's the Hebrew word for "yes"; then again, maybe she couldn't Ken 1800 $800 5008-20 30632 ORIGIN OF THE SPECIOUS Oprah Winfrey said that she was "deeply sorry" over the scandal that this man's "A Million Little Pieces" had caused (James) Frey 400 $800 3279-23 30633 FABULOUS BAKER BOYS Trumpet-playing Baker seen here Chet Baker 400 $400 5060-34 30634 SYSTEM OF A "DOWN" 2-word slang for the smallest continent Down Under 1200 $400 3862-24 30635 STARTING HERE In New York City on October 1, 1999 I rang the opening bell to start this New York Stock Exchange 500 $500 3039-3 30636 "RED", "WHITE" and "BLUE" "Everything's better with" this margarine "on it" And we have a minute to go.Blue Bonnet 100 $100 4973-22 30637 "D"UDE! In 1966 this future NYC mayor became a state assemblyman from Harlem David Dinkins 400 DD: $2,000 5030-49 30638 THOSE FUNNY BRITS One of the 2 lead actresses in the hilariously un-P.britcom "Absolutely Fabulous" And they are * .

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley 1800 $1600 3039-42 30639 ON YOUR TOES It's the weapon featured in "Fall River Legend", Agnes De Mille's ballet about Lizzie Borden an axe 1600 DD: $1,000 5055-41 30640 JOHN GRISHAM (Alex: And the common link.) In 1981 Grisham graduated from law school in this state; he was admitted to its bar later that year Mississippi 1400 $800 3862-12 30641 STARTING HERE To get a project in gear, or what you do after stepping up to the line in bowling Start the ball rolling 300 $300 617-15 30642 COLONIAL AMERICA The largest 18th c.manufacturing industry in New England was the distilling of this liquor rum 300 $300 5027-19 30643 BASEBALL RECORD BREAKERS In 2003 this Atlanta Braves pitcher set a record by winning at least 15 games for the 16th straight season Greg Maddux 400 $800 2898-12 30644 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD A cedar tree is featured on this country's coat of arms Lebanon 300 $300 5030-46 30645 CROSSWORD CLUES "T" No-no(5) taboo 1600 $1200 3027-7 30646 MOVIE STARS In 1996 this "Lawrence Of Arabia" star released the 2nd volume of his memoir "Loitering With Intent" Peter O' Toole 200 $200 3036-12 30647 AT THE KENNEDY CENTER This president's 1972 visit to China inspired an opera that played at the Kennedy Center in 1988 Richard Nixon 300 $300 3307-28 30648 THE 5 BOOKS OF MOSES (Alex: A theme is 'a-building!) Sarah's handmaid bore Abraham this son and was told, "His hand will be against every man" Ishmael 500 $500 5095-27 30649 GIMME AN "H" This scientific endeavor abbreviated HGP had the goal of mapping every gene of Homo sapiens the Human Genome Project 500 $1000 5019-46 30650 EMISSARY TO AMERICA In 1919 former British foreign minister Grey came over to try to nudge the U.into this world body--no dice the League of Nations 1600 $1200 3273-27 30651 TV CRIMEFIGHTERS He played Baretta, and that's the name of that tune! Robert Blake 500 $500 4227-39 30652 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC "B" The northern terminus of China's Grand Canal is located in this major city Beijing 1400 $800 3334-36 30653 ILLUSTRATORS Last name of "Treasure Island" illustrator N., the father and teacher of painter Andrew Wyeth 1400 $400 3320-38 30654 BOOKS and AUTHORS In 1971 this Herman Wouk novel breezed up the bestseller lists The Winds Of War 1400 $400 3177-47 30655 DOCS In 1967 this pediatrician resigned as a college teacher to join the antiwar movement full-time Dr.Benjamin Spock 1600 $600 3033-46 30656 AMERICAN LIT "North of Boston" and "New Hampshire" are books of poetry by this man Robert Frost 1600 $600 5019-31 30657 CLASSIC TV THEMES In a way, this show whose theme is heard here was 12,000 years in the making The Flintstones 1200 $400 5032-24 30658 "C"OUNTRIES Founded around 1888 during German colonial rule, Yaounde is the bustling capital of this central African nation Cameroon 500 $1000 3272-10 30659 THE WORLD OF LOUNGE The primo cocktail of the cocktail nation is this one favored by James Bond a martini 200 $200 3037-46 30660 HISTORIC AMERICANS After sighting the lofty Colorado peak now named for him, he built a fort on the Rio Grande Zebulon Pike 1600 $600 5042-59 30661 "PAR" FOR THE COURSE This 16th century Swiss alchemist opined that "medicine is not only a science; it is also an art" Paracelsus 2000 $2000 5060-51 30662 50 CENT From 1948 to 1963 the half dollar had Ben Franklin on the front and this iconic symbol on the back the Liberty Bell 1800 $1600 3870-7 30663 WHITE WINE This grape whose name is synonymous with white wine is the most planted varietal in California Chardonnay 200 $200 3033-12 30664 U.PRESIDENTS Among his nicknames were "Gloomy Gus" and "Tricky Dick" Richard Nixon 300 $300 3111-55 30665 NAME THAT NOVEL " ng tears fell to their feet, watering the grave of Uncas, like drops of falling rain" The Last of the Mohicans 2000 $1000 5017-40 30666 ARCHITECTURE This style of architecture was introduced in 1144 with the completion of the Abbey of St.-Denis north of Paris gothic 1400 $800 3673-9 30667 ARCHITECTS William Pereira erected his Transamerica "Pyramid" in this city San Francisco 200 $200 3046-44 30668 MOVIE BIOGRAPHIES Composer played by Cornel Wilde in "A Song To Remember" and by Hugh Grant in "Impromptu" Bob is laughing; he finds this funny - why? Frederic Chopin 1600 $600 3261-24 30669 MOUNTAINS Tacoma's name was derived from Tahoma, an Indian name for this mountain Mount Rainier 500 DD: $900 5052-50 30670 LITERARY OF Wilde play that says, "To lose one parent.may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness" The Importance of Being Earnest 1800 $1600 2901-44 30671 AMERICAN LITERATURE Characters in this Hemingway novel include Jake Barnes, Lady Brett Ashley and Pedro Romero, a bullfighter The Sun Also Rises 1600 $600 5094-3 30672 POET'S GLOSSARY Japanese style/Always syllable counting/This type of poem haiku 100 $200 3301-14 30673 ON THE MOVE In 1987 one of these vessels sank in the North Sea when the vehicle deck doors were left open Ferry 300 $300 5103-1 30674 WHAT'S ON THE TUBE? Keith Carradine's role as Wild Bill Hickok on this series ended when Jack McCall killed Hickok Deadwood 100 $200 3178-52 30675 MOVIE LOVE THEMES "You Must Love Me" Evita 1800 $800 3260-43 30676 SPORTS ON FILM In "A League Of Their Own", this talk show host played third baseman Doris Murphy Rosie O' Donnell 1600 $600 3294-47 30677 WORD PLAY GNIKLAW----------------------------------Plennie L.Wingo is in the Guinness Book of World Records for doing this 8,000 miles walking backwards 1600 $600 3143-41 30678 SEZ She joked, "I've been asked to say a couple of words about my husband, Fang.How about 'short' and 'cheap' " Phyllis Diller 1400 $400 3319-33 30679 THE JOHNSONS On March 31, 1968, he announced on national TV that he would not seek re-election Lyndon Johnson 1200 $200 3278-9 30680 U.

FIRSTS On January 8, 1963 art viewers in the U.got their first smile from this woman Mona Lisa 200 $200 3630-51 30681 EXPLORERS and TRAVELERS Vitus Bering was born in Denmark, but explored the Arctic for this European power Russia 1800 $800 4296-42 30682 WHERE AM I? (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from on location.) I'm on the slopes in the Arapaho National Forest in this state Colorado 1600 $1200 3290-47 30683 LITERARY ADJECTIVES "Like the impractical idealist in a Cervantes satire" reduces to this adjective quixotic 1600 $600 5006-10 30684 MOVIE TERMS People are still flocking to see my picture 2 months after it opened; it's really got these body parts legs 200 $400 3065-4 30685 ORGANIZATIONS This organization publishes a bimonthly magazine titled "American Birds" National Audubon Society 100 $100 5036-39 30686 LITERARY CHARACTERS The characters of "Murder in the Cathedral" include Becket, 3 priests and--uh-oh--4 of these noble soldiers knights 1400 $800 4141-57 30687 OH, HELL! In "Paradise Lost", this "Prince of Devils" is a chief lord of the land down under, second only to Satan Beelzebub 2000 $2000 5086-20 30688 MAIDEN NAMES Bianca Macias Jagger 400 $800 5075-18 30689 BIBLE HEROES When Jesus saw this tax collector and first Gospel writer, he told him to "follow me" Matthew 400 $800 3332-56 30690 20th CENTURY POETS Author heard here reading an entire poem:"So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens" William Carlos Williams 2000 $1000 3046-39 30691 ODD GODS The Japanese god Raiden likes to eat this body part found in the name of an orange Navel 1400 $400 3875-48 30692 KEMAL ATATURK From the Arabic for "ruler", it's the title held by the man overthrown by Ataturk in 1922 Sultan 1800 $800 5055-48 30693 THE FIRM This brand's Spread Satin paint was launched nationally in 1949 Glidden 1800 $1600 3177-44 30694 THE WORST IN SPORTS This northwestern team wasn't "flying" when it set the NFL record of -7 yards against the Rams in 1979 Seattle Seahawks 1600 $600 3289-7 30695 GARDENING Privet, an evergreen shrub, is commonly grown as one of these to keep your garden privet Hedge 200 $200 3269-12 30696 10 YEARS LATER In the '82-'83 season, "60 Minutes" was the No.

1 Oh, you caught done! 60 Minutes 300 $300 3009-24 30697 HISTORY'S MYSTERIES In 1872 this ship was found in the Atlantic intact, but with no one aboard Marie Celeste 500 $500 3621-33 30698 ZODIAC SYMBOLS These, the symbol for Libra, may appear alone or with a woman holding them Scales 1200 $200 5063-2 30699 TRANSPORTATION The FJ Cruiser is from Toyota; the PT Cruiser, from this automaker Chrysler 100 $200 3007-0 30700 THE 1880s On January 27, 1880 he received a patent for his incandescent light Thomas Edison 100 $100 3066-11 30701 DOUBLE D WORDS It follows step-, corporate and Jacob's ladder 200 $200 2756-44 30702 ACTORS and ACTRESSES In a 1995 film this Irish actor portrayed Scottish outlaw Rob Roy Liam Neeson 1600 $600 2895-1 30703 ANNUAL EVENTS The Simbra Oilor in Oas, Romania celebrates the return of these animals to the pasture -- "shear" luck Sheep 100 $100 3030-34 30704 UNFINISHED BUSINESS The story of this unfinished ziggurat was once used to explain the origin of languages Tower of Babel 1200 $200 3107-27 30705 TV CAST CHANGES Dabney Coleman played Ann Marie's neighbor on this series before Bernie Kopell That Girl 500 $500 3106-24 30706 STATE NICKNAMES "The Empire State Of The South" Georgia 500 $500 3290-5 30707 "NIGHT"s John Travolta received an Oscar nomination for his performance in this 1977 movie Saturday Night Fever 100 $100 5042-32 30708 LITERARY E-MAIL ADDRESSES (Alex: Then you have to name the character you would e-mail at.

) fake [email protected] Captain Ahab 1200 $400 3010-29 30709 RICH and FAMOUS Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns this Portland sports team Portland Trail Blazers 500 $500 1871-10 30710 ACTORS ON STAGE Mildred Dunnock was perhaps best known for creating the role of Linda Loman in this play Death of a Salesman 200 $200 3637-6 30711 FAMOUS PAINTINGS Portraitist Gilbert Stuart produced over 1,100 paintings, 104 of which were likenesses of this man George Washington 200 $200 2909-24 30712 ANIMALS This catlike carnivore of Africa is valued for its musk Civet 500 $500 3110-0 30713 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY A big name in computers, this company is known as HP for short Hewlett-Packard 100 $100 5107-13 30714 THAT '70s SHOW The Fonz told people to "Sit on it!" on this show that debuted in 1974 Happy Days 300 $600 3267-6 30715 U.

GEOGRAPHY It's the largest body of fresh water lying entirely within the USA Lake Michigan 200 $200 5103-30 30716 FOOD IN HISTORY A 19th c.duchess who felt faint in the afternoon began the British custom of serving tiny little cakes with this beverage tea 1200 $400 4199-57 30717 EUROPE This dual monarchy began with Franz Josef in 1867 and broke up in 1918, 2 years after his death the Austro-Hungarian 2000 $2000 3066-56 30718 FILMS OF THE 80s In this 1984 film, Sally Field played a Depression-era widow who struggles to save her farm Places In The Heart 2000 $1000 3670-48 30719 AMERICAN HISTORY "X" This "affair" caused a quasi-war between France and America in 1798 "X Y Z" Affair 1800 $800 3621-41 30720 ALL ABOUT THE PRESIDENCY (Note: All of the clues in this category are given by former president Jimmy Carter from the Carter Center in Atlanta) The presidential library system formally began in 1939 when this man donated his papers to the federal government Franklin D.Roosevelt 1400 $400 5078-51 30721 THE ALIENS ARE HERE! "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" is a cute story, but this animal's introduction to Hawaii to control the rat population has turned ugly the mongoose 1800 DD: $2,000 3297-38 30722 THE WORLD OF ISLAM The sacred Muslim site seen here can be found in this city (the Kaaba) Mecca 1400 $400 4982-28 30723 SILK In the 500s A.this Byzantine emperor known for his code sent 2 monks to China to learn the secret of silk Justinian 500 $1000 5001-54 30724 THE ANIMAL KINGDOM Canada has made this arctic bovine a protected species No.the musk ox 2000 $2000 3021-42 30725 BALLET Kirk Douglas may know that the ballet about this gladiator who led a slave revolt includes an orgy scene Spartacus 1600 $600 3263-15 30726 THE KENNEDYS She's Mrs.

Edwin Arthur Schlossberg Caroline 300 $300 3306-56 30727 STATE CAPITAL NICKNAMES Great Scot! This city on the Hudson has been called the "Edinburgh of America" Albany 2000 DD: $1,000 3331-26 30728 THE NEW TESTAMENT In Revelation, it was the name of he who sat on a pale horse Death 500 $500 3637-32 30729 THE FOUR SEASONS "The Four Seasons" consists of 4 concertos for this instrument and orchestra Violin 1200 $200 3287-54 30730 LITERATURE This 1872 Samuel Butler satire has the alternate title "Over The Range" Erewhon 2000 $1000 3015-15 30731 SATIRE The late Michael O' Donoghue helped start "Saturday Night Live" and this "National" satire magazine National Lampoon 300 $300 3298-15 30732 BOWL GAMES The Georgia Dome is the home of the Heritage Bowl, as well as this game Peach Bowl 300 $300 3870-5 30733 "GEO" PARTY! (Alex: Audience, oh be quiet!) Type of math comparing lines and angles that the writer of this clue nearly failed in high school Geometry 100 $100 2895-38 30734 ART and ARTISTS In 1881 Manet painted the garden of a villa he rented in this French city noted for its palace Versailles 1400 $400 5012-33 30735 SHERMANS In TV cartoons, Sherman was this animated dog's boy Peabody 1200 $400 2906-16 30736 UNDERGARMENTS Dress-length undergarment with shoulder straps for Anna, not Sigmund Freudian slip 300 $300 3262-13 30737 PEOPLE and PLACES Orcadians don't live on the planet Ork but in the Orkney Islands of this British Isles country Scotland 300 $300 4987-5 30738 TAUNT "O" By its isolated nature, your last original thought might be considered one of these children without parents an orphan 100 $200 5061-36 30739 JONATHAN SWIFT Swift sent Gulliver on this many voyages, 3 fewer than Sinbad 4 1400 $800 3274-34 30740 PLAYING DOCTOR He played physician and poet Yuri Zhivago in a 1965 film Omar Sharif 1200 $200 2898-1 30741 SONGS Bob Dylan asked him to "Play a song for me, in the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin' you" Mr.Tambourine Man 100 $100 3293-10 30742 THE PERFECT GIFT In the past, a gold watch from an employer followed an employee's decision to take this action Retirement 200 $200 3324-21 30743 ARCH-EOLOGY The Windows and The Garden of Eden are found in this state's Arches National Park Utah 400 $400 4141-39 30744 OH, HELL! In Latin, his name means "light bearer"; please allow Mick Jagger to introduce him in "Sympathy For The Devil" Lucifer 1400 $800 3039-40 30745 LET'S CELEBRATE! In February 1887, Oregon became the first state to declare this September day a legal holiday Labor Day 1400 $400 5037-42 30746 COMPOSERS Go for Baroque and name this composer of "Music for the Royal Fireworks" Handel 1600 $1200 3304-27 30747 WHAT'S THAT ON YOUR HEAD? The man credited with creating the football helmet is this basketball inventor James Naismith 500 $500 3171-3 30748 SECRET IDENTITIES Don Diego de la Vega Zorro 100 $100 3297-52 30749 BOOKS BY CELEBRITIES Not surprisingly, the hero of this TV personality's "Murder Under Blue Skies" is a former weatherman Willard Scott 1800 $800 3872-8 30750 REAL AUDIO "People" and "Back To Broadway" are No.1 albums by this woman Barbra Streisand 200 $200 3284-16 30751 MATH CLASS The diameter of one of these 3-dimensional figures is twice the radius Sphere 300 $300 5041-47 30752 "TAB" HUNTERS A vivid, picturesque display a tableau 1600 $1200 3325-41 30753 BEASTLY EXPRESSIONS In this weather phrase, felines represent precipitation and canines symbolize wind and storm Raining cats and dogs 1400 $400 3144-32 30754 IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT This city's Nov., stranding subway riders and darkening Herald Square New York City 1200 $200 5034-7 30755 FICTIONAL MEN OF WAR In this epic Russell Crowe played the victorious Roman general Maximum Decimus Meridius Gladiator 200 $400 3668-47 30756 "STRIP"s "Krazy Kat" was a popular one of these that ran from 1913 to 1944 Comic strip 1600 $600 3005-47 30757 CANADIAN MUSICIANS Jazz musician Maynard Ferguson is renowned for his high, squealing tone on this instrument Trumpet 1600 $600 3296-1 30758 WHICH CAME FIRST? Paul Newman, Paul Anka, Paul Gauguin, Paul McCartney Paul Gauguin 100 $100 3280-48 30759 MEDIEVAL PEOPLE Andrei Rublev was Russia's greatest painter of these, meaning "images" Icons 1800 $800 4198-26 30760 TOP 40 DEBUTS 1985:This synth-pop band with "People Are People" Depeche Mode 500 $1000 5023-33 30761 MEASUREMENT Found in Africa in 1905, the Cullinan Diamond was measured at 3,106 of these units carats 1200 $400 5061-23 30762 MORTAL MATTERS In a December night in 1916, he was poisoned, shot and thrown in the Neva River to drown Rasputin 400 $800 3323-41 30763 LIGHTEN UP! A 1998 federal study stated that at least 92,000 crashes a year are prevented by a car's third one of these Brake lights 1400 $400 100008-37 30764 U.GOVERNMENT This agency produces about 22,000 copies of the Congressional Record each day Government Printing Office 1400 1000 3832-31 30765 COUNTRY STARS Not surprisingly her website lists as one of her favorite actresses her sister Ashley Which one? Wynonna Judd 1200 $200 3703-29 30766 "B" WITH "U" Common British term for someone who sings and passes the hat in public Busker 500 $500 3326-55 30767 CELEBRITY BOOKS This zany duo reveals the "magical" secrets of "How To Play With Your Food" and "How To Play In Traffic" Penn and Teller 2000 $1000 4976-24 30768 HIDE and SIKH At this "colorful" shrine, Sikhs bathe in the Amrita Saras--the pool of immortality--for purification the Golden Temple 500 $1000 3014-49 30769 ENDANGERED ANIMALS Not a "lot" of this cat, felis pardalis, can be spotted in the wild Ocelot 1800 $800 3903-38 30770 JUST PLANE GEOMETRY A straight angle has this many degrees 180 1400 $400 3872-54 30771 ARTISTS and THEIR WORKS "The Laughing Cavalier", seen here, may be the most famous portrait by this Antwerp-born artist Frans Hals 2000 $1000 3010-16 30772 "PU" It's another name for the cougar or mountain lion Puma 300 $300 3297-50 30773 THE WORLD OF ISLAM This ancient city is the third holiest in Islam Jerusalem 1800 $800 4137-50 30774 "V" This 10-letter word is the part you look through on your camera a viewfinder 1800 $1600 3148-51 30775 COMMON BONDS Unstirred martinis, a leg, your booty things you shake 1800 $800 3674-16 30776 KILLERS "(Hi, I'm Billy Warlock of "General Hospital") In the TV movie "Honor Thy Father And Mother: The True Story Of" these "Murders", I played Lyle" The Menendez Murders 300 $300 3870-18 30777 MUSICAL INSTRUMENT ORIGINS The history of this brass instrument "slides" back to the 15th century sackbut Trombone 400 $400 3903-40 30778 SAINTS Saint Augustine's mom, she's also a saint, as well as an L.boulevard that Sheryl Crow sang about Santa Monica 1400 $400 5058-0 30779 SHAKESPEAREAN POLICE BLOTTER (Alex: You have to identify the Shakespearean play.

) Multiple homicides, regicide via poison in ear; unit dispatched to nunnery for further investigation Hamlet 100 $200 3315-37 30780 ARROWS From 1976 to 1979, this automaker launched "Arrows" Be more specific.Plymouth 1400 $400 3067-54 30781 MUSEUMS 1 of the 2 museums mentioned in the lyrics of Cole Porter's "You're The Top" The Louvre or the National Gallery 2000 $1000 3143-44 30782 FRUIT What Americans call this is actually an orange-flavored muskmelon Canteloupe 1600 $600 4198-8 30783 TOP 40 DEBUTS 1966:This Brooklynite with "Cherry, Cherry" Neil Diamond 200 $400 5085-15 30784 ALPHABETICALLY LAST the Great Lakes Lake Superior 300 $600 3007-49 30785 NOVELS' FIRST LINES "Half-way down a by-street of one of our New England towns, stands a rusty wooden house." The House Of The Seven Gables 1800 $800 3332-44 30786 20th CENTURY POETS In 1917, at age 52, this Irishman got married and published his book "The Wild Swans Of Coole" William Butler Yeats 1600 DD: $1,000 3296-11 30787 KWANZAA Kwanzaa's kinara holds 7 of these; a menorah holds 8 Candles 200 $200 3308-20 30788 YELLOW MUSIC From 1970's "Ladies of the Canyon" album, it's Joni Mitchell's song of ecological concerns "Big Yellow Taxi" 400 $400 3031-40 30789 FILMS OF THE '90s In 1996 France's synchronized swim team planned a Holocaust-based Olympic routine to this Spielberg film's music Schindler's List 1400 $400 3862-5 30790 I DON'T GIVE A DAM Located on the borders of Arizona and Nevada, this dam was finished in 1936 and got "presidential" in 1947 Hoover Dam 100 $100 5092-48 30791 SCIENC"E" "Firth" is a synonym for this broad mouth of a river into which the tide flows estuary 1800 $1600 5027-17 30792 "D" BRIEFING The international road vehicle sticker of this nation is seen here Denmark 300 $600 4973-52 30793 BEASTLY LIT 1961:A reptillion evening served up by Tennessee Williams The Night of the Iguana 1800 DD: $3,000 3871-34 30794 BIBLICAL PEOPLE Once Moses' aide, he led the Israelites into the promised land Joshua 1200 $200 5026-26 30795 TIME IS ON MY SIDE This country's King Rama IX, who belongs to the Chakri Dynasty that includes King Mongkut, has reigned 59 years Thailand 500 $1000 3024-55 30796 THE "I"s HAVE IT In a proverb, it's "no excuse" for breaking the law Ignorance 2000 $1000 3174-16 30797 CANADIAN CITIES The CFL's B.Lions play their home games in this city Vancouver 300 $300 4093-34 30798 ARTISTS and THEIR WORKS 1962:"Group of Five Campbell's Soup Cans" (Andy) Warhol 1200 $400 3627-51 30799 MIDDLE NAMES 1960s Defense Secretary Strange Robert McNamara 1800 DD: $2,900 3295-16 30800 THE RED-NOSED Not sure if it's from his drinking or not, but he's the Disney chipmunk with a red nose Dale 300 $300 3264-56 30801 THE MEDIA ON TV On "Buffalo Bill", he was a talk show host; on "Madman of the People", an outspoken columnist Dabney Coleman 2000 $1000 3031-18 30802 WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? If you were born under this sign of the water carrier, you may have weak ankles, so don't sprain them Aquarius 400 $400 5075-21 30803 INVENTORS and INVENTIONS In 1938 chemist Roy Plunkett invented polytetrafluorethylene, a nonstick substance better known as this No.

I betcha if you went into your kitchen, you'd have some there.Teflon 400 DD: $2,000 3103-0 30804 NEO GEO Mobutu got the boot, and so did the name Zaire; the country's now called The Democratic Republic Of this Congo 100 $100 3325-12 30805 NAME THAT STATE The Sears Tower, The McDonald's Museum, Abe Lincoln's Tomb Illinois 300 DD: $600 3637-50 30806 THE FOUR SEASONS The excerpt heard here depicts this dental event caused by winter cold: Teeth chattering 1800 $800 3874-28 30807 CONVERSIONS 1 fathom equals 6 of these Feet 500 $500 3286-14 30808 20th CENTURY AMERICA This president's memorial with a 19-foot bronze statue was dedicated in Washington in 1943 Thomas Jefferson 300 $300 5066-27 30809 REPTILES and AMPHIBIANS Instead of eating the Egyptian variety of this bird, a crocodile lets it into its mouth to clean the croc's teeth And the bird is a small * .plover 500 $1000 3174-49 30810 FIRST NAMES "Flowery" novelist Murdoch Iris 1800 $800 5010-4 30811 WOMEN OUTSTANDING IN THEIR FIELD (Alex: You have to name the shared field.) Giada de Laurentiis, Rachael Ray, Julia Child cooking 100 $200 2894-3 30812 THE 1880s De Beers Mining Company was established in 1880 to mine these gems Diamonds 100 $100 5094-26 30813 Freedom 7's pilot in 1961, he also commanded Apollo 14, the 1st mission to land on the moon and not on the lunar seas (Alan) Shepard 500 $1000 3071-42 30814 THE THIRD WORLD This group of about 600 islets and islands is located between Grenada and St.

Vincent Grenadines 1600 $600 5048-27 30815 MIDDLE ENGLISH CLASS "Is this a" word from Middle English "which I see before me"? a dagger 500 $1000 5085-57 30816 TECH TONIC RFID chips, this type of I., can be placed on store products or on soldiers to find them in an emergency radio frequency 2000 $2000 3015-24 30817 DEMOCRACY Rhyming term for the 1993 law making states offer voter registration to driver's license applicants "Motor-Voter" law 500 $500 3181-1 30818 THE MOVIES It's the 1997 sequel to 1981's "An American Werewolf in London" An American Werewolf in Paris 100 $100 315-39 30819 LOVE Since 1971 these authors of "Human Sexual Response" have been viewing it from a married perspective Masters and Johnson 1400 $400 3313-27 30820 NEO LINGO It's the practice of visiting natural habitats on vacation in a manner that minimizes ecological impact Eco-tourism 500 $500 2909-3 30821 DANCE Some trace this American dance back to the musical theatre star Harry Fox Foxtrot 100 $100 5107-3 30822 GENEROUS FOOD PORTIONS (Alex: I like that.) You gotta break some eggs to make this item; in 1994, 160,000 were used to make a 1,383-square-foot one an omelette 100 $200 3318-42 30823 ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS It took more than 2,000,000 2-ton blocks of stone to build the great pyramid of this man Cheops 1600 $600 5084-11 30824 "NIGHT" Thrush to judgment and name this bird seen here a nightingale 200 $400 314-21 30825 BIOLOGY In an apple, it's the "inside" name for the pericarp the core 400 $400 5013-25 30826 CARTOON MICE First name of young Mr.Mousekewitz, voiced by Phillip Glasser in "An American Tail" Fievel 500 $1000 3314-4 30827 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Students put together this, also called an annual, with photos of class members and school activities Yearbook 100 $100 620-1 30828 DYNASTIES "New Yorker" humorist Robert begat novelist Nathaniel, who begat "Jaws" author Peter Benchleys 100 $100 4967-13 30829 YANKEE STADIUM (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads from the stands of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.

) I'm in the Yankee Stadium section where, in 1977, this man's third home run of World Series game six landed; all were hit on the first pitch Mr.Reggie Jackson 300 $600 4970-17 30830 LISZT Liszt's music was influenced by this Polish pianist, who first met George Sand through Liszt (Frederic) Chopin 300 $600 3669-3 30831 LET'S TAKE A LITTLE TRIP In 1995 one of these craft that began passenger service in 1976 flew around the world in less than 32 hours Concorde 100 $100 5010-31 30832 SHAKESPEARE'S FILMS (Alex: We need you to name the play on which each film is based.) A 1961 classic:"West Side Story" Romeo and Juliet 1200 $400 2898-57 30833 9-LETTER WORDS It's the derivation of a word, or the study of it Etymology 2000 $1000 5078-53 30834 ON THE "GOO" Don't throw out that shirt you can't fit into; donate it to this organization founded in 1902 Goodwill 1800 $1600 618-13 30835 PLANTS On milkweed and dandelions, each one comes with its own "parachute" the seed 300 $300 2897-36 30836 LITERATURE "The Last Temptation Of Christ" has this many chapters, the traditional number of years of Jesus' life 33 1400 $400 3007-21 30837 "MONKEY" SHINES Film in which Groucho Marx declares, "Love flies out the door when money comes innuendo" Monkey Business 400 $400 5006-13 30838 CLASSIC TV QUOTES (Alex: You have to identifiy the show for us.) "A horse has got to learn to stand on his own four feet" Mr.

Ed 300 $600 5034-5 30839 IT'S IN THE BIBLE Jesus' last quoted words, known as the "Great Commission", are in the book called these "of the Apostles" the Acts 100 $200 2908-42 30840 JAPANESE BUSINESS and INDUSTRY (Alex: They've made a lot of money!) The largest ones of these in the world are Japan's Sanwa and Dai-Ichi Kangyo Banks 1600 $600 2893-45 30841 CANADIAN CAPITALS Commercial cod fishing, long a mainstay of this Newfoundland capital, declined to almost nothing by 1990 St.John's 1600 $600 3669-55 30842 FAMOUS FOR 15 MINUTES Millions watched Rick Rockwell pick this bride from a parade of 50 contestants and marry her almost immediately Darva Conger 2000 $1000 4123-47 30843 "DOUBLE" TROUBLE It's the common name for diplopia double vision 1600 $1200 5023-37 30844 '80s MOVIES This 1989 Keanu Reeves flick asked the immortal question, "Want a Twinkie, Genghis Khan?" Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 1400 $800 5019-56 30845 LITERARY CROSSWORD CLUES "L" James T.Farrell's Studs(7) Lonigan 2000 $2000 100013-19 30846 COLORS (Alex: All of the correct responses in that category will contain a color.) It's a shade of brown, a type of nut or a nutty housekeeper hazel 400 800 5087-10 30847 -SCOPES The U.Navy uses the Type 18 one of these, named for its 18-times magnification a periscope 200 $400 5087-29 30848 BRIT SPEAK In a department store, you wouldn't look for the elevator but for this the lift 500 $1000 3298-54 30849 HISTORIC NAMES In 1778 this Lee was named to command a special "legion" of dragoons and infantry "Lighthorse" Harry Lee 2000 $1000 5089-24 30850 THE 20th CENTURY In 1959 these two top of the alphabet monkeys were happy to be home after a 1700-mile flight in a Jupiter rocket Able and Baker 500 $1000 5032-5 30851 DOUBLE MEANINGS (Alex: Each clue will have two blanks, and the same word, which will be the correct response, fills in both those blanks.) The only pleas he knew about was "More Scotch, please"; you can't pass the exam sitting in the all day bar 100 $200 5061-44 30852 TREES (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from Oregon.) Also called the Sierra redwood, or just "the big tree", it once covered much of the Northern Hemisphere; now it's down to a few groves Be more specific.the giant sequoia 1600 $1200 3670-23 30853 FOREIGN WORDS This Japanese word for "teacher" is a common title for a karate instructor Sensei 400 $400 2895-19 30854 ANNUAL EVENTS An 1876 bank robbery attempt is reenacted during Defeat of Jesse James Days in Northfield in this state Minnesota 400 $400 3292-39 30855 JACKS OF ALL TRADES In 1991 he published "Prescription Medicide: The Goodness of Planned Death" Dr.

Jack Kevorkian 1400 $400 3299-7 30856 THE ROARING '20s This term came into vogue for the type of woman seen here Flipper was a sea creature! a flapper 200 $200 4595-24 30857 THE BIG BANGLADESH In the 1960s, Louis Kahn designed the Parliament building seen here in this capital Dhaka 500 $1000 3107-52 30858 FROM CLASSICAL TUNES Echoes of Mendelssohn's violin concerto haunt this song, Yvonne Elliman's hit from "Jesus Christ Superstar" I Don't Know How To Love Him 1800 $800 3635-22 30859 HOLLYWOOD BLVD.

June 16, 1999 was "Another Day In Paradise" when this composer got a star on the Walk of Fame Phil Collins 400 $400 4201-7 30860 GAME SHOWS This grocery store-set game is seen daily on PAX Supermarket Sweep 200 $400 3669-17 30861 B D (Alex: Each response will have that form; it'll be 3 letters: a "B", another letter and a "D") It was the way Jessica Rabbit was "drawn" "Bad" 300 $300 5078-6 30862 RELIGION IN ART 1890's "Church at Auvers" is in the typical Frenetic style of this artist (Vincent) van Gogh 200 $400 3107-53 30863 LATIN CLASS Gender of nouns Vir and Rex Male 1800 $800 3034-55 30864 MS.PLUMLY'S COMPOSITION CLASS A statement of what an essay will discuss, or what you may write to get your M.a thesis 2000 $1000 2905-21 30865 WORLD WAR I By a clause in this treaty, Germany was forced to accept responsibility for causing the war Treaty of Versailles 400 $400 5080-16 30866 POLITICAL CARICATURES He's the athlete-turned-governor caricatured here Jesse Ventura 300 $600 4995-34 30867 HIT ME The first song listed in the "Billboard Book of No.1 Hits" is this "rockin'" Bill Haley song from July 1955 "Rock Around The Clock" 1200 $400 5049-42 30868 BRITISH POETS As a group, Coleridge, Wordsworth and Southey are often known by this "aquatic" term the "Lake Poets" 1600 $1200 3315-15 30869 ITALIAN ART One of the greatest painters of the Venetian school, this 16th century artist was born Tiziano Vecellio Titian 300 $300 4093-5 30870 ST.

PAUL Of faith, hope and charity, the one Paul considered the greatest charity 100 $200 3277-42 30871 A FEW WORDS FROM WORDSWORTH Wordsworth saw these golden flowers "Beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze" Daffodils 1600 $600 3623-12 30872 PEOPLE IN SPACE James Lovell went on 2 Apollo missions and 2 of these missions that had 2-man crews Gemini 300 $300 4969-49 30873 TV TITLE REFERENCES (Alex: You have to give us the title of each progam in.) Opening in 2005, a look back at some members of the high school class of 1986 Reunion 1800 $1600 3308-46 30874 THE MOVIES Doris Day's most "negative" film titles may be "Do Not Disturb" and "Please Don't Eat" these The Daisies 1600 $600 3310-53 30875 VIOLINS This Paris-born violinist helped popularize the European style of "Le Jazz Hot" Stephen Grappelli 1800 $800 4966-24 30876 ON THE EQUATOR This country crosses the line; the city of Entebbe is just north of it Uganda 500 $1000 100004-21 30877 WORLD HISTORY By 1906 British New Guinea had become a territory of Australia and was renamed this Papua New Guinea 400 800 5016-22 30878 FEARFUL QUOTES "I must not fear, fear is the mind-killer" is an axiom used by Bene Gesserit witches in this '65 Herbert novel Dune 400 $800 2737-8 30879 TV LAW In 1987 this Stephen Bochco series was named Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmys L.Law 200 $200 3177-51 30880 CONNECTICUTIES Born in Hartford, this blonde went west to play Krystle Carrington on "Dynasty" Linda Evans 1800 $800 3282-4 30881 BREAKING UP The Doors recorded for 2 years after the death of this lead singer before calling it quits Jim Morrison 100 $100 3637-7 30882 CLASSIC TV SHOWS BY CHARACTERS Don Hollinger, Lou Marie, Ann Marie That Girl 200 $200 3010-25 30883 NOVEL QUOTES " ought to find a way of being inoculated against love" is a line from his "Anna Karenina" Leo Tolstoy 500 $500 4995-58 30884 HIT ME "Waterfalls" by this female hip-hop trio had the fans flooding into stores in July 1995 TLC 2000 $2000 5043-15 30885 SHOW ME THE MONKEY! The pygmy variety of this small South American monkey is seen here a marmoset 300 $600 3317-36 30886 LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE Chilean poet to whom Massimo Troisi delivered mail as "The Postman" Pablo Neruda 1400 $400 5017-47 30887 POPPY CULTURE Morphine and this analgesic and cough suppressant whose name means "poppy head" are derived from the opium poppy codeine 1600 $1200 3065-48 30888 U.STATES Geographic features of this state include the San Juan Islands and the Strait of Juan de Fuca Washington 1800 $800 5084-35 30889 FROM THE FRENCH This type of needlework gets its name from the French for "hook" crochet 1200 $400 4989-57 30890 MIND YOUR BUSINESS In 1937 this French leather-goods maker produced its first silk scarf Hermes 2000 $2000 3631-14 30891 IDAHO'S GLORIOUS PAST The name Idaho was nearly given to this other state, whose current name means "colored red" Colorado 300 $300 4296-3 30892 WHAT COULD SHE BE DOING IN THERE? Giving herself a wavy look with a home one of these--it doesn't work, she may not come out for days a permanent 100 $200 5033-13 30893 ROCK LEGENDS This "brotherly" blue-eyed soul act returned to the Top 10 in 1974 with "Rock And Roll Heaven" The Righteous Brothers 300 $600 3267-3 30894 ENDANGERED SPECIES The endangered red variety of this animal once ranged from the Atlantic to Texas Wolf 100 $100 3261-8 30895 OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN When David first saw her, she was "washing herself, and" she "was very beautiful to look upon" Bathsheba 200 $200 4977-3 30896 MR.SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON Fort Dix is in this state's 4th District, repped by Chris Smith, who was elected to Congress at age 27 New Jersey 100 $200 5105-47 30897 THE "END" (Alex: Notice the quotation marks.That word--the letters "E-N-D"--those letters--will come up in each correct repsonse.) Many out-of-work actors make ends meet as mixologists, this profession a bartender 1600 $1200 5036-32 30898 VICE PRESIDENTIAL MONOGRAMS (Alex: You have to identify the vice president--we don't need the full name.) HHH Hubert Humphrey 1200 $400 3903-46 30899 SAINTS In 1918 padre Pio, who reportedly could levitate, became the first priest in centuries to receive these "wounds" stigmata 1600 $600 5058-7 30900 IT'S A MAN, BABY! Barry Humphries, the voice of Bruce the Shark in "Finding Nemo", also performs as this "Dame", possums Dame Edna 200 $400 5019-57 30901 PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS WE KNOW It's the 820-mile-long river represented here the Rhine 2000 $2000 5049-39 30902 POPE Pope Leo X famously excommunicated this reformer in 1521 Martin Luther 1400 $800 5044-42 30903 WORLD RELIGION The Panchen Lama was the abbot of Tashilhunpo in this autonomous region of China Tibet 1600 $1200 3331-36 30904 BEING THOREAU Thoreau praised this man's actions at Harpers Ferry and eulogized him in 3 lectures John Brown 1400 $400 3015-57 30905 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD Its city of Pusan has an average of 54 inches of precipitation a year South Korea 2000 $1000 3031-46 30906 FILMS OF THE '90s In 1995 Dustin Hoffman as a doctor, not a hacker, fought an "outbreak" of a deadly one of these You were too specific--it was not the ebola virus that was in that particular movie.

a virus 1600 $600 3264-47 30907 HENRY JAMES' BOSTONIANS (Alex; That is a reference to the novel The Bostonians, the 1886 novel by that author) This movement promoted by Susan B.Anthony is central to the novel's plot Women's suffrage movement 1600 $600 3301-36 30908 RICHARD NIXON In 1952 this six-year-old gave Nixon's dog Checkers its name Tricia Nixon 1400 $400 3261-0 30909 MOUNTAINS The Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains surround this Utah capital Salt Lake City 100 $100 5079-45 30910 CRAFT If you apply pieces of one material to another, you're practicing this craft, from the French for "apply" applique 1600 $1200 3272-1 30911 MOVIE CO-STARS In the 1994 film "North", Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander of this TV series played North's mom and dad Seinfeld 100 $100 5088-7 30912 ALBUMS "Feels Like Home" was the eagerly awaited follow-up to her smash-hit album "Come Away With Me" Norah Jones 200 $400 3291-24 30913 WY WYOMING? This chief tributary of the Columbia River rises near the Continental Divide in Yellowstone Snake River 500 $500 3328-14 30914 U."A"s It's the cabinet post that advises the government on legal matters Attorney General 300 $300 3028-13 30915 SPORTS IN THE NEWS In 1997 Scotty Bowman of this Detroit team became the only coach in the NHL with 1,000 wins Detroit Red Wings 300 $300 5022-31 30916 M.TV The 510th Evac Hospital in Vietnam was the setting for this medical drama China Beach 1200 $400 3317-34 30917 STRAIT-EN UP Spanning the Akashi Strait, the world's longest suspension bridge links this country's Honshu and Shikoku Islands Japan 1200 $200 3314-33 30918 DOUBLE TALK NAMES Nickname of the female fashion designer born in France's Loire Valley region in 1883 Coco (Chanel) 1200 $200 5003-44 30919 DEAD GUYS WITH 3 NAMES The son of this "Old Ironsides" author was on the Supreme Court Oliver Wendell Holmes 1600 $1200 3120-25 30920 AMERICAN HODGEPODGE You might think Georgia would have chosen this tree as its state tree, but it didn't; Texas did Pecan 500 $500 5008-4 30921 POTENT POTABLE POTPOURRI Guinness says Peter Broeker owns more than 8,000 bottles of this--hope they're on a wall and he sings about them beer 100 $200 5020-1 30922 SING SING The Beatles' 2-word musical exclamation used before "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" comes down on various heads bang bang 100 $200 3286-37 30923 SHE WAS IN THAT? Gwyneth Paltrow played the young Wendy in this 1991 film; too bad her plans with Peter didn't pan out Hook 1400 $400 3875-25 30924 CAR REPAIR 101 Detroit basketball fans will tell you expanding gas forces this part down the cylinder Piston 500 $500 4966-31 30925 FAKE ROCK BANDS and SINGERS The gold standard of fake rock bands is this group whose "hits" include "Big Bottom" and "Sex Farm" Spinal Tap 1200 $400 2902-5 30926 "BLACK" and "WHITE" The Executive Mansion White House 100 $100 2908-5 30927 PROVERBS This product changed the proverb "It never rains but it pours" to "When it rains it pours" Morton salt 100 $100 3305-55 30928 THE BASS This late jazz bassist who also backed Joni Mitchell was a true "Jaco" all trades Jaco Pastorius 2000 $1000 3010-2 30929 THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin founded Def Jam, the '80s' premier record label for this type of music Rap 100 $100 5014-12 30930 EUROPE Established in 1919, this Amsterdam-based airline is the world's oldest still under its original name KLM 300 $600 3039-59 30931 JUST SAY "NO" In naming biological specimens, each species has a binomial one nomenclature 2000 $1000 2756-21 30932 U.GEOGRAPHY The largest area of sand dunes in North America lies north of the Platte River in this state Nebraska 400 $400 5037-37 30933 QUOTES FROM THE GODFATHER MOVIES "Don't ever take sides with anyone against" this "again.Ever" the family 1400 $800 3289-30 30934 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION On June 16, 1775 American forces didn't stop at this hill but went on to defend Breed's Hill Bunker Hill 1200 $200 5022-44 30935 OLD WEST DESPERADOES On Oct.5, 1892 5 members of this gang entered Coffeyville, Kansas to rob 2 banks; only Emmett survived Sometimes a good guess is.

the Dalton Gang 1600 DD: $3,000 621-56 30936 THE BIBLE In Genesis, it's to whom God said "Thou art cursed above all cattle" No.Bob? the Serpent 2000 $1000 5010-2 30937 HIGHLAND FLINGS Robert Louis Stevenson fell in love with Fanny Osbourne, a married woman, and later wrote this tale for her son Treasure Island 100 $200 2894-58 30938 WORLD GEOGRAPHY It's the only Central American country that does not border the Caribbean El Salvador 2000 DD: $1,000 4988-12 30939 U.ISLANDS Cape Kumukahi is the easternmost point on this "Big Island" Hawaii 300 $600 3623-15 30940 FOOD and DRINK This tasty veal dish derives its name from the German for "Viennese cutlet" Wienerschnitzel 300 $300 5090-41 30941 HYMNS and HERS (Alex: I love it.) "How sweet the sound" of Meryl Streep singing this hymn on the soundtrack to the film "Silkwood" "Amazing Grace" 1400 $800 3862-41 30942 BACKWORDS (Alex: The correct response will be one of the words in the clue, but backwards) I emit a snort when I peruse this publication Time (emit) 1400 $400 5066-54 30943 1950s MOVIES People often cite this 1950 Japanese film when describing situations seen differently by different people Rash mon 2000 $2000 3287-8 30944 WAR PLANES Sneaky name for the bomber seen here Stealth Bomber 200 $200 5069-52 30945 ESTIMATED PROPHET This visionary Lebanese-American poet penned "The Garden of the Prophet" Kahlil Gibran 1800 $1600 4985-12 30946 ANCIENT TIMES Because of his work there, you could call the astronomer Hipparchus "the colossus of" this island Rhodes 300 $600 3667-53 30947 BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS Brownsville is the gateway to this popular spring break destination located on a barrier reef Padre Island 1800 $800 4595-51 30948 THE GODFATHER After a mock funeral for this counterculture icon, his goddaughter, Winona Ryder, moved in with him Timothy Leary 1800 $1600 3326-17 30949 JIM DANDIES In this 1939 book, the Joads run into Jim Casy, a preacher who becomes an activist The Grapes Of Wrath 300 $300 3180-56 30950 SCIENCE and NATURE Announced on February 14, 1946, this first electronic digital computer had 18,000 vacuum tubes Is that what you were going to say, Lara? ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) 2000 $1000 3262-19 30951 PEOPLE and PLACES The people of this "Magnolia State" are sometimes known as mud-cats Mississippi 400 $400 4297-53 30952 THE "C" AROUND US Literally "our affair", this Sicilian criminal organization is linked to the Mafia the Cosa Nostra 1800 $1600 3144-14 30953 1980s FADS Androgeny was exemplified by Eurythmics' Annie Lennox, and by this lead singer of Culture Club Boy George 300 $300 3311-14 30954 AMERICA SINCE 1900 Approved in the 1950s, this compound has been added to the drinking water of about half of the U.

population Fluoride 300 $300 3271-45 30955 MANY LOVES The Beatles asked, "Would you believe in" this type of love, and others have wondered too Love at first sight 1600 $600 2900-44 30956 BIRDS These birds that return to San Juan Capistrano in March are of the cliff variety Swallows 1600 $600 3109-53 30957 "AW", SHUCKS Cartoon character seen here: (his sidekick was Baba Looey) Gary, we have a change in scoring - your response of "Dai Nippon" is acceptable, since it's the designation the Japanese use for their country, so you get $400 back Quick Draw McGraw 1800 DD: $1,400 3288-34 30958 TAKE A LETTER It's the only multi-syllable letter in our alphabet W 1200 $200 3832-56 30959 LOOK WHO'S TALKING Jim Burden reminisces about his Nebraska childhood and a certain Bohemian farm girl in this Cather classic My Antonia 2000 $1000 100013-33 30960 NEWSPAPERS Newspapers in Sacramento, Modesto and Fresno share the name of this insect bee 1200 500 1871-17 30961 U.STATES This "Cornhusker" State's name comes from an Indian word for "flat water", a reference to the Platte River Nebraska 300 $300 3315-57 30962 PEN NAMES Since he remembered things past, Echo was an apropos nom de plume for this Frenchman Marcel Proust 2000 $1000 3039-18 30963 THE MAJESTIC EAGLE The Bald Eagle is the USA's symbol while this other North American type has been called the king of birds the Golden Eagle 400 $400 3292-54 30964 FRENCH LIT For over 100 years the publishing house he founded has been the leader in French dictionaries Pierre Larousse 2000 DD: $1,000 5079-20 30965 UNFORESEEN FINDS This product was born when a new 3M jet-fuel hose material spilled on shoes and made them waterproof and stain-resistant Scotch-Guard 400 $800 3174-10 30966 CANADIAN CITIES The North Saskatchewan River divides this Albertan capital in half Edmonton 200 $200 3068-30 30967 STARS ON THE MAP (Alex: And when you see a star on the map, it usually indicates a capital city) This capital lies on the southern part of the Kanto plain, one of the largest areas of flat land in Japan Tokyo 1200 $200 3019-57 30968 1960 An auto accident in January cut short the life of this French author of "The Stranger" Albert Camus 2000 $1000 5069-28 30969 STATE SONGS "Here We Have" this Northwest state (we know, we've seen its ID) Idaho 500 $1000 2895-20 30970 FAMOUS NAMES This star sings the theme, "Nice Work If You Can Get It", for her self-titled sitcom Cybill Shepherd 400 $400 3021-47 30971 ROCK 'N' ROLL Steven Tyler is the lead singer for this group Aerosmith 1600 $600 5058-58 30972 COTE D'IVOIRE (Alex: The Ivory Coast.) The first French colonial capital, Grand Bassam, is perched on the shore of this gulf the Gulf of Guinea 2000 $2000 4975-44 30973 ONE OF THESE NIGHTS After his ballet troupe's Toronto performance on June 29, 1974, he didn't get on the KGB bus Baryshnikov 1600 $1200 3107-33 30974 AT RANDOM It's a random sample "poll" to determine the public's opinion of anything else Straw poll 1200 $200 3263-46 30975 THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BEN FRANKLIN One of my last public acts was signing a 1790 petition to Congress urging the abolition of this Slavery 1600 $600 3317-39 30976 HERBS and SPICES This Indian spice blend commonly includes chili peppers, cumin, turmeric and coriander Curry powder 1400 $400 4973-23 30977 WHERE'S MY CAR? This feline Mercury model was introduced in 1967 as a companion to the Mustang a Cougar 400 $800 3281-18 30978 U.

PRESIDENTS At 8,445 words, his inaugural address was the longest -- that's a little more than 263 words per day in office William Henry Harrison 400 $400 4969-40 30979 ART Around 1450, with big commissions drying up, sculptors turned to these head-and-shoulders portrait pieces busts 1400 $800 5080-38 30980 DEM BONES It's the longer of the 2 bones of the forearm the ulna 1400 $800 2909-36 30981 U.HISTORY Under the 1783 Treaty of Paris, this river became the western boundary of the U.Mississippi River 1400 $400 3289-54 30982 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION During the winter of 1778-79, this Prussian wrote the first American Army manualof drill and regulations Baron Friedrich Von Steuben 2000 $1000 3035-24 30983 SALLY GOES TO SPACE CAMP Sally was the commander when her team simulated a mission on this reusable spacecraft the Space Shuttle 500 $500 5091-14 30984 ALSO A DEITY On "Star Trek" T'Pol, Sarek and Tuvok are full-blooded members of this race the Vulcans 300 $600 3308-52 30985 THE MOVIES Leonard Maltin called the title character of this German silent film the ugliest vampire in movie history Nosferatu 1800 $800 5015-4 30986 POTPOURRI In what could be the first-ever eviction, they got the heave-ho for taking an unauthorized meal break in Genesis 3 Adam and Eve 100 $200 3262-18 30987 YANKEE INGENUITY To demonstrate his safety brake, this inventor jumped in an elevator and cut the cables Elisha Otis 400 $400 3325-16 30988 A COWBOY'S DICTIONARY Due to the commonplace amputation of limbs, a doctor or surgeon was often called this tool nickname David, if you put the two together.Sawbones 300 $300 3271-21 30989 BUSINESS TERMS Term for the amount a retailer adds to the cost price of a product; it may not be all profit Mark-up 400 $400 3005-53 30990 CANADIAN MUSICIANS In 1974 Neil Peart joined Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee as this trio "hurried" toward fame Rush 1800 $800 3673-56 30991 DRAMA QUEENS The queen in Marlowe's "Edward II" is named this, like a famous queen of Spain Isabella 2000 $1000 618-36 30992 1946 Of 25%, 50%, or 75%, the percentage of veterans in the Sept.1946 enrollment at Harvard This is a bit of guesswork, or figuring it out.* --they were all coming back from the war.75% 1400 $400 3152-56 30993 KIDS' GAME SHOWS This show in which 5 children answered questions debuted on radio in 1940 and on TV in 1949 Nope.Nina or Tony? This show was not Art Linkletter.The Quiz Kids 2000 $1000 3064-45 30994 FASHION DESIGNERS One glance at this Gorgon could turn men into stone, but she's a favorite design motif of Versace Medusa 1600 $600 2621-0 30995 CHILDREN'S LITERATURE In "The Brass Bottle", Horace Ventimore buys an antique brass bottle that contains one of these beings a genie 100 $100 3010-7 30996 NOVEL QUOTES The novel that gave us the famous phrase "Tous pour un, un pour tous" The Three Musketeers 200 $200 3102-37 30997 WE'RE MALAYSIA-BOUND Endau-Rompin Park is one of the last homes of the Sumatran species of this horned mammal Rhinoceros 1400 $400 5105-52 30998 'TIL DEATH Located at the Polunsky Unit in Polk County, the cells in Texas' one of these are each 60 square feet with a window death row 1800 $1600 3272-58 30999 AFRICANS Mount Kenya is in the heart of the homeland of this largest ethnic group in Kenya Kikuyu 2000 $1000 5041-23 31000 HIDDEN U.

STATES (Alex: A state will be hidden inside the clue; the letters will be in order.) Linguistically, did ahoy enter the English language directly from sailors? Idaho (in did ahoy) 400 $800 4976-47 31001 MILITARY RHYME TIME A long defensive ditch near the Marne a French trench 1600 $1200 3178-57 31002 CHARLES V Charles convened the Diet of Worms where this man refused to recant his beliefs Martin Luther 2000 $1000 3031-52 31003 FILMS OF THE '90s 1996 film that features the love theme heard here: Jerry Maguire 1800 DD: $1,300 3066-24 31004 BOOKS ON SPORTS This one-time coach of the New England Patriots discusses leadership in "Finding a Way to Win" Bill Parcells 500 $500 3278-46 31005 MILLS A plain old "miller" usually means one whose mill grinds grain into this Flour 1600 $600 3303-56 31006 THE CIA Founded in 1947, the CIA grew out of WWII's OSS, which stood for this Office of Strategic Services 2000 $1000 4340-44 31007 1960 In submarine feats, the Sargo went to the North Pole and the Triton did this, submerged, in 84 days Traveled around the world 1600 $1200 5013-34 31008 YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED Victories by Garibaldi in 1860 led to this largest Mediterranean island being joined to Italy Sicily 1200 $400 3152-17 31009 CATCHING SOME "Z"s In the Greek alphabet, it follows epsilon zeta 300 $300 3111-12 31010 BUSINESS NEWS This Memphis company suspended service guarantees when UPS went on strike in 1997 Federal Express 300 $300 5016-16 31011 FEARFUL QUOTES Hard to believe she was ever alone, but this Gallic sex kitten revealed, "Solitude scares me" Bridget Bardot 300 $600 3264-32 31012 THE MEDIA ON TV This radio station featured Dr.Johnny Fever, Venus Flytrap and Les Nessman on the air WKRP (In Cincinnati) 1200 $200 5066-44 31013 ALL THE KING'S MEN This nephew of a king took on the Green Knight but in some tales was killed by Mordred Sir Gawain 1600 $1200 3311-40 31014 NEVER Never write your PIN, which stands for this "number", on the back of your ATM card Personal Identification Number 1400 $400 3047-54 31015 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Slaves from western Africa are credited with bringing this stringed instrument to the New World Banjo 2000 $1000 3665-17 31016 "OO"! "OO"! In a nursery rhyme this barnyard cry precedes "My dame has lost her shoe" "Cock-a-doodle-doo" 300 $300 3873-34 31017 HEAD FOR THE HILLS! Rapid City, South Dakota is the most populous city in these hills Black Hills 1200 $200 4988-0 31018 U.ISLANDS This New York island is divided into 4 counties: Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Long Island 100 $200 3263-2 31019 READING, WRITING and ROCK and ROLL In a Jeannie C.

Riley hit, "My mama socked it to" this junior high's P.Harper Valley 100 $100 3178-15 31020 OVER THE RIVER This type of movable bridge that protected castles is also used to permit river traffic Drawbridge 300 $300 4987-1 31021 NFL COACHES In the 1990s Marv Levy led this team to 4 straight Super Bowl appearances the Buffalo Bills 100 $200 5055-9 31022 THAT'S POLITICS Depicted here, she earned a master's degree from Notre Dame in 1975 Condoleezza Rice 200 $400 4979-6 31023 1956 Ex-drummer boy Albert Woolson, the last survivor of this over 2-million-man army, died in Duluth aged 109 Union Army 200 $400 3667-43 31024 MERYL STREEP FILMS Streep won an Oscar for playing this title role seen here: "The time I left I felt that there was nothing terribly wrong with me and that my son would be better off without me" Kramer vs.Kramer 1600 $600 3143-6 31025 SMOOCHING IN SHAKESPEARE "Love's Labour's Lost" and "Henry VI, Part III" both mention the kiss of this Biblical traitor Judas Iscariot 200 $200 3301-41 31026 "STICK" WITH IT You'll find these body parts on a kleptomaniac Sticky fingers 1400 $400 3340-59 31027 BATTERIES In a battery, an oxidation reaction occurs at the anode, and this type of reaction occurs at the cathode a reduction reaction 2000 $1000 3304-25 31028 THE HINDU RELIGION The word "Hindu" comes from an old Sanskrit word meaning this, perhaps a sacred one River 500 $500 3021-3 31029 THE ACADEMY AWARDS This Brit won twice for playing Southern belles, Scarlett and Blanche Vivian Leigh 100 $100 3258-53 31030 "LING"O From the middle English for "coin with a star", it's synonymous with British currency sterling 1800 $800 3265-24 31031 TASTE TREATS Our writers like this cereal grain whether it's in succotash or bourbon Corn 500 $500 3027-23 31032 BALLS Keene, New Hampshire is known for manufacturing miniature and precision ones Ball bearings 400 $400 5020-17 31033 PRISON LIFE (Alex: And finally, we'll deal with an unpleasant subject.

) In 1995 Arizona banned this recreation, fearing that it produced stronger criminals weightlifting 300 $600 3177-5 31034 CANINE PROVERBS Completes the timely proverb "Every dog has." His day 100 $100 3143-32 31035 FRUIT About 50% of the U.orange crop is of this variety that shares its name with a Spanish city Valencia 1200 $200 3010-38 31036 SPORTS Except for 1995, the NHL scoring title has gone to either Wayne Gretzky or this Penguins star the past 16 years Mario Lemieux 1400 $400 3068-53 31037 RAISE YOUR GLASSES Following "Our Country", it completes a jingoistic 1816 toast by Stephen Decatur Right or wrong 1800 $800 3111-16 31038 FRUITS and VEGETABLES "Not worth" one of these means worthless Fig 300 $300 3299-51 31039 IN THE DICTIONARY This 3-letter word for "class" or "kind" usually follows the phrase "of that ." Ilk 1800 $800 5031-23 31040 HUMPHREY BOGART (Alex: And the common link.

) In 1947 Bogie joined other actors in protesting the witch hunts conducted by this committee the House Un-American Activities Committee 400 $800 3697-24 31041 GEOGRAPH"Y" (Alex: Each correct response will end with the letter "Y".) The last British ship of convicts pulled into this Australian city's port in 1849 Sydney 500 $500 3621-21 31042 THE GONE WITH THE WIND MOVIE MUSEUM (Alex: Which is here in Atlanta) Scarlett was often laced up into one of these undergarments, and one of them is on display a corset 400 $400 3871-26 31043 LET'S GET GRAPHIC Logo is short for this Logotype 500 $500 3320-8 31044 CHOCOLATEY QUOTES (Alex: There's something!) Sonny the breakfast cereal spokes-bird is associated with this crazy chocolatey slogan Need the slogan "I'm Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" 200 $200 3874-41 31045 STARTS WITH "S" The Koran says "Those who believe" will wear "bracelets of gold" and their garments will be of this fabric Silk 1400 $400 5061-1 31046 PUNCH LINES In 1966 he refused military induction by saying, "I ain't got no trouble with them Viet Cong" Muhammad Ali 100 $200 617-41 31047 LETTER PERFECT Letter which began all 3 names of the man who was vice president between Johnson and Agnew H (for Hubert Horatio Humphrey) 1400 $400 4141-49 31048 ALL ABOUT FOOTBALL (Hi.I'm Jerome Bettis, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers.) In 1997 I became the first Steeler since this man to win the Steelers' MVP award 2 years in a row Terry Bradshaw 1800 $1600 4979-10 31049 YOU DO KNOW JACK In the 1950s at age 16 this young golfer won the Ohio Open Jack Nicklaus 200 $400 5099-8 31050 STAN THE CONTRACTOR For the living room, instead of track or recessed types of these, Stan went for flood lighting 200 $400 4124-3 31051 CHICKEN LA KING SHOPPING LIST You may want chicken described with these 2 words, meaning the bird lived relatively unconfined free range 100 $200 3262-31 31052 ANIMAL NAME ORIGINS In Sanskrit this speedy animal's name was Chitraka, meaning "speckled" Cheetah 1200 $200 3047-17 31053 WOMEN AND SONG In 1987 this singer, heard here, became the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame: ("Freeway Of Love") Aretha Franklin 300 DD: $300 3118-11 31054 GO TO "H" At best, it's a computer enthusiast; at worst, it's one who illegally taps into your computer Hacker 200 $200 3174-0 31055 BLACK AMERICANS In 1989, at age 52, he became the youngest man ever to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell 100 $100 3631-57 31056 AT AUCTION The National Maritime Museum in Britain paid $81,100 for some of this ill-fated South Polar explorer's effects Robert Scott 2000 $1000 5095-26 31057 COMMON BONDS Pont du Quebec, Humber Estuary, Transbay bridges 500 $1000 5037-27 31058 AN "F" IN HISTORY This 13th president's wife Abigail loved books and began a library at the White House around 1850 I betchya all three of you forgot the category--"F.(Millard) Fillmore 500 $1000 3181-24 31059 STATE CAPITALS It's "The Birthplace of Dixie" Montgomery, Alabama 500 $500 3021-41 31060 ROCK 'N' ROLL New Wave group heard here in a 1979 hit: Blondie 1400 DD: $1,900 5073-26 31061 COOKING CLASS For the silver dollar type of these breakfast treats, drop the batter onto the griddle 1 tbsp.at a time pancakes 500 $1000 4970-29 31062 LISZT Between 1846 and 1853 Liszt composed the first 15 of his "Hungarian" these Rhapsodies 500 $1000 3310-30 31063 NATIONAL MONUMENTS California's Muir Woods National Monument is known for its stand of this tree, Sequoia sempervirens Redwood 1200 $200 2906-3 31064 POETIC POTPOURRI "Poems By 2 Brothers" features poems by 3 Tennyson brothers: Charles, Frederick and him Alfred Lord Tennyson 100 $100 5077-56 31065 FDR At his D.memorial, sitting on the ground next to FDR is a sculpture of this friend and companion His dog, yes.Fala 2000 $2000 3674-46 31066 ON THE RISK BOARD This old name of a southeast Asian kingdom lives on in the game Siam (for Thailand) 1600 DD: $1,000 5034-3 31067 FAUX FRAGRANCES So natural.

this salty, watery fluid secreted by sweat glands is finally here Perspiration 100 $200 4093-41 31068 BEFORE and AFTER Bill Cosby cartoon character who published a theory of relativity Fat Albert Einstein 1400 $800 3299-40 31069 COURAGEOUS CAPTAINS In a Herman Wouk novel, crazy Captain Queeg commanded this vessel Caine 1400 $400 2896-5 31070 BATMEN and ROBINS Born William Anderson in Walla Walla, Washington, this TV Batman faced 3 different Catwomen Adam West 100 $100 3669-48 31071 GLOBIN' You'll find this strategic body of water directly southeast of Iraq Persian Gulf 1800 $800 3297-22 31072 BELLS This Sousa march was used as the theme to "Monty Python's Flying Circus" Liberty Bell March 400 $400 621-29 31073 YE GODS Ancient Greeks might have asked if you heard the one about Thalia, the muse of this comedy 500 $500 3663-7 31074 SPORTSTALK (Alex: In which you have to identify the sport.) Between the pipes, icing, bodycheck ice hockey 200 $200 617-52 31075 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Of Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, the 1 Canadian Prairie Province that is not landlocked Sorry, that is wrong.Let me give it to you--not fast enough, Susan--what is * ?--it's on Hudson Bay.

" I LOVE YOU (Alex: Hey, there's a theme here) This California desert city was originally known as "Agua Caliente" (Hot Water) Palm Springs 300 $300 3171-39 31077 CLASSIC SONG LYRICS In 1912, the year the Titanic sank, people were singing "We were sailing along" on this Moonlight Bay 1400 $400 4201-44 31078 SODOM and GOMORRAH Some archaeologists believe that the sites of Sodom and Gomorrah lie under this body of water the Dead Sea 1600 $1200 3178-50 31079 1997 BUSINESS NEWS The FTC blocked Staples' purchase of this company in March -- antitrust and all that Office Depot 1800 $800 3287-35 31080 GONE Laura Branigan and Michael Bolton both asked the pathetic question "How Am I Supposed To" do this Live without you 1200 $200 5098-0 31081 NEW YORK ARCHITECTURE The skating rink was an experiment, as the space had been a failure for retailers within this building complex Rockefeller Center 100 $200 5063-50 31082 THE PRODUCE DEPARTMENT Haricot vert is the French term for this legume the green bean 1800 $1600 5075-41 31083 WORD UP! It's what we call a word that has the same meaning as another word Not talking about words that sound the same.We're talking about * , words that mean the same.a synonym 1400 $800 4970-58 31084 LITERARY CROSSWORD CLUES "S" "The Doctor's Dilemma" dramatist(4) Dramatist beginning with "S"-- * .

George Bernard Shaw 2000 $2000 315-13 31085 HANDICRAFTS Master in this field, Akira Yoshizawa, said it took 30 years to get a paper cicada folded right origami (paper folding) 300 $300 3179-32 31086 '60s TV Show that gave us the catch phrases "You bet your bippy" and "Here come de judge" Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In 1200 $200 3019-35 31087 MIND YOUR "P"s and "Q"s John Elway, or change from a dollar for a 75c item quarterback 1200 $200 5011-44 31088 MEN'S WEAR Though it had the name of woman from an 1882 play, this hat with a front-to-back crease became popular for men a fedora 1600 DD: $2,200 3111-14 31089 NATIONAL FORESTS 1 of 2 U.presidents who have national forests named for them in Virginia T.Washington 300 $300 4992-0 31090 GOVERNORS His record in the Spanish-American War helped him get elected governor of New York in 1898 Teddy Roosevelt 100 $200 5092-2 31091 OLD MAN RIVER A western U.

river, or Kurt Russell's eyepatch-wearing anti-hero in 2 John Carpenter flicks Snake 100 $200 3873-45 31092 STOCK INDICES (Alex: You have to name each index's country.) The Jakarta Composite Indonesia 1600 $600 3298-34 31093 20th CENTURY DESIGN This company "thought differently" to come up with the 1998 design seen here (Mac computer) Apple 1200 $200 3293-49 31094 THIS MEANS WAR! As it's French for "war", it makes the title "The Return of Martin War" Guerre 1800 $800 5091-47 31095 SAME FIRST and LAST LETTER Often served on Passover, this pungent root is (luckily) not made from the animal in its name horseradish 1600 $1200 4967-53 31096 GODZILLA Scenes of this "Ironside" actor were added to the original "Godzilla" before opening in the U.Raymond Burr 1800 $1600 3876-29 31097 LITERATURE, JERRY SPRINGER-STYLE (Alex: No fighting, please!) Don't "count" on missing "You Stole My Life, I'm Paying You Back!" featuring this 1844-45 Dumas classic The Count of Monte Cristo 500 $500 3697-48 31098 THE SOLAR SYSTEM This planet has more in common with Triton, Neptune's largest moon, than it does with any of the other planets Yes.

Way to go, David! Pluto 1800 DD: $800 3032-19 31099 CAREER DAY Harry Houdini was known as this type of magician who specializes in breaking bonds an escape artist 400 $400 3174-27 31100 SPORTS This NFL quarterback is a great-great-great-grandson of Brigham Young Steve Young 500 $500 3036-57 31101 "HIGH" SCHOOL Acolytes, a subdeacon and a choir take part in this Catholic service high mass 2000 $1000 3635-29 31102 COMPLETES THE PROVERB (Alex: I hope you know your proverbs!) "You can't make bricks." Without straw 500 $500 3061-20 31103 TELEVISION In February 1997 TV sleuths Joe Mannix and Ben Matlock made guest appearances on this Dick Van Dyke series Diagnosis Murder 400 $400 3278-20 31104 WORD ORIGINS From middle English and Latin for "toward" and "to climb", one does it to a staircase or the throne Ascend 400 $400 100004-27 31105 WORLD HISTORY This smallest Balkan country didn't become independent until the 20th century Albania 500 1000 3177-14 31106 WHERE THE "H" ARE WE? Lake Balaton, Bela Bartok Memorial House, Buda Concert Hall Hungary 300 $300 3030-41 31107 10-LETTER WORDS James Boswell was Samuel Johnson's Biographer 1400 $400 3320-6 31108 ART and ARTISTS (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE): Sir John Everett Millais painted an 1852 portrait of this Shakespearean heroine, seen here Ophelia 200 DD: $500 5012-15 31109 WEAPONS (Jon of the Clue Crew reads from a field.) For defense and hunting, Lewis and Clark used this type of gun; named from the Latin for "little fly", it was one of the English words Indians knew a musket 300 $600 5001-53 31110 THE "GOOD", THE "BAD" and THE "UGLY" A mischievous sprite in English folklore also called Puck Say something, Vik.

Robin Goodfellow 1800 DD: $4,600 4092-42 31111 IT'S GREEK MYTH TO ME Pan hung out a lot with this wine god, known to some as Bacchus David, say something? Dionysus 1600 $1200 5091-23 31112 CROSSWORD CLUES "N" Ornamental recess(5) a niche 400 $800 5010-55 31113 SHAKESPEARE'S FILMS (Alex: We need you to name the play on which each film is based.

) Keanu Reeves as Prince Hal in 1991:"My Own Private Idaho" Henry IV 2000 $2000 314-20 31114 EATING IN AMERICA In 1879, Chase and Sanborn became 1st U.company to pack this in sealed cans coffee 400 $400 5032-46 31115 SUPREME COURT BEFORE and AFTER Jason Lee sitcom that served as Chief Justice from 1953 to 1969 My Name Is Earl Warren 1600 $1200 3039-26 31116 HIT TUNES On the sound track of "Nothing to Lose", it's when Coolio will "C U" When U Get There 500 $500 2904-44 31117 ASTRONOMY Tycho, one of these on the moon, can be seen without a telescope Crater 1600 $600 3302-45 31118 TURN OF THE CENTURY FILMS On August 28, 1899 a film of this president reviewing troops was shot in Pittsburgh; he was shot in 1901 William McKinley 1600 $600 4297-22 31119 DON'T THINK TOO HARD This author writes, " Germany is a stream called the Vonne.That is the source of my curious name" Kurt Vonnegut 400 $800 3046-13 31120 '70s FADS and FASHIONS In the '70s people were shelling out big bucks for necklaces made of these Hawaiian shells Puka shells 300 $300 2899-19 31121 CATHEDRALS and CHURCHES St.Andrew's Church in this Ukranian city stands on a site where St.

Andrew reputedly erected a cross Kiev 400 $400 4976-49 31122 ENTERTAINERS In 1993 this E Street Band drummer became the bandleader on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Max Weinberg 1800 $1600 3014-43 31123 ENDANGERED ANIMALS The blood of this smallest member of the camel family has adapted to high altitudes Vicuna 1600 $600 4985-28 31124 RICHARD He was actually in prison when he wrote, "Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage" Richard Lovelace 500 $1000 3625-50 31125 THE LAW He was the first of our presidents to practice law John Adams 1800 DD: $600 4296-39 31126 HANGING The first woman executed by the U.government, Mary Surratt was hanged for her involvement in this crime the Lincoln assassination 1400 $800 3876-16 31127 Y TO K (Alex: Each response will begin with the letter "Y" and end with "K") You don't have to go to great lengths to use one of these, just 3 feet Yardstick 300 $300 3267-13 31128 ON THE COVER OF ROLLING STONE He should get some "Satisfaction" knowing he's been on the cover more times than anyone else Mick Jagger 300 $300 3316-37 31129 RODS In the Bible, his rod swallowed up the rods of Pharaoh's magicians Aaron 1400 $400 620-6 31130 REVOLUTIONARY WAR He said, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" Nathan Hale 200 $200 2897-33 31131 ADVERTISING An advertiser who buys time on a TV show, sometimes the whole program Sponsor 1200 $200 5052-12 31132 PRESIDENTIAL FIRSTS He was the first former Boy Scout to become president, as well as the first Catholic John Kennedy 300 $600 3320-10 31133 COUNTRIES IN FRENCH Les Etats-Unis The United States 200 $200 3875-56 31134 ITALIAN CITIES You'll find the International School of Violin Making in this city, once home to Amati and Stradivari Cremona 2000 $1000 4137-28 31135 BEAUTY TIPS (Sofia of the Clue Crew gives the clue in a bikini.) Protect your skin by wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, "SPF" standing for this Last clue comes from the Golden Palace cruise ship.sun protection factor 500 $1000 3298-5 31136 "OOPS" Kellogg's makes "Froot" ones Loops 100 $100 3310-56 31137 FROM BOOK TO SCREEN 1998's "Simon Birch" was a loose adaptation of this author's "A Prayer For Owen Meany" John Irving 2000 $1000 5020-55 31138 FROM BOOK TO FILM (Alex: We'll name a book, you ID the movie based on it.

) "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" You ran the category.You must have gotten really ticked being in the hole for a good 2 or 3 clues, because you are relentless since then! Blade Runner 2000 $2000 3036-21 31139 ON THE RADIO Detroit-born broadcaster who created "American Top 40" and now has his own weekly "Countdown" Casey Kasem 400 $400 3316-47 31140 ENDS IN "TH" It can be a built-in bed or bunk on a ship, or the space for a ship to dock Berth 1600 $600 4988-37 31141 "H." TV Now Democratic National Committee chairman, this former pres.candidate appears regularly on "Meet the Press" Howard Dean 1400 $800 3629-20 31142 TOUGH HISTORY In 1904 this man's running mate was Charles W.Fairbanks Theodore Roosevelt 400 $400 3305-21 31143 COLOR MY WORLD To make this colorful drink, pour in Bass Ale followed by Guinness Stout on top Black and Tan 400 $400 4975-52 31144 I CAN'T TELL YOU "Y" This NYC school is the oldest and largest Jewish university in the U.Yeshiva 1800 $1600 5056-50 31145 DICKENS CHARACTERS Nathan Winkle is among the illustrious members of this title club the Pickwick Club 1800 $1600 5067-51 31146 ANCIENT TALK Now a 5-letter suffix, it was the Greek term for the type of community we call a city-state polis 1800 $1600 4991-52 31147 CALENDAR LIT George Eliot penned this tale about the arrival of Dr.

Lydgate in the title town Middlemarch 1800 $1600 4992-43 31148 DUETS 1 of 2 Top 40 duets sung by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell with "ain't" in the title "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" or "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" 1600 $1200 3332-51 31149 MUSICALS Mary Tyler Moore stepped lightly as Holly Golightly in a short-lived musical based on this short novel Breakfast At Tiffany's 1800 $800 2903-34 31150 BRITISH MONARCHS When Edward VII died at this London palace May 6, 1910, he had reigned only 9 years Buckingham Palace 1200 $200 5021-31 31151 WOMEN DIRECTING WOMEN This Oscar-winning actress directed herself in the film "Little Man Tate" Jodie Foster 1200 $400 3667-11 31152 BROWNSVILLE Animal shades of brown include mink, seal, fox and this "ship of the desert" the camel 200 $200 3333-36 31153 THEY USED TO BE IN CHARGE (Alex: You have to identify the country) Syngman Rhee South Korea 1400 $400 3009-38 31154 MEDIEVAL WOMEN This 12th c.queen was the granddaughter of one of the first troubadours, William, Duke of Aquitaine Eleanor of Aquitaine 1400 $400 2904-22 31155 HAVE A SEAT Backsaver makes this type of chair that tilts until your feet are above your head, promoting circulation Recliner 400 $400 3118-37 31156 HISTORIC NAMES Although we do know he crossed the Alps with about 40 elephants, we don't know what route he took Hannibal 1400 $400 3025-51 31157 SCIENCE QUIZ In 1881 Darwin published a book on these, something fishermen were waiting for with "baited" breath Worms 1800 $800 2756-9 31158 U.GEOGRAPHY The name of this state's Kennebec River is Algonquian for "long reach" Maine 200 $200 3317-37 31159 EERIE TV ANTHOLOGIES This Rod Serling series that "hung around" NBC was cut from 60 minutes to 30 in 1972 Night Gallery 1400 $400 5085-50 31160 THE NASTY CRITIC REVIEWS THE 19th CENTURY After an 1835 election loss, he told Tennesseans, "You may all go to Hell and I will go to Tex."; never did like his hat Crockett 1800 $1600 3261-32 31161 TELEVISION Part of this sitcom's 100th episode, aired Nov.

11, 1997, was shot on location in Seattle Frasier 1200 $200 3631-13 31162 NHL LOGOS In 1991 this team bit its way into the NHL with the logo seen here: San Jose Sharks 300 $300 3018-56 31163 HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES A Philadelphia museum traces the history of this group famous for its New Year's Day parades Mummers 2000 $1000 3065-54 31164 U.STATES It has only 9 places with 5,000 or more people, including Kenai, Ketchikan and Sitka Alaska 2000 $1000 3331-25 31165 NO.1 ALBUMS "Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell" Meat Loaf 500 $500 2737-44 31166 PULITZER PRIZE WINNERS This American historian, born Barbara Wertheim in 1912, won 2 Pulitzers for general nonfiction Barbara Tuchman 1600 $600 3148-57 31167 COMMON BONDS Shoulder, roller, sling blades 2000 $1000 4970-18 31168 SLOTH Sloths are heterothermic, more commonly termed this; their body temperature can vary by 20 degrees a day cold-blooded 400 $800 3047-21 31169 ISLANDS In Canada the Northumberland Strait separates New Brunswick from this island province Prince Edward Island 400 $400 3181-58 31170 ACTS Finally in act 2, Dr.Dysart solves the riddle of the blinded horses in this Peter Shaffer masterpiece Equus 2000 $1000 4296-49 31171 THE ANTHONY QUINN FILM FESTIVAL Kirk Douglas was Vincent Van Gogh and Anthony Quinn played Paul Gauguin in this artsy 1956 big screener Lust for Life 1800 $1600 3333-55 31172 TECHNOLOGY These pre-Edison "lamps" worked by forcing current across the gap between conductors Arc lamps 2000 $1000 5017-30 31173 POLISH HISTORY In August 1939 Germany and this country secretly agreed to divide Poland the Soviet Union 1200 $400 5030-41 31174 TRADITIONAL EASTERN MEDICINE Acupuncture needles, now steel and as thin as a hair, were once made of the woody stem of this giant grass bamboo 1400 $800 5042-31 31175 THE GRAMMYS The Anita Kerr singers won a 1965 Grammy for Best Vocal Group Performance over this quartet's "Help!" The Beatles 1200 $400 5070-18 31176 THE NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM Idaho's Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument has several miles of fossil-bearing cliffs along this river the Snake River 400 $800 3152-16 31177 COACHES After years as Jackie Joyner's coach, he became her husband in 1986 (Bob) Kersee 300 $300 5003-53 31178 ENDS IN "TH" It's the verb in the title of a classic 20th century play about the murderous Hickey The Iceman * .

cometh 1800 $1600 3325-51 31179 THE GOOD LIFE Connoisseurs know that the Franc variety of this grape is less full-bodied than the Sauvignon Cabernet 1800 $800 3302-56 31180 THEATRE Jules Feiffer and John Lennon contributed to this "clothing optional" revue on Broadway from 1976-1989 Oh! Calcutta! 2000 $1000 3697-55 31181 HISTORY IN MOVIES In this famous film Scarlett O'Hara doesn't let the South losing the Civil War slow her down Gone With the Wind 2000 $1000 3065-47 31182 PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES Prepositional term for an 1861-65 war The War Between The States 1600 $600 5074-51 31183 PRESIDENTIAL FAMILIES This future president is seen here with his mom Bill Clinton 1800 $1600 3335-13 31184 TELEVISION In 1981 she stepped out of "Three's Company" Suzanne Somers 300 $300 3046-8 31185 DOC TALK Meaning a feeding apparatus, IV stands for this Intravenously 200 $200 3151-10 31186 WOMEN ON TELEVISION Yvonne Zima is Anthony Edwards' daughter Rachel Greene on "ER"; this actress is Rachel Green on "Friends" Jennifer Aniston 200 $200 3293-55 31187 THIS MEANS WAR! A Muslim may fulfill one of these fights against evil by heart, tongue, hand or sword Jihad 2000 $1000 3023-14 31188 MOVIE QUOTES In "The Jerk he said, "I slit the sheet.And on the slitted sheet I sit" Steve Martin 300 $300 4595-35 31189 THE FRENCH CONNECTION From Old French, its sic what we call the person who runs the roulette table croupier 1200 $400 5043-22 31190 I COULDA BEEN A BARTENDER If you like light rum, crushed ice, pineapple juice, coconut cream, a cherry and getting caught in the rain, you like this pi a coladas 400 $800 5047-12 31191 THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE 1948:Johns Hopkins scientists find that this antihistamine alleviates motion sickness dramamine 300 $600 3870-45 31192 PACKAGING Pill bottles with push-down caps are child-resistant; sealed ones mandated in 1982 are this-resistant Tamper-resistant 1600 $600 4092-19 31193 FEBRUARY SWEEPS In stunt casting, on the Feb.13, 1997 episode of "Diagnosis Murder" Mike Connors played this detective (Joe) Mannix 400 $800 3032-51 31194 SCHWARZENEGGER FILMS The title of this 1977 bodybuilding documentary has become synonymous with working out with weights Pumping Iron 1800 $800 5036-3 31195 HULL OF FAME This ship, Columbus' favorite, made at least 5 trips to the New World the Ni a 100 $200 2895-9 31196 HISTORY From 1815 to 1861 this principality on the Riviera was under the protection of Sardinia Monaco 200 $200 3308-35 31197 ODD WORDS Megrim is a similar alternate word for this pain Migraine 1200 $200 3008-32 31198 FOODS THAT BEGIN WITH THE LETTER "Q" (Alex: If you saw the movie "White Men Can't Jump", you'll remember this category) This member of the pheasant family can be roasted, broiled or fried Quail 1200 $200 3177-3 31199 FIRE DRILL In October 1871 fire destroyed most of this city's buildings erected in the previous half century Chicago 100 $100 5078-48 31200 EGYPTIAN HISTORY In the 1400s B.it was the "lofty" 2-word religious title of Hapuseneb high priest 1800 $1600 3023-15 31201 THE 1980s Hungarian professor for whom this object is named: video clue - Alex tries to solve the cube Give me a second , we have to accept your first response, which was Rubiks Erno Rubik 300 DD: $700 4968-25 31202 LET THE GAMES BEGIN (Sarah of the Clue Crew uses sticks to toss a hoop back and forth with Kelly at Old World Wisconsin.) The 19th-century game we're playing got this name, because it taught players to have these; you might be in somebody's good ones Correct response--what are or is * ? * .graces 500 $1000 5007-12 31203 CLASSY CLASSICAL CLASSICS You're "rite" on the money if you know the controversial music heard here is by this composer Stravinsky 300 $600 5052-16 31204 TURN ME LEWIS He was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature Sinclair Lewis 300 $600 5022-2 31205 COLORFUL PHRASES To be so angry that your chromatic vision is affected to be seeing red 100 $200 3100-52 31206 FICTION In this author's "Deadlock", V.Warshawski investigates the death of her cousin, a former hockey star Sara Paretsky 1800 $800 3296-25 31207 WHICH CAME FIRST? Castro, Stalin, Lenin, Tito Lenin 500 $500 5061-26 31208 THE KING JAMES BIBLE TELLS ME SO John 20:"Then saith he to" this man, " not faithless, but believing" (Doubting) Thomas 500 DD: $1,600 3627-49 31209 INTELLIGENT FILMS Adam Hann-Byrd plays the young title intellectual and Jodie Foster his mother in this 1991 film Little Man Tate 1800 $800 3006-30 31210 HISTORIC QUOTES In 1588 she said, "I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king" Elizabeth I 1200 $200 3100-36 31211 THE 18th CENTURY This "Great" Prussian, king from 1740 to 1786, hated German and spoke French at court Frederick the Great 1400 $400 3179-46 31212 5 GUYS NAMED MOE Major league catcher Moe Berg was also a WWII spy for this agency, precursor of the CIA OSS (Office of Strategic Services) 1600 $600 3325-14 31213 DRIVING DON'TS Don't gun the engine and pop this pedal Clutch 300 $300 5072-13 31214 POP MUSIC Michalka is the last name of these sisters who sing "Chemicals React" Aly and AJ 300 $600 5014-15 31215 "BOOK"s (Cheryl of the Clue Crew demonstrates a novel book.

) By changing one element on each page, we've created one of these, first patented in 1882 a flip book 300 $600 5055-44 31216 THE TESTAMENT (Alex: You have to tell us what Biblical book each quote is from.) "After these things Paul departed from Athens, and came to Corinth" Remember, tell us what Biblical book this quote is from: Acts (of the Apostles) 1600 DD: $5,000 3068-43 31217 LITERARY AWARDS He "jockeyed" to win the 1996 Edgar Allan Poe Award for best mystery with "Come To Grief" Dick Francis 1600 $600 2735-0 31218 ACTRESSES' FIRST FILMS "Body Heat" Kathleen Turner 100 $100 3294-41 31219 WORD PLAY The word "DREAMS" split in two by a jagged line----------------------------------They're desired, but didn't work out broken dreams (or shattered dreams) 1400 $400 3109-33 31220 BODIES OF WATER The Japan and Peru Currents are among those that warm and cool coastal areas of this ocean Pacific Ocean 1200 $200 5098-59 31221 STRAIT GUY The Juan de Fuca Strait separates Washington State from this Canadian Island that shares its name with a B.city Vancouver 2000 $2000 3278-39 31222 CROSSWORD CLUES "M" Sousa's month (5) March 1400 $400 5044-37 31223 DISNEY FILM VOICES Princess Jasmine's singing voice in "Aladdin" sounds a bit like this Chinese heroine's; Lea Salonga sang for both of them Mulan 1400 $800 5020-2 31224 OZ (Alex: All the clues will refer to the books, not the movie.) This character gets a ride (likely to his home in Omaha) in the balloon meant to take Dorothy to Kansas the Wizard 100 $200 2896-33 31225 VIRGINIA GOVERNORS Last name of "Lighthorse Harry", a member of the Continental Congress from 1785 to 1788 Lee 1200 $200 5069-32 31226 COMEDIE and TRAGEDIE FRANCAISE Beaumarchais paired a clever servant with an amorous master in "Le barbier de Seville" and "Le mariage de" him Figaro 1200 $400 3261-15 31227 THE BRADY BUNCH From 1988 to 1993 Nicholas Brady was Secretary of this, so he was always on the money the Treasury 300 $300 618-57 31228 FIRST LADIES Ency.

Americana calls her the "mother of the most important family dynasty in American public life" Abigail Adams 2000 $1000 5015-25 31229 '80s MUSIC In 1981 this group topped the charts singing, "Here I am, the one that you love, askin' for another day" Air Supply 500 $1000 618-54 31230 1946 The 2 future presidents who were 1st elected to the House of Representatives in November 1946 Nixon and John F.Kennedy 2000 DD: $1,000 100008-17 31231 "X", "Y", "Z" Personally, we think this tree's name sounds like a personal pronoun yew 300 600 3283-12 31232 WESTWARD HO! Climb out of the Caspian Sea, towel off, march due west through Georgia and you can take a dip in this sea Black Sea 300 $300 4967-57 31233 ONE NATION The one nation in the world with Catalan as an official language is this small one in the Pyrenees Andorra 2000 $2000 2900-57 31234 FAMOUS PAIRS This standard encyclopedia first issued in 1912 was named for a pair of Lutheran ministers Funk and Wagnalls 2000 $1000 3318-14 31235 DAYS OF THE WEEK Micky sang lead on this Top 10 Monkees hit while someone else played the drums Pleasant Valley Sunday 300 $300 3015-54 31236 ART and ARTISTS (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):Around 1800 this artist painted the 2 views of the woman seen here: Francisco Goya 2000 DD: $1,000 3309-22 31237 U2 (Alex: Whoops, we got it backwards!) The hero of the film for which U2 recorded "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" Batman 400 $400 4123-23 31238 FEELING A BIT "ILL" A fleet of small sailing vessels a flotilla 400 $800 5027-34 31239 LITERARY JOHNS A 1921 poem by Vachel Lindsay was "In Praise of" this wandering planter Johnny Appleseed 1200 $400 3324-44 31240 WORD ORIGINS This type of tripe is named for its resemblance to a certain bee structure Honeycomb 1600 $600 4970-23 31241 LISZT He was upset Liszt sent him a "shop copy" of a symphony when he sent Liszt a nice bound copy of "Lohengrin" (Richard) Wagner 400 $800 4595-23 31242 BIRD HUNTING (Alex: In each clue, there will be a bird.You have to find the word that indicates the bird.) The third rail in a subway system is the one with the juice and should be avoided like a touchy subject a rail 400 $800 3316-29 31243 IN A NUTSHELL These bright green nuts are said to have been a favorite of the Queen of Sheba Pistachios 500 $500 4297-32 31244 STATES' SOUTHWEST CORNERS This state's southwest corner is at South West City, 20 miles south of Joplin Missouri 1200 $400 3021-16 31245 DWELLINGS Manhattan is known for these handsome sandstone buildings named for their dark hue brownstones 300 $300 3102-41 31246 POETS' RHYME TIME Ezra's Afghans Pound's hounds 1400 $400 5026-52 31247 IT'S A SECRET! Khrushchev's 1956 speech condemning this leader wasn't published in full in the USSR until 1989 Stalin 1800 $1600 4988-9 31248 A "D" IN HISTORY James Oglethorpe founded Georgia in 1733 as a haven for people in trouble for this back in Britain debt 200 $400 3060-25 31249 PRESIDENTS' MONOGRAMS JKP James Knox Polk 500 $500 5059-59 31250 APRES "SKI" (Alex: Each correct response will begin with those three letters.

) Proficiency skill 2000 $2000 2908-31 31251 HISTORIC NAMES In "Mein Kampf" he wrote, "Germany will either be a world power or there will be no Germany" Adolf Hitler 1200 $200 3027-32 31252 PEOPLE IN HISTORY Col.

Lubbock, who had a city named for him, was a signer of this state's Declaration of Independence Texas 1200 $200 3634-34 31253 HELLO KITTY "Stumpies" are the tailed offspring of this tailless cat Manx 1200 $200 3280-25 31254 WHERE ARE WE? This cataract was discovered in 1935 from the air Angel Falls 500 $500 3292-48 31255 FRENCH LIT Author-aviator who created "Le Petit Prince" Antoine de Saint-Exupery 1800 $800 3666-19 31256 BATMAN'S WORLD On TV he was Batgirl's father Commissioner Gordon 400 $400 3314-23 31257 ONLINE LINGO When you find those wacky 1970s photos of me online, it's time to do this, meaning transfer them to your computer Download 400 $400 5035-56 31258 THE 18th CENTURY WORLD In 1776 this South American city was made the capital of the new Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata Buenos Aires 2000 $2000 5052-44 31259 LITERARY OF "Stephen Hero" was an early draft of what became this James Joyce book A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1600 $1200 3259-10 31260 ROCKET SCIENCE Rockets get their forward motion from this, the JP in Cal Tech's JPL Jet propulsion 200 $200 4968-0 31261 LITERATURE Chapter 13 of this classic novel is called "Another View of Hester" The Scarlet Letter 100 $200 4092-57 31262 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women.) This "national" figure, who retired in 2001 as NOW's president, says, "The right to safety should be fundamental" The lady's name was * .Patricia Ireland 2000 $2000 5043-39 31263 I?LL SEE YOU IN COURT! In March 1996 the Supreme Court ruled New York and other cities couldn?t change the results of this 1990 event the census 1400 $800 3303-23 31264 SRO This musical opened its run in 1980 at the Winter Garden, 8 blocks from the title thoroughfare 42nd Street 400 DD: $500 3289-35 31265 "LET"s END THIS From the title of a medieval Latin work, it's the term for publications like Paine's "Crisis" series Pamphlet 1200 $200 5078-11 31266 I'D RATHER "NOT" Generic name for a lightweight laptop computer notebook (or notepad) 200 $400 5041-50 31267 BIO SUBJECTS Joseph J.Ellis' biography of this 18th century man is called "His Excellency" Washington 1800 $1600 3038-15 31268 ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY A simple white cross marks the grave of this Attorney General, buried near his brother in 1968 Robert F.

Kennedy 300 $300 5079-53 31269 DRESSING 2-word, somewhat contradictory-sounding term for the NBA's player dress code that allows dress slacks or khakis business casual 1800 $1600 5100-24 31270 MAN HATTIN' In the movies, this great fictional British detective often wore a hat called a deerstalker Sherlock Holmes 500 $1000 3027-35 31271 L.: TROUBLES IN PARADISE (Alex: But we call it home!) In 1993 these hot, dry winds made Malibu firefighters feel like defenders at the Alamo Santa Ana winds 1200 $200 3328-35 31272 CHEESE Brick cheese was invented in 1877 in this state, America's Dairyland Wisconsin 1200 $200 3335-43 31273 I SWEAR In the 1950s anti-European farmers in Kenya took an oath to join this secret group Mau Mau 1600 DD: $1,000 4296-13 31274 ACTOR-PLAYWRIGHTS (Hi.) I originated the role of Suzanne in the play "Picasso at the Lapin Agile", written by this "wild and crazy guy" Steve Martin 300 $600 3322-29 31275 YOU'RE "NUT"s! Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated the tale of this character Squirrel Nutkin 500 $500 4093-9 31276 IT'S TOO DARN HOT You shouldn't take these heat tablets named for a seasoning unless your physician recommends them salt tablets 200 $400 100004-24 31277 STATE CAPITALS State capital closest to Philadelphia Trenton, New Jersey 500 1000 3024-37 31278 THE "I"s HAVE IT It'll get your motor running, your car's motor, that is Ignition 1400 $400 3267-49 31279 BOSTON TV Richard Ruccolo, Ryan Reynolds and Traylor Howard stick together through thick and thin crust on this sitcom Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place 1800 $800 3036-37 31280 ART Surrealists used odd juxtapositions in this form whose name is French for "gluing" collage 1400 $400 3152-46 31281 LINES FROM LONGFELLOW This 1874 book of "Tales" includes Paul Revere's Ride and the line "ships that pass in the night" Tales from a Wayside Inn 1600 $600 3265-38 31282 THE CANNELL CHANNEL NBC's top show of the 1982-83 season, it suited Mr.

America to a "T" The A-Team 1400 $400 3316-59 31283 ENDS IN "TH" The book of Job says this large animal's "bones are like bars of iron" Behemoth 2000 $1000 2898-19 31284 SONGS 2 words following "Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky." Stormy weather 400 $400 5073-35 31285 STARTS WITH "J" Many computer games use this lever a joystick 1200 $400 2894-59 31286 LITERATI Eddie Rickenbacker scattered this "Guys And Dolls" author's ashes over Broadway Damon Runyon 2000 $1000 2899-21 31287 INTERNATIONAL CUISINE In Spanish, Mexico's salsa borracha means "drunken sauce", as it contains this potent potable Tequila 400 $400 3635-56 31288 AT TIFFANY'S This daughter of Francoise Gilot and Pablo Picasso has been designing jewelry for Tiffany since 1980 Paloma Picasso 2000 $1000 4982-42 31289 PLAYWRIGHTS This "Betrayal" dramatist adapted John Fowles' novel "The French Lieutenant's Woman" for the screen Harold Pinter 1600 $1200 3017-38 31290 A STUDY IN SCARLET Strep throat bacteria passed from child to child can cause this disease, also called scarlatina Scarlet fever 1400 $400 3330-59 31291 12-LETTER WORDS I must profess, it was the profession of Thomas Chippendale and Duncan Phyfe Cabinetmaker 2000 $1000 3311-37 31292 INTERNATIONAL SPORTS STARS This Nigerian-born athlete who rocketed to fame playing center for the Rockets became a U.citizen in 1993 Hakeem Olajuwon 1400 $400 3333-30 31293 THEY USED TO BE IN CHARGE (Alex: You have to identify the country) Clement Attlee Great Britain/England 1200 $200 100008-1 31294 RELIGION Pakistan was established as a haven for members of this religion Islam 100 200 3021-46 31295 DRUGS Parents are advised not to give their children aspirin because of its link to this potentially fatal syndrome Reye's Syndrome 1600 $600 3319-36 31296 WORLD GEOGRAPHY After entering Holland, this river divides into 3 branches: the Waal, the Lek and the Ijssel Rhine 1400 DD: $1,000 5096-37 31297 THE DIRTY DOZEN Bruce Willis must avoid plague-filled air in this time-travel thriller that gets its name from an animal rights group Twelve Monkeys 1400 $800 3060-46 31298 KNIGHTS A young boy between 7 and 14 who trained as a knight, or his hairdo Page 1600 $600 4966-39 31299 YOUR EAR, NOSE and THROAT, MAN Between the back of the tongue and the trachea, it contains the vocal cords and is also called the voice box Yes.

No! , we'll accept that; it's a common pronunciation.the larynx 1400 $800 3008-21 31300 DOUBLE TALK During World War II this English "lord" broadcast propaganda for the Germans, and it wasn't funny Even though it wasn't funny! Lord Haw-Haw 400 $400 3319-30 31301 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Lutzelburg is an old name for the capital of this grand duchy Luxembourg 1200 $200 3331-24 31302 GEORGE WASHINGTON (Alex: In honor of Presidents' Day.) Washington warned against "The insidious wiles of foreign influences" in this published declaration His Farewell Address 500 $500 2756-46 31303 CLASSICAL MUSIC His 1742 "Aria with Thirty Variations" is usually called the "Goldberg Variations" Bach 1600 $600 4982-37 31304 ORDER IN THE COURTROOM TV In 1963 this Erle Stanley Gardner title character suffered his only loss in a TV case Perry Mason 1400 $800 5036-27 31305 HULL OF FAME In a famous naval battle of 1779, it was the ship that defeated the Serapis John Paul Jones's * .the Bonhomme Richard 500 $1000 5024-11 31306 "Q"-BERT (Alex: If you have kids, these categories will seem familiar to you.) A plectrum of a harpsichord, or a porcupine part a quill 200 $400 3315-0 31307 MANY "NATION"s In the Pledge of Allegiance, it's the 4-word phrase that precedes "Indivisible" "One Nation Under God" 100 $100 5099-14 31308 STAN THE CONTRACTOR Stan can give you the mansard, gable and flat types of this for the house roofs 300 $600 3328-59 31309 CHEESE This protein that's about 3% of milk's weight is the chief ingredient in cheese Casein 2000 $1000 5027-24 31310 ANCIENT TIMES The Epigoni were the sons of the "7 against" this city who later succeeded where their dads had failed It was "7 Against * .

Thebes 500 $1000 2902-12 31311 MOUNTAINS The world headquarters for the Bahai Faith is on Mount Carmel in this country Israel 300 $300 3669-50 31312 SCIENCE CLASS This Russian chemist used his periodic law to predict the properties of 3 then unknown elements Dmitri Mendeleyev 1800 $800 3048-15 31313 THINK FAST People go like a blue one of these, or like one of lightning Streak 300 $300 4201-54 31314 LIGHTHOUSES Every Nov.10, Split Rock lighthouse on Lake Superior lights its lamps to commemorate this ship's sinking in 1975 the Edmund Fitzgerald 2000 $2000 5085-16 31315 PUT OUT THE CHINA Dots make up 36 of the tiles in this Chinese game; there are also cracks and winds mah jongg 300 $600 3298-41 31316 WORD and PHRASE ORIGINS The Communist slogan "Workers of the world, unite!" comes from the end of this 1848 book The Communist Manifesto 1400 $400 3108-30 31317 THE 17TH CENTURY In 1682 he founded the "City Of Brotherly Love" William Penn (Philadelphia) 1200 $200 3144-19 31318 BLOOD TEST Doctors are again using these worms, now to remove blood clots in fingers reattached by microsurgery leeches 400 $400 5088-4 31319 GROUPS This word can mean a group of graffiti taggers as well as of rappers, like the "2 Live" one crew 100 $200 4973-10 31320 "D"UDE! In 1981 his company produced a sports car with a stainless steel finish and gull-wing doors (John) DeLorean 200 $400 3872-43 31321 THE FILM VAULT This 1955 James Dean classic was advertised with the tagline "Teenage Terror Torn from Today's Headlines" Rebel Without A Cause 1600 $600 3110-54 31322 BRITISH HISTORY The Latin name of James II gave us this term for supporters of that king and his exiled descendants Jacobites 2000 $1000 3634-51 31323 WRITERS In 1902 Arthur Conan Doyle was knighted not for Sherlock Holmes but for defending British actions in this war Unless the writer is a cat! the Boer War 1800 DD: $1,000 3290-56 31324 RAIN Orographic precipitation is caused by moist air rising over one or more of these, oros in Greek mountains 2000 $1000 5097-3 31325 GET YOUR LITERARY FACTS STRAIGHT "Three Junes" is a novel by Julia Glass; this Chekhov play centers on the Prozorov family Three Sisters 100 $200 4296-19 31326 ACTOR-PLAYWRIGHTS Now best remembered as a playwright, in his day he was famous for playing the ghost of Hamlet's father (himself) William Shakespeare 400 $800 4201-24 31327 AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES He was given liberty in 1776 and death on June 6, 1799 Patrick Henry 500 $1000 3674-47 31328 3-D (Alex: Don't be misled by this category; there will be 3 D's; 3 of the letter D in each correct response) This arachnid is also known as a harvestman Daddy long legs 1600 $600 3263-18 31329 13 Prepared by Maimonides, the "13 Articles of Faith" is a summary of the basic tenets of this religion Judaism 400 $400 3333-13 31330 PEOPLE IN ENTERTAINMENT This country singer of "Shut Up And Kiss Me" and "Passionate Kisses" has kissed off the hyphen in her 1st name Mary Chapin Carpenter 300 $300 3306-26 31331 CARTOON BIRDS He's the cool character seen here (also created by Walter Lantz) Chilly Willy 500 $500 4966-44 31332 FILL IN THE LITERARY TITLE (Alex: I'll give you a lot of letters."by Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness 1600 $1200 5011-22 31333 I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE Buy clothes, get your fortune told or hear Cantonese opera singers at this Asian area's Temple Street Market Hong Kong 400 $800 3622-30 31334 AUSTRALIAN STATES You'll find Newcastle in this "New" state New South Wales 1200 $200 5090-40 31335 NEARER MY "COD" TO THEE (Alex: Each correct response will begin with those three letters.) A man of advanced years who is seen as slightly eccentric or amusing a codger 1400 $800 3262-26 31336 SHE'S MY FIRST LADY! (Alex: You have to identify the president) Lou Herbert Hoover 500 $500 3290-2 31337 FILM FESTIVALS Sacre Bleu! "Godzilla" was chosen as the 1998 closing-night attraction at this Riviera festival Cannes 100 $100 3268-23 31338 ALLITERATION ALL AROUND Gymnasts run and somersault on this 4-inch wide apparatus Balance beam 400 $400 5090-24 31339 U.

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The Great Falls of the Passaic are a sight to be seen in this state New Jersey 500 $1000 3151-39 31340 SNEEZING In 1997 the price of this spice went up to $2.70 a pound and that's something to sneeze at pepper 1400 $400 4984-20 31341 BILL Formerly a U.Secretary of Energy, he's now the governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson 400 $800 5010-10 31342 WOMEN OUTSTANDING IN THEIR FIELD (Alex: You have to name the shared field   The terms and conditions referred are in accordance with the privacy policy of the company a4assignments.com which offers assistance to its clients by providing professional academic writing facilities including the writing, rewriting and proof reading of essays, research papers, academic assignments, case studies, and  .Secretary of Energy, he's now the governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson 400 $800 5010-10 31342 WOMEN OUTSTANDING IN THEIR FIELD (Alex: You have to name the shared field.

) Barbara Mikulski, Elizabeth Dole, Barbara Boxer the U.

Senate 200 $400 5089-50 31343 COLLEGE COLLAGE In 1865, a university in Ithaca, N When the Will has been made, either by word of mouth or in writing, and the body of the testator committed to the grave, let the executors repair to the ordinary of the place (that is to the archdeacon, or perhaps the   The northern school adopted the custom of composing verses, by which to retain their religious principles..Senate 200 $400 5089-50 31343 COLLEGE COLLAGE In 1865, a university in Ithaca, N.was established by and named for this founder of Western Union (Ezra) Cornell 1800 DD: $6,200 3015-3 31344 SATIRE 2 Live Crew's alteration of this Roy Orbison lyric to "Big Hairy Woman" began a copyright battle "Pretty Woman" 100 $100 3143-9 31345 GAME SHOW WOMEN "The Price Is Right"'s Gena Lee Nolin moved on to lifeguard duty on this syndicated series Baywatch 200 $200 5011-5 31346 I GOT TO BOOGIE Jailed after the Jacobite Rebellion, the Earl of Nithsdale escaped from this landmark dressed as a woman * , yes When the Will has been made, either by word of mouth or in writing, and the body of the testator committed to the grave, let the executors repair to the ordinary of the place (that is to the archdeacon, or perhaps the   The northern school adopted the custom of composing verses, by which to retain their religious principles..was established by and named for this founder of Western Union (Ezra) Cornell 1800 DD: $6,200 3015-3 31344 SATIRE 2 Live Crew's alteration of this Roy Orbison lyric to "Big Hairy Woman" began a copyright battle "Pretty Woman" 100 $100 3143-9 31345 GAME SHOW WOMEN "The Price Is Right"'s Gena Lee Nolin moved on to lifeguard duty on this syndicated series Baywatch 200 $200 5011-5 31346 I GOT TO BOOGIE Jailed after the Jacobite Rebellion, the Earl of Nithsdale escaped from this landmark dressed as a woman * , yes.the Tower of London 100 $200 3007-54 31347 FOREIGN INVENTIONS The miner's safety lamp and the lawn mower were invented by people from this country England 2000 $1000 3870-14 31348 FIRST MAN IN SPACE FROM.In 1980 Arnaldo Tamayo-Mendez' route out of this country was very different than Elian Gonzalez' Cuba 300 $300 3266-7 31349 IN THE DRUGSTORE One of its former slogans called it "The Candy Mint With The Hole" Life Savers 200 $200 3670-11 31350 FOREIGN WORDS This French word for "goodbye" comes from 2 words literally meaning "To God" Adieu 200 $200 3011-1 31351 SYMBOLS These symbols worn by cops are made, appropriately, of copper Badges 100 $100 3307-53 31352 IT'S A MYSTERY Mr.Contreras lives downstairs from this Paretsky P.VI Warshawski 1800 $800 3144-1 31353 BLOOD TEST People who live at high altitudes often have thicker blood, to dliver more of this gas to body cells oxygen 100 $100 3635-7 31354 TALL TALK It's hard not to look up to this New Jersey Democrat and presidential hopeful; he's 6' 5" Bill Bradley 200 $200 3261-18 31355 MOUNTAINS In 1829 Johann Jacob von Parrot climbed this mountain but didn't find Noah's Ark Mount Ararat 400 $400 5031-51 31356 MEET T.

ELIOT Practical cats know that Eliot was nicknamed after this animal because his cold manner seemed like playing dead a possum 1800 DD: $3,000 4973-53 31357 I'LL NEED SOME "ID" A song popular at the turn of the last century said that she was "sweet as apple cider" Ida 1800 $1600 4969-48 31358 THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS In the table setting seen here, 50 is the atomic number and 118.7 is this the atomic weight 1800 $1600 5089-4 31359 IT'S "TEA" TIME In the 1920s this scandal poured out of Wyoming Teapot Dome 100 $200 5042-17 31360 A VISIT TO THE "E." One of these is seen here from the 1940s, in Chicago, natch an elevated railway 300 $600 3019-4 31361 BEAUTY This point just above the waist has become one of the most popular sites for piercings Navel (Belly button) 100 $100 3323-44 31362 EMMY HISTORY Presenter John Ritter accepted this actor's Emmy in 1979; guess Sacheen was busy that night Marlon Brando 1600 $600 3873-38 31363 MAMMALS Continent that's home to the eland, the largest of the antelopes Africa 1400 $400 2736-36 31364 SPANISH CTIES A famous painting by El Greco shows a "View of" this city, but you have to go to New York, not Ohio, to see it Toledo 1400 $400 3331-34 31365 YOUNG WOMEN OF TODAY Royal rapper seen on TV's "Living Single" and in the movie "Living Out Loud" Queen Latifah 1200 $200 3149-10 31366 "CU" Latin for "with praise," this phrase may follow magna or summa cum laude 200 $200 5091-49 31367 BEST SCREENPLAY OSCARS 2005:Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco for this tale of Racism in L.

Crash 1800 $1600 3675-43 31368 WACKY TV NEIGHBORS (Alex: We'll give you the neighbors, you have to identify the television show) Steve and Marcy Rhoades Married.with Children 1600 $600 3152-18 31369 THE UNITED NATIONS In 1961 a new U.library was dedicated and named for this second Secretary-General Dag Hammarskj ld 400 $400 3040-40 31370 THE BODY HUMAN Also called cuspids, these teeth flank the incisors, sort of like guard dogs canines 1400 $400 5008-16 31371 POTENT POTABLE POTPOURRI The popular liqueur known as "sloe" this is made from the fruit of the blackthorn gin 300 $600 5085-3 31372 ALPHABETICALLY LAST months of the year September 100 $200 3036-15 31373 ON THE RADIO Call letters east of the Mississippi generally start with W; in the west, most start with this K 300 $300 5041-5 31374 HIDDEN U.

STATES (Alex: A state will be hidden inside the clue; the letters will be in order.) Give an East Indian a cow and he won't eat it Indiana (in East Indian a) 100 $200 5042-13 31375 THE ROLES OF TOM CRUISE (Alex: You ID the film.Pete Mitchell Top Gun 300 $600 3332-19 31376 THEY ALSO RAN When Norman Mailer ran for NYC mayor in '69, his running mate was this "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" author Jimmy Breslin 400 $400 3148-43 31377 HOUSE OF PAIN Medieval torture device in the shape of a person and in which the victim's body was enclosed an iron maiden 1600 $600 5043-20 31378 YOU TOLKIEN TO ME? Tolkien translated an Arthurian work about this knight who matches wits with a "Green Knight" (Sir) Gawain 400 $800 3633-47 31379 EDIBLE RESPONSES Actor most associated with the 6 Degrees of Separation game Kevin Bacon 1600 $600 5032-31 31380 CHRIS ROCKS Chris Kirkpatrick was the "S" in this boy band; Justin was one of the "N"s 'N Sync 1200 $400 5076-29 31381 COMPUTER SPEAK In chat rooms, "YMMV" is this disclaimer often used in car ads; it basically lets you off the hook for anything you say Your Mileage May Vary 500 $1000 4227-3 31382 BREAKFAST CEREALS This "fortunate" cereal is "magically delicious" Lucky Charms 100 $200 2908-29 31383 PROVERBS Do this but, "Prepare for the worst" Expect/hope for the best 500 $500 3181-36 31384 GENESIS It was a party when Lenin and his followers formed this "majority" party in 1903 Bolsheviks 1400 $400 2901-42 31385 FIRST NAMES The name Reed was once used for a person who had this feature Red hair 1600 $600 4991-53 31386 MINING "ORE" Applied to first-degree murder, it's a 2-word term for a predetermination to commit an unlawful act malice aforethought 1800 $1600 5064-13 31387 THEY WERE THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (Alex: That show premiered about 40 years ago.

) As this suspender-clad character, Cliff Arquette answered which sense diminishes with age with "my sense of decency" Charley Weaver 300 $600 3180-20 31388 SCHOOL DAZE From Latin for "summon", they're certificates giving public funds to send kids to private schools Vouchers 400 $400 4124-42 31389 DISCOVERY In 1888 Fridtjof Nansen crossed this island from Umivik Fjord to the west coast in 42 days and wintered in Godthaab Greenland 1600 $1200 3267-35 31390 DR.SEUSS MEETS THE BARD (Alex: You have to identify the play written by Dr.Seuss) "To be, or not to be: for soon there will be no more me" Hamlet 1200 $200 4992-26 31391 LARGE EQUIPMENT A Middle English word for "pulley" gave us this term for a hoisting machine with a rope around a drum a winch 500 $1000 5036-38 31392 VICE PRESIDENTIAL MONOGRAMS (Alex: You have to identify the vice president--we don't need the full name.) AAG Albert Gore 1400 $800 5075-39 31393 STATUES Blue Earth, Minnesota has a definitely "giant" 55-foot statue of this pea-pusher from commercials the Green Giant 1400 $800 3625-17 31394 ATALANTA To marry Atalanta, a suitor had to beat her in one of these competitions Footrace 300 $300 3319-37 31395 ODDS 'N' ENDS This Chinese celebration, which begins in late January or early February, ends with the Lantern Festival Chinese New Year 1400 $400 3952-29 31396 "J" WALKING (Sofia of the Clue Crew rides a carousel at the Santa Monica Pier.) In the 1600s an early type of carousel was used to train noblemen in this sport that uses lances jousting 500 $500 5058-38 31397 "BIO" SCIENCE 2 men at the U.

of Washington's Department of this won the 1992 Nobel Prize for studying cell protein regulation biochemistry 1400 $800 621-38 31398 THE BIBLE Naomi's daughter-in-law, she not only gleaned Boaz's wheat, she married him Ruth 1400 $400 5078-13 31399 WOMEN SINGERS "Toxic" was a hit from her 2003 "In the Zone" CD Britney Spears 300 $600 3263-26 31400 READING, WRITING and ROCK and ROLL This 1963 Beach Boys hit featured cheerleading by the Honeys Be True To Your School 500 $500 3302-37 31401 ALL THAT GLITTERS.She played Ruth Younger in the Broadway and film versions of "A Raisin In The Sun" Ruby Dee 1400 $400 3667-3 31402 MASKS The simplest diving combo contains a mask and this breathing tube a snorkel 100 $100 3152-51 31403 SPURS A Western Writers' of America Spur Award went to the screenplay of this Best Picture of 1992 Unforgiven 1800 $800 2898-43 31404 HOSPITALS In 1978 Louise Brown, the first of these, was born in the UK's Oldham General Hospital Test-tube baby 1600 $600 4297-12 31405 AMERICAN GOVERNMENT It's no secret that William Colby, William Casey and William Webster have all headed this agency the CIA 300 $600 3061-18 31406 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES This New York City university's school of medicine was founded in 1767 Columbia 400 $400 4989-16 31407 SLOW DOWN This gas is causing the explosive reaction seen here carbon dioxide 300 $600 4200-44 31408 BRITISH SPEECHES In 1975 she told her party, "We believe that everyone has the right to be unequal" (Margaret) Thatcher 1600 $1200 2904-51 31409 U.PLACE NAMES The name of this Maryland suburb is Hebrew for "house of mercy" Bethesda 1800 $800 3067-31 31410 BETHLEHEM The grotto of Jesus' birth is now inside a church called this, after Jesus' birth Church of the Nativity 1200 $200 3623-24 31411 PEOPLE IN SPACE Astronaut Michael Foale was left in the dark in June 1997 after a supply ship punctured this craft's Spektr module Mir 500 $500 5067-36 31412 THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE The father of this "father of antiseptic surgery" was one of the first to describe red blood cells (Joseph) Lister 1400 $800 4317-15 31413 FASHION DESIGNERS This designer seen here was born in London in September of 1971 Stella McCartney 300 $600 3292-23 31414 "O" At Renaissance faires, the aire be sweet with the strains of this clay flute of oval shape Less than a minute to go, Debra.an ocarina 400 $400 3016-42 31415 A WALK UP FIFTH AVENUE Take a left on 52nd to eat at this "club" named for its numerical address 21 Club 1600 $600 3014-16 31416 BIRD WATCHING Since 1900 this group has sponsored the Christmas bird count across North America the Audubon Society 300 $300 5014-54 31417 THERE WAS A FARMER This Roman wrote the "Georgics", an instructional work on farming, before turning to historical epics Virgil 2000 $2000 2899-24 31418 ANCIENT LIFE The chew stick of ancient Egypt was a primitive form of this modern hygienic implement Toothbrush 500 $500 3100-30 31419 THE 18th CENTURY After the Burmans sacked Ayutthaya, Siam's government was moved to this city Bangkok 1200 $200 4988-21 31420 A "D" IN HISTORY In 1952 the U.

started a commission on this to make the world a less lethal place disarmament 400 $800 5031-5 31421 HUMPHREY BOGART (Alex: And the common link.) On May 21, 1945 Humphrey Bogart married her Lauren Bacall 100 $200 3303-32 31422 THE CIA The CIA's main rival for much of its existence was this Soviet counterpart KGB 1200 $200 3152-53 31423 MUSICALS BY ANY OTHER NAME "Decorate One's Prairie Conveyance" Paint Your Wagon 1800 $800 3279-12 31424 THE OCEAN BLUE (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Michael Newman of "Baywatch") It's the Japanese term for seismic sea waves, sometimes 100 feet high, that can bring lots of tsuris" Mixing our metaphors and our languages! Tsunami 300 DD: $500 2900-39 31425 FAMOUS PAIRS In early 1996 they celebrated their 15,000th live performance: video clue Siegfried and Roy 1400 DD: $1,200 3149-49 31426 WORLD LEADERS (Hi, I'm Tracy Bingham.) When Mike Wallace interviewed this Iranian president in March 1997, the topic of "Baywatch" came up Hashemi Rafsanjani 1800 DD: $2,000 5092-4 31427 GOING TO THE DOGS Not surprisingly, this breed seen here was formerly used for dog fighting and bull baiting a Boxer 100 $200 3335-2 31428 COMMON BONDS Lake, Red-Light, Of Columbia Districts 100 $100 2735-4 31429 "X", "Y", "Z" It looks like a sweet potato, but it isn't even a distant relative a yam 100 $100 5042-6 31430 POPE-POURRI In Manila on Jan.15, 1995 the Pope honored World Youth Day by celebrating this with over 4 million people a mass 200 $400 3064-20 31431 AMERICAN PEAKS The name of this range in northeastern New York comes from an Indian word for "bark eaters" Adirondacks 400 $400 5087-34 31432 LEATHER Most tanned leather is used to make these consumer products shoes 1200 $400 3290-13 31433 CAR PETS In the U.

this subcompact was Volkswagen's successor to the Beetle, but it didn't catch on the same way Rabbit 300 $300 4976-14 31434 RED ROVER, RED ROVER To cushion their landing, the Mars rovers had a covering of these safety devices, also found in autos air bags 300 $600 3333-24 31435 U.The Fifth Avenue art museum named for this man opened a Soho branch in 1992 Solomon R.

Guggenheim 500 $500 3667-33 31436 '50s FASHION These colorful imports from the islands were perfect to top off Bermuda shorts Hawaiian shirts 1200 $200 3631-52 31437 17th CENTURY SCIENCE In the appendix of his "Discourse On Method" this Frenchman introduced analytic geometry Rene Descartes 1800 $800 5033-37 31438 MOVIE CRITTERS (Alex: You have to identify what kind of an animal each one is.) 1994:Timon a meerkat 1400 $800 4991-10 31439 THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE BUSINESS BUSINESS The first Blockbuster Video store opened during this decade in Dallas, Texas the '80s 200 $400 3319-38 31440 FROM HERE TO MATERNITY Steven Wright jokes that because he was born this way he leaves a house through the window Caesarean section 1400 $400 3108-9 31441 DREAMY MUSIC He's the singer heard here: "In dreams, I walk." Roy Orbison 200 DD: $500 3177-7 31442 FEELING LUCKY? (Alex: Hey Jim, sounds like Vegas!) "Find" one of these and "pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck" Penny 200 $200 4968-12 31443 LITERATURE Nicodemus Frapp is a narrow-minded evangelist in "Tono-Bungay", a 1909 novel by this author of "The Time Machine" H.Wells 300 $600 5033-51 31444 PULLING RANK It's the rank of the character singing here"I know the kings of England and I quote the fights historical /From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical" major general 1800 DD: $1,500 3119-1 31445 "YO"-YOS (Alex: Now wait a minute, hold everything right there, Kevin, please - I feel a little inadequate talking about yo-yos.

Perhaps I could have an assistant: Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome the one and only "Mr.Yo-Yo Man"! - what's our next category?) If you just fell off the turnip truck, you might be one of these rural fellows Yokel 100 $100 5066-56 31446 ALL THE KING'S MEN You should know to a "tea" that he was Prime Minster of England from 1830 to 1834 Earl Grey 2000 $2000 3305-48 31447 IT'S A MASTERPIECE! "Dreamy" title of this Rosseau work The Sleeping Gypsy 1800 $800 5107-24 31448 THE LATE 20th CENTURY In 1999, this 6-year-old was the subject of a custody battle Elian Gonzalez 500 $1000 3023-27 31449 THE 1980s On March 23, 1989 2 chemists in Utah announced they had perfected this process -- n"ice" try Cold fusion 500 $500 3662-40 31450 ARCHAEOLOGY What might be the earliest example of a phonetic alphabet was found in this African country in December 1999 Egypt 1400 $400 5047-45 31451 19th CENTURY AMERICA In 1815 he was appointed minister to Great Britain, a post held by his father and, later, by his son Charles John Quincy Adams 1600 $1200 5096-50 31452 MISTER ROBERTs He edited "Citizen Kane" and directed "The Sound of Music" Robert Wise 1800 $1600 2908-8 31453 BEER Cutter, O'Douls and Sharp's are this type of beer Non-alcoholic beers 200 $200 3633-48 31454 THE 1490s (Alex: Great years!) His fleet left Lisbon in 1497 and sailed around the Cape of Good Hope to India in under a year Vasco da Gama 1800 $800 2902-32 31455 MUSEUMS Founded in 1889 as a memorial to Princess Bernice Pauahi, the Bishop Museum is this U.state's oldest Hawaii 1200 $200 4985-58 31456 FRANCE "Jet" over to this largest Paris place, site of the guillotine during the French Revolution the Place de la Concorde 2000 $2000 3665-48 31457 DUTCH TREATIES In 1958 the Netherlands and 2 other Low Countries signed a treaty creating this economic union You could set a new one-day record on our show, but don't feel any pressure because of that! BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) 1800 DD: $5,000 4984-51 31458 HERALDIC BEASTS Wearing a gold collar and chain in the U.'s coat of arms, this mythical beast represents Scotland the unicorn 1800 $1600 5049-54 31459 BRITISH POETS This poet/playwright published his folio of works in 1616, a full 7 years before Shakespeare's Ben Jonson 2000 $2000 5016-39 31460 THOSE ARE THE RULES St.Benedict's Rule defines "4 kinds of" these: those under an abbot; hermits; and 2 detestable types monks 1400 $800 3102-6 31461 MUSEUMS The Whizstreet "Up In Smoke" Museum is a web site exhibiting the art of these colorful cigar items Cigar bands 200 $200 100008-50 31462 CLASSICAL MUSIC At the young age of 38, he was chosen to direct the Boston Symphony, the 1st Asian so honored Seiji Ozawa 1800 2000 5107-17 31463 KING OF THE "HILL" On January 10, 1982 the temperature in Chicago was -26 degrees F.wind chill 300 $600 3121-46 31464 THE DEVIL YOU SAY In a Stephen Vincent Benet story, Jabez Stone retains this lawyer to defend him from Mr.Scratch Daniel Webster 1600 $600 314-6 31465 AUTO SHOP The frame of the car without the out shell, some are classy a chassis 200 $200 3024-29 31466 THERE'S A "WAY" "Paul Revere's Ride" is one of these collected "tales" by Longfellow Tales of a Wayside Inn 500 $500 3119-16 31467 SHOOT THE MOON (Alex: Now, Mr.

Yo-Yo Man, what's your most requested trick?) On the Apollo 14 mission, Alan Shepard introduced this sport to the moon Golf 300 $300 2902-4 31468 SCIENCE This ninth planet's unusual orbit sometimes brings it closer to the sun than the eighth planet Pluto 100 $100 3047-25 31469 BUSINESS and FINANCE In this type of "fight", shareholders can vote in a board that will allow a takeover of the company Proxy fight 500 $500 5094-4 31470 CONTAINERS A sink, or the area drained by a single river system basin 100 $200 3285-16 31471 THAT'S COLD! Though made from snow, these traditional Eskimo shelters are kept warm with heaters Igloos 300 $300 5066-45 31472 ALL ABOUT EVES Detroit became notorious for "Devil's Night", a yearly arson spree on the eve of this day Halloween 1600 $1200 3034-1 31473 mini-mountains The Galilee site where tradition says Jesus preached this in Matthew 5 is described as more of a hill the Sermon on the Mount 100 $100 4141-59 31474 FRENCH DERIVATIONS This word for sophisticated means "of good air" or "good lineage" debonair 2000 $2000 5055-7 31475 SONG TITLES Wilson Pickett:" Sally" Mustang 200 $400 3623-40 31476 PLAY STATION Stephen Flaherty, not Scott Joplin, wrote the music for this show that's based on a novel by E.Doctorow Ragtime 1400 $400 5096-2 31477 THE LENGTHS YOU'LL GO Proverbially, "A miss is as good as" this, but I still don't want to run one a mile 100 $200 5087-50 31478 DRUNK ON SHAKESPEARE "To my niece: I'll drink to her as long as there is a passage in my throat and drink in Illyria", says Sir Toby in this play Twelfth Night 1800 $1600 3271-27 31479 BUSINESS TERMS A factory's manual labor is blue-collar and these are "steel-collar" Robots 500 $500 2897-9 31480 JAPAN This equivalent of Mr.is commonly added to a name as a sign of respect -san 200 $200 3662-15 31481 HISTORICAL NOVELS This 1978 James Michener novel details the history of Maryland's eastern shore Chesapeake 300 $300 3263-52 31482 THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BEN FRANKLIN At the age of 70 in 1776 I was one of 3 Congressional Commissioners to this nation France 1800 $800 3026-21 31483 TAKE IN ORDER (Alex: You have to take the clues in this category in order.

) The Danube River rises in Germany's Schwarzwald and empties into this sea the Black Sea 400 $400 3313-33 31484 MAIN STREET U.en route to the National Civil Rights Museum Memphis 1200 $200 5077-7 31485 ONE-WORD MOVIE TITLES 2006:Adam Sandler has a magic remote control Click 200 $400 3290-26 31486 FILM FESTIVALS "The Crying Game" and "The Piano" had their U.premieres at the festival in this Colorado mining town Telluride 500 $500 3280-36 31487 MEDIEVAL PEOPLE Appropriately, the third Pope of this name was a city boy, born in and later archbishop of Milan Urban 1400 $400 100004-46 31488 DEMOCRATS William A.O'Neill has been governor of Connecticut since she resigned because of illness Ella Grasso 1600 1500 3703-2 31489 LITTLE-HEARD LAST NAMES Music's Wynonna Judd 100 $100 2903-57 31490 COMEDY FILMS A Kalahari Bushman recovers a Coke bottle with hilarious consequences in this film from South Africa The Gods Must Be Crazy 2000 $1000 5032-32 31491 LANGUAGES Speakers of this language, not Spanish, answer the phone with "pronto" Italian 1200 $400 2621-55 31492 ZOOLOGY 2 of the 3 breeds of dogs called setters (2 of) Irish, English, and Gordon 2000 $1000 5044-19 31493 KIRSTEN, REESE OR SCARLETT (Alex: Dunst, Witherspoon, or Johansson.) The tallest at 5'7" Kirsten 400 $800 621-40 31494 NEWSPAPERS People's Almanac describes the People's Daily as "the ultimate voice of authority" in this country China 1400 $400 3028-10 31495 INVENTORS At a 1947 meeting of the Optical Society of America, he took 2 instant photos of himself Edwin Land 200 $200 3295-5 31496 REINDEER Unlike other deer, both male and female reindeer grow these Antlers 100 $100 3100-32 31497 DIRECTORS Biographer Donald Spoto says that as a schoolboy, this "Vertigo" director was nicknamed "Cocky" Alfred Hitchcock 1200 $200 5063-35 31498 "EPI" CURIOUS Paul wrote one to Philemon an epistle 1200 $400 3106-21 31499 GOLDBERGS Familiar title of the piece of music heard here: The Goldberg Variations (by J.

Bach) 400 DD: $400 5027-59 31500 SUPERHERO BEFORE and AFTER Judas' named biblical betrayal price was hanging ten and being confined to Earth by Galactus, the planet eater 30 pieces of Silver Surfer 2000 $2000 314-40 31501 TRAVEL AND TOURISM If a Muslim calls himself "Haji", it means he's visited there Mecca 1400 $400 5015-45 31502 "SOLE" TRAIN This troupe's "O" show in Vegas features a 1.5 million-gallon pool Cirque du Soleil 1600 $1200 5012-50 31503 MEMORABLE ROLES (Alex: We want you to name the actor, we'll tell you about the.) 1994:Lieutenant Dan Taylor Gary Sinise 1800 $1600 3633-46 31504 COUNTRY NAME ORIGINS Citizens of this mountainous nation of the Balkans refer to it as Shqiperia or "Land of the Eagles" Albania 1600 $600 3281-42 31505 AFRICAN-AMERICAN WRITERS She co-wrote the screen adaptation of her 1996 novel "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" Terry McMillan 1600 DD: $2,000 3279-37 31506 MAY-DECEMBER MOVIES This 1971 cult film's title characters were a 20-year-old (Bud Cort) and a 79-year old (Ruth Gordon) Harold And Maude 1400 $400 5042-16 31507 FEMALE FIRSTS In 1944 Lt.Cordelia Cook became the first woman to win both the Bronze Star and this award for her war wounds the Purple Heart 300 $600 2896-14 31508 AGRICULTURE A field is "left" this way if it's plowed but not seeded Fallow 300 $300 3014-8 31509 HEY, WHAT'S COOKING This soup is made from the tail of any beef animal, including the cow and the steer ox-tail soup 200 $200 4987-18 31510 18th CENTURY AMERICA On Dec.

Johann Rall and captured about 1,000 Hessian troops in this battle the Battle of Trenton 400 $800 3267-46 31511 BERNSTEINS Socialist Eduard Bernstein revised Karl Marx' ideas but stayed friends with this Marx pal and collaborator Friedrich Engels 1600 $600 3631-12 31512 THE MEDIEVAL DAILY NEWS (Alex: Now that's a very, very old newspaper, believe me!) Education, 972:The new Azhor Mosque in this Egyptian city includes a university Cairo 300 $300 3952-54 31513 GEORGIE At the merger, Walter Reuther was president of the CIO and this man was president of the AFL George Meany 2000 $1000 4976-3 31514 DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE She's the fictional woman famous for her "Nursery Rhymes" Mother Goose 100 $200 315-20 31515 THE 1950's In 1952, 12-year-old Jimmy Boyd earned a fortune with this Christmas song hit "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" 400 $400 3011-33 31516 MEDICINE Hemophilia is a hereditary condition in which this coagulates extremely slowly Blood 1200 $200 5073-8 31517 COOKING CLASS To make bunny salad, use a chilled pear half for the bunny's body and a ball of cottage cheese for this appendage its tail 200 $400 5094-40 31518 THE RECORD SHOWS I TOOK THE BLOWS This ex-NATO commander and presidential candidate was wounded in Vietnam (Gen.Wesley) Clark 1400 $800 3016-34 31519 CHEMISTRY Chemist Fritz Haber tried to finance German WWI reparations by extracting gold from this common liquid Seawater 1200 $200 3295-11 31520 REINDEER A group of reindeer cows gathered together by a reindeer bull is callled one of these, like a sultan's Harem 200 $200 5087-13 31521 CLASSIC ROCK LYRICS In this 1957 Elvis hit, "Spider Murphy played the tenor saxaphone" and "the whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang" "Jailhouse Rock" 300 $600 3120-23 31522 NUMBER, PLEASE Malcolm X and Martin Luther King both died at this age, months short of a milestone birthday 39 400 $400 3310-55 31523 NAMES BY THE NUMBER British TV comedians Corbett and Barker The Two Ronnies 2000 $1000 315-2 31524 THE 1950's Mickey Spillane's violently anti-Communist private eye Mike Hammer 100 $100 5099-9 31525 SAVANTS "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject", said this wartime British P.Winston Churchill 200 $400 5076-18 31526 SPACE EXPLORATION In 1986 5 spacecraft rendezvoused with this object, Giotto came within 400 miles of its nucleus Halley's Comet 400 DD: $1,400 3875-5 31527 "WILL" OF THE PEOPLE Renaissance man who wrote several narrative poems, 154 sonnets and oh, yes, over 30 plays William Shakespeare 100 $100 3630-46 31528 AFRICAN-AMERICAN LIT This famed orator who was born a slave wrote the 1855 memoir "My Bondage And My Freedom" Frederick Douglass 1600 $600 3048-33 31529 THE BIBLE "Now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up" this man Jonah 1200 $200 5042-27 31530 COVERINGS The origin of the name of this rooflike canvas covering for a deck on your house is unknown an awning 500 $1000 3030-25 31531 REAL GHOSTS? A violent ghost called The Bell Witch allegedly murdered John Bell in this "Volunteer State" in 1820 Tennessee 500 $500 4227-36 31532 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS He pretty much stopped treating people after his parrot Polynesia taught him how to talk to animals Dr.

Dolittle 1400 $800 3031-23 31533 RHYMES WITH PICKLE The flow from a faucet tapers down to this Trickle 400 $400 3673-40 31534 IN EXILE In 1462 this printer known for movable type had to move out of Mainz Johannes Gutenberg 1400 $400 3033-30 31535 ISLANDS The island of Honshu is considered this country's "mainland" Japan 1200 $200 3294-3 31536 STORES WITHOUT WALLS Online, this mail-order "house" partly owned by Sony offers 12 CDs not for a penny but for free Columbia House 100 $100 3315-42 31537 OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN The name of this wicked idol worshipper is often applied to a shameful seductress Jezebel 1600 $600 2893-14 31538 WHEAT This embryo of the wheat seed is a rich source of vitamin E Germ 300 $300 5097-15 31539 GET YOUR LITERARY FACTS STRAIGHT "Brick House" is by the Commodores; this Dickens novel wells of the interminable suit of Jarndyce and Jarndyce Bleak House 300 $600 3030-52 31540 UNFINISHED BUSINESS The biggest mystery in "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" is how this author planned to finish it Charles Dickens 1800 $800 3023-32 31541 WOMEN IN MYTHOLOGY This love goddess is the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite Venus 1200 $200 5071-3 31542 JEWELRY The "stack" type of this is narrow enough for you to wear several on one finger a ring 100 $200 2909-5 31543 REDUNDANCY and REPETITION The name of this, the world's largest desert, means "desert" Sahara 100 $100 3021-59 31544 ROCK 'N' ROLL Remixes from her "Post" album are featured on this Icelandic pop star's 1996 album "Telegram" Bjork 2000 $1000 5066-43 31545 ON THE WATERFRONT Until 1991 this sprawling port on the Gulf of Guinea was Nigeria's capital city Lagos 1600 $1200 4982-51 31546 SHRIMPING (Sarah of the Clue Crew lets a deck hand do the dirty work on a shrimp boat in Savannah, GA.) A technique to cut open shrimp to take out the intestine shares its name with this diurnal insect butterfly 1800 $1600 314-14 31547 EATING IN AMERICA Since overeating was a status symbol, early rulers of what's now this state often weighed over 400 lbs.It was believed that because they had so much leisure time they could do nothing but eat in * .Hawaii 300 $300 3318-24 31548 BIBLICAL FAMILIES Joab helped David reconcile with this son Absalom 500 $500 3313-7 31549 MUSICAL WEATHER The title of a Clash song says this happens "not once, but twice" Lightning Strikes 200 $200 3281-4 31550 CAR TALK On a can of this, the "SAE" before the viscosity is from your friends at the Society of Automotive Engineers Motor oil 100 $100 5003-57 31551 BY THE NUMBERS Sub-zero temperature where the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales show the same reading for a set temperature -40 2000 $2000 2910-7 31552 AMERICAN HISTORY In 1836 this republic asked to be annexed to the U.Texas 200 $200 2899-23 31553 RHYME TIME A perch platter Fish dish 400 $400 3274-8 31554 COLLEGE FOOTBALL (Alex: A lot of that on television also) Nickname of Alabama coach Paul Bryant, who won 15 bowl games "Bear" 200 $200 3665-22 31555 IT BORDERS BOTH (Alex: You have to name the country) Switzerland and Poland Germany 400 $400 3621-13 31556 SPORTS LEGENDS In the 1990s this Seattle Mariner led the AL in home runs 4 times, more than any other player in the decade Ken Griffey, Jr.300 $300 3626-3 31557 AIRLINE TRAVEL The head of a union of these workers calls them the only mainly female transportation work force Flight attendants 100 $100 3328-53 31558 CHEESE This cheese is also called "rat cheese" You can catch a lot of rats with it! Cheddar 1800 $800 3625-31 31559 20th CENTURY WOMEN Her nicknames include "Queen of the West" and "Queen of the Cowgirls" Dale Evans 1200 $200 3006-48 31560 HISTORIC QUOTES An expert on the subject, he told Ptolemy I, "There is no royal road to geometry" Euclid 1800 $800 2905-3 31561 WORLD WAR I 128 Americans died when the Germans sank this liner May 7, 1915 Lusitania 100 $100 3015-20 31562 TITLE FILM FEMALES (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):Title heroine in the film seen here: "I must own up that I'm not in love with Frank." Gwyneth Paltrow in that scene Emma 400 DD: $500 2737-5 31563 CROSSWORD CLUES "M" Mickey and Minnie (4) mice 100 $100 620-20 31564 FAMOUS QUOTES In Feb.1942 radio address he said, "Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much" Franklin Delano Roosevelt 400 $400 5007-3 31565 A "C"OUNTRY MILE This country is about 2,700 miles long and averages 110 miles wide Chile 100 $200 3335-8 31566 COMMON BONDS 18 for voting,50 for A.membership,35 for president Eligible/minimum age 200 $200 5096-0 31567 SOUTH AMERICAN CITIES La Boca, an area of this Argentine capital, is often called "Little Genoa" because of its large Italian community Buenos Aires 100 $200 3034-19 31568 mini-mountains A women's college in South Hadley, Massachusetts is named for this nearby 878' mount Mount Holyoke 400 $400 3272-21 31569 I'M JUST A "BILL" It's proof you bought what you paid for a bill of sale 400 $400 3177-26 31570 WHERE THE "H" ARE WE? The Malecon, Morro Castle, Revolution Square Havana 500 $500 5056-29 31571 WEATHER WORDS The name of this job comes from the Greek for "discussion of celestial phenomena" (stay tuned) meteorologist 500 $1000 3329-38 31572 THEATRE Junius Brutus, patriarch of this acting family, made his U.debut in 1821 as Richard III Booth 1400 $400 3626-36 31573 A PLAGUE ON YOU! The first of these was the Nile turning to blood 10 plagues of Egypt 1400 $400 3303-53 31574 THE CAT (Alex: The C-A-T, oh no that's the cat, le chat) Like MGM's Leo the Lion, if you can do this you're considered one of the "big cats" Roar 1800 $800 3026-27 31575 TAKE IN ORDER (Alex: You have to take the clues in this category in order.

) The Black Sea bass is a popular catch among fishermen off this Palmetto State South Carolina 500 $500 3265-54 31576 PAUL REVERE Massacre victim seen here in an engraving by Paul Revere Crispus Attucks 2000 $1000 3325-46 31577 FACTS and FIGURES We heard a rumor this group's "Rumours" has sold over 17 million copies Fleetwood Mac 1600 $600 3258-6 31578 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD The Spanish ports of Ceuta and Melilla actually lie on the Mediterranean coast of this North African nation Morocco 200 $200 3665-37 31579 THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS and DOGS Of 6 million, 60 million or 600 million, the number of pet cats in the USA 60 million 1400 $400 3278-24 31580 MEN OF LETTERS (Alex: We want you to identify authors known by their initials) Howard Phillips.HP Lovecraft 500 $500 3284-59 31581 ANAGRAMMED THEORETICAL PHYSICISTS (Alex: We want the last name only) Phone empire (J.Robert) Oppenheimer 2000 DD: $500 2903-32 31582 YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS This club's first emblem was a 3-leaf clover; a fourth leaf for "health" was added later 4-H 1200 $200 5087-55 31583 TV DADS (Alex: You have to identify the show for us.) Danny Tanner Full House 2000 $2000 3148-18 31584 PRESIDENTIAL MONOGRAMS RBH (Rutherford Birchard) Hayes 400 $400 4985-18 31585 ANCIENT TIMES Horrified by the carnage of war, Asoka, a 3rd century B.ruler in India, embraced this peaceful religion Buddhism 400 $800 3111-32 31586 DOCUMENTARIES "The Endless Summer" is considered one of the best documentaries ever made about this sport surfing 1200 $200 3312-13 31587 SINGERS NAME'S THE SAME Rocker Glitter and Union Gap leader Puckett Gary 300 $300 3028-56 31588 COMMON BONDS Cabin, hay, scarlet fevers 2000 $1000 5033-53 31589 GIVE ME AN "E" This language was introduced in the 1887 book "Lingvo Internacia" Esperanto 1800 $1600 4968-2 31590 LANDMARK'S THE SPOT It's the landmark seen here in typical fog the Golden Gate Bridge 100 $200 5072-3 31591 STATE GOVERNORS Elected in 2003, dis guvenuh made his totally fantastic film debut in 1970's "Hercules Goes Bananas" Arnold Schwarzenegger 100 $200 3668-4 31592 TREE WORDS We'll give you a hand--these are well read by fortune tellers palms 100 $100 3265-59 31593 LIKE AN ANIMAL (Alex: We'll give you an adjective, you name the animal) Asinine Donkey/ass 2000 $1000 5077-5 31594 CONQUER This man's 11th century conquest of England gave him the nickname "The Conqueror" William 100 $200 3040-0 31595 "JERK"s A 5-Kleenex film a tearjerker 100 $100 3118-55 31596 HISTORIC NAMES Begun on Jan.1, 1660, his "Diary" held thrilling accounts of the Plague and the Great Fire of London Samuel Pepys 2000 $1000 5042-28 31597 FEMALE FIRSTS In 1933 FDR appointed Ruth Bryan Owen, daughter of this politician, the first U.woman diplomat William Jennings Bryan 500 $1000 3264-5 31598 CROSSWORD CLUES "K" Scotsman's skirt (4) Kilt 100 $100 3120-22 31599 SPORTS At the 1972 Munich Olympics, he swam in 7 events, including relays, and won all in world record times Mark Spitz 400 $400 3301-17 31600 SAYS YOU Abraham Lincoln said, "The ballot is stronger than" this The bullet 300 $300 3277-13 31601 STATE TREES State whose official tree is seen here (redwood) California 300 $300 3675-17 31602 "BOR"-ING Unlike most nonmetals, this element with the atomic number 5 is an electrical conductor Boron 300 $300 5075-31 31603 CELEBS This Spiderman star's real first name is Tobias Tobey Maguire 1200 $400 3873-23 31604 "D" DAY It's the basic monetary unit of Greece Drachma 400 $400 3017-3 31605 1979 1,000 Chinese protested the privileges of high officials in this square, more famous 10 years later Tiananmen Square 100 $100 3046-56 31606 MOVIE BIOGRAPHIES Director known for his free interpretations of the lives of Tchaikovsky, Liszt and Valentino Ken Russell 2000 $1000 5019-53 31607 MARK ANTONYMS Mark as in "mark my words" means "pay attention"; this opposite word is from the Latin for "to not know" ignore 1800 $1600 5041-52 31608 THE 2005 FORTUNE 500 (Alex: We're dealing with companies, here.) Let's see, I need 127 gallons of OJ, 5,050 rolls of paper towels and 4 computers.

28 Costco 1800 $1600 5056-47 31609 CROSSWORD CLUES "F" Slang for a policeman who walks the beat(8) flatfoot 1600 $1200 4124-36 31610 DISCOVERY In 1580 he brought back to England the silver, gold, jewels and 3 tons of cloves he got during his round-the-world trip Drake 1400 $800 3626-49 31611 IT'S TIME FOR TIME Brazil is celebrating its qunicentennial, this many years since its discovery by the Portuguese 500 1800 $800 3179-7 31612 LITTLE BIRDIES These little yellow birds were once carried into coal mines because of their sensitivity to poisonous gas Canaries 200 $200 5051-3 31613 CAPITALISM This European capital is home to Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University Warsaw 100 $200 5058-48 31614 1706 In 1706 she was queen of England and involved in a North American war bearing her name Queen Anne 1800 $1600 3269-48 31615 NOVELIST-PLAYWRIGHTS His first play, "The Silver Box", premiered in 1906, the same year he published Book I of "The Forsyte Saga" John Galsworthy 1800 $800 3265-22 31616 STORMY WEATHER Produced by thunderstorm clouds, these lumps of ice bigger than 5mm are classified as hydrometeors Hailstones 400 $400 3662-8 31617 MUSIC OF THE '90s Her video for "Constant Craving" was named MTV's Best Female Video of the Year in 1993 k.lang 200 $200 3305-15 31618 COLOR MY WORLD Hit songs in this style of music include "Wicked Path Of Sin" and "The Ballad Of Jed Clampett" Bluegrass 300 $300 3874-44 31619 BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY (Alex: You have to name the Oscar-winning film) Billy Bob Thornton (1996) Slingblade 1600 $600 3264-24 31620 TEA PARTY (Alex: How appropriate!) Type of tea named for the titled Englishman who became prime minister in 1830 Earl Grey 500 DD: $1,000 4124-11 31621 BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY (Alex: we celebrate.

Barnum's circus partner, he took his first bow on July 4, 1847 (James) Bailey 200 $400 5036-37 31622 WE LOVE BROADWAY (Jimmy of the Clue Crew is upstaged by a chandelier in the Majestic Theatre in New York.) A real accident at the Paris Opera House in 1896 inspired the famous falling chandelier in this musical Phantom of the Opera 1400 $800 100008-7 31623 RELIGION On February 17, 1966 Pope Paul VI reduced the Lenten Fast to these 2 days Good Friday and Ash Wednesday 200 DD: 1,800 3030-10 31624 FOR APPLES In song, Ida was as sweet as this Apple "cida" (cider) 200 $200 2897-53 31625 MOVIES ABOUT THE MOVIES Spalding Gray relates his experiences making this 1984 film in 1987's "Swimming To Cambodia" The Killing Fields 1800 $800 3266-13 31626 IN THE DRUGSTORE In 1907 he developed his first corn pad, probably right after he developed his first corn Dr.William Scholl 300 $300 3120-20 31627 IN THE GROUND Gladioli and crocuses grow from corms, which resemble these structures but have fewer leaves Bulbs 400 $400 3110-21 31628 U.AIRPORT DESIGNATIONS SFO San Francisco 400 $400 4992-34 31629 INSPIRED TITLES The title of this novel that became an Oscar-winning film comes from the rhyme "One flew east, one flew west." One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1200 $400 5021-21 31630 BROWNIE POINTS The mom of Carrie Fisher helped the Brownies recruit and retain members in the 1960s with the "Piper Project" Debbie Reynolds 400 $800 100013-10 31631 HIGHWAYS and BYWAYS The Overseas Highway starts at Key Largo and ends at this island Key West 200 400 3149-36 31632 ASTRONOMY The Milky Way is classified as this type of galaxy, due to its coiled arms, not a staircase a spiral 1400 $400 3282-26 31633 THE BODY HUMAN Ptyalin is an enzyme in this body fluid that helps break down starches Saliva 500 $500 3871-41 31634 FROM "C" TO SHINING "C" (Alex: A correct response in each clue will begin and end with the letter "C".) In addition to co-anchoring "Today", she's also a contributing anchor for "Dateline NBC" Katie Couric 1400 $400 5010-29 31635 MAY I HAVE A WORD WITH "U"? When everyone is in complete agreement, it's this 9-letter adjective unanimous 500 $1000 2736-19 31636 HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES This "Camptown Races" composer's death is commemorated on January 13 (Stephen) Foster 400 $400 3669-27 31637 LET'S TAKE A LITTLE TRIP In 1938 this rich aviator took 4 assistants on a little round-the-world flight Howard Hughes 500 $500 3632-53 31638 ADJECTIVES Adjective in the name of Hans, the turn-of-the-century calculating horse clever 1800 $800 3007-45 31639 ISLANDS This large Alaskan island was once known as Kikhtak, Eskimo for "island" Kodiak Island 1600 $600 5043-41 31640 10-LETTER WORDS Seen here, this building in Ohio?s capital was built by 19th-century convicts the Statehouse 1400 $800 5012-32 31641 MEMORABLE ROLES (Alex: We want you to name the actor, we'll tell you about the.) 1967:Benjamin Braddock Yes, in The Graduate.Dustin Hoffman 1200 $400 3663-22 31642 CHINA Chengdu is the capital city of this province famous for its pig bristle production and spicy food Szechuan 400 $400 3332-5 31643 BIOGRAPHY Born an Air Force brat in Germany in 1959, he won his first Wimbledon in 1981 and married Tatum O'Neal in 1986 Which one? John McEnroe 100 $100 3009-53 31644 HOMOPHONIC PAIRS It's a notation on a percussion score to clash Cymbal symbol 1800 $800 3066-58 31645 HEALTH and MEDICINE Older people are more susceptible to this condition defined as a drop in body temperature to below 95 degrees F.

Hypothermia 2000 $1000 5094-59 31646 I DID IT NORWAY A summer festival at Vinstra honors this Ibsen and Grieg character based on folklore Peer Gynt 2000 $2000 5103-20 31647 FUHGETTABOUDIT Want to join this religion so you can have more than one spouse? Fuhgettaboudit! Canceled the practice in 1890 Mormon 400 $800 5047-9 31648 WOMEN AUTHORS She turned her short story collection "Wind and Water" into the bestseller "The Joy Luck Club" Amy Tan 200 $400 3151-53 31649 BLESS YOU "May His great name be blessed to all eternity" is the nucleus of this Jewish mourner's prayer Kaddish 1800 $800 3281-24 31650 U.PRESIDENTS In 1861 he was appointed a colonel in the 21st Illinois Volunteers Ulysses S.Grant 500 $500 3871-44 31651 WOMEN The association for this sport played by women in schools and colleges was founded in 1922 Field hockey 1600 $600 2899-17 31652 RHYME TIME It's where Pele stores his ball Soccer locker 300 $300 5041-18 31653 THE BRITISH MILITARY The army's 8th and 39th infantry brigades are in this part of the U.to help defeat terror and maintain order Northern Ireland 400 DD: $800 5098-12 31654 NEW YORK ARCHITECTURE This 1920s Art Deco skyscraper is decorated with chrome and radiator cap designs You're out of the hole.the Chrysler Building 300 $600 3271-51 31655 MANY LOVES Change 1 syllable in the name of Hole's lead singer to get this chivalric code of behavior Courtly Love 1800 $800 4124-14 31656 ANAGRAMMED U.CITIES You auto know it:I ROTTED Detroit 300 $600 3268-5 31657 ALLITERATION ALL AROUND Before it was an Allen Funt TV show, it meant an unposed style of photography Candid camera 100 $100 4200-18 31658 ALL GOD'S CREATURES This 2-humped camel is probably named for the ancient country in central Asia where it originated the Bactrian camel 400 $800 4984-52 31659 STATE OF THE U.

REPRESENTATIVE (Alex: We'll give you the representatives, you identify the state.) Connie Mack, Robert Wexler, Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart Say something.Florida 1800 DD: $100 5019-3 31660 MANHATTAN'S MUSEUM MILE New to Museum Mile, the Neue Galerie features works from Austria and this country, home of Ernst Kirchner Germany 100 $200 3293-12 31661 STATE BIRDS City name of the state bird seen here Baltimore oriole 300 $300 4340-57 31662 A FLY CATEGORY Harry H.Gardner, reportedly dubbed this by Grover Cleveland, made his living climbing up the sides of buildings "The Human Fly" 2000 $2000 5033-58 31663 FAMOUS AMERICANS' HOMES If he could have gone home again, it might have been to his mother's Asheville, N.

boarding house, now a landmark Thomas Wolfe 2000 DD: $2,100 3036-29 31664 COMMON BONDS Hollywood, salad, Super bowls 500 $500 3669-11 31665 B D (Alex: Each response will have that form; it'll be 3 letters: a "B", another letter and a "D") Hef's home in Chicago was famous for its round one Bed 200 $200 3179-58 31666 5 GUYS NAMED MOE This "Kool" rapper's album "How Ya Like Me Now" began a rivalry with LL Cool J Kool Moe Dee 2000 $1000 5043-33 31667 I?LL SEE YOU IN COURT! She argued 6 cases on women?s rights before the Supreme Court in the 1970s; now she?s on the court Ginsburg 1200 $400 3008-24 31668 "D" IN SCIENCE Hey, man! - that's heavy hydrogen Deuterium 500 $500 4975-30 31669 HOTEL CALIFORNIA "Relax, said the nightman" of S.'s Fairmont Hotel to the men who chartered this world group there in 1945 the United Nations 1200 $400 5051-48 31670 AMERICAN HISTORY When this convened in May 1787, Adams was in London, Jefferson was in Paris and Patrick Henry refused to attend the Constitutional Convention 1800 DD: $3,000 3100-4 31671 PETS The smallest of the hounds, this popular pet is active and inquisitive, you might even say snoopy Beagle 100 $100 2910-30 31672 EUROPEOPLE Though born Jewish, Jean-Marie Lustiger of Paris holds this high position in the Catholic church Cardinal 1200 $200 3625-2 31673 FANDEMONIUM Many Deadheads' lives revolved around the live concerts performed by this band Grateful Dead 100 $100 5024-29 31674 "Q"-BERT (Alex: If you have kids, these categories will seem familiar to you.) Now meaning "to suppress", originally it meant "to kill"; you may do it to a riot quell 500 $1000 3623-3 31675 FOOD and DRINK These come in a variety of sizes from small to supercolossal and are often stuffed with pimientos Olives 100 $100 5048-6 31676 FLAGS OF THE WORLD (Alex: We'll show you some flags, you ID the country.

) Ja, they know how to ski real good in this country, whose flag is seen here Norway 200 $400 4968-43 31677 MUSIC/TELEVISION This country star became a sitcom grandma at the end of her first season on the WB Reba McEntire 1600 $1200 3872-15 31678 I WON The author of "A Beggar In Jerusalem", this concentration camp survivor won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 Elie Wiesel 300 $300 3289-52 31679 TOUGH HODGEPODGE This Hungarian became president of the new Hungarian Academy of Music in 1875 Franz Liszt 1800 $800 5061-45 31680 HEY, 4 As! (Alex: Each correct response will have 4 of the letter "A" in it.) A dentist could tell you this verb means to mix or alloy a metal with mercury amalgamate 1600 $1200 3321-28 31681 SAINT PAUL Saint Paul was a supportive witness to the stoning of this first Christian martyr Saint Stephen 500 $500 3064-59 31682 BIG WORDS Adjective derived from the name of a Rabelais title character Gargantuan 2000 $1000 3048-11 31683 PEOPLE IN HISTORY (Alex: A little bit of a theme prevalent in the categories) The Duke of Medina Sidonia commanded this famous fleet that the English defeated in 1588 Spanish Armada 200 $200 3264-36 31684 "NEW" ENGLAND Tennis Hall of Fame, anyone? It's located in this seaside city in Rhode Island Newport 1400 $400 3303-16 31685 TBA When the national votes are tallied, the 43rd one of these will be announced November 7, 2000 President of the United States 300 $300 3099-33 31686 SOUNDS LIKE YIDDISH This word derived from "nose" means the projecting spout of a hose Nozzle 1200 $200 3314-45 31687 DOUBLE TALK NAMES 1976's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was a No.1 duet by Elton John and this woman Kiki Dee 1600 $600 3952-40 31688 KISSED THE GIRLS In "From Here To Eternity" this actress tells Burt Lancaster, "Nobody ever kissed me the way you do" Deborah Kerr 1400 $400 3149-16 31689 "CU" Like Picasso and Braque, painter Juan Gris was an exponent of this art movement Cubism 300 $300 3103-13 31690 NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES Julia Roberts posed as Susan B.Anthony for a 1997 issue of this JFK Jr.magazine George 300 $300 1871-15 31691 FASHION DESIGNERS Before he became a couturier, Mainbocher edited the Paris edition of this U.

fashion magazine Vogue 300 DD: $400 3630-7 31692 NEW GAME SHOWS? For the "2000" revival of this Nickelodeon show host Jason Harris is in charge of slime Double Dare 200 $200 2894-7 31693 MOVIE QUOTES It's John Goodman's first onscreen line in "The Flintstones" "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!" 200 $200 5105-0 31694 BROAD WEIGH 600-pound Mahala Mullins won fame by selling this illegal "lunar" liquor in the Tenn.mountains moonshine 100 $200 3149-33 31695 1960s MUSIC This 1966 hit begins, "Hello darkness my old friend" "The Sound Of Silence" 1200 $200 5070-3 31696 ADJECTIVES This adjective for an empty lot or uninhabited house also refers to an estate that no heir has claimed vacant 100 $200 3669-8 31697 MOVIE L.This show biz daily known for its breezy headlines is headquartered at 5700 Wilshire Variety 200 $200 3037-26 31698 MIND YOUR BUSINESS This Vevey, Switzerland-based firm, known for its chocolate, is the world's largest food company Nestle 500 $500 3633-29 31699 FIELD OF "DREAM"s Freud published this landmark study in 1899 The Interpretation Of Dreams 500 $500 4988-19 31700 2006 COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS The longest arm of the law, he's part of a series on DC comics superheroes Plastic Man 400 $800 3006-7 31701 SAUCE This small pitcher with a nautical name is used to pour sauces over your food Gravy boat 200 $200 3309-15 31702 TRAILS The trail of Daniel Boone's Wilderness Road took it through this famous gap Cumberland Gap 300 $300 5085-58 31703 DOGS Named for a British city, this terrier is a cross between the whippet and the black-and-tan terrier And the British city in this case is * .

the Manchester terrier 2000 $2000 5066-58 31704 AN AMERICAN IN PARIS This companion of Gertrude Stein raised some eyebrows with her 1954 cookbook Alice B.Toklas 2000 $2000 3046-15 31705 THE OLD WEST Cibola, as in the 7 Cities of Cibola, is the Spanish word for this large animal of the plains Buffalo 300 $300 3029-37 31706 DANCE A movement and a call in square dancing, it comes from French for "back to back" do-si-do 1400 $400 3870-46 31707 CHARACTER REFERENCE He created William Budd, a sailor on the Indomitable Herman Melville 1600 DD: $1,500 3006-14 31708 FOR MOTHER GOOSE "Who killed Cock Robin? 'I,' said" he, " 'with my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin' " The Sparrow 300 $300 3181-4 31709 WHIPS and CHAINS It's a group of convicts linked together for outdoor labor a chain gang 100 $100 3143-56 31710 FRUIT The black seeds in a papaya may be ground and used like this spice Pepper 2000 $1000 3178-51 31711 CHARLES V In 1522 Charles introduced this Spanish institution to the Netherlands to persecute Protestants The Inquisition 1800 DD: $1,500 3628-39 31712 I SENSE A THEME You may see Shamu the killer whale at one of these parks in San Diego, Orlando, Cleveland or San Antonio Sea World 1400 $400 2910-49 31713 MEDICINE Glossalgia is defined as pain localized in this organ Tongue 1800 $800 3291-7 31714 DOG TALES "Jerry Of The Islands" is the tale of an Irish Terrier pup by this "White Fang" author Jack London 200 $200 2897-55 31715 THE 1950s 5 days before the statute of limitations ran out, the FBI solved this Jan.17, 1950 robbery Brinks Robbery 2000 $1000 3036-5 31716 COMMON BONDS Door, Nobel, booby prizes 100 $100 3032-18 31717 SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR 1/5 of the fresh water entering all oceans comes from this river that flows northeast to the equator the Amazon 400 $400 5106-34 31718 THE 1980s 18-month-old Jessica McClure captured the nation's attention in 1987 after she fell into one of these a well 1200 $400 5103-31 31719 THE SOPRANOS The Ft.

Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel called this Vegas diva a "soprano geyser"; somehow, "my heart will go on" C line Dion 1200 $400 3035-43 31720 BLACK AMERICANS This abolitionist and publisher of "The North Star" ran a station of the Underground Railroad in Rochester Frederick Douglass 1600 $600 4595-13 31721 WHO'S THE MRS.? (Alex: The current wife, you have to identify her.James Carville (Mary) Matalin 300 $600 3175-15 31722 THE CHAIN GANG Now owned by the Gap, this clothing store originally sold safari clothing Banana Republic 300 $300 3871-13 31723 NO LONGER AN OLYMPIC SPORT Last won by Great Britain in 1920, this team sport required moving the opposing team 6 feet forward Tug-of-War 300 DD: $1,700 4199-51 31724 EUROPE In 1999 NATO welcomed 3 members of this organization, formed in 1955 to counter NATO the Warsaw Pact 1800 $1600 5028-5 31725 COLORFUL IDIOMS Elephant or lie white 100 $200 3623-21 31726 FOOD and DRINK From French for "to strike" or "chill", it's a tall, cool coffee drink blended with sugar and ice Frappe/Frappucino 400 $400 3284-53 31727 ANAGRAMMED THEORETICAL PHYSICISTS (Alex: We want the last name only) Hank wig (Stephen) Hawking 1800 $800 3325-29 31728 NUMBER, PLEASE The Bible says the normal life span of man is threescore and ten, this many years 70 500 $500 3322-30 31729 ODE TO ENGLAND (Alex: Poetry, obviously!) Henry VIII took land from the Abbey Westminster and founded this park that to Jekyll sounds sinister Hyde Park 1200 $200 4975-12 31730 CLASSIC LITERATURE (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Kremlin in Moscow, Russia.

) Novel in which Moscow was without its inhabitants and the soldiers were sucked into her, radiating from the Kremlin War and Peace 300 $600 3038-51 31731 FAMILY VALUES Many conservatives value this key to advancement but want the cabinet department abolished Education 1800 $800 3006-10 31732 TV VEHICLES Mr.

T drove this title group around in a black GMC van with red trim The A-Team 200 $200 3291-1 31733 DOG TALES It's what Lassie was asked to do in the title of the classic 1938 Eric Knight short story Come home 100 $100 5001-18 31734 NONFICTION Grammar is hot! This bestseller is Lynne Truss' "Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation" Eats, Shoots and Leaves 400 $800 5052-54 31735 SCIENCE AT THE EXPLORATORIUM (Alex: That's in San Francisco.) (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from the Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.) Spinning the tank of water creates this geometric curve, because less force is needed to hold the center down than the edges a parabola 2000 $2000 3282-5 31736 MAKING UP Queens native Josephine Lauder sells her cosmetics and skin creams under this name Estee Lauder 100 $100 5016-32 31737 POSSESSIVE LIT 1852:A saintly slave saves a little girl's life and is later beaten to death Uncle Tom's Cabin 1200 $400 3037-41 31738 CELEBRITY RHYME TIME Kelsey's mallets Grammer's hammers 1400 $400 5007-39 31739 LET'S MAKE A DEAL George Mitchell helped with this "agreement", signed in Belfast on April 10, 1998 and named for this holy day What is the * Agreement.Good Friday 1400 $800 3149-19 31740 ABOARD THE SLOOP WITH SMEE Smee cleans up the crew's "mess" here, the ship's kitchen the galley 400 $400 3008-38 31741 FOODS THAT BEGIN WITH THE LETTER "Q" (Alex: If you saw the movie "White Men Can't Jump", you'll remember this category) It's a tortilla that's been filled, folded and fried Quesadilla 1400 $400 5053-38 31742 EXTREMELY BAD HISTORICAL POETRY Roses are red / Violets are blue / This "House of Mirth" author / Was born in 1862 Edith Wharton 1400 $800 2905-11 31743 CELEBRITY SPOUSES Lauren Holly Jim Carrey 200 $200 3179-45 31744 HALLS OF FAME This singer heard here was named to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1988: "Well I was born a coal miner's daughter.

" Loretta Lynn 1600 $600 2906-22 31745 UNDERGARMENTS It's a tight constrainer for hernia sufferers Truss 400 $400 3297-41 31746 OXYMORONS (Alex: We know what they are) In 1969 Jerry Garcia's band released an album called "Live" this Dead 1400 $400 3016-0 31747 U.CITIES Rebuilding Precolumbian irrigation canals in 1867 helped "resurrect" this future Arizona capital Phoenix 100 $100 3832-23 31748 TERMS OF ENDEARMENT The most popular endearment among members of the gourd family, beating out "melon" and "squash" Pumpkin 400 $400 5017-27 31749 FAMILIAR NUMBERS In a recurring sketch, Conan O'Brien predicts the future "In the year" this He predicts the future in the year * .2000 500 $1000 5082-16 31750 FOR YOUR RIGHT In 2006 the U.

Supreme Court upheld this state's "right to die" law Oregon 300 $600 5014-55 31751 HAD A DOG 2006's winner of best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show was a colored type of this terrier a bull terrier 2000 $2000 5021-55 31752 WOMEN DIRECTING WOMEN In this TV drama's "The Supremes" episode, Oscar winner Jessica Yu directed Glenn Close as a Court nominee And that TV series was the very popular * .The West Wing 2000 $2000 3275-45 31753 "KISS"ING MUSIC This song by Seal is from the movie "Batman Forever" Kiss From A Rose 1600 $600 1871-45 31754 HOBBIES Someone who dabbles in deltiology collects and studies these "greetings from" around the world And we have less than a minute to go.postcards 1600 $600 3181-47 31755 REVELATION Using one of these test strips will reveal the acidity and alkalinity of a solution on a scale from 1 to 14 Litmus paper 1600 $600 3661-28 31756 BEASTLY WORDS and PHRASES To confront someone defiantly, perhaps on his home turf, is to "beard" this animal "in his den" Lion 500 $500 4141-47 31757 FRENCH DERIVATIONS This fabric word come from the phrase "gloves of Sweden", where the leather was buffed suede 1600 $1200 3328-33 31758 A SILENT "P" Shortly before "The Lord is my shepherd", this same book asks, "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Psalms 1200 $200 3329-55 31759 SCIENCE and NATURE In 1766 this English chemist discovered the properties of hydrogen and called it inflammable air Henry Cavendish 2000 $1000 5079-26 31760 UNFORESEEN FINDS The idea for this device occurred when a magnetron melted a candy bar in Raytheon engineer Percy Spencer's pocket the microwave (oven) 500 DD: $1,000 3334-56 31761 NAME THE POET "That's my last duchess painted on the wall, looking as if she were alive.

I call that piece a wonder, now" Robert Browning 2000 $1000 5008-17 31762 MAMMA "MEA" Disorderly conduct is one of the crimes usually classified as this a misdemeanor 300 $600 5001-0 31763 NONFICTION "Night" is this Nobel Peace Prize winner's account of surviving Auschwitz as a teenager Elie Wiesel 100 $200 5013-18 31764 U.COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES The North Carolina university founded in this town in 1834 is now in Winston-Salem Wake Forest 400 $800 3099-23 31765 NEXT LINE, PLEASE From chapter 10 of "Animal Farm" comes "All animals are equal, but some animals." "Are more equal than others" 400 $400 5096-27 31766 EDISON'S PATENTS (Jimmy describes a third drawing on the monitor.) The film goes over Pulley 41, under Spring 42, through the slit, and over Pulley 38 in this forerunner of the projector a kinetoscope 500 $1000 3102-31 31767 WE'RE MALAYSIA-BOUND This capital whose name means "muddy estuary" was named for the 2 rivers that wind through it Kuala Lumpur 1200 $200 5001-41 31768 THE "GOOD", THE "BAD" and THE "UGLY" In 1933 FDR espoused this policy in which the U.

"respects the rights of others" the Good Neighbor Policy 1400 $800 5072-45 31769 MOM, I WANT I WANT I WANT!! (Jon of the Clue Crew drives an RC car.) I bet you want an RC car with a 49 MHz signal; RC can stand for "remote control" or this "control" RC, remote control or * .radio control 1600 $1200 3626-16 31770 YOU-PHEMISMS A little-used plural of "thou", it comes before "of little faith" Ye 300 $300 3871-37 31771 WORLD LITERATURE Don Quixote gave this name to Aldonza Lorenzo, a peasant girl who was his ideal lady Dulcinea 1400 $400 3063-5 31772 PLUMBING (Alex: Yeah, the writers get cute every once in a while!) When you do this, the stopper ball lifts to allow water from the tank to flow into the bowl Flush the toilet 100 $100 5097-2 31773 MYTHIC COMPANY This Spring Hill, Tennessee car company runs rings around the competition with its Ion and Sky models Saturn 100 $200 2894-50 31774 SCIENCE and NATURE The order caudata consists of newts and these tailed amphibians, including mudpuppies Salamanders 1800 $800 3328-37 31775 BIG SCREEN BRAINBUSTERS "The Blackboard Jungle" was the debut film of this actor, Jennifer Jason Leigh's father Vic Morrow 1400 $400 5097-42 31776 EVERYTHING FRENCH In July of 1789 this salacious marquis screamed from his cell that he and his fellow prisoners should be freed from the Bastille Marquis de Sade 1600 $1200 3629-21 31777 BACK IN THE '90s In July 1999 Disney settled its suit with this former executive for hundreds of millions of dollars Jeffrey Katzenberg 400 $400 3321-57 31778 CATS archy's feline friend mehitabel 2000 $1000 3277-30 31779 A FEW WORDS FROM WORDSWORTH " g can bring back the hour of" this "In the grass, of glory in the flower" Splendor 1200 $200 5071-6 31780 KID LIT Leroy is the real first name of the boy detective with this bookish nickname Encyclopedia Brown 200 $400 5026-57 31781 WALLY WORLD In 1997 his debut novel "She's Come Undone" became a No.1 bestseller Wally Lamb 2000 $2000 5012-9 31782 WEAPONS St.

Rene Goupil was martyred in 1642 with this hand-axe for making the sign of the cross over a Mohawk child the tomahawk 200 $400 3110-7 31783 SOUTHERNMOST POINTS The southernmost point on the USA's mainland is Cape Sable in this Florida national park The Everglades 200 $200 4989-23 31784 YOU MOVE, TO FAST Move to central Anatolia in this country to fast during the holy month known there as Ramazan Turkey 400 $800 3261-10 31785 BEANS (Alex: Hey, we're in Boston!) It's the enumerative slang for an accountant or other financial exec beancounter 200 $200 3322-9 31786 TV CHARACTERS (Alex: You'll have to name the show) Endora, Dr.Bombay, Larry Tate Bewitched 200 $200 5003-13 31787 HORSE RACING The name of this champion of the 1930s is a synonym for Hard Tack, his sire's name Seabiscuit 300 $600 2909-32 31788 AROUND THE WORLD Founded in 1611, the University of Santo Tomas in Manila is this country's oldest Philippines 1200 $200 5103-14 31789 FUHGETTABOUDIT Hoping to get on the Olympic team for this event where 2 sides pull on a rope? Fuhgettaboudit! Last held in 1920 the tug-of-war 300 $600 3119-17 31790 ROCKING THE BABY (Alex: Ah, I know that one - I've got two kids.- Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for the one and only "Mr.Yo-Yo Man" - Tommy Smothers; he makes it look so easy!) For babies it begins around 2-4 months; for adults, it means giving predigested information Spoon-feeding 300 $300 5084-28 31791 SATURDAY At age 3, as Bubbles Silverman, this opera star sang on a Sat.morning radio show, "Uncle Bob's Rainbow House" And her well known nickname is "Bubbles" and you know her better as * .

Beverly Sills 500 $1000 5087-48 31792 ART and ARTISTS One of the 2 great British landscape masters born 14 months apart in 1775 and '76 (John) Constable and (Joseph Mallord William) Turner 1800 $1600 4991-39 31793 YOU'RE PLAYING GAMES WITH ME, ALEX Your gingerbread man playing piece might get stuck in the Molasses Swamp when you play this board game Candy Land 1400 $800 5015-42 31794 CARIBBEAN PORTS OF CALL If it's a slice of America you want, grab a pizza at the Pizza Hut on this Mexican island off the Yucatan Cozumel 1600 $1200 4227-38 31795 UP and ATOM In 1932 James Chadwick discovered these non-charged particles neutrons 1400 $800 3178-4 31796 THROUGH THE WOODS "Don't sit under" this hardwood "tree with anyone else but me" Apple tree 100 $100 5013-55 31797 ALL THAT JAZZ There's a distinctive left-hand pattern in this style of piano playing, also a word meaning "walk" stride 2000 $2000 3038-55 31798 COLONISTS The settlement he purchased for a few trinkets and named New Amsterdam is known today as Manhattan Peter Minuet 2000 $1000 3023-33 31799 BY THE "BOOK" "Book" that requires a "balancing act" every month Checkbook 1200 $200 3661-6 31800 BODIES OF WATER Some geographers say there's an "Antarctic" one of these, formed by the southern parts of the big 3 Ocean 200 $200 3179-6 31801 HOOKED ON PHOENIX Diners at the Rustler's Rooste chow down on this "noisy" pit viper, served as an appetizer Rattlesnake 200 $200 3873-47 31802 3-LETTER WORDS The egg of a louse, it's something picky people might pick at nit 1600 $600 3036-26 31803 THE CIRCUS This steam whistle organ draws crowds to circus parades because it can be heard from miles away: audio clue calliope 500 $500 4982-19 31804 THE BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNER "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "The Silence of the Lambs", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" The Silence of the Lambs 400 $800 3037-0 31805 TV THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU A nature show on Animal Planet is co-hosted by this Sea World killer whale Shamu 100 $100 4992-10 31806 "WHITE" This band, Jack and Meg, has been called "garage rock superstars" The White Stripes 200 $400 2896-49 31807 WORLD GEOGRAPHY In the 1850s, Empress Eugenie helped popularize Biarritz, a town on this bay, as a fashionable resort Bay of Biscay 1800 DD: $1,000 3035-49 31808 BLACK AMERICANS On Feb.20, 1996 former Congressman Kweisi Mfume was sworn in as head of this organization NAACP 1800 $800 3062-23 31809 OATHS Term for Cold War-era oaths required of federal employees, union leaders and teachers Loyalty oath 400 $400 5069-46 31810 ESTIMATED PROPHET The last book of the New Testament is a collection of prophetic visions by this man John (the Divine) 1600 $1200 5066-46 31811 AN AMERICAN IN PARIS This first Chief Justice of the U.negotiated the Treaty of Paris in 1782 John Jay 1600 $1200 3021-1 31812 COFFEE BREAK This stimulant found in coffee can ease headaches by constricting blood vessels caffeine 100 $100 3276-2 31813 WEST VIRGINIA In 1859 John Brown raided the arsenal of this town, now West Virginia's easternmost It was in Virginia then.Harper's Ferry 100 $100 3179-1 31814 LITTLE BIRDIES Snoopy's best little buddy, in the comics he talks in "scratches" Woodstock 100 $100 3068-1 31815 ORGANIZATIONS Jean Nidetch founded this organization in 1963 after she lost 72 pounds Weight Watchers 100 $100 3315-43 31816 ARROWS Shakespearean character who speaks about "The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" Hamlet 1600 $600 5003-22 31817 INSIDE THE BRAIN This disorder caused by excess signaling in the brain was called morbus herculeus, as it was thought Hercules had it epilepsy 400 $800 3020-27 31818 CORN FED Legend has it this deep-fried cornmeal dumpling was named for its ability to quiet hungry dogs Hush puppies 500 $500 3106-20 31819 ICEBERGS This 5-miilion-square-mile ice cap produces huge bergs, including one measured at 200 X 60 miles Antarctica 400 $400 3290-41 31820 LITERARY ADJECTIVES Resembling the totalitarian future described in "1984" orwellian 1400 $400 5078-32 31821 HU, WATT, WARE, NGUYEN and WYE In the late 1960s the president and vice president of South Vietnam shared this name * Van Thieu and * Cao Ky.

Nguyen 1200 $400 3874-11 31822 BURLAP TO CHARM (Alex: As what you'd find in an encyclopedia - all of the correct responses will come between burlap and charm) To keep it white, the head of this cruciferous vegetable is tied up in its leaves when it's young to keep the sun off Cauliflower 200 $200 3277-2 31823 CLASSIC TV CATCHPHRASES "Good night, John-Boy" The Waltons 100 $100 3873-24 31824 PEN NAMES Bluesman Bukka White memorialized his time at this state's infamous Parchman Farm in song Mississippi 500 $500 2735-23 31825 SHAKESPEAREAN LAST SCENES Puck's last speech in this play begins, "If we shadows have offended, think but this--and all is mended" A Midsummer Night's Dream 400 $400 3033-49 31826 PARTY GEOMETRY 2/3 pi r cubed will give us this measure for our hemispherical punch bowl Volume 1800 DD: $3,000 3665-1 31827 LIFE SCIENCE These animals, the only mammals that can truly fly, are not rodents Bats 100 $100 3061-22 31828 HUMOR Stout Shakespearean character "Not only witty myself; but the cause that wit is in other men" Sir John Falstaff 400 $400 2893-31 31829 HISTORIC AMERICA This city's Independence Nat'l Historical Park has been called "The most historic square mile in America" Philadelphia 1200 $200 3315-38 31830 BASEBALL HALL OF FAMERS (Alex: You have to name the team) Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds 1400 $400 3315-13 31831 FRENCH HISTORY It was the Roman designation for the region virtually identical with modern France Gaul 300 $300 4982-16 31832 SILK During World War II, silk was used to make the canopies of these; today they're usually made of nylon parachutes 300 $600 5066-0 31833 THEIR FIRST NOVELS "The Hunt for Red October"(1984) Tom Clancy 100 $200 3019-40 31834 THE NAME'S THE SAME Name shared by a baseball player and the woman seen here: Grace Under Fire Less than a minute to go, Peter.Brett Butler 1400 DD: $1,000 3144-3 31835 FLINCHIUS THE GLADIATOR Because he speaks Latin, Flinchius knows that "gladiator" means a "man of" this weapon The gladius? Well, gladius is the Latin for * , so we will accept that.May I caution all of you that from now on, please give your responses in English, not in Latin, because we're going to be in deep trouble.sword 100 $100 3047-51 31836 EUROPEAN HISTORY Around 30,000 B.

these hyphenated Homo Sapiens succeeded the Neanderthals in Europe Cro-Magnon Man 1800 $800 3037-47 31837 CELEBRITY RHYME TIME Locklear's plumes Heather's feathers 1600 $600 3266-47 31838 IT'S ALL ABOUT "YOU", ISN'T IT? It's the first line of the first verse in the song, "As Time Goes By", sweetheart You must remember this 1600 $600 3627-36 31839 STATE BORDERS If you go directly east from the Four Corners, you'll be on Colorado's border with this state New Mexico 1400 $400 3303-41 31840 THE CAT (Alex: The C-A-T, oh no that's the cat, le chat) When a lioness and one of these mate, they produce a leopon Leopard 1400 $400 3292-24 31841 HOLIDAYS On Purim, the Biblical book named for this queen is read in synagogues Esther 500 $500 2895-57 31842 HEALTH and FITNESS This Japanese style of massage is based on the same principles as acupuncture Shiatsu 2000 $1000 4123-43 31843 NOT REALLY MARRIED (Alex: We want you to name both halves of the couple.) This Bitish comic had scantily clad women on his TV show; in 1991 this law professor testified about sexual harrassment Benny and Anita Hill 1600 $1200 3872-28 31844 THE ONION Grown on the slopes of Haleakala, this Hawaiian island's onions are among the world's tastiest Maui onions 500 $500 3875-19 31845 CAR REPAIR 101 Metal shavings and dirt can be cleaned from the engine's lubricant with this part Oil filter 400 $400 4340-41 31846 LOSING THE "WAR" (Alex: In actual fact, it's losing the letters "war" - for instance, "When this word loses a "war", it becomes a commercial"; the word would be "award", so you take the "war" out of it and it becomes "ad") When losing a "war", this earned prize becomes a badge of courage color Reward (REwarD) 1400 $800 4969-27 31847 LET'S TAKE A TRIP When this country broke away from Ethiopia in 1993, Haile Selassie Avenue in the capital became Harnet Avenue Eritrea 500 $1000 5019-15 31848 MANHATTAN'S MUSEUM MILE The exterior of this museum at 5th and 89th was designed to break the rectangular grid of Manhattan the Guggenheim 300 $600 5047-4 31849 ADVERTISING Shown in 1941, the first TV commercial was a Bulova ad for these watches 100 $200 3311-51 31850 CHEETAHS These deerlike animals, such as duikers and impalas, often can't lope fast enough to escape cheetahs Antelopes 1800 $800 2736-8 31851 THE ODYSSEY This woman, the cause of the Trojan War, gives Telemachus a rich robe for his bride to wear Helen of Troy 200 $200 3299-5 31852 PARTY ON! "Pin the nose on the witch" is a Halloween variation of this ever-popular party game pin the tail on the donkey 100 $100 5066-20 31853 ORGANIZATIONS This group, MSF, was founded by French doctors and journalists--to bear witness as well as provide medical help * .Donna was trying to do it in French--M decins Sans Fronti res.

Doctors Without Borders 400 $800 3284-54 31854 LITERATURE The character Jesse B.Semple figures prominently in many of this "Harlem" poet's short stories Langston Hughes 2000 $1000 3062-53 31855 BONUS MOVIE (Alex: There are 2 correct responses - if you select and respond correctly to one of the clues, you'll earn that amount; you can then elect to try for the 2nd half of it, in which case, you would double your score, if you're right but if you're wrong, you lose it all.

) She won the 1968 Academy Award for Best Actress That is right - you want to try for an $800 bonus? Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand 1800 $800 5031-20 31856 THE BIG SLEEP Michael Stipe knows this type of sleep occurs about every 90 minutes and lasts from 5 to 30 minutes REM sleep 400 $800 2899-13 31857 CATHEDRALS and CHURCHES You can see the Black Prince's knightwear, as well as his tomb, at this English cathedral and pilgrimage site Canterbury 300 $300 3121-17 31858 THEY CAN'T ALL BE GEMS From French for "diamond", this term for rhinestone-studded fabric is also a model of Mitsubishi Diamante 300 $300 3297-29 31859 JINGLES ALL THE WAY This motorcycle company likes to "Let the good times roll" Kawasaki 500 $500 3667-48 31860 THE LIVING WORLD Although shaped like the bottom of a shoe, this protozoan doesn't walk, but swims by shaking its cilia Paramecium 1800 $800 3631-33 31861 AT AUCTION In September 1999 Billy Crystal paid $239,000 for a glove used in a game by this Yankee great Mickey Mantle 1200 $200 3119-33 31862 PLAYING PRESIDENT Ralph Bellamy played this polio-stricken president in "Sunrise At Campobello" Franklin D.

Roosevelt 1200 $200 3174-9 31863 SPORTS Brothers Phil and Tony Esposito were both named to the hall of fame for this sport Hockey 200 $200 3326-13 31864 THE WORLD SERIES In 1992 this Canadian team won 3 of its 4 World Series games in its last-at-bat Toronto Blue Jays 300 $300 4200-31 31865 OLD JOBS (Alex: Not ODD JOBS.) A hostler or ostler was employed at an inn taking care of these animals horses 1200 $400 5007-35 31866 "TRUTH" OR CONSEQUENCES The 5 words that follow "Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!" in the first verse of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" Heh-ho, you're running out of time."His truth is marching on" 1200 $400 4198-54 31867 OKLAHOMA! Over 1,000 miles long, this "colorful" river forms most of Oklahoma's southern boarder the Red River 2000 $2000 3305-30 31868 IT'S A MASTERPIECE! A portion of this heroic Emanuel Leutze masterpiece is seen here Washington Crossing The Delaware 1200 $200 3291-46 31869 THE FIRST Take note, in 1957 this company with a once hyphenated name began marketing the 1st electric portable typewriters Smith-Corona 1600 $600 4200-24 31870 ALL GOD'S CREATURES This "butterfly" dog was often represented in the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens and his followers The French word for "butterfly" is * .papillion 500 $1000 2897-8 31871 1980s ROCK MUSIC Before reaching stardom with "You Give Good Love", she had a short career as a model Whitney Houston 200 $200 5007-22 31872 ON THE GO In 1919 a $25,000 prize was offered to the first pilot who could fly nonstop between these 2 cities the prize was claimed by Charles Lindbergh.New York and Paris 400 DD: $800 3065-21 31873 BEATNIK LIT His "Naked Lunch" provoked an obscenity trial in 1962 William S.

Burroughs 400 $400 3276-12 31874 THE THEATER When this play opened in 1972, Jack Albertson and Sam Levene played comedians Willie Clark and Al Lewis The Sunshine Boys 300 $300 3017-18 31875 WORLD CITIES Known as Panormus in ancient times, it's the largest city of Sicily Palermo 400 $400 4982-11 31876 "ZO" FAR SO GOOD Title Greek character of a 1946 bestseller Zorba 200 $400 3632-14 31877 LESSER-KNOWN MUSICALS Danny Kaye's career "ark" included this Biblical role in "Two By Two" Noah 300 $300 5059-54 31878 SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN LIFE (Jimmy of the Clue Crew holds two artwork specimens in the Besh-Ba-Gowah Museum in Arizona.) The Salado people were expert potters who made painted wares in red, white and black called this, from the Greek for "many-colored" polychrome 2000 $2000 5085-11 31879 FOOD STUFF In 1916 Aron Streit began baking these unleavened breads on Manhattan's Lower East Side matzah 200 $400 3066-51 31880 BORN ON CHRISTMAS DAY His birthday may have inspired him to write "Night Of The Meek", a Christmas episode of "The Twilight Zone" Rod Serling 1800 $800 3288-35 31881 HEY HEY WE'RE THE MACCABEES! We fought against the Seleucid kingdom, founded by a general under this "great" conqueror Alexander the Great 1200 $200 2900-37 31882 OPERA Pietro Mascagni wrote his 1935 opera "Nerone" to glorify this dictator Benito Mussolini 1400 $400 3174-19 31883 NONFICTION In "Into Thin Air" Jon Krakauer said climbing this mountain "was primarily about enduring pain" Mount Everest 400 $400 3266-59 31884 IT'S ALL ABOUT "YOU", ISN'T IT? Published posthumously in 1940, this Thomas Wolfe novel is a sequel to "The Web and the Rock" You Can't Go Home Again 2000 $1000 3903-20 31885 IT'S "BIG" This cosmology theory's name came from Fred Hoyle's joke about it Big Bang 400 $400 3873-25 31886 GEOMETRY Cross a rhombus, having 4 equal sides, with a rectangle having 4 equal angles, and you get one of these Square 500 $500 2735-8 31887 TELEPHONE HISTORY As of July 1, 1968 you could dial this 3-digit number in New York City and get the police 911 200 $200 3308-25 31888 HATS ON! (Alex: Not hats off!) The name of this hat is elementary, my dear contestant And by the way, all of our models were former, soon-to-be former, employees - they got their moment! Deerstalker 500 $500 3111-54 31889 JERUSALEM Around 587 B.they were the first group to come in and destroy the Temple Babylonians 2000 $1000 3011-22 31890 POTENT POTABLES 1 of 2 fruit juices featured in a Vodka Seabreeze Cranberry or grapefruit juice 400 $400 3285-6 31891 CHINA TOWNS The city of Dali is famous not for surrealist art, but for these Buddhist temple structures Pagodas 200 $200 2897-2 31892 1980s ROCK MUSIC His song "Starting Over" became a transatlantic hit just after his December 1980 murder John Lennon 100 $100 3316-8 31893 THE FINE PRINT Filing under Chapter 7 of this code, you'll lose most of your nonexempt assets Bankruptcy 200 $200 3263-41 31894 "CAT"s and "DOG"s If you divulge a secret, you're doing this Letting the cat out of the bag 1400 $400 2905-18 31895 ALBUQUERQUE Located on this river, Albuquerque is the seat of Bernalillo County Rio Grande 400 $400 3669-53 31896 "HOLY" COW! One derivation of this much-sought relic's name may be from the Latin "Sang Real" or "Royal Blood" Holy Grail 1800 $800 4340-39 31897 A FLY CATEGORY Airline that wanted you to "Fly The Friendly Skies" United 1400 $800 3032-35 31898 GET SOME SUN The sun does this on its axis; since it's a ball of gas, its parts do it at varying speeds rotates 1200 $200 5033-33 31899 PULLING RANK In Boy Scouting, rise 5 ranks from Tenderfoot and you're one of these an Eagle Scout 1200 $400 3177-34 31900 WHAT'S "UP"? In a 1983 hit Billy Joel was a "downtown man" in love with her Uptown Girl 1200 $200 3014-9 31901 STATE CAPITALS This seat of Kent County, Delaware is named for a city in England's county of Kent Dover 200 $200 1871-22 31902 ACTORS ON STAGE Bruce Dern and Rip Torn were in the original cast of this playwright's "Sweet Bird of Youth" Tennessee Williams 400 $400 3285-51 31903 THE OSCARS This 1969 film was the first X-rated movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture Midnight Cowboy 1800 DD: $1,000 3276-19 31904 BASEBALL This Dodger won 27 games in 1966, but retired at season's end due to an arthritic arm Sandy Koufax 400 $400 2735-25 31905 LIBRARIES In 1602 this university's library reopened after restoration work by Sir Thomas Bodley Oxford University 500 $500 5003-32 31906 DEAD GUYS WITH 3 NAMES The first president of North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 1200 $400 3268-39 31907 FACTS and FIGURES Almost 10% of the U.population in 1996 was foreign born, with the greatest number, 6.7 million, from this country Mexico 1400 $400 3261-13 31908 SONGS BY THE NUMBER Tony Orlando and Dawn sang, do this "on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipe if the answer is no" "Knock Three Times" 300 $300 3286-43 31909 SHE WAS IN THAT? Laura San Giacomo of "Just Shoot Me" appeared as a hooker pal of Julia Roberts in this 1990 film Pretty Woman 1600 $600 4992-8 31910 LARGE EQUIPMENT It's the most popular type of Tonka truck a dump truck 200 $400 5020-26 31911 OZ (Alex: All the clues will refer to the books, not the movie.Frank Baum's original book, this, not ruby, is the color of Dorothy's slippers Ah, we learn something new every day here on Jeopardy!.silver 500 $1000 5003-35 31912 ENDS IN "TH" A moor, or the first name of actor Ledger Heath 1200 $400 3281-31 31913 EDUCATION Usually the first unit of elementary school, its name is German for "children's garden" kindergarten 1200 $200 3100-38 31914 DIRECTORS In his late teens this director, seen here, taught English in Saigon Oliver Stone 1400 $400 3872-56 31915 DEAR JOHN In 1821 the remains of this major, who conspired with Benedict Arnold, were moved to Westminster Abbey John Andre 2000 $1000 3016-46 31916 CHEMISTRY Reducing agents like carbon assist this process of extracting metal from ore at high temperatures Smelting 1600 $600 3014-59 31917 DOUBLE TALK It's the capital of American Samoa Pango Pango 2000 $1000 3008-58 31918 FAMOUS MOUSTACHES In his revision of "The Elements Of Style", E.White recalled the carefully edged moustache of this co-author William Strunk, Jr.WOMEN In 1958, this Charokee Lady had "That Old Black Magic" with husband Louis Prima Keely Smith 1800 $800 3272-22 31920 THE WORLD OF LOUNGE 1996 film that popularized lines like "You're money, baby" Swingers 400 $400 3666-51 31921 FILMS OF THE '90s In a 1999 film John Travolta and Madeleine Stowe tried to solve the murder of this title character The General's Daughter 1800 $800 3629-33 31922 WOMEN In 1999 she entered the Pro Figure Skating Championships, as they weren't covered under her lifetime ban Tonya Harding 1200 $200 3321-25 31923 MAKING A LIST This 1941 film topped the AFI's much-debated 1998 list of the 100 greatest American films Citizen Kane 500 $500 5031-16 31924 THE HARDER THEY "FAL" Adjective for land left unseeded after plowing to let it return to its natural fertility fallow 300 $600 3010-22 31925 "PU" It means downright rotten Putrid 400 $400 2621-25 31926 U.

What's thought to be the oldest log cabin in the U.is located on Vermont's Grand Isle in this lake Lake Champlain 500 $500 3033-15 31927 SODA POP QUIZ This gas produced by fermentation gives soda its pop Carbon dioxide (CO2) 300 $300 3030-3 31928 BOBBING In 1997 this ex-Senate majority leader agreed to loan Newt Gingrich money for his ethics violation fine Bob Dole 100 $100 3665-58 31929 AMERICAN INVENTIONS Almost 40 years after Otis invented the safety elevator, Jesse Reno developed this people mover Escalator 2000 $1000 3111-34 31930 CRYING Whether Maui or Bermuda, they contain sulfurous oils that can make you a gusher when you slice them onions 1200 $200 3071-10 31931 SACRED MOUNTAINS Holy Moses! The monastery of St.

Catherine at the base of this mountain dates back 14 centuries Mount Sinai 200 $200 3673-26 31932 FLAGS OF THE WORLD This Mediterranean country whose flag is seen here is "The Word" Greece 500 $500 3020-14 31933 LOUISIANIANS Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! He hails from Ferriday Jerry Lee Lewis 300 $300 3034-8 31934 wee folk Their name comes from the old Irish luchorpan, meaning "little body" leprechaun 200 $200 5096-38 31935 MISTER ROBERTs He's the Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton seen here Robert Reich 1400 $800 5052-24 31936 PRESIDENTIAL FIRSTS This New Yorker was the first president born after America declared its independence Martin Van Buren 500 $1000 5082-48 31937 AFRICAN-AMERICAN AUTHORS In 1948, fed up with the U., James Baldwin moved to this city for good Paris 1800 $1600 3621-32 31938 WORDS FOR WORDS "Biggest" and "best" are examples of this, one degree above a comparative Superlatives 1200 $200 5056-9 31939 STATE INSECTS It might want to fly away home to Massachusetts, where it's the state insect * , * , fly away home.the ladybug 200 $400 3015-1 31940 THE BIG 4-0 (Alex: Talking about age) He was 40 in 1974 when he broke the all-time career home run record Henry Aaron 100 $100 100008-35 31941 ROYALTY King Boris III of Bulgaria was the son-in-law of this country's King Victor Emmanuel III Italy 1200 500 2906-7 31942 MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL In 1954 Joe Bauman outdid Babe Ruth with 72 of these in the Longhorn League; he never reached the majors Home runs 200 $200 3035-9 31943 WHEN THEY WERE TEENAGERS In 1973, at age 15, she made her Broadway debut in "Irene", which starred her mom, Debbie Reynolds Carrie Fisher 200 $200 3286-38 31944 EVERYTHING! You don't have everything unless you include this household object Kitchen sink 1400 $400 3622-49 31945 WRITERS ON FILM Radical journalist played by Warren Beatty in "Reds" John Reed 1800 $800 3874-43 31946 EUROPE Country in which you'd find the city the natives call Den Haag Holland/Netherlands 1600 $600 3121-59 31947 FAMILIAR PHRASES Some believe this exclamation of surprise or wonder originally referred to General Winfield "Great Scott!" 2000 $1000 3061-15 31948 THE WILD WEST It cost $5 to send a 1/2-ounce letter via this service when it began in April 1860 Pony Express 300 $300 3171-22 31949 ANIMALS In 1961 a federal law banned the importation of this South American fish into the U.Piranha 400 $400 4969-46 31950 ART Noun for a work in which ideas are personified, like the book "Pilgrim's Progress" or de Troy's "Time Unveiling Truth" allegory 1600 $1200 4201-55 31951 CRAFTS In tatting, you use a small shuttle to form the rings and semicircles of this fabric, perhaps for a doily lace 2000 $2000 5087-0 31952 SAUDI ARABIA Religious police called mutawwa don't like women to wear any color but this black 100 $200 3301-10 31953 CLOTHES MAKE THE LAND The pipers seen here are sporting some of the native plaids of this country Scotland 200 $200 3011-12 31954 SHAKESPEARE LITE This comedy concerns Valentine and Proteus, 2 guys from Italy who vie for the hand of Sylvia Two Gentlemen Of Verona 300 $300 3264-12 31955 TEA PARTY (Alex: How appropriate!) From middle English for "curled-up" cake, it's a tea bread that resembles an English muffin Crumpet 300 $300 4979-43 31956 WE "LOVE" TELEVISION In the title of yet another Susan Dey series, this phrase followed "Loves Me" Loves Me Not 1600 $1200 3340-48 31957 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD This country is home to many volcanoes including the explosive Krakatoa Indonesia 1800 $800 3874-26 31958 HITMEN "Rajah" was the nickname of this second baseman who hit an astounding .424 in 1924 Rogers Hornsby 500 $500 5086-14 31959 MAIDEN NAMES Billie Jean Moffitt King 300 $600 3065-58 31960 IN THE KITCHEN WITH IVAN Thin slices of tender beef go into this entree named for a count and served in a rich sour cream sauce Beef Stroganoff 2000 $1000 5056-22 31961 and BRANDS This Scottish Whisky traces its roots to Italian distiller Giacomo Justerini JandB 400 $800 3108-21 31962 DREAMY MUSIC "The only trouble" with this Everly Brothers hit is "Gee whiz, I'm dreaming my life away" All I Have To Do Is Dream 400 $400 3630-23 31963 CRACKERS The name of this Sunshine Biscuit Co.cracker sounds like a slang phrase used when the cops are coming Cheez-It 400 $400 3278-45 31964 CROSSWORD CLUES "M" Colonel's condiment in the game of Clue (7) Mustard 1600 $600 4975-50 31965 ONE OF THESE NIGHTS Hitler massacred the leadership of the SA, his own paramilitary group, on June 30, 1934, "The Night of the Long" these Knives 1800 $1600 3321-51 31966 CATS This freewheeling hippie-cat of underground comics was created by R.Crumb Fritz the Cat 1800 $800 3333-46 31967 THE SOLAR SYSTEM Degas and Bronte are 2 of these on Mercury, a planet whose topography is like our moons Craters 1600 $600 3068-41 31968 RAISE YOUR GLASSES Bogart makes this toast to Bergman in Paris before making it again, in "Casablanca" "Here's looking at you, kid" 1400 $400 5058-46 31969 COTE D'IVOIRE (Alex: The Ivory Coast.) Not Rome but Yamoussoukro features the world's tallest of this special type of cathedral And the dome is higher than St.

basilica 1600 $1200 5034-14 31970 STAGE ACTING "Directional" term for pages from a script, given to auditioning actors sides 300 $600 5031-59 31971 VOCABULARY (Sarah of the Clue Crew shoes a horse.) A blacksmith who shoes horses is referred to by this name from the Latin for "iron" a farrier 2000 $2000 5097-56 31972 2-LETTER WORDS In 1969 Thor Heyerdahl sailed the Atlantic in this reed boat Ra 2000 DD: $5,000 3260-44 31973 THE MAP OF EUROPE If you're foolishly hunting vampires in Transylvania, you're risking your neck in this country Romania 1600 DD: $3,000 3143-1 31974 SPRING CLEANING Wipe this Bell invention with a paper towel soaked in alcohol, perhaps while you're on hold Telephone 100 $100 3306-42 31975 FAMOUS NAMES Hail him, he's the Roman depicted here Julius Caesar 1600 $600 5016-15 31976 REMEMBER THE 1700s? In 1798 this poet was given a new title he inherited from his great-uncle Lord Byron 300 $600 3307-29 31977 THE "6"th SENSE In both an Iron Maiden hit song and the apocalypse of St.John, it's the number of the beast 666 500 $500 4201-4 31978 "WHO"s THERE? Abbott and Costello's most famous routine "Who's On First?" 100 $200 5001-36 31979 THE ANIMAL KINGDOM This serpent devourer was introduced into Jamaica to kill rats--didn't work; the rats simply climbed into trees the mongoose 1400 $800 618-32 31980 TV CAPTAINS Captain Gallant's fighting force, called the Legion Etrangere the French Foreign Legion 1200 $200 3280-27 31981 WHEN WAS THAT, PIERRE? Une annee horrible was this year of Napoleon's death, 6 years after Waterloo 1821 500 DD: $1,000 3034-52 31982 LONG AGO After the Persians destroyed the temples on this hill, Pericles had them rebuilt and added the Parthenon the Acropolis 1800 $800 100005-12 31983 1980s ROCK This group's "5150" album was the first with Sammy Hagar as lead singer Van Halen 300 600 5037-55 31984 QUOTES FROM THE GODFATHER MOVIES "I don't like violence, Tom.

a businessman 2000 $2000 5028-9 31985 IT'S ALL A PLANT Scientifically Hamamelis virginiana, this "bewitching" plant is used to make a soothing astringent witch hazel 200 $400 3875-18 31986 LITERARY ANIMALS Shere Khan, Mowgli's enemy in "The Jungle Book", was this type of feline Tiger 400 $400 3008-43 31987 BEFORE and AFTER Mortuary where the deer and the antelope lie in state The Funeral Home On The Range 1600 $600 3106-41 31988 7-LETTER WORDS In geometry, it's a plane figure with 6 sides and 6 angles Hexagon 1400 $400 3294-18 31989 CRICKETS Acheta domesticus is this common type of cricket, a name it shares with a fly and a mouse house 400 $400 3006-54 31990 HISTORIC QUOTES From Waterloo he sent the message, "Nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won" Duke of Wellington 2000 $1000 3016-55 31991 OCTOBER 1955 Joe DiMaggio and she were officially divorced October 31, 1955 Marilyn Monroe 2000 $1000 5035-6 31992 OSCAR NIGHT 2006 He stepped away from his "Daily Show" desk and came West to host the telecast Jon Stewart 200 $400 4200-45 31993 "MAN"LY MOVIES 1962: With Jimmy Stewart The Man who Shot Liberty Vallance 1600 $1200 3069-45 31994 MAIDS A-MILKING Maids often put milk through this process which breaks up milk fat and spreads it evenly through the milk homogenization 1600 $600 3303-50 31995 THE CIA Much of the intelligence evaluation and planning is done at the CIA's HQ in this Virginia locale Our researchers called the CIA to verify this bit of information because we do that with all of our clues and they would not confirm that they were there! Langley 1800 $800 3315-23 31996 AMERICAN BEER You'll find the world's largest brewing company in this Missouri city St.Louis (Anheuser-Busch) 400 $400 3030-4 31997 FOR APPLES To ruin carefully laid plans is to do this Tip over the applecart 100 $100 5016-0 31998 LOST ART In 2005 the New York Times profiled one of the last repairers of these, from cane handle to canopy umbrellas 100 $200 3033-19 31999 FLOWER POWER A species of this beautiful tropical flower is classified as vanilla planifolia the orchid 400 $400 5012-36 32000 MYTH ADVENTURES Ometotl (who created himself) was the first god to exist in this culture's mythology the Aztecs 1400 $800 2901-34 32001 RELIGION Also called the "Our Father", it begins "Our father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name" The Lord's Prayer 1200 $200 3631-45 32002 AT AUCTION A 1940s molded plywood one of these designed by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen recently went for $129,000 Chair 1600 $600 3046-50 32003 MOVIE BIOGRAPHIES Errol Flynn played this other dissipated matinee idol in 1958's "Too Much, Too Soon" The film was about Diana Barrymore and he played John Barrymore, her father John Barrymore 1800 DD: $1,000 3118-27 32004 FIGURE IT OUT It's the official language of San Marino and of the country that surrounds San Marino Italian 500 $500 3025-28 32005 MAN MEETS TOON James Baskett got an honorary Oscar for playing this man who sang with the animals in "Song of the South" Uncle Remus 500 $500 5074-9 32006 PHYS ED This game with a military name can be pretty funny if the rope breaks That would be * .tug of war 200 $400 5035-43 32007 CABLE TELEVISION Hank Azaria is the title character in this Showtime series about a psychiatrist with a dysfunctional family Huff 1600 $1200 5031-14 32008 THE BIG SLEEP Anxiety over business or domestic affairs may cause predormital this; enjoy the 4 A.movie insomnia 300 $600 4227-2 32009 1999 (Alex: You should remember that year.) In January 1999, 100 people in this job were sworn in as jurors at the president's impeachment trial U.

senators 100 $200 3631-7 32010 NHL LOGOS The team whose Penguin logo is seen here calls this city home: Pittsburgh 200 $200 3952-10 32011 E-COMMERCE You can click to hear a train whistle at the website of this model maker Lionel 200 $200 3261-50 32012 TELEVISION Sam Neill played this whiz of a wizard in a 1998 miniseries Merlin 1800 $800 3017-4 32013 ATHLETES In 1989, his first year as Dallas' QB, the team went 1-15; they later improved Troy Aikman 100 $100 2905-1 32014 SOCIOLOGY It can be an underground refuge from nuclear attack or a place for the homeless to sleep Shelter 100 $100 5028-20 32015 COOK ME UP! In that heavy wool suit I was doing this, the process coffee beans go through before grinding roasting 400 $800 3040-35 32016 B SILENT Mary had a little one a lamb 1200 $200 5035-42 32017 CLASSICAL MUSIC This type of composition whose name is from the Latin for "flight" features multiple melodies in counterpoint a fugue 1600 $1200 5006-28 32018 MOVIE TERMS The last shot of the day is named for this cocktail, which presumably the crew will be enjoying soon martini 500 $1000 3630-35 32019 MIND YOUR "P"s and "Q"s (Alex: Keep in mind that those two letters will come up in each correct response) To supply someone with the necessary tools Equip 1200 $200 3307-25 32020 WWII This admiral directed Japan's naval operations in the year following Pearl Harbor Both of you making the same mistake, the clue said this admiral directed JAPAN's naval operations.Isoroku Yamamoto 500 $500 2908-37 32021 HISTORIC NAMES In 1981 this religious leader dismissed Abolhassan Bani-Sadr as president of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini 1400 $400 5073-14 32022 COOKING CLASS "Joy of Cooking" suggests using these Thanksgiving berries "in any recipes calling for red currants" cranberries 300 $600 4123-21 32023 THE 4th The 4th oldest college in the United States, it's found in New Jersey Princeton 400 $800 3666-12 32024 U.Thomas Baker founded this city, a produce center and California's country music capital Bakersfield 300 $300 5106-5 32025 ALL MY CHILDREN Tabitha was Samantha and Darrin's daughter on this 1960s TV show Bewitched 100 $200 4124-55 32026 JUNG AT HEART It was Jung, not Sting, who first applied this 13-letter word to the coincidence of events that seem related synchronicity 2000 $2000 3334-47 32027 SPELL THE LAST NAME Czech-born retired tennis star Martina.

N-A-V-R-A-T-I-L-O-V-A 1600 $600 3277-48 32028 A FEW WORDS FROM WORDSWORTH A poem about her ends with the words "Ere the tired head of Scotland's queen reposed upon the block!" Mary, Queen of Scots 1800 $800 3060-7 32029 PRESIDENTS' MONOGRAMS DDE Dwight David Eisenhower 200 $200 3267-28 32030 NEW FOOD PRODUCTS In 1998 Frito-Lay introduced this line of olean-containing chips nationwide WOW Chips 500 $500 3260-0 32031 SPORTS SUPERSTARS This 22-year-old won the 1997 Masters golf tournament by 12 strokes, the biggest margin in its history Tiger Woods 100 $100 3021-33 32032 SECTS The informal name of the Religious Scoiety of Friends, which has orthodox and conservative sects the Quakers 1200 $200 4985-44 32033 TITLES FROM SHAKESPEARE Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" comes from a speech of Miranda's in this play The Tempest 1600 $1200 4967-25 32034 YANKEE STADIUM (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reads from Monument Park in Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY.) Yankee Stadium's Monument Park honors this first baseman whose career was tragically cut short Lou Gehrig 500 $1000 5095-56 32035 CENTURY OF THE TRIAL (Alex: You have to name the century in.) Thomas Cranmer, for heresy the 16th century 2000 $2000 3310-47 32036 VIOLINS This style of violin playing refers to plucking the strings with your fingers Pizzicato 1600 $600 3277-29 32037 NEW YORK, NEW YORK The Bowery district was once the site of the "Bouwerie" or farm of this Dutch governor Peter Stuyvesant 500 $500 4992-9 32038 SNOW In newspaper weather maps, the abbreviation "SF" stands for this condition snow flurries 200 $400 5072-22 32039 LET'S CELEBRATE Collecting money for UNICEF on this holiday was begun in 1950 by a Philadelphia Sunday school class Halloween 400 $800 2903-23 32040 CRADLES These 2 rivers were the cradle of civilization in Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates 400 $400 3870-42 32041 TOUGH ISLANDS In this Pacific kingdom's constitution, males 16 or older are guaranteed a plot of land for farming Tonga 1600 $600 3309-23 32042 UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN The P-Rade is a p-roud tradition of class reunions at this New Jersey university Princeton 400 $400 3036-38 32043 THE REDCOATS ARE COMING! During the war, this first signer of the Declaration of Independence commanded the Mass.Militia John Hancock 1400 $400 2894-44 32044 SCIENCE and NATURE This container named for a Dutch city was one of the first devices used to store electricity Leyden jar 1600 $600 3279-42 32045 CANTERBURY TALE TELLERS The first to tell a tale is this medieval fighting man, and it's one to remember Knight 1600 $600 5028-8 32046 COOK ME UP! I went on a diet to try to do this, like chateaubriand sauce when it's boiled down reduce 200 $400 3109-58 32047 MARY'S A GRAND OLD NAME While living in France, she was invited by Edgar Degas to exhibit her works with the impressionists Mary Cassatt 2000 $1000 3019-42 32048 STRAIT TALK A westerly flowing undercurrent removes salty water from the Mediterranean via this strait the Strait of Gibraltar 1600 $600 3673-58 32049 IN EXILE Moshoeshoe II was exiled twice before regaining this southern African country's throne in 1995 Lesotho 2000 $1000 3099-48 32050 THE ART OF PEACE Marcel Duchamp's painting, seen here, was part of this movement, a reaction against WWI: ("Mona Lisa with a mustache") Dadaism 1800 DD: $500 3283-34 32051 VOODOO IQ It can be a reanimated voodoo automaton, or a drink that might turn you into one a zombie 1200 $200 3290-16 32052 EIGHT This Byrds song says, "And when you touch down you'll find that it's stranger than known" Eight Miles High 300 $300 3329-33 32053 HAIL TO THE CHIEF His 1975 campaign autobiography was titled "Why Not The Best" Jimmy Carter 1200 $200 5063-42 32054 COLONIAL AMERICA In 1755 John Adams graduated from this school, 14th in a class of 24, reflecting his social standing, not grades Harvard 1600 $1200 5089-18 32055 THE 20th CENTURY In 1998 Seattle dedicated the USA's 1st standing monument to those who fought in this country in the 1930s Spain 400 $800 4984-49 32056 CLASSIC CINEMA OF THE '40s Claire Trevor won a 1948 Oscar for her role as a gangster's girlfriend in this Bogart flick set on an island Key Largo 1800 $1600 3273-47 32057 "PO"POURRI Film in which Heather O' Rourke proclaims: "They're heeere!" Poltergeist 1600 $600 3334-16 32058 ELECTIONS In 1996, at age 74, Cecil Underwood became the oldest governor ever elected in this "Mountain State" West Virginia 300 $300 3622-41 32059 DAMN YANKEES At Yellow Tavern, this yellow-haired general led the brigade in the charge that killed Jeb Stuart George A.Custer 1400 $400 5020-42 32060 CITY OF THE DAY: MINNEAPOLIS The first fully enclosed one of these opened in 1956 in Edina; today there's a good-sized one in Bloomington a shopping mall 1600 $1200 5030-14 32061 A, B OR C In the name of the outfit that first broadcast the U.

House in 1979, this precedes "SPAN" C 300 $600 5027-48 32062 CHEMISTRY Dextran, starch and glycogen are examples of these, meaning "many sugars" polysaccharides 1800 DD: $4,000 3289-36 32063 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION During the war this silversmith had a booming business casting cannons for the Continental Army Paul Revere 1400 $400 3008-22 32064 HITTITE HODGEPODGE Following the Bronze Age, the Hittites helped initiate this metal's age Iron Age 400 $400 4985-8 32065 A BUG'S LIFE The chigoe is a sand-dwelling variety of this insect a flea 200 $400 3143-49 32066 1910 Feminist and writer of the following who marched on to the great beyond Oct.17, 1910: ("Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.") Julia Ward Howe (Battle Hymn of the Republic) 1800 $800 3025-57 32067 SCIENCE QUIZ It has no head, usually has 5 arms and feeds on oysters Starfish 2000 DD: $1,000 5015-52 32068 ISN'T IT ICONIC? Grolier says this 1930 double portrait is "perhaps the most parodied painting in American art" American Gothic 1800 DD: $4,000 3030-28 32069 FOR APPLES This PBS science series tells viewers the gravity of the situation Newton's Apple 500 DD: $500 2736-20 32070 THE ODYSSEY Antinous is the leader of the suitors for her hand Penelope 400 $400 3027-41 32071 L.: TROUBLES IN PARADISE (Alex: But we call it home!) 2 union leaders were convicted in the 1910 bombing of this major daily newspaper Los Angeles Times 1400 $400 314-12 32072 AUTO SHOP In newer cars it has generally replaced the generator for keeping the battery charged an alternator 300 $300 5061-42 32073 JONATHAN SWIFT After 1710 Swift flipped his Whig and joined this conservative party that was gaining power Tory 1600 $1200 5055-3 32074 THAT'S POLITICS In July 1804 in the same N.place where his son had died in a duel 3 years before, he did not take aim; oops (Alexander) Hamilton 100 $200 3020-31 32075 POP MUSIC This former lead singer of the Police sang the line "I Want My MTV" on Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" Sting (Gordon Sumner) 1200 $200 4297-8 32076 TAKES 2 TO TONGA 15% of Tonga's almost all-Christian population are of this branch usually associated with Utah the Mormons 200 $400 3040-2 32077 OUT THERE SPORTS At the 1996 Olympics, italy won 2 gold and 2 silver medals in these boats orignated by Eskimos Kayaks 100 $100 3283-35 32078 SAY, "WHAT"? Steve Allen created the question "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" on this long-running game show What's My Line? 1200 $200 5094-16 32079 CONTAINERS "Amorous" name of a 2-handled wine vessel or sporting trophy loving cup 300 $600 3060-8 32080 SOME MORE SIMIAN CINEMA Robert Guillaume provided the voice of Rafiki, the wise old baboon, in this 1994 film The Lion King 200 $200 3148-15 32081 NAME THAT ARTIST (Alex: An all-video category called.) Renaissance master who painted the goddess seen here: Botticelli 300 $300 3258-28 32082 TOOL TIME If you know the correct procedure, you "know" this tool the drill 500 $500 5049-16 32083 CONVERSION The device called a DAC is a "digital-to-" this "converter" analog 300 $600 3325-55 32084 SPORTS In 1997-98 Shaq led the NBA in field goal percentage with 58.4 and Chris Mullin led in this percentage with 93.

9 Free throw 2000 $1000 3286-46 32085 AUTHORS' RHYME TIME London's bags Jack's sacks 1600 $600 2906-31 32086 TREES It's a term for a young tree, from the word for a tree's circulating fluid Sapling 1200 $200 5099-55 32087 SHINY THINGS You get more than 200 colored pegs with this flat-screen Hasbro toy Lite-Brite 2000 $2000 3668-56 32088 GYPSY In 15th century Europe the Gypsies claimed to be from "Little" this country Egypt 2000 DD: $2,000 5041-51 32089 TALKING TURKEY At school the young man later known as Ataturk received this nickname meaning "the perfect one" Kemal 1800 $1600 5049-43 32090 COAL RIDGE It's the condition also known as anthracosis, associated with coal miners black lung 1600 $1200 3178-42 32091 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS In "Vanity Fair" Sir Pitt Crawley proposes to her but she's already secretly married to his son Rawdon Becky Sharp 1600 $600 3062-29 32092 OATHS This 1789 oath by the National Assembly served notice on Louis XVI and left the ball in his court Led up to the French Revolution Tennis Court Oath 500 $500 5019-16 32093 GAMES It's the trademarked name for the game that uses a hollow white celluloid ball that's 40 mm in diameter Ping-Pong 300 $600 4973-41 32094 I'LL NEED SOME "ID" A proverb tells us that these "hands are the devil's tools" idle hands 1400 $800 4296-56 32095 10-LETTER "W"ORDS It's the German equivalent of a child prodigy wunderkind 2000 $2000 2894-52 32096 WORLD GEOGRAPHY The lowest point in Iran is 92 feet below sea level at the shore of this body of water on its northern border Caspian Sea 1800 $800 5032-22 32097 FRUIT The Agen, one of these dried fruits, can be eaten out of hand or stewed a prune 400 $800 3061-30 32098 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Major tributaries of this beautiful blue river include the Inn of Austria and Germany and the Tisza of Hungary Danube 1200 $200 3288-6 32099 PRESIDENTIAL TERMS OF SERVICE (Alex: You ID the president.) March 4, 1797 - March 4, 1801 John Adams 200 $200 2904-15 32100 HISTORY This daughter of Chief Powhatan became a Christian and married an Englishman in 1614 Pocahontas 300 $300 2894-47 32101 LITERATI This writer's great-grandfather, the inspiration for his John Sartoris, wrote "The White Rose Of Memphis" William Faulkner 1600 $600 4982-30 32102 PLAYWRIGHTS He wrote "Long Day's Journey into Night" in 1941, but it wasn't performed until 1956, 3 years after his death O'Neill 1200 $400 5010-38 32103 LATIN AMERICAN LAKES and RIVERS Gatun Lake was formed in 1912 by the Gatun Dam during the construction of this the Panama Canal 1400 $800 3870-12 32104 MUSICAL INSTRUMENT ORIGINS Last name of the man who invented the instrument seen here: (Adolphe) Sax (saxophone) 300 $300 5014-33 32105 WAS HIS NAME O' He was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for "The Stunt Man" Peter O'Toole 1200 $400 3637-25 32106 CLASSIC TV SHOWS BY CHARACTERS Princess, Bud and Kitten Anderson Father Knows Best 500 $500 5072-30 32107 YOUNG PEOPLE WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE On July 15, 1944 she entered into her diary, "I can feel the sufferings of millions" Say it.Anne Frank 1200 $400 3063-52 32108 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY In 1949 this German small appliance firm introduced the world's first electric foil shaver Braun 1800 $800 4199-41 32109 15-LETTER WORDS This powerful drug, also known as speed, was first used in medicine as a nasal decongestant methamphetamine 1400 $800 3018-43 32110 AWARDS The Playboy Foundation gives awards named for this free-speech amendment to the U.Constitution 1st Amendment 1600 $600 3629-40 32111 NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARKS The Pecos Pueblo in this state is in a sorry state from weather erosion New Mexico 1400 $400 3876-28 32112 Y TO K (Alex: Each response will begin with the letter "Y" and end with "K") Madison the Mermaid in the TV movie "Splash II", she was Casey on the TV series "Wings" Amy Yasbeck 500 $500 4137-23 32113 WHAT A CLICHE Careful craftsmen know these 2 words precede "Cut once" "Measure twice" 400 $800 5103-10 32114 CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK? It's a little early in the day--maybe time for this champagne and orange juice cocktail a mimosa 200 $400 5106-19 32115 NUMB WITH NUMBERS In Germany, "acht" is this number eight 400 $800 3102-15 32116 REEL MOTHERS Title of the 1981 biopic about the woman seen here: "I wouldn't turn against you if it meant my life." That was Joan Crawford in "Autumn Leaves" Mommie Dearest 300 DD: $700 618-10 32117 TECHNOLOGY On a single digit LED readout, number shown when all 7 LEDs are lit No, sorry.Richard or Marian? Marian? 8 200 $200 4992-47 32118 WHAT THE "H"? In video games and cartoons, Sonic is one of these critters a hedgehog 1600 $1200 3317-9 32119 WHAT A YEAR! This year saw Hitler hit Moscow, Yamamoto hit Pearl Harbor and DiMaggio hit in 56 straight games 1941 200 $200 5023-46 32120 AN ATOMIC CATEGORY The first two subatomic particles discovered whose names begin with "neut" a neutron and a neutrino 1600 DD: $2,000 3874-38 32121 BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY (Alex: You have to name the Oscar-winning film) John Irving (1999) The Cider House Rules 1400 $400 3010-59 32122 POOR and FAMOUS She fled her rich Assisi family to found an order of "poor" nuns Saint Clare 2000 $1000 3063-3 32123 THE BIG APPLE Home to the Knicks and Rangers, it's NYC's largest indoor sports arena Madison Square Garden 100 $100 3628-46 32124 MUSIC APPRECIATION In the late 1950s he became the first U.-born conductor to head the New York Philharmonic Leonard Bernstein 1600 DD: $2,000 3291-31 32125 AFFAIRS OF STATE (Alex: Be careful with that one!) Alice Glass reportedly broke off her affair with this president because she opposed the Vietnam War Lyndon B.Johnson 1200 $200 3181-30 32126 GENESIS It's the theoretical cosmic explosion that marked the origin of the universe The Big Bang Theory 1200 $200 3037-48 32127 TV THAT'S NOT AS GOOD FOR YOU By age 18 the average American sees 40,000 of these acts, not all of them solved by Angela Lansbury Murders 1800 $800 4988-30 32128 BIBLICAL CITIES This city in Lower Galilee was the hometown of Mary and Joseph Nazareth 1200 $400 3670-10 32129 NECKWARE The Kukui type of this Hawaiian necklace is made of candlenuts strung together Lei 200 $200 5055-21 32130 THAT'S POLITICS This man seen here holds the signed copy of SALT II, and gets biz-zay with Jimmy Carter (Leonid) Brezhnev 400 $800 3265-44 32131 THE CANNELL CHANNEL Cannell's title pairs include "Hardcastle And McCormick" and "Tenspeed And" him Brownshoe 1600 $600 3276-3 32132 ANAGRAM ZOO A mall llama 100 $100 3284-9 32133 HERBS and SPICE GIRLS "Spanish Flea", the theme song of "The Dating Game", was a hit for this bandleader Herb Alpert 200 $200 3064-58 32134 BURMA POTPOURRI When Burma became Myanmar in 1989, this city became Yangon Rangoon 2000 $1000 3149-11 32135 IN THE MOVIES In 1997's "Bean", Rowan Atkinson sneezes on and messes up the famous painting of this artist's mother Whistler 200 $200 3039-46 32136 LET'S CELEBRATE! A highlight of Freedom Weekend Aloft in Greenville, S.is a race of these craft hot air balloons 1600 $600 4976-57 32137 DEAF and BLIND (Alex: We'll deal with clues from the Alabama Institute for.) (Cheryl of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind.

) This youthful soul gospel group was formed at what's now Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind in 1939 and original members still perform together in the 21st century The Blind Boys of Alabama 2000 $2000 5031-27 32138 THREE ON A MATCH The 3-word motto of the French Revolution "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" 500 $1000 2905-5 32139 CELEBRITY SPOUSES Joanne Woodward Paul Newman 100 $100 5043-52 32140 FILL IN THE OPERATIC BLANK Mozart: " Fan Tutte" Cosi 1800 $1600 3110-57 32141 ARTISTS Constable said of him, "He seems to paint with tinted steam, so evanescent and so airy" John Turner 2000 $1000 3269-27 32142 NOVA (Alex: A celebration of 25 years of "Nova" programming) The actions of this type of ant show how it got its name Leafcutter 500 $500 3144-57 32143 MORE SHAKESPEARE: GET USED TO IT Act III of this play opens inside King Priam's palace in Troy Troilus and Cressida 2000 $1000 3020-57 32144 INSURANCE This term for an insurance company owned by policyholders is found in the name of an Omaha company Mutual 2000 $1000 5078-18 32145 RELIGION IN ART Before he ran away to sea, this French postimpressionist painted "The Yellow Christ," seen here Gauguin 400 $800 4985-45 32146 FOR THE FASHIONISTA The sex-symbol look of films like "La Dolce Vita" has long insired Domenico Dolce and this partner Gabana 1600 $1200 5095-40 32147 BOOZE-A-PALOOZA Liquor placed in paper bags led to this slang term for liquor shops package stores 1400 $800 5087-41 32148 "G" FORCE In the Oscar-winning 1932 film "Grand Hotel", she delivers her famous line "I want to be alone" (Greta) Garbo 1400 $800 5015-23 32149 FILL IN THE BLANK (Alex: And a fast-paced category.) Breeder's holder Cup 400 $800 3070-39 32150 YUL TIDE FILMS Yul played Solomon in "Solomon And Sheba" and Rameses in this Biblical epic The Ten Commandments 1400 $400 3870-58 32151 CHARACTER REFERENCE Vera Chipmunk-5 Zappa and Wilbur Swain are friends in his "Slapstick" Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama and be honored with this humanitarian prize given in Oslo the Nobel Peace Prize 1800 $1600 3621-1 32153 SPORTS LEGENDS In 1998 he was named MVP of the NBA, MVP of the All-Star Game and MVP of the NBA finals Michael Jordan 100 $100 5021-49 32154 WOMEN DIRECTING WOMEN Martha Coolidge directed this actress to an Emmy for playing Dorothy Dandridge Halle Berry 1800 $1600 3903-56 32155 JUST PLANE GEOMETRY To make this figure, put a looped string around 2 tacks, place a pencil tight against the string and draw an ellipse 2000 $1000 4317-1 32156 NOT SO SIMPLE SIMON (Alex: We want you to name the Neil Simon work from which the quote comes.) Officer:"You folks live out of town?"Gwen: "Oh yes"Officer:"You're lucky" The Out-of-Towners 100 $200 5064-30 32157 WHERE AM I? (Cheryl of the Clue Crew is waiting for me.

) I'm on this California island of romance which, according to a Four Preps song, is "26 miles across the sea" (Santa) Catalina 1200 $400 2900-23 32158 ON "Q" He wanted to ring Esmeralda's bells Quasimodo 400 $400 3268-56 32159 REMEMBER THE '80s? He's the artist who created the work seen here Patrick Nagel 2000 $1000 4969-39 32160 THE NON-CATEGORY A 1990s pop group was called 4 Non these Blondes 1400 $800 3297-11 32161 JINGLES ALL THE WAY This "Bologna has a first name" Oscar Mayer 200 $200 3017-42 32162 FICTIONAL DETECTIVES Before Nick and Nora Charles, he created the nameless Continental Op Dashiell Hammett 1600 $600 5082-57 32163 CORPORATE LOGOS In 1961 Paul Rand redesigned this company's logo, simplifying its shield and adding a rectangular package above it UPS 2000 $2000 3024-6 32164 MYTHS and LEGENDS The children of Izanagi and Izanami include the islands of Japan and deities of this religion Shinto 200 $200 5082-20 32165 LETTER PERFECT Ascorbic acid is another name for this vitamin C 400 $800 3637-13 32166 CLASSIC TV SHOWS BY CHARACTERS Jonas Grumby, Roy Hinkley, Mary Ann Summers Gilligan's Island 300 $300 3258-56 32167 EUROPEAN AUTHORS "Les Chouans" in 1829 was the first novel this "La Comedie Humaine" author published under his own name Honore de Balzac 2000 $1000 3308-39 32168 1997 At least 62 wagons reenacted this religious group's 1847 trek from Illinois to Nebraska to Utah Mormons 1400 $400 3298-37 32169 METALS Symbolized Ti, this strong, lightweight metal is used for making golf clubs, and that's no myth Titanium 1400 $400 5092-52 32170 FICTION Melville created this scrivener who "would prefer not to" run to the post office, work, eat, etc.Bartleby 1800 $1600 5091-54 32171 WELCOME TO OMAHA (Kelly of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from behind the "bamboo curtain".) Omaha's renowned zoo includes the Lied Jungle, one of the world's largest one of these vanishing ecosystems a rainforest 2000 $2000 3268-15 32172 MUSIC An 1829 visit to Holyrood Palace in this city inspired Mendelssohn's "Scottish Symphony" Edinburgh 300 $300 3027-58 32173 "BUT" OF COURSE It completes Bette Davis' line to a suitor in "Cabin In The Cotton", "I'd love to kiss you." "But I just washed my hair" 2000 $1000 2909-41 32174 "ANG"ST This procedure, an X-ray of blood vessels, can tell you if you have a blood clot or aneurysm Angiogram 1400 $400 3309-3 32175 TRAILS It's an assortment of nuts, seeds and dried fruits eaten by hikers Trail mix 100 $100 4124-1 32176 PROJECTILES In this sport you carry your projectiles in a quiver archery 100 $200 3292-31 32177 '70s TV She starred in "Shirley's World" in 1971; must seem like a lifetime ago to her Shirley MacLaine 1200 $200 4201-48 32178 LIGHTHOUSES Maine's West Quoddy Lighthouse, noted for its distinct red and white candy strips, overlooks this Canadian bay Bay of Fundy 1800 $1600 3872-42 32179 ARTISTS and THEIR WORKS This artist famed for his mobiles created a miniature circus that's in the Whitney Museum of American Art Alexander Calder 1600 DD: $2,100 2896-0 32180 ON-LINE LINGO Rhyme time opposite of e-mail, it's the slow way, using the U.Postal Service Snail mail 100 $100 3284-41 32181 ANAGRAMMED THEORETICAL PHYSICISTS (Alex: We want the last name only) Nineties (Albert) Einstein 1400 $400 4967-28 32182 LET'S VISIT SPRINGFIELD If you hurt yourself in Springfield in this state, head over to the McKenzie-Willamette Hospital The Willamette associated with * .Oregon 500 $1000 3024-0 32183 MYTHS and LEGENDS When Sir Kay needed a sword, this young man, his foster brother, fetched him the sword in the stone Arthur 100 $100 5079-34 32184 ITALIAN "Parla come mangi", literally "speak the way you" do this, means to speak simply and clearly eat 1200 $400 4124-21 32185 CHICKEN LA KING SHOPPING LIST For the mushrooms, try this type named for something found on a shirt button mushrooms 400 $800 3332-49 32186 KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES This "large" 3-time All-Pro Dallas Cowboy took time off from football to box in 1979 Ed "Too Tall" Jones" 1800 $800 100013-7 32187 COLORS (Alex: All of the correct responses in that category will contain a color.) This nickname of Kentucky can refer to its landscape or its music bluegrass 200 400 3171-46 32188 PSYCH 102 This cognitive process has 3 stages: acquisition, retention and retrieval Memory 1600 $600 100004-47 32189 CLASSICAL LITERATURE Philosopher who was grossly caricatured in Aristophanes' "The Clouds" Socrates 1600 1500 3327-40 32190 THE 1880s This parent of the Bell System was incorporated in 1885 ATandT (American Telephone and Telegraph) 1400 $400 3634-1 32191 SPORTS SUPERSTARS In 1961 Mickey Mantle and this teammate hit a total of 115 home runs--the most by 2 teammates in baseball history Roger Maris 100 $100 5078-42 32192 EGYPTIAN HISTORY (Sarah of the Clue Crew walks among the pyramids at Giza.) The Egyptian period from about 2700 to 2200 B.

is known as the Pyramid Age, or by this ancient name the Old Kingdom 1600 $1200 3320-21 32193 PLAYGROUND PUNCHLINES (Alex: You'll love that one!) It's why cows have bells Hey, I found my niche - Playground Punchlines, leave me alone! It's because their horns don't work! 400 $400 5051-44 32194 SHAKESPEARE PLAYS BY CHARACTER Valtemand, Osric, Horatio Hamlet 1600 $1200 4976-50 32195 POSITION PAPERS The Gospel according to Mark has a leper ing as he beseeches Jesus to make him clean kneeling 1800 $1600 3018-34 32196 CAPES This promontory on a barrier island is the site of the John F.Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral 1200 $200 3035-19 32197 1997 MOVIE AD LINES "In order to trap him, he must become him" Face/Off 400 $400 4200-20 32198 PRINTING A Trademark of the Co., this largely obsolete duplicator uses a stencil fitted on a cylinder a mimeograph 400 $800 3272-6 32199 THE BLUE and THE GRAY Though it went into effect January 1, 1863, no slaves were legally freed because of it Emancipation Proclamation 200 $200 3109-29 32200 GRINNIN' This western novel by Owen Wister created a cliche with the line "When you call me that, smile" The Virginian 500 $500 3952-26 32201 SONG LYRICS Christina Aguilera:"Whatever makes me happy sets you free and I'm thanking you for knowing exactly." What A Girl Wants 500 $500 3665-32 32202 SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS Osric is a fatuous fop at the Danish court in this tragedy Hamlet 1200 $200 4969-24 32203 I KNOW YOU FROM SOMEWHERE We had a wild time on the Reeperbahn in this second-largest German city Hamburg 500 $1000 3673-50 32204 DRAMA QUEENS In 1935 and '36 Helen Hayes reigned for 517 Broadway performances as this queen who reigned for 63 years Victoria 1800 DD: $1,500 3015-7 32205 THE BIG 4-0 (Alex: Talking about age) At age 40 in 1781 this American traitor moved to London but was denied military service Benedict Arnold 200 $200 5085-12 32206 FAMOUS CANADIANS This Edmonton, Alberta native has starred in "Best Buds", "Half Baked" and "Up in Smoke" Tommy Chong 300 $600 3289-45 32207 READ THE BOOK, SAW THE FILM Elia Kazan directed this author's script of "Viva Zapata!", but had someone else adapt his "East Of Eden" John Steinbeck 1600 $600 2894-30 32208 HAWAIIANS This entertainer, "The Divine Miss M", was born in Honolulu, where her father was a Navy house painter Bette Midler 1200 $200 5094-23 32209 FROM THE GREEK From the Greek for "primary", these are made of amino acids proteins 400 $800 3066-15 32210 THE CIVIL WAR One objective of the Red River Campaign was the invasion of this Lone Star State Texas 300 $300 3304-20 32211 CRITTERS One of the few land mammals that migrate long distances; they wander from the tundra to the forests Caribou 400 $400 4977-16 32212 TAKE A HIKE In 1923 the first path designated part of this trail opened in New York's Bear Mountain State Park the Appalachian Trail 300 $600 3870-27 32213 TV OR NOT TV (Alex: We want you to identify the title that was not a network series) "Make 'Em Pay", "Make Me Laugh", "Make The Grade" Make 'Em Pay 500 $500 2735-44 32214 WORLD GEOGRAPHY This longest river on the Iberian Peninsula is also known as the Tajo the Tagus 1600 $600 3870-30 32215 TOUGH ISLANDS Pelican Island, a wildlife refuge, is off the coast of this "Sunshine State", not Louisiana Florida 1200 $200 3020-24 32216 WORLD HISTORY This battleship on which the WWII Japanese surrender terms were signed saw combat during the Gulf War U.Missouri 500 $500 3623-37 32217 PENINSULAS Jabal Katrinah, Egypt's highest point, rises 8,651 feet in the southern part of this peninsula Sinai Peninsula 1400 $400 5033-23 32218 ASK THE AUDIENCE (Alex: We won't ask this audience, however.) When this Stravinsky work premiered in Paris in 1913, the audience went nuts and began a riot The Rite of Spring 400 $800 5073-5 32219 MATH (Alex: And finally, gasp , the dreaded * category.) Sixty-six plus thirty-two 98 100 $200 4137-25 32220 POP STARS A.

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"Legit" rapper Stanley Burrell MC Hammer 500 $1000 2897-54 32221 LITERATURE Paul Riesling, this Sinclair Lewis realtor's one true friend, shoots his wife and is sent to prison George Babbitt 2000 $1000 2621-56 32222 ORGANIZATIONS It was founded April 30, 1948 by 21 nations at a conference in Bogota, Colombia the Organization of American States 2000 DD: $4,000 3069-4 32223 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES This school's athletic teams are called the Hoosiers Indiana 100 $100 3328-21 32224 COMPOSERS First and last name of the composer of the following ("Thus Spake Zarathustra") Richard Strauss 400 $400 3007-3 32225 "MONKEY" SHINES This term for a jungle gym dates back to the 1950s Monkey bars 100 $100 3832-22 32226 THEY'VE BEEN IN YOUR DEN She's been seen on "ET", hosted documentaries on "E!", and is now seen on "Extra": video clue Leeza Gibbons 400 $400 3111-37 32227 NAME THAT NOVEL "There had been earlier drinking than usual in the wine shop of Monsieur Defarge" A Tale of Two Cities 1400 $400 4296-44 32228 10-LETTER "W"ORDS Term for a tornado or whirlwind that occurs over a lake or ocean a waterspout 1600 $1200 4979-18 32229 1956 One thing that led to this crisis named for a waterway was attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip the Suez Crisis 400 $800 3010-26 32230 THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS When you buy a Sunset book, a Tom Petty CD or People magazine, you're supporting this conglomerate Time Warner 500 $500 315-6 32231 PRESIDENTIAL QUOTES "May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof", said this 1st occupant of the White House John Adams 200 $200 4201-40 32232 FLOWERS Seen here, its name is from the Greek for "golden flower" chrysanthemum 1400 $800 3144-20 32233 1980s FADS Based on Xavier Roberts' sculptures, these dolls were a popular item for adoption in 1983 Cabbage Patch (Kids) 400 $400 3264-44 32234 THE MEDIA ON TV It's the newspaper that employed the character played by Noel Neill and Teri Hatcher The Daily Planet ("Superman") 1600 DD: $700 3143-15 32235 GAME SHOW WOMEN Show in common to Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra Singled Out 300 $300 3174-58 32236 WE GOT GOOD CHEMISTRY A symbol resembling an equal sign means a double one of these exists between atoms Double bond 2000 $1000 3148-12 32237 PRESIDENTIAL MONOGRAMS WHH William Henry Harrison 300 $300 4975-59 32238 THE EAGLES "Tequila Sunrise" is a track on this cowboy-themed Eagles album from 1973 Desperado 2000 $2000 3271-25 32239 NAME THE MOVIE "You've got to ask yourself one question, 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?" Got by Harry, Yes! Dirty Harry 500 $500 3331-37 32240 OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! 1980's "Death Of A Princess" dramatized the execution of a princess from this country and her lover's beheading Saudi Arabia 1400 $400 3873-1 32241 GEOMETRY The diameter of any circle is twice as long as this of the circle Radius 100 $100 3178-40 32242 MOVIE LOVE THEMES "A Whole New World" Aladdin 1400 $400 3258-18 32243 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD About 90% of the people of this country which borders Burundi on the north are Hutu, about 9% Tutsi Rwanda 400 $400 3330-43 32244 1989 FILMS Before "Titanic", James Cameron took us to the bottom of the ocean in this film The Abyss 1600 $600 5078-56 32245 HU, WATT, WARE, NGUYEN and WYE The ruins of Tintern Abbey lie in a meadow on the right bank of this Welsh river the Wye 2000 $2000 5010-45 32246 ONE-WORD RHYMES (Alex: Each correct response will have two syllables that rhyme with each other.) My Eskimo friend sure gets around--he's left this boot under a bed in every igloo in town a mukluk 1600 $1200 3286-15 32247 SPORTS LEGENDS Although then a K.Chiefs quarterback, he announced his retirement on April 18, 1995 in San Francisco Joe Montana 300 $300 3179-35 32248 LATIN LESSON Ante bellum means "before" this, something many people are anti- War 1200 $200 5070-40 32249 TALES OF E Best websites to write an thesis east european studies British Custom writing 80 pages / 22000 words Graduate.

Chiefs quarterback, he announced his retirement on April 18, 1995 in San Francisco Joe Montana 300 $300 3179-35 32248 LATIN LESSON Ante bellum means "before" this, something many people are anti- War 1200 $200 5070-40 32249 TALES OF E.

HOFFMANN A Hoffmann tale title lost the words "And The Mouse King" when it became this Tchaikovsky ballet The Nutcracker 1400 DD: $2,000 5106-25 32250 NUMB WITH NUMBERS Number of senators in the 82nd Congress, first in session in 1951 96 500 $1000 3304-36 32251 CAR TROUBLE With high hopes, in 1985 Malcolm Bricklin began importing these boxy, cheap cars from central Europe to the U.Yugos 1400 $400 3036-17 32252 COMMON BONDS Peeling onions, watching Mel Gibson's film "Forever Young", missing Final Jeopardy! things that make you cry 300 $300 619-22 32253 LYRICS "Doesn't have a point of view, knows not where he's going to, isn't he a bit like you and me?" "Nowhere Man" 400 $400 3903-32 32254 JUST PLANE GEOMETRY In the 3rd century B.

, this "Father of geometry" taught at the Museum, an institute in Alexandria, Egypt Euclid 1200 $200 3272-7 32255 MOVIE CO-STARS Actress seen here with her good friend Madonna in a 1992 film Rosie O'Donnell (A League of Their Own) 200 $200 4201-42 32256 LIGHTHOUSES A lighthouse on this state's Block Island has one of the most powerful beacons on the east coast Rhode Island 1600 $1200 5032-19 32257 TV SPIN-OFFS (Alex: You have to tell us what show each one was spun off from.) "Laverne and Shirley" Happy Days 400 $800 3099-3 32258 THE BODY HUMAN A person suffering from dysphagia has trouble doing ! Swallowing 100 $100 3021-0 32259 AMERICAN HISTORY Francisco Lopez found this precious metal in California in 1842, before the rush gold 100 $100 5024-41 32260 "MEN" AT LAST "Breadbasket" is a slang term for this part of the body the abdomen 1400 $800 5082-45 32261 CORPORATE LOGOS In 1966, Raymond Loewy came up with its name and, after 76 rough pencil sketches, arrived at its double-x logo Exxon 1600 $1200 3290-28 32262 EIGHT The Eightfold Path leads to release from suffering in this religion Buddhism 500 $500 3873-10 32263 LAS VEGAS HISTORY This billionaire recluse moved into a penthouse at the Desert Inn in 1966 and didn't leave the hotel for 4 years Howard Hughes 200 $200 5027-10 32264 CARS IN THE DICTIONARY I think we can all agree on this Honda an Accord 200 $400 4987-34 32265 THE BODY WOMAN Women have this piece of thyroid cartilage, too; it's just smaller than a man's and may be under more fat an Adam's apple 1200 $400 4977-34 32266 CIRCLE OF LIFE (Alex: in this category, each correct response will be made up of the letters in the word "circle.") Enchantress who made Odysseus' men pig-headed Circe 1200 $400 100005-7 32267 LITERATURE The girls who were part of "The Group", by Mary McCarthy, attended this college Vassar 200 DD: 2,000 5096-53 32268 WAR MOVIES The U.Civil War's first all-black military unit fights prejudice as well as the Confederates in this 1989 film Glory 1800 $1600 3697-43 32269 HISTORY IN MOVIES "The Prince of Egypt" featured Ralph Fiennes as the voice of this stubborn ruler the Pharaoh 1600 $600 3318-6 32270 BIBLICAL FAMILIES Comparing grammars of ancient Phoenician and Hebrew shows he may have been born before Adam and Eve left Eden Cain 200 $200 3674-43 32271 COUNTRY MUSIC STARS In the early '60s fans went "Crazy" for her Patsy Cline 1600 $600 3872-37 32272 THE FILM VAULT In 1963 Richard Burton played this Roman on the big screen Rex Harrison played Caesar Mark Antony 1400 $400 620-58 32273 MOVIE AUTHORS Though he never won a Novel Prize, "The Life of" this Frenchman won a '37 Best Picture Oscar Yes, played by Paul Muni.mile Zola 2000 $1000 3007-26 32274 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY This company, the owner of Radio Shack, closed its Incredible Universe stores in 1997 Tandy Corporation 500 $500 5003-10 32275 INSIDE THE BRAIN Of the average adult human, camel or killer whale, the one with the largest brain killer whale 200 $400 3862-51 32276 BIG APPLE SAUCE This island houses the inmates and staff of the New York City jail Rikers Island 1800 $800 4123-7 32277 THE HAYES CODE John Michael Hayes wrote some of this director's finest films, including "Rear Window" and "To Catch a Thief" Hitchcock 200 $400 3069-21 32278 STATE CAPITALS Washington Crossing State Park lies northwest of this capital on the Delaware River Trenton, New Jersey 400 DD: $1,900 3266-40 32279 CONFESSIONS This Russian count's "confession" of 1882 is among his most revealing works Leo Tolstoy 1400 $400 5042-11 32280 A VISIT TO THE "E." Who doesn't love plum sauce with these Chinese appetizers? egg rolls 200 $400 5047-5 32281 "K" MART Dangerous Indonesian seen here a komodo dragon 100 $200 4979-48 32282 MELANCHOLY SITES OF FORMER GRANDEUR In the 1400s the temple complex of Angkor in this present country was abandoned and the jungle crept in Cambodia 1800 $1600 3006-55 32283 SHE-PLANTS This bell-shaped purplish flower of Scotland is also called ling Heather 2000 $1000 4137-2 32284 3 IS A MAGIC NUMBER In Matthew 4 Jesus resists 3 of these temptations 100 $200 5015-22 32285 POTPOURRI In 1946 he won California's 12th district seat, in part by implying Democrat Jerry Voorhis had Communist ties Richard Nixon 400 $800 3177-1 32286 FEELING LUCKY? (Alex: Hey Jim, sounds like Vegas!) This appendage may be considered lucky but not for the oryctolagus cuniculus Rabbit's foot 100 $100 3034-10 32287 the small screen In the Showtime series based on this 1994 film, Richard Dean Anderson picks up where Kurt Russell left off Stargate 200 $200 3314-18 32288 ON THE "TOWN" A theatrical group from this Mass.seaport community helped launch the career of Eugene O' Neill Provincetown 400 DD: $700 5048-14 32289 A GAME OF DARTS (Jon of the Clue Crew tosses a dart at the dartboard.

) I'm playing a standard game of 501, with a remaining score of 12 and 1 dart left, I have to hit double this number to win It's not difficult math.6 300 $600 3109-41 32290 "AW", SHUCKS Hosted by Roy Clark and Buck Owens, it was country music's equivalent of "Laugh-In" Hee Haw 1400 $400 3328-22 32291 SHAKESPEAREAN CLICHES The phrase "fair play" is introduced and the Magna Carta is left out of the play named for this king King John 400 $400 5071-2 32292 NUMBER, PLEASE It precedes "Minutes" in the title of a popular Sunday night TV news program 60 100 $200 4995-1 32293 BASEBALL NICKNAMES "Shoeless Joe" * , not Reggie.Joe Jackson 100 $200 3021-36 32294 BALLET This "West Side Story" composer wrote the music for Jerome Robbins' ballet "Dybbuk" Leonard Bernstein 1400 $400 5052-29 32295 "TW"EAK ME The terpsichorean Ms.

Tharp Twyla 500 $1000 5052-52 32296 DO YOU HAVE A RESERVATION? (Alex: We want you to name the state where the reservations we will tell you about are located.) Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Maine 1800 DD: $3,000 5063-32 32297 THE PRODUCE DEPARTMENT This "tasty" word follows "red" and "golden" in names of apple varieties delicious 1200 $400 5064-43 32298 QUOTHE THE FILM "Get busy livin', or get busy dying'" with this 1994 prison drama The Shawshank Redemption 1600 $1200 5008-42 32299 GEOMETRY One of this ancient Greek mathematician's axioms is that all right angles are congruent Euclid 1600 $1200 5092-39 32300 MEN OF TRINITY COLLEGE (Alex: Dublin.) This giant of Brit lit could first be called "Doctor" when Trinity made him an honorary Doctor of Laws in 1765 Samuel Johnson 1400 $800 4124-40 32301 RUN "IT" UP As Max Bialystock says in "The Producers", "When you've got it.GEOGRAPHY Virginia's Rappahannock River flows into this bay Chesapeake Bay 400 $400 5026-24 32303 BEAST OF BURDEN Seen here, zebus are often referred to as this type of cattle that sounds like an Indian cast brahmans 500 $1000 4987-15 32304 WHAT KIND OF FOWL AM I? Golden orring-necked a pheasant 300 $600 3668-8 32305 SID and MARTY KROFFT TV He's the mayor of Living Island seen here H.Pufnstuf 200 $200 3278-59 32306 BROTHERS (Alex: Alright!) Last name of directors Peter and Bobby, the men behind "Dumb and Dumber" and "There's Something About Mary" The Farelly Brothers 2000 $1000 5048-39 32307 NAMES OF THE '70s Jimmy Carter's Press Secretary, he was named for 2 fictional boys named Jody, in "The Yearling" and "The Red Pony" Jody Powell 1400 $800 3263-51 32308 ART and ARTISTS Question that completes the title of the 1897 Gauguin work, "Where Do We Come From? What Are We?." Where Are We Going? 1800 $800 3296-31 32309 REBECCA (Alex: Hey, there's a theme building!) The Biblical Rebecca bore twin sons: Jacob and this pottage-crazy hunter Esau 1200 $200 5071-18 32310 KID LIT In a Frances Hodgson Burnett tale, Mary Lennox tends to this title place and Colin grows stronger as it blooms What is * ? the Secret Garden 400 DD: $800 3622-59 32311 DAMN YANKEES Nicknamed "Little Phil", he's famous for burning the Shenandoah Valley Philip Sheridan 2000 $1000 5076-31 32312 POP CULTURE QUOTES A golfer of some repute, on whether his rep as a neat freak is deserved: "I make the bed in my hotel rooms" Tiger Woods 1200 $400 3030-36 32313 ASIA In 1942 this nation controlled all or part of a dozen present-day eastern Asian countries Japan 1400 $400 5098-43 32314 EUROPE'S GOT TALENT TOO Put your hands together and do this, like Martha Gibson of the U., who at age 7 did it louder than anyone else clap 1600 $1200 5033-57 32315 PULLING RANK In Catholic ministry, priest is right below bishop and this rank is right below priest deacon 2000 $2000 5030-24 32316 JEPOETRY (Alex: Now, in this category, in each clue, the word "Jeopardy!" will come up.You have to tell us what word should be there.) Robert Herrick:"Gather ye Jeopardy! while ye may" rosebuds 500 $1000 3284-24 32317 CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS A treausred history tradition in New York City is ice-skating beneath the giant Christmas tree in this plaza Rockefeller Plaza 500 $500 4991-3 32318 WHO WAS THE PRESIDENT WHEN.) became a state Eisenhower 100 $200 3329-16 32319 CALL ME ALEX A condensed version of his "Roots" appeared in Reader's Digest in May 1974 Alex Haley 300 $300 5100-19 32320 A TICKER-TAPE PARADE In 1951 it was the turn of David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of this country Israel 400 $800 5073-30 32321 LITERARY CLASSICS His ship was wrecked off an island near South America; he remained alone on the island for 28 years Robinson Crusoe 1200 $400 4123-0 32322 EMPIRES In 1936 George V's reported last words were "How is the Empire?--we presume he meant this one the British Empire 100 $200 3304-31 32323 LYING IN STATE He lay in state in 1972 in tribute to his 48 years as FBI director J.

Edgar Hoover 1200 $200 5016-4 32324 FEARFUL QUOTES According to Alexander Pope, these "rush in where angels fear to tread" fools 100 $200 3021-43 32325 WHAT'S THE QUESTION? In this drama's last line, Martha finally answers the title question with, "I am, George, I am." Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1600 DD: $1,200 5030-28 32326 THE VOTES ARE IN In 1974 voters in this country rejected the monarchy, dashing Constantine II's hope of returning to the throne Greece 500 $1000 3015-58 32327 LANGUAGES The Papuan languages, spoken in the area centered on this island, number about 700 New Guinea 2000 $1000 3873-53 32328 3-LETTER WORDS To a criminal, this slang term can mean diamonds or to kill, so be specific when taking out a contract ice 1800 $800 3292-19 32329 PATRIOTIC SONGS In 1939 Irving Berlin had this song copyrighted in the name of boxer Gene Tunney and others to create a fund He created the fund to help the Boy Scouts of America."God Bless America" 400 $400 5092-37 32330 COMPOSERS ON FILM Don Ameche in "Swanee River" Stephen Foster 1400 $800 3143-31 32331 1910 Kent State and Bowling Green State Universities opened in this state in 1910 Ohio 1200 $200 4137-27 32332 STATE OF THE UNION Hawaii and this southern state are the only states whose names contain 3 consecutive vowels Louisiana 500 DD: $1,000 100013-6 32333 WORLD LEADERS This man who punished traitors in WWII was made Soviet Premier in 1958 Khrushchev 200 400 3151-22 32334 WOMEN ON TELEVISION Before replacing Farrah Fawcett on "Charlie's Angels", this actress sang on "Josie and the Pussycats" Cheryl Ladd 400 $400 100008-25 32335 RELIGION The term "puritan" first described a faction within this church the Anglican Church (or the Church of England) 500 1000 5011-1 32336 SPORTS STUFF To reduce drag and increase distance and accuracy, a golf ball has many of these cute little depressions dimples 100 $200 3143-53 32337 SEZ Philip Johnson called this field he worked in "The art of how to waste space" Architecture 1800 $800 3327-32 32338 BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS Her title is Baroness of Kesteven Margaret Thatcher 1200 $200 3171-15 32339 SECRET IDENTITIES Peter Parker Spider-Man 300 $300 3286-55 32340 SHE WAS IN THAT? Joan Rivers took the plunge into dramatic acting in this 1968 Burt Lancaster film seen here The Swimmer 2000 $1000 4985-6 32341 ANCIENT TIMES Ancient Greeks believed that wine was a gift from this god, the Greek equivalent of Bacchus No.Dionysus 200 $400 3032-40 32342 THE CHESS CLUB The number of files on the board, it's the same as the number of ranks 8 1400 $400 3065-26 32343 15 MINUTES OF FAME (Alex: What we all long for!) Oliver Sipple gained fame in 1975 by grabbing Sara Jane Moore's arm as she tried to shoot this man Gerald Ford 500 $500 5007-4 32344 ON THE GO In 1839 Kirkpatrick Macmillan added pedals to a draisienne, producing the first one of these a bicycle 100 $200 5027-50 32345 DURING THE FILLMORE PRESIDENCY On August 22, 1851 this U.yacht defeated 14 British vessels in a race around the Isle of Wight That's it.the America 1800 DD: $5,000 3180-9 32346 INDY 500 FLAGS A red flag is a sure sign to do this Stop 200 $200 5024-58 32347 MOST EVIL BRITONS (Alex: ing to BBC History magazine.) The scheming Thomas Arundel represents the 15th c.

for helping Henry IV overthrow this rightful king Richard II 2000 $2000 4340-27 32348 IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY It has the smallest total dollar amount in circulation of any paper currency now issued $2 bill 500 $1000 3023-9 32349 THE 1980s In 1987 small bunches of his "Irises" and "Sunflowers" sold for a total of $93.8 million Vincent Van Gogh 200 $200 5014-30 32350 THERE WAS A FARMER In the 1980s California farmer Mike Yurosek came up with the baby one of these veggies, a popular snack carrots 1200 $400 3326-32 32351 LANGUAGES Preceding Bengali, it's alphabetically first of the dozen most spoken languages in the world Arabic 1200 $200 5063-1 32352 LEGENDS OF THE SILENT SCREEN Known as "The King of the Swashbucklers", Douglas Fairbanks is seen here in this title masked role in a 1920 film Zorro 100 $200 3036-16 32353 CELEB STUFF People Magazine called his 1997 solo album "Destination Anywhere", "Tres Bon" Jon Bon Jovi 300 $300 5097-26 32354 MYTHIC COMPANY He didn't "clean up" after the Trojan War; Agamemnon didn't give him Achilles' armor, so he took a "powder" Some highlighted words to help you in that--help you come up with * --the warrior, not the foaming cleanser.Ajax 500 $1000 3666-29 32355 CALVIN-ISM In 1961 biochemist Melvin Calvin won a Nobel Prize for identifying the intermediate reactions during this plant process Photosynthesis 500 $500 5069-53 32356 WE NEED THE MONEY It's the unit of currency of the bill seen here a ruble 1800 $1600 3666-4 32357 COMETS The Comet of 1680 was the first to be discovered using one of these Telescope 100 $100 3323-26 32358 C IS FOR.Chansons de Geste, French epic poems usually about the exploits of this emperor Charlemagne 500 $500 3068-56 32359 HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY The U.recognized this country in 1903, 3 days after it declared its independence from Colombia Panama 2000 $1000 4991-48 32360 EARLY AMERICA (Alex: All the clues will be from Strawberry Banke, which is the oldest settlement of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.) Some Strawberry Bankers did this, named for the personal ownership of vessels preying on enemy ships privateers 1800 $1600 2910-45 32361 BODIES OF WATER This largest African lake is the largest source of the Nile River Lake Victoria 1600 $600 4975-32 32362 ONE OF THESE NIGHTS One April night in 1912 Titanic passenger Henry Harper lay in bed and saw this scrape past his cabin window an iceberg 1200 $400 3903-15 32363 KANSAS CITIES As you might expect, Ulysses is the seat of this "Presidential" county Grant 300 $300 3007-30 32364 FOREIGN INVENTIONS You can check the papers; paper goes back to this country around 105 A.China 1200 $200 5066-10 32365 THE REAL ESTATE SECTION Arlington County, Virginia: 3.usable floor space here! Can hold approx.25,000 ppl! 5 sides of fun! the Pentagon 200 $400 3031-39 32366 7 In the Romanian language, this group includes Duminica, Luni and Vineri days of the week 1400 $400 3286-11 32367 PHUN WITH PHONICS (Alex: And we want to wish a lot of our viewers Happy Hanukkah! Hanukkah starts today.) When you speak with a burr you trill this letter R 200 $200 3102-56 32368 FETAL ATTRACTION Even at birth the skull isn't fully fused, leaving these, also called "soft spots" Fontenelles 2000 $1000 3307-0 32369 NO.

1 HITS In 1986 she topped the charts with "How Will I Know" and "The Greatest Love of All" Whitney Houston 100 $100 3637-51 32370 HOLIDAY IN.? The Cite Soleil shantytown is not to be missed on a holiday in this Caribbean nation of 7 million Haiti 1800 $800 5020-40 32371 SHOW SOME PRIDE The name of this part that supports an airplane's wing is also a prideful walk a strut 1400 $800 100005-3 32372 GEOMETRY A single straight line forms an angle of this many degrees 180 100 200 4200-43 32373 OLD JOBS (Alex: Not ODD JOBS.) A supervisor of slaves; "Uncle Tom's Cabin" refers to the "driving lash" they used an overseer 1600 $1200 3314-51 32374 DOUBLE TALK NAMES A nickname for Josephine, this name is stereotypically used for French poodles Fifi 1800 $800 5059-12 32375 COMPUTER HISTORY This company whose name is synonymous with copying introduced the first hand-held mouse in 1973 Xerox 300 $600 5086-18 32376 COMPOUNDS IN ACTION Some fire extinguishers for fossil fuels use potassium compounds and are known as Purple this letter I didn't know this, either--Purple * .K 400 $800 3314-52 32377 THE FALL Every fall this Arizona town raises hell with Helldorado Days, an Old West gunslinging celebration Tombstone 1800 $800 5079-43 32378 NEWMAN'S OWN Paul Newman played "Fast" Eddie Felson in these 2 movies The Hustler and The Color of Money 1600 $1200 5048-19 32379 THE JEP-TONES WORLD TOUR 2006 (Alex: Our very own.) No way! The Jeps' "Potpourri" video isn't the 2005 VMA Viewer's Choice; this band's "American Idiot" is Green Day 400 $800 100008-45 32380 THE NEW WORLD The Manhasset, Shinnecock, Patchogue and Montauk Indians all lived on this island Long Island 1600 1500 3697-33 32381 THE SPOOKY and THE MYSTERIOUS Supposedly, President Harrison is heard in the attic and Jackson haunts the Rose Bedroom in this house the White House 1200 $200 3294-50 32382 A CHRISTMAS POTPOURRI Dylan Thomas' "Child" had his title Christmas here Wales 1800 $800 4297-16 32383 DON'T THINK TOO HARD Maiden name of the mother of the man seen here Costello 300 $600 3020-22 32384 ART SUPPLIES Carrara is an Italian type of this material popular with sculptors Michelangelo worked in it a lot.

Marble 400 $400 3666-42 32385 WHO'S ON THE BRITISH THRONE? (Alex: When the things I mention in the clues happened) Hong Kong ceded to Great Britain Victoria 1600 $600 5090-45 32386 HOW GREAT THOU ART (Alex: There's a theme a-building.) He was quoted as saying, "I like to make explosions into elaborate beautiful forms.what they become in a comic strip" Lichtenstein 1600 $1200 5031-17 32387 HUMPHREY BOGART (Alex: And the common link.) In the Navy, during this war, Bogie got a severe facial injury while escorting a prisoner World War I 300 $600 3062-17 32388 OATHS In 1996, on behalf of 10,000 others, Teresa Edwards took this oath of sportsmanship in Atlanta Olympic Oath 300 $300 3330-17 32389 WORDS FOR TWO They can be fraternal or identical Twins 300 $300 4201-16 32390 "WHO"s THERE? A biographical dictionary first published in London in 1849 Who's Who 300 $600 5017-14 32391 CITY OF THE DAY: RALEIGH Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill form an area known by this geometric name the Triangle 300 $600 3181-40 32392 ACTS Act 1 of this play introduces Juror No.8, the man who convinces the other 11 to re-examine the evidence 12 Angry Men 1400 $400 3306-21 32393 THE LIST LIST Supplying info that led to the arrest of everyone on this list in August 1998 could have netted you over $1,500,000 FBI Ten Most Wanted List 400 $400 3667-40 32394 CROSSWORD CLUES "S" Racquet game, or gourd-shaped veggie (6) Squash 1400 $400 5030-48 32395 WHAT'S UP, DOCTRINE? The Petrine Doctrine says that the men in this job are carrying on the work of its first holder pope 1800 DD: $3,000 3666-34 32396 FUN WITH AREA CODES This 1982 Billy Joel hit is covered by 610 "Allentown" 1200 $200 3015-12 32397 DEMOCRACY In 1996 the Supreme Court struck down 4 of these areas created to allow black and hispanic representation Congressional districts 300 $300 3046-59 32398 STATE ANAGRAMS Sewing trivia West Virginia 2000 $1000 5036-18 32399 BIBLICAL PEOPLE This apostle, an effective missionary, is sometimes called the "second founder" of Christianity Oh, you picked the wrong one.

Did a lot of traveling, a lot of preaching.

Paul 400 DD: $1,600 3317-8 32400 WOW! MY OWN LABEL! The 3 double CDs of the Beatle "Anthology" series are on this label founded by the Beatles Apple 200 $200 3175-49 32401 HISTORIC NAMES The eagle on Iraq's coat of arms is associated with this 12th century Muslim warrior Saladin 1800 $800 3021-56 32402 VALLEYS David Jenkins and Carol Heiss won 1960 Olympic figure skating gold medals in this California valley Squaw Valley 2000 $1000 3068-26 32403 TELEVISION Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts play the parents and neighbors of Ray Romano on this CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond 500 $500 4141-38 32404 UNREAL ESTATE At the beginning of a Bronte novel this heroine is living with her unpleasant relatives at Gateshead Hall Jane Eyre 1400 $800 3067-20 32405 INCREDIBLE EDIBLES Eating seaweed helps certain swifts form these structures found in a famous Chinese soup bird's nest 400 $400 3294-31 32406 DECEMBER 24 (Alex: How appropriate!) Nixon said this man could get out of jail if he quit as Teamster boss; he was released December 24, 1971 Jimmy Hoffa 1200 $200 3289-18 32407 NYC IN THE '70s On August 7, 1974 Philippe Petit traveled via this between the towers of the World Trade Center Highwire/tightrope 400 $400 5043-59 32408 10-LETTER WORDS When you write a paper, you don't copy directly, but do this, a verb meaning restate or put into other words paraphrase 2000 $2000 3064-56 32409 HAIL TO THE CHIEF He was the last of 3 men to serve as president in 1881 Chester A.Arthur 2000 $1000 3289-44 32410 FORGOTTEN MUSICALS In 1976 he starred in "Home Sweet Homer", a musical based on "The Odyssey"; he should have stayed in Siam Yul Brynner 1600 $600 3670-12 32411 A "WAR AND PEACE" QUIZ (Alex: Yes, the literary work) First name of Ms.Pavlovna, at whose party the book opens; the author also used it for Ms.Karenina Anna 300 $300 3008-19 32412 TELEVISED HISTORY TV cameramen were just 20 feet away when he shot Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981 John Hinckley 400 $400 5051-12 32413 ROYAL DYNASTIES France's Louis XVI(1774-1792) Bourbon 300 $600 3633-3 32414 LITERARY QUOTES Novel in which you'd find the line "I made him know his name should be Friday, which was the day I saved his life" Robinson Crusoe 100 $100 3299-58 32415 COURAGEOUS CAPTAINS The courageous captain of this spectral ship is condemned to sail the seas until judgment day The Flying Dutchman 2000 $1000 3144-8 32416 1980s FADS Sensitive men of the '70s were out; "Real Men" didn't eat this quiche 200 $200 3015-8 32417 TITLE FILM FEMALES Young backwoods woman played by Jodie Foster in a 1994 film Nell 200 $200 3317-0 32418 JEOPARDY! 101 From beautiful downtown Culver City, it's the name of the studios where "Jeopardy!" is taped Sony Pictures Studios 100 $100 3321-36 32419 42nd STREET G.Chesterton said that this site ablaze with ads would be paradise if only one could not read Times Square 1400 $400 3312-43 32420 TV SHOW LOCALES (Hi, I'm Candice Bergen.) As Murphy Brown I anchored the newsmagazine "FYI" based in this city Washington, D.1600 DD: $800 5063-41 32421 "EPI" CURIOUS The point on the Earth's surface above the focus of an earthquake the epicenter 1400 $800 4969-16 32422 YES, SIR! Following the release of his masterpieces "Rob Roy" and "The Heart of Midlothian", he was made a baronet in 1820 Sir Walter Scott 300 $600 3171-24 32423 IMPRESSIONS In 1962 Vaughn Meader's recorded impressions of this man sold a million copies in 2 weeks John F.

Kennedy 500 $500 619-47 32424 ACTORS and ROLE (Alex: These have to do with different stars who have performed the same person--ficticious or real--on film or on stage.

) Doctor portrayed on film by Elliott Gould and on TV by Wayne Rogers and Pernell Roberts Trapper John 1600 $600 2910-16 32425 EAGLE HODGEPODGE It's a synonym for sprawl Spreadeagle 300 $300 618-4 32426 TECHNOLOGY Le Bureau International de l'Heure in Paris is the keeper of this for the world time 100 $100 5030-30 32427 WHAT'S UP, DOCTRINE? France's making Maximilian emperor of Mexico was a challenge to the doctrine named for him Monroe 1200 $400 3286-30 32428 WORLD CAPITALS The bear is the heraldic symbol of this Swiss capital whose name means "bear" Bern 1200 $200 5080-25 32429 ROCKIN' T-SHIRTS It was like watching royalty perform whenever we saw this lead singer performing with his band Freddie Mercury 500 $1000 3048-38 32430 ACTORS and ROLE Fess Parker and John Wayne have both played this king of the wild frontier Davy Crockett 1400 $400 2756-4 32431 THE 1996 OLYMPICS France's Marie-Jose Perec won the women's 200- and 400-meter runs, and this American became the 1st man to win both Michael Johnson 100 $100 3273-44 32432 THOMAS PAINE Paine wrote that it "Even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one" Government 1600 $600 3028-42 32433 BROADWAY LYRICS Song from "Phantom" that includes the lyrics, "Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour." "The Music Of The Night" 1600 $600 3322-0 32434 CHILDREN'S LITERATURE This 5-year-old orphan from the Swiss Alps is also called Adelheid Heidi 100 $100 5058-25 32435 IT'S A MAN, BABY! At 6'7", this one-named African-American dragster was hard to miss in the video for "Love Shack" RuPaul 500 $1000 3025-5 32436 WORDS OF THE '60s These 2 birds represented conciliatory and aggressive attitudes toward war Doves and hawks 100 $100 315-48 32437 INVENTIONS The 1st of these with flippers were 1947's "Bermuda" and "Humpty Dumpty" pinball machines 1800 $800 3262-21 32438 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS The lowest-pitched of the brass instruments, its name is from the Latin for trumpet Tuba 400 $400 3070-4 32439 INTERNATIONAL POTPOURRI On average, the icy layer on top of this snow-covered continent is 7,000 feet thick Antarctica 100 $100 3631-27 32440 ASIAN-AMERICAN ACHIEVERS This designer's gowns are "Vera" popular with brides and with celebs like Sharon Stone Vera Wang 500 $500 3703-50 32441 IT BORDERS BOTH (Alex: You have to name the country that does) Egypt and Kenya The Sudan 1800 DD: $1,200 3876-35 32442 BEFORE and AFTER Supreme Court chief justice lucky enough to marry Annette Bening Earl Warren Beatty 1200 $200 3288-51 32443 IF THEY WERE SUPERHEROES (Alex: All of the correct responses will end in the letters "M-A-N"; example: Superman.) When she's older, this recent stage Anne Frank could get magic powers from dessert wine (Natalie) Portman 1800 $800 3634-52 32444 HELLO KITTY The blue-eyed Balinese was developed as a separate breed after it appeared as a mutation of this other breed You know your cats! Siamese 1800 DD: $2,400 3119-36 32445 PLAYS and PLAYWRIGHTS Georges Feydeau wrote these French comedies that emphasize horseplay and improbable situations Farces 1400 $400 3069-16 32446 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES This school's East Lansing campus has the USA's largest college food service operation Michigan State 300 $300 3278-44 32447 HISTORIC NAMES This Dane was a law student in 1560 when a solar eclipse sparked his interest in astronomy Tycho Brahe 1600 $600 3622-18 32448 U.RIVERS Nebraska's Platte River is a major tributary of this river, joining it at Plattsmouth Missouri 400 $400 3628-10 32449 BOASTING In his 1964 State of the Union he said, responding to Khrushchev's boast, "We do not intend to be buried" Lyndon Johnson 200 $200 314-19 32450 NURSERY RHYMES "Rub a dub dub", these 3 went to sea in a tub the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker 400 $400 3148-41 32451 HOW DULL! This dull-edged utensil is named for the dairy product it spreads a butterknife 1400 $400 2736-37 32452 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES This country's largest university is the University of Helsinki Finland 1400 $400 3673-31 32453 INTERNATIONAL SPORTSMEN Nike's stock fell when this basketball player announced his retirement in January 1999 Michael Jordan 1200 $200 3111-29 32454 3-LETTER WORDS To protrude, like a jaw or a narrow strip of land out into a bay Jut 500 $500 4123-17 32455 FEELING A BIT "ILL" A flavorful gherkin dill (pickle) 300 $600 3023-12 32456 DANCING IN THE BIBLE Mark 6:22 says his stepdaughter's dance pleased him so much he offered her anything she wanted Herod 300 $300 3326-30 32457 OUTDATED MAPS (Alex: That's always fun!) Its capital was East Berlin East Germany 1200 $200 3332-18 32458 THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS The scrolls tell of life in the Holy Land during the time of the second of these, destroyed in 70 A.

The second Temple 400 $400 2904-18 32459 LITERATURE "Buffalo Girls" and "The Evening Star" are among this "Lonesome Dove" author's recent novels Larry McMurtry 400 $400 3006-24 32460 EUROPEAN GEOGRAPHY About a tenth of Estonia's land area consists of islands in this sea Baltic Sea 500 $500 5049-56 32461 MARVEL This Marvel superhero is King of Atlantis Sub-Mariner 2000 $2000 5041-20 32462 SAMES NAMES AS THE JACKSON 5 Assumed last name of the Secretary-General of the Yugoslav Communist Party during WWII Tito 400 $800 5017-48 32463 POLISH HISTORY In 1295 Przemysl II first used this crowned white bird on the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Poland the eagle 1800 $1600 5012-2 32464 "-ICIAN" EXPEDITION Hey, it's your funeral director mortician 100 $200 620-47 32465 "D." in the Jeopardy! Round, we have * in this one.) Born Vito Andolini, this character is known to his godchildren by this respectful name Don Corleone 1600 $600 3263-33 32466 ART and ARTISTS This "Thinker" sculptor was denied admission to the School of Fine Arts in Paris 3 times Auguste Rodin 1200 $200 3637-30 32467 "HOTEL"s A suicide note that called life "A lonely street" helped inspire the lyrics to this No.1 song from 1956 "Heartbreak Hotel" 1200 $200 2898-8 32468 THE THIRD Our third president, for 4 years he had a Burr in his side Thomas Jefferson 200 $200 3118-54 32469 MUSIC POTPOURRI Despite its name, this British band heard here was a trio: "Hold me now." The Thompson Twins 2000 DD: $3,000 3035-53 32470 seventeen.) Seventeen thinks these "look really cool" and there's no need to fade them, but you can blend them with makeup I'm looking closely to see if any one of you has freckles, and I don't think you do.freckles 1800 $800 2897-38 32471 AMERICANA The large star in the center of its state seal is adorned with symbols of the 5 Civilized Tribes Oklahoma 1400 $400 5105-30 32472 GOVERNMENT and POLITICS (Alex: Don't be intimidated.) This percentage in the 2004 Presidential election was 64%, up 4% from 2000--who says we're apathetic? voter turnout 1200 $400 5086-21 32473 BOOK 'EM, DAN-O In 1977 he wrote "The Camera Never Blinks: Adventures of a TV Journalist" Dan Rather 400 $800 100005-9 32474 GEOMETRY In a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle is called this Hypotenuse 200 400 5089-49 32475 MOVIE CROSSWORD CLUES "G" Moondoggie's main squeeze(6) Gidget 1800 $1600 5066-28 32476 THE REAL ESTATE SECTION Egypt: 240-ft.-high landmark! Its limestone stands test of time! No nose is good nose! the Sphinx 500 $1000 3334-35 32477 SPELL THE LAST NAME French emperor Napoleon (I).

B-O-N-A-P-A-R-T-E 1200 $200 3875-42 32478 KEMAL ATATURK It's the city of about 3 miilion where you'll find the Kemal Ataturk mausoleum Ankara 1600 $600 3334-3 32479 TEA TIME Koicha is a thick tea served during the Cha-No-Yu, this country's famous tea ceremony Japan 100 $100 3629-23 32480 NEW HAWAIIAN WORDS Pea kina translates to "Chinese bear", meaning this Panda 400 $400 3306-22 32481 FOREIGN WORDS and PHRASES Practitioners of karate and judo refer to their training school by this 4-letter Japanese name Dojo 400 $400 3011-57 32482 MEDICINE Information about the medical problems of those wearing this metal tag can be accessed 24 hours a day Medic Alert 2000 $1000 2899-53 32483 MUSIC and LITERATURE This "Pomp and Circumstance" composer named an overture for the 14 C.author Froissart, whom he admired Edward Elgar 1800 $800 2905-55 32484 THE BODY HUMAN This large triangular muscle that covers the shoulder bends and extends the arm Deltoid 2000 $1000 3018-48 32485 AMERICAN HERSTORY From 1975 to 1979 she was a Superior Court judge in Maricopa County, Arizona Sandra Day O' Connor 1800 DD: $800 3323-39 32486 THE ELEMENTS In its pure form, this fundamental element can look like coal, or like glass Carbon 1400 $400 4200-51 32487 "MAN"LY MOVIES 1983: Starring Steve Martin The Man With Two Brains 1800 $1600 5079-59 32488 DRESSING Scarlett O'Hara is introduced wearing a "tightly fitting basque", this upper part of a dress the bodice 2000 $2000 3263-28 32489 SEPTEMBER 1984 (Alex: The month and year this program went on the air) China took over this country's seat in Interpol Taiwan 500 $500 5048-11 32490 BUT FEAR ITSELF Cryophobics won't add this to their glasses of whiskey ice 200 $400 3151-12 32491 MEN OF LETTERS (Alex: All of them are authors--I will give you the first names; you come up with the author's last name.) David Herbert Lawrence 300 $300 5091-41 32492 SAME FIRST and LAST LETTER This type of canoe is propelled with a double-bladed paddle a kayak 1400 $800 3031-59 32493 "CROSS"TALK The MX in BMX bicycles stands for this We'll accept that--we have less than a minute.motocross 2000 $1000 100005-40 32494 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Jamestown is the capital of this British island where Napoleon died St.Helena 1400 1000 3102-55 32495 WE'RE MALAYSIA-BOUND Go "strait" to this port and visit St.

Francis Xavier's body was held until moved to India Molucca 2000 $1000 3036-3 32496 ON THE RADIO Radio abbreviation that precedes the name of rap figures Quik, Pooh and Jazzy Jeff DJ 100 $100 3060-59 32497 GOING DUTCH It's a cinch you know the Dutch call this fashion accessory "een ceintuur" Belt 2000 $1000 4141-40 32498 BOTANY There are 2 kinds of true sequoia trees in North America: the giant sequoia and this one the redwood 1400 $800 3040-55 32499 FAMILIAR PHRASES "When all else fails, read" these the instructions 2000 $1000 4200-56 32500 BRITISH SPEECHES Assuming command of Britain's Eighth Army, he said "We are going to finish with this chap Rommel once and for all" Montgomery 2000 $2000 5052-46 32501 DO YOU HAVE A RESERVATION? (Alex: We want you to name the state where the reservations we will tell you about are located.Marie Michigan 1600 $1200 3110-1 32502 SOUTHERNMOST POINTS Willem Schouten was the first to sail around this cape, South America's southernmost point Cape Horn 100 $100 3021-26 32503 FICTION David Foster Wallace is the author of this 1996 comic novel whose title might refer to its vast length Infinite Jest 500 $500 3180-21 32504 INDY 500 FLAGS Get this flag and you have finished the race Checkered flag 400 $400 100013-14 32505 6-LETTER WORDS To exhale, or to stop breathing entirely expire 300 600 4985-36 32506 U.PRESIDENTS Subpoenaed for documents in Burr's treason trial, he cited executive privilege; didn't work Thomas Jefferson 1400 $800 3302-30 32507 ROAMIN' WITH THE ROMANS It was after the battle of Zela in Asia Minor that he proclaimed "Veni, Vidi, Vici" Julius Caesar 1200 $200 3309-35 32508 VERY CROSS WORD CLUES Violent anger; perhaps at your old Plymouth of the same name Fury 1200 $200 4987-20 32509 LEGENDARY LEGENDS Marshall Gold Discovery State Hist.Park is in this county that shares its name with a legendary city of gold El Dorado 400 $800 5032-35 32510 FIVE THE "ARD" WAY A wide, tree-lined street a boulevard 1200 $400 5087-36 32511 ART and ARTISTS In the early 1400's Robert Campin and Jan van Eyck helped start the "northern" one of these movements renaissance 1400 $800 4992-39 32512 HODGEPODGE Dietary laws against butter and lard led Jewish cooks to use chicken fat, known by this sentimental name schmaltz (or grivinis) 1400 $800 5036-7 32513 SEANs, SHAWNs and SHAUNs This "Dead Man Walking" actor also starred in "Shanghai Surprise" Sean Penn 200 $400 3067-52 32514 NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKLORE This title of an Algonquian medicine man now refers to popular tribal gatherings Pow-wow 1800 $800 3335-48 32515 THE RENAISSANCE In 1500 her husband, Alfonso of Aragon, was murdered on orders of her brother Cesare Lucrezia Borgia 1800 $800 5010-37 32516 SHAKESPEARE'S FILMS (Alex: We need you to name the play on which each film is based.) A 1999 teen flick:"10 Things I Hate About You" The Taming of the Shrew 1400 $800 3046-26 32517 DOC TALK It's not a backup for a farm machine, but a device to pull back tissue so a surgeon can look inside you Retractor 500 $500 2903-30 32518 SECOND-LARGEST U.CITIES The Penguins, the Pirates and the Steelers represent this city, Pennsylvania's second-largest Pittsburgh 1200 $200 3633-2 32519 TV CATCHPHRASES (Alex: You identify the show) "Yabba Dabba Do!" The Flintstones 100 $100 3065-52 32520 IN THE KITCHEN WITH IVAN Ivan makes this chicken dish, named for Ukraine's capital, so the butter squirts out when you cut it Chicken Kiev 1800 $800 5034-0 32521 A DAY IN JUNE June 11, 2004:His funeral is held at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.

Reagan 100 $200 3304-53 32522 "U" GOT IT! It was once "The Breadbasket of the Soviet Union"; now it's "The Breadbasket of the C." Ukraine 1800 $800 3290-1 32523 CAR PETS On June 17, 1994 95 million people watched the California Highway Patrol follow one of these Ford vans That's very specific! Bronco 100 $100 3632-24 32524 FIRST NOVELS He was poet-in-residence at the University of South Carolina when he delivered his first novel, "Deliverance" James Dickey 500 $500 5028-13 32525 THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WHO.

(Alex: You have to identify the actress.) ed on the cover of the April 2006 Vanity Fair Teri Hatcher 300 $600 3067-10 32526 ASTRONOMY Some scientists say thousands of these, known as "dirty snowballs", strike our atmosphere every day comets 200 $200 3265-27 32527 WEIGHTS and MEASURES What we Yanks would call a trillion, the Brits would call this Billion 500 $500 5105-36 32528 GOVERNMENT and POLITICS (Alex: Don't be intimidated.) Of the 3 branches of government, the one including the Supreme Court the Judicial Branch 1400 $800 3627-6 32529 PHYSICAL SCIENCE A battery may have a single one of these electricity producing units or have several connected in series Cells 200 $200 3262-5 32530 RHYMES WITH COD A stick used for punishment; don't "spare" it Rod 100 $100 3008-3 32531 DOUBLE TALK In the 1920s Donald Duncan introduced this child's toy to America and it's had its ups and downs ever since Yo-Yo 100 $100 4991-1 32532 TV PERFORMERS BY ROLE (Alex: We'll give you the roles.) Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Roy Roy Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery On All My Children.Susan Lucci 100 $200 5061-10 32533 "OVER" and "UNDER" From the Old Norse for "having one's eyes closed", it's a serious mistake or oversight a blunder 200 $400 4141-2 32534 THE 74th ACADEMY AWARDS Whoopi hosted, Sidney was honored, Halle won Best Actress and he won Best Actor Denzel Washington 100 $200 3872-23 32535 "E" BAY From the Latin for "inlaid design", it's an object or representation that functions as a symbol Emblem 400 $400 3630-57 32536 EXPLORERS and TRAVELERS 19th century world traveler Isabella Bird was the first female member of this British society founded in 1830 Royal Geographical Society 2000 $1000 3280-17 32537 "Y" ME? You're one of these little deer if you're an animal between 365 and 730 days old Yearling 300 $300 3061-34 32538 LITERARY TEARJERKERS In a H.Andersen tale, a girl has no luck selling these on a cold New Year's Eve Matches 1200 $200 5037-31 32539 QUOTES FROM THE GODFATHER MOVIES "It's a Sicilian message.It means Luca Brasi sleeps with" these the fishes 1200 $400 3026-51 32540 HISPANIC AMERICANS Seen here, this model "flowered" as a personality on MTV and MTV Latino: Daisy Fuentes 1800 DD: $1,500 3120-26 32541 IN THE GROUND It's a layer of porous material that provides ground water for a well Aquifer 500 $500 3703-30 32542 CLASSICAL MUSIC In one of his "tales" in an Offenbach opera, this poet is in love with a mechanical doll named Olympia Hoffmann 1200 $200 5048-36 32543 RENAISSANCE PAINTERS Works by this Rennaissance master with an "angelic" name include the "Transfiguration" Raphael 1400 $800 3292-22 32544 THE U.

Louis to the Arkansas River are called a plateau as well as mountains the Ozarks 400 $400 3280-37 32545 TV ON TV He played innkeeper Dick Loudon, who hosted the talk show "Vermont Today" Bob Newhart 1400 $400 3181-50 32546 JUDGES The 15 judges of this court are the main judicial body of the U.World Court 1800 $800 3870-38 32547 PEOPLE IN HISTORY One of the most powerful Queen Mothers ever, this Medici was the mother of the last 3 Valois kings of France Catherine de' Medici 1400 $400 5088-47 32548 I GO BY "AL" Heading south from Washington, D., I go by this Virginia city where George Washington once drilled troops Alexandria 1600 $1200 3629-37 32549 COCA-COLA A heartwarming Coke commercial from 1979 featured this Steelers lineman "Mean" Joe Greene 1400 $400 3031-36 32550 WHAT'S YOUR SYMBOL? (Alex: We'll show you a symbol, you identify what it means) video clue the Justice Department 1400 $400 3673-32 32551 DRAMA QUEENS In Euripides' play about this famed beauty, it's her double who goes to Troy Helen 1200 $200 5089-56 32552 COLLEGE COLLAGE This South Hadley, Massachusetts women's college was founded in 1837 Mount Holyoke 2000 $2000 2902-20 32553 CD-ROM GAMES Lucasarts' "Afterlife" is a world-building simulator in which you construct these 2 ethereal planes Heaven and Hell 400 $400 3872-9 32554 I WON As the Dixiecrat nominee, this South Carolina senator, then governor, won 39 electoral votes in 1948 Strom Thurmond 200 $200 4973-4 32555 "D"UDE! 19 years after his victory at Manila Bay, this U.admiral lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda (Admiral George) Dewey 100 $200 5061-52 32556 I'M HUNGARIAN I'm a Hungarian composer and more than proved it with my 20 "Hungarian Rhapsodies" Liszt 1800 $1600 5010-1 32557 BROADWAY LYRICS In "South Pacific", Nellie Forbush sings that she's "a cock-eyed" one of these an optimist 100 $200 3106-29 32558 "OY"! Meaning "Hear! Attend!", it's a cry uttered by a court officer to command silence and attention "Oyez!" 500 $500 3021-49 32559 WHAT'S THE QUESTION? Question answered with "When the hurlyburly's done, when the battle's lost and won" When shall we three meet again? (from Hamlet) 1800 $800 3627-28 32560 CROSSWORD CLUES "S" "Snakelike" Hyde Park lake (10) Serpentine 500 $500 5095-42 32561 SHAKESPEARE "Twelfth night" opens with, "if music be the food of love," do this play on 1600 $1200 5067-32 32562 NAMES YOU SHOULD KNOW In 1916 this nobel winner became a professor of physics at the University of Copenhagen Niels Bohr 1200 $400 3832-7 32563 LA LA This region in south-central Spain is the setting for Cervantes' "Don Quixote" La Mancha 200 $200 100008-40 32564 SKYSCRAPERS You can see the edge of the Great Plains to the west from the "Skydeck" of this tallest U.skyscraper the Sears Tower 1400 1000 3271-44 32565 FOR HE'S A JOLLY LONGFELLOW A statue of this Longfellow character in St.

Martinsville, Louisiana honors exiled Acadians Evangeline 1600 $600 3060-40 32566 KNIGHTS This adjective, a synonym for "wandering", describes the type of knight satirized by Cervantes Knight-errant 1400 $400 5048-26 32567 A GAME OF DARTS (Kelly of the Clue Crew makes a dart shot and gets it in a red space.) Yes! I get this many points for that one shot--take that, Jon! 60 500 $1000 5015-28 32568 POTPOURRI In 1984 this food co.60 per share Ben and Jerry's 500 $1000 5015-1 32569 '80s MUSIC In a 1988 hit, he was looking at the "Man In The Mirror" Michael Jackson 100 $200 3630-33 32570 EXPLORERS and TRAVELERS It's the passage sought but not found by Cartier, Frobisher and Franklin Northwest Passage 1200 $200 5006-14 32571 NATIONAL PARKS Scotty's Castle in this sweltering national park was built by insurance magnate Albert Johnson in the 1920s Death Valley 300 $600 3321-14 32572 SCARY AUTHORS (Alex: I will give you titles of some of the works, you have to identify the scary author) "Memnoch The Devil", "The Queen Of The Damned", "Interview With The Vampire" Anne Rice 300 $300 3662-44 32573 AROUND ASIA In South Korea, Pagoda and Seoul Grand are these, also the name of over 3 million people Parks 1600 $600 5035-55 32574 CABLE TELEVISION Style gurus Stacy London and Clinton Kelly teach fashion do's and don'ts on this TLC show What Not To Wear 2000 $2000 3016-36 32575 A WALK UP FIFTH AVENUE For a cinematic rendezvous atop this building, get to 34th by 11:30 P., when the elevators stop Empire State Building 1400 $400 3272-28 32576 THE WORLD OF LOUNGE With hits like "Somewhere My Love", this bandleader brought a "Ray" of light to '60s lounge Ray Conniff 500 $500 3143-42 32577 '60s POP MUSIC "So how could I dance with another, when" this happened "I saw her standing there" 1600 $600 5012-44 32578 MEMORABLE ROLES (Alex: We want you to name the actor, we'll tell you about the.) 1981 and 1996:Snake Plissken Yes, Escape from New York.

Kurt Russell 1600 $1200 5022-34 32579 GEOLOGY Pelean, Hawaiian, Strombolian and Plinian are different types of this event eruptions 1200 $400 3038-30 32580 MOVIE DEBUTS She played an obsessive teen named Darian in her first film, "The Crush"; we hope you're not left "Clueless" Alicia Silverstone 1200 $200 3152-27 32581 LET'S PLAY POKER The biggest annual poker game there is, it's held at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas each spring Oh, gosh.the World Series of Poker 500 $500 3262-2 32582 SHE'S MY FIRST LADY! (Alex: You have to identify the president) Barbara George H.Bush 100 $100 5080-37 32583 SPORTS STARS Indiana State's career scoring leader, he was the 1997-98 NBA Coach Of The Year while with the Pacers He's the one! Larry Byrd 1400 $800 3027-34 32584 "BUT" OF COURSE In a Gershwin tune, this phrase qualifies "They're writing songs of love" and "A lucky star's above" "But not for me" 1200 $200 5064-39 32585 CORPORATE NAME ETYMOLOGY This company's name came from the stomach enzyme originally used in its soft drink to help in digestion Pepsi 1400 $800 3032-3 32586 TEEN CUISINE Teens love this company's famous peanut butter cups to "pieces" Reese's 100 $100 3326-9 32587 BRAIN STRAIN This final board game maneuver comes from the Arabic phrase "Shah Mat" -- The king is dead Checkmate 200 $200 5066-48 32588 1950s MOVIES James Dean starts an oil empire in this film Giant 1800 $1600 4200-3 32589 DOUBLE Ws (Alex: There are 2 Ws somewhere in each response.He does not actually read the category name.) One who's recently married a newlywed 100 $200 4123-8 32590 CAR CHAT You won't get a bad bounce with Bilstein, a leading maker of the gas pressure type of these shocks 200 $400 3273-33 32591 THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARYLAND The state house in this city is where George Washington resigned his commission in 1783 Annapolis 1200 $200 3143-22 32592 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Natural landmark seen here from the streets of the Spanish town of La Linea Rock of Gibraltar 400 $400 3306-57 32593 U.STAMPS The tribute to this artist was released March 25, 1998 in Washington, D.

, not "Mobile" Alexander Calder 2000 $1000 2735-18 32594 ACTRESSES' FIRST FILMS "Oklahoma!" Lovely lady, actress and singer, Academy Award winner, * .Shirley Jones 400 $400 3103-11 32595 YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY "That's the way the cookie" does this Crumbles 200 $200 3022-26 32596 WORLD RELIGION Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their wives are buried in a cave in this city near Jerusalem Hebron 500 $500 621-37 32597 MUSIC BUSINESS It started coming down the cable at one minute after midnight, August 1, 1981 MTV 1400 $400 3022-5 32598 WORDS THAT START and END WITH "L" Type of wreath given for a crowning achievement Laurel 100 $100 3316-58 32599 NAME THE MUSICAL "I've Come To Wive It Wealthily In Padua", "I Hate Men" Kiss Me, Kate 2000 DD: $800 4995-52 32600 HIT ME In a No.1 hit from July 1985, he was "findin' it hard to believe we're in heaven" Bryan Adams 1800 $1600 4297-59 32601 THE "C" AROUND US In a Chekhov play, this title part of a family's estate is reluctantly put on the auction block The Cherry Orchard 2000 $2000 5017-12 32602 1959's BESTSELLERS This book by Pasternak was No.2 in the fiction bestseller rack Doctor Zhivago 300 $600 5069-58 32603 ESTIMATED PROPHET To his fellow slaves, this 19th century insurrectionist was known as "The Prophet" Hurry.

Nat Turner 2000 $2000 3328-36 32604 THE 11th CENTURY (Alex: That was a great one!) At Clermont on Nov.27, 1095 the first of these holy missions was proclaimed The Crusades 1400 $400 3036-55 32605 ART In 1920 this impressionist, known for his water lilies, painted another plant, "Wisteria" Claude Monet 2000 $1000 3313-40 32606 UNESCO UNESCO is helping restore the Wat and Thom temple complexes in this former Cambodian capital Angkor 1400 $400 5003-30 32607 SIR WALTER SCOTT'S PERSONALITY PARADE Sir Walter Scott "read again, and for the the third time at least," her "very finely written novel of 'Pride and Prejudice'" Jane Austen 1200 $400 5052-15 32608 CLASSIC AMERICAN MUSIC Heard here, the tune to this military service's "hymn" is from Offenbach's comic opera "Genevieve de Brabant" the Marines 300 $600 3952-21 32609 ALONG CAME A SPIDER Spiders belong to this class named for a Lydian maiden who was transformed by Athena into a spider Arachnids 400 $400 3952-50 32610 PUDDING It's the traditional type of pudding demanded in "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" Figgy pudding 1800 $800 3319-48 32611 WORLD GEOGRAPHY This French island in the Mediterranean was once ruled by the Bank of San Giorgio in Genoa Corsica 1800 $800 5031-36 32612 THE MIDDLE AGES In 976 this Venice church was badly damaged by fire; rebuilding began in 1050 and was completed around 1090 St.Mark's 1400 $800 3070-57 32613 YUL TIDE FILMS In "The Buccaneer", Yul portrayed this buccaneer during the Battle of New Orleans Jean Lafitte 2000 $1000 3151-17 32614 WE THE "PEOPLE" This phrase for the Jews refers to Exodus 19:6, "Ye shall be unto me.a holy nation" the Chosen People 300 $300 3005-44 32615 WORD ORIGINS The name of this tent fabric comes from a Dutch word for "cloth", not from a web-footed bird Duck 1600 $600 3631-40 32616 17th CENTURY SCIENCE About 1621 William Oughtred invented this device that stuck out of nerds' shirt pockets well into the 20th century You guys are too young to remember the slide rule! Slide rule 1400 $400 3291-43 32617 AFFAIRS OF STATE (Alex: Be careful with that one!) 1884 reports that he committed his lover to an insane asylum nearly cost him the election Grover Cleveland 1600 DD: $500 4991-49 32618 CHAMPS OF THE SQUARE CIRCLE This Italian-Amer.heavyweight champ's nickname "Brockton Blockbuster" came from his Mass.

Rocky Marciano 1800 $1600 3311-36 32619 STATE NAMES In this state whose name means "Gem of the Mountain", Boiseans will be Boiseans Idaho 1400 $400 3120-18 32620 EUROPEAN RIVERS The famed boatmen of this Russian river once pulled their barges from the river's banks Volga 400 $400 3670-36 32621 AMERICAN HISTORY "X" In 1954 he was appointed chief minister of the Nation of Islam's main temple in Harlem Malcolm X 1400 $400 3313-3 32622 NEO LINGO A TV show that is an extended advertisement, like those used by Ross Perot in 1992 and 1996 Infomercial 100 $100 3862-1 32623 HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME This star seen here broke the Las Vegas color line in 1954: Sammy Davis, Jr.100 $100 3061-53 32624 SALT Liquid sodium, made from salt, is used as this in some nuclear power plants Coolant 1800 $800 5053-36 32625 PHYSICS (Kelly of the Clue Crew indicates a series of sinusoids on the monitor.) When a wave is canceled out by an equal and opposite wave, the result is "complete destructive" this, like what messes up radio transmissions interference 1400 $800 5058-2 32626 WINING and DINING German Eiswein, meant to go with this course, is so concentrated, some recommend it in place of the course dessert 100 $200 3007-15 32627 "MONKEY" SHINES Usually "thrown", it's an obstacle that gets in the way of one's plans Monkey wrench 300 $300 3279-15 32628 300 YEARS AGO This architect who rebuilt London after the Great Fire of 1666 saw his work on Whitehall Palace burned in 1698 Sir Christopher Wren 300 $300 100004-3 32629 WORLD HISTORY In 1947 Britain's George VI dropped his title as emperor of this country India 100 200 3322-14 32630 HISTORIC NAMES Jules Mazarin was one in the 17th century, Stan Musial in the 20th Cardinal 300 $300 3322-19 32631 AROUND THE OFFICE Workers may gather around the monitor and boogie along with this internet infant from Kinetix "The Dancing Baby" 400 $400 3274-58 32632 PLAYING DOCTOR Meg Ryan played a heart surgeon touched by the other-worldly Nicolas Cage in this 1998 love story City of Angels 2000 $1000 3023-37 32633 ON THE MAP The Ross Sea, which reaches far into this continent, is the southernmost bay of the Pacific You're out of the hole, and we have a minute to go.

Antarctica 1400 $400 3266-15 32634 THE BRAT PACK TODAY One of the youngest of the Brat Pack, he's formed a band called Hall of Mirrors Anthony Michael Hall 300 $300 3665-54 32635 DUTCH TREATIES A famous 18th century peace was signed at this city once called Ultrajectum Utrecht 2000 $1000 5023-27 32636 ON THE "SPIT" The ringhals is a type of this dangerous reptile that can propel its venom up to 10 feet a spitting cobra 500 $1000 3034-38 32637 FROM A TO Y (Alex: Each correct response will begin with "A" and end with "Y".) In England, it's a barrister or solicitor; in the U., it's this an attorney 1400 $400 3026-5 32638 CELEBRITY RHYME TIME Mr.

Bono's baby rabbits Sonny's bunnies 100 $100 4982-8 32639 YOU SAY TOMATO Varieties of tomato include beefsteak and these small ones that bear the name of a fruit of the genus Prunus cherry tomatoes (a plum tomato accepted) 200 $400 3302-34 32640 NAME THAT ROYAL Seen here, this third son is now involved in television production Prince Edward 1200 $200 5080-43 32641 SPORTS STARS On July 21, 2006 this Yankee became the youngest player to reach 450 career home runs (Alex) Rodriguez 1600 $1200 3324-59 32642 THIS MUST BE BELGIUM (Alex: Okay, we're getting cute again!) A famous musical had this Belgian-born singer-songwriter "Alive And Well And Living In Paris" That was the name of the musical, "Jacques Brel Is Alive.

" Jacques Brel 2000 $1000 3268-21 32643 MUSIC This American pianist was in his 20s when he won the Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow in 1958 Van Cliburn 400 $400 3287-34 32644 LITTLE DOG Frequent brushing is the lot of owners of this dog called "Yorkie" for short Yorkshire Terrier 1200 $200 3662-14 32645 MUSIC OF THE '90s The first No.1 hit of the '90s, "Another Day In Paradise" by this singer was originally titled "Homeless" Phil Collins 300 $300 100013-27 32646 INTERNATIONAL CUISINE This popular Thai dish consists of sweet crispy noodles with chicken or shrimp Mee Krob 500 1000 5024-12 32647 SPACE INVADERS In 1995 the Galileo spacecraft reached this large planet and launched a probe into it Jupiter 300 $600 5082-8 32648 LETTER PERFECT It precedes -bone, -ball, -bar and -bill T 200 $400 5023-57 32649 MEASUREMENT 5 workdays with not much to do, or about 112 billion miles a light week 2000 $2000 3622-57 32650 SCIENCE Some protozoans' bodies can be divided into the fluid inner endoplasm and this more rigid outer part Ectoplasm 2000 $1000 5087-58 32651 LEATHER For important manuscripts in the Middle Ages, this type of parchment made of calfskin was often dyed purple vellum 2000 $2000 3332-46 32652 FAMOUS HOMES This American author's estate outside Havana was called Finca Vigia, or Lookout Farm Ernest Hemingway 1600 $600 5072-49 32653 COOL MOVIES A really cool film of 2006 was this one about a pack of sled dogs stranded in Antarctica Eight Below 1800 $1600 3326-48 32654 OUTDATED MAPS (Alex: That's always fun!) When part of the Soviet Union, this country was abbreviated the B.LAKES and RIVERS As you can gather from its name, Lake Texoma is shared by these 2 states Texas and Oklahoma 100 $200 3027-19 32656 MOVIE STARS He gave Lauren Bacall a gold bracelet with her name engraved on one side and "The Whistler" on the other Humphrey Bogart (her husband) 400 $400 5072-9 32657 STATE GOVERNORS This patriot known for his bold signature died in 1793 while serving his 9th term as governor of Massachusetts John Hancock 200 $400 3875-26 32658 PRESIDENTIAL VPs (Alex: We'll give you the vice president, you name the president) Theodore Roosevelt William McKinley 500 $500 3071-22 32659 SACRED MOUNTAINS Everyone in the Chagga tribe of Tanzania sleeps with his or her head toward this sacred peak Mount Kilimanjaro 400 $400 4123-32 32660 CLINTON'S BILLS (Bill Clinton reads the clue.) A bill I signed in 1994 banned several assault weapons and funded the hiring of 100,000 of these police officers 1200 $400 5022-37 32661 M.TV Gain some knowledge with "Untold Stories of the ER" on this sister channel of Discovery TLC (The Learning Channel) 1400 $800 2897-52 32662 EARTH SCIENCE In 1990 scientists discovered hydrothermal vents on the floor of this Russian lake Lake Baikal 1800 $800 3276-45 32663 VAN GOGH A-GO-GO His 1972 hit song "Vincent" was a tribute to Van Gogh Don McLean 1600 $600 3264-39 32664 ANIMAL ANAGRAMS Charo may know this fish shares its name with a kitchen insect pest Roach (Charo) 1400 $400 3106-32 32665 ACTORS and THEIR FILMS She earned an Oscar nomination for "Agnes Of God"; sis Jennifer Tilly earned one for "Bullets Over Broadway" Meg Tilly 1200 $200 3697-46 32666 TRAVEL and TOURISM The International UFO Museum and Research Center is in this New Mexico city where some say UFOs have landed Roswell 1600 $600 3149-6 32667 LUCKY DUCKS What a "card!" This Taj Mahal casino developer luckily avoided insolvency in the early 1990s (Donald) Trump 200 $200 5027-51 32668 BRANDS This candy-coated gum brand is named for a substance used to make gum Chiclets 1800 $1600 3102-26 32669 THE LAW Now a body of lawyers, it once referred to a rail separating spectators from courtroom proceedings Bar 500 $500 3317-38 32670 THE METRIC SYSTEM In a metric nursery rhyme, a crooked man would go a crooked 1.609 of these Kilometers 1400 $400 5063-34 32671 ARTISTIC WOMEN SPEAK This diva mourned, "First I lost weight, then I lost my voice, and now I?ve lost Onassis" Maria Callas 1200 $400 3663-5 32672 RICE, RICE BABY In 1999 this "treat" sponsored the annual San Francisco cable car bell-ringing contest Rice-A-Roni 100 $100 3179-22 32673 POTENT POTABLES Trader Vic claims credit for inventing this rum drink and says it was named by a Tahitian friend Mai tai 400 $400 5060-46 32674 SYSTEM OF A "DOWN" Olympic event mastered by Jean-Claude Killy and Franz Klammer downhill skiing 1600 $1200 3875-57 32675 FUN WITH COLORS A small type of wasp, it normally builds its nest underground Yellowjacket 2000 $1000 314-49 32676 THEATER In Paris, this musical was called "Brilliantine" and in Mexico City, "Vaselina" Grease 1800 $800 314-22 32677 LETTER PERFECT Strung together for snoring sleepers Z's 400 $400 3340-36 32678 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD This long, narrow country stretches from Peru to the southern tip of South America Chile 1400 $400 3111-56 32679 DOCUMENTARIES Based on Erich Von Daniken's book, this 1970s film proposed that Earth was visited by aliens Chariots of the Gods 2000 $1000 3038-40 32680 YOU'RE ALL WET! The Mexican ports of Guaymas and La Paz lie on the shores of this gulf Gulf of California 1400 $400 3291-47 32681 NOEL Noel wrote the songs for the musical "The Girl Who Came To Supper"; it starred this "Brady Bunch" actress I knew you were wrong when you were saying it! Florence Henderson 1600 $600 3005-39 32682 MOVIE DIRECTORS (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):Director seen here: (walking two dogs) The film was "The Birds", starring Tippi Hedren Alfred Hitchcock 1400 DD: $2,300 4966-8 32683 ALSO A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT A container for gunpowder, like the one seen here horn 200 $400 3313-57 32684 MAIN STREET U.A small college (and yet there are those who love it), it's located on Main St.

in Hanover, New Hampshire Dartmouth College 2000 $1000 5072-16 32685 LET'S CELEBRATE Customs on this 121st day of the year include dancing around a pole and giving baskets to friends and family May Day 300 $600 5021-42 32686 DRAMATISTS A year after he wrote "Candida", he became a drama critic for the Saturday Review, a job he held for 3 1/2 years Shaw 1600 $1200 4967-21 32687 MIDDLE NAMES A suffragette:Brownell Susan B.Anthony 400 $800 5032-41 32688 FIVE THE "ARD" WAY The headquarters for London's metropolitan police Scotland Yard 1400 $800 3048-25 32689 SURROUNDED BY WATER The Gulf of Batabano separates the Isle of Pines from the rest of this island country Cuba 500 $500 4124-23 32690 BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY (Alex: we celebrate.) Take our advice and name the columnists born in 1918 as Esther Pauline Friedman and Pauline Esther Friedman Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers 400 $800 3623-26 32691 THE INTERNET This network that encompasses thousands of news groups was created in 1979 by 2 Duke University grad students Usenet 500 $500 5033-24 32692 ON ITS EASTERN BORDER (Alex: We'll name a country.) Honduras Nicaragua 500 $1000 3035-45 32693 MUSIC APPRECIATION Pianists know it's also called the F clef the bass clef 1600 $600 3334-4 32694 ELECTIONS In 1997 all but 10 Republican congressmen voted to re-elect this House speaker Newt Gingrich 100 $100 2897-6 32695 LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS A white one of these says "silence"; a red one says "I love you" Rose 200 $200 3021-9 32696 THE ACADEMY AWARDS He picked up an Oscar for his "Theme From Shaft" Isaac Hayes 200 $200 3306-55 32697 POP MUSIC Last name of brothers Mark and David who were part of the original lineup of Dire Straits Knopfler 2000 $1000 3294-59 32698 WORD PLAY ALL world----------------------------------Once this song's in your head, it's tough to get out! "It's A Small World After All" 2000 $1000 5017-56 32699 "ME" IN THE MIDDLE Sumerian epic hero who faced an apocalyptic flood Stefanie, you look as if you know.

Gilgamesh 2000 DD: $1,200 3035-1 32700 1997 MOVIE AD LINES "Protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe" Men in Black 100 $100 3285-23 32701 ON ICE Put this letter on "ice" and you get the type of crime Crockett and Tubbs fought V (vice) 400 $400 3026-45 32702 HISPANIC AMERICANS Mexican-American Bill Richardson replaced Madeleine Albright in this diplomatic post U.1600 $600 5049-21 32703 BOOK SEQUELS? Edmond Dantes gets a promotion in this author's 19th c.

sequel "The Fresh Prince of Monte Cristo" Alexandre Dumas 400 $800 620-36 32704 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY Florida earns more money from this "industry" than any other tourism 1400 $400 4968-4 32705 INTO THE "WOOD"s Knothead and Splinter are the nephew and niece of this cartoon bird produced by Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker 100 $200 3340-15 32706 MISS MANNERS To get guests to do this, rise, shake their hands and say, "You were so very, very kind to have visited me" leave 300 $300 5097-35 32707 SOUNDS GOOD TO ME From the way it's played, it's the descriptive name for the instrument heard here What is * ? From the way it's played.a squeeze box 1200 $400 5058-40 32708 COTE D'IVOIRE (Alex: The Ivory Coast.) If you go, remember your Malarone for protection from a disease carried by this creature * , yes, for malaria.mosquito 1400 $800 3014-24 32709 HISTORY The first European to round Africa's southern tip, he was also on the voyage that discovered Brazil Bartolomeo Diaz 500 $500 3065-57 32710 ANCIENT EGYPT Ancient Egypt's capital for centuries, its ruins supplied the stones used to build Cairo Memphis 2000 $1000 3109-35 32711 "AW", SHUCKS Proverbially, it "breaks the camel's back" (The last) Straw 1200 $200 2894-9 32712 THE 1880s In 1887 this explorer was sent back to Africa to rescue Mehmed Emin Pasha Henry Stanley 200 $200 5070-47 32713 3-LETTER WORDS An adz is an axlike tool; this other 3-letter tool is used to punch holes in leather or wood an awl 1600 $1200 3110-6 32714 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY Ernie is the chief spokes-elf for this snack food company Keebler 200 $200 5060-32 32715 COLD PLAY For 1923's "Icebound", about Maine, Owen Davis was the fifth winner of this prize for drama the Pulitzer 1200 $400 3668-44 32716 GYPSY The Manouche are the Gypsies mainly found in this European country France 1600 $600 3288-12 32717 PRESIDENTIAL TERMS OF SERVICE (Alex: You ID the president.) August 9, 1974 - January 20, 1977 Gerald Ford 300 $300 3062-18 32718 20th CENTURY AMERICA In 1912, in Savannah, Georgia she organized the first troop of Girl Scouts Juliet Gordon Lowe 400 $400 3032-11 32719 DIRTY 4-LETTER WORDS Material that makes up an unwanted "bunny" under your bed dust 200 $200 3018-16 32720 100 MAKE A.

100 paisas make up one of these in India Rupee 300 $300 3318-35 32721 GIVE ME A SEA This tropical sea is sometimes referred to as the "American Mediterranean" Caribbean Sea 1200 $200 3295-1 32722 10-DIFFERENT-LETTER WORDS (Alex: Each word will have 10 different letters) Honest, Abe was the first person run by this party to be elected U.president Republican 100 $100 3107-57 32723 AT RANDOM Colorful name given the random movement of tiny particles suspended in a gas or liquid Brownian motion 2000 $1000 3008-16 32724 HITTITE HODGEPODGE The army had 3-man crews and an elaborate system of horse training for these vehicles Chariots 300 $300 4141-50 32725 UNREAL ESTATE In "Alice in Wonderland", this character's house has chimneys shaped like ears and a roof thatched with fur the March Hare 1800 $1600 5084-10 32726 SATURDAY In a classic "SNL" skit, Laraine Newman found this NYC landmark less than packed when covering the Jewish New Year Times Square 200 $400 5023-16 32727 KICKIN' AZTEC In trade, Aztecs used a system known by this term, from the French for "to exchange", using cacao beans They used a system of * .barter 300 $600 3307-57 32728 COMMUNICATION Add 3 letters to "oration" to get this word for the conclusion of a speech Per (Peroration) 2000 $1000 3634-49 32729 MOVIE ACTORS Despite his role as tobacco co.whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand in "The Insider", this actor still smokes Russell Crowe 1800 $800 3272-19 32730 MOVIE CO-STARS This father and daughter were both nominated for Oscars for a 1981 film; Dad won Henry and Jane Fonda (On Golden Pond) 400 DD: $300 3266-58 32731 CONFESSIONS Honest self-analysis distinguished the "confessions" of this Swiss-French author who died in 1778 Jean-Jacques Rousseau 2000 $1000 3666-27 32732 "DELTA" Founded in 1907, it's the USA's foremost business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi 500 $500 3047-57 32733 EUROPEAN HISTORY In this 1936-39 war, the Axis Powers supported the Nationalists and the USSR backed the Loyalists Spanish Civil War 2000 $1000 4982-57 32734 SHRIMPING (Kelly of the Clue Crew plays with her food on a shrimp boat in Savannah, GA.

) Shrimp typically swim backwards by flexing the tail and these aptly-named appendages on the abdomen No one wants to ring in and try to come up with * .swimmerets 2000 $2000 5023-25 32735 FEAT OF CLAY Tommy Lee Jones played this controversial figure in the film "JFK" Clay Shaw 500 $1000 5067-2 32736 HIPPO-POURRI If you played the Hungry Hungry Hippos board game you'd know that the hippos were trying to eat these objects marbles 100 $200 5070-2 32737 IT'S A MONARCHY Jordan, Israel, Egypt Jordan 100 $200 3670-19 32738 THEY WROTE THE SONGS (Alex: We'll give you the songs, you identify the writers) "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" and "(They Long To Be) Close To You" Burt Bacharach and Hal David 400 $400 5079-29 32739 "B" PREPARED Meaning a noisy commotion, it may derive from "baruch habba", a loud traditional greeting at a synagogue brouhaha 500 $1000 5058-4 32740 OFF COURSE, OFF COURSE This doctor found Victoria Falls but never discovered the source of the Nile Dr.Livingstone 100 $200 4975-54 32741 HOTEL CALIFORNIA No need to travel down a dark desert highway to reach this themed inn in San Luis Obispo with a virginal name the Madonna Inn 2000 $2000 4297-34 32742 DON'T BE AFRAID OF OPERA In "The English Cat", a cat is a president of the R.--The Royal Society for Protection of these rodents rats 1200 $400 100013-39 32743 NEWSPAPERS This Boston-based newspaper is circulated in more than 100 countries The Christian Science Monitor 1400 1000 2737-41 32744 MOUNTAINS The highest peaks in these mountains of France and Spain lie in the Maladeta Range Pyrenees 1400 $400 5044-0 32745 THE BARD WRITES In Act I, scene 1 of this play, 3 witches chant, "Fair is foul, and foul is fair; hover through the fog and filthy air" Macbeth 100 $200 5080-3 32746 CRAGS LIST You'll find Sacramento River swimming and great mountain views in this state's Castle Crags Park California 100 $200 3626-25 32747 GOLFERS In 2000 Tiger Woods' winning streak brought new attention to this man's record 11 straight wins in 1945 Byron Nelson 500 $500 5060-14 32748 AMERICAN LIT He won national book awards for "Goodbye, Columbus" and "Sabbath's Theater" Philip Roth 300 $600 3121-33 32749 FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE (Alex: Fun guy!) It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Nietzsche's term for a person who has risen above his passions Superman 1200 $200 3301-16 32750 CLOTHES MAKE THE LAND Neck rings like these are all the rage for women living north of Bangkok in this country Thailand 300 $300 3318-15 32751 PRESIDENTIAL ! (Alex: An example: "Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher" singer and "silent" president - correct response: Who are Rita and Calvin Coolidge?) This actress' violet eyes would be dazzling next to this "Rough and Ready" president Elizabeth and Zachary Taylor 300 $300 3151-48 32752 SCIENCE and NATURE This inert gas symbolized Ar is used to fill light bulbs to prevent the tungsten filament from evaporating argon 1800 $800 3661-30 32753 VIVA LA REVOLUTION! An environmental revolution was ignited in the '80s after scientists discovered a "hole" in this Ozone layer 1200 $200 3110-11 32754 5-LETTER WORDS A small rounded hill or mound; there's a grassy one in Dallas Knoll 200 $200 3633-45 32755 VIDEO POTPOURRI Classified by taste, one of the two main varieties of the nut seen here: Be more , sorry! Bitter or sweet almond 1600 $600 5007-21 32756 A "C"OUNTRY MILE This country that's 750 miles long and averages 60 miles wide is the largest island in the Antilles Archipelago Cuba 400 $800 3302-46 32757 NAME THAT ROYAL This 18th century queen thought her reign would be a piece of cake - it wasn't! Marie Antoinette 1600 $600 3317-22 32758 ACTORS and ACTRESSES Once Miss U., Laura Harring played a police officer on this, Aaron Spelling's first daytime soap Sunset Beach 400 $400 315-30 32759 INVENTIONS To demonstrate his elevator's safety in 1852, he got in it and cut the cable The car stayed where it was.Otis 1200 $200 5028-18 32760 1491 In 1491 he began his studies at the University of Krakow; his impact on the world would be astronomical Copernicus 400 $800 4987-26 32761 LEGENDARY LEGENDS A modern urban legend says the USS Eldridge disappeared in this city's Navy yard in a 1943 experiment Philadelphia 500 $1000 5041-24 32762 THE BRITISH MILITARY The amphibious "Royal" these date back to the 1600s and got a commando force in 1942, in time for D-Day the Royal Marines 500 $1000 3622-13 32763 YOUNG STARS On this TGIF series Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have tied the knot Boy Meets World 300 $300 3303-34 32764 THE "A" "B" "C"s In a 1976 Playboy interview, Jimmy Carter said he'd committed this in his heart many times Adultery 1200 $200 5012-54 32765 MYTH ADVENTURES Egyptians made sure tombs contained one of these tomes so the "soul" could get by Osiris and his 42 demons The Book of the Dead 2000 $2000 3312-31 32766 TV SHOW LOCALES Laverne and Shirley worked in the bottle-cap division of the Shotz Brewery in this city Milwaukee 1200 $200 3175-10 32767 HOT SPOTS OF THE '80s Students who met in this square April 18, 1989 to mourn Hu Yaobang's death stayed to demonstrate Tiananmen Square 200 $200 5011-34 32768 YOU CAN BANK ON IT Making a "jumbo" one of these can be risky; banks have reserves to cover losses on bad ones a loan 1200 $400 3637-53 32769 MERRY YACHTS In June 1999 Michael Douglas and this Welsh beauty were spotted, as a London paper put it, canoodling on his yacht Catherine Zeta-Jones 1800 $800 3278-6 32770 MEN OF LETTERS (Alex: We want you to identify authors known by their initials) Pelham Grenville.Wodehouse 200 $200 2903-8 32771 WORLD TRAVEL Shopping for summer hats and handbags? Head for the Straw Market in Nassau in this island group Bahamas 200 $200 2908-3 32772 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD The largest country in the world, it has 21 republics, 49 oblasts and 6 krays Russia 100 $100 4969-22 32773 YES, SIR! This director of "Doctor Zhivago" was directed to pick up a knighthood in 1984 David Lean 400 $800 3335-26 32774 COMMON BONDS Capistrano swallows, Undeliverable mail, "Jeopardy!" champs Things that come back 500 $500 2898-29 32775 SCIENCE This drug marketed as Motrin was patented in Great Britain in 1964 Ibuprofen 500 $500 3623-5 32776 LETTER AFTER K (Alex: The contestants have to name the single letter that follows K in the abbreviations we will bring to your attention) In the 2-letter abbreviation of the Bluegrass State Y (KY - Kentucky) 100 $100 3110-5 32777 5-LETTER WORDS An opportunity to start again may give you "a new" one of these "on life" Lease 100 $100 3668-10 32778 TREE WORDS It's a brown color for eyes or a maid for the Baxters hazel 200 $200 5048-52 32779 "S"WEETS You can sprinkle this crumbly topping, from the German for "strew", on fruit pies Streusel 1800 $1600 2893-49 32780 HISTORIC AMERICA Carmel Mission in Carmel, Calif.

was the headquarters of this Franciscan priest until his death in 1784 Fr.Junipero Serra 1800 $800 5091-36 32781 WELCOME TO OMAHA Founded in 1917, the company Omaha these brings superb marbling to your dinner table Omaha Steaks 1400 $800 3171-42 32782 IMPRESSIONISM Guerbois, one of these Paris institutions, was a hangout for the young impressionists Cafe 1600 $600 3296-9 32783 BLASTS FROM THE PAST A product of about 20,000 B., you'll find the art seen here in this country (cave drawings) France 200 $200 3320-42 32784 THE FIRST CENTURY (Alex: Remember that one?) Mathematician Heron took flight with his formula for the area of this shape, once studied by Pythagoreans Triangle 1600 $600 2621-31 32785 ZOOLOGY Komodo dragons, which belong to the monitor family of these, have been known to kill human beings lizards 1200 $200 4092-21 32786 APRIL MAY.to take a spin in this automaker's 8 cilindri 360 Spider a Ferrari 400 $800 3260-30 32787 MEMORIES OF OAKLAND (Alex: Reggie?) Oakland stretches along the mainland side of this large bay San Francisco Bay 1200 $200 100013-3 32788 INTERNATIONAL CUISINE Hungary is famous for this beef stew flavored with paprika goulash 100 200 5067-57 32789 ANCIENT TALK (Cheryl of the Clue Crew points out circles animated on a plot on the monitor.

) On a curve, the circles that best approximate the curvature at each point are called "osculating circles", from the Latin "osculare", to do this kiss 2000 $2000 5076-40 32790 THE GLOBE THEATRE Gao Xingjian's "Fugitives" used this 1989 massacre as its settings and was later banned by the Chinese government Tiananmen Square 1400 $800 5047-30 32791 EARTHQUAKES This well-known fault is considered the main boundary between the North American and Pacific plates the San Andreas Fault 1200 $400 3267-23 32792 PEOPLE IN HISTORY Besides founding Pennsylvania, he found time to father more than 10 children William Penn 400 $400 3308-16 32793 ON THE ROCKS While limonite adds a yellowish tinge to marble, hematite adds this color Red 300 $300 3312-59 32794 QUASI-RELATED PAIRS Supreme Court justices Hugo and Byron "Whizzer" Black and White 2000 $1000 3263-32 32795 LET'S GET TOGETHER As a teen you may feel their "pressure"; as the accused, they will make up your jury Peers 1200 $200 3870-33 32796 PACKAGING One of these often comes attached to an individual kids' juice box a straw 1200 $200 4200-59 32797 TALK LIKE SHAKESPEARE (Pun!) A quartet of old Roman predictors of the future, or several actors in a Shakespearean play four soothsayers ("Forsooth" sayers) 2000 $2000 3315-52 32798 AFRICA Much of the southern African country of Botswana is covered by this desert Kalahari 1800 $800 5098-53 32799 STRAIT GUY The Strait of Messina separates Italy from this "boot"able isle Sicily 1800 $1600 2621-36 32800 HENRY VIII She married Henry in January 1533 and gave birth to Elizabeth in September Anne Boleyn 1400 $400 3016-19 32801 BILL PULLMAN FILMS Pullman made his debut as the world's "dumbest crook" in this 1986 Bette Midler-Danny DeVito film Ruthless People 400 $400 3322-12 32802 CHILDREN'S LITERATURE The first character Alice meets in Wonderland, he wears a waistcoat and a pocket watch The White Rabbit 300 $300 3290-21 32803 WORLD COSTUME It's been popular in the U.since the '60s and is still worn in Africa Dashiki 400 $400 5049-14 32804 AROUND THE PLAYBOY MANSION At the mansion in 2005, Southern belle Tiffany Fallon received this honored title Playmate of the Year 300 $600 3873-13 32805 GEOMETRY Vertices is plural; this is the singular form Vertex 300 $300 3334-20 32806 WEIRD NATURE Call a cop! You're born with 300 of these, but by the time you grow up you only have 206 Bones 400 $400 5014-58 32807 "B-I" The name of this ball game comes from the French for "sticks" billiards 2000 $2000 5078-50 32808 HU, WATT, WARE, NGUYEN and WYE This Coloradoan served as President Reagan's Secretary of the Interior from 1981 to 1983 James Watt 1800 $1600 3024-1 32809 SPORTS On April 13, 1997 this 21-year-old golfer became the youngest to win the Masters Tiger Woods 100 $100 2735-12 32810 ACTRESSES' FIRST FILMS "The Outlaw" Jane Russell 300 $300 5028-3 32811 IT'S ALL A PLANT Arkansas has made the pink variety of this its state fruit and its state vegetable, just in case a tomato 100 $200 4124-59 32812 THE FLAGPOLE In degrees, it's the usual inclination for wall-mounted outrigger poles, though some are set at 30 or 60 45 2000 $2000 3274-23 32813 FASHION STATEMENTS To be discharged or dismissed is to "get" this piece of footwear The boot 400 $400 4199-4 32814 HOW AM "I" DOING? Imaginary "drapery" between western Europe and the old Communist bloc the Iron Curtain 100 $200 3298-8 32815 OSCAR! He lives in a garbage can, hates anything nice and loves trash Oscar the Grouch 200 $200 3062-28 32816 WILDE This fellow playwright and wit said that in hard times Wilde maintained his "gaiety of soul" George Bernard Shaw 500 $500 3322-25 32817 AROUND THE OFFICE The Atlantic reports companies use 40% more paper upon introducing this communication system E-mail 500 $500 3152-47 32818 MUSICALS BY ANY OTHER NAME "Felidae" Cats 1600 $600 5106-37 32819 LET'S PLAY POKER The main event of the World Series of Poker is the game called "Texas" this Texas Hold 'Em 1400 $800 2908-28 32820 HODGEPODGE Christmas Seals were first sold in 1907 to raise funds to fight this disease Tuberculosis 500 $500 3323-12 32821 I GOT IT HANDLED (Alex: That's a strange category!) It's the star found at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper North Star 300 $300 4984-26 32822 BILL "Bloody Bill Anderson" was the most vicious member of this man's deadly "Raiders" during the U.William "Bill" Quantrill 500 $1000 100013-52 32823 SPANISH CITIES This capital of the Visigothic kingdom in Spain is on the cutting edge of swordmaking Toledo 1800 2000 5063-43 32824 DUETS 1991:"Don?t Let The Sun Go Down On Me" by Elton John and him George Michael 1600 $1200 3320-48 32825 THE FIRST CENTURY (Alex: Remember that one?) As a philosopher of this movement, Seneca met forced suicide with great calm and fortitude Stoicism 1800 DD: $1,000 3064-33 32826 FASHION DESIGNERS In 1997 she introduced her Lizfit pants, which feature innovative side clips to adjust the waistline Liz Claiborne 1200 $200 3048-13 32827 SURROUNDED BY WATER It's the ocean that surrounds Mauritius Indian Ocean 300 $300 4123-13 32828 THE HAYES CODE This great stage actress made her movie debut as a child in the 1910 silent film "Jean and the Calico Doll" Helen Hayes 300 $600 2621-34 32829 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Callao, the port of Lima, handles about 3/4 of this country's imports Peru 1200 $200 3276-39 32830 VAN GOGH A-GO-GO Van Gogh wrote, "The peony is Jeannin's, the hollyhock belongs to Quost", but this bloom "is somewhat my own" the sunflower 1400 $400 3284-38 32831 AROUND WILLIAMSBURG During the revolution, the state capital moved from Williamsburg to this city in 1780 Richmond 1400 $400 5051-52 32832 "D" IN SCIENCE Coulomb's law says the force between 2 charges is inversely proportional to the square of this the distance between them 1800 $1600 619-13 32833 SPORTS Springfield, Massachusetts is site of this sport's Hall of Fame basketball 300 $300 3297-13 32834 TV ACTORS and ROLES (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Alan Rachins) When I played legal eagle Douglas Brackman on this hit TV series, I got to date Vanna White" L.Law 300 DD: $500 3144-41 32835 "O"s It's a piece of land devoted to the cultivation of fruit or nut trees orchard 1400 $400 4595-7 32836 WHO'S THE MRS.? (Alex: The current wife, you have to identify her.Tim McGraw Faith Hill 200 $400 5044-16 32837 REMEMBERING THE '90s This blonde proved that "Les" is more when she joined the "60 Minutes" team in 1991 (Leslie) Stahl 300 $600 3063-15 32838 THE BIG APPLE "(Hi, I'm Sharon Lawrence) At 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue you'll find this great institution, guarded by 2 lions" NYC Public Library 300 DD: $400 3107-26 32839 U.CAPITALS OF THE WORLD Many telescopes around this 2nd-largest Ariz.city make it the "Astronomy Capital Of The World" Tucson 500 $500 3280-11 32840 "Y" ME? You were "happy" if you were a member of this '60s radical group that included Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin Yippies 200 $200 3008-47 32841 AFRICAN GEOGRAPHY This mountain system in NW Africa is actually an extension of Europe's Alpine system Atlas Mountains 1600 $600 4092-4 32842 "JU"NE (Sofia of the Clue Crew delivers the clue) You wanna go in for the kill? Go in for this type of street performer juggling 100 $200 3034-46 32843 LONG AGO When he died at age 33 in 323 B., his empire was over 2,500 miles wide Alexander the Great 1600 $600 5086-24 32844 COMPOUNDS IN ACTION (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from inside a lab.) Because the enzyme catalase turns it into water and oxygen gas, this compound, H2O2, foams when used as an antiseptic on human skin or on a potato hydrogen peroxide 500 $1000 4977-46 32845 CIRCLE OF LIFE (Alex: in this category, each correct response will be made up of the letters in the word "circle.") Its name is from the Middle English for "an object of religious veneration" relic 1600 DD: $2,700 3271-46 32846 ADOBE This term for workers in adobe is also applied to stoneworkers and to members of certain lodges Masons 1600 $600 3872-17 32847 "E" BAY 1981 Wimbledon winner seen here: Chris Evert 300 $300 3663-28 32848 CHINA Like Vietnam's Haiphong, China's city of Beihai is a major port receiving shipping on this gulf the Gulf of Tonkin 500 $500 3667-57 32849 '50s FASHION The formless chemise dubbed this by Balenciaga and Givenchy was popular in 1957 Sack dress 2000 $1000 2898-24 32850 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD This country's territory on Borneo is over 50% larger than its territory on the Asian mainland Malaysia 500 $500 5092-50 32851 GEOGRAPHIC GLOSSARY The U.has the Great Dismal Swamp; Ireland has the peat-loaded this of Allen Bog 1800 $1600 4200-19 32852 THE GOLF CHANNEL A display of those having the best scores so far in the tournament, it's also a monday night "Report" on TGC the leaderboard 400 $800 3662-28 32853 FOOD Oh baby, in 1953 Ore-Ida invented this hash brown product tater tots 500 $500 3106-46 32854 COMMUNISTS Movie director Edward Dmytryk, one of this numerical group, later named other Communists before Congress "The Hollywood 10" 1600 $600 5037-5 32855 13-LETTER WORDS An attention-seeking person prone to taking off his or her clothes in public an exhibitionist 100 $200 3179-31 32856 YANKEE INGENUITY It's reported that the U.

has issued over 1870 patents for this flower; 400 of them mention red Rose 1200 $200 5055-27 32857 THAT'S POLITICS In 1848 Horace Mann filled the congressional seat of this ex-president The only former president to serve in the House of Representatives-- * .John Quincy Adams 500 $1000 3663-52 32858 FRENCH WEIGHTS and MEASURES Heavier than a foil, but lighter than a sabre, this fencing weapon weighs 770 grams an ep e 1800 $800 3327-13 32859 THE SIMPSONS (Alex: The TV series) Smithers loves 2 things: his collection of Malibu Stacy dolls and this man, owner of the Nuclear Power Plant Mr.Burns 300 $300 3028-39 32860 BOOKS and AUTHORS "God Knows", a 1984 novel by this "Catch-22" author, is a satire narrated by King David Joseph Heller 1400 $400 4969-26 32861 THINGS FARMERS KNOW As part of this plant family that can get nitrogen from the air, soybeans don't need nitrogen fertilizers legumes 500 $1000 5001-59 32862 THE "GOOD", THE "BAD" and THE "UGLY" This hyphenated Black Forest town has hot springs that the Romans built 2,000 years ago Baden-Baden 2000 $2000 5078-14 32863 LABOR In 1955 2 labor organizations combined to form this; George Meany became its first president the AFL-CIO 300 $600 3033-51 32864 STUFF 9-year-old Jamie Lynn Bence is famous for doing this in about 20 Major League ball parks Singing the National Anthem 1800 $800 3309-54 32865 GENETICS The autoradiograph seen here is called a genetic one of these, though it doesn't use whirls or loops Fingerprint 2000 $1000 3181-20 32866 IMPORTS For 177 years, until 1936, Guinness brewed all of its stout in this city Dublin 400 $400 4296-57 32867 HANGING More than 50 white people were slain during the slave rebellion led by this messianic leader hanged in 1831 Nat Turner 2000 $2000 3873-35 32868 3-LETTER WORDS To stick a faucet into a keg, or a listening device on a phone tap 1200 $200 3262-29 32869 RHYMES WITH COD Perhaps from obsolete Dutch for "shred", it's a young cod or haddock Scrod 500 $500 2905-7 32870 SOCIOLOGY By definition a "DINK" has double income, but doesn't have these Kids 200 $200 4970-35 32871 A LITTER OF ALLITERATION Dreyer's version of this ice cream flavor has mini marshmallows, almonds and chocolate Rocky Road 1200 $400 3630-12 32872 INAUGURAL ADDRESSES In his 1873 second inaugural, he complained he'd hardly rested since Fort Sumter Ulysses S.Grant 300 $300 3060-22 32873 HAMMERS A 1st century B.

maxim of Publilius Syrus says it's when you should hammer your iron When it's hot 400 $400 4093-12 32874 MONUMENTS Carvings of ancient axeheads and daggers can be seen on this monument on Salisbury Plain If you're in England, go there.Stonehenge 300 $600 5047-49 32875 MOVIES' LAST LINES 1931--"Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico?" Edward G.Little Caesar 1800 $1600 3629-3 32876 BACK IN THE '90s On April 1, 1998 a Little Rock judge threw out this woman's lawsuit against President Clinton Paula Jones 100 $100 3637-35 32877 MERRY YACHTS He added a sleeping basket to the presidential yacht, the U.Roosevelt 1200 $200 3324-0 32878 PEOPLE IN HISTORY He was so hefty he was nicknamed "Uncle Jumbo"; he probably preferred to be called "Our Grover" Grover Cleveland 100 $100 3674-1 32879 CLASSIC FILM MONSTERS Ape billed as "The Eighth Wonder of the World" King Kong 100 $100 3039-30 32880 ON YOUR TOES In romantic ballets such as "La sylphide", it's traditional for this ballet skirt to be calf-length a tutu 1200 $200 2737-1 32881 WORLD CITIES Diego Velazquez founded this capital on Cuba's south coast; 4 years later it was moved to the north coast Havana 100 $100 3175-4 32882 HOT SPOTS OF THE '80s On April 12, 1982 Great Britain imposed a blockade on this island group Falkland Islands (or Malvinas) 100 $100 3108-37 32883 COUNTIES BY STATE McClain, McCurtain, Muskogee Oklahoma 1400 $400 3329-58 32884 FAMOUS LAST WORDS "I go to seek the great perhaps", said this 16th century French satirist in his final moments Francois Rabelais 2000 $1000 3903-52 32885 SAINTS During his reign St.

Pius X revised this Latin version of the Bible St.Jerome's or the Vulgate 1800 $800 3312-6 32886 AMERICAN HODGEPODGE Calvin Coolidge was the first president born on this patriotic holiday the Fourth of July 200 $200 5063-58 32887 ARTISTIC WOMEN SPEAK This woman who died in 1971 said, "I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn?t photograph them" Diane Arbus 2000 $2000 5052-19 32888 LEFTOVERS In November 1995 it was an odd first when Mozambique joined this group of nations, mainly former British colonies the Commonwealth 400 $800 4297-28 32889 DON'T THINK TOO HARD This type of meson, a subatomic particle, is symbolized by the irrational number 3.pi meson 500 $1000 3007-47 32890 "C" IN HISTORY A civil war known as The War of a Thousand Days broke out in this South American country in 1899 Colombia 1600 $600 3008-35 32891 AFRICAN GEOGRAPHY M'zab, Tanezrouft and Suf are regions of this desert in Algeria Sahara Desert 1200 $200 5069-20 32892 INITIALLY YOURS American artist and illustrator Newell Convers N.Wyeth 400 $800 3623-13 32893 HAIL, HAIL ROCK 'N' ROLL "Roll Over Beethoven and tell" this Russian composer "the news" Tchaikovsky 300 $300 5014-6 32894 EUROPE In a 1939 decree in Spain, he was proclaimed "Supreme Chief, responsible only before God and history" Franco 200 $400 3832-48 32895 MALTA BOUND Pressure from this admiral drove Napoleon and his forces from Malta in 1800 Admiral Nelson 1800 $800 3329-49 32896 SCIENCE and NATURE One type of this device measures wind speed by means of cups rotating horizontally Anemometer 1800 $800 3018-26 32897 WHEN THEY WERE IN COLLEGE She was elected Duke's student body president years before her husband lost the '96 presidential election Elizabeth Dole 500 $500 5097-57 32898 A FEW GOOD MEN In 1940, this king, whose name is a religion, refused to implement laws making Danish Jews wear the hated yellow star King Christian 2000 $2000 3274-15 32899 SMALL U.Mint was established in this capital to handle the Comstock Lode's silver output Carson City, Nevada 300 DD: $500 3120-55 32900 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS "I have not a fault to find with her person", says Mr.

Knightley, of this Jane Austen heroine Emma (Wodehouse) 2000 $1000 3265-46 32901 WASHINGTON IRVING and FRIENDS In 1811, as a lobbyist in Washington, Irving became a favorite of this first lady Dolley Madison 1600 $600 5022-54 32902 CITY OF THE DAY: BIRMINGHAM Found in Birmingham, the world's largest cast-iron statue is a figure of this Roman god of metalworking Vulcan 2000 $2000 5091-39 32903 "C"OLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES The logo for this Ivy League school is seen here Columbia 1400 $800 2894-35 32904 LITERATI This U.publishing family originally spelled its last name Scrivener Scribner 1200 $200 5077-58 32905 JANE EYRE'S WEDDING REGISTRY A set of stout canes would help Edward, who was blinded in the fire at this former home Thornfield 2000 $2000 3007-59 32906 "C" IN HISTORY Bassianus was the original name of this Roman emperor known for his baths Caracalla 2000 $1000 3286-27 32907 SPORTS LEGENDS In 1982 she was the top-ranked U.woman track star in all distances from 800 meters to 10,000 meters Mary Decker Slaney 500 $500 3273-51 32908 THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARYLAND Among U.

racetracks, only Saratoga is older than this Preakness site, opened in 1870 Pimlico Race Course 1800 $800 3325-1 32909 FAMOUS BEAUTIES This international supermodel is a former host of MTV's "House Of Style" Cindy Crawford 100 $100 4340-31 32910 LEGENDS OF THE GAMES This slugger from Fargo, North Dakota hit 61 home runs in 1961 Roger Maris 1200 $400 3637-43 32911 THE PLAZA (Alex: Hey, that's a hotel!) The American People's Encyclopedia Yearbook called this type of place "A 1960 neoglism": a toll plaza 1600 $600 3697-18 32912 GEOGRAPH"Y" (Alex: Each correct response will end with the letter "Y".) While many countries in Europe have been splitting up, this one got back together in 1990 Germany 400 $400 3038-26 32913 COMPUTERESE "Strap" once completed this word meaning to start a computer by loading software Boot 500 $500 2901-18 32914 AVIATION In 1988 a Greek cyclist pedaled 74 miles across the Aegean in an aircraft named for this father of Icarus Daedalus 400 $400 3326-4 32915 "G" WHIZ! A male goose you might take a look at Gander 100 $100 3308-6 32916 HISTORIC NEBRASKA With the purchase of this region in 1803, the area now known as Nebraska became part of the United States Lousiana Purchase/Territory 200 $200 5075-54 32917 ASIAN BODIES OF WATER One of the world's longest rivers, it forms the border between China's Sichuan Province and Tibet It's the other one, even more famous-- * .the Yangtze River 2000 $2000 3062-22 32918 WILDE Wilde served almost 2 years in gaol in this town 38 miles from London Reading 400 $400 3061-47 32919 SALT Some ancient civilizations used salt cakes as a form of this, as Indians used wampum Currency 1600 $600 3280-4 32920 HOW DO YOU WORK THIS THING? Put it tightly in place over the drain, release any trapped air and ram the handle up and down Plunger 100 $100 5010-16 32921 WOMEN OUTSTANDING IN THEIR FIELD (Alex: You have to name the shared field.) Vivienne Westwood, Anne Klein, Donna Karan fashion 300 $600 3326-56 32922 LANGUAGES The earliest written record we have of any Indo-European language is from this empire of Asia Minor Hittite 2000 $1000 3875-6 32923 LITERARY ANIMALS Dan'l Webster was this Twain animal who was so full of quail shot that he couldn't jump The "Celebrated Jumping Frog" 200 $200 3870-31 32924 TONY WINNERS OF THE '40s Arthur Kennedy won for this play in 1949, like Brian Dennehy in another role 50 years later Death of a Salesman 1200 $200 3061-25 32925 FORMULAS The Chinese did a bang-up job in discovering its formula as 75% saltpeter, 15% charcoal and 10% sulfur Gunpowder 500 $500 3327-46 32926 THE 1880s In 1881 the Normal and Industrial Institute was founded in this Alabama city Tuskegee 1600 DD: $1,500 2756-49 32927 FAMOUS AMERICANS When he left office in 1987, this Democrat had served an unprecedented 4 terms as Alabama governor The man's name was * .

George Wallace 1800 $800 3121-57 32928 FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE (Alex: Fun guy!) In "Twilight of the Idols" Nietzsche wrote, "What does not kill me" does this Makes me stronger 2000 $1000 3327-59 32929 FUN WITH ROMAN NUMERALS (Alex: Each correct response will be a number represented by Roman numerals.) If a size abbreviation seen here were Roman numerals, it would represent this number 40 (XL) 2000 $1000 3036-1 32930 NATIONAL MONUMENTS George Custer's men are buried in a cemetery in the national monument named for this river Little Bighorn 100 $100 3666-47 32931 CALVINISM (Alex: Without the hyphen) This other John met John Calvin in Geneva and brought his ideas to Scotland John Knox 1600 $600 4199-46 32932 DEM BONES The biceps and triceps muscles surround this bone humerus 1600 $1200 3281-52 32933 "EVER"s It's the antonym of the most famous word in Poe's "The Raven", and also ends one of the verses "Evermore" 1800 $800 4984-33 32934 HERALDIC BEASTS Moscow's coat of arms features St.George slaying one of these with his lance a dragon 1200 $400 5006-38 32935 SCIENCE GLOSSARY From the French for "to raise", it's an embankment designed to prohibit the overflow of water a levee 1400 $800 3019-11 32936 THE BEASTS For small bats to hibernate, this weather condition has to be above 90% or their wings will dry out Humidity 200 $200 3286-12 32937 LADLE, LADLE The Gruyere variety of this food graces the surface of French onion soup Cheese 300 $300 5006-12 32938 THE GOOD BOOK In the book of Genesis, he is the third son of Adam and Eve Seth 300 $600 315-43 32939 RELIGIOUS HISTORY During the 14th century "Babylonian Captivity", this French city was seat of the papacy Avignon 1600 $600 3014-53 32940 DOUBLE TALK (AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE):Group heard here in a 1997 release from "The Saint" soundtrack: Amy, help him out.Duran Duran 1800 DD: $1,000 4985-57 32941 FOR THE FASHIONISTA Flowing fabric defines this fashion house founded by Tanya Sarne; its name is a synonym for "phantom" Ghost 2000 $2000 5059-14 32942 IT BORDERS ONLY ONE OTHER COUNTRY One of the 2 countries that border only Italy, due to being completely surrounded by it Vatican City or San Marino 300 $600 3108-4 32943 BUGS These insects "chirp" by rubbing their 2 front wings together Crickets 100 $100 5074-55 32944 LIGHTS, CAMERA, KIDS This lil' rapper made it big time in the movie "Honey" with Jessica Alba and on his own Nick show Lil' Romeo 2000 $2000 3274-10 32945 FOLKLORE The rules of this kids' game, like keeping one knuckle down while shooting, are passed down orally Marbles 200 $200 3024-10 32946 WHERE THERE'S A WILL.He appointed "Beloved Wife, Yoko Ono" to act as executor of his last will and testament John Lennon 200 $200 2897-5 32947 ANIMAL PHRASES Proverbially speaking, they "flock together" Birds of a feather 100 $100 3038-34 32948 YOU'RE ALL WET! Almost all of Austria's rivers flow into this beautiful blue one Danube 1200 $200 3175-18 32949 A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY This late "Winds Of War" star had a Top 10 country hit in 1967 with "Little Old Wine Drinker Me" Robert Mitchum 400 $400 3118-13 32950 MOVIE STARS In 1997 he was named best actor at Cannes for "She's So Lovely", which co-starred his lovely wife Robin Wright Sean Penn 300 $300 3331-20 32951 THE NEW TESTAMENT This apostle, the brother of James, is traditionally credited with writing a gospel John 400 $400 3066-52 32952 HEALTH and MEDICINE Researchers have traced a cause of retinitis pigmentosa to one of these on the X chromosome Gene 1800 $800 5061-6 32953 RONALD REAGAN (Alex: Former president.

) Reagan was in his 50s in 1962 when he joined this organization founded in 1854 the Republican Party 200 $400 4093-56 32954 THE OFFICE OF THE SURGEON GENERAL The emblem of the Surgeon General bears a white anchor and this traditional symbol of Hermes More to it than that.a caduceus 2000 $2000 3260-45 32955 THE ANATOMY LESSON In this organ's "middle" part the ossicles pass on the vibrations to the oval window Kareem, you got a little too specific.the ear 1600 $600 4979-24 32956 1956 George Metalious was fired as a small-town principal the year of the small-town expose "Peyton Place" by this wife Grace (Metalious) 500 $1000 2909-18 32957 ANIMALS Also called a warrigal, this wild dog is one of the few nonmarsupial mammals of Australia Dingo 400 $400 5061-8 32958 THE KING JAMES BIBLE TELLS ME SO Luke 4, to this person:"Heal thyself" physician 200 $400 3310-23 32959 WORDS WITHIN WORDS (Alex: To help you, the correct response will be a word that is found within one of the words in the clue) In Roget's, this 4-letter word is in the same category as designation Sign (deSIGNation) 400 $400 2905-17 32960 CELEBRITY SPOUSES Meg Ryan Dennis Quaid 300 $300 3258-17 32961 BAYWATCH BEACH SAFETY (Alex: We have managed to get some of the stars from Baywatch to do video clues for us about beach safety, and in return, I will, later this month, be making a brief cameo appearance, fully clothed, on Baywatch.) To protect your head, neck and spine, don't do this into unfamiliar waters dive 300 $300 3633-18 32962 AROUND THE USA Oregon is home to the 5,700-foot-deep Hells Canyon and this 1,922-foot-deep lake Crater Lake 400 $400 3258-34 32963 HE WAS IN THAT? Don't tell mom this "X-Files" star was in "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" David Duchovny 1200 $200 3152-28 32964 COACHES (Hi.

) Women coached by this man include Nadia Comanechi, Mary Lou Retton and me Bela Karolyi 500 DD: $500 4975-1 32965 BASEBALL MANAGERS Since taking over the Yankees in 1996, he's guided the team to 6 World Series appearances, winning 4 times Joe Torre 100 $200 3006-57 32966 INTERNATIONAL FILM STARS This knighted British star's 1985 autobiography is titled "Blessings In Disguise" Sir Alec Guinness 2000 $1000 3675-40 32967 A HORATIO ALGAE NOVEL The story of a seaweed called Nori takes place in this country, where it's eaten in paperlike sheets Japan 1400 $400 3308-59 32968 ODD WORDS Decorticate a dogwood and you remove this from it Bark 2000 $1000 3061-59 32969 SALT Table salt is iodized to help prevent this condition in humans Hyperthyroidism or goiter 2000 $1000 3288-18 32970 PRESIDENTIAL TERMS OF SERVICE (Alex: You ID the president.) March 4, 1929 - March 4, 1933 Herbert Hoover 400 $400 3668-23 32971 NOT A GREEK LETTER In this clue, it separates the third and fourth words comma 400 $400 5023-32 32972 ROYAL LITERATURE 1956: By J.Tolkien The Return of the King 1200 $400 5090-31 32973 A MIGHTY FORTRESS This British fortress includes Bloody Tower, Wakefield Tower and Devereux Tower the Tower Of London 1200 $400 3069-3 32974 STATE CAPITALS It's Louisiana's second largest city and its capital Baton Rouge 100 $100 5089-47 32975 VOCABULARY (Kelly of the Clue Crew reads.) Also a musical term, this vibration of the tongue, like in corren, is how you roll your Spanish "R"s trill 1600 $1200 3023-10 32976 LIBRARIES The Greater Amman Public Library is one of the major libraries in this Middle Eastern country Jordan 200 $200 3148-32 32977 "S" and "M" You might "treasure" this principal mountain system of Mexico the Sierra Madre 1200 $200 4201-23 32978 ME and MY GALAXY The center of the Milky Way galaxy lies in this constellation between Scorpio and Capricorn Sagittarius 400 $800 3294-56 32979 A CHRISTMAS POTPOURRI In "A Christmas Carol", it's the name of Scrooge's late business partner Jacob Marley 2000 DD: $1,000 3875-0 32980 LITERARY ANIMALS He told the hare, "You are much faster than I, but as you have seen, slow and steady wins the race" Tortoise 100 $100 3110-56 32981 HECUBA and HER KIDS No one believed the prophecies of this daughter of Hecuba Cassandra 2000 $1000 5073-17 32982 MATH (Alex: And finally, gasp , the dreaded * category.) Seventy-three minus fourteen 59 300 $600 5085-5 32983 FOOD STUFF Frenchman Odette Philippe is credited with introducing this large citrus fruit to Florida around 1823 the grapefruit 100 $200 3311-0 32984 MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.While studying at Boston University, Martin met this woman who became his wife Coretta Scott 100 $100 3333-42 32985 THEY USED TO BE IN CHARGE (Alex: You have to identify the country) Sir John A.Macdonald Canada 1600 $600 3060-56 32986 FOLKIES Born Michelle Johnston, she "stunned" the industry in 1994 by selling her new album only at her shows Michelle Shock 2000 $1000 3631-17 32987 "ICK"Y WORDS A wire arch through which croquet players try to drive the ball Wicket 300 $300 3321-54 32988 42nd STREET Disney spent about $35 million refurbishing the New Amsterdam Theatre, once home to these "follies" Jen, darn it, you're at $-100, no money, so that means you will not be around to play in Final Jeopardy; it just wasn't a good day for you! Zigfeld Follies 2000 $1000 3675-33 32989 SPELL MY FIRST NAME (Alex: And you have to do that, you have to spell the first name) Alley of "Cheers" K-I-R-S-T-I-E 1200 $200 3315-49 32990 ARROWS To help stop his company's Arrow shirts from shrinking, Sanford Cluett invented this process Sanforizing (pre-shrinking them) 1800 $800 4296-32 32991 10-LETTER "W"ORDS Geppetto's occupation woodworker 1200 $400 3675-55 32992 WACKY TV NEIGHBORS (Alex: We'll give you the neighbors, you have to identify the television show) Millie and Jerry Helper The Dick Van Dyke Show 2000 $1000 4989-37 32993 TV INSPIRATIONS This series was inspired by the life and legal career of actress Amy Brenneman's mother Judging Amy 1400 $800 3028-46 32994 FIRST LADIES This future first lady sometimes served as White House hostess for Jefferson Dolley Madison 1600 $600 5017-6 32995 1959's BESTSELLERS At No.

1, this Leon Uris book left the other works of fiction behind Exodus 200 $400 5077-13 32996 ONE-WORD MOVIE TITLES 1979:Something not of the Earth bursts from John Hurt's chest (that'll leave a mark!) Alien 300 $600 5049-47 32997 WORD'S WORTH (Alex: And for each word that we want as a correct response, we will give you the value of those letters in Scrabble.) 6 letters, score 23:Named for a Greek God, it's a gentle breeze from the west zephyr 1600 $1200 3069-18 32998 AUTHORS and THEIR WORKS She fed us "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant" in 1982 and gave us "Breathing Lessons" in 1988 Anne Tyler 400 $400 5096-32 32999 MISTER ROBERTs The husband of a famed love sonneteer, he wrote, "Escape me? Never--Beloved! While I am I, and you are you" Robert Browning 1200 $400 3069-56 33000 LADIES DANCING Former Rockette Vera-Ellen was Danny Kaye's dancing co-star in this ever-popular holiday film White Christmas 2000 $1000 3032-30 33001 HISTORIC NUMBERS Total number of amendments to the U.Constitution ratified on December 15, 1791 10 (the Bill of Rights) 1200 $200 4988-10 33002 NAME THAT TUNE Do U remember "U Can't Touch This", "I Would Die 4 U" and this Grammy-winning Kelly Clarkson song "Since U Been Gone" 200 $400 5049-41 33003 WORD'S WORTH (Alex: And for each word that we want as a correct response, we will give you the value of those letters in Scrabble.) 3 letters, score 15:Wilmer Valderrama knows it "tops" some Moroccans fez 1400 $800 3151-4 33004 WOMEN ON TELEVISION Kristen Johnston's Sally Solomon is an alien posing as a leggy woman on this hit sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun 100 $100 3027-14 33005 STYLE A horizontal blade on the back of a car, or a back-of-the-pack competitor who affects the outcome Spoiler 300 $300 4198-39 33006 MAMMA MIA! The mother of the gods Hoder and Balder Freya (or Frigg) 1400 $800 3311-10 33007 BETTER KNOWN AS.

Movie star Walter Matuschanskayasky And thank you Walter for changing your name! Walter Matthau 200 $200 4976-17 33008 MARCO POLO (Alex: MARCO!) (Audience: POLO!) (Alex: Thank you very much!) In "Description of the World", Polo notes the then-startling use of this as fuel; he called it "black stones" coal 300 $600 3023-28 33009 LIBRARIES This Waco school's Armstrong Browning Library has items relating to poets Robert and Elizabeth Baylor 500 $500 3021-40 33010 DRUGS Sold under the name Rogaine, this hair-growth drug was originally used to treat high blood pressure minoxidil 1400 $400 4966-26 33011 ALSO A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT 7-letter verb meaning "to proclaim loudly" to trumpet 500 $1000 3312-0 33012 AMERICAN HODGEPODGE In 1982 John Hawkins became the first black cheerleader at this school, nicknamed Ole Miss University of Mississippi 100 $100 3171-53 33013 SHAKESPEAREAN ANAGRAMS We doubt if this king of the fairies would feel at home on Borneo Oberon (Borneo) 1800 $800 100013-30 33014 EARLY AMERICA On Nov.11, 1620, 41 men aboard this ship signed a famous compact the Mayflower 1200 500 3277-56 33015 COMICS and COMIC BOOKS It's the special power of Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four Ability to become invisible 2000 $1000 5092-35 33016 BEASTLY EXPRESSIONS It precedes "after while, crocodile" see you later, alligator 1200 $400 2905-50 33017 ROCK MUSIC The title of a 1927 Hermann Hesse novel gave this "Born To Be Wild" group its name Steppenwolf 1800 $800 3277-4 33018 FRANK SINATRA Well-known Sinatra nicknames include "Ol' Blue Eyes" and this "corporate" one "Chairman of the Board" 100 $100 4198-27 33019 THANKSGIVING AT ALEX'S HOUSE (Jimmy gives the last clue.) The sedative effects of turkey have been attributed to this amino acid, sold as a sleep aid until 1990 tryptophan 500 $1000 2909-26 33020 PRODUCE Ache is a wild variety of this vegetable that when eaten "raw, develops the jaw" Celery 500 $500 5095-4 33021 AUSSIE In 1802 Matthew Flinders named an island for the large number of these meat-providing marsupials there kangaroos 100 $200 3633-19 33022 CONTAINERS Container into which the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter try to stuff the Dormouse Teapot 400 $400 3036-34 33023 OFF TO A GOOD START It's the go-ahead in a kid's game and for a car at an intersection a green light 1200 $200 3291-11 33024 THAT'S PHONY! In the '50s the Platters sang about "The Great" one Pretender 200 $200 5070-42 33025 ANCIENT HISTORY This kingdom of England grew from 2 settlements, one founded around 495 by Cerdic and his son Cynric Wessex 1600 $1200 4317-27 33026 FASHION DESIGNERS This 4-letter name of designer Max Azria's clothing line is an abbreviation for "good style, good attitude" in French BCBG 500 $1000 3627-10 33027 CROSSWORD CLUES "S" Specters, or their liquor (7) Spirits 200 $200 3675-16 33028 WHATEVER Brewer's Dictionary says "An old woman is plucking her goose" means this is happening outdoors Snowing 300 $300 3047-56 33029 HE WAS IN THAT? This trumpeter played a drummer in "The Ten Commandments" before he formed the Tijuana Brass Herb Alpert 2000 $1000 5048-50 33030 WHAT A PIG! In 2006 this energetc pig seen here got into the stamp act, along with other animals from children's lit Olivia 1800 $1600 5070-41 33031 3-LETTER WORDS It's the molded shell on which lugers ride; riding double, you are nestled like 2 peas in it a pod 1400 $800 3292-8 33032 CITY FOOD You don't have to live in Philly to spread your bagel with Philly, which is this cream cheese 200 $200 5063-27 33033 MATH JOKES "To get to the same side" is why the chicken crossed this type of "strip" named for a German a Mobius strip 500 $1000 3332-20 33034 INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL PARKS Darien Panama 400 DD: $700 5100-13 33035 A TICKER-TAPE PARADE In 1927 he returned to a hero's welcome less than a month after leaving Long Island for Paris (Charles) Lindbergh 300 $600 4985-10 33036 RICHARD In 1886 Richard Sears began selling pocket watches and in 1887 hired this man as his watch repairman Roebuck 200 $400 3007-52 33037 TV GUIDE'S 50 GREATEST STARS Nos.11 and 23:1 of the 2 "female" animals on the list; they were both played by males Lassie or Miss Piggy 1800 $800 5070-30 33038 ANCIENT HISTORY The first one of these tombs was built about 2650 B.by Imhotep for King Zoser and rose about 200 feet using steps Yeah, we'll accept that.It's * , not the traditional three that we're used to seeing.a pyramid (the pyramids accepted) 1200 $400 3178-2 33039 WOMEN IN SPORTS 400-meter star Cathy Freeman is the first of these indigenous Australians to win a world track gold medal Aborigines 100 $100 3120-56 33040 REAL NAMES ON THE MARQUEE Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner and Julius Garfinkle in "The Postman Always Rings Twice" Lana Turner and John Garfield 2000 $1000 5088-33 33041 ADD A LETTER Add this letter to "action" to get a little bidding action going a(u)ction 1200 $400 5034-51 33042 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Often played with drums, it's held horizontally, has 6 finger holes and was developed in Switzerland the fife 1800 $1600 3276-57 33043 VAN GOGH A-GO-GO One theory about the cause of Van Gogh's odd behavior is poisoning from this liqueur made from wormwood absinthe 2000 $1000 3067-51 33044 PHARMACOLOGY Among pharmacology's sub-fields, this -ology deals with the effects and treatment of poisons Toxicology 1800 $800 3304-18 33045 BOX OFFICE BOMBS This 1986 Lea Thompson flop didn't have the audience quacking up Howard The Duck 400 $400 3637-19 33046 CLASSIC TV SHOWS BY CHARACTERS Murray Slaughter, Sue Ann Nivens, Ted Baxter The Mary Tyler Moore Show 400 $400 5063-12 33047 MAJOR MUSICAL WORKS Opus 51 of this man portrayed in the movie "Impromptu" is an impromptu in G flat major Chopin 300 DD: $1,000 3626-47 33048 WORDPLAY Acorrectresponseon seeing theseinitialcharacters Acrostic 1600 $600 3109-37 33049 FILM BIOGRAPHIES In a 1995 biographical epic, Nick Nolte played this future president "In Paris" Thomas Jefferson 1400 $400 3069-51 33050 MAIDS A-MILKING Following FDA standards, our maids fortify their milk with these 2 vitamins A and D 1800 $800 3019-41 33051 MIND YOUR "P"s and "Q"s It's the branch of medicine concerned with kids pediatrics 1400 $400 3862-26 33052 NUTS! The New England Journal of Medicine reports this nut, including the English or Persian type, can help your heart Walnut 500 $500 4970-7 33053 VANITY This Bronx diva and former "Fly Girl" asks at events that her path be prepared with the scent of gardenias Jennifer Lopez 200 $400 2898-40 33054 LITERARY HODGEPODGE "The Castle Of Otranto", a tale of evil, was the 1st English novel of this "architectural" genre Gothic 1400 $400 3274-29 33055 FASHION STATEMENTS "Shirt feature" term for a professional whose job generally doesn't involve manual labor White collar 500 $500 3628-11 33056 ON AN OPEN FIRE A survey by the Barbecue Industry Association showed most U.backyard grills use these 2 fuel types Coal and propane 200 $200 3329-0 33057 A SHROPSHIRE LAD (Alex: The book of poetry) Poet A.

Housman probably hadn't been to Washington when he called this the "loveliest of trees" Cherry tree 100 $100 3871-52 33058 BIBLICAL PEOPLE When David said, "How the mighty have fallen!", he was referring to the deaths of this king and his son Jonathan Saul 1800 $800 3259-9 33059 PROFESSIONS IN SONG This song covered by the Beatles says, "Deliver the letter, the sooner the better" "Please, Mr.Postman" 200 $200 3670-21 33060 ANCIENT GREECE In ancient Greece this oil was used as a food, fuel, lubricant and in place of soap Olive oil 400 $400 3021-8 33061 FICTION Like the hero, the author of the 1817 novel "Rob Roy" was of this nationality Scottish 200 $200 3068-23 33062 NONSENSE WORDS The type of nonsense you'd expect to find aboard the Chinese boat of the same name Junk 400 $400 4988-20 33063 3-LETTER BODY PARTS To do this to "the line" is to do what's expected to toe 400 $800 3340-25 33064 DISNEY FILM VOICES Kevin Kline was far from feeble as the voice of Phoebus in this 1996 version of a classic novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame 500 $500 3903-42 33065 LITERARY ALLUSIONS This term for an idyllic place can be checked out in the James Hilton work "Lost Horizon" Shangri-La 1600 $600 3626-37 33066 IT'S TIME FOR TIME Of dog days, halcyon days or salad days, the one that's the most weather-related Dog days 1400 $400 3282-43 33067 ORIGINAL GANGSTERS This charming and fiery-tempered mob killer was also a casino builder Bugsy Siegel 1600 $600 3673-29 33068 THE EYES HAVE IT People say these are what you need to make it in Hollywood Although that's not a bad idea! Contacts 500 $500 4967-31 33069 AUTO-BREVIATIONS Remember that the S in "MSRP" stands for this--the dealer's allowed to sell cheaper suggested 1200 $400 3329-10 33070 CALL ME ALEX This man reportedly described Aaron Burr as "A dangerous man" and "Not to be trusted" Alexander Hamilton 200 $200 4201-30 33071 LIGHTHOUSES In 1939 U.lighthouses came under the jurisdiction of this branch of the armed services the Coast Guard 1200 $400 3106-51 33072 BALLET IN THE '90s In Twyla Tharp's ballet "Jump Start", dancers jump around to music by this member of the Marsalis family Wynton Marsalis 1800 $800 5084-47 33073 FROM THE FRENCH A term for a keepsake or memento, it comes from the French for "to remember" souvenir 1600 $1200 3325-2 33074 DRIVING DON'TS "Piggish" term for an aggressive driver who invades the lanes of other drivers "Road Hog" 100 $100 3277-41 33075 STARTS and ENDS WITH "A" You'll never rest on Everest if you've got this fear of heights Acrophobia 1400 $400 3102-10 33076 COMMON BONDS Thunder, Ol' Man River, White House Easter Eggs Things that are rolled 200 $200 3047-41 33077 "POP" QUIZ Andy Warhol's Brillo boxes or Roy Lichtenstein's giant comic strip panels Pop art 1400 $400 3662-20 33078 MUSIC OF THE '90s This old Elvis tune resurrected by UB40 in 1993 begins, "Wise men say, only fools rush in" I Can't Help Falling In Love With You 400 $400 3035-5 33079 DON'T PICK ME! The card you don't want to pick in this children's game is the odd queen Old Maid 100 $100 5037-52 33080 AMERICAN RIVERS This river joins the Allegheny in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River the Monongahela 1800 $1600 4982-36 33081 PLAYWRIGHTS Although he was Irish-born, most of his works after WWII, including "Waiting for Godot", were written in French Beckett 1400 $800 5091-20 33082 ALSO A DEITY Its atomic number is 80 and one of its uses is in barometers mercury 400 $800 3667-0 33083 FICTIONAL NOBILITY Jonathan Harker's journal says this title character has "peculiarly sharp white teeth; these protruded over the lips" Count Dracula 100 $100 3266-41 33084 IT'S ALL ABOUT "YOU", ISN'T IT? It's the title reason the Beatles say "You know you should be glad" She Loves You 1400 $400 5089-22 33085 IT'S "TEA" TIME It's the spicy red fruit of the American wintergreen; a brand of chewing gum is named for it teaberry 400 $800 3065-23 33086 "CAP" and "GOWN" (Alex: One or both may be in the clue) From the window of your beachfront home you may see one of these foam-topped waves Whitecap 400 $400 3100-14 33087 CELEBRITY QUOTES I've been referred to as "America's Home Improvement Guru" and "America's Handyman" Bob Vila 300 $300 3316-35 33088 ENDS IN "TH" "Too many cooks spoil" this Broth 1200 $200 5079-4 33089 WHAT'S THAT SOUND? Ports lying on the banks of this sound include Bremerton, Everett and Tacoma Puget Sound 100 $200 4124-25 33090 PROJECTILES It's the discharge of several projectiles or a return tennis shot made before the ball hits the ground a volley 500 $1000 2910-3 33091 COMPANY TOWNS The original name of the Kellogg Company included the name of this city, its location Battle Creek, Michigan 100 $100 2735-21 33092 VERMONTERS George Franklin Edmunds wrote most of this antitrust act of 1890 the Sherman (Antitrust Act) 400 $400 5031-0 33093 CASABLANCA Casablanca is the chief port and most populous city of this nation Morocco 100 $200 5006-53 33094 "SAR" CHASM Cagliari is the capital of this Italian isle Sardinia 1800 $1600 5090-27 33095 THE POETRY OF LOVE "Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love", wrote this epic poet around 39 B.

in ancient Rome Vergil 500 $1000 3632-56 33096 LICENSE PLATE MOTTOS "Great Lakes Splendor" Michigan 2000 $1000 4967-12 33097 REMEMBER THE 1800s? Patented in 1834, this 2-wheeled cab was named for its original designer--probably a good-looking fellow the Hansom cab 300 $600 5100-32 33098 SLAW and ORDER (Alex: That's food from delicatessens.) Brands of this condiment include Colman's, Gulden's and Plochman's mustard 1200 $400 3635-59 33099 AUDREY HEPBURN (Alex: And the common theme linking all of them.) Hubert was the first name of this French designer, Audrey's longtime costumer and couturier Hubert De Givenchy 2000 $1000 3296-41 33100 ALFRED HITCHCOCK Hitch's movie that contains the line "No one ever comes here unless they've gotten off the main highway" I just want to digress for a moment - is the Bates Motel a lot like the Bellagio? Psycho 1400 DD: $1,400 3284-25 33101 "H"ISTORIC PEOPLE This Saxon may have sworn to support William's claim to the throne but took the throne himself in 1066 Harold II 500 $500 3260-22 33102 TRUTH OR DARE Breakdance in the middle of stage, or identify this dancing pair who starred in "Top Hat" Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers 400 $400 3333-56 33103 SHAKESPEARE In "Macbeth", it's the 5-word phrase that precedes "Fire burn and cauldron bubble" "Double, double toil and trouble" 2000 DD: $1,400 5070-51 33104 "U"-ENDING CREATURES This tropical American Mammal, potus flavus, is known for its long, prehensile tail and is related to the raccoon a kinkajou 1800 $1600 3621-51 33105 ZODIAC SYMBOLS Before it was fleeced, it could fly; Helle fell from it into what's now the Hellespont Aries the ram 1800 $800 100005-48 33106 CIVIL WAR After he resigned as treasury secretary, he was named Chief Justice by Lincoln, who never got along with him Salmon P.Chase 1800 2000 3024-3 33107 UNREAL ESTATE It's the land where the Emerald City is located Oz 100 $100 3032-44 33108 THE ALPHABET The Phoenician version of this letter resembled ours, but the 3 lines pointed left E 1600 $600 3175-55 33109 HISTORIC NAMES It's been said there are more monuments to this Egyptian pharaoh of the 13th C.

than to any other Ramses II (The Great) 2000 $1000 4970-43 33110 BROADWAY SECRETS (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from the Majestic Theatre in New York.) Some of the revellers are real dummies in the "Phantom of the Opera" scene set at this 10-letter type of party a masquerade 1600 $1200 3016-43 33111 OCTOBER 1955 On Oct.24, 1955 France recognized the Diem government in this country South Vietnam 1600 $600 4340-3 33112 IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY Federal Reserve notes carry the phrase "This note is legal tender for all" these, "public and private" Debts 100 $200 5086-36 33113 SCULPTURE This American's 1942 mobile "Red Petals" stands 8 1/2 feet high and consists of painted sheet metal and wire (Alexander) Calder 1400 $800 3032-21 33114 TEEN CUISINE Wetzel's tops these twisted treats with caramel and almond or sour cream and onion, as well as butter and salt pretzels 400 $400 5094-37 33115 and SO I FACE THE FINAL CURTAIN This musical about 18 dancers trying out for 8 spots in a Broadway show ended its original 15-year Broadway run in April 1990 A Chorus Line 1400 $800 2896-46 33116 BOOKS and AUTHORS The elegant St.

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Gregory is the setting for this 1965 Arthur Hailey bestseller Hotel 1600 $600 3340-58 33117 "AA" "Godfather" actor James and his son Scott James Caan 2000 $1000 3260-38 33118 THE MAP OF EUROPE It's the only country that borders Portugal Spain 1400 $400 3315-2 33119 BRITISH LITERATURE This great dramatist's works include "Tamburlaine The Great" and "The Tragical History Of Dr.Faustus" Christopher Marlowe 100 $100 5027-9 33120 AMERICAN GEOGRAPHY (Kelly of the Clue Crew points to a map of Southern California that zooms in on a central region.) This world-famous area within Los Angeles is also an adjective meaning flashy or glamorous Hollywood 200 $400 5076-9 33121 COUNTRIES' HIGHEST POINTS Zugspitze in the Bavarian Alps Germany 200 $400 3280-57 33122 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNIE Killed by Japanese machine gun fire, this reporter won a Pulitzer for his wartime reporting Ernie Pyle 2000 $1000 3006-27 33123 THE 1980s At age 87, after 62 years of rule, this emperor died January 7, 1989 Hirohito 500 $500 3070-18 33124 DIRECT FROM THE GLOBE Of Shallow, Sniveling or Slimy, the one who's a country justice in "Henry IV, Part 2" Shallow 400 $400 3037-13 33125 WORLD CITIES Capital of British India until 1912, it was where Mother Teresa ministered to the unfortunate Calcutta 300 $300 4297-5 33126 2-LETTER ABBREV Return Path humanist bounces lists digitalhumanities org X nbsp.) This world-famous area within Los Angeles is also an adjective meaning flashy or glamorous Hollywood 200 $400 5076-9 33121 COUNTRIES' HIGHEST POINTS Zugspitze in the Bavarian Alps Germany 200 $400 3280-57 33122 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNIE Killed by Japanese machine gun fire, this reporter won a Pulitzer for his wartime reporting Ernie Pyle 2000 $1000 3006-27 33123 THE 1980s At age 87, after 62 years of rule, this emperor died January 7, 1989 Hirohito 500 $500 3070-18 33124 DIRECT FROM THE GLOBE Of Shallow, Sniveling or Slimy, the one who's a country justice in "Henry IV, Part 2" Shallow 400 $400 3037-13 33125 WORLD CITIES Capital of British India until 1912, it was where Mother Teresa ministered to the unfortunate Calcutta 300 $300 4297-5 33126 2-LETTER ABBREV.

(Alex: We want the abbreviation in this category.) one more thing--you tack it on to the end of a letter to tack on an extra thought PS 100 $200 3622-45 33127 SCIENCE Don't worry about exploding when using this heart medicine -- it's too diluted Nitroglycerin 1600 $600 5072-55 33128 COOL MOVIES There's nothing cooler than the scruffy mutt who smiles in the movie "Because Of.

" this Winn-Dixie 2000 $2000 3634-30 33129 GREECE IS THE WORD A 1974 referendum eliminated this post, giving the country a parliamentary government king (did away with the monarchy) 1200 $200 5010-43 33130 SHAKESPEARE'S FILMS (Alex: We need you to name the play on which each film is based." Macbeth 1600 DD: $2,000 4137-39 33131 STAR TRACK This star of "Monster's Ball" was the first runner up in the 1986 Miss USA pageant Halle Berry 1400 $800 5055-52 33132 THE PARTNER Dealing with railroads and aviation:House Committee on and Infrastructure Transportation 1800 $1600 2905-37 33133 THE BODY HUMAN Your floating ribs are so named because their ends don't attach to this bone Sternum/breastbone 1400 $400 3309-32 33134 ALAS, MORE SHAKESPEARE! (Alex: But not with Johnny Gilbert!) When he asks, "Shall Banquo's issue ever reign in this kingdom?" the witches reply, "Seek to know no more" Macbeth 1200 $200 3026-14 33135 BROTHERLY ROCK Jermaine to this category is this quintet with hits such as "I'll Be There" and "Dancing Machine" The Jackson 5 300 $300 4967-5 33136 "S"TUFF This term for the illegal selling of concert tickets sounds like a bad way to lose your hair scalping 100 $200 3038-7 33137 FRUITS and NUTS Texas grows several types of this fruit, including the Marrs and Valencia Oranges 200 $200 3303-24 33138 FDR (Alex: You're gonna love these categories because they are all initials) During this 1932 campaign, FDR relied on a trusted group of advisers dubbed this --- pretty smart Brain Trust 500 $500 5028-10 33139 PLEAD THE FIFTH In baseball scoring, 5 represents this position third base 200 $400 3029-56 33140 SHEEPISH COUNTRIES This second-largest member of the C.has almost twice as many sheep and goats as people Kazakhstan 2000 $1000 3110-30 33141 BRITISH HISTORY In 1914 the Royal Navy won a major battle at these islands, where it fought again in 1982 Falkland Islands 1200 $200 3099-10 33142 UNDRESSED FOR SUCCESS Demi Moore bares more than her soul in this 1996 film about a woman short on funds and clothes Striptease 200 $200 5084-30 33143 SHIPS On May 7, 1915 German submarine commander Walter Schweiger gave the command to torpedo this British liner Lusitania 1200 $400 3625-42 33144 EARLS This 1623 edition of Shakespeare is dedicated to the Earls of Pembroke and Montgomery First Folio 1600 $600 3276-44 33145 ALL CREATURES GREAT and SMALL It's the "nosy" critter seen here (foraging for food) an anteater 1600 $600 4198-59 33146 ON BROADWAY I'll wear a bouffant 'do when I see the new musical based on this 1988 John Waters film, and I'm not teasing Hairspray 2000 $2000 3310-7 33147 TV NOSTALGIA On this classic game show, a toy duck dropped down when a guest said the Secret Word You Bet Your Life 200 $200 3119-23 33148 ROCKING THE BABY (Alex: Ah, I know that one - I've got two kids.- Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for the one and only "Mr.Yo-Yo Man" - Tommy Smothers; he makes it look so easy!) They include stork bites, which fade naturally, and port-wine stains, which don't Birthmarks 400 $400 3121-23 33149 THEY CAN'T ALL BE GEMS Kenneth Jay Lane gained fame for playful copies of classics by this French jewel and watch company founded in 1847 Cartier 400 $400 3025-3 33150 MUSIC CLASS A series of notes at fixed intervals, it may be major or minor, or what a musician hates to work for Scale 100 $100 3148-36 33151 WHERE ARE WE? (Alex: You have to tell me the city.) The Red Dog Saloon, Sealaska Cultural Arts Park, The Alaska State Museum Juneau 1400 $400 2904-42 33152 THE BILL OF RIGHTS On September 25, 1789 the first Congress, meeting in this city, submitted The Bill of Rights to the states New York City 1600 $600 100013-42 33153 EARLY AMERICA He was looking for China in 1609 when he sailed his ship, the Half Moon, into New York Harbor Henry Hudson 1600 1500 3038-18 33154 TV FRIENDS (Hi, I'm Joseph Gordon-Levitt.Connor's boring friend George on this sitcom Roseanne 400 DD: $500 4977-43 33155 CANDLE IN THE WIND Meaning offered or dedicated, it's the type of candle seen here a votive 1600 $1200 5077-49 33156 SONG NAMES Bobbie Gentry: "Ode to " Billie Joe 1800 $1600 3108-6 33157 MILITARY POWER No armed forces are allowed in this area between North and South Korea Demilitarized zone 200 $200 2909-21 33158 DANCE A fierce competition in this Mideast specialty might be called "navel warfare" Belly dancing 400 $400 5090-13 33159 20th CENTURY SPORTS Yes! It was this thoroughbred that won the Triple Crown in 1978 Affirmed 300 $600 5064-24 33160 CHURCHES and CATHEDRALS Seen here, this basilica was once the private chapel of the doge St.Mark's Basilica (in Venice) 500 $1000 3318-11 33161 GIVE ME A "C" When served as food, squid often goes by this Italian name Calamari 200 $200 5026-42 33162 NOVELS This Leon Uris novel shares its name with a biblical book Exodus 1600 $1200 3024-9 33163 UNREAL ESTATE Mildendo, a metropolis in this country in "Gulliver's Travels" was only 500 feet square Lilliput 200 $200 3029-3 33164 COOKING ON TV After she cooked an omelette on a book review show, WGBH created "The French Chef" for her Julia Child 100 $100 3268-28 33165 A These tapioca-producing parts of the cassava plant can weigh over 20 pounds Roots 500 $500 5053-47 33166 OLD, ODD and OBSCURE WORDS An ichnite or ichnolite is a fossilized one of these, perhaps from a sasquatch? a footprint 1600 $1200 3667-18 33167 FICTIONAL NOBILITY Mrs.Erlynne turns out to be the mother of this Wilde woman in an 1892 play Lady Windermere 400 $400 3069-8 33168 "G" MOVIES Maurice Chevalier sang "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" in this film; I remember it well.Gigi 200 $200 3623-48 33169 PEOPLE IN SPACE FILMS In 1998 this "Party Of Five" member was one of a party of seven "Lost In Space" Lacey Chabert 1800 $800 3703-24 33170 MISS AMERICA The first Jewish Miss America, she became NYC's Commissioner of Cultural Affairs in 1983 Bess Myerson 500 $500 3317-10 33171 ACTORS and ACTRESSES This actor starred as Tom Dooley in the film seen here in 1959, the same year he hit it big on TV Michael Landon 200 $200 3010-58 33172 BEFORE THEY WERE POPES Pius XII previously held this Vatican office that, like its U.

cabinet counterpart, requires travel Secretary of State 2000 $1000 3285-58 33173 CHESTER A.ARTHUR He was nicknamed "The Gentleman" this Boss 2000 $1000 5020-28 33174 CHATEAU "DIF" In anthropology, it's the spread of cultural features like tools or rituals from one group to another No, you said it a little while ago.diffusion 500 DD: $1,000 3870-19 33175 WHITE WINE A specific dry white wine originated in and was named for this French town in the Yonne Department Chablis 400 $400 3875-51 33176 FUN WITH COLORS This 2-word term refers to wage earners whose jobs are performed in work clothes Blue collar 1800 $800 3064-40 33177 BURMA POTPOURRI In the '30s the Burma Road was built to move supplies from Burma into this country China 1400 $400 3271-1 33178 NAME THE MOVIE "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" The Godfather 100 $100 3331-40 33179 YOUNG WOMEN OF TODAY Though her name means "wolf", this basketball star was another canine in college -- a U.Husky Rebecca Lobo 1400 $400 3070-5 33180 HOMOPHONES Lift up, or tear down and demolish raise/raze 100 $100 5061-29 33181 MORTAL MATTERS When this ballerina died January 23, 1931, her last words were "Get my swan costume ready" Anna Pavlova 500 $1000 3320-20 33182 CHOCOLATEY QUOTES (Alex: There's something!) Teddy Roosevelt served as this man's VP and said that he had "No more backbone than a chocolate eclair" William McKinley 400 $400 4227-54 33183 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS In a 2001 tale by Alice Hoffman, Aquamarine is a beautiful and brokenhearted one of these creatures a mermaid 2000 DD: $300 3061-48 33184 WORLD GEOGRAPHY The 4-mile-wide Perekop Isthmus connects the Ukranian mainland with this peninsula Crimean Peninsula 1800 $800 5080-54 33185 COMPOSERS This German Romantic composer dedicated his "Scottish Symphony" to Queen Victoria Felix Mendelssohn 2000 $2000 4966-17 33186 ONOMATOPOEIA To give a just-fed baby a pat on the back (or several) to burp 300 $600 5023-56 33187 ROYAL LITERATURE 1888: By Rudyard Kipling You came up with it just in time.The Man Who Would Be King 2000 DD: $2,000 3110-15 33188 U.

AIRPORT DESIGNATIONS ABQ Albuerquerque 300 $300 3177-57 33189 CONNECTICUTIES This star of TV's "China Beach" is the heiress to a toilet flush valve fortune Dana Delany 2000 $1000 5061-41 33190 LET'S EAT This catch-all stew of meat, potatoes and vegetables is said to have originaed in the hobo camps of the early 1900s mulligan stew 1400 $800 3290-3 33191 WORLD COSTUME Meaning "leather shorts", they can be seen at German festivals like Oktoberfest Lederhosen 100 $100 3626-54 33192 A PLAGUE ON YOU! In his diary, Samuel Pepys recounted the "Great Plague" sweeping through London in this decade 1660s 2000 $1000 2736-0 33193 GEOLOGISTS Abraham Gottlob Werner's Neptunism theory claimed the earth was once covered by this; he was wrong water 100 $100 5098-5 33194 STRAIGHT MEN This partner of Stan Laurel was known for saying, "Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into" Hardy 100 $200 3036-32 33195 THE REDCOATS ARE COMING! On Sept.5, 1781, 24 of this country's ships engaged British ships in Cheaspeake Bay and turned them back France 1200 $200 2906-26 33196 HOTELS, MOTELS and INNS The Hotel Captain Cook covers a city block in this Alaskan city on Cook Inlet Anchorage 500 $500 3288-59 33197 HEY HEY WE'RE THE MACCABEES! Our exploits are told in the group of books that Protestants call this, meaning "hidden" Apocrypha 2000 DD: $500 4979-44 33198 FINISH THE SHAKESPEARE TITLE "Pericles." Prince of Tyre 1600 $1200 3626-52 33199 AMERICAN AUTHORS From 1944 to 1946 he served as a naval historian in the south Pacific James Michener 1800 DD: $2,400 3311-19 33200 CLASSIC MOVIE LINES (Alex: We'll give you the line, you identify the film) 1976:"You talkin' to me?You talkin' to me?You talkin' to me?." Oh had some great lines - we'll save them for another day, believe me! Taxi Driver 400 $400 5028-25 33201 THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE WHO.

(Alex: You have to identify the actress.1 on Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100" list You're gonna stick with her until you get her right.

Eva Longoria 500 $1000 3281-53 33202 CHANCE (Alex: Tinker to Evers to Chance!) Stendhal could tell you that they're the 2 main colors on a roulette wheel Red and black 1800 $800 5074-21 33203 PHYS ED Front and Australian are types of this fast overarm swimming stroke used in freestyle events crawl 400 $800 3635-53 33204 AUDREY HEPBURN (Alex: And the common theme linking all of them.) This actor, Audrey's husband from 1954 to 1968, directed her as Rima the bird girl in "Green Mansions" Mel Ferrer 1800 $800 3628-47 33205 MATH VOCABULARY The sum of x numbers divided by x; or typical, common or ordinary Average 1600 $600 3100-1 33206 ANNUAL EVENTS The people of Columbia, Tenn.persuade these stubborn farm animals to parade through town each spring Mules 100 $100 3069-11 33207 ODD WORDS From the Latin word gravis, meaning "heavy", gravid describes a woman in this condition pregnant 200 $200 3102-46 33208 FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY By allowing rebel forces to escape after Gettysburg, this Union general may have prolonged the war 2 more years George Meade 1600 $600 3635-17 33209 COMPLETES THE PROVERB (Alex: I hope you know your proverbs!) "Give a man enough rope." And he'll hang himself 300 $300 5006-18 33210 THE GOOD BOOK Ham saw this man naked and received a curse for his trouble Noah 400 $800 5069-24 33211 THE WAR OF 1812 The War Hawks included John C.

Calhoun and this "Great Compromiser" who was Speaker of the House Henry Clay 500 $1000 3032-32 33212 THE ALPHABET If you're Aurelio Figueroa, each of your names contains all 5 basic letters of this type vowels 1200 $200 4987-33 33213 DANCE IN THE DICTIONARY We've got Bud and Amstel Light in bottles, or Sam Adams "on" this syncopated style tap 1200 $400 4975-33 33214 ALREADY GONE Similar to its larger relative the mammoth, this extinct mammal had shaggy hair and 2 sets of tusks the mastodon 1200 $400 2906-13 33215 MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Famed member of the 1994 Birmingham Barons seen here: video clue Michael Jordan 300 DD: $350 3151-37 33216 JOHN CUSACK MOVIES Cusack was the voice of Dimitri and Meg Ryan was this Russian princess in a 1997 animated film Anastasia 1400 $400 100013-8 33217 6-LETTER WORDS Marilyn Quayle's profession, although she hasn't practiced in years Yes?no.lawyer 200 400 3340-26 33218 OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS After Solomon was born, this king captured the crown of Rabbah, which weighed about a talent, or 90 lbs.King David 500 $500 5089-31 33219 MOVIE CROSSWORD CLUES "G" Handsome Hugh of "Notting Hill"(5) Grant 1200 $400 5079-48 33220 CAESAR According to legend, this unhinged Roman emperor made his horse a priest and a consul Caligula 1800 $1600 2909-25 33221 20th CENTURY POP CULTURE In 1996 she "Singled Out" guys and gals in an MTV game show Jenny McCarthy 500 $500 3099-20 33222 THE BOOK BIZ In 1997 Harper Collins canceled 100 new titles but let the authors keep these up-front payments Advances 400 $400 3175-11 33223 DRUNK ON WORDS This 2-word expression is often followed by "Like a Christmas tree" Lit up 200 $200 3328-28 33224 SHAKESPEAREAN CLICHES After mistakingly killing this man, Hamlet describes himself as "Cruel only to be kind" Polonius 500 DD: $500 3262-10 33225 CELEBRITY RELATIVES (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Carol Burnett) On TV I first pulled on my left ear as a way of saying hello to this relative who was at home" Grandmother 200 DD: $500 3637-29 33226 TELL IT TO THE MARINES The conquest of this Pacific island in February and March 1945 was the largest all-Marine battle in U.history Iwo Jima 500 $500 5013-37 33227 ALL THAT JAZZ Charlie Christian, 1916-1942, was one of the first to electrically amplify this instrument guitar 1400 $800 4124-54 33228 DISCOVERY In the 1820s Rene Caillie traveled to this fabled African city only to find "a mass of ill-looking houses built of earth" Timbuktu 2000 DD: $4,700 3621-20 33229 ADJECTIVES IN NATURE Used of pythons, it means "having a net-like pattern" Reticulated 400 $400 4124-10 33230 GEORGE M.COHAN It's the self-introducing line of a Cohan song sung by jockey Little Johnny Jones "I'm a Yankee Doodle dandy." 200 $400 3037-40 33231 HISTORIC AMERICANS Although known as the "March King", this Marine bandmaster wrote 10 comic operas John Philip Sousa 1400 $400 3070-40 33232 MILESTONES IN MATH Century in which most of David Hilbert's 23 unsolved problems were solved 20th century 1400 $400 3066-22 33233 CHRISTMAS CUISINE (Alex: How appropriate!) It's an English tradition to adorn this tusked animal's head with sprigs of bay, rosemary and little flags a boar (or a pig) 400 $400 5052-23 33234 "TW"EAK ME An involuntary muscle contraction a twitch 400 $800 3286-9 33235 SPORTS LEGENDS The jersey seen here was worn during the 1961 season by this slugger who led the majors with 126 walks (New York Yankees, No.7) Mickey Mantle 200 $200 2896-51 33236 VIRGINIA GOVERNORS In 1776, 2 years after the House of Burgesses was dissolved, this orator became the state's first governor Patrick Henry 1800 $800 3331-39 33237 DICE ROLL NICKNAMES Boxcars, or Hobo's Delight on a Rainy Night Sixes 1400 $400 2893-48 33238 LINGUISTICS Considered part of grammar, it's the study of the interrelation of words in a sentence Syntax 1800 $800 3260-31 33239 SPORTS ON FILM It's the sport in common to "Happy Gilmore" and "Tin Cup" golf 1200 $200 5090-22 33240 GAMES IN OTHER WORDS Whirlwind Twister 400 $800 3017-11 33241 "BELL"s and "WHISTLE"s Sailors wore these pants long before they became fashionable in the 1960s Bell-bottoms 200 $200 3179-48 33242 LOOK WHO'S TALKING, TOO Jean Louise Finch To Kill A Mockingbird 1800 $800 3034-57 33243 ON A PIZZA A quatro formaggi pizza is topped with this many different cheeses, including mozzarella 4 2000 $1000 3662-36 33244 CELEBRATING THE IV Regent for his predecessor from 1811 to 1820, he was king of England on his own from 1820 to 1830 George IV 1400 $400 3629-57 33245 WOMEN This "Backlash" author won a Pulitzer for a story she wrote while at the Wall Street Journal Susan Faludi 2000 $1000 3316-2 33246 THE FINE PRINT Offers for these money substitutes must include a disclosure statement and quote the APR Credit cards 100 $100 5080-11 33247 ASK "Y" 4-letter name of the subcompact automobile produced by Serbian manufacturer Zastava Yugo 200 $400 3262-4 33248 CELEBRITY RELATIVES The father of "ER"'s Julianna Margulies wrote this product's "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz" jingle Alka-Seltzer 100 $100 2898-5 33249 SCIENCE These respiratory organs of aquatic animals occur in oysters and some insect larvae as well as in fish Gills 100 $100 2756-0 33250 NONFICTION "Linda's Kitchen" is a vegetarian cookbook by this wife of a former Beatle McCartney 100 $100 3171-5 33251 LATIN LOVERS It's Latin for "O Come, All Ye Faithful" Adeste Fideles 100 $100 4141-13 33252 U.UNIVERSITIES Famous alumni of this Baltimore school include Rachels Carsons and Michaels Bloombergs Johns Hopkins 300 $600 5056-5 33253 WEATHER WORDS Traditionally, a dense one of these is compared to "pea soup" fog 100 $200 2910-36 33254 EUROPEOPLE This Czech-born ex-wife of a real estate mogul married Riccardo Mazzucchelli in 1995 Ivana Trump 1400 $400 4124-39 33255 SIGNATURE SONGS (Alex: We want you to identify the singer most closely associated with each tune.) "Mona Lisa" Nat "King" Cole 1400 $800 4982-24 33256 THOU CANST BIBLICALLY QUOTE ME (Alex: We want you to name the person who speaks the lines.) "Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither" Joseph 500 $1000 4198-51 33257 MAMMA MIA! The Italian mother of 3 French kings, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III Catherine de' Medici 1800 DD: $1,534 5099-30 33258 MALCOLM X IN THE MIDDLE On 29, 39 or 49, the age at which Malcolm X died, the same as Martin Luther King, Jr.39 1200 $400 3315-36 33259 OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN In chapter 2 of the book named for her, she became queen of Persia Esther 1400 $400 3870-13 33260 WHITE WINE In the names of white wine grapes, this word precedes blanc and grigio Pinot 300 $300 3035-42 33261 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Buffy likes a guy named Angel, who's handsome and kind but has one big drawback he's a vampire 1600 $600 2895-39 33262 HEALTH and FITNESS Some minor injuries are treated with "RICE", an acronym for rest, ice, compression and this The nurse got that one! Elevation 1400 $400 4984-57 33263 HERALDIC BEASTS One of Elizabeth II's coronation "Queen's Beasts" was a female one of these half-lion, half-eagle creatures a griffin 2000 $2000 5086-37 33264 GEORGE CLOONEY ON CELLULOID 2005:Undercover CIA operative Bob Barnes Syriana 1400 $800 5085-26 33265 THE '70s (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.half of this project; President Ford said it opened a new era in international cooperation the Apollo-Soyuz Project 500 $1000 3876-12 33266 FILM NOIR Emma Thompson and this actor each had 2 roles in the 1991 noir thriller "Dead Again" Kenneth Branagh 300 $300 3069-44 33267 LADIES DANCING Now on "Friends", she's the young lady who danced with Bruce Springsteen in his "Dancing In The Dark" video Courteney Cox 1600 $600 3274-2 33268 COLLEGE FOOTBALL (Alex: A lot of that on television also) In the 1984 season UCLA's John Lee set a Division 1-A record by kicking 29 of these 3-pointers Field goals 100 $100 3111-3 33269 AROUND THE STUDIO WITH LOU Lou cut down on the sex and violence in "Jewel of the Jungle" to avoid this rating that replaced X in 1990 NC-17 100 $100 3625-47 33270 GEORGIA FACTS In 1733 he founded the Georgia colony and served as its governor for the next 10 years James Oglethorpe 1600 $600 3027-17 33271 BALLS This type of store is indicated by the sign of the 3 balls Pawn shop 300 $300 3315-7 33272 FRENCH HISTORY When English king Edward III claimed the French throne in 1337, this war began; it lasted until 1453! Hundred Years' War 200 $200 3037-33 33273 THE SMITHSONIAN Wilbur's brother, he had a long feud with the Smithsonian about who created the first flying machine Orville Wright 1200 $200 3006-59 33274 15-LETTER WORDS (Alex: An intimidating-sounding category!) Wagner's "Twilight of the Gods" Gotterdammerung 2000 $1000 3011-10 33275 POTENT POTABLES It turns a Shamrock and a Grasshopper green Creme de menthe 200 $200 3870-10 33276 WHALE OF FORTUNE (Alex: Vanna hasn't gained that much weight, has she?) Of the 5 senses, the one that whales do not possess Smell 200 $200 3627-0 33277 PHYSICAL SCIENCE Named for the third Greek letter, they resemble X rays but have shorter wavelengths Gamma rays 100 $100 5103-46 33278 NON-COSMETIC SURGERY Removal of the gallbladder is the usual treatment for concretions better known as these gallstones 1600 $1200 5103-55 33279 THE SOPRANOS In the 1940s Rise Stevens owned the role of this Spanish Gypsy at the Met and sang it in the film "Going My Way" Carmen 2000 $2000 3020-52 33280 THEATER ALFRESCO Performed beside the Willamette River, "Champoeg!" is this state's official pageant of statehood Oregon 1800 $800 5069-56 33281 COMEDIE and TRAGEDIE FRANCAISE This satirical novelist got serious with "Zaire", a 1732 tragedy about a Christian raised by Turks Voltaire 2000 $2000 3632-7 33282 CLASSIC AD LINES (Alex: Name the product or company) "We Bring Good Things To Life" General Electric 200 $200 3301-23 33283 SAYS YOU The most famous line from this author's "Sacred Emily" is "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose" Gertrude Stein 400 $400 5051-22 33284 AMERICAN BUSINESS In 2006 Research In Motion settled its patent lawsuit with NTP over this portable wireless communications device a Blackberry 400 $800 3292-55 33285 '70s TV Way before Buffy, there was this 1974-75 Darrin McGavin series 1974-75 - you guys weren't watching TV, were you? Kolchak: The Night Stalker 2000 $1000 3675-4 33286 WHATEVER The teaspoon named for this fruit has a serrated tip Grapefruit 100 $100 3262-7 33287 PEOPLE and PLACES Corfiotes are natives of this island that isn't far from Albania Corfu 200 $200 3669-23 33288 B D (Alex: Each response will have that form; it'll be 3 letters: a "B", another letter and a "D") To win on eBay, you gotta do this Bid 400 $400 3010-52 33289 BEFORE THEY WERE POPES This Dutch Renaissance humanist was a pupil of Adrian VI, the only Dutch pope Erasmus 1800 $800 5103-11 33290 HEY, WHERE'D YOU "GO"? It's the type of dog seen here a golden retriever 200 $400 5105-34 33291 'TIL DEATH In "The Enterprise Incident" episode of "Star Trek", he pretended to kill Kirk using the Vulcan Death Grip You have to ring in.Spock 1200 $400 3312-2 33292 THE COLD WAR Some date the end of the war to December 25, 1991 when this country was dissolved Soviet Union/USSR 100 $100 3628-40 33293 MUSIC APPRECIATION This "Bolero" composer based his "Mother Goose" suite on fairy tales by Charles Perrault Maurice Ravel 1400 $400 3281-41 33294 CHANCE (Alex: Tinker to Evers to Chance!) The name of this game rhymes with Nevada's second-largest city Keno (rhymes with Reno) 1400 DD: $500 3662-18 33295 INDEPENDENCE! In 1896, after losing a war Italy was forced to recognize the independence of this African country Ethiopia 400 $400 3279-46 33296 "N" THE DICTIONARY Attention, Mister Rogers: Nabe, which is slang for a local movie theater, is short for this Neighborhood 1600 $600 3175-57 33297 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE The Abbey Theatre is so-named because it's located on lower Abbey Street in this capital city Dublin 2000 $1000 3290-50 33298 RAIN At a warm one you get regular rain; at a cold one, thunderstorms a front 1800 $800 4976-25 33299 KICK THE CANNES The first festival in 1946 screened "The Lost Weekend" directed by this man And that's the famous Academy Award-winning director * .Billy Wilder 500 $1000 3952-57 33300 "PI" It's a 7-letter term for an animal whose coat has patches of 2 or more colors Piebald 2000 $1000 3174-8 33301 PIG-OUT In 1982 this Muppet was featured in her own "Great Lovers Of The Silver Screen" calendar Miss Piggy 200 $200 5048-18 33302 FLAGS OF THE WORLD (Alex: We'll show you some flags, you ID the country.

) Two continents are spanned by this nation Turkey 400 $800 3335-42 33303 THE RENAISSANCE He designed the dome of St.Peter's Basilica, but it was Giacomo Della Porto who built it Michelangelo 1600 $600 5091-17 33304 CROSSWORD CLUES "N" Elm Street dream(9) nightmare 300 $600 4141-5 33305 "C" DUTY From the Latin for "lying down", it's a small compartment for work or study Carrel might be acceptable, but it doesn't fit the first part of the clue.cubicle 100 $200 3180-29 33306 "G" WHIZ! A coarse material made from jute, or the kind of sack made from it Gunny 500 $500 3107-46 33307 FROM CLASSICAL TUNES 1963 novelty song that used the "Dance Of The Hours" from "La Gioconda", heard here: "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)" 1600 DD: $1,000 2756-19 33308 FEMININE NAMES Dominique is traditional for a girl born on this day of the week Sunday 400 DD: $1,000 3060-29 33309 4-LETTER WORDS Gloomy and forbidding, like a certain "reaper" Grim 500 $500 3276-29 33310 THAT'S REVOLTING In 1794 nearly 13,000 soldiers were called out to put down this revolt in Pennsylvania the Whiskey Rebellion 500 $500 3697-6 33311 GEOGRAPH"Y" (Alex: Each correct response will end with the letter "Y".) It's the largest city in Utah Salt Lake City 200 $200 3031-51 33312 7 Lust, sloth and gluttony are 3 of the 7 of these the 7 deadly sins 1800 $800 5080-13 33313 ROCKIN' T-SHIRTS I can't believe it's been 12 years since we last saw this guy live in concert Kurt Cobain 300 $600 3304-57 33314 COWBOY SONGS In a famous song, an old cowboy sees these apparitions chasing a herd of red-eyed cows Ghost Riders in the Sky 2000 $1000 3299-48 33315 PITCHERS Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971, he got his nickname carrying bags at a Mobile, Alabama depot Leroy "Satchel" Paige 1800 DD: $600 5089-52 33316 CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Cayenne is the hot and fiery capital city of this French possession in the Americas French Guiana 1800 $1600 4976-43 33317 ENTERTAINERS This "monetary" rapper says the guy who shot him 9 times was like a basketball player with fancy moves who can't finish 50 Cent 1600 $1200 5091-22 33318 FAST FOOD NATION "Oven toasted tastes better", according to this sandwich chain with more than 3,000 restaurants worldwide Quiznos 400 $800 3952-53 33319 MADE THEM CRY (Alex: What a weird choice!) "Poyekhali!" ("Let's Go!" in Russian) was his cry April 12, 1961 Yuri Gagarin 1800 DD: $2,100 3273-43 33320 CELTICS This Celtic horse goddess shares her name with a 1976 Fleetwood Mac hit Rhiannon 1600 $600 2899-52 33321 VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES In 1972 this man replaced Thomas Eagleton as George McGovern's running mate Sargent Shriver 1800 DD: $1,300 3313-10 33322 ON THE GO If you're on a "moving" one, you're either drunk or trying to cover a long distance in an airport Sidewalk 200 $200 3872-24 33323 PRICELINE Famous price of "Stella Delorme" and many other lurid novels by Ned Buntline A dime 500 $500 5089-27 33324 RODENTS This largest rodent, a native of South America and Panama, has no visible tail capybara 500 $1000 3315-46 33325 AFRICA Toukbal is the highest point in this range, the traditional territory of the Berbers Atlas Mountains 1600 $600 3148-42 33326 WHERE ARE WE? (Alex: You have to tell me the city.) The Peale Museum, The Lacrosse Hall of Fame Museum, The H.

Mencken House Baltimore 1600 $600 4979-13 33327 LET'S GET MARRIED IN VEGAS! This acting couple, married at the El Rancho Jan.29, 1958, celebrated their 48th anniversary in 2006 Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward 300 $600 4340-56 33328 1960 Fabiola de Mora y Aragon of Spain was a December bride; she married Baudouin, king of this country Belgium 2000 $2000 3265-45 33329 "PARKER" HOUSE She was the "other woman" in Prince Charles and Princess Diana's divorce Camilla Parker Bowles 1600 $600 100008-8 33330 POTPOURRI In 1966 these taxes were declared unconstitutional as a requirement for voting poll taxes 200 400 5074-59 33331 7-LETTER WORDS From the Latin for "prophetic sign", it's a child having extraordinary talent prodigy 2000 $2000 5079-33 33332 CRAFT Saddler's pliers were created for gripping this material leather 1200 $400 5079-32 33333 CATALINA (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reads from near a fountain on Catalina Island, CA.) In 1919 this chewing gum magnate bought Catalina and built it into a world-class resort (William) Wrigley 1200 $400 3675-2 33334 JADED The sought-after imperial jade is usually this color Green 100 $100 3832-49 33335 COUNTRY STARS In 2000 these 2 lovebirds sizzled on their "Soul2Soul" tour Tim McGraw and Faith Hill 1800 $800 617-48 33336 ROYALTY American Lisa Halaby met this king while working for an airline and became his 4th wife in 1978 King Hussain 1800 $800 3625-14 33337 FANDEMONIUM Fans of this high-flying sport involving lots of string may know it's Thailand's most popular Kite flying 300 $300 3297-54 33338 ISLANDS Its name suggests that this island in the Indian Ocean might be perfect for a family get-together Reunion 2000 $1000 621-28 33339 THE SENSES Ancient philosophers reportedly called the senses the "windows of" this the soul 500 $500 4966-52 33340 "TA" TA This man who made his fortune in sugar cubes built and stocked a famous London art museum that bears his name (Sir Henry) Tate 1800 $1600 3309-53 33341 VERY CROSS WORD CLUES From Latin for "shade", you can "give" or "take" it Umbrage 1800 $800 3278-40 33342 MILLS Type of mill that turns logs into two-by-fours Lumber mill 1400 $400 3046-36 33343 FAMOUS AMERICANS This 20th century wilderness photographer had an earlier career as a professional musician The correct response is Ansel Adams, but you took a little too long, Bruce Ansel Adams 1400 $400 3637-28 33344 5-LETTER WORDS A superlative form of little, it's an antonym of utmost Least 500 $500 4595-44 33345 "ROCK"Y Also known as the Mosque of Omar, it was home to the Knights Templar during the Crusades the Dome of the Rock 1600 $1200 3031-7 33346 FAVORITE SINGERS A singer born with the last name Nelson was known as and then "Formerly Known As" this Prince 200 $200 3280-39 33347 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNIE This zany TV comedian's antics began with shows like "Deadline For Dinner" and "It's Time For Ernie" Ernie Kovacs 1400 $400 3174-47 33348 WE HAVE BETTER GRAMMAR A clause that modifies a main clause, or term for a soldier of lower rank than another Subordinate 1600 $600 3623-31 33349 PENINSULAS These 2 countries form the Scandinavian Peninsula Norway and Sweden 1200 $200 5056-0 33350 23 It begins, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" Psalm 23 100 $200 3119-38 33351 GREAT FEETS OF THE BIBLE (Alex: Notice the spelling) He had to bare his feet before the burning bush because, as God said, he was on holy ground Moses 1400 $400 3290-46 33352 TV STARS He's gone comically where no alien has gone before as Dick Solomon John Lithgow 1600 $600 3627-59 33353 ODD WORDS Meaning clear or transparent, it's often used by writers to describe eyes as "pools" Limpid 2000 $1000 3307-59 33354 IT'S A MYSTERY This "L.Confidential" author's "My Dark Places" looks into the real investigation of his mom's murder James Ellroy 2000 $1000 3068-52 33355 VISION 3-word term for the optical phenomenon that makes motion pictures work Persistence of vision 1800 $800 3310-6 33356 PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA He brought the Treaty of Versailles back to the U.where the Senate rejected it Woodrow Wilson 200 $200 2897-16 33357 HODGEPODGE Spelling of the kitchen tool whose phonetic spelling is "SPACH-oo-luh" S-P-A-T-U-L-A 300 $300 4967-33 33358 ONE NATION The one nation over 2 million square miles in area that borders no other countries Australia 1200 $400 5088-43 33359 A STOCKPILE You can't NOK this leading mobile phone and networks supplier Nokia 1600 $1200 3260-16 33360 TRUTH OR DARE Duel with Johnny Gilbert, or name this U.statesman who died in a duel against Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton 300 $300 3121-25 33361 PERFECTION IN SPORTS This Giants centerfielder hit more than 50 home runs in a season twice, in 1955 and 1965 Willie Mays 500 $500 100004-56 33362 JAPAN The Ainu, most of whom live on this northernmost island, may have been Japan's first inhabitants Hokkaido 2000 2500 3319-19 33363 MICHELLE Wins at the Sara Lee Classic and the Oldsmobile Classic make Michelle McGann a seasoned pro in this sport Golf 400 $400 3665-27 33364 GEORGIANS This actress from Thomasville won a Golden Globe for "Rachel, Rachel", the first film directed by Paul Newman Joanne Woodward 500 $500 100008-56 33365 CLASSICAL MUSIC Pierluigi, 16th c.

composer of the "Mass of Pope Marcellus II", is better known by this name of his hometown Palestrina 2000 2500 3292-6 33366 HOLIDAYS Sweden celebrates this national symbol on June 6, eight days before the U.celebrates its own Flag Day 200 $200 3661-50 33367 TITLE REFERENCES Algernon is one of these unfortunate creatures in "Flowers For Algernon" Mouse 1800 $800 3028-2 33368 1970 Concerns over the environment led to the first national observance of this day on April 22 Earth Day 100 $100 4968-28 33369 INTO THE "WOOD"s He's the Washington journalist and "Jeopardy!" stalwart seen here Bob Woodward 500 $1000 3261-39 33370 PUT 'EM IN ORDER (Alex: We want you to put the elements of the clue in chronological order) Paul VI, John Paul I, Pius XII Pius, Paul, John Paul 1400 $400 5024-16 33371 DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION The name of this stately dance popular in the 17th and 18th centuries is from the French for "small" the minuet 300 $600 3674-19 33372 CLASSIC FILM MONSTERS Dr.Jack Griffin was the real name of this Claude Rains character; there's more to him than meets the eye The Invisible Man 400 $400 5043-5 33373 MOVIE CATCH PHRASES 1992:"There's no crying in baseball!" A League of Their Own 100 $200 3033-53 33374 "END" AT THE BEGINNING Give a grant of money to support an institution Endowment 1800 $800 3100-12 33375 AFRICAN AMERICANS (Hi, I'm Jesse Jackson, Jr.) About 2/3 of the people that I represent in Congress live in this city Chicago 300 DD: $500 2735-56 33376 WORLD GEOGRAPHY The Indus River provides the western border of this desert also known as the Great Indian Desert the Thar Desert 2000 $1000 4198-34 33377 "PRIVATE" LIVES V.

Warshawski, for example a private eye (private detective) 1200 $400 3152-10 33378 COACHES In 1996 he won tennis' U.Open on the birthday of his late coach Tim Gullikson Pete Sampras 200 $200 3071-45 33379 FUN WITH DICK and JANE This figure skater turned sportscaster performed the first triple jump in competition Dick Button 1600 $600 3309-34 33380 ALL THE PRESIDENTS' MEN (Alex: That was a movie) The day after President Kennedy took office, Robert Kennedy was sworn in to this post Attorney General 1200 $200 3022-4 33381 TV SIDEKICKS Sarcastic Vicki helps her co-worker Susan struggle through single life on this Brooke Shields sitcom Suddenly Susan 100 $100 100005-5 33382 THE DODGERS (Alex: A tribute to the 100th anniversary of that baseball team) It's said that when manager Tommy Lasorda cuts himself shaving, he bleeds this color Dodger blue 100 200 100008-34 33383 SKYSCRAPERS The mast atop the Empire State Building was designed as a mooring for these rigid airships dirigibles 1200 500 2908-41 33384 SHORT STORIES James Thurber's story of this daydreaming husband first appeared in a 1939 issue of The New Yorker Walter Mitty 1400 $400 3031-38 33385 FUN WITH OPERA Even Ebenezer would enjoy "Mr.

Scrooge", an opera inspired by this famous story A Christmas Carol 1400 $400 3281-34 33386 "EVER"s Youse is looking at yews, which are this kind of tree Evergreens 1200 $200 100013-35 33387 17th CENTURY SCIENCE In 1611 Kepler published a paper on the 6-sided nature of these weather phenomena snowflakes 1200 500 3621-55 33388 CELEBRITY ANCESTORS As you might gather from her name, Lee Meriwether is related to this explorer Meriwether Lewis 2000 $1000 5063-16 33389 SOMEWHERE It's the constitutional monarchy of Northern Europe seen here Norway 300 $600 2893-26 33390 WHEAT Pasta is made from this coarsely-ground grain of durum wheat Semolina 500 $500 3334-42 33391 ILLUSTRATORS (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):He illustrated his own works like "There was a young lady whose chin, resembled the point of a pin" This game has suddenly gotten much closer! Edward Lear 1600 DD: $1,000 3670-24 33392 A "WAR AND PEACE" QUIZ (Alex: Yes, the literary work) Nikolay and Andrey Bolkonsky were princes; Ilya Rostov had this title, 2,3,4.

Count 500 $500 5097-6 33393 IRAQ After this country's 1948 independence, the armies of Transjordan and Iraq invaded Israel 200 $400 3062-57 33394 NOTABLE WOMEN Upset over the Senate's treatment of Anita Hill, this Illinoian ran for the U.Senate in 1992 and won Carol Moseley Braun 2000 $1000 3662-59 33395 "RED", "WHITE" and "BLUE" (Alex: One, two, perhaps all three words will come up in the correct response) "Holy" district in London's east end that's infamous as the scene of Jack the Ripper's murders Whitechapel 2000 $1000 2737-3 33396 MORTAL MATTERS This planet is named for the god of the dead God of the dead, not of the sea.Pluto 100 $100 3309-38 33397 ALAS, MORE SHAKESPEARE! (Alex: But not with Johnny Gilbert!) Cleopatra says of this animal, "Dost thou not see my baby at my breast that sucks the nurse asleep?" Before we get into Final Jeopardy, we have a change in scoring to announce and it affects our returning champion over there, Stacy; we have decided that the response she gave a little while ago as "What is vent?" is a very good alternative to "What is fume?" and so she is correct now with $6,500.Snake 1400 $400 3296-51 33398 THE BIRDS Named by the natives, moas were ostrichlike birds that once inhabited this country New Zealand 1800 $800 3178-47 33399 BEFORE and AFTER Long disputed Israeli-Palestinian land area that's a mini-shopping complex "The Gaza Strip Mall" 1600 $600 4992-29 33400 SOMEDAY MY PRINTS WILL COME Seen here is a stylized rendition of Isaac Newton by this original illustrator and visionary poet (William) Blake 500 $1000 3279-32 33401 MEDICINE This symbol on a prescription is thought to represent the Latin word "recipe" Rx 1200 $200 3306-36 33402 FAMOUS NAMES Born in 1394, this Portuguese prince founded a school of navigation Prince Henry the Navigator 1400 $400 3873-20 33403 BASKETBALL In 1979 Indiana State's Larry Bird was Player of the Year, but this Michigan State star was the NBA's No.

1 draft pick Earvin "Magic" Johnson 400 $400 3175-33 33404 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE This city's famed "Art Theatre" opened in 1898 with a production of "Czar Fyodor Ivanovich" Moscow 1200 $200 3635-24 33405 MAY 26 (Alex: A whole category devoted to this date) In this country's "War of the Two Brothers", Dom Miguel capitulated to Dom Pedro May 26, 1834 Portugal 500 $500 3309-46 33406 ALL THE PRESIDENTS' MEN (Alex: That was a movie) The same night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, this Secretary of State was wounded by an accomplice of John Wilkes Booth William Seward 1600 $600 4969-45 33407 THE NON-CATEGORY MLK Jr.said the "Gandhian emphasis on love and" this led him to the method for social reform that he'd been seeking non-violence 1600 DD: $5,200 4200-49 33408 OLD JOBS (Alex: Not ODD JOBS.) (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the fire.)A blacksmith worked at the forge; this appropriately named counterpart worked with the finished iron the whitesmith (or the tinsmith) 1800 $1600 5069-47 33409 WE NEED THE MONEY When shopping in Cairo, it's important to know that 100 piastres make up this unit of Egyptian currency the Egyptian pound 1600 $1200 3871-38 33410 WOMEN Tennis star Anna Kournikova did ads for this product with the slogan "Only The Ball Should Bounce" Absorber Sports Bra 1400 $400 3103-14 33411 PRAISE THE "LORD" It's also called the Pater Noster The Lord's Prayer 300 $300 3009-43 33412 BOTANICAL MEDICINES Some consider ginger superior to dramamine in preventing symptoms of this Motion sickness 1600 $600 5044-38 33413 IT'S AN ILLUSION Light distorted by heated air leads to illusions known by this French word mirage 1400 $800 3263-7 33414 COLONIES A colony of these creatures in San Antonio's Bracken Cave contains 20 million individuals Bats 200 $200 3662-4 33415 FOOD In 1966 Fritos introduced these chips, cut in a triangular shape Doritos 100 $100 3109-30 33416 JAPAN The Japanese call their country this, meaning "Source Of The Sun" Nippon/Nihon 1200 $200 3016-20 33417 THINK "INK" Even those travelers who try to pack everything figuratively leave this item behind Kitchen sink 400 $400 4093-53 33418 BEFORE and AFTER "Royal" CNN talk show host who's a large edible crustacean Larry King crab 1800 $1600 3635-42 33419 ROMAN HOLIDAY It's February 27 and they're off to celebrate Equirria with these events in the Campus Martius Chariot/horse races 1600 $600 3295-48 33420 AFRICA Mount Kilimanjaro, this country's highest point, is also the continent's highest point Tanzania 1800 $800 3120-52 33421 WHAT'S THE MATTER? Michelangelo's Pieta, The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, The Parthenon's frieze Marble 1800 $800 3033-40 33422 AMERICAN LIT Of Hawkeye, Hot Lips or Klinger, the one in "Last of the Mohicans" Hawkeye 1400 $400 5021-43 33423 WOMEN DIRECTING WOMEN Mira Nair had "Hysterical Blindness" before directing Reese Witherspoon in this Thackeray film Vanity Fair 1600 $1200 3329-11 33424 ALL "RIGHT" 4 of them are formed by the perpendicular intersection of 2 straight lines Right angles 200 $200 5080-31 33425 SPORTS STARS In 1976 Hungary's Miklos Nemeth won Olympic gold by throwing this over 300 feet, a feat not equaled in the games since No.Correct response--what is * ? 300 feet for the shot put? Boy, I'd like to see that guy! the javelin 1200 $400 3313-35 33426 SAY IT IN ENGLISH C'est la vie! That's/Such is life 1200 $200 2894-0 33427 MYTHS and LEGENDS Sigurd, also known as Siegfried, was famous for slaying one of these creatures Dragon 100 $100 3180-15 33428 INDY 500 FLAGS A flag of this color doesn't tell the drivers to play chicken, it's just a caution flag Yellow 300 $300 3273-2 33429 MILK Genuine Roquefort cheese is made from this animal's milk Sheep 100 $100 3030-2 33430 BONES Cavities in the skull called orbits house these organs Eyes 100 $100 3304-28 33431 TRAVEL and TOURISM The Black Church, so-called because its walls were blackened in a 1689 fire, is in Brasov in this country Romania 500 $500 3144-9 33432 FLINCHIUS THE GLADIATOR Flinchius covers his eyes when the crowd determines his fate by displaying this digit a thumb 200 $200 3629-38 33433 HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES On Halloween children collect money for this agency using official orange cartons UNICEF 1400 $400 5033-19 33434 ROCK LEGENDS He was as famous for his "duckwalk" as for the songs "Johnny B.

Goode" and "Maybellene" Chuck Berry 400 $800 5024-38 33435 STATES' FORMER GOVERNORS (Alex: You identify the state, of course.) Winthrop Rockefeller andJim Guy Tucker Arkansas 1400 $800 3048-44 33436 ACTORS and ROLE Anne Parillaud role that led to the other 2 seen here: La Femme Nikita 1600 DD: $2,000 5037-29 33437 13-LETTER WORDS The technical term for a scientist who studies snakes and other reptiles herpetologist 500 $1000 2901-23 33438 "OVER" and "OUT" (Alex: Sounds like a theme there in all those categories) Pete Seeger and others added lyrics to the civil rights song "We Shall" do this "Overcome" 400 $400 5020-51 33439 WORLD LEADERS From 1952 to 1987 she was chief of state of Fiji And that would be her majesty * .Queen Elizabeth II 1800 $1600 3626-24 33440 EUROPEAN HISTORY In 1928 this finance minister grabbed power and began his 40-year rule as dictator of Portugal Antonio Salazar 500 $500 3175-8 33441 "C" CREATURES Although most don't have nearly that many, its name means "100-footed" Centipede 200 $200 5077-44 33442 FDR (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the FDR Presidential Library.) FDR collected these watercolors of the naval battles with this country in 1846-47 Mexico 1600 $1200 3311-35 33443 PROSPERO (Alex: Oh boy - the writers are going to terrible lengths!) Prospero is the hero of the play "The Tempest", possibly the last by this playwright William Shakespeare 1200 $200 2909-59 33444 "ANG"ST Jimmy Porter represents the English class system in this John Osborne play Look Back In Anger 2000 $1000 3171-52 33445 PSYCH 102 In WWI, "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" was known as "combat fatigue" or this alliterative 2-word term Shell shock 1800 $800 3662-17 33446 "FIRE"WORKS This loud noise happens when your jalopy ignites unburned exhaust fumes backfire 300 $300 5056-48 33447 MOTHER RUSSIA (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from "poetic" Russia.) I'm here in the town originally called Detskoye Selo, which in 1937 was renamed for this great Russian poet Pushkin 1800 DD: $6,000 5019-49 33448 CLASSIC TV THEMES I'm so glad you had the time to tell me this zany variety show whose theme is heard here The Carol Burnett Show 1800 $1600 3873-8 33449 BASKETBALL In 1993 Shaquille O'Neal was named the NBA's Rookie of the Year while playing center for this Florida team Orlando Magic 200 $200 3303-20 33450 LSU This civil "War is Hell" general was president of the seminary and military academy that became LSU William Tecumseh Sherman 400 $400 5055-15 33451 THAT'S POLITICS In 1996 Sam Brownback was elected to complete the term of this Kansas senator who ran for president (Bob) Dole 300 $600 2909-12 33452 ANIMALS This rodent in the genus Neotoma is named for its habit of hoarding small objects Pack rat 300 $300 2904-6 33453 LITERATURE Many of the Dublin locales he personally frequented are featured in his book "Ulysses" James Joyce 200 $200 3030-7 33454 REAL GHOSTS? Glamis Castle in this U.

country has several ghosts, including an earl who gambled with the devil, and lost Scotland 200 $200 3317-53 33455 "FLY" RIGHT Michael J.Fox played this character in 3 "Back To The Future" films Marty McFly 1800 $800 5022-40 33456 GEOLOGY (Jon of the Clue Crew shows some horsts on the monitor.) The geological feature called a horst is bounded by these, which Californians know all about faults 1400 $800 5100-33 33457 BESTSELLERS "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin is about Lincoln's bringing political foes into this advisory body the Cabinet 1200 $400 4988-3 33458 A "D" IN HISTORY To keep Delaware's capital away from the invading British, it was moved to this city in 1777 Dover 100 $200 5091-56 33459 OPERA In opera, that "dum-dee-dee-dee-dum" every time the merry carpenter shows up is called one of these a leit motif 2000 $2000 3632-10 33460 IT'S A DOGGY DOG WORLD Seen here, it's named for a peninsula shared by Quebec and Newfoundland Labrador Retriever 200 $200 3340-16 33461 MUSIC CLASS It's probably Homer Simpson's favorite note on the tonic sol-fa scale do 300 $300 3294-33 33462 19th CENTURY AMERICA John Quincy Adams, who had left the White House in 1829, entered this "house" in 1831 the House of Representatives 1200 $200 5006-49 33463 BEATLES RHYME TIME Original bass player's permanent skin designs That's it, Stuart Sutcliffe.Stu's tattoos 1800 $1600 2908-27 33464 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD Its borders with Bolivia and Peru are much shorter than its border with Argentina Chile 500 $500 3180-37 33465 BOND GIRLS James Bond's old flame, Teri Hatcher, was put out in this 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies 1400 $400 3307-13 33466 WWII Gen.

McAuliffe's famous one-word reply to a German demand for surrender during the Battle of the Bulge "Nuts!" 300 $300 3017-30 33467 FICTIONAL DETECTIVES She said WWI Belgian refugees influenced her characterization of Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie 1200 $200 4317-48 33468 AMERICAN WOMEN During the Civil War, this social reformer was superintendent of the U.Army women nurses Dorothea Dix 1800 $1600 3171-16 33469 ANIMALS It's the nearly extinct tiger seen here in its natural habitat: Siberian tiger 300 $300 618-55 33470 MAMMALS Though this type of baboon has been called the ugliest, at least it's also the most colorful * is right.And just in case you were wondering why we called it--or why it has been called the ugliest, there's a photo of it right there.the mandrill 2000 $1000 5020-27 33471 ANDERSONVILLE After the death of Drew Pearson, this journalist took over his "Washington Merry-Go-Round" column Jack Anderson 500 $1000 3322-39 33472 BIT ROLES While this rock star performs on stage in "Loving You", you can see his parents Vernon and Gladys in the audience Elvis Presley 1400 $400 3119-30 33473 PLAYS and PLAYWRIGHTS Steven Berkoff's career includes adapting Kafka for the London stage and appearing with this star in "Rambo" Sylvester Stallone 1200 $200 3180-30 33474 THE CARIBBEAN In 1992 Santo Domingo's Quinto Centenario celebration honored this explorer's discovery Christopher Columbus 1200 $200 4200-55 33475 OLD JOBS (Alex: Not ODD JOBS.) Change the first letter in "butler" to get this old job of selling provisions to soldiers a sutler 2000 $2000 3048-57 33476 THE BIBLE This king cast Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego into a fiery furnace Nebuchadnezzar 2000 $1000 3258-15 33477 ANCIENT GREECE Hesiod said this group of nine goddesses met him on Mt.Helicon and breathed the gift of song into him the muses 300 $300 3264-2 33478 1820s AMERICA Once a part of Massachusetts, it became the 23rd state in 1820 with Portland as its capital Maine 100 $100 3175-9 33479 THE CHAIN GANG This video store chain began renting video games in January 1994; "Wow, What A Difference" Blockbuster 200 $200 3261-45 33480 PUT 'EM IN ORDER (Alex: We want you to put the elements of the clue in chronological order) Oklahoma statehood, California statehood, Nebraska statehood California, Nebraska, Oklahoma 1600 DD: $1,000 4982-52 33481 ANOTHER ATTEMPT AT ALLITERATION (Alex: We're gonna need both names in each response in.) Perky "prankster", counterculture commentator, "Nest" novelist Ken Kesey 1800 DD: $2,000 3279-36 33482 CANTERBURY TALE TELLERS The wife of Bath, 5 times a widow and a world traveler, has made 3 trips to this holy Mideast city Jerusalem 1400 $400 5022-47 33483 WORD LORE One of the very few English words with 6 consonants in a row, it's a cord that lets you open a door from outside a latchstring 1600 $1200 5072-1 33484 POP MUSIC It wasn't deja vu when this member of Destiny's Child sang with Jay-Z on the 2006 song "Deja Vu" Beyonc 100 $200 3297-14 33485 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC In June '97, National Geographic ran a 16-page article on the restoration of this thick-hulled frigate U.Constitution 300 $300 3152-22 33486 COACHES The dean of college basketball coaches, he retired in 1997 after 36 years at North Carolina Dean Smith 400 $400 3665-29 33487 "OO"! "OO"! A Maine river, or an 1838-1839 war that set the Maine-New Brunswick border Aroostook 500 $500 3174-18 33488 BLACK AMERICANS This TV talk show host, seen here, once served as a Navy intelligence officer Montel Williams 400 $400 2908-35 33489 SHORT STORIES This Washington Irving title character had "An insuperable aversion to all kinds of profitable labor" Rip Van Winkle 1200 $200 4992-35 33490 WHAT THE "H"? In hockey it's the term for 3 goals scored in a single game by the same player a hat trick 1200 $400 5063-30 33491 COLONIAL AMERICA This pamphleteer called George III the "royal brute of Britain" who had usurped the rightful place of law (Thomas) Paine 1200 $400 4970-13 33492 VANITY This singing ex of Tommy Mottola had a life-sized $9,500 birthday cake modelled after herself for a 2005 bash Mariah Carey 300 $600 3629-19 33493 TELEVISION Frankie Muniz is the title kid on this quirky family sitcom that premiered on FOX in 2000 Malcolm In The Middle 400 $400 3063-27 33494 THE BIG APPLE Named for a Danish settler, it's the only borough on the mainland The Bronx 500 $500 5022-9 33495 TAIPEI PERSONALITY Before directing hits like "Brokeback Mountain", he studied theater at Taipei's Academy of Arts Ang Lee 200 $400 3179-11 33496 THE "D."s In the Army it's a rapid march of 180 steps a minute Double time 200 $200 5013-11 33497 HOT "BUN"s A con game, or the police squad that breaks it up bunko 200 $400 3294-51 33498 19th CENTURY AMERICA In the 1880s N.tried to close sweat shops making these, and Oscar Hammerstein made a machine to roll them cigars 1800 $800 5013-0 33499 U.COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES The 2 founders of Yahoo! and the 2 founders of Google all attended this California school Stanford 100 $200 2898-56 33500 ART While serving as art director of the Moscow State Jewish Theater, he painted murals and designed sets Marc Chagall 2000 $1000 3302-57 33501 TURN OF THE CENTURY FILMS Luc Besson can luc back almost 100 years and see if George Melies' take on this French heroine is like his Joan of Arc 2000 $1000 3010-27 33502 FLOPS "La Traviata", his modern-dress opera version of "La Dame Aux Camelias", flopped in its 1853 premiere Giuseppe Verdi 500 $500 5014-27 33503 "BOOK"s It has lyrics and chords and is often used by cocktail lounge pianists instead of standard sheet music a fake book 500 $1000 100005-56 33504 OPERA Donizetti opera that includes the following, perhaps the most famous mad scene in opera: And both Paul and Mark looked at each other on that one as if to say, "This is a piece of cake!" For some people, maybe; for our champions, certainly.Lucia di Lammermoor 2000 DD: 5,800 3103-2 33505 PRAISE THE "LORD" The upper chamber of the British parliament House of Lords 100 $100 3062-48 33506 EUROPEAN CAPITALS Napoleon met his waterloo just 12 miles from this capital Brussels 1800 $800 3067-44 33507 '60s FLICKS In 1968 this title pair was played by Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey Romeo and Juliet 1600 $600 3876-17 33508 LITERATURE, JERRY SPRINGER-STYLE (Alex: No fighting, please!) Adam and Eve confront the big man himself and discuss this 1667 Milton poem on "I Can't Believe You Evicted Me!" Paradise Lost 300 $300 3298-10 33509 MONKEY BUSINESS His 1993 song "Loser" begins, "In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey" Beck 200 $200 5028-16 33510 PLEAD THE FIFTH They're the 3 letters above the number 5 on a standard telephone button I thought you might get the baseball clue, I know you're a big Atlanta Braves fan.J-K-L 300 DD: $1,000 3296-32 33511 NOTORIOUS This mystic whose name means "debauched one" tried to keep Russia out of World War I Rasputin 1200 $200 1871-33 33512 HOBBIES Carl Sagan and his "Cosmos" series were credited with creating a renewed interest in this hobby astronomy 1200 $200 3621-12 33513 THE HISTORY CHANNEL Part history, part fashion, "Battle of the Clans" tells of these patterns banned in the 18th century Tartans 300 $300 2896-1 33514 THE BIBLE Cousin to whom Elisabeth said, "Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb" Mary 100 $100 3871-46 33515 BIBLICAL PEOPLE The Philistines made sport of him "and they set him between the pillars" Samson 1600 $600 3273-26 33516 MILK This sugar, which makes up almost all the carbohydrates in milk, is found only in milk Lactose 500 $500 2621-21 33517 TAX TIME It's the form your employer files at year's end showing your compensation and withheld taxes a W-2 400 $400 5106-52 33518 THE 1980s Breaking up is hard to do, but on January 1, 1984 this telecommunications giant was forced to ATandT 1800 $1600 3014-33 33519 ELVIS MOVIES "G.

Blues" was set in this European country where Elvis served 2 years in the Army Germany 1200 $200 3017-45 33520 HOMES This inventor's Fort Myers, Florida home features handmade light bulbs from 1925 Thomas Edison 1600 $600 3287-41 33521 GONE The second verse of this Glen Campbell hit begins, "By the time I make Albuquerque" We needed the title, not the end of the verse By The Time I Get To Phoenix 1400 $400 5003-15 33522 AMERICANA Last name of the first family of feuding seen here in the 1890s Hatfield 300 $600 3177-21 33523 FIRE DRILL This performer reached the Top 10 for the first time in 1970 with the song heard here: "I've seen fire and I've seen rain." James Taylor 400 $400 5070-25 33524 SPOKES-CHARACTERS The soft and cozy guy seen here represents this laundry product Snuggle (fabric softener) 500 $1000 3634-41 33525 BEFORE and AFTER Southern California beach town that once interned in the White House Santa Monica Lewinsky 1400 $400 3111-31 33526 NAME THAT NOVEL "Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale" Moby Dick 1200 $200 3668-40 33527 LEE When Lee was little, his father went to jail for this, like Charles Dickens' dad a few years later Debt 1400 $400 3060-19 33528 PRESIDENTS' MONOGRAMS HCH Herbert Clark Hoover 400 $400 3296-7 33529 WHICH CAME FIRST? The Rolling Stones, The Ink Spots, The Who, The The The Ink Spots 200 $200 5073-48 33530 LITERARY CLASSICS In a Nathaniel Hawthorne tale, Thomas Maule built a house in Salem with 7 of these gables 1800 $1600 3023-45 33531 BY THE "BOOK" Steve McGarrett's command to Danny Williams at the end of a "Hawaii Five-O" episode "Book 'em, Dano!" 1600 $600 5097-20 33532 MYTHIC COMPANY In a logo for a film company, stars swirl around to form this constellation named for a huntsman Orion 400 $800 4297-0 33533 AMERICAN GOVERNMENT When a minor breaks the law, his or her case usually goes to this court juvenile court 100 $200 3031-17 33534 RHYMES WITH PICKLE It's one way to get a laugh Tickle 300 $300 3291-27 33535 OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL As the Horta could tell you, fans known as Trekkies prefer to be called this similar name instead Trekkers 500 $500 4137-8 33536 3 IS A MAGIC NUMBER His book "2061" is subtitled "Odyssey Three" (Arthur) Clarke 200 $400 621-35 33537 TOUGH TV TRIVIA Only sitcom in which Mary Tyler Moore starred playing a mother The Dick Van Dyke Show 1200 $200 3275-58 33538 OEDIPUS On Jerry Springer's "I Slept With My Mom And Now I Can't Look At Myself" show, Oedipus would appear with her Jocaste 2000 $1000 5071-19 33539 DISNEY CHANNEL Miley Stewart, who moved to Malibu from Tennessee, leads a double life as this 14-year-old pop star Hannah Montana 400 $800 3673-28 33540 1994 FILMS In this film Martin Scorsese says the TV audience wants "To watch the money" Quiz Show 500 DD: $800 3952-47 33541 MADE THEM CRY (Alex: What a weird choice!) It's the beloved country in Alan Paton's "Cry, The Beloved Country" South Africa 1600 $600 3026-53 33542 3-LETTER WORDS Feel sorry for a street in France rue 1800 $800 3037-57 33543 THE SMITHSONIAN The Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design in this city is a bureau of the Smithsonian New York City 2000 $1000 2756-48 33544 7 MODERN WONDERS The Itaipu, one of these 5 miles wide on the Brazil-Paraguay border, inspired a Philip Glass symphony a dam 1800 $800 2895-56 33545 ART and ARTISTS 2 of England's finest landscape artists were J.Turner and this man whose work is seen here: John Constable 2000 DD: $1,000 1871-27 33546 FASHION DESIGNERS Donna Karan was once an associate designer to this woman whose last name also began with the letter K Anne Klein 500 $500 100004-31 33547 MUSICAL THEATRE Last name shared by musical theatre greats Moss and Lawrence Hart 1200 500 5006-57 33548 SIBLING REVELRY Dingane became King of the Zulus in 1828 after taking part in the murder of this king, his own brother Shaka 2000 $2000 1871-19 33549 ITALIAN FOOD In Italy these shellfish found in pasta sauces are known as vongole clams 400 $400 3292-1 33550 PATRIOTIC SONGS He "went to town, riding on a pony" Yankee Doodle 100 $100 3062-1 33551 CROSSWORD CLUES "M" Cow's meow (3) Moo 100 $100 3268-55 33552 THEY HAIL FROM BOSTON A onetime Unitarian pastor, he transcended with works like "Self-Reliance" and "The American Scholar" Ralph Waldo Emerson 2000 $1000 3171-40 33553 PSYCH 102 Bipolar disorder is an illness commonly referred to as "manic" this Depression/depressant 1400 $400 3280-31 33554 TV ON TV Kent Brockman is the local Emmy-winning anchor of the "Springfield Action News" on this show The Simpsons 1200 $200 3281-49 33555 EDUCATION On July 5, 1998 this largest teachers union rejected a merger with the American Federation of Teachers NEA (National Education Association) 1800 $800 3623-20 33556 THE INTERNET Area 51 and Heartland are "neighborhoods" in this web page hosting service from Yahoo! GeoCities 400 $400 3063-20 33557 JACK LEMMON FILMS In "Some Like It Hot", Lemmon and this actor joined an all-girl band to escape the mob Tony Curtis 400 $400 3035-26 33558 THEME PARK FUN You'll freefall more than 20 stories if you ride the Dungeon Drop at Six Flags Astroworld in this city Houston 500 DD: $1,000 3272-12 33559 THE BLUE and THE GRAY These 2 major figures, an author and an abolitionist, were both named Harriet Harriet Beecher Stowe and Harriet Tubman 300 $300 5035-34 33560 MOSCOW KNOW-HOW (Cheryl of the Clue Crew points out a feature on a church in Moscow, Russia.) In Moscow, you can see how these church features got their name--they do look like a certain bulb vegetable onion domes 1200 $400 5070-29 33561 SIGNING OFF Although President Wilson signed this in France on June 28, 1919, the Senate refused to approve it the Treaty of Versailles 500 $1000 3304-45 33562 COWBOY SONGS They're the title sounds that spurs make as one goes "Riding merrily along" Jingle, Jangle, Jingle 1600 $600 3334-45 33563 LEGAL LINGO Baseball term for laws demanding a mandatory sentence for successive felony convictions "Three Strikes" law 1600 $600 620-19 33564 DYNASTIES Louisiana Governor Huey P.the Longs 400 $400 4976-11 33565 MARCO POLO (Alex: MARCO!) (Audience: POLO!) (Alex: Thank you very much!) Some argued that Polo never went to China; he did omit mentioning this landmark some measure at 4,000 miles long the Great Wall of China 200 $400 3149-54 33566 ASTRONOMY By the time this flow of gasses from the sun reaches Earth, its speed may be 1-2 million mph; what a blowhard! solar wind 2000 $1000 3178-41 33567 BEFORE and AFTER The lead singer of Hole appearing on Chuck Woolery's old show "Courtney Love Connection" 1400 $400 5075-23 33568 RHYMES WITH MONEY Skiing slope for beginners the bunny slope 400 $800 5011-36 33569 IT'S CANADA, EH If you're sending a love letter to your Canadian sweetie and put SK on the envelope, she lives in this province Saskatchewan 1400 $800 3314-14 33570 SUSHI Sushi connoisseur Shigo Ito refreshes her palate with pickled strips of this root Ginger 300 $300 3321-53 33571 "GUY"s and "DOLL"s It's the type of "natural" currency seen here Sand dollar 1800 $800 5008-58 33572 ALL DOLLED UP It sounds like a kind of soup, but it's the kind of unglazed china used to make many beautiful 19th century dolls bisque 2000 $2000 5014-7 33573 THAT WAS ENTERTAINMENT Mr.

Bunny Rabbit, the bunny seen here, helped this TV host earn the love of children Captain Kangaroo 200 $400 3120-41 33574 CHICKEN? Joints that are "weak" on a chicken Like mine! Knees 1400 $400 3069-55 33575 LORDS A-LEAPING The last words of this earl who wrote instructive letters were "Give Dayrolles a chair", not a sofa Lord Chesterfield 2000 DD: $2,000 3903-5 33576 THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS To prepare for war, "dig up" this ax; when you've made peace, you bury it again the hatchet 100 $100 5035-33 33577 WHO THE "H" ARE YOU? This menswear designer has a Tommy line for women, along with a Tommy Girl fragrance (Tommy) Hilfiger 1200 $400 4992-57 33578 HODGEPODGE Before this Italian city's Palio, a race around the main square, it's lucky for a horse to leave droppings in church * is right.

If I catch that horse he's in deep trouble.Siena 2000 $2000 3326-27 33579 BRAIN STRAIN The most common first name in the world is the name of this religious figure Mohammed 500 $500 5022-6 33580 SHAKESPEARE Some friend--he's the last to stab Julius Caesar and it's his idea that the conspirators wash their hands in Caesar's blood Brutus 200 $400 4982-0 33581 THOU CANST BIBLICALLY QUOTE ME (Alex: We want you to name the person who speaks the lines.) "The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat" Eve 100 $200 5100-10 33582 LAWN ORDER Karl Dahlman built a rotary-blade one of these machines that ran like a hovercraft, on a cushion of air a lawn mower 200 $400 3019-39 33583 1960 This New Zealander and conqueror of Mount Everest led a search for the Abominable Snowman Sir Edmund Hillary 1400 $400 5041-2 33584 SAMES NAMES AS THE JACKSON 5 First name of the actor who in 1972 said, "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" Marlon 100 $200 3069-15 33585 STATE CAPITALS In 1840 Jason Lee established a mission on the site of this future Oregon capital Salem 300 $300 5017-44 33586 "ME" IN THE MIDDLE From the Latin for "to form", it's something produced or only existing in someone's imagination a figment 1600 $1200 4966-23 33587 ONOMATOPOEIA You don't need to be crazy to know that this bird, Cuculus canorus, has an odd call a cuckoo 400 $800 3663-25 33588 SPORTSTALK (Alex: In which you have to identify the sport.) Corner, header, bicycle soccer 500 $500 4141-31 33589 ALL ABOUT FOOTBALL A football player's shirt, or the fabric from which it might be made a jersey 1200 $400 3634-39 33590 WRITERS The 1676 revised edition of his "Compleat Angler" included a new section on trout fishing Izaak Walton 1400 $400 4995-21 33591 BRITISH SPELLING BEE (Alex: You must spell each correct response the way the Brits do.) At the pub, it's beer from a keg, not a bottle D-R-A-U-G-H-T 400 $800 3278-36 33592 TOUGH CAPITALS Dhaka You were confusing it with Dakar.

Bangladesh 1400 $400 5072-36 33593 YOUNG PEOPLE WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE In 338 B.at age 18, he commanded the cavalry in his father's army in the Battle of Chaeronea in Macedonia He's the one.Alexander the Great 1400 $800 3305-0 33594 MORE FIRST LADIES In 1987 she published the book "Betty: A Glad Awakening" Betty Ford 100 $100 3071-51 33595 FUN WITH DICK and JANE The 2 actors seen here, they both played the same role on TV: Darrin Stephens Dick Sargent and Dick York 1800 DD: $3,000 2903-59 33596 "OLD" LIT In a 1979 Allan Gurganus bestseller, 99-year-old Lucy Marsden "tells all" as this title character The Oldest Living Confederate Widow 2000 $1000 3663-10 33597 CHINA In the 16th century Chinese play "Journey to the West", the hero seeks scriptures of this religion Buddhism 200 $200 5010-48 33598 THE HUMAN BODY It's the plural of a meninx, which helps cover the spinal cord the meninges 1800 $1600 5036-13 33599 SEANs, SHAWNs and SHAUNs Brother to Keenan Ivory and Damon Shawn Wayans 300 $600 3014-39 33600 ELVIS MOVIES Ronald Reagan's eldest child, she played the role of Lorraine in "Kissin' Cousins" Maureen Reagan 1400 $400 5095-30 33601 SHAKESPEARE In "Macbeth", among the items in this container are scale of dragon, tooth of wolf, tongue of dog and toe of frog the witch's cauldron 1200 $400 3621-34 33602 HARDPODGE Now a term for a political obstructionary tactic, it comes from a Dutch word meaning "pirate" Fillibuster 1200 $200 3010-0 33603 EXPLORERS In 1918 Roald Amundsen was attacked by one of these large white animals Polar bear 100 $100 5067-40 33604 PLAY BOY (Alex: We're going for the author here.) "After the Fall"and"The Crucible" (Arthur) Miller 1400 $800 2756-33 33605 BODIES OF WATER This South American river has more than a thousand known tributaries the Amazon 1200 $200 3288-13 33606 OF MEN and MICE Humans are of the order primates; mice are of this order rodents 300 $300 3017-37 33607 BAKER'S TREAT Unlike other kinds of this deep-fried treat, the "jelly" type usually doesn't have a hole in the middle Doughnut 1400 $400 5058-52 33608 COTE D'IVOIRE (Alex: The Ivory Coast.

) Though no longer the official capital, this city is still the commercial and cultural center Abidjan 1800 $1600 3332-52 33609 FAMOUS HOMES Now a memorial to him, his Arlington house was inherited by his wife, Mary Randolph Custis Robert E.Lee 1800 DD: $1,500 2900-17 33610 ON "Q" It's the term for the result when you divide one number by another Quotient 300 $300 3039-21 33611 "RED", "WHITE" and "BLUE" You look up the value of a used car in it Blue Book 400 $400 3312-28 33612 LET'S GO GOLFING The 18th hole of this famous European golf course is seen here St.Andrews 500 $500 4989-58 33613 THE CORONER STORE An acute disease of the lungs marked by difficult breathing and fever, lobar this, did the guy in pneumonia 2000 $2000 5094-45 33614 I'VE TRAVELED EACH and EVERY HIGHWAY Part of U.40 follows the route of this early 19th century road that began in Maryland Cumberland (or National) Road 1600 $1200 3295-44 33615 NEXT LINE, PLEASE Carroll:"Twas brillig, and the slithy toves.

" "Did gyre and gimble in the wabe" 1600 $600 3027-20 33616 STYLE The classic men's hat seen here, it was the trademark of saxophone great Lester Young Porkpie hat 400 DD: $600 3312-46 33617 TWO TICKETS TO PITTSBURGH You can ketchup with pops and classics in the Pittsburgh Symphony's hall, named for this family Heinz 1600 $600 3626-59 33618 WORDPLAY A contronym can mean 2 opposite things, like this word meaning "to adhere" and "to divide" Cleave 2000 $1000 3018-19 33619 THE "BLUES" Group heard here in a hit from the '80s: audio clue Less than a minute to go now, Ted - select again.The Moody Blues (Gemini Dreams) 400 DD: $1,000 3329-37 33620 SCIENCE and NATURE In 1991 radar images hinted that there was ice at the north pole of this inner planet Mercury 1400 $400 3178-1 33621 "ACE" IN THE HOLE Indiana's NBA team Indiana Pacers 100 $100 3064-24 33622 I WISH In a classic 1902 story by W.Jacobs, it's the sinister simian object that supposedly grants wishes I didn't know it either! The Monkey's Paw 500 $500 619-29 33623 THE MAIN INGREDIENT It's the #1 ingredient in A.steak sauce and Johnson's baby shampoo, too It's the No.Maureen? probably the main ingredient in my body.water 500 $500 5066-31 33624 ON THE WATERFRONT This port on the Tyrrhenian Sea is Sicily's capital and largest city Palermo 1200 $400 3862-39 33625 BIG APPLE SAUCE This "diabolical" area of Manhattan stretches from Eighth Avenue to the Hudson River Hell's Kitchen 1400 $400 3063-1 33626 PAIRS About this title pair, Sammy Cahn wrote, "You can't have one without the other" Love And Marriage 100 $100 3282-15 33627 COCKNEY RHYMING SLANG When I run out of bees and honey -- money -- I visit the iron tank -- this place Bank 300 $300 3280-12 33628 WHAT'S MY LINE? The builder of a ship's water heater, especially if he played for Purdue Boilermaker 300 $300 5067-59 33629 OF THE WESTERN WORLD This former name of Suriname reflected its status as a colony of the Netherlands Dutch Guiana 2000 $2000 5013-32 33630 THAT'S SO CONVENTIONAL! During the 1968 Democratic Convention in this city, antiwar protesters clashed violently with police Chicago 1200 $400 3287-58 33631 LITTLE DOG (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):This breed is named for the region of present-day Germany where it was first bred Pomeranian 2000 DD: $2,000 3625-5 33632 ATALANTA Atalanta was the daughter of Iasus, king of Arcadia, on this peninsula that was also home to Sparta Peloponnesus 100 $100 3027-42 33633 NONFICTION In the 1980s Robin Norwood had a bestseller with "Women Who" do this "Too Much" Love 1600 $600 3047-4 33634 WINE The Coonawarra is a top wine region in this down under country Australia 100 $100 3313-18 33635 SKYSCRAPERS BY CITY (Alex: We'll tell you the skyscraper, you identify the city) Pillsbury Building Minneapolis 400 $400 5028-21 33636 IT'S ALL A PLANT Arctic alpine plants include the saxifrage, whose roots manage to grow into these to anchor themselves rocks 400 $800 3322-17 33637 YOU'RE "NUT"s! The "English" type of this tree makes fine furniture and gunstocks Walnut 300 $300 3181-3 33638 ANIMALS The monkey-eating species of this bird lives in the Philippines; the bald species lives in the U.

the eagle 100 $100 3018-31 33639 AWARDS The Palme D'Or, awarded by this French city's film festival, comes from the city's coat of arms Cannes 1200 $200 3295-6 33640 FIRST LADIES In her memoirs, Julia Grant talked about the black Friday when Fisk and Gould tried to corner the market in this Gold 200 $200 3034-16 33641 the small screen Until this pair, never before had a big screen meerkat and warthog been given their own TV series Timon and Pumbaa 300 $300 3874-4 33642 CONVERSIONS 1 quart equals 2 of these Pints 100 $100 5103-17 33643 HEY, WHERE'D YOU "GO"? This type of animal torments Bill Murray in "Caddyshack" a gopher 300 $600 3278-18 33644 MEN OF LETTERS (Alex: We want you to identify authors known by their initials) Clive Staples.Lewis 400 $400 3282-23 33645 MAKING UP In the 1920s this immigrant from Russia revolutionized the way makeup was used in the movies Max Factor 400 $400 3180-43 33646 BOND GIRLS This "License To Kill" co-star seen here now has a license to practice "Law and Order": Carey Lowell 1600 $600 3311-58 33647 NEVER In "plain" language, Benjamin Disraeli used to say, "Never complain and never" do this Explain 2000 $1000 3179-54 33648 LOOK WHO'S TALKING, TOO Meursault The Stranger 2000 $1000 4317-4 33649 AMUSEMENT and THEME PARKS The Silver Star in Europa Park in Germany is billed as Europe's biggest and highest steel one of these a roller coaster 100 $200 3832-44 33650 LOOK WHO'S TALKING Meursault, whose mother might have died today, narrates this work The Stranger 1600 $600 3832-59 33651 GOIN' "PRO" The trade name for the drug fluoxetine, or Elizabeth Wurtzel's "nation" Prozac 2000 $1000 5053-41 33652 OLD, ODD and OBSCURE WORDS (Cheryl of the Clue Crew speaks from a library.

) In "Robinson Crusoe" the name of this amphibian means "a loop to hold a sword"; today it means this type of fastener a frog 1400 $800 3311-2 33653 AMERICA SINCE 1900 In 1941, after the National Labor Relations Act, Henry Ford had to accept these groups in his factories Unions 100 $100 3048-34 33654 19th CENTURY OPERA Sadly, most of this "Carmen" composer's opera "Clarissa Harlowe" is lost Georges Bizet 1200 $200 5103-57 33655 SMITH Economist Adam Smith is best known for "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of" this the Wealth of Nations 2000 $2000 5059-42 33656 SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN LIFE (Jimmy of the Clue Crew holds two plump dried squash-like fruits outside the Besh-Ba-Gowah Museum in Arizona.) Eating the pulp and using the rind as a container, the Native American Salado people of Arizona made full use of "cucurbits", a word from the Latin for this vessel Don't overcomplicate it; it's * .a gourd 1600 $1200 2909-19 33657 20th CENTURY POP CULTURE Founded in 1934, this corporation provides recorded music to subscribers like restaurants and supermarkets Muzak 400 $400 3288-54 33658 WORLD CITIES The rebuilt Imperial Palace in this city was home to only 2 emperors; Meiji moved the Imperial Palace to Tokyo Kyoto 2000 $1000 3064-16 33659 IMPORTED CUISINE Meaning "new cooking", this French phrase is used in America for light and freshly prepared dishes Nouvelle Cuisine 300 $300 4124-50 33660 THE BIBLE Published in 1989, the NRSV is short for this the New Revised Standard Version 1800 $1600 3111-0 33661 BUSINESS NEWS Be the first to find one of these in a Netscape program and they may give you $1,000 Bug 100 $100 3305-53 33662 "DEATH" PENALTY An author's last Italian holiday is the subject of this Thomas Mann novella Death In Venice 1800 $800 315-5 33663 WINE By French law, no drink may be sold as wine that is not exclusively made from these That's right.grapes 100 $100 3663-16 33664 CHINA His second name is Zedong in the Pinyin Romanization System, Tse-tung according to the older Wade-Giles Mao 300 $300 3662-54 33665 CELEBRATING THE IV With 60 years, Christian IV holds the record as the man who reigned the longest over this country Denmark 2000 $1000 3110-8 33666 OLD TESTAMENT NUDITY Shem and Japheth covered him up after Ham found him drunk and naked Noah 200 $200 3119-48 33667 PLAYS and PLAYWRIGHTS Since 1995 this South African in his 60s has acted in his own 2-person play "Valley Song" Athol Fugard 1800 $800 4995-57 33668 TALES In this Hesse work, Harry Haller meets a Doppelganger of himself named Hermine Steppenwolf 2000 $2000 3666-57 33669 FILMS OF THE '90s Writing credits for this film went to Jane Austen and Emma Thompson Sense and Sensibility 2000 DD: $1,600 3629-35 33670 QUASI-RELATED PAIRS Mr.

Flintstone and the first "Spice Girl" to quit the group Fred and Ginger 1200 $200 3325-39 33671 THE GOOD LIFE 6-letter word for a beauty treatment that covers the area from forehead to chin Facial 1400 $400 5003-21 33672 AMERICANA The National Prisoner of War Museum is adjacent to the site of this notorious Civil War prison Andersonville 400 $800 3048-56 33673 ACTORS and ROLE In a 1996 FOX TV movie based on a British series, the 2 actors seen here both played this time lord: Dr.Who 2000 $1000 3296-6 33674 BEVERLY HILLS (Alex: In honor of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year) This famous ZIP code reportedly has the largest number of bathrooms per household in the U.90210 200 $200 5013-19 33675 CARTOON MICE In 1975 Grape Ape and Mumbly teamed with this Hanna-Barbera cat and mouse duo but by December, the ape was out Tom and Jerry 400 $800 3063-36 33676 SCIENCE The name of this element comes from iris, "rainbow", and refers to its multi-hued compounds Iridium 1400 $400 3110-17 33677 5-LETTER WORDS Slang synonym for zero that also begins with "Z" Zilch 300 $300 5052-7 33678 LEFTOVERS This quarterback ran for a 4th quarter TD against USC to give Texas the national title in the 2006 Rose Bowl Vince Young 200 $400 3303-51 33679 THE ICU A neonatal ICU may contain several isolettes, a type of this chamber Incubator 1800 $800 5016-37 33680 HOLD ME CLOSER, TONY DANZA Tony got serious playing Jack Warden's role, Juror No.7, in the TV remake of this 1957 classic 12 Angry Men 1400 $800 5036-16 33681 NO.

BABY NAMES Perhaps a "Giant" acting icon helped this be the most popular name for 1950s boys For * Dean, yes.James 300 $600 5031-58 33682 LANDMARKS The official residence for the V.is on the grounds of the USNO, the United States Naval this Observatory 2000 $2000 2621-4 33683 THE 1840s In 1846, about 4,000 U.soldiers were posted on alert near this North American country Yes, if you can't get it north, go south.

Mexico 100 $100 4989-0 33684 DEAL OR NO DEAL (Alex: And we're gonna start you off with what looks to be a tribute to my friend Howie Mandel.) The USA said "Deal!" on April 30, 1803 when it agreed to pay France $15 million for this the Louisiana Purchase 100 $200 5103-2 33685 FUHGETTABOUDIT Want to marry this ex-wife of Burton, Todd, Hilton and Fisher? Fuhgettaboudit! She says she's staying single Elizabeth Taylor 100 $200 4985-49 33686 "DON'T" YOU KNOW THIS SONG? Elton John saw the light of the Top 5 with this song twice, in 1974 and 1992 "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" 1800 $1600 3119-25 33687 "YO"-YOS (Alex: Now wait a minute, hold everything right there, Kevin, please - I feel a little inadequate talking about yo-yos.Perhaps I could have an assistant: Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome the one and only "Mr.Yo-Yo Man"! - what's our next category?) A fox hunter shouts this to encourage the hounds, hoping to follow it with "Tallyho!" "Yoiks!" 500 $500 5060-48 33688 FRANZ FERDINAND (Alex: You're gonna notice a theme here, folks!) The empire to which Franz Ferdinand became heir in 1896 the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1800 $1600 5034-35 33689 "ITE"s NOT IN THE BIBLE These objects that fall from the heavens to smite the Earth are often fragments of asteroids meteorites 1200 $400 5034-25 33690 FICTIONAL MEN OF WAR On "M*A*S*H" this fictional military doctor's nickname was "Ferret Face" Frank Burns 500 $1000 5077-31 33691 SONG NAMES Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods: " , Don't Be A Hero" Billy 1200 $400 5087-18 33692 SAUDI ARABIA The eastern area called the Hasa borders the Persian Gulf; the Hejaz in the west is on this body of water the Red Sea 400 $800 3260-4 33693 TRUTH OR DARE Take off all your clothes, or name this "lady" who rode naked through Coventry Lady Godiva 100 $100 5086-11 33694 THE CANARY The world's largest canary diamond, a vivid yellow gem from South Africa, bears the name of this NYC jeweler Tiffany 200 $400 3108-8 33695 NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINES "Shot Dead By Federal Men In Front Of Movie Theatre" read his 1934 front-page obituary John Dillinger 200 $200 3296-20 33696 HITS OF THE '40S "You're nobody 'til somebody loves you" so do this "Find yourself somebody to love" 400 $400 3286-34 33697 AUTHORS' RHYME TIME Danielle's dinners Steel's meals 1200 $200 3020-49 33698 POP MUSIC Person to whom the following request is directed: audio clue Mr.Tambourine Man 1800 DD: $1,200 3630-14 33699 ANATOMY Human lungs have millions of these tiny air sacs, where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged Alveoli 300 $300 100004-17 33700 SMITHS This New York Daily News columnist once said that gossip is "news in a red satin dress" Liz Smith 300 600 4317-14 33701 MAY DAYS On May 10, 1869 the Jupiter and the 119 touched noses at this Utah "Point", completing the Transcontinental Railroad Promontory Point, Utah 300 $600 5058-51 33702 ADJECTIVE INSPIRERS To describe a society where the government knows everything about you, add -ian to the name of this British author Orwell 1800 DD: $3,000 3629-51 33703 WOMEN Chicago got its first black mayor, Harold Washington, 4 years after its first woman mayor, her Jane Byrne 1800 $800 5066-38 33704 ALL THE KING'S MEN A little birdie told me in 1669 Charles II gave him the important architectural job of Surveyor of the King's Works Christopher Wren 1400 $800 2737-15 33705 MORTAL MATTERS This explorers heart is buried in Chitambo, now in Zambia, his body in Westminster Abbey Livingstone 300 $300 4227-32 33706 UP and ATOM To study atoms you might use a scanning tunneling one of these pause 's acceptable, yes.

On clear days, Seattleites are fond of saying, "The mountain is out", meaning this mountain Mount Rainier 400 $800 5017-18 33708 1959's BESTSELLERS "Twixt Twelve and Twenty" was an advice book by this "April Love" singer Pat Boone 400 $800 621-33 33709 THE OLYMPICS # of events in the women's heptathlon 7 1200 $200 3668-11 33710 NOT A GREEK LETTER The dance of Xavier Cugat's life, he could do it to the letter rumba 200 $200 5059-15 33711 YOU CAN TELL BY THE WAY I USE MY "WALK" I'm.too sexy for this clue and I do my little turn on this narrow structure over a stage, yeah catwalk 300 $600 5097-22 33712 JEOP-POURRI South Dakota is the northern border of this state; Kansas is directly south Nebraska 400 $800 5044-25 33713 KIRSTEN, REESE OR SCARLETT (Alex: Dunst, Witherspoon, or Johansson.

) Born in the 1970s, she's the oldest Reese 500 $1000 3323-52 33714 QUOTATIONS In his preface to this work, Walt Whitman said, "The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem" Leaves Of Grass 1800 $800 3064-17 33715 THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS Name shared by a talking flower Alice meets and an Indian girl in "Peter Pan" We have less than a minute to go, Monica.Tiger Lily 300 $300 100013-24 33716 WORLD LEADERS On her death, James VI of Scotland moved to London and took over He became James I.Elizabeth I 500 1000 3296-16 33717 ETYMOLOGY A Chinese farmer named Bing developed his own species of these in Oregon in 1875 Cherries 300 $300 3019-28 33718 BEAUTY Advertised in face creams as well as beach products, SPF stands for this Sun Protection Factor 500 $500 3121-30 33719 WORLD GEOGRAPHY This Lebanese capital is connected by highway to Baghdad and Damascus Beirut 1200 $200 5030-40 33720 CROSSWORD CLUES "T" Revealing, like Poe's heart(4-4) tell-tale 1400 $800 5052-2 33721 DIAMONDS Now at the Smithsonian, it was called the "Blue Diamond of the Crown" when owned by Louis XIV the Hope Diamond 100 $200 3630-45 33722 EXPLORERS and TRAVELERS In 1799 Alexander Von Humboldt set out to prove the Orinoco connects to this longer river Amazon 1600 $600 3067-13 33723 IN THE BOOKSTORE "The Senator's Daughter" is a crime novel by Victoria, daughter of this finally-convicted "Teflon Don" John Gotti 300 $300 3669-49 33724 FAMOUS FOR 15 MINUTES We'd never really thought about Arkansas having nightclub singers till we first heard of this woman in 1992 Gennifer Flowers 1800 $800 3311-11 33725 READINGS FROM HOMER SIMPSON (Alex: All of the readings are from the works of the classic poet Homer, but they will be delivered by Homer Simpson - how appropriate, isn't it?) He's the god hitting the hay here:"Going up to the bed he slept and Hera of the gold throne beside him" Zeus 200 $200 3100-5 33726 3-LETTER WORDS Tongues and tails do it Wag 100 $100 3631-59 33727 IF THEY MARRIED.If Michelle and John Phillips' daughter wed screenwriter Robert, she'd have this name, like his 1974 Oscar-winning screenplay Chyna Towne 2000 $1000 3297-44 33728 THE WORLD OF ISLAM Granada, Spain is home to this fortress-palace, the most beautiful example of western Islamic architecture The Alhambra 1600 $600 2736-42 33729 SPANISH CTIES Though born in Linares, guitarist Andres shared his name with this Spanish city Segovia 1600 $600 5073-6 33730 YOU'RE HISTORY! This fighter for a woman's right to vote died in 1906, 14 years before the 19th Amendment made her dream a reality Susan B.Anthony 200 $400 3674-54 33731 "HAMLET" (Alex: The play, of course) At Hamlet's death, he says, "Good night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!" Horatio 2000 $1000 5053-44 33732 EXTREMELY BAD HISTORICAL POETRY In days of old, this knight was bold, in the 17th century scene / On muddy ground, his cloak was found / Like his head in 1618 Sir Walter Raleigh 1600 $1200 3010-5 33733 RICH and FAMOUS In 1968 this future presidential candidate's stock in E.

made him a billionaire Ross Perot 100 $100 5047-32 33734 JEOPORTMANTEAU! (Alex: Each correct response will be two words joined together.(Alex: Now, a further explanation on the * .

" For instance, if we said, "Salt companion and sweat," you would say, "What is pepperspiration?" That's an example.) Commander-in-chief plus a job with teeth presidentist 1200 $400 617-39 33735 TV COMMERCIALS If you don't believe this "Softens hands while you do dishes", ask Madge Palmolive 1400 $400 5097-39 33736 A FEW GOOD MEN Democracy activist Kim Dae-Jung, this nation's 8th president, was the 1st to take power in transition fron the ruling party South Korea 1400 $800 5023-58 33737 AN ATOMIC CATEGORY These subatomic particles come in 6 flavors, including up, down and strange quarks 2000 $2000 100005-47 33738 KINGS NAMED ED Edward IV's symbol wasn't the tulip, though he fled to Holland before returning to fight this war War of the Roses 1600 1500 3635-23 33739 COMPLETES THE PROVERB (Alex: I hope you know your proverbs!) "A place for everything, and." Everything in its place 400 $400 3628-16 33740 BOASTING In 1990 he boasted that if attacked, he would turn the Saudi oil fields into "A sea of fire" Saddam Hussein 300 $300 100005-28 33741 DESIGN 2 of the 3 classical orders of columns developed by the Greeks Doric, Ionic and Corinthian 500 1000 5041-13 33742 BOBBLEHEAD REVISITED Whether bobbling or not, this title movie character gave us a frighteningly close encounter Alien 300 $600 5055-32 33743 THE TESTAMENT (Alex: You have to tell us what Biblical book each quote is from.

) "Then said the Lord unto Moses, behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you" Exodus 1200 $400 3066-0 33744 BOOKS ON SPORTS In "Deep Water Passage", Ann Linnea describes kayaking all the way around this largest Great Lake Lake Superior 100 $100 5070-57 33745 "U"-ENDING CREATURES This category could run from the akiapolaau, a Hawaiian bird, to this member of the cattle familhy in India a zebu 2000 $2000 3876-49 33746 SEEMS LIKE ANCIENT TIMES At the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, this structure was a heap of ashes from old sacrifices Altar 1800 $800 5015-33 33747 "SOLE" TRAIN No longer in general use; out of date obsolete 1200 $400 3330-31 33748 1989 FILMS Production designer Anton Furst won an Oscar for this film's atmospheric Gotham City Batman 1200 $200 2906-40 33749 CLASSICAL COMPOSERS Although he was known as "The Waltz King", his father also composed waltzes -- 152 of them Johann Strauss 1400 $400 5097-52 33750 HOW ABOUT A COCKTAIL? Beef bouillon and vodka are mixed together with salt and pepper to form this "beastly" cocktail a bullshot 1800 $1600 3066-43 33751 DOWN UNDER Japanese bombs and a 1974 cyclone have slowed the "evolution" of this city on the north coast Darwin 1600 $600 3108-16 33752 BUGS This large hairy spider is named for a wolf spider found near the Italian town of Taranto Tarantula 300 $300 5034-1 33753 FICTIONAL MEN OF WAR Sylvester Stallone played this troubled ex-commando loner in 3 hit films Rambo 100 $200 1871-0 33754 EUROPEAN HISTORY His family became Christian, but this Viking explorer nicknamed "the Red" remained a pagan Erik the Red 100 $100 3034-7 33755 mini-mountains L.'s Mount Lee is the home of this 50' tall, 450' long sign "Hollywood" 200 $200 3280-26 33756 WHO'S LAUGHING NOW? This Australian native, heard here, is also known as the laughing jackass bird Kookaburra 500 $500 5036-49 33757 WE LOVE BROADWAY Love means never having to say you're sorry you saw this movie actress make her stage debut in "Festen" in 2006 Ali McGraw 1800 $1600 3635-55 33758 BREAKFAST Perhaps German for "mixture" or "mush", it's a cereal of oats, raisins, nuts and bran mixed together Muesli 2000 $1000 5003-42 33759 SIR WALTER SCOTT'S PERSONALITY PARADE It was no "Modest Proposal" when Sir Walter Scott edited a 19-volume edition of this "Tale of a Tub" satirist But you never know.(Jonathan) Swift 1600 DD: $1,000 4985-47 33760 4-LETTER FRIENDS The first name of actress Sheedy, pronounced differenty ally 1600 $1200 5016-31 33761 HOLD ME CLOSER, TONY DANZA Quick! It was the first name of Tony's character on "Taxi" Tony 1200 $400 5014-37 33762 HAD A DOG The techichi, a small dog prized by the Toltecs, was the ancestor of this even smaller dog a Chihuahua 1400 $800 5023-51 33763 MEASUREMENT (Jon of the Clue Crew uses a map and compass.

) To reach my destination, I need to find this measure of angular direction; here, the one I want is 40 degrees from magnetic north bearing 1800 $1600 5023-53 33764 WHAT THE "H" To celebrate the bicentennial of Andrew Jackson's birth, Lyndon Johnson visited this mansion in March 1967 the Hermitage 1800 $1600 3271-14 33765 SINGERS She and husband Bobby Brown have "Something In Common": that was the duet they sang on his 1992 album Whitney Houston 300 $300 3144-15 33766 FLINCHIUS THE GLADIATOR Flinchius calls it his office, but it's the better known name for the Flavian amphitheater where he fights the Colosseum 300 $300 3635-40 33767 THE NUN'S STORY 12th century nun Heloise penned her famous love letters to this man, himself a monk Peter Abelard 1400 $400 3175-22 33768 HOT SPOTS OF THE '80s Accusing this nation of backing terrorism, the U.closed May 6, 1981 Libya 400 $400 3070-28 33769 INTERNATIONAL POTPOURRI The Ivory Coast is next to this African country once known as the Gold Coast Ghana 500 $500 3284-8 33770 RETIRED JERSEYS San Francisco 49ers No.

16 Joe Montana 200 $200 3622-16 33771 AIRPORT CODES (Alex: We will give you the airport code, you have to identify the major city served by that airport) In the Midwest:MKE Milwaukee 300 $300 3020-5 33772 OXYMORONS Colossal and jumbo are oxymoronic sizes of this crustacean Shrimp 100 $100 3629-25 33773 TELEVISION On "The Simpsons", the chief executive of Springfield is this corrupt mayor nicknamed Diamond Joe Mayor Quimby 500 $500 5074-37 33774 LIGHTS, CAMERA, KIDS This actor's band has appeared on "So Little Time" as well as on his show with Josh Peck Drake Bell 1400 $800 5051-33 33775 FAMOUS LASS WORDS Marie Curie said, "The importance of" this element "from the viewpoint of general theories has been decisive" The Curies were working a great deal with * .radium 1200 $400 3340-52 33776 "AA" Tanzania's capital is Dar es this Salaam 1800 $800 2900-58 33777 SOUTH AMERICAN CAPITALS Fueled by the oil industry, this capital has sprawled into the state of Miranda Caracas, Venezuela 2000 $1000 3903-37 33778 CLIMBING Face and crack climbing are two types of this popular activity seen here rock climbing 1400 $400 3259-8 33779 A CAPITAL IDEA Empress Taitu chose the name of this Ethiopian capital; it means "new flower" Addis Ababa 200 $200 3018-38 33780 HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES On the feast of St.Francis of Assisi people bring these to priests to have them blessed Animals 1400 $400 5006-8 33781 NATIONAL PARKS You don't need a fishing license to fish in the Green River in this "cavernous" Kentucky park Mammoth Cave 200 $400 3047-55 33782 MONTREALERS He was a noted poet before writing moody songs like the following: "Everybody knows, the war is over." If I said another one of his songs was "Suzanne Takes Your Hand", would you have gotten it? Leonard Cohen 2000 DD: $1,000 3109-43 33783 FILM BIOGRAPHIES This 1987 film about Ritchie Valens took its title from one of Valens' hit records La Bamba 1600 $600 5060-0 33784 AROUND SWEDEN At Malmo, the Oresund Bridge joins Denmark and Sweden for the 1st time since 7,000 years ago during one of these ages an ice age 100 $200 3631-20 33785 IDAHO'S GLORIOUS PAST This resort seen here was developed in the 1930s by the Union Pacific Railroad: Sun Valley 400 $400 3326-43 33786 CELEBRITY BOOKS "Holiday In Your Heart", about a young country singer, was co-written by this teen country sensation LeAnn Rimes 1600 $600 3151-56 33787 FAMOUS FRENCHMEN This director of the "New Wave" film "Breathless" once wrote under the psuedonym Hans Lucas Jean-Luc Godard 2000 $1000 3107-58 33788 FROM CLASSICAL TUNES Songs from this musical, including "Stranger In Paradise", come from Borodin pieces Kismet 2000 $1000 3627-40 33789 LITERARY HODGEPODGE If you want to know more about this "Tobacco Road" author, head for his museum in Moreland, Georgia Erskine Caldwell 1400 $400 3005-8 33790 CROSSWORD CLUES "U" Got Milk! (5) Udder 200 $200 3006-19 33791 SAUCE The name of this wine sauce served on meats betrays its point of origin, Bordeaux Bordelaise sauce 400 $400 3870-8 33792 FIRST MAN IN SPACE FROM.Marc Garneau headed south from this country to head up from Cape Canaveral in 1984 Canada 200 $200 620-50 33793 RELIGION For a Buddhist, this blessed state ends the cycle of death and rebirth Nirvana 1800 $800 5075-26 33794 LET'S PLAY A GAME Find out which of Mr.

Boddy's guests murdered him in his own mansion and with what weapon in this classic mystery game Clue 500 $1000 3038-35 33795 WORD ORIGINS Hey, Lassie, the name of this dog breed may come from a Scottish word meaning "sooty with coal dust" Collie 1200 $200 619-55 33796 CONSTELLATIONS When a constellation "culminates", it has reached this the highest point in the sky 2000 $1000 5071-20 33797 NUMBER, PLEASE By a cumulative count, you get a total of 364 gifts in this song, including 42 swans "The 12 Days of Christmas" 400 $800 3875-38 33798 ITALIAN CITIES Mussolini founded the Fascist party in this city, but keep it under your hat Milan 1400 $400 5080-59 33799 WOLF In this 104 Jack London tale, Wolf Larsen captains a ship called the Ghost The Sea Wolf 2000 $2000 3108-2 33800 NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINES An exclamation point was warranted for the "End Of" This! in 1918 World War I 100 $100 3028-20 33801 1970 This Osaka event lasted March 15-Sept.13 and had as many as 835,000 visitors in one day the World's Fair 400 $400 3282-40 33802 WHICH CAME FIRST? (Alex: Chronologically) The Tony, The Grammy, The Oscar, The Emmy The Oscar 1400 $400 3015-49 33803 SPEARS The famous formation of Greek foot soldiers who carried spears up to 20 feet long Phalanx 1800 $800 3118-5 33804 GO TO "H" Buzz in when you know this one -- in ancient times, this sweet, sticky liquid was used to treat wounds Honey 100 $100 3622-28 33805 AIRPORT CODES (Alex: We will give you the airport code, you have to identify the major city served by that airport) A man's initials, CDG, stand for this city's airport Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport) 500 DD: $700 5043-1 33806 HERE'S LOOKING AT "U", KID This term for any ideal or perfect place comes from the title of Thomas More's opus utopia 100 $200 3293-54 33807 HISTORIC NAMES This Austrian archduchess' 1736 marriage established the house of Hapsburg-Lorraine Maria Theresa 2000 $1000 4979-7 33808 LET'S GET MARRIED IN VEGAS! Maiden name of the blushing bride seen here after her 1967 wedding at the Aladdin (Priscilla) Beaulieu 200 $400 3061-4 33809 HUMOR Only a groan man should attempt this "lowest form of wit" Pun 100 $100 3026-3 33810 TAKE IN ORDER (Alex: You have to take the clues in this category in order.) Supplementary statistics stuck onto the back of a book an appendix 100 $100 5089-46 33811 CAPITAL PUNISHMENT With large flower markets, its capital city of Bern has been the most flower-decorated city in Europe Switzerland 1600 $1200 4992-41 33812 WHAT THE "H"? A sleeper, a hammerlock or an ankle lock a (wrestling) hold 1400 $800 5035-10 33813 FACT On a traditional Snellen one of these, the 9 letters on the 11th line are P E Z O L C F T D an eye chart 200 $400 3121-24 33814 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION Benjamin Harrison was a member of the first one of these bodies that met for the first time in 1774 Continental Congress 500 $500 3862-46 33815 THE ONE and ONLY On October 8, 1956 this Yankee became the first and only player to pitch a perfect game in the World Series Don Larsen 1600 $600 3279-29 33816 FABULOUS BAKER BOYS He's the Baker who played drums for Cream Ginger Baker 500 $500 3673-44 33817 DRAMA QUEENS A 1952 play covered the young life of this queen, like a 1998 Cate Blanchett film Elizabeth I 1600 $600 2902-10 33818 SCIENCE It's the ratio of the amount of water vapor in the air to the amount the air can hold at that temperature Relative humidity 200 $200 3871-32 33819 WOMEN In 1982 her workout video was the bestselling video to that date Jane Fonda 1200 $200 4982-20 33820 YOU SAY TOMATO The Italians call the tomato "pomodoro", meaning "golden" one of these fruits apple 400 $800 3296-42 33821 NORTH BY NORTHWEST This "grand" island popular with tourists is found in the extreme north of the West Indies We were going for the one island, not the whole group Grand Bahama Island 1600 $600 2893-32 33822 ANIMALS This Arctic bear's feet are webbed and have hairy soles Polar bear 1200 $200 3327-51 33823 TOWERS This Chicago media company's Gothic tower doesn't quite put the Sears Tower in the shade the Tribune Company 1800 $800 4977-39 33824 CROCODILE ROCK Crocodiles are unique among reptiles in that they have 4-chambered ones of these organs the heart 1400 $800 3327-54 33825 WATERS OF THE BODY The venom from a snakebite gets into the bloodstream via this fluid-carrying system the lymphatic system 2000 $1000 3282-58 33826 WHICH CAME FIRST? (Alex: Chronologically) John Wilkes Booth, Junius Booth, Edwin Booth, Shirley Booth Junius Booth 2000 $1000 3667-23 33827 BROWNSVILLE The umber pigment can be "raw" or this burnt 400 $400 5033-48 33828 BRITISH POETS and POETRY She described her 1840s poem "A Vision of Poets" as "philosophical, allegorical, anything but popular" Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1800 $1600 3321-5 33829 THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH We shorten this to ad; the British shorten it to advert Advertisement 100 $100 2908-19 33830 POP-ROCK In 1974 this singer had her first No.1 hit with "I Honestly Love You" Olivia Newton-John 400 $400 3064-54 33831 ACTORS and ACTRESSES Before her "bewitch"ing role as Samantha'a mother Endora, she played Orson Welles' mother in "Citizen Kane" Agnes Moorehead 2000 $1000 3036-31 33832 ART You can't make a genuine tempera painting without breaking these eggs 1200 $200 3340-6 33833 LIFE AFTER APPOMATTOX In 1877 this former President retired to an estate near Biloxi to write "Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government" Jefferson Davis 200 $200 3063-40 33834 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY On July 19, 1970, after 70 years of business, this chocolate company ran its first consumer ad Hershey's 1400 $400 3171-47 33835 SHAKESPEAREAN ANAGRAMS It's the title town where Timon's found, we hasten to tell you Athens (hasten) 1600 $600 3633-41 33836 EDIBLE RESPONSES Dr.Scholl has a "Cushlin Gel" pad to relieve you from the pain of one of these Corn 1400 $400 3011-43 33837 TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLPARK On May 4, 1984 Dave Kingman hit a ball through the roof of this Twins park but was only credited with a double Metrodome 1600 $600 3103-7 33838 NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES A former foreign editor of Time magazine founded this rival of Time in 1933 Newsweek 200 $200 3329-3 33839 SLOGANEERING This "good" soup became "M'm! M'm! Better!" Campbell's soup 100 $100 5073-7 33840 PLAY THIS It's off to Skull Island for Peter Jackson's official video game adaptation of this ape movie King Kong 200 $400 5011-15 33841 5 RHYMES (Alex: Each correct response will rhyme with the word "five.

") Herb with a strong onion flavor chive 300 $600 5091-38 33842 OPERA His opera "Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg" was inspired by Hans Sachs, who wrote more than 4,200 Meisterlieder Wagner 1400 $800 5041-37 33843 HOME RUN SLUGGERS As of opening day 2006, Carlos Delgado is the last to hit this record-tying number of homers in a game 4 1400 $800 5023-9 33844 ON THE "SPIT" It's another name for a cuspidor a spittoon 200 $400 3635-28 33845 HOLLYWOOD BLVD.Cybill Shepherd has sung in this hotel's Cinegrill Roosevelt Hotel 500 $500 3278-14 33846 WORD ORIGINS This word for a swinging cot is derived from Spanish and from the Taino language of the West Indies Hammock 300 $300 3120-46 33847 WHAT'S THE MATTER? Barbie, A Mastercard, Modern piano keys Plastic 1600 $600 3309-45 33848 MOVIE CHARACTERS (Alex: You have to name the movie) Stacy Hamilton, Jeff Spicoli, Mr.Hand Fast Times At Ridgemont High 1600 $600 3293-3 33849 BRITISH FICTIONAL CHARACTERS Disraeli created Vivian Grey; he created Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde 100 $100 2737-46 33850 WEIGHTS and MEASURES Gold of this many karats is 3/4 pure 18 1600 $600 3288-15 33851 ANOTHER NAME FOR A woodchuck is also known as a whistle pig and more commonly as this Ggoundhog 300 $300 3666-46 33852 FUN WITH AREA CODES The number of Boeing's first Trijet; you'd use it to dial St.Petersburg, Florida on one of its airfones 727 1600 $600 4989-50 33853 SHAKESPEARE'S OPENING LINES Leonato:"I learn in this letter that Don Pedro of Arragon comes this night to Messina" And therefore there will be * .

Much Ado About Nothing 1800 $1600 5061-14 33854 THE KING JAMES BIBLE TELLS ME SO Genesis 4:"And the Lord set a mark upon" this man, "lest any finding him should kill him" Cain 300 $600 5019-8 33855 TOOLS (Jon of the Clue Crew inserts a Phillips head screwdriver into a screw.) With its quick alignment, the Phillips head screw is designed to help in mass production; it first became standard in this industry the automotive industry 200 $400 4976-6 33856 HIDE and SIKH After cremation Sikh ashes are preferably scattered in one of the 7 sacred ones of these, like the Yamuna a river 200 $400 2897-51 33857 ADVERTISING 10-letter term for the person who prepares the text of an ad Copywriter 1800 $800 5061-7 33858 PUNCH LINES After losing the title to Gene Tunney in 1926, he told his wife Estelle, "Honey, I just forgot to duck" Jack Dempsey 200 $400 3327-23 33859 DOESN'T RHYME WITH SQUAT In "Camelot", he has a romance with Guenevere King Arthur 400 $400 5076-26 33860 BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS (Alex: In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have.) A rare male victim of breast cancer, this actor who played John Shaft in 1971 gave the disease the "shaft" Richard Roundtree 500 $1000 3027-6 33861 THE COD Of up to 8,000, 80,000 or 8,000,000, the number of eggs one cod may spawn at one time 8,000,000 200 $200 2908-57 33862 ATLANTA This agency of the U.Public Health Service found the causes of Legionnaires' Disease and Toxic Shock Syndrome CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 2000 $1000 3635-41 33863 AUDREY HEPBURN (Alex: And the common theme linking all of them.

) Like Anne Frank, who was a month younger, Audrey spent much of World War II in this country Holland/The Netherlands 1400 $400 5035-20 33864 HERBS and SPICES Its seeds are found on rye bread and its essential oil is used in kummel liqueur carraway 400 $800 3628-4 33865 BOASTING This champion boasted, "They all will fall in the round I call" and "It ain't braggin' if you can do it" Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) 100 $100 3288-32 33866 SPEAK OF THE DICKENS In "Bleak House", Chapter 3, Dickens calls this weather condition "A London particular" fog 1200 $200 3006-0 33867 EUROPEAN GEOGRAPHY Dracula could tell you that Walachia and Transylvania are regions of this country Romania 100 $100 5001-31 33868 CAMEO CAMERA He got himself into "Lifeboat" as the before and after in newspaper ads for Reduco the Obesity Slayer Alfred Hitchcock 1200 $400 3037-54 33869 TV THAT'S NOT AS GOOD FOR YOU C.Parker, a former Texas Ranger, owns a saloon frequented by this title character Walker, Texas Ranger 2000 $1000 3290-42 33870 PLAYS and PLAYWRIGHTS His play "Glengarry Glen Ross" had its world premiere at the National Theatre in London in 1983 David Mamet 1600 $600 3670-4 33871 NECKWARE A fur wrap, or what you did if you illegally took one Stole 100 $100 5076-20 33872 BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS (Alex: In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have.) This feminist felt women were so excluded from health care research, even the experimental mice were male No, not Betty Friedan.Gloria Steinem 400 $800 3266-50 33873 10-LETTER COUNTRIES This grand duchy is actually smaller than the same-named Belgian province it borders Luxembourg 1800 DD: $2,000 4988-44 33874 SCIENCE CLASS (Kelly of the Clue Crew drops a raisin into a glass and watches it bob back up.

) A raisin in soda sinks because it's denser, and it rises because CO2 pockets make it more this, from the Spanish for "float" buoyant 1600 $1200 3308-22 33875 ON THE ROCKS This variety of quartz is a beautiful birthstone Amethyst 400 $400 3303-4 33876 TBA White smoke rising from the Vatican announces the election of a new one of these Pope 100 $100 3322-27 33877 TV CHARACTERS (Alex: You'll have to name the show) Roger Thomas, Dwayne Clemens, Freddie "Rerun" Stubbs What's Happening 500 $500 3294-15 33878 STORES WITHOUT WALLS You can buy tents and sleeping bags online at Idaho-based "A Happy" this Camper 300 $300 4123-36 33879 THE FIRTH OF FORTH Abundant in the Gulf of St.Lawrence and the Firth of Forth are gannets, which are these (sea) birds 1400 $800 5078-29 33880 I'D RATHER "NOT" One of Jean-Paul Sartre's best-known works is "Being and" this Nothingness 500 $1000 3151-47 33881 BLESS YOU Term for Jesus' 8 statements beginning with "Blessed are the poor in spirit." the Beatitudes 1600 $600 3277-55 33882 1988 On March 16 this rear admiral was indicted for his role in the Iran/Contra affair John Poindexter 2000 $1000 3314-20 33883 SUSHI The topping seen here is ikura, made of these from a salmon Roe 400 $400 3017-44 33884 A STUDY IN SCARLET A scarlet woman in "Shanghai Express", she was Catherine the Great in "The Scarlet Empress" Marlene Dietrich 1600 $600 4988-48 33885 BIBLICAL CITIES On the road to this city, Paul was stuck blind for 3 days; he later preached there Damascus 1800 $1600 314-45 33886 2ND CENTURY This civilization's pyramids and hieroglyphic writing were making their initial appearance Mayans 1600 $600 2904-20 33887 C'EST CHEESE This "Agricultural Worker" cheese is a variety of cottage cheese that's pressed into a loaf Farmer cheese 400 $400 3033-24 33888 U.20, 1993 he became a former president George H.Bush 500 $500 3298-12 33889 PROVINCES (Alex: We'll give you the provinces, you name the country) Guantanamo and La Habana Cuba 300 $300 2736-28 33890 FURNITURE The use of this, this decorative wood glued to a backing of ordinary wood, goes back to ancient Egypt veneer 500 $500 5023-0 33891 ANNUAL EVENTS A highlight of Nebraskaland days in North Platte is the pro rodeo named for this Wild West showman Buffalo Bill 100 $200 5055-19 33892 SONG TITLES David Bowie:"Diamond " Dogs 400 $800 5030-5 33893 THE "IZE" HAVE IT To cause a boat to overturn capsize 100 $200 4201-20 33894 EAT YOUR VEGGIES! Red globes are radishes; yellow and white globes are varieties of this veggie onion 400 $800 4340-6 33895 WORLD OF AUTHORS (Alex: You have to name the country the author was originally from) T.Eliot United States 200 $400 5080-41 33896 WOLF The dominant male and female wolves in a pack are designated with this Greek letter alpha 1400 $800 4984-5 33897 "SOFT" Type of crab or clam soft shell 100 $200 3060-13 33898 PRESIDENTS' MONOGRAMS RWR Ronald Wilson Reagan 300 $300 4995-23 33899 A VISIT TO INTEL CORP.

(Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, CA.) To check for defects or design issues on a chip, Intel uses this type of microscope that beams subatomic particles on its subject an electron microscope 400 $800 5092-49 33900 COMPOSERS ON FILM Tom Drake in "Words and Music" (Hint: Mickey Rooney played his partner Lorenz Hart) (Richard) Rodgers 1800 $1600 3018-42 33901 AMERICAN HERSTORY The founder of Hull House, her bust is in the Hall of Fame for Great Americans Jane Addams 1600 $600 3068-32 33902 HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY Polk offered Spain $100 million for this island 90 miles from Florida; Pierce offered $120 million Spain said no both times.Cuba 1200 $200 3028-15 33903 BROKEN ENGLISH In a Tennyson poem, the Lady of Shalott's mirror did this "from side to side" when Lancelot appeared crack'd 300 $300 2903-55 33904 AWARDS This Civil War historian won a 1954 Pulitzer Prize for his book "A Stillness At Appomattox" Bruce Catton 2000 $1000 2898-18 33905 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD Bratislava, capital of this eastern neighbor of the Czech Republic, was known as Pressburg until 1919 Slovakia 400 $400 2908-6 33906 AUGUST On August 12, 1867 President Johnson named this Civil War general his new Secretary of War Ulysses S.Grant 200 $200 2908-56 33907 INTERIOR DESIGN This Chinese method arranges furniture and artifacts within a space for the smoothest energy flow Feng shui 2000 $1000 5074-24 33908 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS In "Alice in Wonderland", it "vanished quite slowly.ending with the grin, which remained some time" Cheshire Cat 500 $1000 3262-16 33909 CELEBRITY RELATIVES Her mother originated the column of household hints that she took over at age 26 in 1977 Heloise 300 $300 5048-21 33910 MIDDLE ENGLISH CLASS From Middle English for "to chop", it means to bargain over a price You're stretching the pronunciation just a little bit.

haggle 400 $800 3281-55 33911 EDUCATION In 1633 this Dutch company established the first school in New Amsterdam West India Company 2000 $1000 4137-35 33912 ENTERPRISE The B and N in stand for these 2 names Barnes and Noble 1200 $400 3048-4 33913 SHARKS! All sharks have at least one dorsal fin and one caudal fin, better known as this Tail 100 $100 4975-36 33914 HOTEL CALIFORNIA What a nice surprise! This San Diego island hotel known as "The Del" was the backdrop for "Some Like It Hot" And that is the famous * .Hotel del Coronado 1400 $800 3179-4 33915 POTENT POTABLES The fermented drink called perry is the pear-based counterpart of this "hard" apple drink Cider 100 $100 100008-51 33916 THE NEW WORLD This Russian capital of Alaska was originally called New Archangel Sitka 1800 2000 4198-0 33917 PHYSICS It's compressed to run a pneumatic device like a jackhammer air 100 $200 5001-26 33918 OK COMPUTER It can be a hiding place for food or treasure, or a place for memory on a computer's motherboard a cache 500 $1000 4595-31 33919 THE STING Most bar recipes for the stinger call for the white version of this potent potable, not the green Creme de Mint 1200 $400 3832-5 33920 TERMS OF ENDEARMENT It's made by bees and is an important food for bears and badgers Honey 100 $100 5098-2 33921 HODGEPODGE He's Butt-Head's partner in the cartoon Beavis 100 $200 3674-3 33922 "U" WHO When the new "Love Boat" set sail in 1998, this "Vega$" star was in the captain's seat Robert Urich 100 $100 2909-23 33923 REDUNDANCY and REPETITION The name of this site includes the Spanish word for tar, so L.tourists are visiting the the tar tar pits La Brea Tar Pits 400 $400 3061-42 33924 WORLD GEOGRAPHY The Atlantic and Indian Oceans are separated by a line from Antarctica to Cape Agulhas on this continent Africa 1600 $600 5085-33 33925 TECH TONIC The "Shuffle", "Nano" and "Photo" are versions of this Apple music player the iPod 1200 $400 5035-2 33926 HERBS and SPICES It's been said that sneezewort, used as this to induce sneezing, "cleanses the head of tough slimy humours" Sniffs Atchoo.a snuff 100 $200 5016-47 33927 CITY OF THE DAY: MILWAUKEE The high culture of a 19th century immigrant group got Milwaukee the nickname "Deutsche Athen", meaning this the German Athens 1600 $1200 3103-54 33928 VERONICA She played the TV public defender who liked to hang around Hill Street Station Veronica Hamel 2000 $1000 3313-41 33929 SAY IT IN ENGLISH Vox populi I'm looking at the judges, and they accept your answer Voice of the people 1400 $400 5035-13 33930 FIRST LADIES' FATHERS John Payne, a Virginia plantation owner Dolley Madison 300 $600 2735-27 33931 VERMONTERS At age 15 this future New York Tribune editor was apprenticed to a printer in East Poultney Horace Greeley 500 $500 3312-53 33932 QUASI-RELATED PAIRS TV "Wiseguy" Wahl and Nazi war criminal Klaus Ken and Barbee 1800 $800 4987-6 33933 18th CENTURY AMERICA In 1792 Robert Thomas founded this almanac that contained useful weather info; the "Old" was added later The Farmers' Almanac 200 $400 5015-15 33934 YOU'RE A BEAST! The ultimate hitchhikers, remora are also known as these fish because they attach themselves to other fish sucker fish 300 $600 5051-26 33935 THROW IT HERE In 1915 he became the first president to attend the World Series and to throw out the first pitch during a Series game (Woodrow) Wilson 500 $1000 2901-41 33936 POT LUCK From the French for "disguise", it's used by the military for concealing people or things from the enemy Camouflage 1400 $400 4970-48 33937 APRIL FOOL'S DAY BABIES Born April 1, 1578, he was the first to determine how blood circulated through the body and the heart William Harvey 1800 $1600 3064-36 33938 ACTORS and ACTRESSES Clark Gable co-starred with her in "No Man Of Her Own" in 1932 and married her a few years later Carole Lombard 1400 $400 3036-47 33939 COLLEGE MASCOTS (Alex: We will show you the mascot, you identify the school for us, please.) video clue the University of Texas 1600 $600 3674-55 33940 COUNTRY MUSIC STARS He was born Harold Lloyd Jenkins, but we know him better by this name Conway Twitty 2000 $1000 3258-37 33941 BROADWAY MUSICALS Natasha Richardson sallied forth as Sally Bowles in the 1998 revival of this musical Cabaret 1400 $400 3260-17 33942 HORSING AROUND Oscar Wilde called this sport seen here "The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable" Fox hunting 300 $300 3667-16 33943 MOTHER GOOSE He "Kissed the girls and made them cry" and ran away "when the boys came out to play" Georgie Porgie 300 $300 2736-1 33944 HOLIDAYS and OBSERVANCES Presidents' Day is observed on the third Monday in this month February 100 $100 5096-45 33945 TORAH! TORAH! TORAH! The Torah-reading pointer is called a yad, Hebrew for this, also what Moses stretched forth in Exodus 10:22 a hand 1600 $1200 5082-36 33946 AFRICAN-AMERICAN AUTHORS The author of the 1st entirely self-written slave narrative was named Gustavus Vassa, for a king of this country Sweden 1400 $800 3108-14 33947 NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINES "Thousands Trapped In The Subways; Looters And Vandals Hit" were banners when this hit NYC in July 1977 Blackout 300 $300 2896-27 33948 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES The university of this state at Machias is the easternmost 4-year college in the U.Maine 500 $500 3031-47 33949 "CROSS"TALK When this CNN debate series debuted in 1982, Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden were its hosts Crossfire 1600 $600 3014-40 33950 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES At the 1997 Rose Bowl, Ohio State handed this school's Sun Devils their only loss of the season Arizona State 1400 $400 3293-36 33951 HISTORIC NAMES He abdicated the Russian throne in 1917, a year before he and his family were executed Nicholas II 1400 $400 5100-39 33952 BESTSELLERS This controversial bestseller by Dan Brown begins with a murder in the Louvre Oh, you're drawing a blank at the wrong time.

Sam or Kathryn, either of you want to ring in? Oh, you can't think of * , either.The Da Vinci Code 1400 $800 3313-0 33953 SKYSCRAPERS BY CITY (Alex: We'll tell you the skyscraper, you identify the city) New York-New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas 100 $100 3064-29 33954 THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS At the start of the book we discover this pet cat of Alice's had kittens, perhaps in the kitchen Dinah 500 $500 4141-4 33955 IN THE NAVY You may want to move to the back of the boat it you're this lowest rank of Admiral in the Navy a Rear Admiral 100 $200 3260-2 33956 THE PRODUCE SECTION Smooth-skinned relative of the peach, seen here Nectarine 100 $100 3033-44 33957 SHOWBIZ FAMILIES John, David, Keith, Robert Carradine 1600 $600 315-3 33958 THE HOSPITAL Although a general hospital for 250 years, it is commonly thought of as NYC's lunatic asylum I hope you don't need it.Bellevue 100 $100 3071-32 33959 HISTORICAL MARKER AHEAD The Lincoln Home National Historic Site covers 4 blocks in this capital city Springfield, Illinois 1200 $200 3064-30 33960 ACTORS and ACTRESSES Mary McCormack of TV's "Murder One" may know about his "Private Parts"; she played his wife in the film Howard Stern 1200 $200 3637-21 33961 TRANSPORTATION The SR.N4 MK III, one of the largest of these, crosses the English Channel on a cushion of air Hovercraft 400 $400 5066-52 33962 AN AMERICAN IN PARIS Named for latitudinal lines, these 2 novels were penned by Henry Miller while he was in Paris Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn 1800 DD: $2,500 3621-27 33963 THE GONE WITH THE WIND MOVIE MUSEUM (Alex: Which is here in Atlanta) You can see the broken vase Scarlett threw when this character she loved spurned her at Twelve Oaks Ashley Wilkes 500 $500 5089-13 33964 HIDDEN DVD TREATS Tom Hanks, the producer of this hugely successful independent film, talks about Mediterranean food on the DVD My Big Fat Greek Wedding 300 $600 5106-24 33965 LITERATURE This scary Edgar Allan Poe story takes place at a spooky masked ball given by a prince The Masque of the Red Death 500 $1000 3309-4 33966 U2 (Alex: Whoops, we got it backwards!) The band's members were still in high school in this city in 1978 when they won a talent show Dublin 100 $100 3282-9 33967 COCKNEY RHYMING SLANG Ding-a-ling! It's your dog and bone John, you want to stick with this category, don't you? Telephone 200 $200 3011-32 33968 EXPLORERS Between 1282 and 1287 this Venetian served as governor of Yangchow, China Marco Polo 1200 $200 3308-13 33969 HATS ON! (Alex: Not hats off!) As Tarzan could tell you, this hat's name refers to the plant fiber it's made from Pith helmet 300 $300 3317-18 33970 JEOPARDY! 101 Including Final Jeopardy!, it's the total number of possible questions in one game 61 400 $400 3171-19 33971 "LITTLE" WOMEN This H.

Andersen character tries to keep warm on New Year's Eve and has visions of her grandmother The Little Match Girl 400 $400 5008-10 33972 POTENT POTABLE POTPOURRI A song from "Gigi" celebrates "The Night They Invented" this bubbly beverage champagne 200 $400 3635-46 33973 THE NUN'S STORY Son of a man named Nun, he was Moses' right hand man Joshua 1600 $600 3876-13 33974 ANIMAL YOUNG 'UNS The rhinoceros Calf 300 $300 5031-33 33975 MEET T.ELIOT In the 1920s Eliot got religion and converted to this church, independent since the 16th century the Church of England 1200 $400 5052-43 33976 ACTORS and ACTRESSES That's actor Billy Crudup doing the "Priceless" voiceovers in commercials for this credit card MasterCard 1600 $1200 5043-45 33977 I?LL SEE YOU IN COURT! From Latin for ?to move?, one of these, such as a traffic ticket, requires you to pay a fine or appear in court a citation 1600 $1200 3064-7 33978 BARNYARD ANIMALS This bearded barnyard animal is the joke of many butts goat 200 $200 3007-20 33979 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY In the 1940s Benjamin Green used his own bald head to test this suntan lotion It worked! Coppertone 400 $400 5016-57 33980 THOSE ARE THE RULES "Rules of" this tell soldiers when to fight; there's no diamond ring involved engagement 2000 $2000 3259-4 33981 ROCKET SCIENCE The first stage of a multi-stage rocket, or an energetic supporter of a cause Booster 100 $100 3036-20 33982 THE CIRCUS Antoinette Concello's triple somersault helped make her the "Queen of" this "flying" apparatus trapeze 400 $400 5078-7 33983 WOMEN SINGERS She met Cris Judd, her second husband, while filming the video for "Love Don't Cost A Thing" Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) 200 $400 5067-4 33984 GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT The minneola is the best-known variety of the tangelo; Minnehaha is his best gal in a Longfellow poem Hiawatha 100 $200 3870-49 33985 TONY WINNERS OF THE '40s Henry Fonda was so shipshape in this best play in 1948 that he won Best Actor Mister Roberts 1800 $800 2896-35 33986 MISC.

Activity in which you'd use a hook, line and sinker Fishing 1200 $200 2893-40 33987 LITERATURE At one point in this 1862 novel, Jean Valjean owns a factory Les Miserables 1400 $400 3023-54 33988 THE NOBEL PRIZE The Royal Caroline Institute in Stockholm awards the Nobel Prize in this category Medicine 2000 $1000 3028-57 33989 BOOKS and AUTHORS In 1997 this author of "Watchers" and "Intensity" published a new thriller, "Sole Survivor" Dean Koontz 2000 $1000 3302-32 33990 THEATRE In James Howard's version of the play, these title star-crossed lovers live happily ever after Romeo And Juliet 1200 $200 4141-6 33991 WORLD CAPITALS With seating for 50,000, the world's largest arena for bullfighting is found in this Western Hemisphere capital Mexico City 200 $400 3263-20 33992 READING, WRITING and ROCK and ROLL This Sam Cooke song says, "Don't know much about history, don't know much biology" Wonderful World 400 $400 3621-25 33993 SPORTS LEGENDS (Hi, I'm Steve Smith of the NBA.) My boyhood idol, George Gervin, had this nickname because he always kept his cool "The Iceman" 500 $500 3037-32 33994 BELCHING (Alex: How rude!) Before a volcano belches it forth, it's called magma Lava 1200 $200 3062-50 33995 VERBS Water does this to become snow, and thoughts do it to become an idea Crystalize 1800 $800 3284-17 33996 PROVERBS It's a good thing "you can't make" this "out of a sow's ear", who'd want to? A silk purse 300 $300 4124-48 33997 DISCOVERY In 1866 Francis Garnier sailed up this Vietnamese river to seek a navigable route to China the Mekong 1800 $1600 3667-17 33998 BROWNSVILLE On your palette or in a mug, mix chocolate and coffee and you get this mocha 300 $300 3313-30 33999 MIDDLE AGE MEN (Alex: What do you know about that?) This founder of the Franciscans was canonized in 1228, only 2 years after his death St.Francis of Assisi 1200 $200 3315-4 34000 SWEDISH ACTRESSES Born September 18, 1905, this glamorous Swede's real last name was Gustafsson Greta Garbo 100 $100 3871-39 34001 THE SILVER SCREEN Those who had cameos in 1984's "Gremlins" include Steven Spielberg, animator Chuck Jones and this 1950s movie robot Robby the Robot 1400 $400 3328-24 34002 INDONESIA The first president of the country; like many Indonesians he only used one name Sukarno 500 $500 5048-25 34003 THE JEP-TONES WORLD TOUR 2006 (Alex: Our very own.the 'Tones hire Mensa's Angels as security at this speedway in California, site of a 1969 free concert by the Stones Altamont 500 $1000 5052-48 34004 SCIENCE AT THE EXPLORATORIUM (Alex: That's in San Francisco.

) (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from the Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.) Mirrors are a good way to demonstrate this visual effect, correspondance in size and shape symmetry 1800 $1600 5032-2 34005 LIFE OF THE PARTY This party was named at a Michigan convention, 1854; still going strong the GOP or Republican Party 100 $200 3302-0 34006 U.CITIES One of the Twin Cities, it was named after a man from Tarsus St.Paul 100 $100 5060-7 34007 DISNEY MOVIE TAGLINES "The toys are back in town" Toy Story 2 200 $400 5066-29 34008 BEFORE and AFTER Former "SNL" comedienne who is a musical about the demon barber of Fleet Street Julia Sweeney Todd 500 $1000 3633-42 34009 THE 1490s (Alex: Great years!) In 1492 Spain took Grenada, the last kingdom of these people in Spain Moors 1600 $600 4988-4 34010 NAME THAT TUNE Flash back a few decades with this anthem "I Will Survive" 100 $200 5044-1 34011 KIRSTEN, REESE OR SCARLETT (Alex: Dunst, Witherspoon, or Johansson.

) Has starred with Pitt and Cruise Kirsten 100 $200 3832-10 34012 THEY'VE BEEN IN YOUR DEN This former MTV personality, seen here, now dispenses political comedy nightly Jon Stewart 200 $200 4227-57 34013 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC "B" At the finals in 1999, I asked about a bridge linking the European and Asian parts of Turkey across this strait Bosporus 2000 $2000 3065-35 34014 PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES 2-preposition nickname for Australia "Down Under" 1200 $200 3870-23 34015 "GEO" PARTY! (Alex: Audience, oh be quiet!) Known for its photographs and maps, this magazine was founded in 1888 National Geographic 400 $400 4595-40 34016 DEAR JUNTA The "Juntas Provinciales" organized the Spanish resistance to this man's 1808 invasion Deer Hunter.Napoleon (Bonaparte) 1400 DD: $6,200 3060-48 34017 MYTHOLOGY This Norse god known for his great strength was a protector of peasants and farmers Thor 1800 $800 5060-4 34018 FASHION He began printing his double-G motif on luggage and purses after WWII; his famous loafers came later (Guccio) Gucci 100 $200 4092-44 34019 ARE THE STARS OUT TONIGHT? NASA says the next best windows for man to visit this planet and keep the trip short occur in 2003, 2018 and 2020 Mars 1600 $1200 5060-26 34020 AMERICAN LIT Dupin figures out that the title object of this Poe story is hidden in plain sight The Purloined Letter 500 $1000 3011-7 34021 SYMBOLS (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Kirsten Dunst) A communion wafer as well as this better-known Christian symbol can be used against vampires" By the way, Kirsten was in our Celebrity Tournament last season; she was one of the teen players Cross 200 DD: $500 5100-2 34022 CONVERT THE ROMAN NUMERAL Will you still need me when I'm this Roman numeral?LXIV 64 100 $200 5037-3 34023 AN "F" IN HISTORY Harry Truman promised America this type of "Deal" a Fair Deal 100 $200 2902-43 34024 HOLLYWOOD FAMILIES When this actor was in his early 20s, he cut a record with his mother, Mary Martin Larry Hagman 1600 $600 5087-12 34025 SAUDI ARABIA In 1990, before Desert Storm, came this operation to protect Saudi Arabia from Iraqi invasion Desert Shield 300 $600 3292-35 34026 Q ME These people gave the letter Q its present form around the first or second century Romans 1200 $200 3036-43 34027 ART Edward Steichen led the movement to recognize as art these images, whose name means "drawn with light" photographs 1600 $600 3006-9 34028 THE 1980s A 1986 article on her in Ladies' Home Journal was titled "Talking With Doctor Goodsex" Dr.Ruth Westheimer 200 $200 4973-49 34029 THE SUMMER OLYMPICS At the 1984 Olympics, Zola Budd collided with this American woman in the 3,000-meter race Mary Decker Slaney 1800 $1600 3283-48 34030 AUTHORS A jockey who raced in the Grand National, his mysteries usually have a horse-racing theme Dick Francis 1800 $800 3007-32 34031 FOOD Focaccia bread is brushed or drizzled with this oil before baking Olive oil 1200 $200 3265-6 34032 TASTE TREATS Whether you like it hot or cold, borscht is a Russian soup made from these root vegetables Beets 200 $200 3308-40 34033 THE MOVIES Hans Conried provided the voices of Mr.Darling and Captain Hook for this 1953 film Peter Pan 1400 $400 3011-26 34034 THE MARX BROTHERS The famous "Why a duck?" scene comes from this, the Marx Brothers' first major film The Cocoanuts 500 $500 3283-9 34035 GOING FOR BAROQUE Oratorios and passions were vocal dramatizations of stories from this source The Bible 200 $200 3276-50 34036 ALL CREATURES GREAT and SMALL Smaller ones of these birds are frequently called doves pigeons 1800 $800 4340-49 34037 LEGENDS OF THE GAMES (I'm NFL QB and Purdue graduate Drew Brees)The 2 Purdue grads in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame are Len Dawson and this QB who led Miami to victory in Super Bowl VII Bob Griese 1800 $1600 2737-47 34038 MOUNTAINS Only 2 Alpine peaks exceed 15,000 feet -- Monte Rosa and this one Mont Blanc 1600 $600 3268-51 34039 FACTS and FIGURES The first one of these was in 1941: it lasted 10 seconds and cost Bulova $9 TV commercial 1800 $800 3033-20 34040 CITIES OF THE BIBLE As a captive in this city, Daniel was known by the name Belteshazzar Babylon 400 $400 3669-54 34041 GLOBIN' Found in southern Africa, it's the largest African country that once was a colony of Portugal Angola 2000 $1000 3663-51 34042 WHERE IT HAPPENED In 1958 this nuclear-powered craft passed near Point Barrow on its way into the Arctic basin Nautilus 1800 $800 5013-22 34043 THE SEA OTTER 4-letter term for an otter's skin, the demand for which once almost made them extinct pelt 400 $800 4200-14 34044 PRINTING The group of songs a singer performs, or a set of available characters in a font a repertoire 300 $600 5035-18 34045 OSCAR NIGHT 2006 A past nominee for directing movies like "Nashville" and "Short Cuts", he accepted an honorary Oscar (Robert) Altman 400 $800 3292-51 34046 JACKS OF ALL TRADES This 1996 vice-presidential candidate was once a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills Jack Kemp 1800 $800 315-44 34047 U.6, 1 of 2 places mentioned were a person can slander another with legal immunity the Senate (or the House of Representaitves, but only during a speech or a debate) 1600 DD: $1,600 3316-44 34048 POTPOURRI In this sport a long basket called a cesta is worn on one hand Jai-Alai 1600 $600 5011-30 34049 IT'S CANADA, EH Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday of this month, on the same day as our Columbus Day October 1200 $400 5024-23 34050 "Q"-BERT (Alex: If you have kids, these categories will seem familiar to you.) An officer charged with providing clothing, fuel and transportation for troops a quartermaster 400 $800 3070-48 34051 BRITISH ROYAL RESIDENCES Foreign ambassadors are accredited to this palace's court St.James' Palace 1800 DD: $1,000 5010-34 34052 SINNERS In 2006 a judge shook his finger at Anna Ayala and gave her 9 years in prison for lying about this fast food chain's chili Wendy's 1200 $400 5043-50 34053 ANCIENT GREECE The modern men?s discus weighs 4.

4 pounds; the ones found at this site in Greece?s Elis Valley weighed up to 9 pounds Oh, you picked the name of the mountain instead of the name of the place where the games were held.STAMPS The stamps honoring the 1970s include a head shot of this TV star, species "Bigus Canarius" Big Bird 200 $200 5097-43 34055 FROM TV TO FILM In the '80s he was the villainous Mel Profitt on "Wiseguy"; in 2006 he was the super-villainous Lex Luthor Kevin Spacey 1600 $1200 5011-6 34056 ANIMALS Animal that was the main staple of the Plains Indians economy buffalo 200 $400 4296-26 34057 BUSINESS ABBREV.A salary increase in response to inflation:COLA a cost of living adjustment 500 $1000 3302-22 34058 CANDY BARS Featuring crisped rice in creamy milk chocolate, it's Nestle's "loud" bar Crunch 400 $400 5058-13 34059 IT'S A MAN, BABY! Tim Curry was dressed for success as Dr.Frank-N-Furter in this 1975 cult movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show 300 $600 620-8 34060 FAMOUS QUOTES In "Home Thoughts from Abroad", Browning wrote, "Oh to be in" this place, "now that April's there" England 200 $200 3306-33 34061 U.STAMPS She got "all dolled up" for the stamp seen here (red-haired doll) Raggedy Ann 1200 $200 3307-33 34062 COMMUNICATION In 1979 Saatchi and Saatchi, Britain's largest of these agencies, helped bring Margaret Thatcher to power And guess what, guys, spelling is all that remains! Advertising 1200 $200 3301-0 34063 HOTELS BY CITY (Alex: We'll give you the names of some hotels, you identify the city) The Inn at the Opera, The Nob Hill Lambourne, The Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco 100 $100 3333-41 34064 VOCABULARY Musty appears to be related to this word that means damp Moist 1400 $400 3285-55 34065 INTERNATIONAL FOOD and DRINK This 3-letter aperitif made of white wine and creme de cassis is named for a mayor of Dijon (Felix) Kir 2000 $1000 3103-32 34066 CORKY THE CARNY This amusement area is Corky's turf; his dad fought in the 1942 naval battle of the same name Midway 1200 $200 5089-37 34067 MOVIE CROSSWORD CLUES "G" Mariah Carey flick that didn't sparkle plenty(7) Glitter 1400 $800 3309-26 34068 HAPPY This '70s vice president's wife Margaretta was known as Happy Nelson Rockefeller 500 $500 100008-49 34069 U.

GOVERNMENT In August 1989 Colin Powell became the first Black appointed to this position the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1800 2000 3271-35 34070 GILLIS Joe Gillis, played by this actor, gets involved with Norma Desmond in 1950's "Sunset Boulevard" William Holden 1200 $200 3314-16 34071 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Teams engage in the Lincoln-Douglas and Parliamentary types of these Debates 300 $300 5055-50 34072 THE TESTAMENT (Alex: You have to tell us what Biblical book each quote is from.) "There came wise men from the East to Jerusalem, saying, where is he that is born king of the Jews?" Matthew 1800 $1600 3318-16 34073 ALL THINGS BRITISH This school where a form of football originated admitted its first girls in 1975 Rugby 300 DD: $1,000 3334-24 34074 "N" THE ATLAS This ancient Assyrian city on the Tigris River was destroyed by Babylonians, Medes and Scythians in 612 B.Nineveh 500 $500 3281-21 34075 WHO PLAYED 'EM? Reverend Jim Ignatowski Christopher Lloyd ("Taxi") 400 $400 3120-33 34076 VIRGINIA DARE Virginia and Indian chief Manteo were the first known recipients of this sacrament in North America Baptism 1200 $200 5019-19 34077 DAVES OF OUR LIVES With 6 Major League teams including the Padres and Yankees, he hit 465 home runs and won 7 Gold Gloves Dave Winfield 400 $800 3625-54 34078 EARLS In 1896, commanding Egypt's army, Earl Kitchener invaded this country to the south Sudan 2000 $1000 3276-46 34079 SEEING RED AT THE MOVIES Moira Shearer made her movie debut in this film about a ballerina caught between 2 men The Red Shoes 1600 $600 5087-47 34080 "G" FORCE Adjective for a satellite meaning staying in the same position above the Earth's equator at all times geosynchronous 1600 $1200 4987-57 34081 DANCE IN THE DICTIONARY Our team won 55-0--you could call it this 19th century African-American dance a cakewalk 2000 $2000 3303-47 34082 THE CAT (Alex: The C-A-T, oh no that's the cat, le chat) In Chinese lore this big cat, not the lion, was king of the beasts Tiger 1600 $600 5006-2 34083 NATIONAL PARKS Among the lodging places within this national park are Grant Village and Old Faithful Inn Yellowstone 100 $200 4966-5 34084 ONOMATOPOEIA Listerine asks you to do this with its product twice a day gargle 100 $200 5021-56 34085 KNOW YOUR EARTH (Cheryl of the Clue Crew shows a ribboned timeline on the monitor.

) Named for the tiny time period that followed it, this interval covers 80% of geological time Precambrian 2000 $2000 3627-29 34086 TEA TIME Not the English, but this colonial power introduced tea to North America in the 1650s Dutch 500 $500 3035-39 34087 MUSIC APPRECIATION In the 1890s Richard Strauss wrote a tone poem based on this Cervantes novel Don Quixote 1400 $400 3303-3 34088 KFC The company would have been called Indiana Fried Chicken if it were named for the birthplace of this founder Col.Harland Sanders 100 $100 617-38 34089 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS The band of outlaws in Glen Doone adopted a girl they captured and named her this Lorna 1400 $400 3321-31 34090 SHOW BOAT This type of ship can hold over 5,000 sailors Aircraft carrier 1200 $200 3870-3 34091 TV OR NOT TV (Alex: We want you to identify the title that was not a network series) "My Four Daughters", "My Three Sons", "My Two Dads" My Four Daughters 100 $100 5051-5 34092 "FREE" ENTERPRISE It follows a foul in soccer a free kick 100 $200 3631-31 34093 ACTRESSES ON TELEVISION Morgan Fairchild, Francine Tacker and Priscilla Presley all appeared as Bobby's old flame Jenna Wade on this series Dallas 1200 $200 3100-53 34094 ENDS IN "FF" Title of the man seen here that fits the category: (Pope John Paul II) (Supreme) Pontiff 1800 DD: $1,500 3310-20 34095 IT'S JASON'S BAR MITZVAH Jason's guests may dance to this type of Jewish folk music, from Hebrew for "musical instruments" Klezmer music 400 $400 3062-26 34096 '80s ROCK After going "Roundabout" this group returned to the charts in 1983 with "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" Yes 500 $500 5028-6 34097 1491 Born in 1491, this future king had a nurse named Anne Luke--not the last Anne he'd nuzzle Henry VIII 200 $400 3283-11 34098 ON THE CHESSBOARD (Alex: Things you find on the chessboard) Their armorers might have told them, "You have mail" Knights 200 $200 3697-3 34099 HOMOPHONES (Alex: You know what those are: words that sound the same but have different meanings.) Rain heavily, or a tiny opening in the skin a pour/pore 100 $100 3633-15 34100 LITERARY QUOTES "Okie use' ta mean you was from Oklahoma.Now it 're scum" is a line from this novel The Grapes of Wrath 300 $300 5095-28 34101 AUSSIE In an Australian saying, when these birds named for their call "call, the rain will fall" the kookaburra 500 $1000 5096-47 34102 WAR MOVIES "Leave no man behind" was the tagline for this 2001 film about army choppers shot down in Somalia Black Hawk Down 1600 $1200 3307-27 34103 THE 4 SEASONS In the first line of "Richard III", this is "Made glorious summer by this sun of York" "The winter of our discontent" 500 $500 3016-14 34104 THINK "INK" A childless worker with a working spouse DINK (Double Income, No Kids) 300 $300 5052-13 34105 LEFTOVERS The Ohara museum was this nation's--not Ireland's--first museum of modern Western art Japan 300 $600 5080-15 34106 CRAGS LIST The Faraglioni are towering rock formations off this much-visited bay of Naples Island Capri 300 $600 3007-35 34107 "C" IN HISTORY Plutarch wrote of this queen, "Plato admits four sorts of flattery, but she had a thousand" Cleopatra 1200 $200 3265-8 34108 OH, HENRYs! This witty screenwriter penned "The Graduate" and "Protocol" Buck Henry 200 $200 3280-50 34109 AROUND THE LITERARY WORLD This "Exodus" novelist's last name is derived from Yerushalmi, which means man of Jerusalem Leon Uris 1800 $800 4123-35 34110 "DOUBLE" TROUBLE 2 consecutive baseball games are a doubleheader; this is 2 movies a double bill (or double feature) 1200 $400 5053-56 34111 EXTREMELY BAD HISTORICAL POETRY Half brother of Sir Austen / Took appeasement to the hilt / He was the sittin' / PM of Britain / and no, his name was not Wilt Neville Chamberlain 2000 $2000 4092-9 34112 APRIL MAY.to try one of these Italian potato dumplings gnocchi 200 $400 3675-23 34113 "BOR"-ING Last name of the ruthless Italian seen here Borgia (Cesare) 400 $400 4984-32 34114 "A" IN SCIENCE The 8 essential types of these acids cannot be produced by the human body and must be obtained from food amino acids 1200 $400 5031-25 34115 WE'RE NO ANGELS A Wake Forest win in its 1923 football season led a writer to term the team this 2-word name due to "devilish" play the Demon Deacons 500 $1000 3120-12 34116 EUROPEAN RIVERS Remains flung into this river include Joan of Arc's ashes and Marguerite of Burgundy's discarded lovers Seine 300 $300 3046-47 34117 STATE ANAGRAMS No gore Oregon 1600 $600 3324-25 34118 DAD TV (Alex: You have to name the television show; we'll give you the dad) Jack Gallo Just Shoot Me (played by George Segal) 500 $500 5088-35 34119 I GO BY "AL" On the road to Morocco from Tunis, I go by this capital city Algiers 1200 $400 3283-58 34120 VOODOO IQ Similar to voodoo, this other Afro-Caribbean religion is based on west African Yoruba culture Santeria 2000 $1000 3326-41 34121 GYM DANDY This gymnastics event is performed by both men and women on a mat without any other equipment Floor exercise 1400 $400 5047-16 34122 ADVERTISING January 1, 1971 was the last day these could be advertised on U.

TV cigarettes 300 DD: $4,000 2736-49 34123 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES Well known colleges of this university are King's, Churchill and St.

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John's Cambridge 1800 $800 3335-44 34124 GREEK ISLANDS Monemvasia, seen here, is known for its resemblance to this British possession Rock of Gibraltar 1600 $600 4227-22 34125 A REALLY BIG CATEGORY At 3 1/2 million square miles, this largest desert could just about cover the United States Sahara 400 $800 4198-13 34126 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If you're invited to Vanna White's birthday party on Feb.18, she might like one of these violet gems, her birthstone amethyst 300 $600 3067-55 34127 BETHLEHEM Israelis often refer to the West Bank, which includes Bethlehem, as this "and Samaria" Judea 2000 $1000 2910-4 34128 EAGLE HODGEPODGE In 1782 the U.chose this eagle as its national bird Bald eagle 100 $100 3281-7 34129 I SAW IT IN VOGUE Though she's posed in them, Elizabeth Hurley says "I never stand up in" this type of bathing suit Bikini 200 $200 2895-50 34130 ART and ARTISTS This impressionist's 1890s paintings of Rouen Cathedral are noted for their use of atmosphere Claude Monet 1800 $800 3312-4 34131 LET'S GO GOLFING Before you start, spend some time here to warm up Driving range 100 $100 5060-40 34132 SYSTEM OF A "DOWN" When you descend a steep grade, it helps to do this instead of braking to save wear on your car's brakes downshift 1400 $800 5003-48 34133 SIR WALTER SCOTT'S PERSONALITY PARADE In 1799, Scott translated into English this German poet's "Goetz von Berlichingen" Goethe 1800 $1600 3111-22 34134 FRUITS and VEGETABLES Mustard family member that may be plain or horse Radish 400 $400 5043-29 34135 MOVIE CATCH PHRASES 1927:"You ain't heard nothin' yet!" Yes, with Al Jolson p a g e or religion, we maintain that the histoncal, economic, cultural, linguistic or religious mo- tives put   'Rogers Brubaker, Nationalism Refiamed: Nationhtwd and the National Question in the New Europe (Cambridge:   historiography account for the existence of a French Cansulian nation in terms that are reminis-..chose this eagle as its national bird Bald eagle 100 $100 3281-7 34129 I SAW IT IN VOGUE Though she's posed in them, Elizabeth Hurley says "I never stand up in" this type of bathing suit Bikini 200 $200 2895-50 34130 ART and ARTISTS This impressionist's 1890s paintings of Rouen Cathedral are noted for their use of atmosphere Claude Monet 1800 $800 3312-4 34131 LET'S GO GOLFING Before you start, spend some time here to warm up Driving range 100 $100 5060-40 34132 SYSTEM OF A "DOWN" When you descend a steep grade, it helps to do this instead of braking to save wear on your car's brakes downshift 1400 $800 5003-48 34133 SIR WALTER SCOTT'S PERSONALITY PARADE In 1799, Scott translated into English this German poet's "Goetz von Berlichingen" Goethe 1800 $1600 3111-22 34134 FRUITS and VEGETABLES Mustard family member that may be plain or horse Radish 400 $400 5043-29 34135 MOVIE CATCH PHRASES 1927:"You ain't heard nothin' yet!" Yes, with Al Jolson.

The Jazz Singer 500 $1000 3180-49 34136 BOND GIRLS She set the style for girls to come with her body of work as Honey Ryder in "Dr.No" Ursula Andress 1800 $800 4123-30 34137 THE FIRTH OF FORTH Of a person, a city or a river, what the forth in Firth of Forth refers to a river 1200 $400 4198-18 34138 PHYSICS The red shift of galaxies and the change in the pitch of a train whistle are examples of this man's effect the Doppler effect 400 $800 4297-41 34139 THE "C" AROUND US The word "wok" comes from this Chinese dialect Cantonese 1400 $800 3263-42 34140 THE 13 COLONIES The last of the 13 colonies, it was founded by James Oglethorpe as a haven for debtors Georgia 1600 $600 3030-23 34141 UNIVERSAL MONSTERS (Alex: And we are grateful to Universal City here in southern California for all of the clues in this category and you must take those clues in order, gentlemen, please!) Here's the Phantom:City in which I made my home Paris 400 $400 3324-4 34142 FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD In 1958 the first International House Of these opened in Toluca Lake, California Pancakes 100 $100 100008-39 34143 THE NEW WORLD Ponce de Leon explored much of Florida while looking for this the Fountain of Youth 1400 1000 5008-12 34144 PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE (Cheryl of the Clue Crew sits in the chamber of the State House in Concord, NH Full text of nbsp The tea coffee trade journal nbsp Internet Archive.No" Ursula Andress 1800 $800 4123-30 34137 THE FIRTH OF FORTH Of a person, a city or a river, what the forth in Firth of Forth refers to a river 1200 $400 4198-18 34138 PHYSICS The red shift of galaxies and the change in the pitch of a train whistle are examples of this man's effect the Doppler effect 400 $800 4297-41 34139 THE "C" AROUND US The word "wok" comes from this Chinese dialect Cantonese 1400 $800 3263-42 34140 THE 13 COLONIES The last of the 13 colonies, it was founded by James Oglethorpe as a haven for debtors Georgia 1600 $600 3030-23 34141 UNIVERSAL MONSTERS (Alex: And we are grateful to Universal City here in southern California for all of the clues in this category and you must take those clues in order, gentlemen, please!) Here's the Phantom:City in which I made my home Paris 400 $400 3324-4 34142 FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD In 1958 the first International House Of these opened in Toluca Lake, California Pancakes 100 $100 100008-39 34143 THE NEW WORLD Ponce de Leon explored much of Florida while looking for this the Fountain of Youth 1400 1000 5008-12 34144 PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE (Cheryl of the Clue Crew sits in the chamber of the State House in Concord, NH.) With only one member present in the 400-seat House, we're way short of this, which has to be a majority of the members a quorum 300 $600 3870-55 34145 TONY WINNERS OF THE '40s Agnes de Mille won in 1947 for choreographing this musical and maybe in 100 years she'll win again for it Brigadoon 2000 $1000 3262-15 34146 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS This percussion instrument with small jingling disks is often used to provide a gypsy effect in musical pieces Tambourine 300 $300 4124-6 34147 ALCATRAZ-A-MATAZZ Films made about Alcatraz include "Birdman of Alcatraz", "Escape from Alcatraz" and this 1996 Sean Connery actioner The Rock 200 $400 3119-35 34148 "NON" SENSE A corporal or sergeant in a position requiring leadership Non-commissioned officer 1200 $200 3285-54 34149 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS Tom and Maggie Tulliver's epitaph, "In their death they were not divided", ends this George Eliot book The Mill On The Floss 2000 $1000 3288-25 34150 OF MEN and MICE This smallest mouse of the Americas shares part of its name with a small people of Africa the pygmy mouse 500 $500 5032-16 34151 FRUIT A singer's mellow tones may be described as this fruit "-shaped" pear 300 $600 4198-43 34152 SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS This political patriarch's successful ventures included shipbuilding, RKO Pictures and Gloria Swanson Joe Kennedy 1600 DD: $1,000 3323-35 34153 LIGHTEN UP! This brightest object in the night sky gives off no light of its own The Moon 1200 $200 3323-28 34154 SWEDEN This type of stone bearing an old alphabet is a common sight in Sweden Rune stone 500 $500 3333-58 34155 THE SOLAR SYSTEM This famous Martian volcano is about 375 miles wide at the base and over 16 miles high Olympus Mons 2000 $1000 4968-26 34156 LANDMARK'S THE SPOT The 630-foot-high landmark seen here was designed by this European architect Yes Full text of nbsp The tea coffee trade journal nbsp Internet Archive.) With only one member present in the 400-seat House, we're way short of this, which has to be a majority of the members a quorum 300 $600 3870-55 34145 TONY WINNERS OF THE '40s Agnes de Mille won in 1947 for choreographing this musical and maybe in 100 years she'll win again for it Brigadoon 2000 $1000 3262-15 34146 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS This percussion instrument with small jingling disks is often used to provide a gypsy effect in musical pieces Tambourine 300 $300 4124-6 34147 ALCATRAZ-A-MATAZZ Films made about Alcatraz include "Birdman of Alcatraz", "Escape from Alcatraz" and this 1996 Sean Connery actioner The Rock 200 $400 3119-35 34148 "NON" SENSE A corporal or sergeant in a position requiring leadership Non-commissioned officer 1200 $200 3285-54 34149 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS Tom and Maggie Tulliver's epitaph, "In their death they were not divided", ends this George Eliot book The Mill On The Floss 2000 $1000 3288-25 34150 OF MEN and MICE This smallest mouse of the Americas shares part of its name with a small people of Africa the pygmy mouse 500 $500 5032-16 34151 FRUIT A singer's mellow tones may be described as this fruit "-shaped" pear 300 $600 4198-43 34152 SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS This political patriarch's successful ventures included shipbuilding, RKO Pictures and Gloria Swanson Joe Kennedy 1600 DD: $1,000 3323-35 34153 LIGHTEN UP! This brightest object in the night sky gives off no light of its own The Moon 1200 $200 3323-28 34154 SWEDEN This type of stone bearing an old alphabet is a common sight in Sweden Rune stone 500 $500 3333-58 34155 THE SOLAR SYSTEM This famous Martian volcano is about 375 miles wide at the base and over 16 miles high Olympus Mons 2000 $1000 4968-26 34156 LANDMARK'S THE SPOT The 630-foot-high landmark seen here was designed by this European architect Yes.Eero Saarinen 500 $1000 3313-39 34157 MAIN STREET U.Established by Roger Williams, the oldest Baptist church in the U need to get a engineering homework US Letter Size Senior APA.

Established by Roger Williams, the oldest Baptist church in the U.

Providence 1400 $400 100013-43 34158 BOOKS and AUTHORS Ambrose Bierce wrote "The Cynic's Word Book" which was later published under this title For 4,000 points.The Devil's Dictionary 1600 DD: 4,000 3323-47 34159 LIGHTEN UP! (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):Alex: "(I'm here at the Titanic Artifacts Exhibit at the World Trade Center, Boston) The Titanic's navigation beacon seen here was located on the front mast just above this lookout position" The Crow's Nest 1600 DD: $2,000 3291-16 34160 DECK THE "HALL"s Known as "The Storyteller", this country music legend wrote the mega-selling hit "Harper Valley P.Hall 300 $300 3267-14 34161 DECADES Last time a man walked on the moon 1970s (1972) 300 DD: $900 3875-20 34162 PRESIDENTIAL VPs (Alex: We'll give you the vice president, you name the president) Thomas Jefferson John Adams 400 $400 3025-37 34163 THE MOVIES Pair played by Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow who return to Arizona for their 10-year high school reunion Romy and Michele 1400 $400 4198-50 34164 INTO THE WOODS (Sarah of the Clue Crew gives the clue.) From the Latin for "across" and "breathe" this evaporation from rain forest leaves helps to regulate rainfall transpiration 1800 $1600 5010-5 34165 MAY I HAVE A WORD WITH "U"? It's the term for a university or college student who's working toward a bachelor's degree an undergraduate 100 $200 3284-45 34166 BLACK PROFILES IN COURAGE (Alex: This was inspired by a book of the same title by one of our favorite celebrity participants, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) This orator spoke publicly of his days as a slave to an 1841 anti-slavery meeting in Nantucket Frederick Douglass 1600 $600 2901-52 34167 RELIGION In Hinduism the greatest of all mantras is this sacred syllable Om 1800 $800 5074-7 34168 KID'S TOUGH Frankie Muniz has saved the day in 2 movies as this CIA teen Cody Banks 200 $400 4966-54 34169 PRESIDENTS and FIRST LADIES This early president's British-born wife Louisa was the only first lady born abroad John Quincy Adams 2000 $2000 4198-44 34170 INTO THE WOODS The name of this delicate fern may remind you of a lovely young woman's locks maidenhair 1600 $1200 3028-50 34171 COMMON BONDS Salt, cheeks, pennies things that are pinched 1800 $800 2901-33 34172 HISTORIC EUROPEAN LEADERS On June 15, 1961 Walter Ulbricht assured journalists that "No one intends to build a wall" dividing this city Berlin 1200 $200 5032-44 34173 LANGUAGES Machu, as in Machu Picchu, means "old" in this language Quechuan 1600 $1200 3026-19 34174 AMERICAN FOOD A pioneering jazz composer shares his nickname with this rich dessert Jelly Roll (Morton) 400 $400 5021-15 34175 BROWNIE POINTS As per President Bush's 2001 request, U.Brownies gave $1 each to children of this country due east of Iran No, picked the wrong one, what is * .Afghanistan 300 DD: $1,000 3011-27 34176 EUROPEAN HISTORY These states that included Rome were established in 756 and were absorbed by Italy in 1870 Papal States 500 $500 5060-55 34177 GREEN DAY This shiny "Asian" green insect has become a major destructive pest in the Eastern United States a Japanese beetle 2000 $2000 3626-44 34178 "BLACK" and "WHITE" FILMS A terrorist group plots to blow up the Super Bowl in this 1977 flick Black Sunday 1600 $600 3662-49 34179 HORSE SENSE It was the 1975 Tony Award winner for best play Equus 1800 DD: $1,800 2736-44 34180 BIRDS The Emperor and King species of this bird lay one egg: the others normally lay two a penguin 1600 $600 3039-50 34181 HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION It's a tradition for girls to ask guys to this dance, which bears a woman's name Sadie Hawkins Dance 1800 $800 3106-48 34182 HISTORY We must confess, in 1161 this English king was made a saint Edward the Confessor (Edward III) 1800 $800 618-31 34183 MAMMALS Among blue whales, the largest animal ever on Earth, this sex is larger No, sorry.females 1200 $200 3663-47 34184 ENDS IN "TT" Last name shared by the current Secretary of the Interior and a Sinclair Lewis title character Babbitt 1600 $600 3030-55 34185 ALL THAT JAZZ This 1960s style pioneered by Ornette Coleman "liberated" improvisers from set melodies Free Jazz 2000 $1000 3297-48 34186 ISLANDS If you want to rent a car on this British colony in the Atlantic, you'll come up "short"; it's not allowed Bermuda 1800 $800 5031-9 34187 THREE ON A MATCH The foolhardy trio that went to sea in a tub in a classic nursery rhyme the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker 200 $400 3037-30 34188 TV THAT'S NOT AS GOOD FOR YOU In 1995 Sally Jessy Raphael and Jerry Springer defended this type of show against attacks by politicians Talk show 1200 $200 2736-57 34189 NOTABLE NAMES This aviator famous for his WWII raid on Tokyo died in 1993 at age 96 Doolittle 2000 $1000 2901-20 34190 INSTRUMENTS This triangular Russian instrument is normally played with the fingers or a leather plectrum the balalaika 400 DD: $500 5048-35 34191 GEOGRAPHIC PHRASES A 49 B.crossing of this river gave rise to a cliche the Rubicon 1200 $400 3315-48 34192 OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN Not to belabor the fact, but this wife of Jacob died after giving birth to Benjamin Rachel 1800 $800 3875-8 34193 PRESIDENTIAL VPs (Alex: We'll give you the vice president, you name the president) Richard Nixon Dwight D.Eisenhower 200 $200 3333-31 34194 TECHNOLOGY These devices advocated by firemen can work by detecting either ions or changes in light Smoke detectors 1200 $200 3008-12 34195 "D" IN SCIENCE In 1837 this French theatrical designer invented a new type of photography Louis Daguerre 300 $300 5044-21 34196 I'M SORRY He was "sorry for.the events that led to my withdrawal from the race.I should not have been with Miss Rice" Gary Hart 400 $800 5079-41 34197 DRESSING The hour for mixed drinks, or the type of short evening dress appropriate then cocktail 1400 $800 5070-46 34198 TALES OF E.HOFFMANN Murr, who gave us his views on life, was Hoffmann's pet one of these a cat 1600 $1200 3274-26 34199 COLLEGE FOOTBALL (Alex: A lot of that on television also) The last major bowl without a corporate sponsor, it struck an agreement with ATandT in 1998 The Rose Bowl 500 $500 3304-34 34200 WE'RE IN-SEINE (Alex: Notice the spelling) 400-year-old Pont Neuf is the oldest of 30 of these structures on the Seine in Paris Bridges 1200 $200 5069-8 34201 INITIALLY YOURS 5 and dimer Frank Winfield F.Woolworth 200 $400 4975-25 34202 BASEBALL MANAGERS Hall of Fame manager George Anderson receved this nickname because of his scrappy determination "Sparky" 500 $1000 4123-9 34203 THE 4th The 4th dimension according to the theory of relativity time 200 $400 3037-3 34204 THE DREADED SPELLING CATEGORY (Alex: And yes, you must spell the correct response) It's the opposite of an optimist P-E-S-S-I-M-I-S-T 100 $100 2897-42 34205 LITERATURE In "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow", Abraham Van Brunt, a rival of Ichabod Crane, is better known by this name Brom Bones 1600 $600 3633-17 34206 FIELD OF "DREAM"s In 1983 Eurythmics hit No.pop charts with this song Sweet Dreams 300 $300 3871-28 34207 WHAT A TOOL Bench, block, shaping, smooth Planes 500 $500 4123-25 34208 THE HAYES CODE Ex-model Cybill Shepherd played this ex-model on "Moonlighting" Maddie Hayes 500 $1000 2903-4 34209 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY In the 1930s this cereal maker introduced Bisquick; Cheerios came along in 1941 General Mills 100 $100 3630-42 34210 GEORGIA It's an ob-skewer fact that Georgians enjoy shashlik, also known by this 2-word name Shish kebab 1600 $600 3631-39 34211 AT AUCTION The handwritten lyrics to this John Lennon song, possibly inspired by a Lewis Carroll poem, sold in 1999 for $129,000 I Am The Walrus 1400 $400 3065-25 34212 ANIMALS These small, slender mammals often kept as pets were domesticated from the European polecat Ferrets 500 $500 3334-8 34213 WEIRD NATURE A giraffe can clean its ears with this up to 18-inch-long appendage Tongue 200 $200 3005-34 34214 FUN FACTS In 1996 an iceberg the size of Rhode Island broke off the coast of this continent Antarctica 1200 $200 5069-10 34215 STATE SONGS Bet you a buckeye knows that his state song is "Beautiful" this Ohio 200 $400 4227-5 34216 HAT'S ALL, FOLKS (Sarah of the Clue Crew displays her hat.)From the Latin for "hooded cloak", it's this popular French style of hat beret 100 $200 3033-4 34217 BALL GAMES A slow- or fast-pitch 7-inning game, or a question as easy as this one softball 100 $100 3310-27 34218 PANDA-MONIUM The red panda belongs to the family named for these animals for which it resembles Raccoons 500 $500 3299-2 34219 MOVIE NOSTALGIA In the 1930s this platinum blonde bombshell starred in "Platinum Blonde" and "Bombshell" Jean Harlow 100 $100 5013-36 34220 PHYSICAL SCIENCE Phosphorescence is defined as giving off light with little or none of this heat 1400 $800 4296-27 34221 WHAT COULD SHE BE DOING IN THERE? Using this Jergens brand's strips to clean out her pores -- I wouldn't go in right now Bior 500 $1000 4995-45 34222 TALES Her novel "The Kitchen God's Wife" recounts a mother's struggles to survive in China Amy Tan 1600 $1200 3324-12 34223 PEOPLE IN HISTORY Hua Guofeng is far less famous than this man he succeeded as chairman of China's Communist party in 1976 Mao Tse-tung 300 $300 4968-48 34224 NEWS ON THE MARCH On March 10, 1629 this king dissolved Parliament, leading to his eventual downfall and demise Charles I 1800 DD: $2,000 3279-50 34225 MEDICINE In 1543 this Flemish anatomist published his "On The Structure Of The Human Body" Andreas Vesalius 1800 $800 620-57 34226 LAKES and RIVERS The thousand islands of salad dressing fame are in this river the St.Lawrence 2000 $1000 3007-43 34227 NOVELS' FIRST LINES "It was Wang Lung's marriage day." The Good Earth 1600 $600 3033-18 34228 U.

PRESIDENTS He won the popular vote in 1960 by just 113,057 votes John F.Kennedy 400 $400 3026-18 34229 THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR (Alex: Ours, of course!) This 1765 act of Parliament called for taxes on such items as dice and playing cards the Stamp Act 400 $400 3332-32 34230 20th CENTURY POETS This author of the poem "Daddy" committed suicide in 1963, before she could work out her parental issues Sylvia Plath 1200 $200 3304-14 34231 CRITTERS From their name it sounds like these ray relatives should travel "inline" Skates 300 $300 3332-40 34232 FAMOUS HOMES Scout's Rest Ranch in North Platte, Nebraska was the home of this great western showman Buffalo Bill Cody 1400 $400 4200-25 34233 THE GOLF CHANNEL In 1982 the 17th hole shot seen here helped win the U.Open for this man Tom Watson 500 $1000 3274-55 34234 TENTS IN THE BIBLE Numbers 19:14 says if a man dieth in his tent, everything in it and all who enter are unclean for this length of time 7 days 2000 $1000 2906-32 34235 THEY ALMOST STARRED IN.

When Winona Ryder bowed out of "The Godfather, Part III" his daughter Sofia replaced her Francis Ford Coppola 1200 $200 5055-55 34236 THE CHAMBER Atomic particle paths can be tracked in this device that contains a supersaturated vapor a cloud chamber 2000 $2000 3061-58 34237 LITERARY TEARJERKERS Johnny Gunther is the subject of this 1949 memoir by his father, with a title taken from John Donne Death Be Not Proud 2000 $1000 5087-19 34238 CLASSIC ROCK LYRICS Danny and the Juniors told us, "You can rock it, you can roll it, you can stop and you can stroll it" here at the hop 400 $800 3071-21 34239 SIGNS and SYMBOLS video clue Aries the Ram (two horns) 400 $400 3277-17 34240 NEW YORK, NEW YORK It's home to the Cyclone Roller Coaster, the Wonder Wheel, and the first Nathan's hot dog stand Coney Island 300 $300 3703-52 34241 AFRICAN-AMERICAN LIT A mother of five is the heroine of "Mama" by this author who helped Stella get her groove back Terry McMillan 1800 $800 3275-54 34242 U.HISTORY His golden-voiced speech at the 1896 Democratic Convention clinched his nomination William Jennings Bryan 2000 $1000 2901-3 34243 MAY DAY On May 1, 1996 this national railway passenger service celebrated its 25th anniversary Amtrak 100 $100 3673-22 34244 1994 FILMS Containing the hit "Can You Feel The Love Tonight", it was Disney's first animated feature not based on an existing story The Lion King 400 $400 4968-52 34245 LARCENY DELL'ARTE NYC's largest art theft happened in 1988 and saw the loss of 2 of this Renaissance friar's masterpieces Fra Angelico 1800 $1600 3333-1 34246 PEOPLE IN ENTERTAINMENT Educated at L.'s Lycee Francais and on film sets, this star of "Taxi Driver" graduated from Yale in 1985 Jodie Foster 100 $100 5014-5 34247 A VARIETY OF WORDS (Alex: Each correct response will be made up of letters that can be found in the word "variety.

") Bridgestone product I'll tell you why you were wrong.* would have been correct, but you put in an extra S and there is no S in the word "variety." And remember, each correct response will have the letters you find in the word "variety.tire 100 $200 3307-11 34248 THE "6"th SENSE Tod Stiles and Buzz Murdock cruised America in a 1960 Corvette in this TV series Route 66 200 $200 3267-43 34249 BOSTON TV Dylan McDermott heads up a small Boston law firm on this Emmy-winning drama The Practice 1600 $600 5091-8 34250 ALSO A DEITY The title of this Beatty/Hoffman flick refers to a tiny nation, not a Babylonian goddess "Ishtar" 200 $400 3037-59 34251 CELEBRITY RHYME TIME Meryl's jetes Streep's leaps 2000 $1000 4296-28 34252 QUOTES FROM 2002 Regarding Mick Jagger's knighthood, he scoffed, "It's a paltry honor.

hold out for the Lordship, mate" (his partner) Keith Richards 500 $1000 4967-24 34253 REMEMBER THE 1800s? Sounds "fishy": he administered the presidential oath of office to Andrew Johnson and presided over his impeachment trial Salmon Chase 500 $1000 3303-27 34254 KFC KFC introduced this menu item by building a 20,000-lb.one, unveiled with dancing carrots and peas Chicken pot pie 500 $500 100008-23 34255 "X", "Y", "Z" The Spaniards went searching for the 7 cities of Cibola and found these Indians the Zuni Indians 400 800 2899-8 34256 17th CENTURY AMERICA By 1665 the New Haven Colony was absorbed by this colony Connecticut 200 $200 5031-34 34257 LANDMARKS Napoleon commissioned this 164-foot Paris landmark to celebrate his military victories the Arc de Triomphe 1200 $400 3663-6 34258 THE BIBLE Jacob wrestled this new name out of an angel Israel 200 $200 5061-5 34259 MORTAL MATTERS Cambyses killed Smerdis to head this empire but died stopping a pretend Smerdis; then Darius I took over Persia 100 $200 3062-54 34260 EUROPEAN CAPITALS Fed by steaming hot springs, the name of this capital means "Bay of Smokes" Reykjavik, Iceland 2000 $1000 3309-2 34261 HAPPY 1937 animated film whose characters include the Magic Mirror and Happy Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 100 $100 2910-5 34262 NICKNAMES "Schnozzola" Jimmy Durante 100 $100 3269-2 34263 BAND IN BOSTON Liv Tyler co-starred in "Armageddon", which featured this Boston band, her dad's, on the soundtrack Aerosmith 100 $100 5016-11 34264 "PUN" DAY Strong smelling or strong tasting pungent 200 $400 2737-28 34265 U.PRESIDENTS On graduating from West Point in 1843, he hoped to become a math teacher Grant 500 $500 5035-22 34266 FACT To dial the old KLondike 5 exchange used in many movies and TV shows, dial this 555 400 $800 5008-13 34267 NAME THAT COMEDIAN "Now cut that out!" Oh, no.

Jack Benny 300 $600 3269-38 34268 POLITICIANS Alaska's second most populous city is named for this man who was vice president under Teddy Roosevelt Charles Fairbanks 1400 DD: $2,500 3952-45 34269 "PI" Northern creature seen here, perhaps looking for a nice, tasty hook: Pike 1600 $600 5034-44 34270 THE SCIENCE BLUES See a lot of hot young stars--not at the Oscars but in the blue type of one of these, seen by the Hubble telescope a blue galaxy 1600 $1200 5014-35 34271 NGO A 1985 Nobel Prize went to "Intl.

Physicians for the Prevention of" this potentially devastating type of conflict nuclear war 1200 $400 5007-42 34272 CLASSIC GAME SHOWS (Alex: What kind of game show?) 4 celebrity panelists try to determine the correct occupation of the contestant What's My Line? 1600 $1200 3331-27 34273 OLYMPIC POTPOURRI (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Mark McEwen) I reported on the '92 W.Olympics in Albertville, France and the '94 W.Olympics hosted by this Scandinavian city" Lillehammer, Norway 500 DD: $800 4969-1 34274 THE DEANS LIST Much of this Rat Pack crooner's hard-drinking persona may have been just for the cameras Dean Martin 100 $200 5013-24 34275 U.COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES It's the northernmost Ivy League School It's in New Hampshire, hence it is * .

Dartmouth 500 $1000 3303-2 34276 LSU In terms of enrollment LSU's largest campus is in this capital city Baton Rouge 100 $100 314-46 34277 TRAVEL AND TOURISM Main attraction of New Orleans' Preservation Hall a jazz band 1600 $600 5088-53 34278 I GO BY "AL" If I take the 5:15 p.train from Adelaide, Australia on Sunday night, I go by this city Monday at noon Alice Springs 1800 $1600 4976-29 34279 MARCO POLO (Alex: MARCO!) (Audience: POLO!) (Alex: Thank you very much!) In the 1270s the Polo family hit this city to pick up oil from the Holy Sepulchre to bring to Asia Jerusalem 500 $1000 3260-51 34280 THE ANATOMY LESSON Weighing about 3 pounds, it has more than 10 billion neurons, which works out to.argh, mine hurts the brain 1800 $800 3267-22 34281 NEW FOOD PRODUCTS In 1993 Hershey introduced these white and milk chocolate treats as a companion to its kisses Hugs 400 $400 4092-34 34282 SHORE SHORTS That's the north shore of this island in the opening of "Hawaii Five-O" Oahu 1200 $400 5099-47 34283 SOUNDS THE SAME TO ME If you hurt this body part, put your feet up and it will do this, over time heel/heal 1600 $1200 3061-1 34284 FORMULAS This soft drink's secret formula is stored in a safe deposit box at the Trust Company of Georgia Coca-Cola 100 $100 4973-30 34285 OLD HISTORY In this work Virgil wrote that "a woman is always a fickle, unstable thing" The Aeneid 1200 $400 5043-16 34286 I COULDA BEEN A BARTENDER An ounce each of vodka, gin, light rum and tequila highlight this N.-themed drink Long Island iced tea 300 DD: $800 5071-38 34287 NAME THAT COUNTRY Though a neighbor, this Caribbean nation has had a rocky history with the United States Cuba 1400 $800 3266-22 34288 COLLEGE MEMORIES Perhaps referring to the "fleecing" of your parents' bank account, it's the animal nickname for your diploma Sheepskin 400 $400 621-30 34289 WORLD WAR II Germany's "Desert Fox" Rommel 1200 $200 3332-34 34290 FAMOUS HOMES In March of 1957, this rock star sold the home seen here at 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis and moved into bigger digs Elvis Presley 1200 $200 3279-47 34291 FABULOUS BAKER GIRLS Margaret Rudkin named this company after her family's farm in Connecticut No, we can't accept that; you did something which we penalized your opponents for a little while ago; you added an "s", it's Pepperidge Farm, not Pepperidge Farms Pepperidge Farm 1600 DD: $1,000 5063-18 34292 MAJOR MUSICAL WORKS "Scene by the brook" is the title of one movement of this Beethoven symphony in F major * , the Pastoral, yes.the 6th symphony 400 $800 3308-28 34293 ON THE ROCKS Some metamorphic rocks with light and dark-colored bands have this pleasant-sounding gname Gneiss 500 $500 3335-58 34294 MELANCHOLIA This French philosopher and author of "Confessions" was nicknamed "Melancholy Jacques" Another J.! Jean-Jacques Rousseau 2000 $1000 3066-29 34295 DOUBLE D WORDS This little bear of children's lit was named for the London locale in which he was found Paddington 500 $500 3025-10 34296 MAN MEETS TOON Color traveling matte composite cinematography put Andrews, Van Dyke and the toons together in this 1964 film Mary Poppins 200 $200 5043-13 34297 HERE'S LOOKING AT "U", KID The lending of money at an exorbitant rate of interest usury 300 $600 4201-31 34298 CRAFTS The umbrellas seen here were crafted from this type of thin paper.rice paper 1200 $400 4201-6 34299 AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES He wasn't first in the heart of youthful crush Sally Fairfax, who moved to England Washington 200 $400 3006-6 34300 EUROPEAN GEOGRAPHY Cape Roca, mainland Europe's westernmost point, is on the coast of this country Portugal 200 $200 5007-25 34301 ROBIN WILLIAMS MOVIES "What am I? A barnacle on the dinghy of life?" Popeye 500 $1000 4137-29 34302 WHAT A CLICHE This cliche originated with the caption of the cartoon seen here; Note what the man facing you is carrying "Back to the drawing board." 500 $1000 5072-14 34303 THE INTERNET This 3-letter extension at the end of a web address indicates it's operated by a college or university You got it, yes.Took a little while, but you came through.edu 300 DD: $1,200 5021-37 34304 WOMEN DIRECTING WOMEN Gurinder Chadha scored when she directed Parminder Nagra in this soccer film Bend It Like Beckham 1400 $800 3669-39 34305 4-LETTER FILMS This movie featured the theme music heard here (stay in the water?) Jaws 1400 $400 3032-39 34306 SCHWARZENEGGER FILMS Wife Jamie Lee Curtis thought hubby Arnold was a computer salesman instead of a superspy in this 1994 thriller True Lies 1400 $400 5075-5 34307 RHYMES WITH MONEY It can mean strange as well as amusing funny 100 $200 3332-36 34308 BOTANY Chickweed and soapwort, as well as carnations, are members of this "colorful" family Pink 1400 $400 2735-9 34309 VERMONTERS This founding prophet of Mormonism was born in Sharon, Vermont in 1805 Joseph Smith 200 $200 3019-36 34310 STRAIT TALK During the Ice Age, the sea fell and this strait became a land bridge between Asia and North America the Bering Strait 1400 $400 2902-23 34311 "BLACK" and "WHITE" A 50' statue of this Sauk Indian chief stands beside the Rock River near Oregon, Illinois Black Hawk 400 $400 4975-58 34312 I CAN'T TELL YOU "Y" In the late 1917 battle for this town, the British lost 400,000 men and only gained about 5 miles of territory Ypres 2000 $2000 3068-45 34313 WOMEN WHO ROCK With the Blackhearts, she had the 1982 hit heard here: ("Crimson and Clover.") Joan Jett 1600 DD: $2,000 5027-44 34314 DURING THE FILLMORE PRESIDENCY Popularized by Horace Greeley, this 4-word phrase is often credited to an 1851 editorial by John Soule "Go West, young man" 1600 $1200 3666-58 34315 FUN WITH AREA CODES This area code goes "all around" Olympia, Bellingham and Vancouver 360 2000 $1000 2906-20 34316 HOTELS, MOTELS and INNS This future president and his beautiful wife spent part of their 1953 honeymoon at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara John F.

Kennedy 400 $400 4973-44 34317 TIME LAPSE New Age therapies abound for healing with this substance forming here; it's also Loretta's sister crystal 1600 $1200 3669-33 34318 4-LETTER FILMS In 1998 Woody Allen went buggy as the voice of Z in this animated film Antz 1200 $200 4296-12 34319 THE PLANETS With thick clouds reflecting lots of light, this planet was once known as Lucifer and Phosphorus Venus 300 $600 3279-41 34320 FABULOUS BAKER GIRLS In 1949 Theodora Smafield's water-rising twists won the first of these competitions Pillsbury Bake-Off 1400 $400 2910-52 34321 CHILDREN'S LIT Inspired by "Bluebell in Fairyland", he wrote his own fairy play "Peter Pan" James M.Barrie 1800 $800 3285-42 34322 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS Producer Irving Thalberg was the model for Monroe Stahr, the title character of this Fitzgerald novel The Last Tycoon 1600 $600 3065-24 34323 FOREIGN STATES Kogi, Oyo and Lagos Nigeria 500 $500 3271-53 34324 GILLIS Brad Gillis was a founding member of this rock band known for its 1984 hit "Sister Christian" Night Ranger 1800 $800 4975-42 34325 HOTEL CALIFORNIA Plenty of room at this ship docked at Long Beach that opened its first hotel rooms in 1972 the Queen Mary 1600 $1200 4227-33 34326 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC "B" This city that served as capital of a united Germany in 1871 became the capital of a reunited Germayny in 1990 Berlin 1200 $400 4296-23 34327 IF THEY MARRIED.Kahn, once the lead singer of Rufus, feels for Senator Trent and gets this sweet name Chaka Lott 400 $800 5021-25 34328 NEWS OF 2005 On Sept.Ambassador, bypassing Senate approval (John) Bolton 500 $1000 3875-53 34329 PHONETICS It's a vowel sound that has a change in tone during a syllable; it also sounds like beachwear for a quick swim Dipthong 1800 $800 5022-36 34330 CITY OF THE DAY: BIRMINGHAM In its Oct.2001 issue, this mag ranked B'ham's Highlands Bar and Grill among the top 5 restaurants in the U.Gourmet 1400 $800 3180-58 34331 TALES TO TELL The upshot is he won the Howell's Medal for his "Wapshot Scandal" John Cheever 2000 $1000 3060-10 34332 HAMMERS Up to a few years ago it was the emblem of the Soviet Union Hammer and sickle 200 $200 2905-29 34333 CELEBRITY SPOUSES Iman David Bowie 500 $500 619-15 34334 HOLIDAYS In 1987, this holiday will be observed for the 212th time July 4th (Independence Day) 300 $300 2903-24 34335 1930 In August 1930 this judge made headlines when he disappeared And don't say Judge Wapner! Joseph F.Crater 500 $500 5067-10 34336 GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT Marmaduke is a comic-strip dog; this is a preserve usually made from Seville oranges marmalade 200 $400 3673-20 34337 FLAGS OF THE WORLD In the 1990s, this nation whose flag is seen here moved its seat of government to a different city Germany 400 $400 3278-43 34338 SPORTS (Hi, I'm Austin Peck and I play boxer-turned-executive Austin Reed on "Days Of Our Lives") One of the largest crowds in indoor boxing history gathered on Sept.15, 1978 when Leon Spinks fought this man Muhammad Ali 1600 DD: $1,600 4137-37 34339 BABYLON 5 Etemenanki, a ziggurat, is sometimes identified as this legendary landmark the Tower of Babel 1400 $800 5053-52 34340 THEY PICKED UP THE CHEKHOV George C.Scott and Julie Christie shared the stage in this play in '73 with a very avuncular Nicol Williamson Uncle Vanya 1800 $1600 314-41 34341 THE FAMILY BIBLE Word used over 25 times in Genesis 11, it's the Biblically polite way of saying "fathered" begat 1400 $400 3007-1 34342 SINGING SIBLINGS 1997 marks the 40th anniversary of their first No.

1 hit, "Wake Up Little Susie" The Everly Brothers 100 $100 3288-8 34343 CANADIANA Canadian group portrayed in "Rose Marie", "Sergeant Preston" and "Dudley Do-Right" Royal Canadian Mounted Police ("The Mounties") 200 $200 5086-48 34344 SCULPTURE This Roman's campaign against the Dacians in the early 2nd century was commemorated in a relief on a famous column Trajan 1800 $1600 5001-14 34345 OK COMPUTER This popular internet service provider began as QCS, Quantum Computer Services AOL (or America Online) 300 $600 5091-46 34346 CABINET CLEANING From 1904 to 1908 he was Teddy Roosevelt's Secretary of War; in 1909, he became president Taft 1600 $1200 5016-59 34347 CITY OF THE DAY: MILWAUKEE (Jimmy of the Clue Crew stands in front of the Milwaukee skyline.) When Milwaukee's Emil Seidel was elected in 1910, he became to the first mayor of this political party so honored the Socialist Party 2000 $2000 5087-7 34348 CLASSIC ROCK LYRICS It begins, "When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom" "Let It Be" 200 $400 3288-36 34349 WORLD CITIES It grew out of 3 villages: Sutanati, Govindapur and Kalikata Calcutta 1400 $400 3064-9 34350 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Through 1996 this Nebraska coach led all active coaches in winning percentage with .828 Tom Osborne 200 $200 4989-36 34351 BRIT-POURRI "Everything for everybody everywhere" was a modest motto of this London department store Harrod's 1400 $800 3631-4 34352 PRETTY BIRDIES A Walter Lantz cartoon character is the handsome red-headed variety of this bird (Woody) Woodpecker 100 $100 4977-22 34353 TAKE A HIKE If this European country's mountains are forbidding, try hiking in its famed valley the Engadine Switzerland 400 $800 4992-40 34354 INSPIRED TITLES The "best laid schemes" of Steinbeck borrowed a line by Robert Burns to title this short novel Of Mice and Men 1400 $800 3291-33 34355 IMAGINARY LAW FIRMS In a poem by Eugene Field, Wynken, Blynken and this partner "sailed off in a wooden shoe" Nod 1200 $200 2899-25 34356 CATHEDRALS and CHURCHES Many Polish kings are buried in Wawel Cathedral on Wawel Hill in this city, once the capital of Poland Krakow 500 $500 5007-5 34357 ABBREV.To a cop, BandE is short for this breaking and entering 100 $200 3110-53 34358 FILE UNDER "H" Name shared by the mayor of Minneapolis in 1947 and the attorney general of Minnesota in 1997 Hubert Humphrey 1800 $800 3100-13 34359 ANNUAL EVENTS The Welsh Eisteddfod originally honored these medieval poets, but not Shakespeare Bards 300 $300 3071-49 34360 ANNUAL EVENTS Join this country superstar for a Smoky Mountain Christmas at her theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Dolly Parton 1800 $800 3034-50 34361 FROM A TO Y (Alex: Each correct response will begin with "A" and end with "Y".) Go with a person or play with a singer accompany 1800 $800 2895-8 34362 FAMOUS NAMES In May 1996 this evangelist and his wife Ruth were honored with a Congressional gold medal Billy Graham 200 $200 3622-53 34363 DAMN YANKEES The victor at Gettysburg, he was known to some of his men as a "goggle-eyed old snapping turtle" George Meade 1800 $800 3278-23 34364 STAR TREK (Hi, I'm Jeri Ryan) "Star Trek" occasionally adds new characters to the original casts; among them were Dr.

Pulaski, me and this Walter Koenig Russian Pavel Chekov 400 DD: $800 3017-43 34365 BAKER'S TREAT These pastry rectangles filled with cream or custard are perfect for wishing Bonaparte "Bon Appetit" Napoleons 1600 $600 3260-39 34366 THE ANATOMY LESSON Asthma attacks involve these organs' bronchioles and the bronchi leading to them the lungs 1400 $400 3017-21 34367 1979 In February Adolph Dubs, U.ambassador to this country was killed, in December, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan 400 $400 3260-49 34368 SPORTS ON FILM 1993's "Cool Runnings" told of a group of Jamaicans who formed an Olympic team in this sport bobsledding 1800 $800 3302-47 34369 CATCHPHRASES The male heroes of early 20th C.British romance novels were often described with this 3-adjective cliche "Tall, dark and handsome" 1600 $600 4200-7 34370 THE GOLF CHANNEL TGC's original programs include "Celebrating 50 years" of this, which says it's the oldest women's sprots assoc.the LPGA (the Ladies Professional Golf Association" 200 $400 4123-44 34371 CLINTON'S BILLS (Bill Clinton reads the clue.

) Legislation I signed in 1996 lifted 8 million people off this type of government program welfare 1600 $1200 3278-53 34372 BROTHERS (Alex: Alright!) In 1982 Christian leader Amin Gemayel became pres.of this Mideast country in place of his slain brother Lebanon 1800 $800 3099-35 34373 YUMMY! Fannie Farmer recommends spicing this traditional Thanksgiving jelly with cinnamon, cloves and allspice Cranberry jelly 1200 $200 3635-47 34374 AUDREY HEPBURN (Alex: And the common theme linking all of them.) Young Audrey dreamed of becoming one of these, so she attended London's Rambert School Ballerina 1600 $600 3302-9 34375 FAUX FRENCH In France a madame buys a "soutien-gorge", while an American woman would buy one of these, to lift and separate Brassiere 200 $200 3033-45 34376 STUFF One of the 3 Greek letters whose names don't end in a vowel Epsilon, Omicron or Upsilon 1600 $600 2621-58 34377 WORLD GEOGRAPHY There's a museum dedicated to this author of "The Red and the Black" in Grenoble, his birthplace Stendhal 2000 $1000 3120-31 34378 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS This Hardy hero may be "obscure" but he does have a last name: Fawley Jude 1200 $200 3259-43 34379 FOUNDER'S DAY He founded The Academy, one of Greece's first colleges that met regularly in a set place Plato 1600 $600 3014-14 34380 HEY, WHAT'S COOKING To a Thai, they're ba mee; to a Filipino, pancit mami and to a Japanese, ramen noodles 300 $300 5094-20 34381 With the return of Apollo 13, this commander had completed over 715 hours of space travel (James) Lovell 400 DD: $1,000 3667-46 34382 CROSSWORD CLUES "S" Lustrous last name of actor Martin (5) Sheen 1600 $600 3623-17 34383 LETTER AFTER K (Alex: The contestants have to name the single letter that follows K in the abbreviations we will bring to your attention) On highway distance signs in Europe M (KM - kilometer) 300 $300 5027-38 34384 DURING THE FILLMORE PRESIDENCY In 1851 this actor played his first major role when he replaced his father Junius as Richard III at the National Theatre Edwin Booth 1400 $800 5024-10 34385 DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION One tradition says that this dance was first done when La'a played his big drum the hula 200 $400 3110-10 34386 THE DATING GAME (Alex: I will give you a clue, we wil show you a clip and you have to identify the person who at that time was not so famous, but appeared as one of the contestants on that show) Bachelor No.2, say hello to Madonna: "Hello, Madonna" Tom Selleck 200 $200 3152-59 34387 MUSICALS BY ANY OTHER NAME "Tintinnabula in the Process of Tintinnabulating" Bells Are Ringing 2000 $1000 5008-49 34388 THE JEOPARDY! MOVIE "CLUB" 1984:Gangsters and musicians jazz things up at a Harlem nightspot The Cotton Club 1800 $1600 4092-43 34389 CELEBRITY MARRIAGES Linda Hamilton was the fourth of 5 women he's directed down the aisle (James) Cameron 1600 $1200 3330-15 34390 CHOCOLATE This 72-year-old maker of fine Belgian-style chocolates produces over 150 varieties, and that's the naked truth Godiva 300 $300 5051-13 34391 COLLEGE SPORTS In 1971 UCLA's Jimmy Connors won the NCAA tennis title; in 1978 John McEnroe won for this Pac-10 "Cardinal" school Stanford 300 $600 2621-38 34392 ORGANIZATIONS Ecuador joined this "well-oiled" group in 1973 but left in 1992 OPEC 1400 $400 5028-34 34393 PAINTERS In his book ?Noa Noa? he wrote about Tahiti, ?Here I enter into truth, become one with nature? (Paul) Gauguin 1200 $400 5075-25 34394 MUSIC TO YOUR EARS One letter, one number, one boy band; this group asked the musical question, "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf" B5 500 $1000 3016-37 34395 OCTOBER 1955 The Air Force released a 316-page report on an 8-year investigation that said there's no proof of these UFO's 1400 $400 2621-23 34396 MUSIC IN "BLACK" and "WHITE" (Alex: Each correct response in the last category will contain either "black" or "white.

") Completes "The moon was all aglow and heaven was in your eyes, the night that you told me those.

" little white lies 400 $400 3862-33 34397 BIG APPLE SAUCE To convince New Yorkers it was safe, this impresario led 21 elephants across the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883 P.Barnum 1200 $200 5071-9 34398 JEWELRY In the South, this piece of jewelry is sometimes called an earbob an earring 200 $400 3267-16 34399 NEW FOOD PRODUCTS Frank Epperson created it in 1923 when he pulled lemonade frozen onto a spoon out of a glass Popsicle 300 $300 5099-1 34400 SHILLING (Alex: This is about ising catchphrases--name the brand.) "Just do it" Nike 100 $200 3334-15 34401 TEA TIME Fictional girl who says, "It's the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life!" Alice 300 $300 3637-0 34402 FAMOUS PAINTINGS In Grant Wood's "American Gothic", a farmer is holding this implement in his right hand Pitchfork 100 $100 5051-11 34403 "FREE" ENTERPRISE Unconfined poultry free range 200 $400 5008-38 34404 CONGRESSIONAL BEFORE and AFTER A mammal that bites legs off sea captains, rams ships and in his spare time is an Illinois Senator Moby Dick Durbin 1400 $800 3100-18 34405 AFRICAN AMERICANS In the 1950s this man sued the Topeka Board of Education over which school his daughter might attend Oliver Brown 400 $400 620-37 34406 NATIVE AMER.WOMEN When this Cree folksinger appeared on "The Virginian", she insisted all Indian roles be played by Indians Buffy Sainte-Marie 1400 $400 5086-28 34407 THE "CAT" For Kant, to act according to principles that you'd like to see become universal is this type of "imperative" categorical imperative 500 $1000 5087-53 34408 "G" FORCE Coined in 1944 by politician Maury Maverick and derived from an animal noise, it means unintelligible nonsense Well now, Andrew and Rachael moved up nicely to get close to you but you're starting to pull away.

gobbledygook 1800 DD: $2,000 4340-2 34409 METAPHORS To display one's competence is to "earn" these, like a pilot Your wings 100 $200 3307-4 34410 THE 5 BOOKS OF MOSES (Alex: A theme is 'a-building!) After losing his coat of many colors to his brothers, he lost another garment to Potiphar's eager wife Joseph 100 $100 3018-37 34411 AWARDS A British order of knighthood is named for this process of washing the body The Order of the Bath 1400 $400 4991-15 34412 WHO WAS THE PRESIDENT WHEN.) words to "The Star-Spangled Banner" were written Yes.Madison 300 $600 3283-59 34413 SAY, "WHAT"? Catchphrase often used by Russian-American comedian Yakov Smirnoff "What a country!" 2000 $1000 3330-21 34414 CHOCOLATE These ball-shaped candies may be dipped in nuts or sprinkles but cocoa powder is the classic coating Chocolate truffles 400 $400 5058-23 34415 MR.

"ED" (Alex: Each correct response will begin with the letters "ED".) The term for excess fluid can be cerebral or pulmonary edema 400 $800 2896-29 34416 BATMEN and ROBINS In the 1960s this voice of "American Top 40" was the voice of the animated Robin Casey Kasem 500 $500 5008-22 34417 POTENT POTABLE POTPOURRI Stay at Woodland Plantation if you love this genteel liqueur; it has been depicted on the liqueur's label since 1934 Southern Comfort 400 $800 2737-52 34418 WEIGHTS and MEASURES In 1967 this unit of time was defined as 9,192,631,770 cycles of radiation of a cesium-133 atom the second 1800 DD: $3,600 3280-42 34419 MEDIEVAL PEOPLE Margery Kempe's "Book Of Margery Kempe" is one of the first examples of this genre in English Autobiography 1600 $600 2736-18 34420 GEOLOGISTS In 1972 Harrison H.Schmitt became the first and last geologist to pick up rocks here the moon 400 $400 3313-56 34421 BIG SCREEN BLOODSUCKERS Before taking a bite out of Susan Sarandon, this French actress put David Bowie in a box in 1983's "The Hunger" Catherine Deneuve 2000 $1000 3039-23 34422 JUST SAY YES This Japanese word for yes sounds like an American way of saying hello Hai 400 $400 3261-27 34423 THE BRADY BUNCH The Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins came about through an endowment by this flashy 19th C.financier "Diamond Jim" Brady 500 $500 3099-18 34424 THE ART OF WAR In the 1930s, France built this elaborate barrier as a permanent defense against German attack Maginot Line 400 $400 3267-52 34425 BERNSTEINS In 1988 Leonard Bernstein's 70th birthday gala was held at this music center in the Berkshires Tanglewood 1800 $800 5063-14 34426 TRANSPORTATION "The relentless pursuit of perfection" is the goal of this luxury automaker Lexus 300 $600 3304-16 34427 TRAVEL and TOURISM You may be surprised to find casinos in this capital of Nepal; you'll find one at the Hotel Yak and Yeti Kathmandu 300 $300 3633-1 34428 CONTAINERS This "chest" holds the clothing and linens of a woman holding on to the chance she'll someday be married Hope chest 100 $100 3282-1 34429 FOODSTUFF The original Pantry Cafe in downtown L.uses 2 1/2 tons of this vegetable a week to make its cole slaw Cabbage 100 $100 5012-37 34430 THE MALE IS IN THE CZECH This Czech-born playwright directed the film version of his "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" (Tom) Stoppard 1400 $800 5036-2 34431 A MIGHTY WIND In 1951 they called the wind this in "Paint Your Wagon", but Ms.Carey might challenge the spelling Mariah 100 $200 3280-28 34432 HOW DO YOU WORK THIS THING? Shackle, then gradually pay out the line; snub the line to get a bite into the bottom; move fast Anchor 500 $500 3332-47 34433 BEFORE and AFTER (Alex: We've had a lot of fun with this category!) Dick Clark's dance show featuring U.citizens who misbehave abroad "The Ugly American Bandstand" 1600 $600 3626-53 34434 WORDPLAY Character who gave his name to lines like, " 'The prisoner's coming down,' he said condescendingly" We were going for the character Tom Swift 1800 $800 3149-12 34435 LUCKY DUCKS Need to find a library book? Lucky thing he came along with his "decimal system" Dewey 300 $300 3294-34 34436 CAPITAL TOWNS Stock up on Breath Assure before heading to Gilroy, Calif., world capital of this pungent bulb garlic 1200 $200 5011-27 34437 5 RHYMES (Alex: Each correct response will rhyme with the word "five.

") In Tennyson it precedes " seek, to find, and not to yield" strive 500 $1000 4092-52 34438 SHORE SHORTS This country has 2,600 miles on the Pacific and Punta Catalina on the Atlantic Chile 1800 $1600 4992-14 34439 LARGE EQUIPMENT For smooth travel, ballast tampers and ballast regulators keep the gravel at the right level among these railroad tracks 300 $600 3028-58 34440 FIRST LADIES She was born in 1864, the daughter of a Buffalo, New York attorney Frances Folsom Cleveland 2000 $1000 5048-23 34441 BUT FEAR ITSELF Scared of these, a chromophobe probably liked NBC better before the peacock colors 400 $800 3061-32 34442 THE BRITISH INVASION This group famous for "I'm Henry VIII, I Am", didn't play instruments on most of their hits Herman's Hermits 1200 $200 3019-22 34443 BEAUTY This substance injected to fill out lips is purified connective tissue from cows Collagen 400 $400 2897-59 34444 MOVIES ABOUT THE MOVIES This French director played a director in his 1973 film "Day For Night" Francois Truffaut 2000 $1000 3174-50 34445 A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT About 60% of this "mother" river of Russia's water flow is from snow; the rest is from groundwater and rain Volga 1800 $800 5059-10 34446 I'M A WOMAN'S MAN In 1971 this singer had a Bianca blast of a wedding; in '99 he went to the Jerry hall of justice for an annulment Mick Jagger 200 $400 4137-24 34447 INSPIRED CHARACTERS This Willa Cather novel was inspired by the life of Jean Baptiste Lamy, the first bishop of Santa Fe Death Comes for the Archbishop 500 $1000 3151-20 34448 SET 'EM UP, JOE Joe's customer Tex orders a tequini straight up, made with dry vermouth, this liquor and a twist of lemon tequila 400 $400 4969-12 34449 I KNOW YOU FROM SOMEWHERE If I wore my serape, it might refresh your memory of our meeting in Saltillo in this country Mexico 300 $600 3310-37 34450 NAMES BY THE NUMBER Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard Why is it that guys always get that and never the women? The Three Stooges 1400 $400 3304-39 34451 COWBOY SONGS This song good for line dancing contains the line "Fly's in the buttermilk, shoo, fly, shoo" Skip to My Lou 1400 $400 5066-25 34452 "I" TUNES In 1962 Ray Charles turned this country song into a No.1 Pop and RandB hit And that song was * ."I Can't Stop Loving You" 500 $1000 3295-13 34453 10-DIFFERENT-LETTER WORDS (Alex: Each word will have 10 different letters) In a movie it's the kind of music heard behind a scene Background (music) 300 $300 3330-9 34454 CHOCOLATE This leading British chocolate-maker introduced its "Dairy Milk" chocolate bar in 1905 Cadbury 200 $200 4987-22 34455 COLOGNE RANGER The Zoo Bridge spans this river that runs through Cologne the Rhine 400 DD: $1,600 3106-0 34456 STATE NICKNAMES "The Everglade State" Florida 100 $100 2905-47 34457 BOOKS and AUTHORS James Patterson's novels include "Kiss The Girls" and this 1996 book named for a nursery rhyme pair Jack And Jill 1600 $600 3067-59 34458 "V"ERBS Petty annoyances can do this to the most patient of people Vex 2000 $1000 3067-7 34459 IN THE BOOKSTORE This Chicago Bulls coach explains his use of Zen Buddhism in "Sacred Hoops" Phil Jackson 200 $200 5061-58 34460 I'M HUNGARIAN I'm the Hungarian-born financier and philanthropist who once made $1 billion in a week betting against the British pound George Soros 2000 $2000 100008-57 34461 THE NEW WORLD Named for landowner Abraham Martin, the Plains of Abraham were the site of this war's key battle the French and Indian War 2000 2500 5106-13 34462 NUMB WITH NUMBERS The hexagonal cells in a honeycomb each have this many sides 6 300 $600 3876-14 34463 "F" IN GEOGRAPHY This Alaska town was founded by prospectors in 1902 and named for a U.vice president (Charles) Fairbanks 300 DD: $800 3007-10 34464 INSIDE THE BELTWAY In 1996 this "Green Mountain" state's Bernie Sanders was re-elected as the lone independent in the House Vermont 200 $200 5048-5 34465 BUT FEAR ITSELF Your only option may be to lie down if you have stasiphobia, a fear of standing, and thaasophobia, a fear of this sitting 100 $200 4340-29 34466 I QUIT! In March 1987 Bettino Craxi quit after a 3 1/2-year term in this post, a post-WWII record Prime Minister of Italy 500 $1000 5055-57 34467 THE BRETHREN "Statesboro Blues" kicks off the 1971 live album "At Fillmore East" by these brothers' band the Allman Brothers 2000 $2000 5022-58 34468 GEOLOGY The name of the mineral with formula Fe3O4 should tell you that it acts as a natural one of these It's called magnetite, so it acts as a natural * .

a magnet 2000 $2000 5088-9 34469 MOTION IN POETRY Pope rhymed, "True ease in writing comes from art, not chance/as those move easiest who have learned to" this dance 200 $400 3047-36 34470 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS In 1761 this Pennsylvania statesman invented the glass harmonica Benjamin Franklin 1400 $400 315-36 34471 INVENTIONS 1st credited to Hans Lippershey in 1608, it was Galileo, in 1609, who first used it to look up the telescope 1400 $400 2898-22 34472 FASHION Hard Candy is a trendy new company making colorful types of this cosmetic Lipstick/nail polish 400 $400 3177-20 34473 WHERE THE "H" ARE WE? Senate Square, Mannerheim Museum, Sibelius Park Helsinki 400 $400 4989-14 34474 WORD and PHRASE ORIGINS A Roman hill where the emperors built their homes gives us this 6-letter word for a king's home * , which comes from Palatine.palace 300 $600 5043-27 34475 SHOW ME THE MONKEY! Nasalis larvatus is the scientific name for this type of monkey seen here a proboscis monkey 500 $1000 3661-21 34476 BIOLOGY This calcified tissue that surrounds the pulp cavity of a tooth is a bone-like substance Then the enamel's on top of the dentin Dentin 400 $400 5019-47 34477 MARK ANTONYMS It's at the opposite end of a race from your mark finish 1600 $1200 5014-14 34478 WOMEN IN POLITICS Bobby Kennedy's daughter Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was the first female lt.Nathan? Maryland 300 $600 4093-20 34479 "D"OUBLE TALK Editor and critic Clifton Fadiman called Gertrude Stein "the mama of" this art movement dada 400 $800 5042-30 34480 OLD AMERICAN HISTORY In 1663 John Eliot's translation of this, both the old and new parts, appeared in Algonquin The Bible 1200 $400 5098-20 34481 HODGEPODGE Precedes "regal" in the name of a popular whisky Now why is it that you got that one? Chivas Regal 400 $800 3289-53 34482 "LET"s END THIS This charm to ward off evil and injury is often worn around the neck Amulet 1800 $800 100008-48 34483 WORLD LITERATURE This Greek writer continued the story of Ulysses in his 1938 poem, "The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel" Nikos Kazantzakis 1800 2000 4092-5 34484 THE SEVENTH MONTH The current seventh month is named in honor of this man * , the seventh month, yes.

Julius Caesar 100 $200 5060-53 34485 THE KIDS LOVE THEIR MUSIC System of a down played off a book title by this '60s activist with its 2002 CD "Steal This Album!" Abby Hoffman 1800 DD: $2,000 3323-18 34486 I GOT IT HANDLED (Alex: That's a strange category!) A once-popular christening gift was a spoon with one of the 12 of these on the handle Apostles 400 $400 3310-39 34487 THE "EX" FILES After Arthur's last battle, this weapon is returned to the Lady of the Lake Excalibur 1400 $400 3327-50 34488 BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS One of 11 children, this 26th prime minister could have formed a police force out of his family Robert Peel 1800 DD: $1,500 3171-7 34489 "LITTLE" WOMEN This mischievous girl with corkscrew curls appeared in the Saturday Evening Post for over 10 years Little Lulu 200 $200 617-10 34490 STARRY SONGS It begins, "Are the stars out tonight, I can't tell if it's cloudy or bright" After Larry's correct response Thank you."I Only Have Eyes For You" 200 $200 3669-20 34491 MOVIE L.In 1913, at Selma and Vine, this director known for epics shot the first feature made in Hollywood, "The Squaw Man" Cecil B.DeMille 400 $400 5080-40 34492 WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA? In 1826 James Madison succeeded this other former U.

President as Rector of the University of Virginia Thomas Jefferson 1400 $800 3023-43 34493 ON THE MAP At 5,305 feet, Mount Ossa is the highest point on this "devilish" Australian island Tasmania 1600 $600 3289-11 34494 CANDLES Blowing out his birthday candles, a boy wishes for 24 hours of truth from his dad in this 1997 Jim Carrey film Liar Liar 200 $200 3266-6 34495 MOTHER EARTH On the average, the Earth is about 93 million miles or one astronomical unit away from this Sun 200 $200 5071-46 34496 SNACK ATTACK This brand of pudding and gelatin offers Smoothie Snacks and Pudding Bites Jell-O 1600 $1200 5058-15 34497 A HORSE IS A HORSE Cavalry horses trained for battle; it's also an NFL team name Chargers 300 $600 2910-22 34498 EAGLE HODGEPODGE The chapters of the Fraternal Order of Eagles are called these after the nests of eagles Aeries 400 $400 2895-36 34499 ONE-WOMAN SHOWS This British actress explored her relationship with her father, Sir Michael, in "Shakespeare For My Father" Lynn Redgrave 1400 $400 3665-14 34500 THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION The first Continental Congress met in 1774 to protest 4 British acts collectively called this Intolerable Acts 300 $300 3286-23 34501 PHUN WITH PHONICS (Alex: And we want to wish a lot of our viewers Happy Hanukkah! Hanukkah starts today.) Meaning "single pitch", it's a speaking voice that lacks inflection Monotone 400 $400 4966-18 34502 ON THE EQUATOR The 3rd largest island in the world, this Indonesian one is bisected by the Equator Trisha's not gonna ring in to try to come in with * .Borneo 400 $800 3071-50 34503 HISTORICAL MARKER AHEAD Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia was the meeting place for this delegation in 1774 the Continental Congress 1800 $800 4977-24 34504 CHURCHES and CATHEDRALS The National Cathedral in Washington is officially known as the cathedral church of these two saints Peter and Paul 500 $1000 3632-37 34505 TELEVISION (Hi, I'm Heather Tom of The Young and the Restless.Sheffield's daughter Maggie on this Fran Drescher sitcom The Nanny 1400 $400 3703-25 34506 YOU'RE TOYING WITH ME Star of "Forbidden Planet" seen here in toy form: Robby the Robot 500 $500 3107-29 34507 HOMONYMS Copied on paper by memory We left a lot of clues up there because we were making mistakes, me included! Wrote/rote 500 $500 3295-52 34508 GETTING A PATENT In the U., a standard patent is good for this many years; for a design patent, it's only 14 17 1800 $800 3120-43 34509 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS Maggie and Tom Tulliver are the children of a miller in her 1860 novel "The Mill on the Floss" George Eliot 1600 $600 3103-16 34510 DANCE MUSIC It's the Drifters' 1960 title request "Save The Last Dance For Me" 300 $300 3296-54 34511 NORTH BY NORTHWEST Eighty Mile Beach, on the Indian Ocean, is part of this continent's northwest coast Australia 2000 $1000 5074-14 34512 CANADA, MEXICO OR THE U.300 $600 3280-30 34513 MEDIEVAL PEOPLE Roger II, king of this large island off Italy, was one of the 12th century's intellectual dynamos Sicily 1200 $200 3279-33 34514 TRAVEL EUROPE This Swiss city's Clock and Watch Museum on Rue de Malagnou is open daily except Tues.; be punctual Geneva 1200 $200 5094-10 34515 CONTAINERS Port wines are separated into 2 types based on these 2 possible places where they do most of their aging Mmm.barrels and bottles 200 $400 3307-31 34516 BLACK and WHITE CLASSICS Stuck in the wilderness in "The Gold Rush", he boils his boot for dinner Charlie Chaplin 1200 $200 5041-36 34517 LIFE SCIENCE A haploid nucleus contains 1 of each type of chromosome; this is the term for a nuceus with 2 of each diploid 1400 $800 5016-3 34518 REMEMBER THE 1700s? In 1767 this volcano erupted so violently that the king of Naples had to flee his palace Vesuvius 100 $200 3327-25 34519 THE SIMPSONS (Alex: The TV series) "Okely-dokely-do" and "Oh, indeedily doodily" are phrases often said by this Simpsons neighbor Ned Flanders 500 $500 3675-5 34520 "BOR"-ING This masculine first name of Slavic origin means "fight" or "battle" Boris 100 $100 5087-4 34521 -SCOPES A type of this was named for Johannes Kepler a telescope 100 $200 3281-23 34522 STARTS WITH "GU" Flaubert's first name Gustave 400 $400 3266-46 34523 CONFESSIONS The "confessions" of this deeply religious church father began the genre St.Augustine 1600 $600 3634-28 34524 BEADS In Europe, around lunchtime August 11, 1999, Baily's Beads became visible around this the sun (during an eclipse) 500 DD: $700 3268-1 34525 GRAD SCHOOL Managerial accounting is a core course at Penn's Wharton, the USA's first of these schools Business school 100 $100 2756-7 34526 FEMININE NAMES Actress Bergman helped popularize this Scandinavian first name, possibly meaning "beautiful" Ingrid 200 $200 3036-30 34527 THE OBLIGATORY POETRY CATEGORY The one word quothed by Edgar Allan Poe's raven "Nevermore!" 1200 $200 3151-45 34528 SNEEZING A "photic" sneeze is caused by this sunlight (light accepted) 1600 DD: $1,500 3872-30 34529 ARTISTS and THEIR WORKS Graham Sutherland's 1949 portrait of this "Of Human Bondage" author is in the Tate Gallery Somerset Maugham 1200 $200 3259-22 34530 ROCKET SCIENCE NERVA was a U.

project to develop a rocket propelled by this type of "n"ergy Nuclear energy 400 $400 315-8 34531 THE 1950's In 1952, this plant substance was added to toothpaste, gum, soap, and many other things chlorophyll 200 $200 5061-50 34532 TREES The southern tip of Florida has forests of this tree, genus Rhizophora, noted for the above-ground knee roots the common (or red) mangrove 1800 DD: $3,600 3287-22 34533 THE BODY HUMAN Drumroll eardrum is also known as this membrane Tympannic membrane 400 $400 3622-33 34534 SCIENCE In 1633 Descartes suppressed his book "The World" because it supported the ideas of this Italian Galileo 1200 $200 3291-54 34535 20TH CENTURY OPERA His tragicomedy "Six Characters In Search Of An Author" inspired a modern opera by Hugo Weisgall Luigi Pirandello 2000 $1000 5031-21 34536 THREE ON A MATCH The 3 B's of classical music Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven 400 $800 3335-34 34537 MELANCHOLIA He's Shakespeare's melancholy Dane Hamlet 1200 $200 3028-29 34538 "C" THE WORLD The name of this African country comes from camaroes, a Portuguese word for shrimp Before the Double Jeopardy! Round In the last round, there was a momentary hesitation; we were having difficulty making a judgment on "Cameroon" and "The Cameroons"; we have decided to accept "The Cameroons", the response given by Liza, so she gets her cash back.Cameroon 500 $500 3330-35 34539 12-LETTER WORDS It's a break period between play acts when you can stretch your legs Intermission 1200 $200 3149-1 34540 ABOARD THE SLOOP WITH SMEE Since Smee often confuses left and right, he also confuses port and this See, I'd have said sherry.starboard 100 $100 3299-35 34541 POUR ME SOME CHAMPAGNE! A little red wine is usually added to make this popular color of champagne Rose/pink 1200 $200 2736-10 34542 FURNITURE Gaboon is one of the blackest forms of this wood in use today ebony 200 $200 3298-33 34543 LITERARY HODGEPODGE Sir Mulberry Hawk is a vicious crony of Ralph Nickleby in this Dickens novel Nicholas Nickleby 1200 $200 3062-16 34544 WILDE Passing through customs in New York, Wilde declared, "I have nothing to declare except" this My genius 300 $300 3048-37 34545 LONDON'S CITY GUILDS Loriners make hardware for this genteel sport a little "bit" at a time Polo (or anything to do with horses) 1400 $400 5072-15 34546 STATE GOVERNORS By law, this ex-Texas governor can never be elected U.

Bush 300 $600 3026-9 34547 TAKE IN ORDER (Alex: You have to take the clues in this category in order.) The appendix is vermiform, meaning shaped like one of these a worm 200 $200 2908-15 34548 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD There are no permanent lakes in this country that's home to Mecca Saudi Arabia 300 $300 5080-24 34549 1945 Sir Alexander Fleming was one of 3 men awarded the Nobel Prize for their work with this substance penicillin 500 $1000 3307-30 34550 METRO MIAMI Warm, inviting Miami lies just 2 degrees north of this tropic line Tropic of Cancer 1200 $200 5037-57 34551 PLANT LIFE (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows some leaf shapes on the monitor.) Leaf shapes include lanceolate, ovate and this one, also with the "a-t-e" ending, that's shaped like a cook's flipping and spreading tool spatulate 2000 $2000 3099-34 34552 MEN IN TIGHTS This actor wore tights on the big screen in 1991 as the "Prince Of Thieves" Kevin Costner 1200 $200 4984-38 34553 "A" IN SCIENCE Revive yourself and give the name of this compound of nitrogen and hydrogen that has been used for refrigeration ammonia 1400 $800 3308-10 34554 ON THE ROCKS Though it sounds like a reference to oil, it's the branch of geology that studies rock composition Petrology 200 $200 3314-6 34555 ON THE "TOWN" Founded in 1652, it's South Africa's oldest city established by Europeans Cape Town 200 $200 5032-59 34556 FIVE THE "ARD" WAY Famous lover who died in 1142 Abelard 2000 $2000 3030-40 34557 UNFINISHED BUSINESS After his death, his final lines in the film "Giant" were dubbed by Nick Adams James Dean 1400 $400 3027-30 34558 NONFICTION In a 1995 autobiography, this star of "Frasier" told of his life "So Far" Kelsey Grammer 1200 $200 3326-46 34559 4-LETTER WORDS Type of chart seen here Flow 1600 $600 3310-9 34560 PANDA-MONIUM Because they can't digest cellulose, pandas may eat 90 pounds a day of the shoots of this plant Bamboo 200 $200 5089-16 34561 IT'S "TEA" TIME It's a small chest made to hold tea leaves, not golf clubs tea caddy 300 $600 5105-41 34562 THE "END" (Alex: Notice the quotation marks.

That word--the letters "E-N-D"--those letters--will come up in each correct repsonse.) This is the 2-word rhyming phrase for a minor car crash a fender bender 1400 $800 3016-5 34563 NURTURE Experts advise against tying this weekly payment to chores, which the kids should do anyway Allowance 100 $100 3340-44 34564 PUT 'EM IN ORDER Ulysses S.Garfield, William Howard Taft 1600 $600 3333-2 34565 AMERICAN POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS (Alex: You have to identify the place, of course) MO Missouri 100 $100 5030-20 34566 A, B OR C A vitamin found in vegetables and dairy products, it's also called retinol A 400 $800 4975-2 34567 SHIPS The ships of Columbus' first voyage were 2 caravels and this bigger ship, a type called a nao the Santa Maria 100 $200 100004-2 34568 ARTISTS Unlike other artists of the time, Leonardo based these angel parts on the ones that birds have Wings 100 200 3335-47 34569 AUTHOR'S DICTIONARY It's a specific comparison using "like" or "as"; "cool as a cucumber", for example Simile 1600 $600 3304-33 34570 COWBOY SONGS The dying cowboy's companions ignored his request "Bury me not" here On the lone prairie 1200 $200 5067-26 34571 HIPPO-POURRI Is it any wonder that this Flemish artist, whose early 17th century work is seen here, painted hippopotami? Rubens 500 $1000 3040-46 34572 THE BODY HUMAN This hollow chamber of the upper end of the trachea contains the vocal cords Before Final Jeopardy! We have a small change in scoring and it affects Sahir--we have verified that "larynex" is an acceptable pronounciation for "larynx" and so his score is now correct.1 ALBUMS "Imagine" John Lennon 100 $100 3332-0 34574 THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS The scrolls are written in Hebrew, Aramaic and this, just like the Bible Greek 100 $100 3305-8 34575 DON'T MISS THE BOAT In the summer, tour boats carry Civil War buffs from Charleston City Marina to this island fort every day Fort Sumter 200 $200 3285-22 34576 THAT'S COLD! Temperatures can reach minus 90 degrees in this large eastern area of Russia that makes up 75% of the country Siberia 400 $400 3283-32 34577 THE BILL OF RIGHTS 17 amendments were passed by the house, but only this many became part of the Constitution in 1790 10 1200 $200 4227-52 34578 HISTORY OLDER THAN YOU Over 5,000 years ago, this ancient people created Hieroglyphics, like the one seen here Egyptians 1800 $1600 5071-42 34579 OUR FOUNDING FATHERS He served jointly with William Hunter as Postmaster General of the colonies from 1753 to 1761 Benjamin Franklin 1600 $1200 4985-39 34580 FOR THE FASHIONISTA Of Elie Saab, Elie Saturn or Elie Subaru, the one who designed the gown Halle Berry wore when she won her Oscar That was designer * .Elie Saab 1400 $800 3286-6 34581 LADLE, LADLE A soup of the Southwest is highlighted by fried strips of this Mexican flat bread Tortillas 200 $200 3876-10 34582 Y TO K (Alex: Each response will begin with the letter "Y" and end with "K") The 1973 one of these from Berkley High contains photos of Steven Dorfman and Nancy Tong Yearbook 200 $200 5092-34 34583 FICTION These trailblazers are found in the titles of novels by James Fenimore Cooper and Willa Cather pioneers 1200 $400 619-49 34584 CONSTELLATIONS In legend, it's the part of Berenice, an Egyptian princess, that became a constellation her hair 1800 $800 5026-25 34585 PAINT IT BLACK This river forms the southern and western borders of Germany's Black Forest region the Rhine 500 $1000 3832-54 34586 MALTA BOUND In the first century A., this important Christian leader was shipwrecked on Malta for 3 months Paul 2000 $1000 619-46 34587 STARS WITH "C" The burnt, dark-brown liquid obtained by heating sugar caramel 1600 $600 4093-54 34588 THE CIVIL WAR Cole Younger and Frank James accompanied this Colonel when he raided Lawrence, Kansas in 1863 And that was the infamous * .William Quantrill 2000 $2000 3294-17 34589 LET'S GO TO A MUSEUM Check into a motel in Plano in this state, then check out the Cockroach Hall of Fame and Museum Texas 300 $300 4988-42 34590 BIBLICAL CITIES Samson was imprisoned and died in this Philistine city; today a "Strip" is named for it Gaza 1600 $1200 3274-56 34591 THE WOMEN'S HALL OF FAME This founder of the Special Olympics found herself in the hall in 1998 Eunice Kennedy Shriver 2000 DD: $500 3039-44 34592 HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION (Hi, I'm Ben Savage.) Football games are common at these high school celebrations for returning graduates homecomings 1600 DD: $1,000 3152-29 34593 CATCHING SOME "Z"s Wahoo! This movie mogul was born in Wahoo, Nebraska in 1902 (Darryl) Zanuck 500 $500 5092-44 34594 GEOGRAPHIC GLOSSARY A sandbar with a curve at the tip; in New jersey you'll find a "sandy" one hook 1600 $1200 3100-15 34595 TRAVEL and TOURISM The Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz is a good start for a tour of these South American islands Galapagos Islands 300 $300 3297-17 34596 JINGLES ALL THE WAY You don't need a lot because with this product "A little dab'll do ya" Brylcreem 300 $300 4124-51 34597 SIGNATURE SONGS (Alex: We want you to identify the singer most closely associated with each tune.) "Tennessee Waltz" Patti Page 1800 $1600 3625-22 34598 THE ABCs OF THE CDC (Alex: The Centers for Disease Control) In 1981 the first cases of this disease were published in the CDC's "Morbidity And Mortality Weekly Report" AIDS 400 $400 3023-6 34599 DANCING IN THE BIBLE At the party for the Prodigal Son, there was music and dancing and this was killed for the catering Fatted calf 200 $200 5032-40 34600 SUPREME COURT BEFORE and AFTER Have it your way with this former Chief Justice who's the Home of the Whopper Warren Burger King 1400 $800 3099-13 34601 MOVIE VICTIMS In 1996 he co-starred as the customer victimized by "Cable Guy" Jim Carrey Matthew Broderick 300 $300 3305-12 34602 MORE FIRST LADIES Quincy was her mother's maiden name and the middle name of her son Abigail Adams 300 $300 4123-52 34603 BOOKS OF THE '70s Thousands of people got pushed around and bought Robert J.Ringer's "Winning Through" this Intimidation 1800 $1600 100008-38 34604 CLASSICAL MUSIC Schubert's "Quintet for Piano and Strings in a Major" has been given this "fishy" nickname "The Trout" 1400 1000 3024-16 34605 WHERE THERE'S A WILL.

In his will he called himself a "printer" and "late minister plenipotentiary" to the court of France Benjamin Franklin 300 $300 3261-6 34606 MOUNTAINS He was only a candidate for president when North America's tallest mountain was named for him William McKinley 200 $200 5001-35 34607 THE "GOOD", THE "BAD" and THE "UGLY" This story says "then he rustled his feathers, curved his slender neck, and cried joyfully" "The Ugly Duckling" 1200 $400 5103-5 34608 HEY, WHERE'D YOU "GO"? The Vezina Trophy is for hockey's best one of these a goalkeeper 100 $200 4123-26 34609 CAR CHAT (Sarah of the Clue Crew stops to give the clue.) I'm glad I have this 4-letter type of brakes that uses pads and rings for more stopping power than drum brakes discs 500 $1000 4199-56 34610 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, 2001 He was half of the research duo who wrote books on sex like "Human Sexual Inadequacy" (William) Masters 2000 $2000 3296-23 34611 KWANZAA The Kwanzaa feast table is decorated with one ear of corn for each of these in the household Children 400 $400 3631-36 34612 COUNTRIES IN SPANISH Dinamarca Denmark 1400 $400 3025-18 34613 THE UNITED NATIONS (Alex: In honor of U.Day) In 1945 representatives from 50 nations met in this U.charter San Francisco 400 $400 3029-54 34614 BRIT LIT (Alex: British literature, obviously!) In an Evelyn Waugh novel, one of Lord Marchman's children is known as Bridey, which is short for this Brideshead 2000 DD: $1,000 3318-32 34615 STATE BIRDS It comes bob bob bobbin' along as the state bird of Michigan, Wisconsin and Connecticut Robin 1200 $200 3008-48 34616 CLASSICAL MUSICIANS (AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE): Heinz Holliger, heard here playing Bach, is the most famous modern performer on this instrument Oboe 1800 DD: $1,000 4977-31 34617 CANDLE IN THE WIND This cord can be impregnated with inorganic salt solutions and dried prior to molding into candles the wick 1200 $400 5001-2 34618 OK COMPUTER This "high-flying" computer program from Adobe converts other types of documents into a PDF file Acrobat 100 $200 3632-46 34619 "D" IN HISTORY In 1868 he became the first person of Jewish ancestry to become prime minister of Great Britain Benjamin Disraeli 1600 $600 4991-9 34620 WHO WAS THE PRESIDENT WHEN.citizens were airlifted out of Saigon as it fell (Gerald) Ford 200 DD: $1,000 3029-50 34621 SHEEPISH COUNTRIES This country's 266,000 people should keep its 500,000 sheep away from Mount Hekla, an active volcano Iceland 1800 $800 3675-30 34622 LOTS OF CHARACTER (Alex: That's good!) In an 1839 tale, he's Kate Nickleby's brother Nicholas Nickleby 1200 $200 5032-36 34623 JAPAN-U.RELATIONS OPEC is an oil cartel; APEC, which includes Japan and the U., is Asia-Pacific this type of Cooperation Economic 1400 $800 5037-33 34624 PLANT LIFE The Madonna type of this plant was once used at Easter but often failed to bloom in time; the Bermuda type replaced it the lily 1200 $400 4200-35 34625 TALK LIKE SHAKESPEARE Of pestilent, perspicuous or periapt the one that means "obvious" or "clear" perspicuous 1200 $400 5086-0 34626 COMPOUNDS IN ACTION (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from inside a science lab.) When hydrogen sulfide in the air reacts with silver, it creates a coating called silver sulfide, better known by this one word tarnish 100 $200 4987-24 34627 18th CENTURY AMERICA These 85 essays arguing for adoption of the Constitution appeared between October 27, 1787 and May 28, 1788 the Federalist Papers 500 $1000 5026-54 34628 NOVELS This novel is narrated by one-time journalist Jack Burden, who becomes an aide to politician Willie Stark All the King's Men 2000 $2000 3871-2 34629 LET'S GET GRAPHIC It's a prototype layout of a graphic work, or one of the positions in bridge Dummy 100 $100 5070-35 34630 3-LETTER WORDS It's a term for any Buddhist Temple in Thailand or Cambodia, like the Angkor one a Wat 1200 $400 3019-54 34631 STRAIT TALK On July 3, 1988 an Iranian airliner enroute to Dubai was shot down over this strait by a U.warship the Strait of Hormuz 2000 $1000 4093-47 34632 BEFORE and AFTER Mark McGrath's rock group that's a TV sitcom actor whom "Everybody Loves" Sugar Ray Romano 1600 $1200 5047-26 34633 FOOD FACTS Beurre noir is this cooked over a low heat until brown butter 500 $1000 3261-42 34634 BRAHMINS "Brahmin" originally meant "prayer" in this ancient Hindu language Sanskrit 1600 $600 5034-17 34635 IT'S IN THE BIBLE Back in the Old Testament, Isaiah said, "Behold", one of these "shall conceive, and bear a son" a virgin 300 $600 3661-46 34636 FRUITS and VEGETABLES This melon is named for a former Papal summer home near Rome Cantaloupe 1600 DD: $1,200 3667-30 34637 THE LIVING WORLD In the names of hummingbirds, this body part might be a "blue-" or "ruby-" Throat 1200 $200 3666-10 34638 COMETS For Encke's Comet, the period meaning the time it takes to do this is a brief 3.

3 years Orbit the sun 200 $200 5021-53 34639 11-LETTER WORDS If you fail to make your mortgage payments, the bank might place your property in this foreclosure 1800 $1600 5013-43 34640 ALL THAT JAZZ This bandleader from D.

traveled with an electric piano, now in the Smithsonian, so he wouldn't wake hotel guests Duke Ellington 1600 $1200 3016-25 34641 BILL PULLMAN FILMS Pullman returns home to his wife, a first-rate athlete, in the film seen here: A League of Their Own 500 DD: $500 3876-0 34642 FILM NOIR Jack Nicholson played L.Gittes in this 1974 classic Chinatown 100 $100 3277-34 34643 INSTITUTIONS In 1743 he founded the American Philosophical Society Benjamin Franklin 1200 $200 3283-56 34644 THE BILL OF RIGHTS On April 19, 1939, this "Nutmeg State" became the last of the original 13 states to ratify the Bill of Rights Connecticut 2000 $1000 5092-54 34645 SCIENC"E" (Cheryl of the Clue Crew presents from the USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island, CA.) Pentaradial symmetry and hard, spiny skin are two major qualities of this phylum of creatures You're sort of heading there, * .echinodermata 2000 $2000 5014-11 34646 A VARIETY OF WORDS (Alex: Each correct response will be made up of letters that can be found in the word "variety.") A division of geologic time era 200 $400 5075-24 34647 BIBLE HEROES In Judges he said, "With the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men" Samson 500 $1000 3274-43 34648 TENTS IN THE BIBLE This apostle from Tarsus was a tentmaker by trade With a minute to go.Paul 1600 $600 3314-12 34649 ON THE "TOWN" Guyana's capital, or a historic section of our own capital Georgetown 300 $300 100008-54 34650 WORLD LITERATURE King Louis XIV provided this author of "The Misanthrope" with a permanent theatre near the Louvre Moliere 2000 2500 5020-44 34651 CRITTERS OF THE AMAZON The Amazon species of this sea cow is the only one to live exclusively in fresh water a manatee 1600 $1200 3288-21 34652 ANOTHER NAME FOR From old Italian for "to shield" and "sun", it's another name for a sun umbrella parasol 400 $400 3290-17 34653 "NIGHT"s In this children's book, a little bunny bids adieu to the objects in his room at bedtime Goodnight Moon 300 $300 3280-38 34654 AROUND THE LITERARY WORLD Cywydd, a verse form featuring rhyming couplets, comes from this British Isles country Wales 1400 $400 3876-1 34655 ANIMAL YOUNG 'UNS The zebra Colt 100 $100 2909-15 34656 DANCE "Que Alegria Es Cosa Buena", this Los Del Rio dance hit has taken the world by storm Macarena 300 $300 3306-2 34657 CARTOON BIRDS He was supposedly inspired by a bird that disrupted creator Walter Lantz's honeymoon Woody Woodpecker 100 $100 4969-21 34658 LET'S TAKE A TRIP In Venice you're sitting by this famous square if you're sipping an espresso at Florian's, est.

Mark's Square 400 $800 3308-43 34659 FOOD FACTS The blood of this animal is one of the main ingredients in blood pudding Pig 1600 $600 5053-9 34660 MAKE $$$ IN YOUR SPARE TIME! Numismatics, man! In 2005 one of these dating from 1792 sold for $437,000--that's 43.7 million times its face value Be more specific.a penny 200 $400 3048-35 34661 9-LETTER WORDS It's any of the first known inhabitants of a region, especially one from Australia Aborigine 1200 $200 3011-28 34662 POTENT POTABLES Tempted by a Tempter? -- it's made with apricot brandy and this sweet dessert wine Port 500 $500 4970-52 34663 LITERARY CROSSWORD CLUES "S" He cooked up "In the Night Kitchen"(6) And this author was * .Maurice Sendak 1800 $1600 100013-1 34664 COLORS (Alex: All of the correct responses in that category will contain a color.

Apple (Computer) 1400 DD: $3,000 3627-27 34671 THOSE WACKY CANADIANS This man from Alliston, Ontario went with the best, Charles Best, to jointly discover insulin Dr.Frederick Banting 500 DD: $800 3010-57 34672 GIANTS OF SCIENCE "Father of the A-Bomb" who recalled the Hindu line "I am become death" after the first atomic explosion J.Robert Oppenheimer 2000 $1000 3903-33 34673 THE DIRECTOR'S CHAIR "Mister Roberts", "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", "Stagecoach" (John) Ford 1200 $200 3263-12 34674 13 It's the term for a spellbound assembly of 13 witches Coven 300 $300 3666-7 34675 BATMAN'S WORLD A family of circus trapeze artists produced this orphaned son Dick Grayson/Robin 200 $200 3038-38 34676 MODELS The famous feature seen here belongs to this "Queen of Supermodels": Cindy Crawford (the mole on her face) 1400 DD: $1,300 3061-5 34677 GETTING POSSESSIVE (Alex: We'll give you a clue and the correct response will be a possessive) It says, "If anything can go wrong, it will" Murphy's Law 100 $100 3325-37 34678 SPORTS The complicated rating system for this position includes percentage of interceptions per attempt Quarterback 1400 $400 5049-26 34679 AROUND THE PLAYBOY MANSION At the Mansion is a frieze showing this Roman dawn deity "scattering flowers before the chariot of the sun" Aurora 500 $1000 5008-5 34680 MAMMA "MEA" To proceed by a winding or indirect course meander 100 $200 4984-41 34681 ( )-LETTER WORDS (Alex: I'll give you the number of letters and a brief definition; you have to come up with the word, obviously.) (7)To approve a candidate, or sign the back of a check endorse 1400 $800 3288-23 34682 HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY "GAL" ? In this New Testament epistle, Paul argued that he was an apostle appointed by God Galatians 400 $400 3025-54 34683 AFRICAN COUNTRIES This country on the Atlantic coast is Africa's most populous Nigeria 2000 $1000 3630-59 34684 MIND YOUR "P"s and "Q"s (Alex: Keep in mind that those two letters will come up in each correct response) This herbicide used on marijuana plants was in the news in the '80s Paraquat 2000 $1000 4340-38 34685 1960 The USSR signed a trade agreement with this country in February to buy 5 million tons of sugar a year over 5 years Cuba 1400 $800 4201-47 34686 4-LETTER WORDS It's sounded just before the lights go out in your barracks "Taps" 1600 $1200 3036-7 34687 NATIONAL MONUMENTS Scotts Bluff National Monument lies in western Nebraska on this pioneer trail Oregon Trail 200 $200 5048-15 34688 MIDDLE ENGLISH CLASS This word from the Middle English means "nothing" to me and is often found after "come to" naught 300 $600 4124-5 34689 BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY (Alex: we celebrate.

) This newsman was born on July 4, 1943, and not named Jerry Rivers Geraldo Rivera 100 $200 3667-6 34690 FICTIONAL NOBILITY "The Sword in the Stone" is the first book in T.White's series about this "once and future king" King Arthur 200 $200 5042-52 34691 A ROUND OF GULF The Gulf of California is also known as the Sea of this conquerer Cort z 1800 $1600 3063-2 34692 JACK LEMMON FILMS Lemmon made his directorial debut with 1971's "Kotch", starring this man, his "Out To Sea" co-star Walter Matthau 100 $100 3278-31 34693 SPORTS His 66 home runs in 1998 helped the Cubs to the playoffs for only the 3rd time in 53 years Sammy Sosa 1200 $200 2901-49 34694 STATE CAPITALS It's home to Belmont, David Lipscomb and Vanderbilt universities Nashville 1800 $800 3328-31 34695 BIG SCREEN BRAINBUSTERS This star of "Slumber Party '57" and "Terms Of Endearment" was one of the voices used to create E.'s voice Debra Winger 1200 $200 5085-17 34696 FOOD STUFF Spinach is added to pasta to turn it green and "ink" from this ocean cephalopod is added to turn it charcoal gray squid 300 $600 5073-31 34697 SPORTS ZONE You get a bull's eye if you know that it's the sport of shooting with a bow and arrow archery 1200 $400 3121-26 34698 BRAND NAMES This powerboat company was founded by Christopher Columbus Smith Chris Craft 500 $500 3329-51 34699 HAIL TO THE CHIEF In the presidential election of 1796, he finished second in the electoral vote Thomas Jefferson 1800 DD: $2,000 3151-36 34700 SCIENCE and NATURE This metal used in storage batteries is refined mainly from a gray metallic ore called galena lead 1400 $400 3875-43 34701 MAY FLOWERS It must have been May in "Stage Door" when Katharine Hepburn said these "Lilies are in bloom again" Calla lilies 1600 $600 3315-31 34702 ARROWS This arrow-shooting constellation is a centaur of attention in the night sky Sagittarius 1200 $200 5098-49 34703 EUROPE'S GOT TALENT TOO Alberto Hidalgo and his happy feet can tap 734 times a minute while performing this Spanish dance No, it's--the flamingo is a bird, the * -- the flamenco 1800 DD: $400 3315-24 34704 MANY "NATION"s Status seekers know it's what MFN stands for in world trade Most Favored Nation 500 $500 3031-42 34705 WHAT'S YOUR SYMBOL? (Alex: We'll show you a symbol, you identify what it means) video clue radioactive 1600 $600 619-16 34706 LYRICS "Wider than a mile; I'm crossin' you in style some day" "Moon River" 300 $300 3662-41 34707 "RED", "WHITE" and "BLUE" (Alex: One, two, perhaps all three words will come up in the correct response) It describes a crime such as embezzlement committed by a person in business or government White collar 1400 $400 5020-47 34708 CREW CLUES As a verb, it refers to the motion propelling the boat; as a noun, it refers to the person who sets the pace I never heard this word in this context.

It's called the * --the one who sits just in front of the coxswain.stroke 1600 $1200 3064-50 34709 HAIL TO THE CHIEF Since his father died before he was born, his uncle Sardis Birchard helped raise him Rutherford B.Hayes 1800 DD: $600 3119-20 34710 WALKING THE DOG (Alex: Hey, I recognize that one!) The largest terrier, it's been called the "King of the Terriers" Airedale 400 $400 4975-28 34711 CLOSE BUT NO SITAR This rhyming instrument is also known as a street organ a hurdy-gurdy 500 $1000 5008-29 34712 MAMMA "MEA" It's your own fault if you don't know it means deficient in quantity or quality meager 500 $1000 3334-44 34713 NAME THE POET "She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies" Lord Byron 1600 $600 621-41 34714 TOUGH TV TRIVIA "Timely" show which followed "The Tonight Show" for the 1st time Oct.28, 1982 (The) Tomorrow (Show) 1400 $400 3047-32 34715 HE WAS IN THAT? A bit role as a mugger in "Death Wish" marked the film debut of this lanky star of "The Lost World" Jeff Goldblum 1200 $200 4296-16 34716 QUOTES FROM 2002 A former senator from Tennessee, he quipped in 2002, "I am concerned about the economy.

I was the first one laid off" Al Gore 300 $600 3064-18 34717 I WISH Appropriate brand of salad dressing to use during a Thanksgiving meal Wish-Bone 400 $400 4976-28 34718 LET'S PLAY "TAG" It's the 2-dimentional figure seen here a heptagon 500 $1000 3632-40 34719 "D" IN HISTORY The Vikings founded this city in the mid-800s, probably naming it for a black pool in the river Liffey Dublin 1400 $400 2895-35 34720 3-LETTER WORDS It can be an edge or border, or a basketball hoop Rim 1200 $200 3034-13 34721 mini-mountains Going from Monroe to Shreveport, you might see this state's highest peak, 535' Mt.Driskill Louisiana 300 $300 2899-46 34722 VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES His vice presidential candidates were John J.Sparkman in 1952 and Estes Kefauver in 1956 Adlai Stevenson 1600 $600 3035-37 34723 BLACK AMERICANS In 1994 this "Color Purple" author was recognized by California for being a "state treasure" Alice Walker 1400 $400 3321-44 34724 1776 This Scottish economist theorized that labor, not land, is the main source of wealth Adam Smith 1600 DD: $1,500 5086-54 34725 SCULPTURE This cowboy sculptor, a contemporary of Remington, represents Montana in Statuary Hall (Charles) Russell 2000 $2000 3637-39 34726 HOLIDAY IN.? An active holiday in this European nation might begin with becoming radioactive in its Kiev Reservoir region Ukraine 1400 $400 3149-29 34727 IN THE MOVIES Sylvester Stallone put on about 40 pounds to play Sheriff Heflin in this 1997 film Copland 500 $500 3039-58 34728 LET'S CELEBRATE! On April 25 this Italian city celebrates the feast day of St.Mark, its patron saint Venice 2000 $1000 5021-52 34729 A PARADE OF THE WORST DICTATORS (Alex: This is a list from Parade magazine.

) Under Robert Mugabe of this country, life expectancy went from 62 to 38 years Zimbabwe 1800 $1600 5013-52 34730 YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED Bolivia became landlocked when this country took over its only coastal territory after a 19th century war Chile 1800 $1600 5075-40 34731 COUNTRIES BY NEWSPAPER The Shizuoka Shimbun, the Nikkan Ube Jiho Japan 1400 $800 5058-37 34732 TV DRAMAS BY EPISODE "The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club" Magnum, P.1400 $800 5103-33 34733 SMITH The first Grammy for Best Rap Performance went to DJ Jazzy Jeff and this "Fresh Prince" Will Smith 1200 $400 3330-16 34734 "LOVE" SONGS "When I kissed a cop down on 34th and Vine, he broke my little bottle of" this Love Potion No.9 300 $300 4989-33 34735 MIND YOUR BUSINESS Since losing its light bulb patents, it has brought to life atomic reactors used to power submarines General Electric 1200 $400 5055-4 34736 DON'T GO TO PIECES More complicated than scissors, this device turns your sensitive documents into confetti a shredder 100 $200 3872-38 34737 DEAR JOHN Though gold was found at his mill in 1848, by 1852 he was bankrupt John Sutter 1400 $400 3039-31 34738 OUR NATION'S CAPITAL Kids roll eggs across the White House lawn on the Monday after this holiday Easter 1200 $200 5006-24 34739 THE GOOD BOOK This rebellious archangel of the Bible first lights up the scene in Isaiah 14 Lucifer 500 $1000 3875-29 34740 "WILL" OF THE PEOPLE A memorial statue to him bears his famous line, "I never met a man I didn't like" Will Rogers 500 $500 3666-43 34741 TOOLS The original Swiss Army knife didn't have this device; it was added to the offiziermesser, or officer's knife a corkscrew 1600 $600 100005-59 34742 KINGS NAMED ED King for 3 months in 1483, Shakespeare's "Richard III" tells of his death in the tower Edward V 2000 2500 2901-19 34743 TV PILOTS In a 1986 unsold pilot he starred as cop Popeye Doyle; in 1987 he was "Married.with Children" Ed O'Neill 400 $400 5086-17 34744 THE CANARY Harz Mountain and St.

Andreasberg are 2 regions in this European country famous as canary breeding centers Germany 300 $600 3324-8 34745 GORILLA MY DREAMS Gorillas belong to this order of mammals which also includes monkeys, lemurs and man Primates 200 $200 3299-15 34746 QUOTATIONS In 1974 he said, "I am acutely aware that you have not elected me as your president" Gerald Ford 300 $300 3279-22 34747 BODY LANGUAGE A fearsome foe is said to be "armed to" these body parts -- scary! The teeth 400 $400 5059-13 34748 MEDICAL ABBREV.An ambulance worker: EMT emergency medical technician 300 $600 3179-53 34749 LATIN LESSON An editio princeps is one of these, something prized by book lovers First edition 1800 $800 3326-2 34750 THE USA TODAY A 1998 study reports half the "vegetables" we eat are these, and half of those are deep-fried Potatoes 100 $100 4968-55 34751 MUSIC/TELEVISION Hey, now! Elvis Costello sold Hank Kingsley a lemon of a sports car on this HBO comedy The Larry Sanders Show 2000 $2000 5044-4 34752 REMEMBERING THE '90s Avast, me hearties! In 1995 Malcolm Glazer paid $192 million for this Florida football team the (Tampa Bay) Buccaneers 100 $200 3008-39 34753 DIRECTORS and THEIR FILMS He wrote of the nearly 20 years it took to bring "Gandhi" to the screen in his 1982 book "In Search of Gandhi" Sir Richard Attenborough 1400 $400 2909-34 34754 PSYCHOLOGY Displacement, denial and rationalization are examples of these mechanisms Defenses 1200 $200 3632-22 34755 IT'S A DOGGY DOG WORLD This dog once prized by the Aztecs is sometimes called perro pelon, "bald dog" the Mexican hairless 400 $400 3067-23 34756 THE "BUCK" STOPS HERE This member of Fleetwood Mac had his own solo Top 10 hit in 1981 with "Trouble" Lindsey Buckingham 400 $400 4227-34 34757 HISTORY OLDER THAN YOU Julius Caesar became the leader of this empire in 45 B.but was killed just one year later Roman 1200 $400 5017-42 34758 POLISH HISTORY The Jagiellonian Unervisity in this city was Poland's nexus for Renaissance learning The other, more cultural city, * .GEOGRAPHY Over its 2,340-mile course, this river forms the boundary or part of the boundary of 9 states Mississippi 100 $100 5023-11 34760 and TAKIN' NAMES Troubled Texas nightclub owner Jacob Rubenstein Jack Ruby 200 $400 3118-38 34761 ONOMATOPOETIC WORDS Ms.Fromme could tell you it's this wheel that gets the most grease Squeaky wheel 1400 $400 3108-10 34762 BUGS This bloodsucking insect, cimex lectularius, is often found in mattresses; don't let 'em bite Bedbugs 200 $200 3288-10 34763 CHARACTERS IN COMIC STRIPS (Alex: We'll give you the characters, you identify the comic strip) Andrea, Irving and Mr.Pinkley Cathy 200 $200 3144-40 34764 CELEBRITY EXES In the '60s Barbra Streisand was married to this actor; their son Jason appeared in "The Prince of Tides" He was in the film, but not married to Streisand Elliott Gould 1400 $400 617-36 34765 ROYALTY This part of Robert the Bruce's body was cut out and taken on Crusades his heart 1400 $400 3106-58 34766 COMMUNISTS Joe Slovo led South Africa's Communist Party and this anti-apartheid party's military wing No, I don't think it was the Democratic National Committee! ANC (African National Congress) 2000 $1000 3275-47 34767 COMPLEXES (Alex: Now a brief word about "Travel Europe": In the 1st round of play we had "Leigh-Anne Tours L.

A", that was our intern, Leigh-Anne Brown, who earned a college credit by going around L.

and getting pictures for us, but we couldn't afford to send her to Europe, so "Travel Europe" is a regular "Jeopardy!" category, with no input from Leigh-Anne!) Plays and ballets are also staged at this Australian landmark designed by Jorn Utzon Sydney Opera House 1600 $600 5017-45 34768 BIBLICAL PERSON, PLACE OR THING Timbrel thing 1600 $1200 3871-35 34769 FROM "C" TO SHINING "C" (Alex: A correct response in each clue will begin and end with the letter "C".) This word for stylish or elegant can describe an outfit or a restaurant chic 1200 $200 3069-48 34770 MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME Elaborately carved, these pieces of tableware are traditional love tokens in Wales (wooden) spoons 1800 $800 3322-7 34771 AROUND THE OFFICE If your colleagues fall asleep in a meeting, it may mean this drink was in the brown instead of the orange pot Decaf coffee 200 $200 5017-36 34772 POLISH HISTORY In 1957 Polish foreign minister Adam Rapacki proposed a European "zone" free of these nuclear weapons 1400 $800 5003-49 34773 MEMORABLE MOVIES The title female is seen here in this 1948 film"Gamble? She's done it for a living.""I'll bet you a dollar I've been to the place where you were born.Chifu! It's the second wickedest city in the world!""What's the first?" That was Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles in * .The Lady from Shanghai 1800 $1600 5012-5 34774 6-LETTER WORDS William Congreve wrote, "Heaven has no rage, like love to" this opposite "turned" hatred 100 $200 3874-42 34775 THE FIRST PERSON (Alex: That sounds familiar, doesn't it?) At 15 years old in 1989, Jack Staddon won the first of these contests sponsored by National Geographic National Geography Bee 1600 $600 3623-25 34776 HAIL, HAIL ROCK 'N' ROLL This Stevie Wonder hit is subtitled "Everything's Alright" Nope."Uptight" 500 $500 5034-54 34777 LITERARY STYLES Samuel Johnson applied this philosophical adjective to 17th c.poets who used elaborate metaphors metaphysical 2000 $2000 2900-12 34778 OPTICS At the bottom of the Encarta article on this device are links to "optics" and "submarine" Periscope 300 $300 3703-26 34779 LITTLE-HEARD LAST NAMES The 17th century's Rembrandt Van Rijn 500 $500 3031-57 34780 7 Bryn Mawr, Vassar and Barnard are among this scholarly septet Seven Sisters 2000 $1000 3629-30 34781 JACOBEAN DRAMA This author of "Volpone" inspired a generation of younger writers called the "Sons of Ben" Ben Jonson 1200 $200 3325-57 34782 THE GOOD LIFE Beaten egg whites make this French-named dish light and airy whether it's with chocolate or salmon Mousse 2000 $1000 3273-21 34783 TV CRIMEFIGHTERS This actor rolled over the criminals as Ironside Raymond Burr 400 $400 5041-43 34784 HOME RUN SLUGGERS This Cub was the only man to hit more than 60 home runs in a season and not win a league title; it happened 3 times (Sammy) Sosa 1600 $1200 5086-59 34785 NATIONAL SPELLING BEE WINNING WORDS (Alex: You must do what the kids had to do: you have to spell the word.

) 1982:Psoriasis was the winning word;1965:This itchy skin condition E-C-Z-E-M-A 2000 $2000 5060-58 34786 SYSTEM OF A "DOWN" This group was responsible for the acolade seen here That's the Heisman Trophy, and the group is * .The Downtown Athletic Club 2000 $2000 5013-40 34787 YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED It was declared a protectorate February 1, 1893; a treaty to annex it to the U.came 2 weeks later Hawaii 1400 $800 3102-30 34788 HARRY GUYS There's no doubt about it, he was born Harry, but we know him as "Bing" (Harry Lillis) "Bing" Crosby 1200 $200 4989-44 34789 SHAKESPEARE'S OPENING LINES Antonio:"In sooth I know not why I am so sad.It wearies me, you say it wearies you" The Merchant of Venice 1600 $1200 4984-22 34790 MICRO 3-foot long Compsognathus, meaning "pretty jaw", was the smallest of these thought to have existed * ! Small * , yes.

a dinosaur 400 $800 3265-23 34791 A CATEGORY ABOUT NOTHING (Alex: Nothing in particular!) U.president whose middle initial "S" stood for nothing Harry S.Truman 400 $400 3296-30 34792 NORTH BY NORTHWEST Arthur St.

Clair, known for his evacuation of Ticonderoga, was the first gov.of this area established in 1787 Northwest Territory 1200 $200 3006-50 34793 ARTISTS He completed his last great painting "Bar At The Folies Bergere", in 1882, a year before his death Edouard Manet 1800 $800 4970-5 34794 LISZT Franz Liszt always claimed that this great German composer saw him perform as a child and kissed him on the forehead No harm, no foul; you each lost the same amount of money.Beethoven 100 $200 4124-52 34795 RUN "IT" UP For TV Superman Dean Cain hosts this show on TBS Ripley's Believe It Or Not 1800 $1600 5056-49 34796 NON-BOND CONNERY (Alex: You have to give the title of the film.) 1996:Sean shows an elite team of SEALs how to break into Alcatraz to stop a madman The Rock 1800 $1600 5105-46 34797 'TIL DEATH On his deathbed, Andrew Jackson addressed his slaves, saying he's see them here heaven 1600 $1200 3171-8 34798 HEIR CONDITIONING 37-year-old Reza Pahlevi is the exiled heir to this country's "Peacock Throne" Iran 200 $200 3663-26 34799 GOVERNMENT and POLITICS The next amendment to be tacked on to the Constitution will sport this number the 28th Amendment 500 $500 4137-1 34800 POP STARS A."Rocket Man" Reginald Dwight Elton John 100 $200 5070-15 34801 ADJECTIVES It's used of bizarre behavior or the numbers 37, 59, 83, etc.odd 300 $600 3703-17 34802 "B" WITH "U" If you're "in" this, you may be wearing a light tan color or nothing at all Buff 300 DD: $500 3623-55 34803 PENINSULAS This peninsula on Luzon Island in the Philippines fell to the Japanese on April 9, 1942 Bataan 2000 $1000 3874-13 34804 DECODE THE POSTAL CODES (Alex: We're going to give you a word comprised of 2 postal abbreviations, you have to identify the states) Lame Louisiana and Maine 300 $300 3010-33 34805 GIANTS OF SCIENCE You'll find this Frenchman's name on almost all milk cartons Louis Pasteur 1200 $200 5074-28 34806 WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM? Bands of debris and ice surround it, as do its satellites, including Titan Saturn 500 $1000 3016-2 34807 THINK "INK" It's a deliberate, meaningful, one-eyed blink Wink 100 $100 3329-46 34808 FAMOUS LAST WORDS This turn of the century British sci-fi author's last words were "Go away.Wells 1600 $600 3264-16 34809 MYTH ME? Hera punished this gossipy handmaiden by taking away her power to originate speech Echo 300 $300 315-15 34810 THE HOSPITAL A temporary Civil War hospital was only one ever in New Orleans with this famous title: For $300, here is the music: the St.James Infirmary 300 DD: $300 3318-34 34811 SPORTS COMEBACKS In the Summit Series this country kept its hockey honor with a 1972 comeback win over the USSR Canada 1200 $200 4124-58 34812 RUN "IT" UP After a visit to Russia in 1919, Lincoln Steffens said about communism, "I have seen the future and." 2000 $2000 2908-14 34813 BEER A black and tan mixes light-colored ale and this dark brew that made Guinness famous Stout 300 $300 2908-36 34814 JAPANESE BUSINESS and INDUSTRY (Alex: They've made a lot of money!) In 1994 it made over a quarter of a million Camrys in U.plants Toyota 1400 $400 3302-33 34815 TURN OF THE CENTURY FILMS "A Whole New World" of entertainment was seen in this character "And The Wonderful Lamp" Aladdin 1200 $200 3061-3 34816 THE WILD WEST A person who illegally took possession of another's mining area was called this kind of "jumper" Claim jumper 100 $100 5028-30 34817 CURRENT POLITICOS Saying bye-bye in April 2006, this Texan said, ?I think I could have won this seat but it would have been nasty? Tom DeLay 1200 $400 3144-38 34818 IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT Paul Revere left Boston at 10 P.April 18, 1775 and arrived in this city around midnight Never got as far as Concord Lexington 1400 $400 4595-9 34819 MYTHELLANEOUS Lotis, later turned into the lotus tree, was one of these female spirits of nature a nymph 200 $400 100005-33 34820 INSECTS When hunting, this carnivore whose name means "prophet" raises its forelegs into a pious position a praying mantis 1200 500 5097-14 34821 MYTHIC COMPANY It dawned on Canon to name this camera after a Greek goddess of the dawn Eos 300 $600 5079-22 34822 WHAT'S THAT SOUND? The islands in Australia's Yampi Sound are rich in hematite, an ore of this metal iron 400 $800 3305-14 34823 DON'T MISS THE BOAT (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi there, I'm Bob Eubanks) A boat called The Maid of The Mist gives newlyweds a close-up view of this New York attraction" Niagara Falls 300 DD: $1,000 3873-12 34824 PEN NAMES Felons sent "up the river" are sent to this prison up the Hudson from NYC "Sing-Sing" 300 $300 3048-46 34825 19th CENTURY OPERA This composer's adopted niece, Johanna, created the role of Elisabeth in his opera "Tannhauser" Richard Wagner 1600 $600 3151-27 34826 WILD GOOSE CHASES He walked on the moon and walked up Ararat, searching in vain for Noah's Ark The astronaut was * .James Irwin 500 $500 3299-56 34827 KIDDIE LIT The 1986 Newberry Medal went to this book about a mail-order bride who joins a family on the prairie Sarah, Plain And Tall 2000 $1000 3181-29 34828 "C" OF LOVE Italian for "with love", it's the musical direction to play or sing lovingly con amore 500 $500 5021-11 34829 YOU'RE SUCH A TOOL! An L.-based basketball team Remember fellas, we're going for tools, here.the Clippers 200 $400 3100-31 34830 OUT TO SEA Central America's east coast forms this sea's western boundary Caribbean Sea 1200 $200 3308-5 34831 BEASTLY EXPRESSIONS Stay the course and don't change these "in midstream" Horses 100 $100 4977-1 34832 SUPER BOWL MVPs The first 2-time MVP (for the first 2 Super Bowls) was this team's Bart Starr the Packers 100 $200 3018-41 34833 FOREIGN ANAGRAMS (Alex: Each correct response in this category will be a foreign word - it wlll be an anagram of a word in English that is found in the clue) A Dutch person may show you this picture of his foot Foto (foot) 1400 $400 3271-39 34834 MANY LOVES It's the "loving" nickname of the city seen here (back of the $100 bill) "The City of Brotherly Love" 1400 $400 3631-48 34835 COUNTRIES IN SPANISH Islandia Iceland 1800 $800 5024-48 34836 CITY OF THE DAY: DETROIT In 1999, at the final sendoff for this structure, a sign in the upper deck read, "Today, there is crying." Tiger Stadium 1800 $1600 4141-26 34837 THE 74th ACADEMY AWARDS This Oscar-winning film featured the talents of Mike Myers Shrek 500 $1000 617-32 34838 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS Among this author's title characters are Dombey and Son, Barnaby Rudge, and Martin Chuzzlewit Dickens 1200 $200 4975-56 34839 ONE OF THESE NIGHTS After the Last Supper and a little hymn singing, Jesus went to this Jerusalem site to pray Be more specific.Gethsemane 2000 $2000 5037-16 34840 ODD JOBS By definition, in the woodshop a turner fashions objects on one of these a lathe 300 $600 5035-24 34841 OSCAR NIGHT 2006 This film that begins in Japan in the 1920s earned Oscars for cinematography, costuming and art direction Memoirs of a Geisha 500 $1000 3065-53 34842 PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES Term for a double play started by the third baseman, or a voyage past the tip of South America Around the horn 1800 $800 3622-40 34843 BEFORE and AFTER Bob Keeshan's TV persona is unfairly tried by this type of tribunal Captain Kangaroo Court 1400 $400 3661-4 34844 BEASTLY WORDS and PHRASES When you have something more important to do, you have "other" these "to fry" Fish 100 $100 5015-53 34845 DON'T YOU THINK? You'll earn 2 A's in philosophy if you name this Dane who wrote 1848's "Christian Discourses" Kierkegaard 1800 $1600 3171-13 34846 "LITTLE" WOMEN Once Carole King's babysitter, she's the singer heard here: "I know you'll get to like it if you give it a chance now, c'mon baby, do the Loco-Motion." Little Eva 300 DD: $500 5033-56 34847 FLOWERS Seen here, this flower known by its genus name is popular as a climbing plant a Clematis 2000 $2000 4979-14 34848 AN OCCUPATION, OR.

A maker or mender of clothes, or a verb meaning "to customize" tailor 300 $600 3100-47 34849 ENDS IN "FF" This Welsh capital was once the world's greatest coal-exporting port, a veritable "giant" Cardiff 1600 $600 314-37 34850 THEATER In 15th century, Italian scholars saw commedia Erudita, nobles saw commedia intermezzi, and commoners, this commedia dell'arte 1400 $400 3009-49 34851 BOTANICAL MEDICINES For centuries the Japanese have been using the maitake, a type of this fungus, to improve overall health Mushroom 1800 $800 3335-56 34852 GREEK ISLANDS Its name is an Italian corruption of the Greek Coryphai, meaning "crests" I Love It! - Look at those scores, folks! Corfu 2000 $1000 5048-20 34853 A GAME OF DARTS The verb is how the score is kept in many darts games; it can come before "up", as in " it up to experience" chalk 400 $800 5021-50 34854 KNOW YOUR EARTH Change 2 letters in magnetism and you get this term for the formation of igneous rocks in the Earth's crust Oh, sorry, you left out a syllable.magmatism 1800 DD: $2,000 3152-48 34855 THE "JAMES" GANG Controversial Secretary of the Interior under Reagan James Watt 1800 $800 3319-20 34856 PAPERBACK WRITERS Stephen King started this 1996 paperback serial with Volume 1: "The Two Dead Girls" The Green Mile 400 $400 2903-39 34857 COMEDY FILMS "The Producers", starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, was his first feature film as a director Mel Brooks 1400 $400 5049-28 34858 CONVERSION Chase's Mastercard charges an extra 1% for converting these, like riyals, on your bill foreign currencies 500 $1000 3340-22 34859 MUSIC CLASS The term for a counterpoint composition like the one by Bach heard here a fugue 400 $400 5028-26 34860 COOK ME UP! I couldn't do anything until he finally showed up except sit there and do this, like slow-simmered meat And I was * ing in my own juices.stew 500 $1000 3021-57 34861 SECTS This sect's melody, "'Tis A Gift To Be Simple" was used by Aaron Copland in his "Appalachian Spring" the Shakers 2000 $1000 3311-41 34862 PROSPERO (Alex: Oh boy - the writers are going to terrible lengths!) In act IV, Prospero tells us "We are such stuff as" these "are made on" Dreams 1400 $400 3071-41 34863 IN THE DICTIONARY Singultus is a fancy name for this involuntary spasm of the diaphragm a hiccup 1400 $400 3862-40 34864 THE ONE and ONLY It was the only prime-time TV series to be No.

1 in the ratings in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s 60 Minutes 1400 $400 3275-40 34865 OEDIPUS Though many plays were written about Oedipus, those by this man are our main source for the story Sophocles 1400 $400 3302-51 34866 TURN OF THE CENTURY FILMS Ripped from the headlines of 1894 was the 1899 film on this "Affaire" The Dreyfus Affair 1800 DD: $1,000 3284-43 34867 SKATING ON FILM Olympic star Carol Heiss played Snow White when she met this movie trio on ice The Three Stooges 1600 $600 4092-18 34868 JANUARY On January 17, 1977 he faced a Utah firing squad for his crimes He had chosen the firing squad, and that was * .

Gary Gilmore 400 $800 3008-7 34869 TELEVISED HISTORY Little was found in 1986 when Geraldo Rivera opened a vault linked to this crime boss on live TV Al Capone 200 $200 5032-26 34870 LIFE OF THE PARTY Led by Begin and Sharon, among others the Likud Party 500 $1000 5080-46 34871 WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA? It's the Virginia landmark being guarded here The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier 1600 $1200 3060-37 34872 ITALIAN ART Gentile da Fabriano used the international Gothic style for his painting "The Adoration Of" this trio The Magi 1400 $400 5075-22 34873 EAT WELL If you don't like fuzzy food, eat this fruit that often originates from peach seeds a nectarine 400 $800 3016-18 34874 U.CITIES In 1806, 100 years after its founding on the Rio Grande, this New Mexico city had only a few thousand people Albuquerque 400 $400 3622-23 34875 YOU'RE AN "ANGEL"! Thomas Wolfe published this autobiographical novel in 1929 Look Homeward, Angel 400 $400 5022-33 34876 FAMOUS PAIRS In the comics:Hi and Lois 1200 $400 3333-43 34877 TECHNOLOGY It can be a mix of gas and tiny particles, or a spray can that expels that mix Aerosol 1600 $600 4982-45 34878 SHRIMPING Shrimp can be a problem in Asia, as when they burrow they create muddy water that blocks photosynthesis for this crop rice 1600 $1200 1871-43 34879 SONG STANDARDS "And its torment won't be through till you let me spend my life making love to you" then No."Night And Day" 1600 $600 3039-35 34880 JUST SAY "NO" A person of no fixed residence who wanders the Earth a nomad 1200 $200 3068-5 34881 NONSENSE WORDS When Scrooge's nephew says, "A Merry Christmas, Uncle! God save you!, Scrooge replies, "Bah!" this Humbug 100 $100 3321-23 34882 THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH In the past in London, this device has been called an ether or wireless Radio 400 $400 3630-39 34883 EXPLORERS and TRAVELERS This Venetian traveler believed he found the kingdom of legendary King Prester John Marco Polo 1400 $400 5033-18 34884 ON ITS EASTERN BORDER (Alex: We'll name a country.) Lesotho South Africa 400 $800 2899-56 34885 EXPLORERS IN SCIENCE Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek, who made these devices, willed 26 of them to the Brfitish Royal Society Microscopes 2000 $1000 2737-9 34886 MORTAL MATTERS The Aztecs believed dead warriors were reborn as these swift, small birds hummingbirds 200 $200 2896-23 34887 BATMEN and ROBINS This most recent Dick Grayson wore an earring Chris O'Donnell 400 $400 3121-35 34888 FAMILIAR PHRASES Children chant that these 2 things "Will break my bones but names will never hurt me" Sticks and stones 1200 $200 3629-13 34889 TELEVISION This gritty drama focuses on the police, paramedics and firefighters who work the 3-11 P.shift Third Watch 300 $300 4198-20 34890 TOP 40 DEBUTS 1988:This former cheerleader with "Straight Up" Paula Abdul 400 $800 2899-7 34891 CATHEDRALS and CHURCHES 6 golden domes were added to this capital's Annunciation Cathedral during the reign of Ivan the Terrible Moscow 200 $200 4989-35 34892 DOUBLE TALK The true one of these unfortunate birds had the scientific name Raphus cucullatus a dodo 1200 $400 4991-13 34893 TV PERFORMERS BY ROLE (Alex: We'll give you the roles.) First Lady Abigail Bartlet On The West Wing, you're correct.Stockard Channing 300 $600 3099-47 34894 YUMMY! This pliable mixture of almond paste, sugar and egg whites is often molded into fanciful shapes Marzipan 1600 $600 3273-53 34895 "PO"POURRI Named for a Bannock Indian chief, it's home to Idaho State University Pocatello 1800 $800 3291-57 34896 IMAGINARY LAW FIRMS Completes the name of the law firm of NPR's "Car Talk", Dewey, Cheatem and .

Howe 2000 $1000 4995-0 34897 IT HAPPENED IN MAY 1707:The Act of Union joins these 2 countries into the United Kingdom of Great Britain Scotland and England 100 $200 2894-20 34898 THE FANNIE FARMER COOKBOOK This paste, an ingredient in marzipan, may be made in a blender or in a food processor Almond paste 400 $400 5017-5 34899 POP CULTURE This NFL team's logo is a lone star; what else! the Dallas Cowboys 100 $200 3065-36 34900 U.STATES In 1998 the Diamondbacks will begin to play Major League Baseball for this state Arizona 1400 $400 4995-33 34901 TALES Pilgrims in this 14th Century work are heading to the shrine of St.Thomas a Becket Canterbury Tales 1200 $400 3327-6 34902 BODIES OF WATER This sea is divided into several basins, including Yucatan, Colombian, Venezuelan and Tobago Caribbean Sea 200 $200 3100-33 34903 AROUND THE CASTLE WITH LANCE Once Lance sees from the gatehouse that you're not hostile, he might lower this method of entry Drawbridge 1200 $200 5027-5 34904 "D" BRIEFING Snow White's only beardless dwarf Dopey 100 $200 5024-49 34905 POP CULTURE On "The Brady Bunch", Carol becomes the stepmom of these 3 boys following her marriage to Mike Greg, Peter and Bobby 1800 $1600 5017-4 34906 CLASS STRUGGLE Someone treated as inferior feels like a second-class one of these, which can be born or naturalized a citizen 100 $200 5092-26 34907 OLD MAN RIVER Seen here, this man with a river's name chaired the Clinton transition team after the 1992 elections Vernon Jordan 500 $1000 5060-2 34908 AMERICAN LIT A Twain tale celebrated a jumping frog of this title county Calaveras County 100 $200 3064-26 34909 AMERICAN PEAKS Mount Greylock in these "hills" is the highest peak in Massachusetts Berkshires 500 $500 5021-24 34910 CITY OF THE DAY: PHOENIX (Sarah of the Clue Crew walks the green at Ping Hdqtrs, Phoenix, AZ.) Ping Golf is approximately based in Phoenix, a golf capital; the first golf resort here was built in this year of Arizona statehood 1912 500 $1000 2896-43 34911 WORLD GEOGRAPHY The origins of Bangalore, a city in this country, go back to a mud fort erected in 1537 India 1600 $600 3305-39 34912 A.

Born Stefania Federkiewicz, she used the name Taffy Paul before she became a TV "Hart"throb Stefanie Powers 1400 $400 3046-54 34913 FAMOUS AMERICANS In 1976 this founder of the Opera Company of Boston became the first woman to conduct at the Met Sarah Caldwell 2000 $1000 5090-2 34914 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS In the song "Winter Wonderland", these "ring, are you listening" sleigh bells 100 $200 3028-41 34915 "HY" THERE Killer bees, beefalos and tangelos, for example hybrids 1400 $400 3019-20 34916 FOREIGN FOODS Tyropitta is a Greek pastry made of feta cheese stuffed into this flaky dough Phyllo 400 $400 5037-4 34917 ODD JOBS In the 1950s famous ones were Doreen, Sharon, Bobby, Cheryl, Annette, Karen and Cubby Mouseketeers 100 $200 3322-28 34918 YOU NEED THERAPY Phototherapy in the form of blue light is used to treat this yellowing of the skin in infants Jaundice 500 $500 3064-49 34919 FLOWERS One legend says this flower derives its name from a drowning knight's last words to his beloved Forget-me-not 1800 DD: $1,500 3011-31 34920 TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLPARK A sign above the visitor's clubhouse at this Detroit park once read, "Visitors' Clubhouse -- No Visitors Allowed" Tiger Stadium 1200 $200 3284-13 34921 "H"ISTORIC PEOPLE Until 1876 his father Alois, who was illegitimate, used his grandmother's name, Schicklgruber Adolf Hitler 300 $300 3262-40 34922 SHOWERS This type of enclosure for showering shares its name with a home for horses Shower stall 1400 $400 3903-23 34923 THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS Shopkeepers aren't meeting when "introducing the shoemaker to the tailor" -- you've just done this to someone's rear kicked it 400 $400 5030-37 34924 THOSE FUNNY BRITS He starred in "10" and appeared in a commedy revue called "Beyond the Fringe" Dudley Moore 1400 $800 5090-46 34925 NEARER MY "COD" TO THEE (Alex: Each correct response will begin with those three letters.) Rich in vitamins A and D, this notoriously bad-tasting substance is often used as a food supplement cod-liver oil 1600 DD: $3,400 5034-8 34926 STAGE ACTING (Cheryl walks around the living room set.) Actors need to remember more than just lines; also this, their assigned movement around the stage blocking 200 $400 4968-23 34927 BRANDO (Alex: And finally--we'll give his role.

Kurtz, who lives in the heart of darkness Apocalypse Now 400 $800 3007-41 34928 "C" IN HISTORY An alphabetical list of this empress' lovers might end with Zubov -- but we can't be sure Catherine the Great 1400 $400 3121-51 34929 FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE (Alex: Fun guy!) "Thus spoke" this man, also called Zoroaster, the hero of one of Nietzsche's greatest books Eric, you put the "r" in the wrong place Zarathustra 1800 $800 2906-4 34930 UNDERGARMENTS They hold up hosiery and may be part of a belt Garter 100 $100 3048-50 34931 ACTORS and ROLE In 1994 Rosie O' Donnell was cast in this role in the stage version of "Grease"; in 1997 Lucy Lawless was Rizzo 1800 $800 3121-44 34932 COLORS Color in the title of the movie theme heard here: Pink (the theme from "The Pink Panther") 1600 $600 3328-47 34933 CHEESE Societe is considered by some as the world's leading brand of this blue cheese Roquefort 1600 $600 3265-39 34934 "PARKER" HOUSE In 1956 this versatile actor starred in "Davy Crockett And The River Pirates" Fess Parker 1400 $400 5089-23 34935 HOW VERY PROPER (Alex: Of course.) This is a finger food until the edible parts of the leaves have been eaten; the heart requires a knife and fork artichoke 400 $800 5037-30 34936 COMPOSERS In 1880 he became director of the United States Marine Band, in which his father Antonio had once played trombone Sousa 1200 $400 3279-28 34937 BODY LANGUAGE Insincere words not backed up by deeds are this type of "service" Lip service 500 $500 3100-58 34938 FICTION Det.

Alex Cross is featured in this author's "Kiss The Girls", "Jack and Jill" and "Cat and Mouse" James Patterson 2000 $1000 3629-15 34939 BACK IN THE '90s In 1990 4 performance artists sued this government body for denying them grants National Endowment for the Arts 300 $300 4987-10 34940 COLOGNE RANGER Founded in Cologne, this German airline really took off in 1953 Lufthansa 200 $400 3120-44 34941 REAL NAMES ON THE MARQUEE Julia Wells and James Baumgarner in "Victor/Victoria" Julie Andrews and James Garner 1600 $600 5041-48 34942 LIFE SCIENCE Rhizo- refers to this part of a plant; the rhizosphere is the soil around it a root 1800 $1600 3873-28 34943 LAS VEGAS HISTORY The Masquerade Show in the Sky, seen here, has been wowing visitors to this "Carnival"-themed hotel since 1997 Rio 500 $500 2897-13 34944 EXPLORERS In addition to claiming Virginia for England in 1584, he led 2 expeditions to the Orinoco River Sir Walter Raleigh 300 $300 5052-22 34945 TURN ME LEWIS It's not nonsense (or is it?) to say this author was ordained a deacon in 1861 Lewis Carroll 400 $800 4969-17 34946 THAT'S MY "BB" From the Hebrew for "day of rest", for most Christians it occurs on Sunday the Sabbath 300 $600 5060-39 34947 50 CENT The 1964 JFK half dollar was 90% this transition metal, symbol Ag silver 1400 $800 2735-34 34948 THE 1930s In 1936, in defiance of the Treaty of Versailles, this country began remilitarizing the Rhineland Germany 1200 $200 5100-12 34949 MAN HATTIN' The name of this high-crowned, very wide-brimmed men's hat from Mexico comes from the Spanish word for "shade" Correctamente, s .a sombrero 300 $600 5036-23 34950 "SMALL" TIME (Sarah of the Clue Crew holds up a world map.) The alliterative, somewhat counterintuitive term for a map of a large area at 1 to more than 1 million small scale 400 $800 3630-48 34951 GEORGIA Meliton Balanchivadze, a major Georgian composer, was the father of this choreographer George Balanchine 1800 $800 3269-16 34952 MARRIAGE and KIDS This married couple, seen here, became a symbol of the idealized family of the 1950s Ozzie and Harriet Nelson 300 $300 3120-4 34953 SPORTS In 1997 this event began at Rouen with a 4 1/2 mile time trial called the "Prologue" Tour de France 100 $100 2909-46 34954 PSYCHOLOGY Early psychologists identified 4 basic skin sensations: warmth, cold, pressure and this Pain 1600 $600 4123-16 34955 THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Using one of these to drink your can of soda increases your air intake and makes you burp more a straw 300 $600 3668-15 34956 PSYCH 101 Denying driving privileges to a teen until he improves his grades is this type of "reinforcement" negative reinforcement 300 $300 3180-24 34957 PRESIDENTIAL BURIAL PLACES (Alex: Oh boy, there's a light subject!) Greeneville, Tennessee Andrew Johnson 500 $500 3318-40 34958 SPORTS COMEBACKS At the advanced age of 22, former Olympian Kim Zmeskal is making a comeback in this sport Gymnastics 1400 $400 4141-27 34959 think small In the dictionary this word for extremely small follows something extremely big -- infinite infinitesimal 500 $1000 3876-46 34960 STATES' MEN (Alex: We want you to name the state the men are from) Robert Fulton, Milton Hershey, Andy Warhol It was probably Hershey that gave it away! Pennsylvania 1600 DD: $1,500 3283-50 34961 THE BILL OF RIGHTS The Supreme Court ruled that this right may be limited only when it creates a "clear and present danger" freedom of speech 1800 $800 3010-53 34962 POOR and FAMOUS This Russian's 1866 novel "The Gambler" is based on his own ruinous passion for roulette Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1800 $800 3276-18 34963 THE THEATER His most recent Tony Awards for best score were for "Passion" in 1994 and "Into the Woods" in 1988 Stephen Sondheim 400 DD: $200 3040-43 34964 FAMILIAR PHRASES If you're grouchy now it may be because you "got up on" this in the morning the wrong side of the bed 1600 $600 4092-16 34965 "JU"NE Alliterative nickname of the 747 jumbo jet 300 $600 2893-55 34966 HISTORIC AMERICA Sunflower Landing near Clarksdale, Miss.

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is believed to be where he found the Mississippi River in 1541 Hernando De Soto 2000 $1000 3952-22 34967 E-COMMERCE specializes in women's apparel for this biking sport abbreviated MX Motocross 400 $400 3669-51 34968 4-LETTER FILMS Kevin Kline played both the U.president and a man who looked just like him in this 1993 comedy Dave 1800 $800 618-18 34969 U.STATES Mark Twain said he was born in this state because "it was an unknown new state and needed attractions" Missouri 400 $400 3304-40 34970 WE'RE IN-SEINE (Alex: Notice the spelling) All that's left of this palace built on the right bank for Catherine de Medicis is its gardens Tuileries 1400 $400 5069-19 34971 TV QUOTABLES (Alex: You have to name the character speaking Best websites to purchase an east european studies thesis Platinum PhD double spaced British.STATES Mark Twain said he was born in this state because "it was an unknown new state and needed attractions" Missouri 400 $400 3304-40 34970 WE'RE IN-SEINE (Alex: Notice the spelling) All that's left of this palace built on the right bank for Catherine de Medicis is its gardens Tuileries 1400 $400 5069-19 34971 TV QUOTABLES (Alex: You have to name the character speaking.

fact that cows were domesticated in Mesopotamia and were also used in China as guard animals" Cliff Clavin 400 $800 2737-30 34972 PAINTINGS The title of a Gauguin painting featuring the bird of the devil, or a quote from a Poe raven "Nevermore" 1200 $200 3026-16 34973 NOTED SCRIBES He's written plays based on his works, including "Dandelion Wine" and "Fahrenheit 451" Ray Bradbury 300 $300 3266-48 34974 LOUD CLASSICAL MUSIC You'll journey to this "hall" in the Grieg work heard here The Hall of the Mountain King 1800 $800 4093-19 34975 ENTERTAINING CRITTERS Dr.

Seuss put this animal "in socks" fox 400 $800 5098-6 34976 NEW YORK ARCHITECTURE The 1924 Democratic National Convention went on for 14 days in the second incarnation of this building You're on the board 17 Feb 1999 - Britain and Europe since 1945 / Alex May. - New. York [u.a.] : Longman, 1999. - [IX], 149 S. : graph. Darst., Kt. (Seminar studies in history). Includes bibliographical references (S. 132 - 141) and index. ISBN 0-582-30778-3. Standort: FMAG' 99 A 2675. Deutsche Geschichte. . Der neuzeitliche Staat  .Seuss put this animal "in socks" fox 400 $800 5098-6 34976 NEW YORK ARCHITECTURE The 1924 Democratic National Convention went on for 14 days in the second incarnation of this building You're on the board.Madison Square Garden 200 $400 3061-27 34977 THE WILD WEST The famous hideout in Wyoming's Powder River country used by the Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy's gang Hole In The Wall 500 $500 2896-8 34978 AGRICULTURE Indians taught the Pilgrims to fertilize crops by putting one of these in the ground Fish 200 $200 3288-47 34979 HEY HEY WE'RE THE MACCABEES! In battle, our hero Eleazar perished when he killed one of these huge beasts -- unfortunately, from underneath That'll do it to you--less than a minute to go 17 Feb 1999 - Britain and Europe since 1945 / Alex May. - New. York [u.a.] : Longman, 1999. - [IX], 149 S. : graph. Darst., Kt. (Seminar studies in history). Includes bibliographical references (S. 132 - 141) and index. ISBN 0-582-30778-3. Standort: FMAG' 99 A 2675. Deutsche Geschichte. . Der neuzeitliche Staat  .Madison Square Garden 200 $400 3061-27 34977 THE WILD WEST The famous hideout in Wyoming's Powder River country used by the Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy's gang Hole In The Wall 500 $500 2896-8 34978 AGRICULTURE Indians taught the Pilgrims to fertilize crops by putting one of these in the ground Fish 200 $200 3288-47 34979 HEY HEY WE'RE THE MACCABEES! In battle, our hero Eleazar perished when he killed one of these huge beasts -- unfortunately, from underneath That'll do it to you--less than a minute to go.an elephant 1600 $600 4991-16 34980 THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE BUSINESS BUSINESS Founded in Seattle's Pike Place market, this company perks up about 33 million customers a week Starbucks 300 $600 4340-34 34981 CALIFORNIA The seat of San Mateo County is named for this huge tree -- it was a center for its lumber Redwood (City) 1200 $400 4966-1 34982 THE HEISMAN TROPHY Here's to those who wear the gold and blue; this school is tied for the most Heisman winners with 7 The blue and gold in this case is * .Tied with USC for seven Heisman winners.

Notre Dame 100 $200 3268-11 34983 ALLITERATION ALL AROUND A device for making baked treats in specific shapes, or anything formulaic and unoriginal Cookie cutter 200 $200 3269-21 34984 NOVA (Alex: A celebration of 25 years of "Nova" programming) Mission Control played the song "I Can See Clearly Now" for the astronauts who fixed this object Hubble Space Telescope 400 $400 3264-46 34985 LET'S SPEAK AUSTRALIAN, MATE We're having a barbie during the "arvo", which is this part of the day Afternoon 1600 $600 5107-8 34986 STONEHENGE The "henge" part of the word Stonehenge is a term meaning an ancient monument arranged in this shape a circle 200 $400 3037-6 34987 TV THAT'S GOOD FOR YOU In 1993, for its 25th season, this children's show introduced a larger set and a disabled young cast member Sesame Street 200 $200 5073-40 34988 -OLOGIES Urbanology is the study of the problems of these places cities 1400 $800 3662-34 34989 ARCHAEOLOGY Surfacing in 1999, the "Angel Scroll" is either a hoax or part of these Jewish writings discovered in 1947 Dead Sea Scrolls 1200 $200 3303-54 34990 THE USA This river forms most of the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina Savannah River 2000 $1000 3623-35 34991 "N" '64 (Alex: All of the correct responses will begin with the letter N and they will all relate to 1964) As Jean-Paul Sartre rejected this award in 1964, the big cash prize was returned to its fund Nobel Prize 1200 $200 3100-17 34992 3-LETTER WORDS When it precedes "off", it means to fall asleep Nod 300 $300 3322-34 34993 THIS IS MY COUNTRY President and Prime Minister Saddam Hussein Iraq 1200 $200 5051-2 34994 THROW IT HERE Completes the proverb "People who live in glass houses shouldn't." throw stones 100 $200 5028-52 34995 PAINTERS This Missouri-born muralist was the son of a congressman and the grand-nephew of a senator (Thomas Hart) Benton 1800 $1600 3273-31 34996 CELTICS No one knows why Stonehenge was built, but these Celtic priests usually and incorrectly get credit for it Druids 1200 $200 3019-21 34997 SCIENCE Two 9-volt batteries in a series circuit produce this many volts of electromotive force 18 400 $400 5077-23 34998 CONQUER These people, a mix of Arabs and Berbers, conquered most of Spain in the 8th century the Moors 400 $800 5056-1 34999 YEARS (Alex: In honor of our 23.) Wall Street laid an egg in October of this Roaring '20s year when the stock market crashed '29 100 $200 3019-5 35000 THE BEASTS Male lions are the only members of the cat family to have these and they sometimes turn black as the lion ages Manes 100 $100 3306-40 35001 HOLIDAYS In this religion, Ashura is a simple fast for Sunnis but a day of guilt and mortification for Shiites Islam 1400 $400 3264-18 35002 TEA PARTY (Alex: How appropriate!) N.merchant Thomas Sullivan gets the credit for originating these in 1904; his were made of silk Tea bags 400 $400 5033-38 35003 FLOWERS The showy torch lily seen here is also called the red-hot this fireplace instrument the poker 1400 $800 3876-33 35004 MEDICAL EDUCATION Long a major branch of philosophy, the medical or "bio" type entered medical curricula in recent decades Ethics 1200 $200 4340-45 35005 A FLY CATEGORY To be an official NHL Flyer, you have to play your home games in this city Philadelphia 1600 $1200 4092-14 35006 THE MARCH KING In 1987 the U.

flagged this Sousa tune as its official march "Stars and Stripes Forever" 300 DD: $1,000 4092-47 35007 "B" SHARP From the Italian for "jest", it's a clown or a fool a buffoon 1600 DD: $2,200 5067-17 35008 "SS" THE SITUATION From the Greek for "bottomless", it's a vast chasm And you might fall into it, the * .abyss 300 $600 5011-35 35009 BEFORE and AFTER Caped crusaders hook up with "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" host to become this crimefighting duo Batman and Robin Leach 1200 $400 5032-29 35010 DOUBLE MEANINGS (Alex: Each clue will have two blanks, and the same word, which will be the correct response, fills in both those blanks.) Just because you my cafe doesn't give you the right to me with your haughty tone patronize 500 $1000 3832-13 35011 LA LA Bolivia's largest city, it was founded in 1548 on the site of an Inca village La Paz 300 $300 5091-57 35012 "C"OLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES Along with his wife Sarah, Peter, the founder of this New York "Union" of Art and Architecture, invented Jell-O Cooper 2000 $2000 3010-47 35013 POOR and FAMOUS He spent years in poverty after selling his sewing machine invention to corset maker William Thomas Elias Howe 1600 $600 4200-22 35014 NON-POTENT POTABLES As a byproduct into his investigations into oxygen, Joseph Priestly invented this modern beverage carbonated water (or club soda) 400 $800 3321-22 35015 SAINT PAUL Following his conversion, Saint Paul spent a period of reflection on this peninsula Arabian Peninsula 400 $400 3328-7 35016 COLLEGE SPORTS TEAM NICKNAMES The U.

Naval Academy Midshipmen 200 $200 5036-26 35017 A MIGHTY WIND Volkswagen aficionados know this hot, dusty wind that blows from North Africa and affects Southern Europe sirocco 500 $1000 2756-35 35018 WORD HISTORY The titles Kaiser and Czar were both derived from this earlier title Caesar 1200 $200 3180-52 35019 TALES TO TELL This 1993 Robert Altman film was based on a few tales of Raymond Carver Shortcuts 1800 DD: $1,000 3662-23 35020 "FIRE"WORKS Adjective for a plan that is guaranteed to succeed surefire 400 $400 3011-14 35021 THE MARX BROTHERS In "Horse Feathers", this brother of Groucho played his son Zeppo 300 $300 3634-55 35022 MOVIE ACTORS She played Moses' wife in the 1956 film "The Ten Commandments" (and Herman Munster's wife on TV) Yvonne De Carlo 2000 $1000 5091-50 35023 OPERA In operas by Massenet and Puccini, it's the given name of Mlle.Lescaut Manon 1800 $1600 5079-6 35024 A LITERARY TOUR To see the Great Bed of Ware mentioned in "Twelfth Night", go to this museum named for a royal couple the Victoria and Albert Museum (Victoria and Albert accepted) 200 $400 4977-6 35025 CHURCHES and CATHEDRALS The name of this Byzantine church in Istanbul is Greek for "holy wisdom" the Hagia Sophia 200 $400 2906-59 35026 GEN.NELSON MILES (Alex: One of the lesser-known, but fairly important figures in 19th century American history) After his 1877 surrender to Miles, he said, "From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever" Chief Joseph (of the Nez Perce) 2000 $1000 4969-0 35027 I KNOW YOU FROM SOMEWHERE You were in my class as a manager trainee at this company's Hamburger University in Illinois McDonald's 100 $200 3099-21 35028 THE BODY HUMAN The stapedius in the middle ear is one of these that moves the stapes Muscle 400 DD: $500 5060-43 35029 GREEN DAY Colorful term for the gases in our atmosphere that let the sun's rays through but stop the heat from escaping greenhouse gases 1600 $1200 5060-36 35030 FRANZ FERDINAND (Alex: You're gonna notice a theme here, folks!) The title by which Franz Ferdinand is commonly known; in German, it's Erzherzog Archduke 1400 $800 5007-28 35031 ON THE GO On September 8, 1974 he parachuted to the bottom of the Snake River Canyon; that was plan B Evel Knievel 500 $1000 3269-18 35032 10 YEARS LATER In 1978 Bob Griese was the starting quarterback for the Dolphins; 10 years later it was this man Still going! Dan Marino 400 $400 3291-50 35033 STARS OF THE SILENT SCREEN Famous for his series of films with Vilma Banky, he starred as "Beau Geste" Ronald Colman 1800 $800 3666-38 35034 RUSSIAN AUTHORS Seen here in 1849 for the crime of conspiracy, he barely escaped the punishment of death Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1400 DD: $2,500 3071-53 35035 IN THE DICTIONARY A framelike stand that supports barrels, or Sinclair Lewis' Elmer a gantry 1800 $800 3333-48 35036 THEY USED TO BE IN CHARGE (Alex: You have to identify the country) Venustiano Carranza Mexico 1800 $800 3669-44 35037 SCIENCE CLASS This 11-letter word refers to DNA to which a gene from another life form has been added Recombinant 1600 DD: $4,000 3325-23 35038 NUMBER, PLEASE According to the rhyme, number of whacks Lizzie gave her father 41 400 $400 3260-11 35039 HORSING AROUND This horse seen here shares its name with a bean and a car Pinto 200 $200 3282-25 35040 FOODSTUFF What the British call icing sugar, we usually call this kind of sugar Confectioner's sugar 500 $500 3071-33 35041 FUN WITH DICK and JANE Whether you want a "complete" or an "easy going" workout, she has over 20 videos to choose from Jane Fonda 1200 $200 5095-39 35042 MOSESES From Jan.1994, this center did not foul out for an NBA record 1,212 consecutive games Moses Malone 1400 $800 3334-12 35043 "N" THE ATLAS This city was bombed by "Bock's Car" on August 9, 1945 Nagasaki 300 $300 3149-47 35044 DEATH SENTENCES Just before the end, this Welsh poet boasted "I've had 18 straight whiskies; I think that's the record" (Dylan) Thomas 1600 $600 3289-1 35045 GARDENING Plant vegetable seeds in a line called this, even if it's a tough one "to hoe" Row 100 $100 5094-12 35046 BEFORE THEY WERE FIRST LADIES As a young wife in the 1950s, she managed the accounts for the family agricultural business (Rosalynn) Carter 300 $600 5097-23 35047 WE'RE HERE TO "WIN" Castle community that the queen calls home Correct.

Windsor 400 $800 3670-2 35048 CELEBS This "Men In Black" star earned his "Prince" nickname in school due to his "charming" manner Will Smith 100 $100 4969-42 35049 THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS Of 101, 111, 121 or 201, the highest atomic number of an element fully authenticated by the people who do that It's always easier, when three have been eliminated, to come up with the correct response.111 1600 $1200 4989-42 35050 BRIT-POURRI This "royal" London hub from which the Hogwarts Express departs was the scene of tragedy on July 7, 2005 King's Cross 1600 $1200 3271-4 35051 IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE A large knife whose name comes from an earlier Spanish word for "mallet"; it's handy for cutting jungle paths Machete 100 $100 3048-3 35052 THINK FAST A person moving quickly is going by leaps and these Bounds 100 $100 4966-49 35053 FAKE ROCK BANDS and SINGERS The vivacious Ann-Margrock rocked the house on this TV series back in 1963 The Flintstones 1800 $1600 3048-54 35054 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS This protagonist of a Virginia Woolf novel changes from man to woman through 4 centuries Orlando 2000 $1000 5035-32 35055 THE 18th CENTURY WORLD In 1723 William Buchanan published a detailed history of this U.country's clans Scotland 1200 $400 3266-25 35056 IN THE DRUGSTORE Vince Staten's book "Do Pharmacists Sell Farms?" calls this product "The WD-40 of the Drugstore" Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 500 $500 3322-35 35057 "HEART"Y PHRASES While ruling England from 1189 to 1199, he spent only a total of about 6 months there due to the Crusades Richard the Lionheart 1200 $200 3024-41 35058 TREES The processed fruit of the plum tree, it also means to cut back branches to aid growth Prune 1400 $400 3288-19 35059 OF MEN and MICE Until 1947 this marvelous man was the mighty mouth of Mickey Mouse Walt Disney 400 $400 3328-10 35060 SHAKESPEAREAN CLICHES When he asks the Merchant of Venice for "a pound of flesh", he means it, literally Shylock 200 $200 3037-25 35061 WORLD CITIES To attend Kenya Polytechnic, you have to go to this capital city Nairobi 500 $500 3294-35 35062 WORD PLAY PE rest ACE----------------------------------This message may be etched in stone rest in peace 1200 $200 3290-10 35063 EIGHT Fortunes from this classic toy include "Outlook not so good" and "Reply hazy, try again" Magic 8-Ball 200 $200 3175-43 35064 HISTORIC NAMES In an 1880 letter, Queen Victoria referred to this successor of Disraeli as a "half-mad fire brand" William Gladstone 1600 DD: $2,000 3621-3 35065 THE GONE WITH THE WIND MOVIE MUSEUM (Alex: Which is here in Atlanta) The apartment house she lived in while writing the novel is adjacent to the museum Margaret Mitchell 100 $100 4200-58 35066 PORT-POURRI In 1641 the Dutch chased the Portuguese out of this Malaysian port that gave its name to a cane Malacca 2000 $2000 3631-35 35067 IF THEY MARRIED.If TV's Vanna married 49ers wide receiver Jerry and hyphenated her name, she'd be.

Vanna White-Rice 1200 $200 3314-46 35068 THE FALL Can't wait for Christmas? In Europe, this saint "visits" on Dec.6, his feast day, with gifts in hand Saint Nicholas 1600 $600 5100-8 35069 CONVERT THE ROMAN NUMERAL Mentioned at Gettysburg:LXXXVII 87 200 $400 3014-7 35070 TV TWINS Name shared by Phoebe's twin (also played by Lisa Kudrow) and George of the Jungle's wife, possibly a twin Ursula 200 $200 100005-4 35071 DESIGN A schapslote is a German-painted decoration using enamel of this color on glass Black 100 200 3622-8 35072 SECRET SOCIETIES To be brief, the Chinese secret society known as the Righteous and Harmonious Fists was commonly called this Boxers 200 $200 4987-36 35073 THE ROMANOV DYNASTY One bio of this "Great" czar says he carried dental instruments around with him because he loved to pull teeth Peter the Great 1400 $800 4968-36 35074 NEWS ON THE MARCH Nationalists from this Commonwealth attacked the U.Capitol March 1, 1954, injuring 5 representatives Puerto Rico 1400 $800 3295-32 35075 NEXT LINE, PLEASE Donne:"Never send to know for whom the bell tolls." "It tolls for thee" 1200 $200 5087-28 35076 -SCOPES A snooperscope lets you see in the dark; change the vowel sound to get this version of it that goes on a rifle a sniperscope 500 $1000 3026-13 35077 AMERICAN FOOD A slice of this bread that comes in a dotted bag can be wadded up smaller than a ping-pong ball and bounced Wonder Bread 300 $300 3148-27 35078 NAME THAT ARTIST (Alex: An all-video category called.

) A detail of a triptych by this 15th century Dutchman is seen here: (Hieronymus) Bosch 500 $500 4595-4 35079 NOW YOU'RE TALKING MY LANGUAGE (Sofia of the Clue Crew delivers the clue in a a tongue foreign to us but familiar to her.) Spoken by about 9 million people worldwide it's the Scandinavian language I'm speaking * , that's the language, yes.Swedish 100 $200 4979-9 35080 ANAGRAMMED CANADIAN CITIES Oh, man, it's in Manitoba:GIN IN PEW Winnipeg 200 $400 5041-44 35081 BIO SUBJECTS "Cowboy Princess" describes life as the daughter of this famous film and TV couple You're right, yes.King of the Cowboys! Roy Rogers and Dale Evans 1600 $1200 3063-34 35082 BUSINESS and INDUSTRY In the late 1940s, this firm began the practice of selling underwear in cellophane bags, 3 to a bag Fruit of the Loom 1200 $200 2896-39 35083 VIRGINIA GOVERNORS In 1811 Virginia had 4 governors: John Tyler, George William Smith, Peyton Randolph and this fifth president James Monroe 1400 $400 3099-54 35084 THE ART OF PEACE His 1896 illustrations of Aristophanes' anti-war classic "Lysistrata" were considered licentious Aubrey Beardsley 2000 $1000 5059-2 35085 IT BORDERS ONLY ONE OTHER COUNTRY This Asian country borders only one country, across a demilitarized zone South Korea 100 $200 5034-40 35086 YO, ADRIATIC Known as "The Bride of the Sea", this city's canals are fed by the waters of the Adriatic Venice 1400 $800 5012-34 35087 MARCH On trial for war crimes, he was found dead in his cell in the Hague March 11, 2006 Milosevic 1200 $400 3321-27 35088 TELEVISION In 1992 Paul Sorvino, who played detective Phil Cerreta, left this series to sing opera Law and Order 500 $500 4093-11 35089 ST.PAUL Though against casual sex, Paul did say to "greet all the brethren with an holy" one of these a kiss 200 $400 3312-27 35090 WHEN IN SCOTLAND.

If a Scotsman tells you he's a Dundonian, you know he's from this city Dundee 500 $500 3263-30 35091 THE 13 COLONIES Under the Treaty of Breda, the Dutch gave up New Netherland, which the British renamed this New York 1200 $200 3298-6 35092 PROVINCES (Alex: We'll give you the provinces, you name the country) Wroclaw and Gdansk Poland 200 $200 5052-40 35093 DO YOU HAVE A RESERVATION? (Alex: We want you to name the state where the reservations we will tell you about are located.Regis Mohawk New York 1400 $800 3296-39 35094 THE BIRDS The screech type of this bird is the only common small species with ear tufts Owl 1400 $400 5049-23 35095 ABBREVIATED U.STATES (Alex: And in that category we want not only the abbreviation, but the state itself.

) The 2 states whose abbreviations are informal words for father and mother Pennsylvania, PA and Massachusetts, MA 400 DD: $1,200 5076-10 35096 STUPID ANSWERS Sparkling wine sold under the name Champagne must come from this region in Northeast France Champagne 200 $400 5051-51 35097 FAMOUS LASS WORDS Explaining Christian Science, she wrote, "Disease is an experience of.It is fear made manifest" Mary Baker Eddy 1800 $1600 4967-37 35098 AUTO-BREVIATIONS To get good traction on rocks or snow, bypass "FWD" and "RWD" and go for this, "AWD" all-wheel drive 1400 $800 2901-37 35099 STATE CAPITALS Before closing in 1893, this Nevada city's mint made almost $50 million in silver dollars and other coins Carson City 1400 $400 5056-51 35100 YOU DO THE MATH 100 divided by 4, times 3, divided by 5 15 1800 $1600 4595-45 35101 THE GODFATHER He was the royal godfather to the son of French playwright Moliere Hey, guess what, I get to give a response.King Louis XIV 1600 $1200 4968-34 35102 LARCENY DELL'ARTE 20 paintings by this man, including the one seen here, were stolen briefly from the Stedelijk Museum in 1991 Van Gogh 1200 $400 5022-41 35103 WORD LORE Jazzmen used this slang word in the '40s; Tommy Dorsey insisted it had nothing to do with lines on a record's surface groovy 1400 $800 3262-17 35104 RHYMES WITH COD To poke, perhaps with a cattle implement Prod 300 $300 3862-25 35105 HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME On her long-running TV show, she was the matriarch of the Stone family of Hilldale: Donna Reed 500 $500 618-30 35106 1946 Irving Berlin's 1946 musical that featured a rifle-totin' Ethel Merman Annie Get Your Gun 1200 $200 3035-23 35107 DON'T PICK ME! After 5 Emmys, this "Murphy Brown" star took herself out of the running for 1996 to give others a chance Candice Bergen 400 $400 3305-4 35108 I DID MY TIME After more than 27 years in jail, I was released by the South African government on Feb.11, 1990 Nelson Mandela 100 $100 5027-2 35109 ANIMALS ON THE CHINESE CALENDAR 1975:I'm wefuhwing to this cwazy cwitter, heheheh a rabbit (or a wabbit) 100 $200 3697-16 35110 YOU DO THE MATH The number of sides on an octagon minus the number of sides on a hexagon 2 (8 - 6) 300 $300 4227-28 35111 A REALLY BIG CATEGORY Until it met disaster in 1912, it was the largest and most luxurious passenger ship afloat Titanic 500 $1000 3332-16 35112 "A" and "E" (Alex: Just to clarify, each response will begin with an "A" or an "E"; we titled the category as a link to BIOGRAPHY.

) Elands are grouped among these hoofed animals Antelopes 300 $300 3665-56 35113 SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS Marina is captured by pirates and sold to a brothel in the play named for this Prince of Tyre Pericles 2000 $1000 3046-42 35114 FAMOUS AMERICANS In 1942 this brother of President Eisenhower directed the War Relocation Authority Milton Eisenhower 1600 $600 3628-9 35115 CHESS NUTS The only chess move in which a player may move 2 of his own pieces at the same time Castling 200 $200 3037-45 35116 THE SMITHSONIAN The main building is known as this; the first secretary Joseph Henry didn't want it so massive The Castle 1600 $600 3063-39 35117 OLD MAN HOMER HAD A FARM E-I-E-I-Ouch! On a hunting trip, young Odysseus was scarred by one of these tusked terrors Boar 1400 $400 3631-23 35118 "ICK"Y WORDS It can be a man's detachable shirt front or a child's bib Dickie 400 $400 3181-7 35119 THE MOVIES His 1997 film "Jackie Brown" was the first full feature film he's directed since "Pulp Fiction" Quentin Tarantino 200 $200 3309-20 35120 HAPPY From the Latin for "happy", they're the declarations Jesus made on the mount See, Kristine, sometimes it comes to you, probably a little prayer involved there too! Beatitudes 400 DD: $800 3670-1 35121 THEY WROTE THE SONGS (Alex: We'll give you the songs, you identify the writers) "Cant' Buy Me Love" and Love Me Do" John Lennon and Paul McCartney 100 $100 3261-4 35122 BEANS (Alex: Hey, we're in Boston!) They can be Arabica, robusta or Liberian coffee beans 100 $100 5071-37 35123 ANIMATED MOVIES The living, breathing, scary title creature of this 2006 movie is seen here Monster House 1400 $800 3181-6 35124 STATE CAPITALS In 1982 Alaskans rejected a proposal that would have made Willow the capital instead of this city Juneau 200 $200 2905-54 35125 AFRICAN HISTORY At its independence in 1957, the Gold Coast took the name of this medieval west African empire Ghana 2000 $1000 3871-8 35126 LET'S GET GRAPHIC During papermaking a dandy roll presses these into the paper and you can see them by holding the paper up to a light Watermark 200 $200 5023-5 35127 and TAKIN' NAMES World poverty fighter, TIME magazine Person of the Year and occasional rock star Paul Hewson Bono 100 $200 3271-47 35128 GILLIS Lester Gillis was the original name of this youthful-looking gangster, but he found it sissy "Baby-Face" Nelson 1600 $600 5107-20 35129 STONEHENGE Today some acrhaeologists believe that Stonehenge was used to track and observe these 2 heavenly bodies the sun and the moon 400 $800 3322-15 35130 TV CHARACTERS (Alex: You'll have to name the show) Brandon Walsh, Steve Sanders, Kelly Taylor Beverly Hills, 90210 300 $300 5047-1 35131 BROADWAY GEOGRAPHY (Jon of the Clue Crew reads from a castle rampart in the Shubert Theatre, New York., and most of the action takes place in this Merrie Olde country England 100 $200 5021-28 35132 BRAND NEW You don't need oversized shirt pockets if you have the Cyber-shot camera by this company Sony 500 $1000 3060-0 35133 U.CITIES This Wyoming capital is home to the annual Frontier Days celebration Cheyenne 100 $100 5064-48 35134 WHERE AM I? (Cheryl of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from a studio classroom with dressed mannequins.) I'm at the College of Textiles of the state university of this state that leads the U.in textile production North Carolina 1800 $1600 3862-2 35135 NUTS! The shells of these nuts were dyed red to make them distinctive to consumers and to disguise blemishes Pistachios 100 $100 3024-57 35136 INSURRECTIONS McKeesport, Penn.was home to dissidents in this 1794 insurrection against excise taxes on liquor Whiskey Rebellion 2000 $1000 2895-26 35137 FAMOUS NAMES In 1983, a year after opening Spago, this celebrity chef opened Chinois On Main in Santa Monica, Calif.

Wolfgang Puck 500 $500 315-28 35138 O'HOLLYWOOD At age 6, she asked the director, "Do you want the tears to run all the way, or shall I stop halfway down?" Ah, we stumped you with little * ? Margaret O'Brien 500 $500 3675-22 35139 WHATEVER With a regular deck of cards, you can play 52 Pick-Up; with a pinochle deck, only this many pick-up 48 400 $400 2901-2 35140 INSTRUMENTS The average string quartet contains 2 of these instruments violins 100 $100 5032-28 35141 FRUIT (Kelly of the Clue Crew plays with her food, a peach.) For the hardness of the endocarp, which holds the single seed, drupes, like the peach, are also called this type of fruit stone fruit 500 $1000 5034-57 35142 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS It resembles a large cornet but it is actually a bugle; Chuck Mangione featured it on his 1978 hit "Feels So Good" the flugelhorn 2000 $2000 3011-20 35143 THE MARX BROTHERS Groucho said the stateroom scene in this film was so complicated it took at least a week to film A Night At The Opera 400 $400 5017-51 35144 BIBLICAL PERSON, PLACE OR THING Beryl thing 1800 $1600 5094-38 35145 I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW (Alex: Guess what?.) Oleg Zhornitskiy turned this sandwich spread into a meal by gulping down 4 32-ounce bottles in 8 minutes mayonnaise 1400 $800 3261-16 35146 BEANS (Alex: Hey, we're in Boston!) Born Dallas Burroughs in 1928, he's the actor seen here Orson Bean 300 $300 5070-20 35147 IT'S A MONARCHY Bhutan, Benin, Botswana Bhutan 400 $800 4988-22 35148 NAME THAT TUNE "Chicago is one town that won't let you down, it's." this "My Kind Of Town" 400 $800 2908-33 35149 ATLANTA Tours of the headquarters of this network and its Headline News leave every half hour 9-5:30 daily CNN (Cable News Network) 1200 $200 2737-12 35150 SOCIOLOGY The former Communist nations of the Soviet bloc were part of this numerical "world" the Second World 300 $300 3174-54 35151 19th CENTURY AMERICA This 1803 case was the first in which the Supreme Court declared an act of Congress unconstitutional Marbury v.Madison 2000 DD: $2,000 3269-30 35152 NOVELIST-PLAYWRIGHTS Gore Vidal's play about this president opened and closed a few weeks before the Watergate break-in Richard Nixon 1200 $200 3033-21 35153 SODA POP QUIZ This 19th c.

was immortalized in the name of a soft drink Dr.Pepper 400 $400 3310-18 35154 PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA This "Big Bill" bellied up to the White House buffet 80 years before Clinton William Howard Taft 400 $400 3952-5 35155 "J" WALKING On a snowy winter night he nips at your nose and your window Jack Frost 100 $100 3302-15 35156 FAUX FRENCH "Postiche" is French for this, our term for a men's bald spot coverer Toupee 300 $300 3144-10 35157 HELLO, DALAI The Dalai Lama's most famous disciple, this actor published a book of photos of Buddhist culture Richard Gere 200 $200 5070-53 35158 3-LETTER WORDS The part of an apron or a pair of overalls that covers the chest the bib 1800 $1600 100004-44 35159 JAPAN In a traditional Japanese home, floors are covered with straw mats called these Tatami 1600 1500 3015-25 35160 THE BIG 4-0 (Alex: Talking about age) In 1919 this 40-year-old Virginia woman was elected to the British parliament Lady Astor 500 $500 3289-58 35161 TOUGH HODGEPODGE In 1913 this Kiev-born aircraft designer built Le Grand, the world's first 4-engine plane Igor Sikorsky 2000 $1000 3064-43 35162 FLOWERS These tall flowers are grown for their polly seeds Sunflowers 1600 $600 3282-52 35163 WHICH CAME FIRST? (Alex: Chronologically) "Downtown", "Town Without Pity", "Uptown Girl", "Funkytown" Town Without Pity 1800 $800 5036-15 35164 HULL OF FAME This boat famously sank in Lake Superior in 1975 the Edmund Fitzgerald 300 $600 3005-4 35165 MIDDLE NAMES Leroy was the middle name of this cartoonist, "Believe It Or Not" Robert Ripley 100 $100 4201-19 35166 GAME SHOWS The pop group Kabah sang the theme for the Mexican version of this 106-day long game that put 12 people in a house Big Brother 400 $800 3625-10 35167 THE ABCs OF THE CDC (Alex: The Centers for Disease Control) The CDC says this form of cancer, which includes melanoma, is the most common in the U.

Skin cancer 200 $200 3661-10 35168 BEASTLY WORDS and PHRASES It's the "canine" term for a simple form of swimming Dogpaddle 200 $200 5064-56 35169 ART "C" Pissarro pal known for his "Bathers" (Paul) C zanne 2000 $2000 5071-59 35170 "Y" END IT? Important elements in music are melody and this pleasing combination of tones, from the Greek for "joint" harmony 2000 $2000 3309-40 35171 ALL THE PRESIDENTS' MEN (Alex: That was a movie) Before presiding over the Confederacy, he was Secretary of War under Franklin Pierce Jefferson Davis 1400 $400 3063-41 35172 3-LETTER WORDS A cat might take this short sleep Nap 1400 $400 3274-24 35173 LET'S TALK TURKEY (Alex: How appropriate for today!) Despite their name, turkeys originated on this continent North America 500 $500 3110-39 35174 ARTISTS Brancusi declined to study under this French sculptor, saying, "Nothing grows under large trees" Auguste Rodin 1400 $400 3637-16 35175 5-LETTER WORDS This synonym for fast can also refer to all the ships in a navy Fleet 300 $300 2737-25 35176 WORLD CITIES It's said this North Korean capital is the Korean Peninsula's oldest city Pyongyang 500 $500 2621-15 35177 TAX TIME Your TIN or taxpayer identification number is usually this 9-digit number your social security number 300 $300 3178-54 35178 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS Roxane married Christian de Neuvillette not knowing his love letters were written by this poet and soldier Cyrano de Bergerac 2000 $1000 3019-1 35179 MARTIAL ARTISTS His 1983 character Lone Wolf McQuade was a maverick Texas Ranger; hmmmm, good idea for a TV show Chuck Norris 100 $100 3871-55 35180 WORLD LITERATURE 14 of the books in the "Odyssey" are set on this rocky homeland of Odysseus Be more specific.Ithaca 2000 $1000 3663-24 35181 THE BIBLE Both the gospel of Luke and this book are addressed to someone named Theophilus Acts of the Apostles 500 $500 5087-52 35182 LEATHER This type of leather originally made from goatskin was named for the Spanish city where it was first made Cordovan 1800 $1600 4200-2 35183 PRINTING A halftone print is really an optical illusion; it's actually lots and lots of these that seem to form an image dots 100 $200 5079-8 35184 UNFORESEEN FINDS G.scientists looking for synthetic rubber during WWII discovered this toy that lifts images off a page Silly Putty 200 $400 3629-4 35185 A NOVEL CATEGORY "Legs" is William Kennedy's novel about this "gem" of a gangster Legs Diamond 100 $100 3324-46 35186 TUESDAY On TV, Tuesday was one of "The Many Loves Of" this title character Dobie Gillis 1600 $600 3310-10 35187 FIRST NAMES This Biblical name might mean "rest", perhaps after a flood Noah 200 $200 5071-48 35188 OUR FOUNDING FATHERS At age 15 he was a bellringer at the Old North Church; 25 years later he told the church sexton to light 2 lanterns Paul Revere 1800 DD: $2,000 3632-52 35189 "D" IN HISTORY In 1793 this former mistress of Louis XV was guillotined for aiding those seeking to restore the monarchy Madame Dubarry 1800 $800 5095-3 35190 GIMME AN "H" The western hemisphere country with French as an official language that fits the category Haiti 100 $200 3060-27 35191 TRUE LIVES Extra! Extra! Read all about this retired Washington Post publisher in "Personal History" Katharine Graham 500 $500 5023-44 35192 ROYAL LITERATURE 1988: By Anne Rice Queen of the Damned 1600 $1200 3109-11 35193 GRINNIN' Allen Funt told victims, "Smile, you're on" this TV show Candid Camera 200 $200 3062-20 35194 '80s ROCK In 1984 they leaped to the top of the charts with the song heard here: ("Jump") Van Halen 400 DD: $600 3282-41 35195 IN THE DICTIONARY If you do this in your sleep, you're a somniloquist Talk 1400 $400 3179-15 35196 TOP O' THE WORLD, MA! This shaggy-haired beast of Tibet is often called the grunting ox because of the sound it makes Yak 300 $300 3179-39 35197 HALLS OF FAME Inducted into the National Photography Hall of Fame in 1968, he snapped the picture seen here: (Abraham Lincoln) Matthew Brady 1400 DD: $800 5036-5 35198 "SMALL" TIME In L.County you can sue for no more than $7,500 in this court small claims 100 $200 3294-44 35199 A CHRISTMAS POTPOURRI On Christmas Eve 1968, Borman, Lovell and Anders became the first men to circle this object the moon 1600 $600 3258-24 35200 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD The coat of arms of the Netherlands is a combination of those of the Dutch republic and this royal house Orange 500 $500 3275-29 35201 THE PREZ SEZ (Alex: We'll tell you what the prez sez, you have to identify the president) "We must be the great arsenal of democracy" Franklin D.Roosevelt 500 $500 5010-18 35202 PRESIDENTIAL FINAL RESTING PLACES Yorba Linda, California Richard Nixon 400 $800 3266-36 35203 LOUD CLASSICAL MUSIC (AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE):Rioting broke out when this Stravinsky work was first performed in Paris You're absolutely right, you don't need to hear the music! The Rite of Spring 1400 DD: $1,000 3874-46 35204 IT'S ALL POLITICS Miami Beach, Philadelphia and this are the cities that have hosted the Democratic and GOP conventions in the same year Chicago 1600 $600 5007-24 35205 CLASSY CLASSICAL CLASSICS Yee-haw! It's the Copland ballet heard here Rodeo 500 $1000 3661-55 35206 DOCUMENTARIES Wim Wenders directed this acclaimed 1999 film about legendary Cuban musicians In answer to a question you are probably formulating right now, if we have a 3-way tie at the end of Final Jeopardy!, each of our contestants will receive the cash and they'd all be back tomorrow to play again.We've had 2-way ties, but never 3-way ties.The Buena Vista Social Club 2000 $1000 3293-6 35207 STATE BIRDS There'll be blue hens over the capital, Dover, in this state where they're the state bird Delaware 200 $200 3279-25 35208 WORLD CUP '98 (Alex: Let's see if you remember that event!) It was a good July for this country: they reached the World Cup semis and Goran Ivanisevic made the Wimbledon final Croatia 500 $500 2735-57 35209 MIXED DRINKS Using Scotch whisky turns a Manhattan into this drink a Rob Roy 2000 $1000 3039-12 35210 THE MAJESTIC EAGLE The Latin rapere, "to carry off", gave us this 6-letter term for birds of prey, and for a type of dinosaur raptor 300 $300 3028-59 35211 "HY" THERE Someone excelling in multiple show business crafts like a writer-producer a hyphenate 2000 $1000 5096-16 35212 THE U.SENATE: AFTER HOURS Seen here at the 11th Annual Kenai River Classic, Lisa Murkowski of this state shows off her 63-pound king salmon catch Alaska 300 $600 2904-54 35213 THE BILL OF RIGHTS The 2nd Amendment says a "well-regulated" one of these is "necessary to the security of a free state" Militia 2000 $1000 5070-43 35214 WAR MOVIE LOCATIONS (Alex: You have to identify the country where the fighting mainly takes place.) The 2001 film "Enemy at the Gates" Russia 1600 $1200 3874-6 35215 THE FIRST PERSON The beautiful female seen here goes by this moniker: Moi (Miss Piggy) 200 $200 3108-46 35216 EDNA ST.Cynically she wrote that this "Is not all; it is not meat nor drink nor slumber nor a roof against the rain" Love 1600 DD: $3,000 3287-27 35217 COMMON BONDS Moon, cake, Lambeth Walks 500 $500 5107-15 35218 GENEROUS FOOD PORTIONS (Alex: I like that.) Run as fast as you can, you can't catch this treat; one made in 2003 was 13'11" in height a gingerbread man 300 $600 3635-52 35219 THE NUN'S STORY Elvis' last feature film was in this movie co-starring Mary Tyler Moore as a dedicated inner-city nun Change Of Habit 1800 $800 5070-26 35220 IT'S A MONARCHY Fiji, Samoa, Kiribati After reading the clue Or Kirabas.

Samoa 500 $1000 3313-29 35221 A WOODLAND "P"ARADISE If you're picknicking in the woods of "The Lost World", one of these flying reptiles might decide to lunch on you! Pterodactyl 500 $500 315-23 35222 WINE This term means that extra alcohol has been added, as to sherry, for example fortified 400 $400 5044-12 35223 THE BARD WRITES She tells the Duke of Venice, "That I did love the Moor to live with him" Desdemona 300 $600 5089-14 35224 WATERCRAFT Cunard's slogan is "The most famous" of these 2-word ships "in the world" ocean liners 300 $600 5095-10 35225 AUSSIE About 20% of all Australians live in this capital of New South Wales Sydney 200 $400 5047-59 35226 DUST TO DUST In "King Lear", Albany tells her, "You are not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face" Goneril 2000 $2000 3667-29 35227 BROWNSVILLE You'll find this shade of brown in the name Audrey Hepburn auburn 500 $500 4201-59 35228 4-LETTER WORDS The burden's on you to come up with this Latin term for "burden" onus 2000 $2000 3334-19 35229 JAZZ NICKNAMES The First Lady of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald 400 $400 3027-27 35230 IT ALL BEGINS WITH "YOU" This Thomas Wolfe title proved sadly prophetic; it was published posthumously You Can't Go Home Again 500 $500 3258-47 35231 "LING"O Vocation of Melville's Captain Ahab and crew whaling 1600 $600 3069-14 35232 "G" MOVIES Hey, dude, this 1959 Sandra Dee film led to the TV series that made Sally Field a star Gidget 300 $300 5058-22 35233 OFF COURSE, OFF COURSE He named the ocean "Pacific" after many turbulent detours in South America while searching for Asia (Ferdinand) Magellan 400 DD: $800 3335-5 35234 CERVANTES Cervantes called this title character "El Ingenioso Hidalgo", the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote 100 $100 3108-0 35235 MILITARY POWER Contour flying is when a pilot flies low, following the Earth's contours, to avoid this Radar 100 $100 4317-5 35236 "E" TICKET It's a type of paint to coat your pottery, or a substance that coats your teeth.enamel 100 $200 4966-11 35237 ONOMATOPOEIA A droning or vibrating sound, or an excited interest in a trend in society; also a type of saw buzz 200 $400 3180-31 35238 BOND GIRLS The color Shirley Eaton was painted all over her body gold (in Goldfinger) 1200 $200 3037-58 35239 HISTORIC AMERICANS He retired about 1896 but remained president of Standard Oil until it was dissolved in 1911 John D.Rockefeller 2000 $1000 3029-35 35240 MORE REDUNDANCY and REPETITION The book of Leviticus says of an evildoer, "The people of the land shall stone him with" these stones 1200 $200 3061-0 35241 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES Yonsei University in Seoul is this country's oldest university South Korea 100 $100 2906-43 35242 TREES It's a general term for any evergreen oak Live oak 1600 $600 3267-25 35243 ON THE COVER OF ROLLING STONE "Nothing Compares" to this singer seen on covers in 1990 and '91, and with even less hair in '92 And that does it?! You guys are so fast - the round is over! Sinead O'Connor 500 $500 2894-51 35244 WOMEN OF SONG Released in 1995, her "The Woman In Me" is now the all-time best-selling album by a female country artist Shania Twain 1800 $800 3321-8 35245 SCARY AUTHORS (Alex: I will give you titles of some of the works, you have to identify the scary author) "The Lady Of The Shroud", "The Mystery Of The Sea", "Dracula" Bram Stoker 200 $200 2900-43 35246 OPERA Act I of this composer's "Don Giovanni" features the famous "Champagne Aria" W.Mozart 1600 $600 3302-42 35247 ROAMIN' WITH THE ROMANS Founded by the Romans as Aquae Sulis, this British city is still a popular health and holiday resort Bath 1600 $600 2621-3 35248 TAX TIME It's the dreaded IRS double-check of your return to ascertain its validity an audit 100 $100 2898-38 35249 ART Grime darkened the daytime setting of this artist's work, causing it to be misnamed "The Night Watch" Rembrandt 1400 $400 3876-26 35250 "F" IN GEOGRAPHY The Lagting is the local parliament in this Danish island group Faroe Islands 500 $500 3278-37 35251 SPORTS A little birdie told us an eagle is a score this many under par on a hole 2 1400 $400 3109-22 35252 PICKIN' Term for loud, staccato chords common in heavy metal songs Power chords 400 $400 3332-1 35253 THEY ALSO RAN This industrialist from Michigan ran for the Senate in 1918, and lost Henry Ford 100 $100 5013-27 35254 LIQUIDS The cholesterol doctors measure is called this "cholesterol", for the fluid part of whole blood serum 500 $1000 3903-18 35255 HISTORY Every president since Taft has been an honorary president of this organization founded in the U.

1910 the Boy Scouts 400 $400 2910-13 35256 AMERICAN HISTORY When asked in 1779 "Have you lowered your flag?" he reportedly said, "I have not yet begun to fight" John Paul Jones 300 $300 4976-23 35257 MARCO POLO (Alex: MARCO!) (Audience: POLO!) (Alex: Thank you very much!) On his deathbed Polo is famously said to have stated, "I did not tell" this much "of what I saw" the half 400 $800 4966-51 35258 YOUR EAR, NOSE and THROAT, MAN The inner ear has many interconnected structures and is somtimes called this; no minotaurs there, however a labyrinth 1800 $1600 3025-29 35259 WORDS OF THE '60s Term for those who rode buses to test integration in interstate travel "Freedom Riders" 500 $500 5052-31 35260 ACTORS and ACTRESSES His first regular role on a TV series was as CTU agent Jack Bauer on "24" Kiefer Sutherland 1200 $400 3040-54 35261 NAME THAT COUNTRY Sisal is grown there; its monetary unit is called a gourde; voodoo is really big there Haiti 2000 $1000 3024-4 35262 WHERE THERE'S A WILL.This "Sultan of Swat" left 10% of his estate to a foundation he created for needy children Babe Ruth 100 $100 3327-38 35263 BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS Horses owned by the Earl of Rosebery won this Epsom race 3 times, twice while he was prime minister the Epsom Darby 1400 $400 2898-54 35264 AMERICAN HISTORY On September 14, 1847, this general led the American army into Mexico City Winfield Scott 2000 $1000 3293-29 35265 "JOY" TO THE WORLD It's the rousing musical composition heard here Ode To Joy (from Beethoven's 9th) 500 $500 5026-12 35266 BEAST OF BURDEN On Grand Teton's trails, horses get right of way versus these S.pack animals of the family Camelidae llamas 300 $600 4969-43 35267 TV TITLE REFERENCES (Alex: You have to give us the title of each progam in.) Jennifer Love Hewitt, who sees and talks (softly) to dead people Ghost Whisperer 1600 $1200 3294-30 35268 CRICKET (Alex: Not pluralized) Like baseball's, cricket's scores are kept in these units; each team may have hundreds runs 1200 $200 3302-43 35269 ALL THAT GLITTERS.This "cultured" Broadway star was a special representative in the U.All that 're looking for gems here in their names Pearl Bailey 1600 $600 3323-7 35270 STATE NICKNAMES (Alex: That's straightforward) The "Knickerbocker State" New York 200 $200 3014-38 35271 POETS and POETRY Robert Frost rhymed, "Nature's first green is" this color, "her hardest hue to hold" Gold 1400 $400 2901-13 35272 TV PILOTS A 1965 U.pilot of England's "Steptoe and Son" was recast and sold as this comedy show in 1972 Sanford and Son 300 $300 3069-35 35273 THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY Come on, get this answer; their theme was "Come On, Get" this Happy 1200 $200 3293-58 35274 AT HOME IN EUROPE In the 1890s while studying law, he lived with an Anglo-Indian family at 20 Baron's Court Road, London Mohandas K.Gandhi 2000 $1000 5011-25 35275 SPORTS STUFF In the mid-1940s Army had 2 Heisman winners in its backfield: Glenn Davis and this "physician" of the gridiron "Doc" Blanchard 500 $1000 5103-54 35276 FOOD IN HISTORY Mme.

Pompadour loved to top filet of sole with these fancy fungi truffles 2000 $2000 3264-20 35277 1820s AMERICA On April 8, 1826 this "Great Compromiser" duelled John Randolph; neither man was injured Henry Clay 400 $400 3630-13 35278 NEW GAME SHOWS? The Buybidwin website offers websurfers a chance to play this Monty Hall game for prizes Let's Make A Deal 300 $300 3029-58 35279 POLITICAL POSTS Archibald Cox was appointed as one of these in 1973 And we have a minute left.a special prosecutor 2000 $1000 4991-11 35280 B MINUS Knock a B off a biblical tower and get the name of this biblical murder victim Abel 200 $400 4984-48 35281 POETS and POETRY This Robert Frost poem begins "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood" "The Road Not Taken" 1800 $1600 3310-17 35282 WORDS WITHIN WORDS (Alex: To help you, the correct response will be a word that is found within one of the words in the clue) The president has to know who's on his Side (preSIDEnt) 300 $300 3318-38 35283 STATE BIRDS Not to knock it, but Alabama's yellowhammer is a type of this Woodpecker 1400 $400 3262-22 35284 CELEBRITY RELATIVES This actor and his brother Brett played brothers Larry and Jimmy Flynt in 1996's "The People Vs.Larry Flynt" Woody Harrelson 400 $400 3629-18 35285 WAAAY DOWN SOUTH Stewart Island extends south of South Island in this nation New Zealand 400 $400 2756-50 35286 ACTORS and ACTRESSES He directed live-in love Susan Sarandon in the movie "Dead Man Walking" Tim Robbins 1800 $800 3623-45 35287 THE 18TH CENTURY In the 1790s the French made Toussaint L'Ouverture general-in-chief of this colony Haiti 1600 $600 3634-57 35288 WRITERS This "Doctor Zhivago" author's father, Leonid, was a painter and illustrator of Tolstoy's works Boris Pasternak 2000 $1000 3071-8 35289 A TRASHERY OF OGDEN NASHERY Nash coined the word "Cleopatricide" in his quatrain about this snake Asp 200 $200 3313-37 35290 ARTISTIC WOMEN Lynn Fontanne was an actress and Margot Fonteyn made her living as this kind of artist Ballerina 1400 $400 100005-17 35291 THE DODGERS (Alex: A tribute to the 100th anniversary of that baseball team) In 1981 this Dodger pitcher won the Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young Awards Fernando Valenzuela 300 600 3319-45 35292 THE JOHNSONS The first black heavyweight boxing champ, this Texan reigned from 1908 to 1915 Jack Johnson 1600 $600 3067-14 35293 INCREDIBLE EDIBLES If this U.marsupial is really dead and not just "playing", you can roast it like pork possum 300 $300 4967-46 35294 "UNDER" Rip Torn originally had this job backing up the role of Brick in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and later got the role himself understudy 1600 $1200 5007-47 35295 "TRUTH" OR CONSEQUENCES Winston Smith works for this ironically named government unit in the novel "1984" the Ministry of Truth 1600 $1200 3703-10 35296 THE FORCE (Here's Bill Nye):"It's hard to walk across ice because there's not much of this force that keeps your feet from slipping" Friction 200 $200 5013-17 35297 HOT "BUN"s In this early American courting custom, a couple lay fully clothed on a bed and exchanged endearments bundling 300 $600 3327-44 35298 BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS Lloyd George's constituency was Caernarvonshire in this part of the United Kingdom Wales 1600 $600 5092-11 35299 HOWE! A poster shows the Three Stooges as members of the law firm Dewey, this and Howe Cheatem 200 $400 3005-13 35300 PRIME TIME TV Ray Wise played Reese and Peyton's dad on "Savannah" and Laura Palmer's father on this series Twin Peaks 300 $300 2899-28 35301 THE MOVIES Her role as Connie Doyle in "Mrs.

Winterbourne" was her first since becoming a talk show host Ricki Lake 500 $500 5007-32 35302 PLAYING PYRAMID (Alex: That's another classic.) Garden, Republican, birthday a party 1200 $400 2910-28 35303 EAGLE HODGEPODGE Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards won the hearts of Englanders in 1988 competing in this Olympic event Ski jumping 500 $500 3039-1 35304 PRESIDENTIAL FIRSTS On Oct.1, 1924, he was born at the Wise Clinic in Plains, Georgia, the first president born in a hospital Jimmy Carter 100 $100 3040-33 35305 TEENS ON FILM In this comedy named for a holiday, Charlie Hofheimer is the son of Robin Williams.or Billy Crystal Father's Day 1200 $200 3669-40 35306 REVOLUTIONARIES Country in which Stephen Biko founded his black consciousness movement South Africa 1400 $400 5008-59 35307 NO PLACE TO GO An infernal drawing room is the sole setting of this existential 1944 play No Exit 2000 $2000 3120-38 35308 REAL NAMES ON THE MARQUEE Mary Louis Streep and Ronald Walken in "The Deer Hunter" Meryl Streep and Christopher Walken 1400 $400 3006-53 35309 15-LETTER WORDS (Alex: An intimidating-sounding category!) An expert in Robert's Rules of Order Parliamentarian 1800 $800 5014-2 35310 WOMEN IN POLITICS Rose McConnell Long served as a U.senator from this state after the 1935 murder of her husband Louisiana 100 $200 3281-45 35311 TINKERERS In 1801 in Paris he demonstrated his battery to Napoleon who then made him a count Alessandro Volta 1600 $600 3287-51 35312 HAS "MY" A full bottle in front of me is better than a full frontal one of these Lobotomy 1800 $800 3874-29 35313 BURLAP TO CHARM (Alex: As what you'd find in an encyclopedia - all of the correct responses will come between burlap and charm) Common name of the Wahoo plant, or something God talked to Moses through Burning bush 500 $500 3267-26 35314 DECADES Chinese Nationalist government flees to Taiwan 1940s 500 $500 3310-12 35315 PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Mitzi Kapture of "Baywatch") I grew up in Yorba Linda, California, like this president" Ronald Reagan was not born in California Richard Nixon 300 DD: $500 3118-36 35316 MUSIC POTPOURRI Invented in recent years, boobams are percussion instruments often made from this woody grass Bamboo 1400 $400 5037-28 35317 ODD JOBS (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from a barrel-making shop in Strawberry Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH.) From planks of wood, a cooper makes these curved pieces that form the sides of a barrel staves 500 $1000 2906-33 35318 WORLD GEOGRAPHY The Rue de Rivoli is in Paris and the Gardens of Tivoli are in this Danish capital Copenhagen 1200 $200 3631-15 35319 ASIAN-AMERICAN ACHIEVERS Dr.William Mow is the man behind this "boy", one of the USA's largest jeans companies Bugle Boy 300 $300 3673-53 35320 THE "I"s HAVE IT From the Latin for "to overhang", it means "likely to happen at any moment" Imminent 1800 $800 4595-55 35321 THE STING This famous FBI sting derived its name from one its fictitious enterprises, Abdul Enterprises Abscam 2000 $2000 4969-33 35322 THE NON-CATEGORY It describes the cooking surface of a Teflon-coated frying pan non-stick 1200 $400 3952-36 35323 GEORGIE He has 3 stars on Hollywood Boulevard; 2 by himself and 1 with Gracie George Burns 1400 $400 3272-20 35324 THE PLANETS Since its 1846 discovery, this planet has yet to complete one trip around the sun Neptune 400 $400 3622-20 35325 SECRET SOCIETIES Rituals bind together members of this criminal group whose name is Japanese for "good for nothing" Yakuza 400 $400 5048-33 35326 NAMES OF THE '70s Big names in this type of book in the '70s include Tarnower and Pritikin a diet book 1200 $400 3179-56 35327 '60s TV This singer's summer replacement show was "The Golddiggers" Dean Martin 2000 $1000 5067-34 35328 PLAY BOY (Alex: We're going for the author here.) "Sweet Bird of Youth"and"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (Tennessee) Williams 1200 $400 100008-22 35329 DESERTS Desert sand consists mainly of grains of this hard mineral silicon dioxide (or quartz) 400 800 3332-41 35330 BEFORE and AFTER (Alex: We've had a lot of fun with this category!) One of the quartet of fighting terrapins uses it to give his shell a brilliant shine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Wax 1400 $400 4970-42 35331 APRIL FOOL'S DAY BABIES Born in 1873, this Russian was famous for works like the one heard here Rachmaninoff 1600 $1200 4984-21 35332 GATES In Norse myth the gate known as Valgrind was the main entrance to this mighty hall Valhalla 400 $800 5070-23 35333 SIGNING OFF The statue seen here is the only work of art he ever signed Michelangelo (Buonarroti) 400 $800 3015-11 35334 FOOLISH PHRASEOLOGY According to this poet, "The snark was a boojum, you see" Lewis Carroll 200 $200 3309-42 35335 GENETICS The technique of gene splicing produces hybrid molecules known as "Recombinant" this DNA 1600 $600 5105-16 35336 STAR WARS For "The Simple Life", Paris Hilton wanted Kimberly Stewart to replace this BFF with whom she was feuding Easy, now.

Nicole Richie 300 $600 4296-59 35337 OF BABYLON Break the code to discover he was the sixth ruler of Babylon's Amorite dynasty the Hammurabi Code 2000 $2000 5063-38 35338 THE PRODUCE DEPARTMENT The name of this salad ingredient probably comes from the Latin lactuca lettuce 1400 $800 3322-50 35339 OPERAS and OPERETTAS This poet whose initials stood for Wystan Hugh co-authored the libretto for Henze's opera "The Bassarids" W.

Auden 1800 $800 3017-0 35340 WORLD CITIES Linked by bridges, this Hungarian capital was once 3 distinct and separate cities Budapest 100 $100 4141-14 35341 THE 74th ACADEMY AWARDS Presenting an honorary award to Robert Redford, she reminisced about the way they were Barbra Streisand 300 $600 4141-15 35342 think small According to the AKC, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians and Pugs belong to this dog group toys 300 $600 3952-48 35343 GEORGIE In 1987 his "Ocean Front Property" became the first album to debut at No.1 on the Billboard country chart George Strait 1800 $800 3035-12 35344 SALLY GOES TO SPACE CAMP Sally's interest was sparked by the 1986 film "Space Camp" with this "Caroline in the City" star Lea Thompson 300 $300 3631-10 35345 PRETTY BIRDIES The smaller species of this small bird beat their wings 60 to 70 times a second Hummingbird 200 $200 3260-40 35346 MUSICAL THEATER "Bring Back Birdie", a 1980 sequel to this 1960 musical, didn't fly Bye Bye Birdie 1400 $400 3110-2 35347 OLD TESTAMENT NUDITY Hopefully when they sewed fig leaves together to cover their nakedness, it wasn't in a sweatshop Adam and Eve 100 $100 3324-19 35348 DAD TV (Alex: You have to name the television show; we'll give you the dad) Ben Cartwright Bonanza 400 $400 5085-31 35349 "B" ACTORS Over a 20-year period, he played vigilante Paul Kersey in 5 "Death Wish" movies Charles Bronson 1200 $400 3630-0 35350 INAUGURAL ADDRESSES Of WWI, he said, "Our own fortunes as a nation are involved whether we would have it so or not" Woodrow Wilson 100 $100 5048-40 35351 "S"WEETS The basis of Boston cream pie is actually this type of light cake sponge cake 1400 $800 3335-22 35352 "MASTER"s Accoridng to World Book, the novel "Effi Briest" is Theodor Fontane's Masterpiece 400 $400 5010-23 35353 MAY I HAVE A WORD WITH "U"? It's the part of the mind Freud termed the id the unconscious 400 $800 5098-33 35354 BY THE GRACE OF NANCY She was First Lady from 1981 to 1989 Nancy Reagan 1200 $400 5060-6 35355 AROUND SWEDEN A sort of museum of children's books, Junibacken re-creates the cottage of this beloved fictional Swedish girl Yes--no.Pippi Longstocking 200 $400 3280-9 35356 WHEN WAS THAT, PIERRE? C'est tout! The armistice ending "La Grande Guerre" was signed in the Compiegne Forest in this year 1918 (World War I) 200 $200 3272-43 35357 BIRTHPLACES TV's Alice Kramden, she was born in Wu Chang, China Audrey Meadows 1600 $600 3030-29 35358 UNIVERSAL MONSTERS (Alex: And we are grateful to Universal City here in southern California for all of the clues in this category and you must take those clues in order, gentlemen, please!) The Creature:"Body of water in which I first saw Kay Lawrence, the love of my life" The Black Lagoon 500 $500 4340-40 35359 CALIFORNIA Downey, California boasts the oldest existing restaurant in this chain, opened in 1953 McDonald's 1400 $800 5064-25 35360 THEY WERE THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (Alex: That show premiered about 40 years ago.the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?" asked "Lonesome George", aka him That was * .the show debuted 40 years ago, none of you is 40 years old yet.George Gobel 500 $1000 5020-53 35361 CREW CLUES If you missed an Olympic berth at the Worlds, your last chance is as this qualification racing event the Regatta 1800 $1600 3118-48 35362 MUSIC POTPOURRI From a Spanish word meaning "Of Malaga", it's a Spanish folk tune native to Malaga Malaguena 1800 $800 2902-26 35363 CD-ROM GAMES This James Burke TV series that linked inventions through the ages was turned into a game in 1996 Connections 500 $500 5077-15 35364 FACES OF AMERICA Evidently paratroopers love this guy Geronimo 300 $600 3293-26 35365 GUINNESS RECORDS A 1987 Sunday edition of this U.newspaper holds the record for most massive issue, 12 pounds and 1,612 pages New York Times 500 $500 5036-57 35366 LITERARY CHARACTERS Edwin Reardon is a struggling writer in George Gissing's "New" this "Street" associated with hack writing Grub 2000 $2000 3328-58 35367 HAM Houston, we have a ham, this first American woman to walk in space Kathryn Sullivan 2000 $1000 5034-16 35368 RHYME GIVER (Alex: Each correct response will rhyme with the word "giver.") Body detox center liver 300 $600 5036-25 35369 SEANs, SHAWNs and SHAUNs He played a teen detective on TV's "The Hardy Boys" Shaun Cassidy 500 $1000 5055-38 35370 THE TESTAMENT (Alex: You have to tell us what Biblical book each quote is from.) "For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son in his old age at the set time of which God had spoken to him" Genesis 1400 $800 5071-21 35371 JEWELRY Many diamonds are cut in a shape named for this green gem an emerald 400 $800 3011-40 35372 LOANWORDS Body part terms schnozzle and tuchis come from the body of words in this language Yiddish 1400 $400 2756-23 35373 WORLD HISTORY In 405 B.

Spartan commander Lysander won the final victory over the Athenians in this war the Peloponnesian War 400 $400 3180-19 35374 ROCK AROUND THE SOLAR SYSTEM Appropriately named English drummer heard singing here: "When you wish upon a star." Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) 400 $400 4982-25 35375 THE BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNER "Mrs.Miniver 500 $1000 3293-23 35376 "JOY" TO THE WORLD A classic practical joke, this device vibrates irritatingly when pressed into the hand of another Joy buzzer 400 $400 5100-16 35377 LAWN ORDER Also known as finger grass, a creeping weed of the genus Digitaria is better known by this "grouchy" name crabgrass 300 $600 3862-45 35378 BIG APPLE SAUCE In 1997 an expressway between Queens and Brooklyn was renamed to honor this pioneering baseball player Jackie Robinson 1600 $600 3103-17 35379 YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY "There's safety in" these Numbers 300 $300 3303-58 35380 THE "A" "B" "C"s The name of this German publisher has become synonymous with a guidebook Karl Baedeker 2000 $1000 315-27 35381 THE HOSPITAL In an emergency room, the triage nurse primarily decides this Yes, which patient to see first.who should get treatment 500 $500 3259-52 35382 THE WANDER YEARS The name for this type of heavenly body comes from the Greek for "wanderer" Planet 1800 $800 3301-11 35383 SAYS YOU Bartlett's list "Stop da music!" and "Dese are de conditions dat prevail" under this man's name Jimmy Durante 200 $200 5032-30 35384 JAPAN-U.RELATIONS In June 1995 the 2 nations made a trade deal on imports of these major consumer items cars 1200 $400 5047-3 35385 WOMEN AUTHORS Alexandra Ripley read this novel 6 times in preparation for writing its sequel, "Scarlett" Gone With the Wind 100 $200 4124-38 35386 THE BIBLE Acts says Judas bought a plot of land and it only cost him this much 30 pieces (of silver) 1400 $800 3331-44 35387 ASIAN NATIONS Railways link this country's capital of Ulaanbaatar to Moscow and Peking Mongolia 1600 $600 4976-53 35388 MILITARY RHYME TIME An overexcited hidden sharpshooter a hyper sniper 1800 $1600 4988-47 35389 CURRENT SENATOR RHYME TIME Elizabeth's fishing rods Dole's poles 1600 $1200 3622-44 35390 COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES Despite its name, it's located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and it's actually a university Boston College 1600 DD: $1,500 5064-38 35391 ART "C" "-ism" exemplified by "Man with a Guitar" Cubism 1400 $800 3301-51 35392 FOREIGN HOLIDAY An April 25 holiday in Australia honors this military group ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) 1800 $800 3862-21 35393 "TILE" IT It describes an unsuccessful endeavor Futile 400 $400 3005-21 35394 WORLD WAR I The Danton was sunk, but the French battleship named for this "Candide" author survived the war Voltaire 400 $400 3033-3 35395 SODA POP QUIZ This ubiquitous soft drink removed its cocaine by 1905 but kept the caffeine Coca-Cola 100 $100 3032-38 35396 THE ALPHABET It's the least common letter in English printed matter, but a common "S" substitute among rappers Z 1400 $400 5001-24 35397 NONFICTION Augusten Burroughs put the "fun" in dysfunctional with his memoir called "Running with" these Scissors 500 $1000 2621-11 35398 MUSIC IN "BLACK" and "WHITE" (Alex: Each correct response in the last category will contain either "black" or "white.") In a 1942 hit, this "has me in its spell" that old black magic 200 $200 5058-30 35399 1706 This New Mexico town was founded in 1706 and today is the largest city in the state Albuquerque 1200 $400 4198-22 35400 WE INVENTED STUFF In 1868 Carlos Glidden and Partners patented this 1st machine that wrote faster than one could write by hand a typewriter 400 $800 4979-28 35401 YOU DO KNOW JACK Some call this controversial Michigan physician "Dr.

Death" Jack Kevorkian 500 $1000 619-43 35402 CONSTELLATIONS 1 of the 5 constellations which are portrayed as all or part horse the Centaur (or Sagittarius, Pegasus, Unicorn, or Little Horse) 1600 DD: $1,200 3259-49 35403 FOUNDER'S DAY She "fathered" the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart Mother Cabrini 1800 $800 3027-0 35404 THE COD This organ's oil is a good source of vitamins A and D Liver 100 $100 5001-29 35405 A CATEGORY OF CATEGORIES (Alex: And finally, a little bit of everything.) "TOM" TERRIFIC:12-letter adjective that means showing no evidence of disease asymptomatic 500 $1000 3103-25 35406 NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES In 1996 investors celebrated the 75th anniversary of this "National Business and Financial Weekly" from Dow Jones Barron's 500 $500 4595-28 35407 NOW YOU'RE TALKING MY LANGUAGE Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala is a well-known writer in this language of the Incas Quechua 500 $1000 3295-20 35408 WORLD OF CHRISTMAS Rather than stockings, French children put these in front of the fireplace so "Pere Noel" can fill them with gifts Shoes 400 $400 3024-15 35409 UNREAL ESTATE J.Tolkien created Middle Earth; this author created Middlemarch George Eliot 300 $300 3862-13 35410 HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME The man seen here died in 1996, 7 weeks after celebrating this birthday: 100th (George Burns) 300 $300 5011-47 35411 BEFORE and AFTER Presidential assassin who won acclaim for the novels "The Magnificent Ambersons" and "Alice Adams" John Wilkes Booth Tarkington 1600 $1200 3298-55 35412 METALS I should see a light bulb above your head when I tell you it has the highest melting point of any metal Tungsten 2000 $1000 4124-57 35413 SIGNATURE SONGS (Alex: We want you to identify the singer most closely associated with each tune.

) "Goldfinger" Shirley Bassey 2000 $2000 5033-43 35414 MOVIE CRITTERS (Alex: You have to identify what kind of an animal each one is.) 1983:"Phar Lap" a horse 1600 $1200 3331-55 35415 OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! The last wife of Henry VIII to get the axe Catherine Howard 2000 $1000 3065-16 35416 ORGANIZATIONS This third U.president was the third president of the American Philosophical Society Thomas Jefferson 300 $300 3294-54 35417 CRICKET (Alex: Not pluralized) Term for an international match, or what its players are "put to" the test 2000 $1000 3265-50 35418 THE CANNELL CHANNEL (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Mitzi Kapture) For 5 years I played Lt.Rita Lee Lance on this Cannell series on USA Network" Silk Stalkings 1800 DD: $800 3292-0 35419 HOLIDAYS Decoration Day is another name for this holiday when graves of soldiers are decorated Memorial Day 100 $100 5056-13 35420 YEARS (Alex: In honor of our 23.

2, 1967 he was sworn in as the first African-American Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall 300 $300 4092-15 35425 APRIL MAY.to compete in dressage, so she'll have to take these lessons riding lessons 300 $600 3675-58 35426 A HORATIO ALGAE NOVEL Some think a "Seinfeld" episode was based on Ulva lactuca, the sea type of this seen here in its salad days Lettuce 2000 $1000 5011-28 35427 I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE The Goethe house closes early in this city on-the-Main, but the yearly book fair has late night conferences Frankfurt 500 $1000 5014-45 35428 WAS HIS NAME O' In 1934 this writer had an "Appointment in Samarra" John O'Hara 1600 $1200 3325-45 35429 THE GOOD LIFE Arturo Fuente and Macanudo aren't Latin singing sensations, they're fine brands of these Cigars 1600 $600 3832-36 35430 MALTA BOUND Charles V, who held this "Holy" title, granted Malta to the Knights of St.

John in 1530 Holy Roman Emperor 1400 $400 3663-56 35431 TITLE FILM FOLK (Alex: Who played 'em?) "Pat and Mike"(1952) Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn 2000 $1000 5015-7 35432 '80s MUSIC This band is so special, as heard here"Oh, 'cause I /Gonna make you see." The Pretenders 200 $400 3312-45 35433 FOR PETE'S SAKE He titled his 1993 autobiography "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?"; he also wrote the song Pete Seeger 1600 $600 5076-54 35434 SYMBOLS IN ART This saint is often shown with the wheel meant to martyr her; her legend also gives us the name of a type of firework St.WOMEN The song of this woman, who led the tribes of Israel to defeat King Jabin, is found in the book of Judges Deborah 1600 $600 5091-16 35436 FAST FOOD NATION "Think Outside the Bun" and enjoy the Mexican food from this chain Taco Bell 300 $600 3062-55 35437 AROUND THE BODY Above the larynx, this 3-segment passage leads from the back of the nose down to the esophagus Pharynx 2000 $1000 3066-17 35438 DOUBLE D WORDS His story in the Arabian Nights has the alternate title "Or The Wonderful Lamp" Aladdin 300 $300 3303-28 35439 TBA A teary-eyed person, or the announcer of the latest village news Crier 500 $500 3062-43 35440 AROUND THE BODY Take a deep breath and name the only artery that carries deoxygenated blood Pulmonary artery 1600 DD: $1,000 3667-47 35441 BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS The Battle of Palmito Ranch near Brownsville was fought a month after this war ended Civil War 1600 $600 5044-47 35442 MEATY WORDS A slang term for a type of car accident, or music's Mr.

Burnett T-bone 1600 $1200 3301-49 35443 ACTORS and ACTRESSES This star of "Hard Rain" did some hard time in 1998 Christian Slater 1800 $800 4297-11 35444 2-LETTER ABBREV.(Alex: We want the abbreviation in this category.) Condoleezza Rice earned hers from the University of Denver in 1974 B.200 $400 3870-21 35445 TV OR NOT TV (Alex: We want you to identify the title that was not a network series) "Men Into Space", "Men Behaving Badly", "Men Of La Mancha" Men Of La Mancha 400 $400 3286-5 35446 PHUN WITH PHONICS (Alex: And we want to wish a lot of our viewers Happy Hanukkah! Hanukkah starts today.

) Labionasal sounds are produced by these and the nose Lips 100 $100 5027-42 35447 CHEMISTRY These electron energy layers surrounding an atom's nucleus are labeled K, L, M, N, O, etc.shells 1600 $1200 3319-56 35448 FROM HERE TO MATERNITY It's the surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the perineum to enlarge the birth opening Episiotomy 2000 $1000 3071-4 35449 SACRED MOUNTAINS Japan's most sacred mountain, or the brand of film one may use to photograph it Fuji 100 $100 5089-40 35450 CAPITAL PUNISHMENT In 1480, Lucrezia Borgia was born in what is now this capital.SECRETARIES-GENERAL Before his diplomatic career he was an educator, serving on Burma's textbook committee U Thant 100 $100 5086-13 35452 ROCK 'N' ROLL HISTORY In 1967 this TV group became the only band other than the Beatles to have consecutive No.

1 albums the Monkees 300 $600 5080-50 35453 DEM BONES (Jimmy of the Clue Crew stands next to a skeleton and reads the clue.) The heart and lungs are protected by the thoracic cage, which is made up of 12 vertabrae in the back, the ribs and this breastbone * is right, and was it my imagination, or was that skeleton smiling at Jimmy? the sternum 1800 $1600 5097-10 35454 JEOP-POURRI This 69 to 30 B.North African female ruler was part Macedonian Cleopatra 200 $400 5069-11 35455 THE "L" YOU SAY The Davy Crockett craze of the 1950s made these pioneer toy building sets wildly popular Lincoln Logs 200 $400 3292-42 35456 FRENCH LIT An Algerian named Mersault is the narrator of his 1942 novel "L' Etranger" Albert Camus 1600 $600 3318-37 35457 TRAVEL and TOURISM Thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit this city each year (Dome of the Rock mosque) Jerusalem 1400 $400 5071-40 35458 SNACK ATTACK Yoplait makes this portable yogurt in a tube, a perfect snack when you're on the move Go-Gurt 1400 $800 5032-11 35459 DOUBLE MEANINGS (Alex: Each clue will have two blanks, and the same word, which will be the correct response, fills in both those blanks.) I stared down into my of latte so I wouldn't have to look at his ugly jowly mug 200 $400 2737-21 35460 MORTAL MATTERS She wrote, "Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me" Emily Dickinson 400 $400 3277-43 35461 1988 On Broadway, "Carrie" and "Chess" closed quickly, but this musical with Michael Crawford was a hit Phantom Of The Opera 1600 $600 3026-38 35462 EROTIC THRILLERS Kathleen Turner turns on William Hurt in this classic of the genre Body Heat 1400 $400 3323-50 35463 EMMY HISTORY This network that broadcast the 1988 Primetime awards won none during the show They were new to the game then FOX 1800 $800 5099-56 35464 SPORTS For a team killing a penalty in this sport, icing isn't a violation.

(ice) hockey 2000 $2000 3070-53 35465 "B"s ON BOTH ENDS A cutting remark, or a part of a feather Barb 1800 $800 3062-51 35466 NOTABLE WOMEN 1 of the 2 Harriets in the Women's Hall of Fame, they both are associated with slavery Harriet Beecher Stowe or Harriet Tubman 1800 $800 3328-44 35467 HENRY JAMES' BOSTONIANS (Alex: The book) Some say Miss Birdseye is a satire of this "Scarlet Letter" author's sister-in-law Nathaniel Hawthorne 1600 $600 3329-7 35468 THE CINEMA In a 1994 film, it's the alter ego of Jim Carrey's Stanley Ipkiss The Mask 200 $200 3832-0 35469 CONVENTION-AL WISDOM On Aug.2, 2000 this nominee for VP said, "These have been years of little purpose in the White House" Dick Cheney 100 $100 3180-53 35470 AT GREAT LENGTHS You're at sea if you know this length is 1 mean minute of arc on the meridian a knot (or nautical mile) 1800 $800 3301-29 35471 SAYS YOU Heraclitus noticed, "You cannot step twice into the same" one of these Heraclitus was very sharp! River 500 $500 5064-11 35472 "DAD" A trinket, bauble or other decorative embellishment a doodad 200 $400 4123-6 35473 EMPIRES The Canary Islands are just about all that's left of this empire that once held much of the Americas the Spanish Empire 200 $400 2893-25 35474 ORGANIZATIONS The Max Planck Society is one of this country's chief organizations for scientific research Germany 500 $500 4989-19 35475 CITIES IN SONG In this 1968 hit Dionne Warwick claimed that "L.is a great big freeway, put a hundred down and buy a car" Yes, we were going for the title of the song."Do You Know The Way To San Jose?" 400 $800 3311-21 35476 HOW TO PROPOSE MARRIAGE One might "plight one's" this, but one's intended might not get one's meaning Troth 400 $400 3315-27 35477 ITALIAN ART (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):This painter and sculptor who painted the little girl seen here was influenced by Cubism and African sculpture Amedeo Modigliani 500 DD: $900 3626-20 35478 GONE FISSION It was named for a district of the U.

Army Corps of Engineers, first assigned because early work was done at Columbia The Manhattan Project 400 DD: $1,800 3314-7 35479 DON KNOTTS Jack and Chrissy could tell you Don slayed 'em as new landlord Ralph Furley on this sitcom Three's Company 200 $200 3622-58 35480 BEFORE and AFTER This painter of Maine seascapes says "D'oh!" when tormented by his son Bart Winslow Homer Simpson 2000 $1000 5096-46 35481 ACROPOLIS NOW This empire seized the Acropolis in 1458 and raised a minaret on the site the Ottoman Empire 1600 $1200 2903-20 35482 WORLD TRAVEL Some visitors to this country drive the Trollstigveien -- Troll's Path -- to Geiranger Fjord Norway 400 $400 5008-46 35483 ALL DOLLED UP Maybe this doll's love life will improve, now that he's dressed like Legolas in the "Lord of the Rings" films Ken 1600 $1200 3259-21 35484 PROFESSIONS IN SONG According to the lyrics, "I swear" it's the reason "I Shot The Sheriff" In self-defense 400 $400 5007-29 35485 ABBREV.(Kelly of the Clue Crew shows on the monitor that the fractions 1/3 = 4/12 and 1/4 = 3/12.) For 1/3 and 1/4, 12 is the LCD--lowest common denominator; for 2, 3, 4 and 6, 12 is the LCM, short for this least common multiple 500 $1000 618-59 35486 HOMOPHONIC PAIRS To mutilate a print of a 1974 Lucille Ball film to maime Mame 2000 $1000 4141-22 35487 IN THE NAVY He was once U.Secretary of the Navy and was married to Elizabeth Taylor (John) Warner 400 $800 2621-22 35488 THE 1840s Established in 1849, as the state of Deseret, it's known as this state today Utah 400 DD: $700 5061-32 35489 TREES One of Andrew Jackson's nicknames implied that he was as tough as this tree hickory 1200 $400 3264-19 35490 CASTLES You can see the royal crown of Scotland in a castle in this Scottish city, but you can't try it on Edinburgh 400 $400 3625-36 35491 EARLS We don't know if the Earl Granville gave advice on outhouses as lord president of this council from 1751 to 1763 Privy Council 1400 $400 5036-4 35492 NO.BABY NAMES Hail this name, full of grace; from the 1880s all the way through the 1950s, it was the No.1 baby girl name Mary 100 $200 5098-18 35493 NEW YORK ARCHITECTURE Frank Lloyd Wright intended for visitors to begin at the top and move downward through this art museum the Guggenheim (Museum) 400 $800 3271-6 35494 THE LONE STAR STATE (Alex: Guess which state that is?) Texas has 2 national parks: Guadalupe Mountain and this 'big" one on the Rio Grande Big Bend National Park 200 $200 5012-53 35495 TO THE "C" (Alex: It will end in "C.

") A high-quality French brandy from white grapes cognac 1800 $1600 3064-6 35496 I WISH It's what you wish on when you say, "Wish I may, I wish I might get the wish I wish tonight" star 200 $200 5063-17 35497 OVER THE "RAIN" BOW To limit someone or keep him under control restrain 300 $600 5032-39 35498 BUGS There are 2 kinds of this creature, soft and hard; hard ones can suck blood for weeks and cause paralysis in man and animals ticks 1400 $800 4992-6 35499 GOVERNORS Bill Owens is the current governor of this Rocky Mountain State Colorado 200 $400 5073-46 35500 -OLOGIES Cellular and developmental are major branches of this life science biology 1600 $1200 2899-5 35501 RHYME TIME Holiday celebrating the first of the fifth month, or an S.May Day 100 $100 3280-54 35502 MEDIEVAL PEOPLE Mondino de' Luzzi revived this medical study; some found his dissections "gross" Anatomy 2000 $1000 3332-30 35503 BOTANY This soft-stemmed swamp plant is named for its skunk-like odor Skunk cabbage 1200 $200 3294-46 35504 CAPITAL TOWNS Elkhart in this state is the world capital of band instruments and RV manufacturing Indiana 1600 $600 5084-14 35505 THE HIGHEST-SCORING SCRABBLE WORD Happy, snappy or pappy You are so knowledgable when it comes to Scrabble, way to go! happy 300 $600 3181-51 35506 PROVERBS George Bernard Shaw was the first to observe that "He who can does; he who cannot" does this Teach 1800 DD: $1,000 5008-51 35507 OCCUPATIONAL WORDS It's the French word for head, boss, top man chef 1800 DD: $2,000 3174-40 35508 WE GOT GOOD CHEMISTRY This element is always in a carbide Carbon 1400 $400 5092-36 35509 SCIENC"E" Made of stratified squamous epithelium, it's your outer layer of protection epidermis 1400 $800 4201-29 35510 ME and MY GALAXY Named for a mythological Ethiopean princess, this galaxy is the most distant object that can be seen by the naked eye Andromeda 500 $1000 4976-42 35511 LET'S GO TO HARVARD I look forward to Comparitive Lit 153, a course dedicated to this author, and to re-reading his "Humboldt's Gift" Saul Bellow 1600 $1200 3014-18 35512 HISTORY In 1701 this pirate was hanged in London for murder and 5 counts of piracy Captain Kidd 400 $400 5003-40 35513 THE EARLY EARTH 240 million years ago, the 2 main areas on the globe were Pangaea and Panthalassa, which was this the sea (or the ocean) 1400 $800 3009-6 35514 HISTORY'S MYSTERIES (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hello, I'm Patrick Duffy) According to Plato, Solon discovered the legend of this lost continent while on a trip to Egypt" Patrick Duffy was "The Man From Atlantis"; famous television series Atlantis 200 DD: $500 5036-50 35515 VICE PRESIDENTIAL MONOGRAMS (Alex: You have to identify the vice president--we don't need the full name.) STA Spiro Agnew 1800 $1600 5087-42 35516 ART and ARTISTS Lee Krasner, whose work is seen here, married this man in 1945 and they influenced each other's art You can take away first place from Andrew and certainly pass John very easily.

Jackson Pollock 1600 DD: $2,000 3952-42 35517 GEORGIE He came up with the first practical roll film before he came up with the first practical camera to use roll film George Eastman 1600 $600 3319-32 35518 FROM HERE TO MATERNITY A French doctor pioneered and gave his name to this childbirth method that emphasizes breathing techniques Lamaze 1200 $200 3302-8 35519 COMING UP IN '99 Washington's birthday is Feb.22, but will be observed in 1999 on Feb.15, which is also known as this "day" President's Day 200 $200 5097-4 35520 JEOP-POURRI This Spanish Surrealist induced hallucinatory states in himself by what he called a "paranoiac critical" process Dal 100 $200 3832-28 35521 THEY'VE BEEN IN YOUR DEN This late Oscar winner's '50s show was originally titled "A Letter To Loretta" Loretta Young 500 $500 3304-22 35522 TRAVEL and TOURISM If you're in this country in the summer, you can see ancient plays performed at the theater of Epidaurus Greece 400 $400 3329-23 35523 ALL "RIGHT" The customary or legal right of one vehicle to proceed ahead of another Right-of-way 400 $400 3262-44 35524 FILMS OF THE '40S He was the subject of the 1946 biopic seen here: "You see, tomorrow I leave for Hollywood, according to what they call 'talking pictures', so what's going to happen to me?" Al Jolson 1600 $600 5056-59 35525 CROSSWORD CLUES "F" Tired soldier's leave of absence(8) furlough 2000 $2000 5088-30 35526 NEW DEAL PROGRAMS (Alex: Going back quite some time for that.) It's what the first "C" in FCIC stands for; it was insurance for farmers Benjamin says * and he's right: the Federal * Insurance Corporation.Crop 1200 $400 3669-19 35527 WHO'S WHO IN SPORTS Ali's 1974 fight against Foreman was the breakout event for this boxing promoter Don King 400 $400 3063-43 35528 NAME THAT FAMOUS MOTHER (Alex: They are all women!) David, Ricky(whose real name was Eric) Harriet Nelson 1600 $600 3332-10 35529 "A" and "E" (Alex: Just to clarify, each response will begin with an "A" or an "E"; we titled the category as a link to BIOGRAPHY.

) The part of an atom that orbits around the nucleus Electron 200 $200 4124-15 35530 CHICKEN LA KING SHOPPING LIST Weighty name for a standard ingredient in the sauce heavy cream 300 $600 100008-41 35531 ROYALTY Before allowing Portugal's Manuel I to marry their daughter, this couple forced him to expel the Jews Be more specific.Ferdinand and Isabella 1400 1000 3102-25 35532 DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB He gave up his cushy European royalty job to become emperor of Mexico, and was executed there in 1867 Maximillian 500 $500 5072-4 35533 LET'S CELEBRATE The patron saint of lovers is honored on this annual holiday Valentine's Day 100 $200 3299-10 35534 HOLD EVERYTHING! It can be a soldier's flask, or a small cafeteria a canteen 200 $200 4989-30 35535 BRIT-POURRI In 1906 Socialist Keir Hardie became this current party's first leader in Parliament the Labor Party 1200 $400 3621-10 35536 FOREWORDS A translator's introduction to this novel says that Dostoyevsky was, "Like Raskolnikov, up to the neck in debt" Crime and Punishment 200 $200 100005-52 35537 WORLD GEOGRAPHY Found mostly in the Soviet Union, this belt of grassland runs 5,000 miles from Hungary to Manchuria Steppes 1800 2000 4966-38 35538 FILL IN THE LITERARY TITLE (Alex: I'll give you a lot of letters."by Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman 1400 $800 3272-25 35539 MOVIE CO-STARS This movie based on a Philip Roth novella gave Richard Benjamin and Ali McGraw their first leading roles on film Goodbye, Columbus 500 $500 3670-0 35540 A "WAR AND PEACE" QUIZ (Alex: Yes, the literary work) When it comes to "War And Peace", he wrote the book Leo Tolstoy 100 $100 5089-59 35541 VOCABULARY Meaning overly sentimental, this word is derived from the name of a woman whom Jesus exorcised of evil spirits.maudlin 2000 DD: $1,000 4995-46 35542 HIT ME In July of 1975, the musical act seen here topped the U.charts The Captain and Tennille 1600 $1200 3031-53 35543 "CROSS"TALK Founded in 1843, it's the oldest Catholic college in New England Holy Cross 1800 $800 5034-36 35544 LITERARY STYLES You can't have Sturm without this in an 18th c.

German style celebrating individual feeling Drang 1400 $800 3269-36 35545 NOVELIST-PLAYWRIGHTS He had a play on Broadway called "The Traitor" in 1949, 2 years before his novel "The Caine Mutiny" appeared Herman Wouk 1400 $400 3332-35 35546 BEFORE and AFTER (Alex: We've had a lot of fun with this category!) Morgan Freeman film where he drives his web-footed boss to her boyfriend Donald's house Well done, gentlemen, in the category! "Driving Miss Daisy Duck" 1200 $200 5047-27 35547 WOMEN AUTHORS "The Senator's Daughter" is one of several thrillers by this daughter of the "Teflon Don" Victoria Gotti 500 $1000 3024-45 35548 INSURRECTIONS On April 24, 1916 Michael Collins participated in this Dublin insurrection Easter Rebellion 1600 $600 3319-51 35549 THE JOHNSONS At one time, Tippi Hedren was his mother-in-law Don Johnson 1800 $800 3065-19 35550 ANIMALS Biologist Johannes Schmidt located the Sargasso Sea breeding area of this "elongated" freshwater fish Eel 400 $400 4199-5 35551 SAFARI SO GOOD In "The Spider Sapphire Mystery" this girl detective goes on safari in Africa Nancy Drew 100 $200 5042-51 35552 THE HENRY WHO.ably made his greatest discovery November 10, 1871 at the town of Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika Dr.Livingston, I presume? Henry Stanley 1800 $1600 3633-34 35553 COUNTRY NAME ORIGINS An ancient Scandinavian name meaning "Kingdom of the Svears" may have given this country its name Sweden 1200 $200 3023-26 35554 MOVIE QUOTES In a 1994 action film this actress said, "Oh, sure, it's just like driving a really big Pinto" Sandra Bullock (in "Speed") 500 $500 3061-2 35555 TELEVISION In the pilot of "Seinfeld", Jerry lived across the hall from Hoffman, not this Michael Richards character Cosmo Kramer 100 $100 3301-54 35556 RICHARD NIXON This man, Nixon's chief of staff, called him "Inexplicable, strange, hard to understand" H.Haldeman 2000 $1000 5061-33 35557 HEY, 4 As! (Alex: Each correct response will have 4 of the letter "A" in it.

) A vessel propelled by sail, formed of 2 hulls held side-by-side by a frame above them a catamaran 1200 $400 5044-55 35558 DISNEY FILM VOICES Eleanor Audley played Eddie Albert's mother on "Green Acres" after voicing this villainess in "Sleeping Beauty" Maleficent 2000 $2000 3006-39 35559 INTERNATIONAL FILM STARS He played Robin in 1976's "Robin And Marian" and King Richard in 1991's "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves" Sean Connery 1400 $400 5056-6 35560 23 23 different pilgrims tell their stories in this late-14th century classic the Canterbury Tales 200 $400 5076-28 35561 STUPID ANSWERS This town on the York River was the site of the last major battle of the Revolutionary War Yorktown 500 $1000 3119-42 35562 PLAYS and PLAYWRIGHTS His "Glengarry Glen Ross" has been called "Death of a Salesman" for the 1980s David Mamet 1600 $600 5095-2 35563 COMMON BONDS The Golden Jubilee, The De Beers, The Cullinan diamonds 100 $200 5055-29 35564 TAKE YOUR "MED"s The middle value in a set of statistical values the median 500 $1000 3331-11 35565 WORDS WITHIN WORDS Carry something luminescent when you go down into one of these Mine (luMINEscent) 200 $200 3324-24 35566 PEOPLE IN HISTORY Just thinking about this Russian's experiments with dogs and bells makes us salivate Ivan Pavlov 500 $500 5052-41 35567 "C" PLUS The former name of Sri Lanka, before it got an agent and went all Hollywood on us Ceylon 1400 $800 3324-1 35568 DAD TV (Alex: You have to name the television show; we'll give you the dad) Ward Cleaver Leave It To Beaver 100 $100 3171-12 35569 IMPRESSIONS Back when authors were recognizable, Rich Little did him "In Cold Blood" as Dickens' Tiny Tim Truman Capote 300 $300 3330-36 35570 BIOCHEMISTRY (Alex: Oh boy!) A substance called "heme" is the most "ironic" portion of this blood pigment Hemoglobin 1400 $400 3322-6 35571 CHILDREN'S LITERATURE Dorothy's pal in "The Wizard Of Oz" who wiped his eyes with his tail so often that "it became quite wet" Cowardly Lion 200 $200 3283-4 35572 I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER From the Latin for "thanks", it's a short prayer of thanks said before or after a meal Grace 100 $100 5001-30 35573 THE ANIMAL KINGDOM Steven Jay Gould said this animal's "thumb" is an enlarged wrist bone that lets it strip bamboo shoots a panda 1200 $400 621-0 35574 TRANSPORTATION A 1984 count reportedly indicated this city's streets contained 927,000 potholes New York City 100 $100 4982-12 35575 THOU CANST BIBLICALLY QUOTE ME (Alex: We want you to name the person who speaks the lines.) "I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood" Judas Iscariot 300 $600 5037-6 35576 POETS and POETRY This troubled poet, an alumna of Smith College, used the pseudonym Victoria Lucas Sylvia Plath 200 $400 3663-0 35577 THE BIBLE The 27th of these begins, "The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?" Psalms 100 $100 3329-42 35578 A PASSAGE TO INDIA With over 15 million, this Arabian Sea port has the largest population of any Indian city Mumbai (Bombay) 1600 $600 2902-40 35579 GOVERNMENT and POLITICS As presiding officer of the Senate, the vice president may vote only in this instance A tie (to break one) 1400 $400 3108-54 35580 THE 17TH CENTURY In 1673 this pair explored the Mississippi River all the way to the mouth of the Arkansas Marquette and Joliet 2000 $1000 1871-6 35581 EUROPEAN HISTORY She sidestepped her other suitors and married her own choice, Ferdinand of Aragon, in 1469 Queen Isabella 200 $200 3259-56 35582 PRESIDENTIAL NICKNAMES "James The Second" James Madison was the first James Monroe 2000 DD: $1,800 3832-37 35583 COUNTRY STARS There must have been some "Achy Breaky Hearts" when his ponytail was auctioned off for charity Billy Ray Cyrus 1400 $400 5036-59 35584 3 Es FOR ME! (Alex: each correct response will contain three "E"s.) French term for the neckline of a dress cut low in the front and often across the shoulders What would you say now, Susannah? decolletage (or d collet ) 2000 $2000 3628-44 35585 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD It was formerly Northern Rhodesia Zambia 1600 $600 3308-32 35586 U.CITIES This Michigan city's civic center has 6 complexes, including the Joe Louis Arena and the Ford Auditorium Detroit 1200 $200 2737-56 35587 PULITZER PRIZE WINNERS This Truman Secretary of State won for his autobiographical book "Present at the Creation" Dean Acheson 2000 $1000 3068-17 35588 NONSENSE WORDS It's the kind of bed you might find in a cabin, or Henry Ford's definition of history Bunk 300 $300 3030-58 35589 UNFINISHED BUSINESS "A person on business from Porlock" kept Coleridge from finishing this opium-induced masterpiece Kublai Khan 2000 $1000 5053-25 35590 I'VE ZINE THE MOVIE A GQ article became this film where Piper Perabo learned that beautiful women plus booze equals money Coyote Ugly 500 $1000 3633-16 35591 TAKE THE KIDS! Kids love to klomp around in klompen, like the ones seen here at a market in this country Holland (The Netherlands) 300 $300 3675-8 35592 JADED Prized Chinese artifacts include jade bottles for this tobacco product that induced sneezing Snuff 200 $200 5034-58 35593 YO, ADRIATIC This river flows more than 400 miles frrom the Alps to its delta on the Adriatic the Po 2000 $2000 3033-9 35594 SODA POP QUIZ Like root beer, this "ale" is flavored with a root, mostly from Jamaica ginger ale 200 $200 4984-50 35595 "A" IN SCIENCE Either dominant or recessive, they can be different forms of the same gene alleles 1800 $1600 3626-46 35596 AMERICAN AUTHORS His 2 middle names were Scott and Key F.

Scott Fitzgerald 1600 $600 3666-40 35597 FUN WITH AREA CODES With 207, it's all about -- the state abbreviated this way ME (Maine) 1400 $400 5011-7 35598 SPORTS STUFF Varieties of this sport include major fast pitch and major slow pitch softball 200 $400 3663-49 35599 20TH CENTURY AMERICA In 1917 tons of fruit pits, especially peach pits, were collected to make filters for these gas masks 1800 $800 5003-38 35600 DEAD GUYS WITH 3 NAMES He composed "Semper Fidelis" John Philip Sousa 1400 $800 3261-51 35601 PUT 'EM IN ORDER (Alex: We want you to put the elements of the clue in chronological order) Buddhism, Islam, Christianity Buddhism, Christianity, Islam 1800 $800 3832-4 35602 THEY'VE BEEN IN YOUR DEN Tylenol spokeswoman Susan Sullivan is now the uptight mother of this husband to Dharma Greg 100 $100 5075-30 35603 ASIAN BODIES OF WATER Although called a sea, it's actually a large salty lake between Israel and Jordan the Dead Sea 1200 $400 621-2 35604 THE HUSBAND MARRIED Sybil Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Hunt andSally Hay Richard Burton 100 $100 5017-16 35605 CLASS STRUGGLE In a less-fancy 2-word synonym for "proletariat", this word precedes "class" working 300 $600 4989-25 35606 CITIES IN SONG This West Texas town was the home to Rosa's cantina and wicked Felina, "the girl that I loved" * .El Paso 500 $1000 5082-54 35607 AFRICAN-AMERICAN AUTHORS Completes Paul Laurence Dunbar's 1899 lines "A plea, that upward to heaven he flings/I know why." the caged bird sings 2000 DD: $1,500 3178-26 35608 WOMEN IN SPORTS In 1993 Marge Schott, owner of this team, was suspended for making racist remarks Cincinnati Reds 500 $500 3305-36 35609 IT'S A MASTERPIECE! Painted as a protest in '37, this work is often considered one of Picasso's most powerful works Guernica 1400 $400 5053-39 35610 WORLD LEADERS In April 1969 he left the world stage and retired to his home at Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises Charles de Gaulle 1400 $800 3071-36 35611 THE THIRD WORLD You may dine on ants' eggs at a restaurant in this country's capital of Vientiane Laos 1400 $400 5056-40 35612 MUSIC A Lalo "Symphonie" got this national name because it was composed for virtuoso Pablo de Sarasate Spanish Symphonie 1400 $800 3872-49 35613 THE FILM VAULT This Swedish actress made her breakthrough film in 1936, then later came to the U.to star in a 1939 English remake Ingrid Bergman 1800 $800 3625-53 35614 GEORGIA FACTS Add 3 words to New York State's nickname and you get this nickname for Georgia "The Empire State of the South" 1800 $800 5098-37 35615 EUROPE'S GOT TALENT TOO Move over Jack Palance! Yvan de Weber of Switzerland holds the world record for these, 120 in 1 minute, 1-handed a push-up 1400 $800 3266-0 35616 MOTHER EARTH La Nina is the name given to the weather pattern that produces many effects opposite to this one El Nino 100 $100 5028-36 35617 CURRENT POLITICOS Now an Illinois senator, he gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention Barack Obama 1400 $800 5069-36 35618 PRAGUE Prague is in this region whose name comes from the Boii, a tribe that once populated the area Bohemia 1400 $800 4967-43 35619 AUTO-BREVIATIONS Make, model, place of manufacture and even optional equipment are encoded in the "VIN", short for this vehicle identification number 1600 $1200 3034-51 35620 ON A PIZZA It goes on a pizza as an ingredient of the sauce or as a "sun-dried" topping tomato 1800 $800 3630-25 35621 NEW GAME SHOWS? In 1999 Game Show Network revived Chuck Barris' "3's A Crowd" with this former "Growing Pains" star as host Alan Thicke 500 $500 3323-58 35622 QUOTATIONS Benjamin Franklin wrote in "Poor Richard's Almanack", "A little neglect may breed" this Mischief 2000 $1000 3675-44 35623 HAIL TO THE CHIEF In 1974 he bought Rancho del Cielo, a 688-acre ranch east of Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynez Mountains Ronald Reagan 1600 $600 5078-5 35624 I'D RATHER "NOT" According to tradition, Robin Hood was born in this English place Nottingham 100 $200 3666-26 35625 LANGUAGES The Christian form of this Semitic language is called Syriac Aramaic 500 $500 3871-29 35626 YOU COULD PUT OUT AN "I" To sacrifice, especially by fire Immolate 500 $500 4976-15 35627 DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE This 2-word term refers to a politician who has recently lost an election and is soon to leave office a lame duck 300 $600 3703-42 35628 CLASSICAL MUSIC His "Songs To Remember" include about 40 mazurkas written in a 3/4 dance rhythm Frederic Chopin 1600 DD: $2,000 2900-9 35629 U.HISTORY At age 26 Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey was the youngest signer of this 1787 document The Constitution 200 $200 4201-8 35630 EAT YOUR VEGGIES! In the 1970s horticulturists developed sugar snaps by crossing the snow and green varieties of this peas 200 $400 3302-24 35631 U.CITIES An Illinois city was named for this "Our country, right or wrong" naval hero Stephen Decatur 500 $500 5008-14 35632 ORIGIN OF THE SPECIOUS This Caribbean leader's reported baseball tryouts for the Major Leagues in the '40s never happened (Fidel) Castro 300 $600 3271-0 35633 THE LONE STAR STATE (Alex: Guess which state that is?) In 1836 at Washington-On-The-Brazos, Texas declared its independence from this country Mexico 100 $100 5073-52 35634 -OLOGIES A rheumatology textbook might cover tennis elbow, as the elbow is one of these a joint 1800 $1600 5080-32 35635 DEM BONES In a 6-foot-tall person, this bone, the body's longest, is about 20 inches the femur 1200 $400 3316-38 35636 POTPOURRI A device named for this woman drove around Mars Need a last name.

Sojourner Truth 1400 $400 4198-1 35637 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For her birthday, April 15, this columnist suggests that you write down your favorite "hints" and send them to her Heloise 100 $200 4317-54 35638 AMERICAN WOMEN When she landed at Edwards AFB in 1986, she became the first woman to fly nonstop around the world without refueling (Jenna) Yeager 2000 $2000 3302-17 35639 BEASTS (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):It weighs up to 4 tons, over half as much as the beast it's named for (Arctic mammal with large nose) Elephant seal 300 DD: $500 5007-48 35640 CLASSIC GAME SHOWS (Alex: What kind of game show?) Recently married couples are separated and must predict their partner's responses to questions The Newlywed Game 1800 $1600 3036-49 35641 ART 17th century Flemish master known for painting women like the one seen here: Peter Paul Rubens 1800 DD: $1,800 3304-7 35642 THE HINDU RELIGION Hindus consider this father of another religion to be the ninth incarnation of Vishnu Buddha 200 $200 2893-59 35643 10-LETTER WORDS From the Latin word for "tear", it describes someone mournful, who cries easily Lachrymose 2000 DD: $1,000 3312-51 35644 FOR PETE'S SAKE As NFL commissioner from 1960 to 1989, he created the Super Bowl and Monday Night Football Pete Rozelle 1800 $800 1871-41 35645 OLD MOVIES Charlie Grapewin, who played Grandpa Joad in "The Grapes of Wrath", played Uncle Henry in this 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz 1400 $400 3271-7 35646 NAME THE MOVIE "Houston, we have a problem" Apollo 13 200 $200 3175-16 35647 HOT SPOTS OF THE '80s The Achille Lauro was in this sea when it was hijacked October 7, 1985 Mediterranean Sea 300 $300 4995-6 35648 IT HAPPENED IN MAY 1931:This 102-story building is officially dedicated in New York City the Empire State Building 200 $400 3871-22 35649 WHAT A TOOL Drum, corner, random orbit, belt Sanders 400 $400 4989-43 35650 TV INSPIRATIONS Allison DuBois, the heroine of this series, is based on a real-life psychic named.Allison DuBois Medium 1600 $1200 621-43 35651 MUSIC BUSINESS ABC Records, UNI, Impulse!, Decca, Kapp, Coral and Blue Thumb have all been taken over by this label MCA 1600 $600 3326-25 35652 THE WORLD SERIES (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):"(Hi, I'm Reggie Jackson) Only 3 men have been named MVP of the World Series twice: me, Sandy Koufax and this Cardinals pitcher in 1964 and 1967" Bob Gibson 500 DD: $1,000 5019-23 35653 3-LETTER WORDS Over there; often hitched with hither yon 400 $800 3287-12 35654 HAPPY HANUKKAH Despite its calendar date, as a Jewish holy day Hanukkah technically begins at this time on the previous day Sundown 300 $300 4984-44 35655 "A" IN SCIENCE (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from Duke University in Durham, NC.) Vaulters can use hollow poles to save weight because this center line of a bent pole is neutral, taking little or no stress the axis 1600 $1200 3872-55 35656 THE FILM VAULT Frank Sinatra is "The Man" who fights to break his drug addiction in this screen version of an Algren novel The Man With the Golden Arm 2000 $1000 3288-57 35657 IF THEY WERE SUPERHEROES (Alex: All of the correct responses will end in the letters "M-A-N"; example: Superman.) This anti-tobacco California congressman would become a fearsome giant candle (Henry) Waxman 2000 $1000 3144-31 35658 MASTERPIECES OF ART Gilbert Stuart's unfinished "Athenaeum Head" portrait of this man appears on the $1 bill George Washington 1200 $200 5012-11 35659 6-LETTER WORDS A piece of harness, or what the horse may do when it's put on bridle 200 $400 3015-30 35660 ART and ARTISTS It was recently revealed that "Tragedy" from his Blue Period was painted over 2 earlier works of a bullfight Pablo Picasso 1200 $200 3020-36 35661 COUNTIES BY STATE Rockingham, Rappahannock, Roanoke Virginia 1400 $400 3637-33 35662 HOLIDAY IN.? We hope you don't contract a virus on your scenic boating holiday in this country's Ebola River region the Congo 1200 $200 5096-28 35663 THE U.

SENATE: AFTER HOURS This Utah man and Senate Judiciary Committee member wrote songs for a 2003 "Christmas Eve" CD Orrin Hatch 500 $1000 5080-14 35664 WHAT'S FALLING? in the form of dust or sand after a volcanic eruption ash 300 $600 3025-32 35665 FOLKLORE In a French tale, a man climbs one of these to heaven; Jack climbs one and meets a giant Beanstalk 1200 $200 3627-9 35666 THOSE WACKY CANADIANS Last name of Ontario natives Annette, Cecile, Emilie, Marie and Yvonne, born May 28, 1934 Dionne 200 $200 5106-40 35667 THE 1980s In 1989 she got jail time and some unwanted publicity after allegedly slapping a Beverly Hills cop Zsa Zsa Gabor 1400 $800 3174-41 35668 WE HAVE BETTER GRAMMAR The prohibition on splitting these may derive from the fact that in Latin they're one word Infinitives 1400 $400 5107-26 35669 STONEHENGE During the summer solstice, modern-day people who act like these Celtic priests hold cermonies at Stonehenge the Druids 500 $1000 3020-25 35670 THEY ALMOST STARRED IN.Liam Neeson might have "seized the day" in this 1989 film but Robin Williams starred instead Dead Poets Society 500 $500 5086-42 35671 SCULPTURE At age 75 he began to sculpt his Florentine Pieta, in which he portrayed himself in the guise of Nicodemus Michelangelo 1600 $1200 3017-32 35672 A STUDY IN SCARLET In legend Will Scarlet lived in Sherwood Forest as one of this outlaw's followers Robin Hood 1200 $200 3149-31 35673 WORLD LEADERS Elizabeth II has seen 10 different prime ministers com and go, from this man to Tony Blair Winston Churchill 1200 $200 3108-18 35674 MILITARY POWER It's an order for aircraft to get off the ground ASAP or an egg order to the mess hall cook Scramble 400 $400 3016-8 35675 THINK "INK" The slammer, the pokey, the hoosegow Clink 200 $200 5059-32 35676 BEASTLY LINES In Handel's "Messiah", "All we", like these, "have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way" sheep 1200 $400 4991-27 35677 WHO WAS THE PRESIDENT WHEN.) Alamo was beseiged by Mexican forces * , yes, 1836.

Andrew Jackson 500 $1000 5087-44 35678 DRUNK ON SHAKESPEARE Christopher Sly is described as a "drunken man" in the induction of this play with Vincentio, Lucentio, and Petruchio The Taming of the Shrew 1600 $1200 3874-53 35679 STARTS WITH "S" The Gordon breed of this dog, seen here, is named for a 19th century duke Setter 1800 $800 3020-41 35680 LETTER TO ADD (Alex: We will ask you to add a letter in order to come up with the correct response) Add this letter to turn ire into something else that burns F (Fire) 1400 $400 5001-28 35681 BODIES OF WATER (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Tervasaari.) Tervasaari, just off Helsinki, sits in this arm of the Baltic Sea the Gulf of Finland 500 $1000 621-44 35682 THE BIBLE In the King James Bible, "They shall beat their swords into plowshares and" these "into pruninghooks" their spears 1600 $600 3111-42 35683 JERUSALEM 3 of the 4 quarters that make up the Old City (3 of) Arab, Armenian, Christian, Jewish 1600 $600 3633-38 35684 SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS Hal Holbrook portrayed this malevolent moneylender in a 1999 production of "The Merchant Of Venice" Shylock 1400 $400 2910-41 35685 SONGS FROM MUSICALS (Alex: We'll give you the song, you give us the show) "Something's Coming", "Jet Song", "Gee, Officer Krupke!" West Side Story 1400 $400 2906-28 35686 UNDERGARMENTS For 19th century women it was the wool-stuffed pad that added a lump to the rump Bustle 500 $500 3109-2 35687 WHO PLAYED WHOM Capt.Ewing Larry Hagman 100 $100 3294-49 35688 DECEMBER 24 (Alex: How appropriate!) Soviet troops invaded this country December 24, 1979 Afghanistan 1800 DD: $1,000 3148-1 35689 4 EASY LIT QUESTIONS.

(Alex: In this category, we have four easy lit questions, and one doozy, one tough one.) In Longfellow's epic, he was raised by his grandmother Nokomis, daughter of the moon Hiawatha 100 $100 3029-49 35690 DANCE Critic Arlene Croce refused to do this before attacking Bill T.Jones' piece "Still/Here" as "victim art" see it 1800 $800 2904-40 35691 SCREENWRITERS Melissa Mathison, who wrote this 1982 Steven Spielberg fantasy classic, is married to Harrison Ford E.1400 $400 3318-43 35692 TRAVEL and TOURISM In this largest Swiss city, you can wet your whistle at the James Joyce Pub which Joyce described in "Ulysses" Zurich 1600 $600 3314-56 35693 JERRY SPRINGER'S BIBLE SHOW (Alex: A category that everyone has been waiting for!) David was hidden offstage when Jonathan told this man "Dad, Leave My Friends Alone!" Saul 2000 $1000 3040-9 35694 PEOPLE EAT THAT? The cheeks of this animal can be smoked, as its belly is smoked for bacon Pig 200 $200 3269-58 35695 DOCUMENTARIES Jean Rouch's 1961 "Chronicle Of A Summer" originated this style, French for "film truth" Cinema Verite 2000 $1000 5026-46 35696 IT'S A SECRET! To keep secret this conqueror's 1227 burial site, funeral attendees were killed by soldiers who were then killed Ghengis Kahn 1600 $1200 5007-45 35697 LET'S MAKE A DEAL The Treaty of Nanking ceded this island and smaller adjacent ones to the British, who remained until 1997 Hong Kong 1600 $1200 3621-24 35698 THE HISTORY CHANNEL A program on ocean liners featured this ship, seen here:"She could carry 3,000 passengers and crew in unparalleled comfort.

" the Queen Mary 500 $500 4989-39 35699 MIND YOUR BUSINESS Sumner Redstone heads up this company whose properties include MTV, VH1, Nick and Paramount Viacom 1400 $800 3637-27 35700 TRANSPORTATION In 1993 this former Denver mayor became the first Hispanic-American Secretary of Transportation Federico Pena 500 $500 4137-7 35701 POP STARS A.Ex-Police man Gordon Sumner Sting 200 $400 4969-4 35702 YES, SIR! Robert Bolt's play "A Man for All Seasons" is about the trials and tribulations of this man knighted in 1521 Sir Thomas More 100 $200 5037-35 35703 CROSSWORD CLUES "P" A large feather(5) plume 1200 $400 3019-37 35704 "COLOR" MOVIES In this 1986 film Tom Cruise laughed all the way to the bank shot The Color of Money 1400 $400 3673-47 35705 THE "I"s HAVE IT Arabic for "son of", it comes before names like Saud Ibn 1600 $600 3034-30 35706 SUPER ATHLETES Janet Evans holds the world record in the 400, 800 and 1500-meter freestyle events in this sport swimming 1200 $200 5033-16 35707 50-50 Up to 50 yards of cloth may be used in one of these headdresses worn by Sikhs and Muslim men a turban 300 $600 5082-26 35708 LETTER PERFECT When it comes to grades, it indicates an unfinished assignment * for incomplete, right.I 500 $1000 3010-19 35709 NOVEL QUOTES "Great men can't be ruled", she wrote in "The Fountainhead" Ayn Rand 400 $400 3283-33 35710 YALIES She spent 3 miserable years at Yale Drama School before starring in 4 "Alien" movies Sigourney Weaver 1200 $200 3903-26 35711 IT'S "BIG" Empire Toys' trikes for tykes Big Wheels 500 $500 620-52 35712 MOVIE AUTHORS In "devotion", Nancy Coleman, O.

de Havilland and Ida Lupino played these devoted British siblings No, sorry.the Bronte Sisters 1800 $800 3324-11 35713 FIX THE PROVERB Fractions speak lewder than weirds Actions speak louder than words 200 $200 4966-27 35714 MADE YA LOOK--UP! (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports in front the U.Army Golden Knights plane in Fort Bragg, NC.) Also a Charlie Sheen movie, this is the speed at which drag matches the pull of gravity; for the Knights, it's usually around 120 miles per hour terminal velocity 500 $1000 5087-11 35715 BRIT SPEAK It's the 4-letter term Londoners use for the subway the Tube 200 $400 3068-46 35716 VISION This part of the eye controlled by the iris is equivalent to the aperture of a camera Pupil 1600 $600 5042-53 35717 "PAR" FOR THE COURSE Great frugality or unwillingness to spend money parsimony 1800 $1600 5048-46 35718 "S"WEETS Sorbet is the French word for this frozen, fruit-flavored mixture sherbet 1600 $1200 3291-29 35719 THAT'S PHONY! This word for one who feigns principles he does not possess is from Greek meaning "a stage actor" Hypocrite 500 $500 3067-38 35720 '60s FLICKS A top-grossing animated film of 1961, a live-action remake was released in 1996 101 Dalmatians 1400 DD: $1,000 4975-40 35721 I CAN'T TELL YOU "Y" Neil Simon won a Pulitzer for his play "Lost in" this city Yonkers 1400 $800 3322-23 35722 YOU'RE "NUT"s! Tasty term for the weighted ring used by hitters to warm up Doughnut 400 DD: $1,600 3277-24 35723 DIETING Completes the tantalizing title of Dean Ornish's 1993 bestseller "Eat More.

" Weigh Less 500 $500 4199-16 35724 HOW AM "I" DOING? "Kick the bucket" is an example of this type of expression an idiom 300 $600 3312-39 35725 FOR PETE'S SAKE This bestselling author of "Beast" was once a speechwriter for Lyndon Johnson Peter Benchley 1400 $400 2735-29 35726 SHAKESPEAREAN LAST SCENES In the last scene of this comedy, Petruchio wins a bet that he has the most obedient wife The Taming of the Shrew 500 $500 4992-46 35727 INSPIRED TITLES This Fitzgerald novel takes its "nocturnal" title from the Keats poem "Ode to a Nightingale" Tender is the Night 1600 $1200 3030-57 35728 SMALL MIDWESTERN COLLEGES (Alex: Here is a video clue I recorded far, far away from here):"Beneath me is the Vasa, launched by this 17th century Swedish king for whom a St.college is named" Here is a video clue I recorded far, far away from here Gustavus Adolphus 2000 DD: $2,000 5077-24 35729 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES Some people get testy if you put "the" before this country where the Dnieper reaches the sea Or * .Ukraine 500 DD: $1,200 3629-0 35730 WAAAY DOWN SOUTH This imaginary line lies at about 66 degrees 30 minutes south latitude Antarctic Circle 100 $100 3329-34 35731 FAMOUS LAST WORDS "Drink To Me" charged this Spanish artist when he died in 1973 Pablo Picasso 1200 $200 620-44 35732 RELIGION The 3 major branches of American Judaism Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform 1600 $600 315-24 35733 PRESIDENTIAL QUOTES When his wife woke him in 1893, fearing burglars in house, he said, "In the Senate maybe, not the House" Grover Cleveland 500 $500 3303-42 35734 THE USA The name of this New Mexico city where the first atomic bomb was exploded is Spanish for "big cottonwood" Alamogordo 1600 $600 2900-47 35735 NOVEL TITLES (Alex: We want you to give as your response the title of a novel) Kill an old lady pawnbroker, get sent to Siberia Crime And Punishment 1600 $600 3306-48 35736 FAMOUS NAMES This man was the first prime minister of his country (Israel) David Ben-Gurion 1800 $800 4137-9 35737 STATE OF THE UNION You'll find one of the world's largest chocolate factories 20 miles north of York in this eastern state Pennsylvania 200 $400 3018-58 35738 CAPES Cape Campbell and Cape Palliser are on opposite sides of the Cook Strait in this country New Zealand 2000 $1000 5007-23 35739 ABBREV.On a pencil, BBB means triple this black 400 $800 3025-12 35740 THE UNITED NATIONS (Alex: In honor of U.Daniel Patrick Moynihan 300 $300 619-0 35741 EUROPE Louis the Stubborn, Louis the Do-Nothing, and Louis from Overseas were all kings of this country France 100 $100 3181-0 35742 STATE CAPITALS This New York capital was once known as Beverwyck Albany 100 $100 3279-8 35743 FAIRIES and WEE FOLK Pixies frolic in southwestern England, especially in this part where the Cornish people live Now you realize, Cornish people come from Cornwall! Cornwall 200 $200 3326-31 35744 CELEBRITY BOOKS Can we talk about this funny lady's books? -- they include "Enter Talking" and "From Mother To Daughter" Joan Rivers 1200 $200 3289-9 35745 MUSICAL ARCHITECTURE The Dixie Cups sang, "Gee I really love you and we're gonna get married, goin' to" this place Chapel Of Love 200 $200 3032-6 35746 SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR This country's largest city was named for George Eden, Earl of Auckland New Zealand 200 $200 3294-58 35747 CAPITAL TOWNS Clinton, in this Treasure State, treasures being the Rocky Mountain Oyster capital with a yearly festival Montana 2000 $1000 3870-32 35748 PEOPLE IN HISTORY In 1922 Charles Granville Bruce led the second attempt to climb this mountain, reaching a height of 27,300 feet Mount Everest 1200 $200 3178-5 35749 TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE WE GO Just because Grandma collects these shakers doesn't mean there's too much sodium in her diet Salt shakers 100 $100 4984-18 35750 THE AMERICAN DREAM Martin Luther King dreamed of "the table of" this, a crowning quality in "America, The Beautiful" Kathleen? brotherhood 400 DD: $500 5060-30 35751 FRANZ FERDINAND (Alex: You're gonna notice a theme here, folks!) The year Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, leading to World War I 1914 1200 $400 4985-5 35752 THE SECOND.

born to Barbara Bush Jeb (Bush) 100 $200 3047-40 35753 AWARDS In 1988, during the Iran-Contra investigation, this ex-Marine received an honorary degree from Liberty U.Oliver North 1400 $400 3310-4 35754 FIRST NAMES This name means "A Strong Ruler", like the Lion-Hearted Richard 100 $100 4124-8 35755 ANAGRAMMED U.CITIES A gold rush town:OMEN Nome 200 $400 4340-5 35756 I QUIT! When he left NASA to be a Univ., he took one giant leap into retirement from the public eye Neil Armstrong 100 $200 3316-30 35757 FAMOUS AMERICANS His 1947 doctrine offered aid to Greece, which was threatened by a Communist insurrection Harry S.Truman 1200 $200 3103-26 35758 PRAISE THE "LORD" Clive Barker's cinematic thriller about the evil resurrected magician Nix Lord Of Illusions 500 $500 3026-42 35759 RESEARCH London's Public Record Office is the British equivalent of this repository on Washington's Constitution Ave.the National Archives 1600 $600 4984-59 35760 ( )-LETTER WORDS (Alex: I'll give you the number of letters and a brief definition; you have to come up with the word, obviously.) (13)C3H5N3O9, it can yield explosive results nitroglycerin 2000 $2000 3103-15 35761 HAMMURABI'S CODE (Alex: We all remember that!) Rules 104-106 warn you to be sure to get one of these when dealing with a merchant Receipt 300 $300 2895-43 35762 PEOPLE and PLACES Samoans live in the Samoan Islands, while Samians live on Samos, one of this country's islands Greece 1600 $600 3033-0 35763 U.PRESIDENTS He's on the front of the penny and his memorial is on the back Abraham Lincoln 100 $100 3628-1 35764 GEORGIA SONGS On March 7, 1979 Ray Charles appeared before a joint session of the Georgia legislature to perform this song Michael, you've dug yourself out of a deep hole to get within $900 of Carolyn's lead "Georgia On My Mind" 100 $100 2910-23 35765 NICKNAMES "The Betrayer of Norway" Vidkun Quisling 400 $400 3326-7 35766 THE WORLD SERIES In 1955 the series between the Yankees and dese Bums became the first televised in color Brooklyn Dodgers 200 $200 3340-49 35767 POP IN '98 New in the racks was a CD by Tatyana Ali, who played Ashley on this sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air 1800 $800 5052-36 35768 SCIENCE AT THE EXPLORATORIUM (Alex: That's in San Francisco.) (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.) Though it looks simple enough, its motion turns out not to be predictable, so it's called the chaotic type of this device a pendulum 1400 $800 5006-5 35769 and 2 fairly simple kinds of "musical" instrument combine in this expression for "extra features" bells and whistles 100 $200 3318-10 35770 ALL THINGS BRITISH It's the noisy landmark seen here Big Ben 200 $200 3872-14 35771 REAL AUDIO Moby's version of "South Side" features Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of this group No Doubt 300 $300 5048-2 35772 A GAME OF DARTS (Jon of the Clue Crew points to a dartboard.) Because it forms a web, the metal that divides up the dartboard is called this, like a certain creature Well, we won't accept that, will we? No.a spider 100 $200 4317-34 35773 PULITZER PRIZE NOVELS IN OTHER WORDS 1980:"A Hangman's Ditty" Executioner's Song 1200 $400 5071-5 35774 COLORFUL LANGUAGE Classified advertising section of the phone book listing subscribers by type of business yellow (pages) 100 $200 3060-3 35775 TRUE LIVES She talks about Soon-Yi and former flame Woody Allen in her 1997 memoir "What Falls Away" Mia Farrow 100 $100 3674-14 35776 EXPERIMENTS Josef Stefan heated up physics by showing that radiation from a glowing wire was proportional to this Temperature 300 $300 3870-51 35777 PACKAGING Plastic encasing a product against a cardboard sheet is called bubble pack or this more painful name Blister pack 1800 $800 3291-36 35778 20TH CENTURY OPERA In the sex-change opera "The Breasts of Tiresias", the husband bears 40,000 of these in a single day Children 1400 $400 3119-27 35779 AROUND THE WORLD (Alex: That's one I used to try a lot!) Dark Mount Lovcen gave this Yugoslav republic its name, meaning "Black Mountain" Montenegro 500 DD: $500 5087-6 35780 SAUDI ARABIA Seen here at Ras Tanura is the world's largest of these facilities an oil refinery 200 $400 3264-7 35781 CASTLES The "castle" built by this publisher sits on La Cuesta Encantada, "The Enchanted Hill" William Randolph Hearst 200 $200 5051-18 35782 ROYAL DYNASTIES Spain's Philip II(1556-1598) Hapsburg 400 $800 3266-9 35783 THE BRAT PACK TODAY He hung up his hockey skates to direct himself and his dad in "The War At Home" Emilio Estevez 200 $200 3632-17 35784 "MUM"s THE WORD This 2-word term for confusing language may come from a Mande phrase for "ancestor wearing a pompom" Mumbo-jumbo 300 $300 3628-45 35785 I SENSE A THEME At one of these restaurants, you can get a Die Hard Daiquiri, a Cliffhanger or a Mr.

Freeze's Margarita Planet Hollywood 1600 $600 3302-23 35786 BEASTS This turtle named for its method of biting is more aggressive on land than in water Snapping turtle 400 $400 3071-59 35787 IN THE DICTIONARY It's a "shell" term for the part of your heart warmed by emotion or sentiment Cockles 2000 $1000 621-16 35788 THE SENSES Appropriately named "instrument" used by Beethoven to compensate for his hearing loss an ear trumpet 300 $300 3121-37 35789 "B" GIRLS She had the ba-ba-ba-Beach Boys "Rockin' and A-Reelin' " in a 1966 hit Barbara Ann 1400 $400 3008-8 35790 CONNECTIONS It's the element shared by water and carbon dioxide Oxygen 200 $200 3144-13 35791 BLOOD TEST If this factor differs in a pregnant woman and her fetus, the baby's red blood cells may be damaged Rh 300 $300 3177-49 35792 SCIENTIFIC NAMES Ursus maritimus Polar bear 1800 $800 3665-7 35793 LIFE SCIENCE This vital organ is the largest gland in the human body Liver 200 $200 3046-40 35794 PSYCHOLOGY Term for a graphic representation suggesting how fast a person acquires knowledge Learning curve 1400 $400 4969-5 35795 THAT'S MY "BB" Hop over to this hare relative a rabbit 100 $200 3622-17 35796 YOU'RE AN "ANGEL"! They're 3,212 feet high and named for the American who discovered them Angel Falls 300 $300 5096-59 35797 WAR MOVIES The brutal 10-day battle for heavily defended Hill 937 unfolds in this 1987 film Hamburger Hill 2000 $2000 3024-35 35798 TREES The pine and fir are among trees bearing pointed leaves called these Needles 1200 $200 3066-34 35799 HEALTH and MEDICINE Studies suggest oat bran is about as effective as the drug Colestipol at reducing blood levels of this Cholesterol 1200 $200 5048-30 35800 RENAISSANCE PAINTERS A court painter for the Duke of Milan, he was also said to have entertained the Duke by playing the lyre Leonardo da Vinci 1200 $400 4296-46 35801 GARDENS There are Siberian, Dutch, and bearded varieties of this garden favorite irises 1600 $1200 3017-34 35802 ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR As indicated by its chemical name, the 2 main elements in table salt are chlorine and this Sodium 1200 $200 3070-26 35803 1945 In a surprise coup, he overthrew Argentina's new government and set up his own cabinet Juan Peron 500 $500 3291-25 35804 DOG TALES "The Plague Dogs" is a book from this "Watership Down" author Richard Adams 500 $500 5053-58 35805 THEY PICKED UP THE CHEKHOV A 2006 staging of this Chekhov classic was fruitful for leading lady Annette Bening The Cherry Orchard 2000 $2000 3070-2 35806 1945 He was preparing for the U.conference in San Francisco when he died in Warm Springs, Ga.Roosevelt 100 $100 5094-49 35807 and SO I FACE THE FINAL CURTAIN With more than 7,400 performances, this musical became a "Memory" after its Sept.

10, 2000 finale Cats 1800 $1600 3111-2 35808 NATIONAL FORESTS The Hoosier National Forest in this state covers parts of 9 counties Indiana 100 $100 3067-39 35809 PHARMACOLOGY The art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs, or a store where it's practiced Pharmacy 1400 $400 4227-50 35810 UP and ATOM When a nucleus is split, it's called fission; when 2 nuclei combine, it's called this fusion 1800 $1600 3627-18 35811 PHYSICAL SCIENCE 4-letter word for the force that hinders an airplane's forward thrust, caused by friction with the air Drag 400 $400 4982-26 35812 YOU SAY TOMATO Though nonpoisonous itself, the tomato is a member of this "deadly" plant family nightshade 500 $1000 3298-44 35813 THE DIRECTOR'S CHAIR "Hour of the Wolf", "Fanny and Alexander", "Persona" Ingmar Bergman 1600 $600 3017-58 35814 ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR Named for Marie Curie's native country, it was the 1st element discovered by means of its radioactivity Polonium 2000 $1000 3294-13 35815 PEOPLE and PLACES The people of this largest U.Indian tribe call themselves Dine, which means "the people" Navajo 300 $300 3323-15 35816 SUGAR Brown sugar is made by combining white sugar and this dark liquid Molasses 300 $300 3622-21 35817 IF I HAD A HAMMER Charlemagne's grandfather, his surname means "hammer" Charles Martel 400 $400 5049-19 35818 LET'S START A CLUB (Jimmy of the Clue Crew lets off some steam in the foundry at Ping Hdqtrs in Phoenix, AZ.) One of the final steps is pouring this 2-word, rust-resistant alloy at about 2,975 degrees F.to cast it as the club head stainless steel 400 $800 3258-50 35819 EUROPEAN AUTHORS Langston Hughes translated this Spaniard's "Gypsy Ballads" of 1928 into English We have less than a minute to go, Patty.

Federico Garcia Lorca 1800 $800 315-37 35820 RELIGIOUS HISTORY These 12th and 13th century religious wars spread the use of money and created a middle class The Crusades 1400 $400 5092-12 35821 HAPPY HALLOWEEN Originally, instead of pumpkins, this small root vegetable of the mustard family was used for carving a turnip 300 $600 3064-1 35822 BARNYARD ANIMALS Considered among the first animals used in husbandry, they're divided into types by wool texture sheep 100 $100 4092-6 35823 JANUARY The Treaty of this place, imposing reparations on Germany, took effect January 10, 1920 Versailles 200 $400 2909-31 35824 MOVIE TITLE CHARACTERS Paranormal investigators Egon Spengler, Raymond Stantz and Peter Venkman were this title group Ghostbusters 1200 $200 3015-10 35825 BIOLOGY In 1970 David Baltimore proved that this nucleic acid could transmit information to DNA RNA (Ribonucleic acid) 200 $200 619-8 35826 FASHION Playboy okays wearing both suspenders and this, but only if trying out for nerd of the year a belt 200 $200 3069-2 35827 "G" MOVIES This 1993 Bill Murray hit is the perfect video to watch over and over again on February 2 Groundhog Day 100 $100 5012-26 35828 "-ICIAN" EXPEDITION Vocation of Charles Dodgson and of Bertrand Russell mathematician 500 $1000 4595-52 35829 DEAR JUNTA After the junta released activist Aung San Suu Kyi to house arrest, Japan restored aid to this country Burma (or Myanmar) 1800 $1600 5035-53 35830 PALINDROMIC WORDS (Alex: Words that are the same comin' and goin'.) Palindromic adjective meaning "municipal" civic 1800 $1600 621-45 35831 THE OLYMPICS In 1896 games, only men in the navy of this host country could enter the 100m freestyle for sailors * , they guaranteed a victory.Greece 1600 $600 5094-47 35832 I DID IT NORWAY Winter sports lovers benefit from the 2-billion-kroner upgrade of this 1994 Olympic city Lillehammer 1600 $1200 3630-36 35833 GEORGIA Sukhumi and Batumi are Georgian resort cities on this body of water Black Sea 1400 $400 3627-33 35834 MIDDLE NAMES "In Living Color" creator Ivory Keenan Wayans 1200 $200 3107-54 35835 THE CHINESE THEATER A master of female roles, Mei Lanfang was the most famous actor in this form developed in the capital Peking Opera 2000 $1000 5027-8 35836 ANIMALS ON THE CHINESE CALENDAR 1900: It's slang for an informer a rat 200 $400 2902-57 35837 MUSIC APPRECIATION Franco Alfano and Walter Damrosch both composed operas adapted from this 1897 play by Edmond Rostand Cyrano de Bergerac 2000 $1000 3259-34 35838 THE WANDER YEARS He wrote "Lonesome Traveler", "Big Sur", and "Mexico City Blues" in addition to "On The Road" Jack Kerouac 1200 $200 3268-17 35839 ALLITERATION ALL AROUND Fictional character seen here illustrated by his creator Dr.Dolittle 300 $300 5028-28 35840 PLEAD THE FIFTH Elected in 1995, he's the fifth president in France's history (Jacques) Chirac 500 $1000 3035-35 35841 seventeen.) Cover stories in July 1997 included "Celeb Trauma-Rama" and "How To Deal" with this when it's "Frizzy" Hair 1200 $200 3326-20 35842 THE USA TODAY The national average is about 1,000 (500 verbal, 500 math) of a possible 1,600 on the test abbreviated this SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) 400 $400 4985-30 35843 U.PRESIDENTS His second inaugural address began, "At this last presidential inauguration of the twentieth century." Bill Clinton 1200 $400 5086-15 35844 BOOK 'EM, DAN-O "Standing Firm" and "Worth Fighting For" are 2 books by this ex-Vice President Dan Quayle 300 $600 3327-53 35845 FUN WITH ROMAN NUMERALS (Alex: Each correct response will be a number represented by Roman numerals.) If the letters seen here were upper case, they would add up to this amountmm 2000 (MM) 1800 $800 5031-53 35846 VOCABULARY Hebrew for "beasts", this "B" word for something huge derives from the name of a beast in the Book of Job behemoth 1800 $1600 3175-58 35847 "WATER" This Irish city founded by Viking raiders in the 800s is best known for its glassware Waterford 2000 $1000 1871-49 35848 SONG STANDARDS It's the question asked in "I Got Rhythm" Regis, here's a great opportunity for you, your first chance in the game to take the lead.

Carol has $4,000, you trail her by $1300.How much of your $2700 are you going to risk? Who could ask for anything more? 1800 DD: $700 3040-27 35849 PEOPLE EAT THAT? Tripe is the lining of this digestive organ of cattle Stomach 500 $500 3010-45 35850 GIANTS OF SCIENCE In 1993 he made a "brief" appearance as himself on an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Stephen Hawking 1600 $600 3666-55 35851 TOOLS It's the tool that makes a screw hole that will allow the head of the screw to be flush with the surface a countersink 2000 $1000 5090-12 35852 U.If you're leaving Normal, you're leaving a university town near Bloomington in this "Prairie State" Illinois 300 $600 3119-9 35853 AROUND THE WORLD (Alex: That's one I used to try a lot!) This country's islands of Palawan and Mindanao lie in the Sulu Sea Philippines 200 $200 4977-12 35854 CHURCHES and CATHEDRALS (Kelly of the Clue Crew reads from beside a stained glass window.

) John Petts, who illustrated many Dylan Thomas poems, designed this gift to the 16th Street Baptist Church, from the people of this country Wales 300 DD: $1,000 5097-36 35855 EVERYTHING FRENCH "L'Appel", the first volume of this French president's WWII memoirs, was published in English as "The Call To Honor" de Gaulle 1400 $800 5023-4 35856 KICKIN' AZTEC The Great Aztec Temple was dedicated to the sun god and to Tlaloc, god of this weather condition rain 100 $200 4200-52 35857 PORT-POURRI Le Havre, or "the haven", is a port in Normandy, on this historic body of water the English Channel 1800 $1600 3667-36 35858 THE LIVING WORLD Kelp is a visible example of these; spirogyra is a microscopic one Algae 1400 $400 5042-12 35859 POPE-POURRI Pope Urban II told the crusaders to fight not for honor or money but for this act of religious self-punishment penance 300 $600 5022-24 35860 SHAKESPEARE Quite an eyeful, he's the guy Juliet dumps for Romeo Paris 500 $1000 5001-13 35861 AN ENGLISH-SPORTS DICTIONARY English: a father's coming-of-age talk with his son;Basketball: the opposite of zone man-to-man 300 $600 3308-14 35862 YELLOW MUSIC This Tony Orlando and Dawn song asks, "It's been three long years, do you still want me?" "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree" 300 $300 3875-46 35863 DIONNE WARWICK With her first hit, "Don't Make Me Over", Dionne became the main "voice" for this songwriting team Burt Bacharach and Hal David 1600 $600 3320-57 35864 HE WAS IN THAT? In the 1955 hit "Blackboard Jungle", this future sitcom actor was billed under his real name, Jameel Farah Jamie Farr 2000 DD: $2,000 5059-17 35865 NO TIME TO TALK During WWII, this mime changed his surname to that of a French revolutionary general Marcel Marceau 300 $600 3005-14 35866 CROSSWORD CLUES "U" "Leading" man in a theater, or at a wedding (5) Usher 300 $300 3018-57 35867 JOHN HUSTON FILMS Huston directed this 1961 cowboy film that Arthur Miller wrote for Marilyn Monroe The Misfits 2000 $1000 5001-43 35868 CAMEO CAMERA You'll find Jim Lovell as the captain of the Iwo Jima in this 1995 flick Apollo 13 1600 $1200 3626-26 35869 GONE FISSION The director of the Los Alamos lab, he owned a cabin near Santa Fe called "Perro Caliente" ("Hot Dog") J.Robert Oppenheimer 500 $500 3121-43 35870 "B" GIRLS Created by Max Fleischer, she was forced to clean up her act by the Hays office censors in the mid-'30s Betty Boop 1600 $600 3305-41 35871 "DEATH" PENALTY This national park boasts the hottest U.temperature ever recorded - 134 degrees Fahrenheit! Death Valley National Park 1400 $400 5016-42 35872 LOST ART In 1577, one year after he died, his mighty "Battle of Cadore" was lost in a fire at the doge's palace Titian 1600 $1200 3118-30 35873 MUSIC POTPOURRI This Barry Manilow hit is subtitled "At The Copa" Copacabana 1200 $200 5042-18 35874 POPE-POURRI A Bolivian disguised as a priest attempted to assassinate this pope in 1970 Paul VI 400 $800 3306-25 35875 PLANTS and TREES The leaves of this tree are used in cold remedies and to feed koalas Eucalyptus 500 $500 3068-44 35876 HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY In 1997 this former housing secretary was hired as president of the Univision TV network Henry Cisneros 1600 $600 3313-12 35877 SKYSCRAPERS BY CITY (Alex: We'll tell you the skyscraper, you identify the city) Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco 300 $300 5021-23 35878 YOU'RE SUCH A TOOL! A "stud"ly card game poker 400 $800 3295-4 35879 THE RED-NOSED Leo Rosten said of this hard-drinking comic, "Any man who hates small dogs and children can't be all bad" W.Fields 100 $100 3277-14 35880 CLASSIC TV CATCHPHRASES "Your mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it." Mission: Impossible 300 $300 3328-39 35881 A SILENT "P" This outdated word for a type of food poisoning is from Greek for "corpse" Ptomaine 1400 $400 3299-0 35882 PITCHMEN On the 70th anniversary of this brand in 1998, Mr.Whipple gave America permission to squeeze it the Charmin (bathroom tissue) 100 $100 2756-39 35883 BODIES OF WATER Lake Manapouri on South Island is one of this country's deepest lakes New Zealand 1400 $400 3305-43 35884 THE BASS Don't worry, play this type of bass guitar, defined as one without ridges on the fingerboard a fretless 1600 $600 5015-46 35885 ISN'T IT ICONIC? The author who'd pen the word "sneetch" (but not "snikon") was a book subject, this man: "American Icon" Dr.Seuss 1600 $1200 4595-48 35886 OSCARS OF THE '70s For her portrayal of Greta Ohlsson in a 1974 mystery, this legendary actress scored her third Oscar What happened to the $3600 I am used to hearing? Ingrid Bergman 1800 DD: $10,000 3179-47 35887 LATIN LESSON British rulers have the title Fidei Defensor, meaning this Defender of the Faith 1600 $600 3119-59 35888 "NON" SENSE This Italian musical direction meaning "not too much" often follows "allegro" Non troppo 2000 $1000 315-53 35889 WATER (Alex: And since we had WINE in the first round.) Some cities add lime to their water, not to flavor it, but to prevent this type of decay pipe decay (rusty pipes) 1800 $800